31 July 2012

South African Chad le Clos takes gold in 200m Butterfly

By Mike Smith
1st of August 2012

Well done to the young man from Durban, Chad le Clos (20) who whipped the mighty Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly event.

London - Michael Phelps suffered a shock defeat to South Africa's Chad le Clos in the final of the 200m butterfly at the London Olympics on Tuesday after messing up his touch.
Le Clos elated after beating his hero

“It's been a dream of mine ever since I was a little boy. I just wanted to race Phelps in the final and I've beaten him. I can't believe it,” said Le Clos.

“Phelps is my hero and I love the guy. To beat him, I can't believe it. You don't understand what this means to me. This is the greatest moment of my life.”

Phelps was less impressed, throwing his goggles into the water and later storming past reporters without stopping, before regaining his composure and managing a wry smile at the medal ceremony.

The REAL reason why SA's education is a shamble

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

1976 June 16

2012 June 16

The SANDF’s secret slush fund of R13 Billion

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

Back in the 1970’s the so called “Information Scandal” broke where the Department of Information used about R64 million, channeled from the Defence budget to counter liberal lies and propaganda.

The Prime Minister John Voster, Information Minister Dr. Connie Mulder and his Secretary Eschel Rhoodie lost their positions. Rhoodie was made the scapegoat but later exonerated after a successful appeal.

Now it seems that that fund was never liquidated. It just grew exponentially. The ANC is now using it for “buying weapons and equipment and for funding covert activities”.

They say, “The account was set up in terms of the Defence Special Account Act of 1974. The act is a leftover from the apartheid years.”

SANDF’s R13bn secret fund

“Covert Activities”? We are not at war with any country. What covert activities are the SANDF involved in?

Could it perhaps be This one
Or maybe This one
Or maybe it could be This one

We can only speculate, because the article says “the activities of its funds “are such that they cannot be disclosed” .

So we will never know…

MP David Maynier, the DA’s defence spokesman, has “serious reservations” about the account. He said money was channelled through it for “a wide variety of purposes, including capital acquisition projects, that should not, for the most part, be kept secret”.

He said it was used to hide money from Parliament, with about R1.3bn apparently “warehoused” in it “despite the Defence Department pleading poverty”.

Maynier said there was “absolutely no accounting to Parliament” on how the money was spent. “The only comfort is that the Auditor-General conducts an annual audit of the Special Defence Account,” he said.

“My research shows that between 1999 and 2009 nearly R73bn was channelled through the Special Defence Account,” he said, adding that less than 2 percent of that was for so-called sensitive projects.

The levels of corruption at Pretoria (Tswane) Metro

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

The levels of corruption are just unbelievable in South Africa. Take the City of Pretoria (Tswane) for instance. The Afrikaans Newspaper Beeld reported on the Special Investigation Unit’s report about corruption in the Metro.

Beeld: Shocking facts about Tswane Metro
English version

• 65 Tshwane officials had business interests in 66 companies with which the metro is currently doing business involving R185 million.

• Disciplinary measures have been taken against nine officials whose companies have received payments exceeding R1 million.

• Possible money laundering also came to light after the analysis of bank statements of six companies that can be linked to former or current spouses, and/or relatives of two municipal officials. One of the officials was fired pending the conclusion of the investigation.

• Five people in management positions lied about their qualifications. One has already been fired and steps will be taken against the other four.

• At least six officials in management positions have no qualifications at all, and there are inconsistencies in the qualifications of at least 22 others.

• Eight officials have more than one identity document.

• 13 Officials are using identity numbers that appear as dead people on the Department of Home Affairs’ database.

• Six unrelated officials use the same bank account and all their salaries are paid into this one account.

• 3778 officials are registered to receive social grants.

• 212 confirmed cases of people who obtained their driver’s licenses through fraudulent means. In 87 of these cases the licenses has been referred for cancelation. 10 cases are under criminal investigation.

• 104 Metro Police members have crime records (which disqualifies them). 45 have been found guilty of serious crimes like murder and rape. 18 are awaiting trials and for 50 others no record could be found.

Now think about it…This is just one city in South Africa. Imagine how it is going at the others!

Oh the pain of the liberals…when they have to admit that they wasted their lives

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

South Africa never really had many big writers. A few like Wilber Smith, Alan Paton, Nadine Gordimer and J.M. Coetzee have made it big.

To make it really big, you obviously have to vilify whites and if you can vilify the Afrikaners in your mediocre fiction you will surely win the Nobel Prize for literature…and be knighted to boot.

That was the claim to fame of Nadine Gordimer, a LWB who spent her entire life writing unsubstantiated bollocks in her fictional works about Afrikaners and Apartheid that she knew nothing about. For her lifetime contribution to vilify the Afrikaners she was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991.

But then came 1994 and her beloved ANC terrorists took over the government and one by one the liberals started fleeing SA.

In 1998 her friend, Anne Paton, widow of Alan Paton who wrote “Cry the beloved country” fled her beloved ANC Marxist Utopia.

Why I'm fleeing South Africa by Anne Paton (widow of Alan Paton)

Then in 2004 came that other LWB campaigner and communist mattress, Helen Suzman, a friend of Gordimer, and said in a 16 May 2004 interview with the Tellegraph…Democracy? It was better under Apartheid

This is the same Helen Suzman who said in an interview with the Dutch Journalist Sibolt van Ketel of “De Telegraaf”… "I hate the Afrikaner. I hate his ways, his language and of course his politics." Source One , Source Two

But it didn’t take long before justice caught up with Nadine Gordimer. In 2006 she was attacked by three noble savages in her home. She was assaulted, robbed of jewelry and locked in a storeroom. Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer attacked

What is the bet she blamed it all on the Afrikaners and Apartheid?

Shortly after that the ANC tried to pass their Media Tribunal and Protection of information Bill that would see the end of freedom of speech in South Africa. Aunti Gordimer almost had a fit.
Gordimer: SA freedom threatened
Info bill a threat to freedom: Gordimer

It is not sure exactly where or when Dame Gordimer (she was knighted for vilifying Afrikaners) experienced her Damascus moment and changed her name from Saul to Paul, but I think it was in an article where she had to admit that the ANC was turning the country into something far worse than Apartheid ever was. Gordimer: ANC taking SA beyond apartheid

I will quote what she said: “When we all voted together, which was a great moment in my life, [we thought] everything would be alright. That was a childish idea."

…Yes Aunty…like all liberal ideas.

Today she went further. Nobel literature prize winner Nadine Gordimer poured scorn on South Africa's education system…”Our education system is a wreck. It's a shamble. I can't believe that three-quarters of the year have gone by and so many of our schools, especially in the rural areas, have been without textbooks," said Gordimer, 88, on SAfm public radio news.

