21 January 2014

Does the rabbit in Mandela's ear have an occult meaning?

By Mike Smith

21st of January 2014

“Hoe help jy nou ‘n nasie met so ‘n volk?“

During Apartheid this is how we questioned the behaviour of liberals amongst us.

Originally an exclamation of amazement, but literally (basically) it means, “ How do you help a nation with people like this?”

I cannot tell you how sad I felt when I read that the sculptors of the 9m high larger than life Mandela statue that replaced J.B.M. Hertzog’s in front of the Union Buildings were Afrikaners.

Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren, sculpted the nine metre bronze-plated statue of Mandela.

But somebody in the ANC who was paying for all this bronze casting did not want the Billions of African pilgrims for generations to come to know that two white Afrikaner dudes actually sculpted Saint Mandela. They were not even allowed to leave their signatures on the bottom of his trousers.

So they placed a miniature statue of a rabbit in his ear apparently because “rabbit” in Afrikaans means “Haas” and it is also a play on words, because “Haas” in Afrikaans also means haste…Apparently they were not given enough time to finish the statue.


When Barclays Bank withdrew from South Africa during Apartheid sanctions, FNB was formed in its place and in the spaces between the branches of its Logo could be seen clearly a map of Africa, an AK 47 and a picture of a rabbit. The rabbit was for a long period a symbol of Marxist Freedom movements in Africa.

The Logo has undergone many changes since then and the original is hard to find, but the newspapers at the time actually pointed it out and printed it. We who grew up during that time saw it.

However, we also know from Lewis Carroll’s book, “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” that she followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

Were the sculptors trying to tell us something? Should we follow the journey down the Rabbit hole in Mandela’s ear to get to the truth? Were they really traitors as we thought or on a higher mission?

I will let you decide.

Rabit in Mandela statue to be removed


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Pensioner says;
    "But somebody in the ANC who was paying for all this bronze casting" Mike, are you sure that the anc is paying for this? I don't know myself but looking at the history of the anc, I think that this was payed for by the SA taxpayer or from overseas donations!

  2. according to liberal folklore crowds will be seen gathering around the bronze statue of mandela on february 2 every year, kissing and licking the feet of madiba, displaying placards of rainbows and unicorns and dancing in trance-like states and singing kumbaya for many hours …if it is cloudy when the rabbit emerges from the ear on this day then autumn will come early; if it is sunny, the rabbit will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into the ear, and global warming will continue for 52 more weeks

  3. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Hi Mike!
    First comment from me on your site.
    Love your work!
    Dear Treacle Bender, visualising this all happening
    on the grounds of the Union Buildings with U2, Geldof and
    the like leading the 72 hours of non-stop kumbaya.
    Makes me shudder!

  4. Could it be the ghost of the rabbit that was butchered at Marikana before the miners got lead poisoning ?

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Mmm statue, what I think about it....

  6. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Gekke en dwase skryf hul name op deure en glase. If the sculptors are being paid, why should they be permitted to daub their identities on the statue? As for their nationality, was the Voortrekker Monument built exclusively by Afrikaner hands? I saw Jesus in my toast this morning. And a cloud that looked just like a puppy dog. And a fairy in my garden. And a rabbit in a tree.

    1. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Artists usually sign their work, "Gekke en Dwase" surely applies more to graffiti or other such vandalism.


    2. Anonymous11:59 PM

      Ek sit altyd my handtekeing by my kunswerk. Maak dit my 'n gek of dwaas. Gekke en dwase is nie hier van toepassing nie. al is die standbeeld nou van die dooie terroris is dit nog steeds 'n kunswerk. Die beeldhouers het hard gewerk om dit wat hulle in hul geestesoog gesien het in brons vas te vang vir ander om te sien. Enige kunstenaar verdien erkenning vir sy werk.

    3. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Ek stem saam - dit is 'n kunstenaar se reg om sy naam op sy werk te sit!!

  7. Anonymous4:47 PM

    my pittbull has killed many rabbits.

  8. Anonymous10:49 PM

    The Union buildings will never look the same.In other countries like Aus, New Zealand, US the colonial names stand side by side with the indeginous names to suit everybody.The ANC wants to remove every colonial name they can. In Indonesia there are street names in Dutch that have never being changed.Now they want to change the KZN number plates to remove the colonial past from Natal.To hell with the minorities we must pay for it.Who wants their shit on ones cars.

  9. Laager3:27 AM

    The last time I visited the Union Buildings in 2009 a number of [bronze?] plaques on the Wall of Remembrance in the background behind this statue were missing - no doubt ripped off and sold to a scrap metal dealer. Does this statue no stand on the spot where the horse and rider were? Plaques from the base of that statue were also missing.

  10. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Why did they not depict Nelson with his world famous "Black Power salute"? Methinks this ties in perfectly with this article's opinion of Marxist propaganda as always.