27 January 2014

Nobody appreciates liberals who try to "help"

By Mike Smith

28th of January 2014

Many liberals come to South Africa to help blacks and eventually leave desponded, even as converted racists. The reasons are many, but basically the barbaric traditional or cultural practices of the blacks are what cause it. Another one is the way blacks respond to the “help” from these liberals. They don’t want it.

Take Dutch doctor, Dingeman Rijken for instance. He has worked amongst the Xhosas and has seen hundreds of botched circumcisions, willies rotting off and young boys dying from these horrific male genital mutilations.

He has set up a graphic website exposing these practices.

Graphic circumcision website irks critics


Be warned. It is not for the faint of heart.

The dear doctor just wants to help. He even offers “solutions”…all of which is not appreciated by the locals.

Traditional leaders and cultural commentators want the website shut down.

The doctor is making several mistakes. This practice of Ulwaluko is a secret ritual and Xhosa men do not take kindly to this being exposed, especially not to women.

The ANC got flak from their own supporters in Khayelitsha in the Cape, because they used the picture of a Xhosa boy initiate on an election poster. They see it as disrespectful and the ANC exploiting Xhosa culture.

ANC initiation poster stirs ire

Doctor Rijken might honestly believe that he is doing something good, but the people he is trying to “help” hates him for it and wants his “help” shut down.

His solution that medical practitioners should do the circumcision speaks of a lack of understanding of Xhosa culture. If the boy goes to a western style hospital, he won’t be considered initiated and therefore not a “man”.

No western trained doctor, even if he is black and circumcised himself, may perform a traditional circumcision. The boy will not be considered a “man”.

Liberals think their “superior” Western education could “help” blacks who believe in traditional medicine and practices. Blacks do not want their help. They do not want liberals to interfere.

The REAL solution is to let them be. Do not interfere with their culture. Do not try to “help”. Accept them for who and what they are. Leave them alone. Simply have nothing to do with them.


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    " The REAL solution is to let them be. Do not interfere with their culture. Do not try to “help”. Accept them for who and what they are. Leave them alone. Simply have nothing to do with them. "......

    and if they try to interfere in your world or try to strongarm in just test the latest hardware of the 5,56 mm , 7,62mm up to the 20mm variety on them. Circuimsized or not , man or boy they will take to their heels and leave you alone.

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Mike, sock it to them, say it as it is, liberal idiots do not understand.

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM

    The white liberal disease is that they always know better than anyone else what is good for them and God help you if you do not agree with a liberal they will genocide your arse.

  4. Spot on Mike, when will liberals get it not to interfere with their barbaric rituals? I sgree, leave them to their stone age practises, to try and convert these backwards, that's not possible, not now, never. And let them cut of or mutilate all their willies, it's to our benefit

  5. PreatorianXVI10:07 PM

    Obviously the disfigurement does not prevent the species from breeding like they do, they are truly savage.

    I would invite more liberals to champion the cause the more the better, once there is enough of them and the natives get restless, they can genocide their arses into oblivion, problem of the groid solved.

  6. This is sick... http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/mutilated-woman-s-heart-was-removed-1.1638146#.Uui97Pn8J1u

  7. Anonymous1:12 AM

    ancient tradition
    and they still don't perfected it

  8. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Well, as our American "kaffirs" say,
    "Aybah poda hep!".

    Translated from the Ebonics, it means "everybody's supposed to help". In other words, "fork over yo' tax dollahs Crackah!"