Gordimer: SA education in a shambles

Oh the Irony, Oh the Justice…Her liberal Utopia that she so actively helped to create is being turned into a shit heap by her beloved noble savages right in front of her eyes.

30 July 2012

ANCYL beating its chest again

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

You have to ask where this guy’s brain is.

“South Africa's mines will be nationalised and land will be expropriated, African National Congress Youth League Deputy President Ronald Lamola said on Monday.”

ANC Youth League confident of nationalisation

“Leadership of the ANC might be afraid to say 'nationalisation' and 'expropriation of land without compensation', but the policy conference has clearly demonstrated the power and the mobility of the young lions,” Lamola said in Johannesburg.

“The policy conference (of the ANC held in June) had unanimously, clearly stated that the strategic mines of South Africa must be nationalised for the benefit of all South Africans.”

Ah yes…”For the benefit of all South Africans” is commie-speak for “For the benefit of the Communist elite”.

In the mean time, Dr. Theo de Jager, deputy president of Agri SA told farmers at a conference organized by the F.W. de Klerk Foundation not to invest in their farms at this stage, because as things are standing currently (according to the ANC policy proposal) any farm can at any time be expropriated at any price.

SA Farmers warned that they should not invest in their farms

Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch visited South Africa and at a media conference of the Tranvaal Agricultural Union on 26 July 2012 he urged whites not to give up their guns.

He warned that the shocking farm and urban murders are not mere “robberies” and “ordinary crime” as the ANC regime alleges, but are carefully planned racist hate crimes. Almost 4 000 farmers have been murdered since 1994 in an orchestrated ethnic cleansing campaign. He referred to Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema’s anti-White hate speech as indicative of the ANC entering the “preparation stage” of all-out genocide, and expects the low intensity race war to escalate.

Watch the 13 min clip here

ANC cadres admit they are useless. When the revolutionary clock is ticking

By Mike Smith
30th of July 2012

Just a few days ago President Jacob Zuma blamed the Apartheid era Prime Minister, Dr H.F. Verwoerd for the utter catastrophe they have turned education in SA into.

Jacob Zuma says: Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’

Now, the ANC's national executive committee (NEC) has acknowledged that the late delivery of textbooks in Limpopo was a "serious failure" by government.

ANC: Textbook crisis a failure of govt

Bullshit. It is not a “failure” it is a deliberate act of sabotage against the education system of the country.

They have now appointed one commission after another to launch inquiries and find who is responsible…All for the show of course. Deceiving the public again.

The ANC is fully responsible for the destruction of the education system in South Africa and they are carrying it out knowing full well what they are doing.

Psychologist: “Mrs Zuma, your son Jacob is not retarded, he is just a Communist”.

Pigs will fly over a frozen hell the day a communist ever concerns himself with educating the proletariat.

In every country they have come to power the first thing they did was to kill off all the intellectuals. These intellectuals are the greatest threat to those in communist power.

The second thing they did was to dumb the education system down. Communists WANT the masses stupid. They know exactly how revolutions work and the thing they fear the most is a counter revolution that will dethrone them. They know that revolutions do not come “spontaneously” from starving masses. People starve all the time and never revolt. Look at Zimbabwe or Ethiopia.

No…revolutions are started by a well to do and educated middleclass of architects, engineers, doctors, etc. Mostly idealists who believe in something better than the old order. Revolutions do not occur when the people are bankrupt and poor; they occur when the government is bankrupt and poor (through theft, mismanagement and corruption) and try to raise taxes.

Revolutionists are not riff-raff. The riff-raff is useful only as cannon fodder against the old order. The main string pullers are all educated people who have changed allegiance. When the educated class lose faith in the government and in fact turn against the government, then you know a revolution is on the doorstep. You will notice an alienation of the government by intellectuals and a subsequent alienation of the regime by the people.

All you have to do to understand how revolutions work is to read Dr Crane Brinton’s book “Anatomy of a Revolution”.

All these signs are visible in South Africa today. You see more and more how black intellectuals turn against the ANC.

Look at Dr Mamphela Ramphele who today told the President that the education crisis is NOT Verwoerd’s fault, but the ANC’s fault. Ramphele: Education crisis not Verwoerd's fault

This auntie is a fairly smart cookie. She is a medical doctor and has a string of degrees…all because of, not despite of, that evil system of “Bantu Education”. I mentioned her before when she exonerated Dr Verwoerd and Bantu Education. Struggle hero exonerates Apartheid Education

I just wonder, if she was that clever, why she ever supported the ANC and their bullshit “struggle” in the first place. Today she can see the results.

Another one is Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of Thabo Mbeki who has said for years that the country is going down under the ANC.

2008 report: SA is going down, says Mbeki's brother

One also sees it every day how former liberal newspaper forums in South Africa have turned to almost revolutionary levels at the rate that former liberals ditch the ANC and turn against them.
In 2007 President Thabo Mbeki threatened whites with the Jacobin Option threatening to chop off all there heads.

How Ironic that five years later it seems that the ANC themselves should fear that Jacobin Option from their own former lackeys and supporters.

Tell you what. If I was the ANC and I looked at all the signs of a brewing revolution, I would be very nervous right now.

If I was them I would seriously start contemplating ditching Communist pipe dreams and racist policies and start governing properly before they are ousted faster than somebody can say “Arab Spring”.

29 July 2012

Olympic Gold and a World Record for South African swimmer Cameron van der Burgh

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

Apparently…allegedly…I have heard that “White men can’t jump”

OK, I will admit it, seeing that Basket Ball is not very big in SA, but also, we have to remember that no South African blacks ever made it big in basketball either.

White men can’t jump

Blacks in South Africa are not very good at Football (soccer) either seeing that they are ranked 68th in the world.

Apparently blacks can run marathons, but in ultra marathons they can only win by crooking as it has been shown by history in the Comrades Ultra marathon.

Bruce Fordyce a white man won the Comrades Ultra Marathon a record 9 times without doping

Today the Female side is dominated by ultra marathon Nurgalieva twin athletes from Russia.

But then came along the scandal of so desperate black runner Ludwick Mamabolo who won the 2012 Comrades, the first South African (and a black too boot) since 2005…He tested positive for steroids afterwards.

What an utter disappointment to the liberal multi-culti gangbangers.

Shock over Comrades doping scandal

Apparently…white people can also not dance white people can also not dance …but like I said. You can be the judge.

Another terrible disappointment to blacks is that whites can play their beloved traditional instrument, the Marimba (named after the goddess of music) also known as the Xylophone better than them.
White Europeans showing blacks how to play the Marimba

And do not let us get to speak their languages like Zulu, Xhosa or Tswana that we learned from them, taught them how to read and write their own languages and in many cases can speak it better than most of them themselves.

You should watch them cringe into servitude when a white man can speak their language better than they can. Hehehe…Classic. Yenalo! Wena azi kuluma lo English? Hau? Die baas Mike hy praat hom die isiZulu! Gegehe!

