24 January 2014

I support land invasions – in some cases

By Mike Smith

24th of January 2014

I never thought the day would come that I would support the illegal invasion of white owned land by blacks in South Africa, but in this case I do.

Bekkersdal land occupation legal says leader

Whites stole our land – Bekkersdal residents

According to spokesperson Mbulelo Koyana: "We are not apologetic for occupying the land. We believe it belongs to us. It was stolen by the whites,"

He said the government had failed to provide residents with houses.

So...Let me get this straight…The ANC regime failed to provide them with free houses that they have promised the blacks, so they blame the whites for “stealing” their land.

He fails to mention which whites and fails to produce any proof of his claim. Just a belief…I wonder where this “belief” comes from. Must be from that idiot Malema who goes around telling blacks that whites stole their land and that whites did not bring any land along when they came from Europe, etc

The thing that troubles me about this “belief” is that tomorrow they will “believe” that whites stole the houses, the cars and the jobs from blacks and will come to “rightfully” take it back. Genocide always starts with the slander of a demonised minority by a brainwashed majority.

Nevertheless, at first I was horrified to notice another Zimbabwe style invasion of mining land, but after discovering that Rand Uranium belongs to Gold1 International, an Australian company, I was not so horrified anymore. In fact I started to support the invasion. Australia along with their mining bosses actively sanctioned us during Apartheid and campaigned for the very ANC bastards who blew up innocent South African women and children in Wimpy restaurants and shopping centres. This scum is now stealing and occupying their land…let them have their just deserts.

Then I read that the municipality said the area had been rezoned for agricultural purposes, and was geologically unstable and prone to sinkholes…so my support shifted up a gear…

So…Please, let them invade ALL the sinkhole prone land areas…Don't try to stop them with court orders and things.

In fact, let’s identify all the sinkhole prone land areas, spread some vicious rumours that whites stole those lands from blacks and let these illegal land invaders invade those areas en masse. I will even build free houses for them on sinkhole prone areas.

Just imagine…one morning you wake up and Voila!...They’re all gone!

Hang on. There must be some other areas as well…where are all those chemical and atomic waste burial sites again?

I heard there was a lot of land stolen by whites in Australia too. Maybe we can send our land invaders over there. I am sure the Australians will be delighted to have such upstanding fellows over there, seeing that they loved and supported them so much during Apartheid.


  1. Laager4:11 AM

    "He said the government had failed to provide residents with houses."

    Who recalls ever seeing a protest march or land invasion by whites demanding houses? I have never seen or heard of such an event.

    The white model has always been to get a job, save, raise a mortgage, buy a plot employ a contractor to build their home, and then repay the loan over 25 years of their lifetime. At the end of the day they ended up paying 3 times more than they borrowed.

    What everyone forgets is that once upon a time there was no government that provided houses. Blacks simply dug clay out of the earth, cut down some saplings, harvested thatching grass and simply built themselves a hut. All for free other than the sweat equity of their labour.

    Somewhere along the line they have now become educated, lost these skills and demand that their needs be met by a fairy Godmother who will drop everything out of the sky. Instant gratification is now the order of the day

    "When people voted in 1994, they never knew they would be powerless when they were in power," Koyana said.
    Ja-nee ou pel.
    You still have a lot to learn about democracy and the economic system that underpins it.

  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Pensioner says;

    My thoughts exactly after I heard yesterday that this company is Australian owned. I heard the guy on the radio and he sounded like a South African, check out their website; gold1.co.za

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    The irony is,these mining cartels supported the ANC to power & their land is now being stolen by the ANC.

    When they see that this sort of zim style invasion goes unchallenged they will up the stakes,until we are the same as zim.

    Once the mining cartels are forced to depart,they will not care two hoots about the white minority who is left behind with the attacking anc hordes.

  4. Lala Land5:30 PM

    Mike, in case you missed it, just about the entire world had sanctions against SA back in the day. It was the thing to do to look cool. So don't come here with your anti-Australian attitude, just because you can't get into the country now.

    And let me remind you Mike, YOU were the one who voted YES on the referendum, while I voted no. I now sit in safe, beautiful Australia and YOU sit in shitty ANC-infested commie South Africa. You are exactly where you need to be. You voted for it, so please enjoy mate.

