27 January 2014

The ANC admitted that it is useless…and why I want Zuma to stay on

By Mike Smith

27th of January 2014

Eventually you just cannot hide the truth anymore. No matter how much bullshit propaganda the ANC has tried over the last 20 years, the record stands there for all to see and now finally the ANC has admitted how utterly useless they are as a government.

ANC report admits party has failed

There is no doubt that in the entire history of South Africa, the ANC has been the WORST government EVER!!

Year after year under ANC rule, corruption grows, education standards fall and the Rand plumbs new lows never seen before.

Concerns grow as Rand hits five year low

The sooner this terrorist trash goes the better.

However, what should happen to the ANC is what Scipio did to Carthage after he defeated Hanibal at Zama…Sow the land with salt so nothing will ever grow there again.

Just like Scipio destroyed Carthage forever, the ANC should be destroyed and relegated to the dustbin of terrorist organizations.

There are some people inside the ANC who know how this corrupt president and his family have destroyed the reputation of the ANC. I mean…not that they ever had a good reputation. They are terrorists after all, but even blacks in South Africa are starting to turn against their beloved ANC and stating that Apartheid was better.

Thabo Mbeki’s brother says Africa better in colonial times

Dr. Mamphela Ramphele - Apartheid education was better than now

These ANC insiders want Jacob Zuma to step down. Almost a desperate attempt to save the party from the path of total ruin it is on.

Stand down request for Zuma

That is why I want Zuma to stay on…Just a little bit longer. Msholozi Showerhead is personally responsible for the utter ruin and destruction of the ANC. Sometimes I wonder if he is not a brilliant genius working for foreign secret services or whether he is truly and honestly just STUPID.

I see one of his wives apparently also shagged her bodyguard and there is doubt if Zuma’s two children by her are his or not. Why doesn’t she go for a DNA test and prove if it is so or not. Simple…if she is so sure she must go and do it.

Zuma’s wife in Blackmail scandal

Following this revelation, several sources said MaNtuli was not allowed to go to Nkandla as she had offended the ancestors and the Zumas. She was eventually accepted back after a traditional ritual was performed months later.

Poor ANC…They are so paranoid about a “Rightwing-Threat” that they forget to notice that their biggest enemy is not from the white right, but from within their own ranks. In fact their very own leader is the one doing the most damage to the party.


  1. Laager3:01 PM

    "ANC report admits party has failed
    The party had, in its 2009 election manifesto, identified ..... food security and land reform as ..... priorities. This year’s election manifesto has stuck to these priority areas ..... the report shows the party has achieved relative successes in rural development and food security, it says the ANC failed to meet its targets on reducing unemployment in the rural areas.
    The party blamed this on the “slow rate of overall national economic growth, inadequate progress with smallholder farm development and lack of growing in employment in commercial agricultural sector”, among others.

    Significant strides had been made in improving education, especially with the matric results and the foundation phase. Curriculum coverage and school infrastructure remained problem areas."

    These jokers really are something else.
    I don't suppose the killing of farmers has anything to do with declining agricultural employment in the rural areas does it?
    Food stability? How can you improve food stability if you kill farmers and more of them quit this hazardous occupation?
    Improving education? Improving matric results?
    By not delivering books, assisting with providing answers to exams and dumbing down the pass rate?
    Just who do these buffoons think they are fooling?
    They really do live in la-la land.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Viva Zuma viva, His Excellency, President for Life,Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas! Just like boss Amin and boss Robert.

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    While the ANC is a disaster nothing could ever be worse than the NAT morons who ran the country previuosly. SPending billions on a war they coudn't win just to buy enough time to steal and feather their own nests. The corruption under that filth was just as bad, there was just no free media toreport it. Rember nat mp de pontes mafia connections, magnus's private hunting trips with army helecopters to poach ivory and diamonds. You had no chance of getting a government tender unless you were connected to the broerderbond/nats and paid big kickbacks. Remember afrikaner affirmative action and all the incompetent twits in goverment positions ahead of better qualified people just because they were dutchman. What short memories we have. The corrupt ANC learnt from the masters lets hope they don't learn to muzzle the press like the previous bastards.

