31 January 2014

Political window dressing and the silent revolution in South Africa

By Mike Smith

31st of January 2014

I see the two Socialist Sisters eventually found each other. Helen Zille and Mamphela Ramphele, that is.

The DA swallowed up another insignificant party, Agang, just like they swallowed up the ID of Patricia de Lille in 2010, which it seems have now been relegated to stepsister status.

Zille and Ramphele are old friends who socialize at home and look after each other’s children.

DA-Agang to announce merger plans

How two women could transform South Africa

The DA even made Ramphele their presidential candidate.

Elsewhere, Malema and Buthelezi also found each other it seems.

No merger between IFP and EFF (yet)

Ramphele has a track record of being useless at everything she has tried. She was the shortest vice chancellor of UCT, useless as managing director of the World Bank and even worse as Chair Person of Gold Fields from which she resigned last year to become a full time political prostitute. Now she is a board member of Anglo-American Corporation.

Six months after its launch, Agang was rocked by political infighting and factionalism. Three weeks ago the media announced that Agang’s funds dried up.

Agang’s funds dry up

Agang wracked by rivalries

How can anybody take this party seriously? God help South Africa if Mamparra Ramphele ever becomes president.

Mamphela Ramphele to challenge Jacob Zuma for presidency

What to make of all of this?

I see there are a lot of people getting all excited about this political window dressing playing out to the run-up to the 2014 election farce.

So first of all there are the two forces at play here in SA as always…Big Business Capitalism’s agencies of the West VS Communists of the EAST.

As usual the Communists play chess and the West plays Monopoly.

Neither cares a damn about the people of South Africa, white or black. All they are interested in is raping our mineral wealth.

For those of you, who are familiar with my Pandora series, you will know that Gold Fields, of which Mamphela Ramphele was the chairperson, was the company who facilitated the talks between Apartheid Secret Agents and the ANC to steal our country away from us.

It was Lenin who said that to control the opposition you have to lead it yourself.

In fact the only opposition the communists tolerate is the one they have created themselves.

Knowing the dialectical way in which the Communists operate, it seems as if the ANC created both Agang and the EFF as the Thesis and Antithesis so that they (the ANC) can appear as the moderate Synthesis somewhere in the middle.

Further, they have allowed their agents (Ramphele & Malema) to infiltrate the real opposition (The DA and the IFP).

But Ramphele is a double agent. Just like Mbeki was. The West knows this so they treat her very well. Sun Tzu said in chapter 13 of “The Art of War” that you should always treat spies well, even double agents, because you can use them to your benefit. Feed them false info so they can spread it amongst the enemy etc.

But Ramphele has been groomed for greater things. The West has given her top positions and lots of money without her actually doing anything for it. The only things she has are struggle credentials and being Steve Biko’s girlfriend. Now they want something in return.

Big business/mining and agencies of the West want Ramphele as president and appease the masses so they can carry on raping and stealing the mineral wealth of South Africa.

The ANC has been getting a bit too greedy lately. Their strategy was always to use the striking masses (Cosatu) to intimidate the Randlords and mining bosses so they could extort more money from them.

But the West has got that base covered. Over the last few months we have seen them gear up to destroy Cosatu by buying over the biggest union affiliated to Cosatu namely Numsa and destroying leader Zwelinzima Vavi with allegations of sexual harassment in their Liberal media in a clasical “Strike-the-shepherd-and-the-sheep-will-scatter” move.

Numsa to split from Cosatu

Vavi free of rape accusations but sexual harassment lingers

To me it has become clear that the West has had it with the ANC. The ANC has overplayed its hand in becoming too greedy and unable to control the proletariat. Their days are numbered.

At the moment everything points to an active Western undermining of the ANC and its alliance partners (SACP and Cosatu). In fact what we are seeing is a silent revolution in SA. The West wants their agents Zille and Ramphele in charge.

The question is how long this revolution will stay quiet, because the ANC/SACP is aware of what is going on. They want to stay in power forever and there is no way they will take this sitting down.

If you study revolutions like Dr. Crane Brinton in “Anatomy of a revolution” you will see that no revolution starts spontaneously by disgruntled or hungry citizens. All revolutions start from outside of a country driven by powers that have loads of money. South Africa’s civil war is creeping nearer.

I do not have much hope for the DA-Agang merger. You cannot tie two cripples together and expect them to outrun a 100m sprinter.

