05 May 2013

Blogging announcement

By Mike Smith
05th of May 2013

As you know I am at the moment heavily involved with writing my book “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box” and if you have ever written a book you will know how much work goes into it…makes one get new respect for Leo Tolstoy who rewrote his epic “War and Peace” six times.

At the moment I lack time to give it my full focus and trying to keep the blog active is not helping much. I am not the type of person who can or wants to do two things halfway. I would rather dedicate all my effort to one project at a time and do it 110%.

So I have decided to cut back on the blogging in order to give the book my full attention that it deserves.

For now at least, this blog with over a thousand posts and more than 15,000 comments has achieved its goal. When I look at the forums of News24, IOL, the Mail and Guardian, etc then I see that the people have changed a lot in the past five years or so.

Five years ago these forums were flooded with leftwing liberal propaganda and the conservatives could hardly get a word in edgewise. That situation has now drastically changed and the liberals are now definitely in the minority on these forums.

People have woken up to who and what the ANC really is and what their ultimate goals, together with their Marxist Troika buddies, the SACP and Cosatu, for the country are…namely economical and societal collapse to lead in a full blown totalitarian Communist state.

Without trying to sound vain, I cannot help, but feel that my articles and especially the chapters of “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box” have helped to bring about a collective Damascus Moment to many South Africans and if it helped only 1% to achieve that goal, I will be satisfied... Every bit counts.

That is why it has now become time to get that book out there and on people’s coffee tables all over the world. The truth must be told. It is just something I have to do.

So I am taking some time out from the blogging scene to concentrate my energy on the book. Call it a working sabbatical. I have also closed the comments to prevent an overflow of the spam box in my absence.

Until we meet again

“It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968); 64th Us Attorney General

"The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing."

Edmund Burke

Fed up with strikes

By Mike Smith
5th of May 2013

Apparently “strike season” is open again. SA braces for “strike season”

We must be the only country in the world that has a “Strike Season”.

Every year when these COSATU union members go on a chimpout, they destroy public infrastructure, loot shops, burn other people’s cars, etc…It is nothing but sabotage.

Destroying other people’s stuff to intimidate the government, mine bosses and big business into giving you an underserved raise seems to be the way things are done in the post Apartheid rainbow Utopia of Mandela and the ANC.

Gone are the days that if you thought you deserved more, you made an appointment with your boss and you asked for a raise. You stated your case and evidence of how you increased production or output, your boss stated the overall situation of the company and if the company could afford it, you would get a raise or at least the two of you would come to some agreement where you can both walk away feeling like a winner.

That is the civilized way of doing things.

Not these strikers. To them it is nothing to throw other people’s cars with stones, burn down trains and busses or block the N1 highway…holding other people at ransom. It is nothing different than what a terrorist highjacker does; Holding a gun against the head of some innocent person to get his demands carried out.

Same with striking teachers holding the education of innocent children at ransom.

Stuff that! If they destroy public or private property and hold innocent people at ransom then these bastards should be treated like the saboteurs and terrorists they are; with no mercy.

Not only that. The long term investment damage is incalculable. Through their actions, they are preventing foreign investment in South Africa, chasing money and jobs away. Mines are closing, farmers are emigrating or mechanizing and businesses are disinvesting from SA… These strikers are stifling the economic development of the country, costing people jobs instead of creating them. In the end it can only lead to economical ruin and the people who will suffer the most are they themselves, the workers.

Further, no jobs means more social ills and rampant crime.

It is as if they are unable to think about the long term effects of their actions and are only interested in instant gratification, for example the recent farm worker strike in the Western Cape where the ANC dished out free T-shirts and food parcels to strikers.

What they fail to see is that the ANC is not their friend, rather their worst enemy. Would they rather have a food parcel today and starve for the rest of their lives, or have a job and have food to eat every day?

I am sorry, but if you are unable to grasp these basic facts of economy then you must have the mental capacity of an 8 year old child and are classified on the Stanford-Binet scale as a “Moron”.

