27 January 2014

The dark side of that “beautiful” Noble Savage culture

By Mike Smith

27th of January 2014

Go on…Just Google “South Africa Muti murders” and see the thousands of posts that will come up. About 208,000 results.

Liberals always ignore this…pretending it is isolated incidents. No it is not. It happens daily in SA.

Muti killings is a way of life in rural areas

Here are two recent incidents from the last few days.

Women’s mutilated body found near Swartruggens

The body of a woman has been discovered behind a tavern in Swartruggens with her breasts cut off, North West police said on Monday.

“Her face was smashed with a stone... Her breasts were cut off and her private parts slightly cut with an unknown sharp instrument,” Makau said.

Her stomach had also been cut open.

In another incident… Killer cuts off woman’s hands

A woman was found dead, her hands cut off and her cellphone and keys inside her sliced open stomach on Friday.

And then you have that Ukuthwala practice of abducting and raping a 14 year old girl to force her into becoming your wife.

Man may get life for teen forced marriage


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Check out the comments on EFF facebook page to see how these savages think.

    1. who's grooming eff malema? check out his election rally posters...

      i see whitey's hand in this...

  2. They were cannibals long ago, and they are still today. They feel nothing for any life form, be it human or anything else. They are destroyers and will remain and keep it there for the next thousands of years to come. Their brutality says it all.

  3. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Hi Mike, I have a request from you namely, we see that Rampele Mampara from the Agang party has joined Da Mrs. H. Zille for the presidential candidate? What are your thoughts on that? What do you think about fat boy and the EFF party? and what do you think what will happen on the elections in a few months time regarding the ANC. Is you could write an article on this it would be much appreciated. I so much value your insight and opinions on these matters. Thanks Mike.

  4. There are sadistic murderers among people of all cultures and "races." Whether it is the "muti" killings you cite here or various white murderers who use the rationale - "the Devil made me do it" it amounts to basically the same thing.

    1. Anonymous4:03 AM

      I take it you will not mind calling you Funny-Pawpaw- Chimpugaga as it sounds basiccally like the same thing?

      It might amount to the same thing but it is not!

      One is ingrained into your sub-human spesie and is held up as part of your culture .........and the other sub-human action which is not part of our culture and then are been held accountable for said action

      So now you see, its not the same thing!
      W Etdo