14 February 2014

Cultural seperation is the cure for discrimination

By Mike Smith

7th of February 2014

I spoke about this abominable practice called Ukutwala (carry away) many times. For those who do not know, Ukutwala is the traditional, cultural practice amongst Nguni Blacks of South Africa to abduct, rape and force young girls into marriage with often much older men.

The saddest thing about it is that the family of the girl is most of the time involved and complicit in selling the girl for x-amount of cows and money called “Lobola”.

I have a comment to make, but let us first look at two recent examples…

Case Number One

Here is another one of these cases and the victim is called Nosicelo Matiwana…

My stepmom sold me for two cows and R2000

She was forced to leave school, had a blanket thrown over her, was given a head scarf to wear and informed that she was now a wife. And that’s how she met her husband – at 39, a man 21 years older than her. Her dreams of furthering her education were shattered.

“I was doing Standard 10 (Grade 12) at a boarding school in Cofimvaba when a group of men from my home village in Tsomo came and told me my father had died. They said they had been sent to come and get me,” she said.

Matiwana was taken to a house where her school uniform was removed and she was ordered to don bridal wear. A woman whom she later learnt was her mother-in-law told her she was now a wife.

As a new bride she had to fetch water from the river, cook, clean and bear children for her husband.

When she had a disabled child…

“My husband’s family cursed me and told me that they had never had a disabled child in their family. They said she wasn’t my husband’s child and accused me of infidelity. My husband rejected me and my child.”

Case Number Two

Man jailed for marrying raping girl 14

In this case, the 14 year old girl was sold to a man by her relatives for 8000.

The girl was taken from her home in Ngcobo and forced to go through a customary marriage. She escaped and ran back home, but her uncle and grandmother, who participated in the negotiations, took her back to the “husband”. The girl lived with the man (Jezile) at his home in Brown’s Farm, Philippi, and was raped several times and beaten with a broomstick, whip and belt.

As a makoti “young bride” she was expected to cook and clean for her husband. “(But) the complainant was resilient and strong-willed with dreams of finishing school and marrying for love.”

On Thursday, Wynberg Regional Court Magistrate Daleen Greyvensteyn sentenced Mvumeleni Jezile to an effective 22 years in jail for three counts of rape, human trafficking and assault.

Greyvensteyn imposed a lesser sentence than life after considering Jezile’s upbringing, level of education – he completed Grade 8 – his traditional beliefs, and the cumulative effect of the minimum sentences for each charge.

“Jezile has never shown remorse. He persisted throughout that he was innocent, and blamed custom, the church and tradition. He had little insight into the pain and anguish that the complainant endured; instead he called her disobedient and cheeky,” Greyvensteyn said.

My comments:

Where are the liberals, cultural relativists and racial egalitarians on this? Where are the LWB's and feminists now? Their silence is deafening. Why are they not condemning these practices?

1) Here we can see how these traditional and cultural beliefs of blacks destroy the chances of their girls to further their education and become successful in the modern world. Yet when you speak to blacks about their customs and traditional beliefs they are very proud of it and feel very offended when you dare to criticize their beliefs.

2) When you ask them why blacks are for the largest part poor, uneducated and struggling, they will blame Apartheid, colonialism, racism, etc…They refuse to do some introspection and abolish the cultural practices that are holding them back and shackling them in poverty for eternity.

3) You can see how this man Jezile believed that he did nothing wrong. It is his culture. He was only practicing his constitutional right to uphold his culture and traditions. The Judge from European descent, practicing Roman Dutch Law, sent him to prison for 22 years.

Even when we as Whites find their cultural practices abhorrent, is it right to force Roman Dutch Law onto blacks? Who are we to tell them that their beliefs and customs that they have practiced for thousands of years are wrong? Who are we to send them to prison for practicing those beliefs? Blacks never had any prisons. The concept is foreign to them.

If Jezile was tried in a traditional court, the outcome would have been much different. He would have been hailed as a good husband for disciplining his “cheeky” wife. At worst he would have gotten a beating from her brothers and let go.

What is the solution?

Blacks have the right to practice their own cultures, religions, traditional laws and customs just like we have the right to practice ours. However, these two sets of laws, customs and cultures are so vastly different and incompatible that they cannot be practiced side by side in one country where everyone is equal under one set of laws.

The only peaceful solution is to separate and be independent from each other. Not the paternal Apartheid the Nats practiced where white taxpayers supported the “independent” black homelands. I mean FULL independence. TOTAL Apartheid. Neither should have anything to do with the other.