04 May 2013

Crime is not so bad – our robbers are “nice chaps”

By Mike Smith
4th of May 2013

A former Irish Rugby player Sam Hutton, 72, and his wife Wendy, 65, were robbed in their house in Durban. Nice robbers ransacked house

Hutton said four men armed with knives and a gun overpowered him at 03:00 in the morning earlier in the week.

The men then tied him and his wife up and proceeded to rob them.

They stole two of the couple’s cars, packed full of their belongings, but according to Hutton the robbers were “nice chaps”.

The gang helped him take his medication and even asked him if he felt better. One of the men wanted Hutton’s bracelet but did not take it when he Hutton explained that it aided in throat cancer relief. The robber then immediately returned the bracelet and apologised. Before leaving, the gang asked if the couple were fine…

I’m sure Mr Hutton was so impressed with how nice the robbers were that he won’t press any charges and would probably invite them to come and rob him again anytime. He will probably serve them tea whilst they rob him too. Sorry, but I just do not understand this Stockholm mindset.

03 May 2013

Will the Gupta saga be the ANC’s undoing?

By Mike Smith
4th of May 2013

NO...if it happened in any other country the entire government would have been sacked, but not in SA.

Normally the international media throws a blanket of silence over the ANC’s corruption shenanigans. The ANC is after all their darling pets and can do no wrong in their eyes.

So when the Washington Post starts to take note of ANC corruption then you must know it is really bad.

According to them, SA is fighting a losing battle against corruption that trebled in the last two years.

They mention that corruption is out of control, how Zuma is building his Nakandla palace with taxpayer’s money, how Britain suspended aid and how people with money and influence can simply do as they like, as with the Guptas this past week.

They also mention how the ANC has stolen in excess of R385-billion since 1994, how only 13% of stolen money is ever recovered and how nobody is ever held accountable.

Basically nothing new. We have been reporting exactly the same right here on this blog for years now…but for that we were called “resist”. We just do not like to see black people do well…

Well it is true. We do not like to see black people do well by stealing and embezzling money that belongs to the public…which is exactly what the ANC has been doing.

But over the years I have noticed how short people’s memories are.

As we went from corruption scandal to corruption scandal, a week later people have forgotten about it. Now with the Guptas flying their plane and 207 guests in, there is an outcry…some people were suspended with full pay, the ANC is not commenting, but believe you me… In two weeks time it will all be forgotten and come 2014 the ANC’s voting fodder will elect their sorry arses again.

Musical theft by Afrikaners

By Mike Smith

3rd of May 2013

Five years ago when you walked into Musica anywhere in SA you would find a small shelf of Afrikaans music…

Now you walk into Musica at the Waterfront in Cape Town and they have rows and rows of Afrikaans music…

It is their biggest business. Ironic hey?...

The more the ANC tries to kill the Afrikaans culture the stronger it grows.

One can only laugh at these feeble attempts to undermine nationalism. They have learned nothing from Yugoslavia.

The more you try to suppress nationalism the stronger it comes out.

Nevertheless. Afrikaans Music lovers are often proud of what Afrikaans musicians have achieved in SA. Me too.

However, sometimes I am embarrassed at the ignorance of some people…

Ask any Afrikaans person about one of their biggest stars, namely Anneli van Rooyen and her hit “Ek Lewe” from 1986.

They all know it. Two years before her…in 1984 a German singer by the name of Roland Kaiser had a similar hit with a song that sounds amazingly similar, called “Johanna”. Now here are the two songs…you be the judge.

Anneli van Rooyen, Ek Lewe
Roland Kaiser, Johanna

World Press Freedom Day

By Mike Smith
3rd of May 2013

Today is the 20th international or “World Press Freedom Day”, like it is every year on the 3rd of May.