A year ago I said “If you want to beat the ANC you have to be more brutal than them. You have to terrorise the terrorists into submission. The previous government hammered the ANC so hard, pursued and hunted them down overseas and blew their offices and terrorist operatives to smithereens, to the extent that the ANC by the 1980’s was nothing but an unmanned fax machine in Dar-es-Salaam. Anything weaker than that will fail against the ANC.“


Unless the Money Power behind the DA and Agang merger is willing to brutalize the ANC, the ANC will stay in power.

Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases: 1- It's completely impossible. 2- It's possible, but it's not worth doing. 3- I said it was a good idea all along.

Arthur C. Clarke


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Yuk! (sorry, first impression...\)

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Who said all the AGANG members will even migrate to DA?
    many said they do not support her move,so again its a useless party & stunt by the DA.

    Yes,the west have had it with these anc kleptomaniacs & have employed many measures to remove these scumbags but if you read Dr.Dan roodts latest article on Tribalism in sa,you would realize the lengths to which these thugs are prepared to go,to stay in power.

    The ANC are facing threats from all fronts,unions,EFF,amcu,usa,jz & fraud,etc

    If the west could remove no.1 & instill DA/agang that would be first prize,but that will never happen because they are regionalized parties.(WKaap)

    They would also be prepared to loose j.z & keep the anc but somebody they could control,with a 'level" head.
    This is the price we pay for being an open market now with Russia knocking.

  3. Anonymous11:17 PM

    I hope the people wake up and the foreigners leave . The time for redemption is long overdue .

    1. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Mike, I feel the need to congratulate you! This is the way the facts should be put together. Indeed the two 'sisters' have no realistic hope to the presidency even if the feeble West pours lots of money into the effort, but, this comedy might just spark off that 'event' that all af us is waiting for.

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    godzille to chimpchick: "sooooo judging by the taste you've been licking Lindewe's arse?"
    chimpchick to godzille: "noooo meddem, geeeve mee anadder chance"

  5. PreatorianXVI12:40 AM

    All I see is two chimps kissing, one is a real one, the other an Albino.

  6. Anonymous1:26 AM

    If Zille is very keen to kiss this K**F girl or women,then Zille should put on a maids uniform and go clean Rampeles house and act the part of a K.

  7. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Hello Mike. Remember me? HoDD. :) This year I am going to "vote". Remember my misfortune and embarrassment in voting for FF minus? I will stand in line and write my name on the ballot paper and place a mark next to my name. It will be a symbolic statement in my declaration of sovereignty. I reject these politicians.

    1. High there He of Difficult Days. Of course I remember you. Welcome back to the blog. If you want to vote, then vote for the Cape Party. I support an independent Cape.

  8. FredBarbarossa2:22 AM

    Haha, It's off... Like a wise man once said,
    "Never let a kiss fool you.... and, never let a fool kiss you!"

    She played Zille like Ramaphosa did Rolfie.

  9. You kidding right.....these are the ramblings of a paranoid individual. So easy to criticize. Why not get up and actually try and make a difference instead of moaning from the sidelines. Your negativity skews your perceptions towards a Godless belief system where you perceive the world and all the people in it as being evil and against you. So in effect you create your own reality, for this is exactly what you bring out in people - their worst side (the one with all their fears and anger). It is people like you who need to change, for if you do not you will continue to slow the progress (and yes we are advancing as a whole) of the rest of us. Please grow up and evolve. PLEASE

    1. Oh look! The damn cat just dragged a liberal in. You can spot them a mile away, because they always talk about “change”, “progress” and pseudo philosophical junk such as “creating your own reality”.

      Graham, the last thing I want to do is stand in the way of your so-called “progress”. Carry on mate. If that is what you call it.

      Maybe if you take off your rose-tinted glasses and see the world as a realist instead of a liberal idealist you will see that South Africa has only gone backwards. What “progress” is it you are talking about?

      You say I should “try and make a difference instead of moaning from the sidelines”…what “difference” is it you want me to achieve? Holding hands and singing Kumbaya with your ANC mates? Do it if you want, just don’t expect me to join you.

      If you are so convinced of your “progress”, why do you want me to still make a “difference”?

      A “Godless belief system”? Oh I see, any belief system that is different to yours is “Godeless” and therefore evil. Anybody that doesn’t share your rose-tinted views is “negative” and has “Skewed perceptions”.

      What a condescending, arrogant prick you are.

      You say I should “change”…Change into what? A liberal doos like you? I have news for you Sparky, I was one. I did change. Keep reading this blog and you might change as well, because eventually all liberals come over to our side, never the other way around.

    2. Anonymous10:01 AM



      Wake up douchebag, you being minipulated fool. Stupid liberal, really Graham you are a stupid useful idiot. How is the progrss working out for you, rape, murder, corruption, nepotisim, lies, theft. Progress hey, moron.