Anyway… we are digressing; it was about how good blacks are at Rugby, Cricket. Not? So what are they good at? Show me one thing…Dug-out canoe racing?

Oh. Apparently once there was a sport called boxing. I used to like it very much until one night I saw a TV interview with Don King and he said that his four years in prison was his college education. He came out of there a career criminal rigging boxing matches. After that I never watched a boxing match again. From what I believe some German Ukrainian white guys called the Klitschko brothers are nowadays dominating the sport.

Lost my interest in 1993 when Real Fighting came along in the form of the UFC and MMA.

Actually I once loved Football. I was a Liverpool supporter in the 1980’s. I still have many scouse friends. Until one day I discovered that our South African goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar was fixing games for them.

Then I switched my attention to the “Gentleman’s Sport”, Cricket….Until old Hansie Cronje (South Africa) and Steve Warne (Australia) were caught out fixing matches.

Then I heard some key Springbok Rugby players like Victor Matfield and Bakkies Botha would occasionally play “lazy games” where they would do the bare minimum on the field because their lawyers and agents had key contractual issues with the Rugby board.

And we as idiots were cheering them on. Really hoping that they would win games for us.
Come Monday night, Kobus Wiese, Joost vd Westhuizen and Errol Tobias would give us a detailed analysis of what went wrong. And we swallowed it all like a two dollar whore.

When will we realize it is all bread and circus? Numbing down the Volk?

The fuckers will cling to Rugby and ignore the realities of their fellow countrymen being murdered.

Come Saturday the proud “Boers” with their fake bull horns strapped to their fake mining helmets will fill Loftus stadium again to the tune of 80,000 losers. Ask them to demonstrate against the murders of five Boer people and less than a thousand rock up.

Sometimes I honestly ask myself why do I still care?

Anyway. Let us be glad that Cameron van der Burgh, the Boer swimmer from Pretoria, at least showed the noble savages how to swim and that we can numb our senses for five minutes longer...

If you do not know what "Ke-nako" means...It means "Now is the time".

Sekunjalo kenako! means; "The time has come"

Dr. Gerda de Villiers, Keyser Söze and Reasoning away Satan

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

Acording to an Afrikaans theologian, Dr. Gerda de Villiers, in an article in the Afrikaans Sunday Newspaper, Rapport, Satan does not exist.

She reckons it is all a translation mistake and that in Hebrew “Satan” can mean a noun or a verb, that simply means “opponent” or “the accuser” in Job or as a verb “to nurse a grudge”.

It has to be remembered that this woman has an agenda to disprove the entire Bible and mock Christianity as she has shown countless times.

Rethinking the Ziggurats, temples and the great flood

Apparently there is a massive debate raging on the Facebook site of the NG Kerk “Kerbode” the magazine of the Dutch Reform Church in South Africa. I haven’t seen it. Not interested in Facecrook shit.

All it reminded me about was the 1995 film “The Usual Suspects” when Keyser Söze saw his entire family killed by the Hungarian mafia and goes after them one by one.

In the movie, Roger "Verbal" Kint, suffering from cerebral palsy, is played by Kevin Spacey and the movie consists of his flashbacks describing Keyser Söze and his brutality that he reveals during interrogation by the police.

Throughout the interrogation he succeeds in totally bullshitting the police.

The police free Roger "Verbal" Kint on bail, and it turns out that he is not handicapped at all and in fact Keyser Söze himself. The movie burned a mark in my brain, because Keyser Söze told the police;

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

The Perlemoen Mafia in South Africa

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

As you know, I am an avid scuba diver and a spear fisherman of note who have dived in the most pristine areas of the world like Sharm el Sheik, Bahamas, Ponto du Ouro in Mozambique, the Andaman Sea in Thailand, Aliwal shoal on the South coast of Natal and many more.

However, I started my training and my passion in the murky and turbulent waters of the Western Cape almost as soon as I was born. When I was about ten I started taking out Perlemoen (Abalone) for pocket money in Hermanus and Perley Beach….when it was still legal for legitimate citizens with permits.

Other nations like the French call perlemoen, “Haliotis” and the Germans of Namibia call it “Seeohren” (sea ears). In weight they are more precious than gold. They take about 20 years to reach maturity and before they are able to reproduce.

Back in those days when I was a boy it was four per person and only in season and you had to pay for a permit. Then it got reduced to two per person. The ANC prohibited civilian abalone diving completely shortly after they came to power and increased crime and smuggling 100 fold.

Since then the poachers have cleaned out the sea. Thousands of scarce abalone disappears yearly in the same direction as where our Rhino horn disappear to…Communist China.

Apparently, everything to them is an aphrodisiac; from snake blood to monkey’s brains. It’s going to make their willies grow to enormous lengths and girths. What a billion load of insecure small man and small member syndrome cases they must be suffering from.

Nevertheless, in SA we have seen entire mafia gangs springing up solely concentrating on this precious resource off our coast benefiting the corrupt few.

Perlemoen to be regulated
Perlemoen project benefits ‘select few’
R3m abalone found after crash
Three tons of perlemoen seized

A few years ago my one neighbor wanted to throw a party and he needed twenty crayfish and twenty perlemoen. He said he went to Hawston just outside of Hermanus and asked the locals where he could buy some. The first coloured guy he asked said, “No Problem, I will be back in five minutes”.

When he asked where he got it from, the guy replied, “Just around the corner, from the inspector”.

Hey? And then they want to prevent us local law-abiding citizens from taking out two for the pot and throw us in jail?

Defy the bastards, ek sê. I will take out my Perley whenever I come across him.

The Batman Shooter; A Commentary

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

The last few years we have seen quite a few sickos shooting up people like, Jared Lee Loughner
and Anders Breivik where almost immediately the MSM tried to make them out as Rightwing fanatics and "nazis" (a leftist ideology), when in fact both were Leftist Looneys. Loughner was even a leftist democrat and Jewish.

Straight afterward the other Looneys on the Left called for gun control. Total disarmament of the Right is of course their aim.

Then, in the past two weeks came along the “Colorado, Batman Movie Shooter” James Holmes and I was totally surprised to notice that he was branded, “Not a racist”

How phuqing amazing!

The Colorado Batman Movie Shooter Was Obviously Not a Racist

I had to chuckle. Reminded me of the Captain (smelling of alcohol) who arrived on the bridge of his ship when the Chief Officer was on watch…

The Chief Officer made an entry into the logbook, “Captain entered the bridge at 22h00 smelling of alcohol.”

The next day the captain bollocked him for making such an entry. That night the captain again arrived on the bridge. This time sober. So the chief officer made an entry into the logbook: “Captain arrived on the bridge at 22h00. This time he did not smell of alcohol”.