In a state of Total Apartheid no discrimination can be possible.

Verwoerd's method of gradually introducing Apartheid and eventually working towards total Apartheid was wrong. There is no gentle break-up or separation. It is always painful and traumatic. So when it is going to happen, the separation should be swift and total.

13 February 2014

Putting the ANC's theft and wastage into perspective

By Mike Smith

7th of February 2014

Sometimes it is important to see things in perspective. Like the time I wrote an article about how much is a million compared to a billion. I wanted to put the ANC’s R70 billion Arms Deal scandal into perspective and compare it to the R70 million Information Scandal of the Nats in the 1970’s.

If we take a pile of R200 notes, each 0.1mm thick, then R1000 000 will be half a meter high and reach about to your knee.

R70 million would be 35 meters high, about a ten storey building.

One Billion Rand would be a stack 500m or half a kilometer high.

R30 billion, the amount the ANC wasted last year, would be a stack of R200 notes 15 kilometers high or as high as 40 Empire State Buildings (103 floors, 381m high) on top of each other.

R70 billion, what the ANC wasted on useless submarines and frigates that hardly have crews or leave the harbor, or Grippen planes that have no pilots to fly them or technicians to maintain them, would be a pile of R200 notes, 35 km high.

Now I see Keith Knott from Times Live has also put it into a different perspective…the R30 billion the ANC wasted last year, that is.

Government wasting almost R1000 per second

I quote.

“The mind boggles at these astronomical figures, which confirms just how uncaring, incompetent, devious, arrogant greedy and corrupt, our ANC-Zuma government actually is under President Jacob Zuma.”

“To count to one billion, it will take exactly, 31 years, 251 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes and 39 seconds.”

“Therefore, to count up to 30 billion, which closely represents the current ANC-Zuma government's wasteage (sic) and irregular expenditure of our tax money for the past year, it would take over ninety years to count off!”

11 February 2014

The Feminazi attack on the pale male

By Mike Smith

7th of February 2014

It is clear that in the minds of liberals and feminazis, the white male of today has no human rights.

In Sweden, feminists want to ban porn, but only that aimed at “White men”

“In an article in Aftonbladet said Joanna Rytel in 2004 that she “will never give birth to a white man” and that she enjoys it when white men are humiliated. Instead, she devotes herself to black Africans and they call themselves “niggerlovingfetischistkärring” (niggerlovingfetishbitches).”

Feminists wants to ban porn for “white men” only

Hate the white male

Joanna Rytel and her friend Fia Sundlund ran on the stage of the 2001 Miss Sweden pageant and unfolded a banner that read “Gubbslem”(man slime).

She also celebrated her two aborted babies’ birthday with cakes that looked like fetuses, saying the babies are much better off in heaven.

Sicko LWB Joanna Rytel’s birthday party for her “happily aborted children”

Yip…they also hate men for peeing standing up. Apparently men standing and peeing degrades women.

Swedish Left Party Chapter Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal For Men

But it is not only in Sweden.

You can read in the article below how feminist cow Melanie McDonagh wants to ban paternity tests in the UK. Apparently these LWB’s wants to sleep around and get pregnant from whoever they want and then choose any man of their liking to raise the child.

Who’s the Daddy?

In fact in France paternity tests are already banned and a year ago a court upheld the ban. French men are forbidden by law to attempt to find out whether the child they are paying for is in fact their child or not. In fact, it has been illegal for men to attempt to find out if their child is theirs for many years.

France upholds the ban on paternity tests

In theory, paternity tests are still legal, but only under a court order, with the explicit consent of the mother and under a strict supervision by the State.

So this is it: if you are, let’s say, a white French man and you don’t trust your white wife’s words that the semi-Asian child is indeed yours – then tough luck! If she doesn’t consent to a paternity test and the state says that you should “man up” and pay, then that’s it.

Moreover, if you still do want to find out that, you risk a 15,000 Euro fine and you might also end up spending one year in jail. And of course, you still have to pay child support, even though the child is not yours.

The French government keeps this ban in place arguing that not allowing men to find out whether their wives cuckolded them or not preserves the peace within French families. Moreover, some psychologists go as far as to say monstrous things like this: “Fatherhood is determined by society not by biology.”

In Germany it is not much better. A paternity test can only be carried out if the mother of the child gives her consent. If a man looking to find out the truth has a secret test done on the child, he (and the laboratory) can be fined €5000.

