04 February 2014

Who is the mysterious donor behind DA-Agang proposed merger?

By Mike Smith

4th of February 2014

Like I said, there are powerful international forces behind the proposed DA-Agang merger. You dare mention it and you are immediately branded as a “conspiracy theorist”…until it turns out to be conspiracy FACT.

The ANC stands in the way of their business. The ANC is not playing the game and therefore must go. So who is the mysterious international donor/s and why is Zille so shit scared to reveal them if she knows who they are?

‘Donor not behind DA-AgangSA decision’

Zille: I know who mystery donor is

According to Zille there is more than one donor and they offered Zille and Ramphele huge sums of money for the merger.

They think they can go the political route and defeat the ANC at the ballot box. Nevertheless...What is the next step now that the merger has failed and Agang not playing along?

My prediction would be that Ramphele and Agang will be discredited and destroyed and the DA will be the only viable “opposition” (more like opposame) to the ANC. These mysterious donors might even foment and sponsor a counter revolution against the ANC ala Arab Spring. They were after all the ones who put the ANC in charge. They are the ones who will take the ANC out.

However, they will carry on trying to build their unholy liberal Mandelatopia until nature takes it course and restores the natural hierarchy in the country.

What is clear to me at this stage is that Ramphele was offered money to merge with the DA by a mysterious sponsor/donor, but another mysterious sponsor came from the other side and offered her more NOT to merge. I repeat…political prostitute and double agent. Watch this space.


  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Hi Mike, are you on twitter?

  2. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Oh yes, just had a conversation with a friend in Portugal, who is every concerned about our safety. Rightly so. I was explaining to her that our cANCer government, are just mere puppets in this picture! I agree with you Mike!