Let’s face it. There will never be an end to liberal wankers trying to blacken the conservative right.
Nevertheless, according to the article above,

“One specific witness, an African American noted that he looked directly at him and he immediately laid down on the ground, but the shooter didn't fire, even though he was busy firing into the backs of those leaving the theater in haste. Perhaps, he was in his right mind during that violent act, and he made a specific choice not to shoot an African-American because he didn't want anyone to think that he was a racist, neo-Nazi, or that this was a hate crime.”

Must be nightmare for the liberal MSM trying to pin this one on the “racist” Right as they usually do, hey?

They seem to be fairly mum on it, seeing that James Holmes was a well to do one of their own. The son of a liberal happy middle class family and top student.

Seems that they are treading lightly after we exposed their lies the last few times and it backfired on them.

“He is the son of Robert Holmes, a talented scientist working for a financial services company in San Diego, and Arlene Holmes, a registered nurse. They have refused to talk about him. He and his sister, Chris, grew up in sun-dappled southern California in the wealthy San Diego suburb of Torrey Highlands, and nothing suggests Holmes’s early years were spent in anything but a normal, happy family…. His CV showed he had also worked as a counsellor(sic) to underprivileged children at a summer camp in Los Angeles in 2008”….

In fact he lived in a multi-culti paradise in an apartment in Aurora, Colorado, in a neighbourhood ridden by gang warfare and where nearly everyone is Hispanic….

Like I said. Must be a difficult number for the leftist idiots in the MSM to explain.

Where did he get the money to buy all the weapons? He was a top student studying neuro-science.

Apparently he was sponsored by the US Federal government Batman Shooter Received $26,000 a Year from Fed Gov’t and Univ. of Colo.

Ah no…not another one of those MK-Ultra mind control idiots on prescription drugs worse than cocaine, like Vicodin, etc that killed Batman star Heath Ledger…You bet! Batman Gunman who massacred 12 at movie premiere used same drugs that killed Batman star Heath Ledger and messaged web lovers to ask... Will you visit me in prison?

Apparently the guy was seeing a trick cyclist for being a schizo…

The suspected Batman massacre gunman was seeing a psychiatrist specializing in schizophrenia before the attack…question is if the psycho freak made him better or worse?

Funny how it always comes down to a few common denominators between all these lone looney gunmen nowadays….Violent Video Games, Mind altering drugs, and the US government…Hey? But don’t let anybody call it that evil word, “Conspiracy”…

Oh no. It is quite simple. They just want to disarm you, the armed law-abiding citizens so they can introduce their sick One World Government and take away all your freedoms without any resistance.
Behind the mask of the Batman shooter

“Classmate Breanna Hath says Holmes was ‘really sweet’, but painfully shy and lacked self-confidence. ‘There were no girls he was involved with . . . it seemed he was really into a video game group that hung out together.”

You see the same thing over and over. Shy lone losers, no girlfriends, video game fanatics who order their guns online, etc.

I have reported on this extensively at every incident and I have mentioned countless times the extensive research in this field by Dr. (Lt.Col) Dave Grossman who calls this first person “shoot ’em up” video games, “murder simulators”.

Read his books, “On Killing”, “On Combat” and “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence”, and you will see what I mean.

Grossman is a former Special Forces soldier and a specialist psychologist in what it takes people to become emotionally unattached to killing.

An interesting thing that Grossman mentioned in his books is that when such incidents happened they were normally stopped by someone authorative like a school headmaster or a policeman shouting, “Stop!”…”Put the gun down!”…almost as if someone said, “You have reached the High Score! Game Over!”.

Problem is that the leftist MSM has not yet reached their high score. There will be many more of these incidents trying to blacken the Conservative Right. Watch this space.

Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch in South Africa

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

The past week or so we have seen the internationally acclaimed expert on genocide, Prof. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, who has done a tremendous amount of research into worldwide genocide visiting South Africa.

For years now Prof. Stanton has kept an eye on the situation in South Africa where white farmers have been murdered in their thousands and the ANC Marxist terrorist regime has called several times for the genocide of whites. Singing songs like “Kill the Boers” and “Bring me my machine gun”.

Prof. Stanton has identified eight stages of genocide. South Africa is currently at stage five after it had hit stage six  a while ago when ANC Youth League president openly called for the genocide of whites but was then expelled from the ANC. The eight stages of Genocide can be seen here

This is nothing new. Ever since whites came to the Southern tip of Africa they have been targeted with genocide by the Hottentots and later the Blacks. In fact, white South Africans have been living at stage six for the last 360 years in this country. That is why we had Apartheid.

There were many fights in SA between various groups and many came close to total genocide. Blacks amongst themselves like Tshaka trying to genocide the other black tribes. The Xhosas against the settlers and Grensboere, the Zulus against the Voortrekkers, the Zulus against the British, the British against the Matabeles, the British against the Boers, the Communists against the entire South Africa, etc…Fact is we are all still here. History has shown that attempts at total genocide were seldom successful…especially the ones against the Afrikaner/Boer people and their ancestors.

Prof Stanton should know that as long as whites and blacks share the same country like in South Africa, the reality of the situation, and history has proved it, will dictate that whites will forever float between stage 5 and 6 with blacks in their backyard and ocassioanally be moving into stage 7 (extermination attempts).

That is the reality of South Africa. As long as whites and blacks share the same country in a multi-culti pipe dream, there will be tremendous friction, and history has proved that the Afrikaners were never the aggressors, but always managed to survive…and gave an excellent account of themselves in battle.

This time it might be slightly different but at the same time a lot of the same.

The difference this time is that it will be the biggest and worst onslaught Afrikaners, and whites in general, have ever experienced. What will remain the same is that we will still be here a thousand years from now.

I am truly grateful for people like Dr. Stanton that shows the world what is happening and what is coming to South Africa. Fact is, not him, neither the UN nor the USA or anybody for that matter will be able to stop it.

The point is that we as the white people of Africa know that we are alone. We cannot rely on any help from outside. This wagon is one that we will have to pull through the ford ourselves, like our ancestors have. There is nothing strange about it…This time it is just our turn.

But when the day comes…pull we will pull…and that wagon WILL come through the ford and we WILL survive. This time around we just do not want the world to interfere, because Prof Stanton has warned them for years and they chose to do nothing. They chose to turn a blind eye and ignore the genocide of whites in South Africa.

All we will ask of them then is to stand back. We have a few scores to settle. (Willemientjie Potgieter for instance). That day they musn’t try to stop us, because every one of us have a Willemientjie in our hearts nowadays.

It is not going to be pretty, we know…but it is the course of history and the course of history is like a mighty river. You can try to build dikes and put sandbanks and try to reroute as much as you want, but one day, that river of history comes down in all its might and finds its original course. There is simply nothing you can do about it. Only after that river has swept the land clean can there be peace.

