03 February 2014

DA-Agang deal off (for now)

By Mike Smith

3rd of Feb 2014

I see the two Socialist Sisters have decided that their perverse liberal Top Deck party is not going to work after all…for now at least. Who knows, they might change their minds again tomorrow. They are liberals after all. Never knows what they want.

Ramphele dumps DA

Ramphele has shown she can’t be trusted: Zille

Oh well, the only ones smiling must be the ANC, for the DA has lost all credibility they ever had after that embarrassing fiasco.

What does Zille actually mean when she says that Ramphele cannot be trusted? No liberal can ever be trusted, including Zille herself.

Further, is Zille politically na├»ve or is she plain stupid? Has she never learned anything from history? Piet Retief also trusted Dingaan. Pienk Frikkie trusted Mandela, Roelfie Meyer trusted Cyril Ramaphosa, etc…Let it all be a lesson to her. You don’t trust ANY of these bastards.

After I wrote my article calling her stunt Political window dressing she answered today Zille rejects Ramphele window dressing I also mentioned how the DA was swallowing up smaller parties…

DA swallowing other parties-FF Plus

See? They read my articles.

Besides Zille seems to be the expert on window dressing…one Botox injection at a time. Anyway…She said her friendship with Ramphele had taken a "very bad knock".

Hahaha. Typical. Speak to any liberal…they all have a “black friend” somewhere, just to prove they are not racist. Well I hope she chooses her “friends” better next time.

About Ramphele…"It is not clear what her objective is, but whatever it is, it is not in the interests of the South African people," she said.

OK, let me spell it out for Sparky Zille. Like I said in my previous article, Ramphele is a double agent. She plays both sides and goes to who offers her the biggest load of dough on the day. She is a political prostitute. She has no political morals. She is not interested in the people of South Africa. She is only interested in what SHE can score out of the deal.

Now the main stream media has discovered it was a political conspiracy after all…complete with so called “donors”…Read, western agencies and big bussines/mining…

The plot leading up to the DA, Agang merger

At the DA conference this morning Zille said: “Ramphele has been on again off again for sometime. I think because she gets advice from people.”

DA, Agang conference

Who are these people who whispered in Ramphele’s ear and persuaded her to go back on her merger deal with the DA? Just ask yourself who benefits? Follow the money.

Zille also said: “Zille: We can't do a single thing without hundreds of thousands of people introducing the race narrative one way or another.”

I honestly do not know where this woman was born and grew up, but it could not have been South Africa. South African politics have always been based on RACE. Blacks vote for blacks and whites vote for whites. Surely Zille must know this, otherwise why did they try to turn the DA into a Black window dressed party? Maybe if she and all the whites resign from the DA the blacks might vote DA, but I doubt it. The DA will ALWAYS be known as a white party backed by white western capital.


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    This was well planned to discredit both parties , and EFF is an ANC creation like the AWB was created by the NP.... So the ANC can get their two third majority allowing them to change the rules , and all the sheep will say " it is better than the EFF crowd winning "" , shower head will change the rules ,and he will become the next mugabe . Will he succeed ? Let's see ....

  2. Anonymous3:27 PM

    The D.A has proven once & for all,that they are a joke.
    No wonder SA is in such shit,most whites vote for these ridiculous assholes.

  3. "The DA is swallowing up smaller parties" - but they can't swallow Agang and its followers - all disenchanted ex-ANC supporters, so the best plan was to "poison the well" - lure Mampara Lampiele into a trap, which she obligingly did.

    Why aren't you posting my comments? did I offend you.

    1. Anonymous10:25 PM

      hou op pis skilpad, jou comment is mos hier ?

  4. E van Hout9:16 PM

    The meaning of the word ‘trust’ has no meaning at all to a black (Negro) African. In fact, ‘to trust’, to them, is seen as a weakness of the white man and they will use it to their advantage. Stupid white people – for F’s sake wake up!!!!!

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      This comment is sadly very true, you cannot trust these people one bit, they are evil man, really they are a shit bunch, nobody likes them except the libtards. Hell they don't even like each other.