Secret paternity tests are illegal in Germany

So if the wife has an affair and decides you are the “father” and refuses to let a paternity test done, there is nothing you can do. The court will rule (with no proof) that you are indeed the “father” and you will have to pay…even if you divorce her skank ass.

No wonder German men do not want to have children and the population growth in Germany is in a negative.

Coming back to France, feminists recently wanted to ban the word “Mademoiselle” saying it is sexist. Germany already banned the use of “Fräulein” (miss) in 1972 for the same reason.

French feminists want to ban mademoiselle

And a group of militant bra burners in the UK wants to ban wolf-whistling and calling women “darling”.

You want to ban men from wolf-whistling? That's a cute idea, sweetheart

Tough times are ahead for males in general. Just about 90% of all women today are liberal feminazis. So what is a man to do if he can’t find a decent normal woman anymore?

Well the feminazis have all those bases covered as well.

Swedish Feminists want to ban mail-order brides

Feminists want to ban realistic sex dolls

The feminist war on prostitution

Feminists want to ban all lad’s magazines

Feminists wants to ban male masturbation

10 February 2014

The invisible hand behind the liberals in SA

By Mike Smith

10th of February 2014

Slowly, but surely the truth is coming out. The invisible hand and donor of Ramphele’s Agang is South African born billionaire Nathan “Natie” Kirsh. They are house friends. Ramphele regularly stays over at his home in London. She admitted that he funded her party and will continue to do so. According to Forbes, he is worth about $US 5.4 Billion.

Billionaire is Ramphele’s mystery funder

He is also the one who pushed the failed marriage of the DA and Agang last week apparently because he didn’t want to fund two sides that are so much the same and then being in competition with each other at the elections. He admitted that he knows both Zille and Ramphele and called them “gutsy ladies”.

Exposed: DA-Agang mystery funder

Zille and the DA are mum on what happened. Zille refuses to name her donors.

Nevertheless, the 40 year “friendship” between Zille and Ramphele seems to be over.

In that article you can also read how Kirsh used F.W. de Klerk’s Foundation to channel R6.3 million to former prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach in her legal battle with her former employers, the ANC’s National Prosecuting Authority. She was fired and had about 15 disciplinary charges against her for uncovering corruption linking ANC ¬police spy boss Lieutenant General Richard Mdluli.

The ANC uncovered letters between her and Nathan Kirsh where Kirsh stated that his friend (former Mossad head) Jacob Perry has things in hand. Jacob Perry is also heading Magal Security Systems’ (who built the Israeli Apartheid Wall on the West Bank) and of which Nathi Kirsh owns 25%.

Breytenbach is a Mossad spy

Nathan Kirsh accuses former Magal exec of extortion attempt

Quite an interesting character this Nathie Kirsh. You can start here and dig a bit further. Nathan Kirsh

Kirsh, who is Jewish, seems to have made a lot of money during the Apartheid years when he was involved with Sanlam, that abominable insurance creation of the Afrikaner Broederbond.

He was also part of Checkers, Dion, Metro Cash and Carry, etc.

However he left for Swaziland in 1986 after Sanlam screwed him over. He still hold’s Swazi citizenship and has massive real estate and other businesses there propping up the last African absolute monarch and dictator King Mswati. Nathan Kirsh criticised efforts to democratise Swaziland and he regularly saves the country from total bankruptcy and meltdown. Basically, Swaziland is owned by Nathan Kirsh.

Billionaire Nathan Kirsh bats for Swazi Monarchy

Swazi Meltdown “imminent”

Kirsh’s younger brother, Issie Kirsh, was also based in Swaziland at the same time as Nathan. Today Issie is the chair of South African company, Primedia Ltd, which owns liberal propaganda station Radio 702, among other media outlets.

Nathan Kirsh owns 25% of Magal Security systems and is also a director of the company.

Magal Security Systems develops and supplies control systems and intrusion detection systems and is the main supplier of electronic fences for the controversial security fence project in the West Bank. Magal won 80% of the bids published by the Israeli Ministry of Defence for the installation of intrusion detection systems along the security fence.

This “Apartheid Fence” has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice in July 2004.


Here you have a liberal philanthropist billionaire, who is against corruption by the ANC and supports liberal democratic rights for blacks in South Africa to the extent of funding their parties…and at the same time props up a corrupt and undemocratic regime of an African dictator like King Mswati III where thousands of people die of AIDS every day.

Nathan Kirsh is an extreme capitalist entrepreneur, who supports the creation of thousands of small businesses in Swaziland and donated £10million to the London business school, but at the same time donates money to socialist parties like Agang and the DA.