    1. HAHAHA...

      First of all...MATE...I never voted in that Referendum. I was not even in the country back then. I fucked off in 1990 already. Came back after 13 years.

      In fact, I. 2007 I was headhunted by an Australian company and offered a job for mega bucks. They flew me over for an interview. Paid my five star hotel and even rented me a Mitsubishi 4x4 to drive arround and see the place. Their lawyers were going to organise me a 235 Visa or something. They offered to bring all my furniture to Australia and pay my house rent for the first year. All I had to do was sign on the dotted line. I said "No thank you."Hehehe...

      You see..."MATE"...Australia might be the be-all and end-all for you. It certainly is not for me.

    2. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Mike is an Afrikaner from the western Cape who supports Helen Zille & the DA,he is not a boer.

    3. What are the differences between Afrikaners and Boers? Till this day nobody could convince me, not even that Canadian nutjob Ron who thinks he is an expert on "Boers" and "Afrikaners". Same culture, same language, same everything. I just love watching him flip off his rocker and run arround in circles trying to convince people there is a "distinct difference"...hahaha

      Me support Helen Zille & the DA? BWHAHAHAHA! Get out of here...!


      General Jan Smuts came from Malmesbury in the Cape Colony
      General Piet Joubert was from Prince Albert in the Cape Colony.
      General Ben Viljoen was also born in the Cape Colony.
      General Piet Kritzinger was born in Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony.
      General JBM Herzog came from Wellington in the Cape Colony.
      General Christiaan Beyers born in Stellenbosch, Cape Colony.
      General Piet Cronje came from Colesberg in the Cape Colony.

      Hehehe...be prepared for some mental flick flacks again.

    4. Anonymous12:56 AM

      Ok lala land, what about the rest who don't want to go? Fuck you.

    5. Mike, I see you omitted AWJ Pretorius, the hero of BloedRivier. He was not part of the initial move - trek - and the guys send for him to come and help.

      As my dad used to say, he suffered from the typical Pretorius affliction, no sense of direction, he would have got lost and ended up at Kakamas if he went with the first Trekkers.

  5. Lager6:02 AM

    Typical African strategy - take what someone else has instead of creating their own achievements.

  6. Mike, I have theory. The Cape Dutch trekked to the Orange River and Natal areas. Pief Retief was one of their leaders. The British records show that 5,500 Cape Dutch trekkers and 25 000 Cape Coloureds left on the Groot Trek. In 1880 the British recorded that were 80000 Boers living in the Freestate and various Transvaal republics. No mention of the Cape Dutch anymore.

    When Chris Barnard started his heart transplants he found that nothing works better than a Cape Coloured heart transplanted into a Freestate Boer.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA. Great theory mate! I hosed myself. Hehehe

    2. 1. Explain why all the English history books of South Africa switch gear and stop talking about the Cape Dutch and start talking about the Boers?
      2. Have you ever Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's tome about the Boer war? Upon arriving in Cape Town he hurries off to the Mount Nelson Hotel to inspect the Boer POWs. And his observations and comments? Check it out again.

  7. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Boer war not Afrikaner war !!
    The Afrikaners in the cape supported or had NO problem with British domination.

  8. Outside of SA it is known as "The South African War". It goes by other names too. "Tweede Vryheidsoorlog", "Engelse oorlog", etc

    Read the book "Boereverraaier" (Boer Traitor) by Albert Blake. Towards the end of the war, more "boers" were fighting on the side of the British than on the side of the "boers". It is an uncomfortable fact, but it's true. You see that same trait still running through the volk today.

  9. Anonymous1:11 PM

    It is not what the rest of the world calls our wars that matters to us boers.
    Same with Serbia,
    This was a boer war,we declared it in Tvl by F.W Reitz (State secretary of The Z.A.R) over the british for breaching the terms of the London convention of 1884 by interfering in the affairs of the ZAR.

    If Afrikaners/Boer sympathisers in the Cape got later involved in any way,it does not change the fact that the war was declared by boers in the ZAR,outside of wes kaap,under the british.