27 July 2012

Democrazy, African Style: Where even the ghosts can vote, several times…

By Mike Smith
27th of July 2012

There are still people in South Africa who believe in playing the farcical circus game of voting. I for one gave it up in 1994. It was my only vote ever and also my last.

How people can praise South Africa as a “democracy” is beyond me.

South Africa today is no “young democracy”, it is no “liberal democracy”, it is a Marxist dictatorship and a one party state run by the ANC/SACP / Cosatu troika who have been in charge for 18 years.

There is no “One man; One vote” system in SA. One black man votes several times until the ANC wins. That is how democracy works under African Marxism.

The ANC has been caught out again inflating their membership figures. They have registered ghost voters (GV’s) and even paid the R12 deposit for membership fees of voters that simply do not exist. Come election day they will have some black faces voting on behalf the GV’s
Limpopo is ‘inflating’ ANC membership

GV’s are nothing new in Africa or South Africa.

“Independent Electoral Commission chief executive Pansy Tlakula has confessed that no fewer than 500 000 people officially declared "deceased" by the Department of Home Affairs tried to register to vote in the 2006 municipal elections.”

South Africa’s ghost voters

That’s nothing. In Zimboonia it is even worse. They have on their Voters Roll about 5,8 million voters – at least three million are ghost voters, who simply do not exist.

Zimbabwean ghost voters

No wonder Mugabe wins year after year and Jacob Zuma can say that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes.

And then you get people who vote for the DA or the Freedom Front Minus and who honestly believe that they are making a difference and that their vote counts. They fully believe that it is entirely possible to outvote the ANC in a democracy. Fools. They simply do not know Marxist scum…

…Like our friend Pink Frikkie for instance. F.W. de Klerk is suddenly concerned that SA might become a Communist country if the ANC carries on with their NDR policies. Revolution or ‘planned future’ for SA, De Klerk warns

He thinks it is possible to sway the ANC and have “Economic Growth” and “Social Justice”, blah, blah…

"National policy is indeed at a crossroads: we can either take the road to economic growth and social justice that is indicated by the National Development Commission — or we can take the ‘second phase’ road toward the goals of the national democratic revolution," De Klerk said.

De Klerk is a bigger fool than what I thought of his treacherous carcass if he believes that the ANC can ever be swayed from their Communist revolutionary goals.

I can tell him the truth, but he won’t listen. Better if the ANC tells him…”ANC spokesman Keith Khoza said its policies were debated publicly. He said Mr de Klerk "has never been a specialist on the ANC and does not understand the party".

We bloody know that! If he understood the ANC he would never have handed the country over to them on a silver platter.

Nevertheless, I have news for him. He doesn’t have to worry about South Africa “becoming” a Communist State…it has been one since he handed the country over to them. What did he think was going to happen? That they would suddenly dispose of their ideologies over night and become capitalists? That we would have a Western style “Democracy”?

What a naive twat. He knows nothing about Marxism or democracy for that matter.

Those magnificent MSM psy-ops “robbers”

By Mike Smith
27th of July 2012

I honestly do not know why the MSM still tries this trick of euphemistically calling psychopathic killers “robbers”. They have been caught out lying and downplaying crime in SA so many times on this blog…Their attempts are pathetic really.

Take a look at this link:
Robbers drowned boy, 12, in boiling water

Let me explain the truth. Here you have three black men, 20, 21 and 24 years old who have NEVER “suffered” under colonialism or Apartheid who broke into the house of their white employer, beat him up and shot him to death. They then brutally raped and killed his wife and proceeded to drown their 12 year old son in a bath of boiling hot water.

These three guys, after appearing in court, walked back to their cells laughing.

By all intents and purposes they would be classified as psychopathic and racist killers and rapists who got great pleasure out of torturing their victims to death in the most horrific ways…yet the MSM called them “robbers”. What a joke!

Here is another one:
Teen's entire family wiped out by robbers

It is about a 19 year old white Afrikaans boy from Pretoria whose mother, father and brother were all murdered by a gang of blacks who broke into their house…as usual the MSM called them “robbers” not murderers.

Here is one where the racist black man assaulted and almost killed a white Afrikaans woman (70) with a knife in her own home. He actually said: “Today I will fucking kill you, you white bitch”.

Look how the racist detail is omitted in the headline…I will kill you, robber tells woman, 70

Nowhere did the MSM report that this was a racist attack and an attempted murder. No, once again the perpetrator was simply a “robber”.

The list is endless; those examples just came from the past week’s reporting.

The conclusion I draw from all of this is that there are no killers in South Africa, especially not black ones. They are all “robbers”. Even if the court finds them guilty of murder the confirmation biased MSM will still call them “robbers”.

There is no doubt that the MSM plays down crime in South Africa especially the horrific violent and blatantly racist crimes against whites. That makes them complicent in murder and genocide.

But…as usual when the truth becomes too obvious to hide the liberal MSM comes up with a heartwarming Kumbaya story about the “good blacks”, a gardener and domestic who “saved” their white Afrikaans female employer from death and further injury after…you guessed it…armed ”ROBBERS”…broke into her house and severely assaulted her.

Gardener, domestic save woman from robbers

See? According to the lying MSM, South Africa has no murderers. There is no crime problem. Just a few “robbers” who every now and again make a few mistakes like torturing their victims to death for hours in what the media calls “Botched Robberies” or “Botched Hijackings”.

The liberal MSM says it will all come right in the end. You must just believe really, really hard in the rainbow dream and worship god Mandela. South Africa is a “young democracy”, they say. Give it time. It will all work out one day and the lion will lay down with the lamb in communist heaven called Azania…

…and pigs will one day fly over a frozen hell.

24 July 2012

Jacob Zuma says: Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’

By Mike Smith
25th of July 2012

President Jacob Zuma has blamed the Limpopo textbooks scandal on apartheid era Prime Minister HF Verwoerd.

Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’

Ironic, coming from a president who has no formal education and a string of “honorary degrees” bestowed on him by the liberal academic world. Zuma failed Bantu education. Today he is the president.

He must be a friend of fellow idiot, MEC for Education Senzo Mchunu wo said in 2011, “One of the points that we found was a problem was math and science. There has just been a 50% pass for science and 47% for math. In these two subjects we are aiming to pull everyone out of the mindset that they are difficult subjects. It was Verwoerd who made these subjects difficult because he thought that blacks would be a threat to him.”
It is all Verwoerd’s fault

In the time the ANC has been in power, the Matric pass rates have been declining year after year. The drop-out rate is testing new records every year.

The ANC lowered the pass mark to 30%. They have introduced the useless system of Outcomes Based Education. You do not even have to write Matric, because Matric pass marks are adjusted up and down regardless of what the true results said.

The truth about the ANC education
Matric mathematics failures expected

Incompetent and unemployable youths cannot find work. Under the ANC education in South Africa has been reduced to a joke.