I wondered if I should even mention it. Who cares? Certainly not the self regulated Politically Correct liberal MSM. People do not realize what they had until the lose it. How many people know sections 16 and 32 of our Bill of Rights?

SA Bill of Rights

Press freedom is almost like air. Nobody cares too much about it until it becomes scarce.

So while I still have that little bit of press freedom let me make you aware of the Importance of press Freedom especially in South Africa where the draconian “Protection of Information Bill” has just been passed by parliament and which will throw journalists in jail for 25 years who dare report the truth on the ANC terrorist government’s corruption or their cover-up of crime and genocide in South Africa. All it needs is Zuma's paw print to become law.

The fact that people in SA are not on the streets rioting against this bill, overturning cars and setting it on fire shows me the population’s indifference to Freedom of Speech.

Wait till it is gone.

People, what we are witnessing is the last vestige of our freedom in South Africa being flushed down the toilet by the ANC Marxist terrorist regime. This Bill cannot be allowed to become law. We have to stop it. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of access to information are our last bulwarks against the corruption of the ANC. This is a battle we cannot lose. You, me, every man and his dog will have to fight this bill tooth and nail or all hope for South Africa will be gone.

Nevertheless, isn't it ironic that those who promise liberation and freedom, the Communists, always end up to be the most restrictive when it comes to human right and elementary freedoms such as the freedom of speech.

Every year hundreds of journalists are assassinated or imprisoned for publishing the truth.

So on this day, let me show my solidarity and salute all my friends in Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc for standing up in the face of totalitarianism, who face imprisonement and even death trying to keep the flame of truth alive.

Funny that when you look at the World Press Freedom Index how you notice that Germany is at position 17, Namibia at 19, Canada at 20, Australia at 26, the UK…only 29th on the list and the USA…32nd, France 37th and South Africa only 52nd . Greece, where democracy came from is 85th on the list and Israel...113th on the list...makes you think doesn't it?

China media environment 'one of the world's most restrictive'
North Korea: Country ranked worst in the world for press freedom
Press Freedom none existent in Zimbabwe

02 May 2013

If you want to know who runs the country, follow the corruption

By Mike Smith
2nd of May 2013

There is an age old truth that goes that if you want to know who really runs a country, simply follow the money.

Or one can go further and say that if you want to know who ran the country in the past follow the money being withdrawn and who runs the country now, then follow the money being flung around in the present.

Money is a funny thing. It has expectations. You put some in to get some more out.

So if you keep on putting in and putting in and you never get any out then you stop to put in. Simple as that.

That is why the ANC said it had noted “with regret” Britain’s “unilateral announcement” regarding the termination from 2015 of its official development aid to the country, currently worth £19 million a year… SA regrets UK unilateral aid withdrawal announcement

The ANC is seriously doing something wrong. They should be more anti-democratic…more like Robert Mugabe, because the amount of money thrown at you when you are a despot is directly proportional to how anti-democratic and totalitarian you are.

The ANC cries about the loss of £19 million a year, when their big mate across the Limpopo, Bob Mugabe gets £100 million a year from Britain…apparently to promote and encourage fair elections and government reforms. UK’s annual £100 million aid to Mugabe

Do you see why the ANC is not worried about destroying the country? They know exactly how the game works. They are not stupid. They learned this trick a long time ago from Lenin. The more failed “reforms” you make, the more you apparently stuff up…and the more people starve in your country…the more the Liberal West wants to “help” by throwing money at the problem.

All you have to do is keep on making bullshit promises of more “democracy” and the West will keep on showering you with money.

So why then would Britain withdraw its aid to SA?

Either they feel it is going so well that they do not need to support the ANC anymore, or they see that what they put in is ending up straight into the despotic leadership’s pockets and the aid therefore has no point…besides what you see on the ground in SA at the moment is that the country is just becoming more and more like the other Black Marxist countries north of our borders.