    1. Anonymous6:35 AM

      Those "dutchman" also really learnt well from English pussies who knew how to kill women and children in concentration camps while plundering and stealing "dutchman" gold and diamonds that was first discovered by the "dutchman", so if you want to pass the buck in blaming you can go past 1948, it is not like SA history just started there.

    2. Dear Anonymous 11:24 PM

      For your information…we won that war. Unfortunately the “Nat Moron” politicians lost the negotiations. Yes it is a bitter pill for me to swallow, but it is the truth.

      And another thing… if we did not fight that war and won, your ass would have been had by these terrorist scum who would have chopped you, your mommy and your sissy up with pangas after they raped the lot of you.

      So show some respect and appreciation for the men who staved off the Communist genocide tide that rolled through Africa at the time and who ensured you had a decent life growing up.

      You remind me of that English speaking South African colleague I had once…he was from Pietermaritzburg…he told me to my face that he thought “Afrikaners were white Kaffirs”…Is that what you really want to say? Then say it. Get it off your chest. You already call them “Nat morons”, “corrupt filth”, “incompetent twits”, etc…”White Kaffirs” is not far off.

      Now you mention some examples of corruption with no proof. Did you ever ask yourself that if anything was true, why were these “corrupt morons” not prosecuted? Or were they maybe victims of a hostile liberal media smear campaign?

      Please provide proof of all your allegations. Give me evidence that will stand up in a court of law that these men were guilty of corruption as you allege. I am all for prosecuting them. They are still alive. Come on, let’s do it. Let us open Pandora’s Box. I have been doing it for the past 8 years and I am writing a book on it.

      At least those “incompetent filth morons” ensured that you and ALL South Africans had quality education and a good life.

      Were you ever in the Afrikaner Broederbond? Have you ever read any books by Eschel Rhoodie who incidentally was never a Broederbond member? I have read all his books. You have no idea and you have no clue what you are talking about.

      The biggest corruption “scandal” you or anybody can point out was the Information Scandal when the Nats secretly siphoned funds (R70million) off the military budget to fight against a worldwide liberal smear campaign who wanted to portray SA as the “skunk amongst nations”.

      They did not do it to enrich themselves. In my opinion what they did was FULLY justified and my only regret is that they did not do it openly with MORE money.

      Eschel Rhoodie and his team constituting of his brother Denys, author Les de Villiers, etc , should have been given more money and SA today would have looked a lot different. For one, the ANC would not have been in charge.

      After Rhoodie was taken out, SA lost the propaganda war.

      Eschel Rhoodie, was convicted of corruption in 1979 but the Appeals Court overturned his conviction in 1980 and he walked away a free man. He died mysteriously of a heart attack whilst playing tennis in Atlanta, USA.

      The Information Scandal pales into insignificance when you consider the Arms Deal of the ANC with R70billion. Do you know the difference between a million and a billion?

      You want to point out one or two NAT politicians yet you forget that Zuma alone has more than 700 cases of corruption outstanding against him. Then we do not even touch all the other corruption scandals that has hit the ANC in the last 20 years.

      Like I said. Let us start prosecuting ALL corrupt politicians and let us see how many there were of the old NATS and how many there were/are of the current ANC. Let us then put your statement that “nothing could ever be worse than the NAT morons” to the test.

    3. socrates2:52 AM

      Still, the blind walk among us.... the proof of the disaster is plain to see yet they continue in their headlong stumble toward the abyss.
      Thanks Mike for the eloquent reply ... I had only 4 letter words in my mind when I first read that comment.

    4. You should have worked in Rhodesia. I had those insults every time I went to the rec club.

  4. ramphele to stand as da's presidential candidate.....

    as planned by the anc,,,,,a political problem eliminator?

  5. Anonymous6:18 AM

    shoot the lot

  6. Anonymous2:07 AM

    When will your book be available Mike! It's going to be fun when it hits the shelves? First on my Christmas list will be Frikkie! In fact I think my 2014 Christmas list has grown considerably!

  7. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Thanx Mike! Can not wait for your book!