The day will still come that they will long back to the excellent education they received under Apartheid.

The truth about Apartheid Education
The truth about Dr. H.F. Verwoerd

20 July 2012

Selebi to be freed. How easy it is to get out of jail in SA

By Mike Smith
21st of July 2012

Fake a limp and you are out. That’s it! As easy as that and you are out of prison. Shabir Shaik did it, and now Jacki Selebi has done it as well.

Almost unbelievable…but with the ANC in charge, everything is possible. The ANC loves criminals. Why would they do anything about crime?

Freedom Front Plus wants mass action against crime

Jackie Selebi, the former SA police commissioner and Interpol boss who has been sent to 15 years in prison for fraud and corruption is to be freed after serving 229 on medical parole. About 0.04% of his sentence.

Selebi release not preferential
Give it a few weeks after his release and watch the miracle cure sets in as he starts playing golf like Shabir Shaik. Hallelujah!

19 July 2012

SA worried over “conflict” in Syria, but not about violence at home

By Mike Smith
20th of July 2012

According to a Sapa report The South African government added its voice to the growing alarm over the conflict in Syria.

“South Africa deplores the continuing violence in Syria, which is spinning out of control,” said Deputy Minister of International Relations and Co-operation, Ebrahim Ebrahim.

“Our highest priority is to stop the killing and end the suffering of innocent civilians,” he said.
…I am not sure whether I should break out in a fit of laughter or a fit of tears when I read such nonsense.

Where in the history of the ANC have they ever worried about “the suffering of innocent civilians”?
The ANC has always been and still is a Marxist terrorist organization that use to plant bombs in fast food joints and cocktail bars. They use to explode bombs on commuter trains and in golf clubs blowing up “innocent civilians” (of all colours) attending a Christmas party for instance.

They use to necklace “innocent civilians” in the townships on the mere suspicion of “collaboration”.

They use to lure “innocent civilians” to their hell camps like Quatro in Angola on the promises of “education” and money and then tortured them to death…their own people!!

Now that thousands of “innocent civilians” are murdered on their farms, their homes invaded, people tortured for hours and brutally murdered in South Africa, the ANC sits with folded arms, refuse to declare farm murders a priority, refuse to do something meaningful about training standards and corruption in the police, etc.

No…they must not try and convince anybody that they give a flying hoot about “innocent civilians” anywhere.

According to that report above, the UN estimates 10,000 civilians have been killed in a virtual civil war waging for the past 16 months in Syria…and the United Nations Security Council meeting is going to be held about it on Thursday.

Well woopy doo. In South Africa, 18,000 “innocent civilians” die every year in what is supposed to be a “Peace Time” situation. Where is the UN Security Council meeting over that?
Bunch of hypocrites...

18 July 2012

The power of propaganda through the ages

By Mike Smith
18th of July 2012

Daily, as again recently, we have seen the world fawn over a convicted terrorist like Mandela, turning him into Saint, singing his praises and turning him into a demi-god.

But slowly we have seen a resistance to this belief. Every day people are waking up to the truth, because the corruption and the misrule of the ANC are just impossible to hide.

Some observers (on the left and the right) might even be so bold as to finally admit that we “rêssists” were right all along. That the ANC is indeed a useless kleptocracy or better a narco-mafia-kleptocracy.

For many people it is difficult to even comprehend why black people still vote for the ANC.

Liberals tell us we should give it time. That the ANC is a young democracy and that it will all come right in the end when the “Rainbow” emerges behind the clouds of darkness.

Fact is that they have a “Belief” a “Dream” a “Fantasy” a “Pseudo religious conviction” in what “can be” and what “could have been”…”The Rainbow Nation”…

But the truth is that the truth will always be the truth. No matter what your political or religious leanings are.

The problem is that people have difficulty to let go of hundreds of years of indoctrination and propaganda.

For hundreds of years people believed that the gods Thor and Jupiter caused thunder and lightning. Until Benjamin Franklin flew a kite into a storm and explained electricity in weather and meteorology to us.

Today we know the difference between science and myth. Today we know what causes thunder and lighting and that a rainbow is merely a Newtonian prism made up of water droplets reflecting the colours of the visible spectrum and that there is no pot of gold at the end of it.

There is nothing mythical or sinister about it. It is Science.

But although we know the truth, we have difficulty to let go of past believes, fantasies and bullshit.

Today we still glorify the God of Thunder every day on Thursday on the Gregorian calendar. Why? Because of the power of past propaganda.

Let me explain.

In the 16th and 17th century brilliant scientists like Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo Galilei proved without a doubt that the earth was not the centre of our solar system. That the earth was revolving around its own axis and simultaneously revolving around the sun.

The same people who control the liberal establishment and society today, the Jesuits, had him tried by the Roman Inquisition, found "vehemently suspect of heresy", forced to recant, burnt his books and Galileo Galilei spent the rest of his life under house arrest.

The Inquisition only lifted the ban on his books 76 years after his death.
On the 31st October 1992, 350 year after Galileo Galilei died, Pope John Paul II acknowledged that Galileo was in fact right. After 350 Years, Vatican Says Galileo Was Right: It Moves

…That is how long it took for the TRUTH to be acknowledged.

Today, this 16th century science and truth is taught to all elementary school children all over the world…

But although we know the truth…Although we know that the Earth spins on its own axis, we still say every day that the “Sun rises” and that “The Sun sets”.

That is the power of propaganda…That despite knowing the truth for hundreds of years, we still perpetuate the lie.

If Galileo Galilei was alive today he would have a fit.

But it has become part of our modern culture to perpetuate lies even when all scientific facts are taught to us and hammered into our faces every day.

If it took the Roman Catholic Church 350 years to acknowledge that Galileo Galilei was right, how long is it going to take leftist believers to acknowledge that the ideology of Communism is evil, that Mandela was not a saint and that the ANC was the worst government South Africa ever had?
How much more misrule; How much more corruption is it going to take to convince them?

How many MSM reports, how many blogs does it take for people to see the light?

How many more academics, scientist and right thinking people will have to be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness before the TRUTH will triumph? Will they ever acknowledge that we were right?

Even if they eventually are convinced of the truth, I am sure they will still be saying in 350 years time: “The Sun is rising on the “Rainbow Nation”.

When even the Troika cadres say that the ANC Kleptocracy is useless

By Mike Smith
18th of July 2012

We have said it for years and for saying it we have been scorned vilified and victimized, but in the end the elephant in the room just became too big to ignore, I suppose.

There is no denying it anymore. The ANC is the worst government that this country has ever had.

They are incompetent, they are corrupt and they are plain useless. The ANC in government is the worst thing that ever happened to South Africa.

The crisis in education is only a fraction of what is really going on in South Africa. There are unbelievable and mammoth corruption at all three levels of government from the national, to the provincial to the local towns and cities.