But the British mustn’t cry now, because this is what they envisaged for South Africa. In my Pandora series I revealed in detail how the British mining company Consolidated Gold Fields and MI6 agent Michael Young facilitated the transitional talks between the terrorist ANC and the NP liberals. How Britain brought the ANC to power

But that is history.

Let us look at who runs the show now… The last few days, “the wedding of the century” took place at Sun City when Vega Gupta, 23, was married to Indian-born Aakash Jahajgarhia in a four day ceremony.

The Guptas are influential and stinking rich Indians from South Africa who have donated money to ALL political parties including the opposition DA, but are mostly known for their ownership of the ANC propaganda rag “The New Age” that they run at a total loss.

They also own Sahara computers, but it is only when you look at The board of Shiva Uranium that things start to fall into place.

Well somebody must supply India with Uranium for their nuclear weapons programme…who else but Shiva Uranium?

Look at all the Afrikaner names on that board. Amazing hey?

Nevertheless, not only do the Guptas have the ANC and especially President Jacob Zuma in their pockets, they also think they own the country.

They simply flew private guests on a private charter to a military air force base (Waterkloof) and thought nothing of it.

Obviously they must have had authorization from high up, otherwise they would have been shot down.

Can you imagine just any old plane flying and landing on a military air force base?

I certainly haven't heard anything like that since Mathias Rust flew his Cesna into Russia and landed on the Red Sqaure in 1987.

Well the Guptas can too.

Stuff customs and immigration that you have to pass through at OR Tambo (Jan Smuts) airport. They might find you have a false passport or drugs in your suitcases. Fly to Waterkloof in Pretoria and you do not have that problem. You simply bypass customs. You can bring in suitcases full of Mandrax or Ecstasy into SA.

But the Air Force is quiet.

They say they did not give permission for the plane to land. So who did then? Zuma himself? Well then the bastard should be impeached. Military unaware of Gupta air base use

Not only that, the police’s VIP unit gave the guests a blue light escort to their destination at Sun City, but the National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega knows nothing…Phiyega to probe Gupta guests police escort

Apparently Zuma himself is “hopping mad”… Zuma 'hopping mad' over Guptagate

I am sure…he is “hopping mad” that he got caught out again. Hopping mad over those reporters exposing him for the corrupt fraudster and criminal bastard he is.

Now they have made an apparent “rogue official” Bruce Koloane the Chief of State Protocol in the Department of International Relations and Co-operation the scapegoat. They dubbed him Bruce Almighty because he singlehandedly was allegedly able to:

* Arrange permission for a civilian aircraft carrying about 200 guests for a private wedding to land at Waterkloof Air Force Base, South Africa’s largest military airport and a national key point.

* Ensure that customs officials from the South African Revenue Service were not on hand to ask bothersome questions.

* Ensure that immigration officials were available to stamp passports.

* Arrange for South African Police VIP Protection personnel to transfer the private guests from Waterkloof to Sun City by blue light convoy.

It is obviously bollocks.

Anybody with half a brain can see right through the ANC’s lies and scam. I will conclude with a quote from the article above.

Cope leader, Mosiuoa Lekota, himself a former minister of defence, said there was no way either Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula or Zuma himself would not have known about the landing.

Any country wanting such permission “would have to interact with the ministry”.

“The minister would have to give an instruction to the chief of the defence force and there would have to be preparations for customs to be there.

“There is simply no way that any plane can enter South African airspace without the air force knowing.”

The plane would only have been allowed to land if the instruction had come from above. Under normal circumstances, the request would go through Dirco, which would have to tell the president so he could instruct the defence minister to make arrangements.

“One minister cannot instruct another minister, so the president would have to tell the minister of defence that such a request had been made."

“The fact that the commanders of the defence force said they knew nothing about it means the minister knew nothing."

"In the absence of the minister, it would have to be the president, who is the ultimate commander of the military.”

He said if it were possible for a plane to enter SA airspace and land at a military facility without permission, “it means South Africa could be attacked anytime”.