How can you be against Apartheid in the country of your birth and actively undermines it, but be pro Apartheid in Israel and actively supports it with your companies?

Looks like he is used to funding both sides in a conflict. It all just sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

What I am most interested in is which side of the revolution he is going to fund the day South Africa starts to burn.

04 February 2014

Who is the mysterious donor behind DA-Agang proposed merger?

By Mike Smith

4th of February 2014

Like I said, there are powerful international forces behind the proposed DA-Agang merger. You dare mention it and you are immediately branded as a “conspiracy theorist”…until it turns out to be conspiracy FACT.

The ANC stands in the way of their business. The ANC is not playing the game and therefore must go. So who is the mysterious international donor/s and why is Zille so shit scared to reveal them if she knows who they are?

‘Donor not behind DA-AgangSA decision’

Zille: I know who mystery donor is

According to Zille there is more than one donor and they offered Zille and Ramphele huge sums of money for the merger.

They think they can go the political route and defeat the ANC at the ballot box. Nevertheless...What is the next step now that the merger has failed and Agang not playing along?

My prediction would be that Ramphele and Agang will be discredited and destroyed and the DA will be the only viable “opposition” (more like opposame) to the ANC. These mysterious donors might even foment and sponsor a counter revolution against the ANC ala Arab Spring. They were after all the ones who put the ANC in charge. They are the ones who will take the ANC out.

However, they will carry on trying to build their unholy liberal Mandelatopia until nature takes it course and restores the natural hierarchy in the country.

What is clear to me at this stage is that Ramphele was offered money to merge with the DA by a mysterious sponsor/donor, but another mysterious sponsor came from the other side and offered her more NOT to merge. I repeat…political prostitute and double agent. Watch this space.

03 February 2014

DA-Agang deal off (for now)

By Mike Smith

3rd of Feb 2014

I see the two Socialist Sisters have decided that their perverse liberal Top Deck party is not going to work after all…for now at least. Who knows, they might change their minds again tomorrow. They are liberals after all. Never knows what they want.

Ramphele dumps DA

Ramphele has shown she can’t be trusted: Zille

Oh well, the only ones smiling must be the ANC, for the DA has lost all credibility they ever had after that embarrassing fiasco.

What does Zille actually mean when she says that Ramphele cannot be trusted? No liberal can ever be trusted, including Zille herself.

Further, is Zille politically naïve or is she plain stupid? Has she never learned anything from history? Piet Retief also trusted Dingaan. Pienk Frikkie trusted Mandela, Roelfie Meyer trusted Cyril Ramaphosa, etc…Let it all be a lesson to her. You don’t trust ANY of these bastards.

After I wrote my article calling her stunt Political window dressing she answered today Zille rejects Ramphele window dressing I also mentioned how the DA was swallowing up smaller parties…

DA swallowing other parties-FF Plus

See? They read my articles.

Besides Zille seems to be the expert on window dressing…one Botox injection at a time. Anyway…She said her friendship with Ramphele had taken a "very bad knock".

Hahaha. Typical. Speak to any liberal…they all have a “black friend” somewhere, just to prove they are not racist. Well I hope she chooses her “friends” better next time.

About Ramphele…"It is not clear what her objective is, but whatever it is, it is not in the interests of the South African people," she said.

OK, let me spell it out for Sparky Zille. Like I said in my previous article, Ramphele is a double agent. She plays both sides and goes to who offers her the biggest load of dough on the day. She is a political prostitute. She has no political morals. She is not interested in the people of South Africa. She is only interested in what SHE can score out of the deal.

Now the main stream media has discovered it was a political conspiracy after all…complete with so called “donors”…Read, western agencies and big bussines/mining…

The plot leading up to the DA, Agang merger

At the DA conference this morning Zille said: “Ramphele has been on again off again for sometime. I think because she gets advice from people.”

DA, Agang conference

Who are these people who whispered in Ramphele’s ear and persuaded her to go back on her merger deal with the DA? Just ask yourself who benefits? Follow the money.

Zille also said: “Zille: We can't do a single thing without hundreds of thousands of people introducing the race narrative one way or another.”

I honestly do not know where this woman was born and grew up, but it could not have been South Africa. South African politics have always been based on RACE. Blacks vote for blacks and whites vote for whites. Surely Zille must know this, otherwise why did they try to turn the DA into a Black window dressed party? Maybe if she and all the whites resign from the DA the blacks might vote DA, but I doubt it. The DA will ALWAYS be known as a white party backed by white western capital.