In education for instance, after 18 years of ANC misrule Black children are being taught under trees all over the place Such as here and and over here

Children into the third term of the school year have not even received textbooks yet and the textbooks that needed to be delivered were burnt!
Textbook saga reads like a bad novel

Give them time...They will still long back to the days of "Bantu Education"

Cosatu secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi also lambasted the ANC and the SACP for this euphemistically called “crisis” which is in fact a disaster of magnanimous proportions.
Vavi slams government for failing its citizens

He asked: “Where were our leaders? What happened to our organisation and where was the SACP - the vanguard of the poor? We were all too busy. Too busy canvassing for the [Mangaung] elective conference. Sharpening our knives, calling each other 'comrade' when we actually don't mean it,"

That’s right. They were all too busy buying tickets on the gravy train, backstabbing each other and elbowing each other out of the way to get their prime position the front of the feeding trough.
The President Jacob Zuma is currently building himself an entire village for his four wives and 20 odd known children and ordering himself a luxury airplane and another for his deputy when the children in Limpopo have no school books.

As an observer and commentator of political and current affairs, it is clear to me that he is obviously not au fait with the research and the book by Prof Crane Brinton Anatomy of a revolution for if he was, he would recognize that South Africa is on the brink of a major catastrophe, as former Prime Minister John Vorster said, “A future too ghastly to comprehend”…

History has shown that the NP was also not au fait with Anatomy of a Revolution.

Why do governments always insist on learning the hard way?

Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu also called the crisis in education unacceptable

He would know, because during the 1980’s he was the one who supported the Black Conscience Movement, the ANC and the SACP in their burning and stoning of schools.

And where is Mama Whetu? The Mother of the Nation? Stuff the poor children of the Mandela children fund who do not have textbooks…Too busy fighting over the Mandela name and the spoils when he dies…The man is not even dead yet and his family of scavengers are already descending on his estate. What a prime example of moral behavior.

Winnie embroiled in Mandela family feud

But a few months ago she lambasted the ANC for destroying Nelson Mandela’s Communist goal…'Winnie criticism of ANC spot on' that “the people shall govern”…communist jargon for the Communist Elite running a totalitarian show.

Madikizela-Mandela said people are refusing to remain victims of broken promises and that the shadow of disappointment was written on their faces.

You see? The Communists promised the blacks “a chicken in every pot” and that chicken has not materialized for them. The next step is going to be to tell them that the Whites of South Africa has that chicken in its fridges like Julias Malema already has when he said: “Before we even reach the Union Buildings, we will start here, across the road in Sandton, and just open the fridge and get the cheese”

Malema’s white firm rage

Truth is that the ANC has stolen that cheese and chicken long ago. The whites of South Africa today are also looking for it as everyone is getting poorer under the ANC kleptocratic regime.

17 July 2012

Meet the REAL Nelson Mandela

By Mike Smith
18th of July 2012

Today is the 94th Birthday of Nelson Mandela and the world will be fawning over him and the kids will be sending him birthday cards calling him “The Father of the Nation”, etc…But let us never forget who this man really was/is.

49 years ago on the 11th of July 1963, a week before Nelson Mandela’s birthday, the police arrested a string of top Communists and ANC members on Lilliesleaf Farm, Rivonia, North of Johannesburg.

They were manufacturing bombs and planning the violent overthrow of South Africa that would have lead to an invasion by foreign communist forces.

The shocking details of this evil plot called Operation Mayibuye (A Zulu word meaning, let it return, as in let the country return to the blacks), the brainchild of Arthur Goldreich, came out during the trial and are extremely well documented in the book “Rivonia Unmasked” – Lauritz Strydom available at Ostara Publications

The Rivonia trial was open to the scrutiny and criticism of the media of the world and highly regarded as a fair trial…this could not be said of Communist countries such as Cuba, Russia or East Germany at the time where people who opposed the government would simply disappear or be shot in the back of the head without a trial.

At the time, Nelson Mandela, the main brain behind Umkhonto we Sizwe, the terrorist wing of the ANC, was already in prison serving a five year sentence for incitement of strikes and leaving the country without a passport. He used to live at Lilliesleaf Farm disguised as a gardener and going by a false name of David Motsamayi (meaning "the walker").

During the Rivonia trial Mandela was tried together with the other conspirators for acts of sabotage. The specifics of the charges to which Mandela admitted complicity involved conspiring with the African National Congress and South African Communist Party to the use of explosives to destroy water, electrical, and gas utilities in the Republic of South Africa.

The charge sheet at the trail listed 193 acts of sabotage in total. They were charged with the preparation and manufacture of explosives, according to evidence submitted, it included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder.

The campaign of sabotage against the government was already in full swing and included attacks on government posts, machines, power facilities, crop burning in various places, setting off pipe bombs at the Bantu Advisory Council, the Bata shoe factory, an Indian businessman’s house and the offices of an Afrikaans Newspaper, die Nataller. (pg56)

When he was put in the dock, Mandela refused to take the oath. Mandela denied being a communist despite a handwritten document in his own writing that was submitted, “How to be a good Communist”. He claimed it was just notes written by “a friend” who tried to convert him to communism. Mandela couldn’t name the friend.

Traitors and informers, said Mandela in this document, should be ruthlessly eliminated. He advocated cutting off their noses, pour encourager les autres.

Mandela visited several Communist countries such as Russia, Cuba, Algeria, Ethiopia and East Germany where he received terrorist training and he later returned to visit these countries again to raise and obtain funds and organize terrorist paramilitary training and weapons to be smuggled into South Africa. It was all written down in much detail in his diary also found at Rivonia.

The goal of Operation Mayibuye was to unleash 7000 armed and trained Marxist terrorist onto the country, who would then recruit more members and launch sabotage and terror campaigns murdering millions of white people including blacks suspected of being collaborators or informers to the white government. The country would then be plunged into chaos and under these conditions several communist countries would invade South Africa.

Mandela and his co-conspirators were sent to life imprisonment by Judge Quartus de Wet, judge-president of the high court of the Transvaal. The judge said that they were actually guilty of high treason for which the punishment would have been the death penalty (by hanging) , but because the state prosecutor, Percy Yutar did not prosecute them for high treason, rather the four lesser charges of sabotage, conspiracy to commit sabotage, recruiting and training terrorists and soliciting funds from communist countries for a terrorist onslaught against the country, they got life in prison.

On page 89 of “Rivonia Unmasked” it says “The State had elected, 'for reasons which need not be detailed here', to indict the accused on counts of sabotage; but in reality, Dr Yutar declared, the case was a classical instance of high treason.”

Dr. Yutar, for some or other reason decided that high treason would have been too difficult to prove and rather pursued the lesser charges of sabotage, etc.

In Rivonia unmasked, Dr. Yutar said himself that the documents seized and produced as evidence was enough to get a conviction. He also had more than 200 people he could call as witnesses. Yutar also said that the munitions and weapons found were enough to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg.
As an excellent lawyer he would have had no problem to get the high treason conviction.

Problem was that of the 19 arrested, Goldberg, Bernstein, Hepple, Wolpe, Kantor and Goldreich were Jews, Kathrada and Nair were Indian, and Sisulu, Mbeki, Motsoaledi and Mhlaba were Xhosa, while Walter Sisulu had a Xhosa mother and a white father.

If they were all convicted of high treason, Dr Percy Yutar, a Jew himself, would have sent six fellow Jews to the gallows and the National Party of South Africa would have hanged six Jews which would have been a PR disaster and would have caused an outcry and possible accusations of “Nazism” against the SA government.

I personally believe that the decision to prosecute the Rivonia defendants for sabotage instead of high treason was a political, although the Prime Minister Verwoerd said: “…it just does not happen in South Africa that a Government interferes with its Judiciary.... Our Judiciary is free from all pressure, whether internal or external."

Mandela spent 18 years on Robben Island, then Polsmoor prison and from 1988 in a comfortable house complete with swimming pool on the prison grounds of Victor Verster prison for acts of terrorism and planning to overthrow the government with a violent Communist Revolution that would have killed millions of people. All together he was in prison for 27 years.

He could have been out five years earlier.

In February 1985 President P.W. Botha offered Mandela his freedom on condition that he 'unconditionally rejected violence as a political weapon'. Mandela refused.

Many people saw Nelson Mandela as a “Political Prisoner”, but Amnesty International never recognized him as such because the group "rejects the proposal to recognize as prisoners of conscience people who use or advocate the use of force."

Mandela was a common criminal and terrorist, not a political prisoner.

President F.W. de Klerk lifted the ban on the ANC and the SACP on 2 February 1990 and Mandela was released unconditionally on 11th of February 1990.

Until July 2008 Mandela and ANC party members were barred from entering the United States—except to visit the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan—without a special waiver from the US Secretary of State, because they were still officially classified by the US government as terrorists and the ANC was still on the CIA’s list of known terrorist organizations.

It has to be remembered that these Rivonia men were not sentenced for opposing the government policy of Apartheid. The official opposition, the United Party under Sir De Villiers Graaff and many other law abiding citizens bitterly opposed the policy of Apartheid. That was not illegal. What was illegal was the planting of bombs and indiscriminately blowing up innocent people and children.
Sir De Villiers Graaff in parliament complimented the judge for his verdict and expressed his only regret that the bastards at the Rivonia trial were not charged with treason.

The Prime Minister, Dr H.F. Verwoerd four days after the Rivonia trial silenced South Africa’s critics by pointing out their utter hypocrisy when it came to South Africa.

He said the Rivonia terrorists were dealt with in the same manner as terrorists or spies in the USA, Britain or any western country would have been dealt with.

He said that we were dealing with a Communist attack not only on SA, but also on the West. If they succeeded, SA would have had a Communist totalitarian government with a reign of tyranny just like all other Communist countries experienced. Freedom for all, black and white would have ceased to exist.

Verwoerd said that the West was hypocritical, because they never condemned the murders that followed Communist takeovers in Zanzibar or Vietnam for instance, but constantly criticized South Africa for suppressing such a Communist revolution and thus preventing the murders of possibly millions of people.

He concluded with these prophetic words:

“When therefore it is said in those circles that they are glad that Mandela received a life sentence and not the death sentence, because he may still, like Kenyatta, become the leader of the future, then I say, 'God forbid!'

“If that were to happen, not only would South Africa be doomed and become Communist, but then the world would in time be conquered by Communism, because after that the only bastions which still protect White civilization against that pernicious ideology would fall one after another."

Father of the Nation? What kind of “father” plants bombs and blows up his own children?

16 July 2012

That’s it! I am Boycotting the Olympics!

By Mike Smith
16th of July 2012

I was so looking forward to the Olympics 2012 and the centre stage events that would go down at Horse Guard’s Parade, but I am not taking this, I am not having any of it!

This is political and religious meddling in sport and totally against the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter which states under “6” …”Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.“

Every man has his favourite sport and I am no exception. I do not interfere with Rugby and tell the Bulls how ridiculous their pink jerseys are. I do not tell Bafana-Bafana what they should wear.

I detest it when others interfere with my sport. They are rewriting the rules as it suits them!

According to this report …This has nothing to do with the weather. It is political. I quote…

“The International Volleyball Federation has modified its rules to allow "shorts of a maximum length of (1.18 inches) above the knee, and sleeved or sleeveless tops. The rule already applied to continental qualifying competitions and it's designed to provide more flexibility for countries with "religious and cultural requirements," FIVB spokesman Richard Baker told The Associated Press.

See?!!! Some Rag-heads and Camel Jockeys complained about the dress code, now they change the rules to accommodate them and use the weather as an excuse. Do they think we are stupid? It’s just another invasion of our Western cultures, freedoms and human rights. It starts with beach volleyball dress-code and the next thing you know; they want us to cover our women in Burqas and/or other makeshift tents.

Where is this going to end? What is this bollocks?!! This is a disaster. I am boycotting the 2012 Olympics…forthwith! I want riots in the streets. Heads must roll for this.

Olympic beach volleyballers women told they can cover up because of the cool summer

• Female volleyball players can wear shorts and sleeved tops in cold weather
• With cool weather predicted, players can disregard the usual bikini

15 July 2012

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma named AU commission chair. When incompetence sticks like shit to a woolen blanket

By Mike Smith
15th of July 2012

My goodness, how I chuckled when I saw that one of the former first ladies of president Jacob Zuma, Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma on Sunday night was elected AU commission chair during a union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dlamini-Zuma named AU commission chair

More amazing were the comments on that News24 article…

One “Will.t.reynolds” wrote: “Congrts Ms Dlamini!!!” and Bonokwakhe-Mvunyelwa-Mbuthu said: “She deserves it. She is very competent.“… “Monde Sibisi Mlombovu I” commented, “This is good news indeed, it shows that Africa is slowly leaning towards gender equality”…

...You have to wonder if these people have it all together in their heads.

What a useless appointment to a useless organization and just more of a burden on South African taxpayers.

Allow me to explain.

See, the African Union was the brain child of former President Thabo Mbeki who always hoped to crown himself king of the entire Africa one day. It sprang from the Organization of African Unity that was founded in Addis Ababa in 1963 and collapsed in 2002 under its last chairperson…Thabo Mbeki.

It had all sorts of lofty NWO ideals just like the European Union…Brotherhood of man…all singing Kumbaya, etc…Until somebody mentioned that dreadful word for Africans…“Membership Fees”.

Suddenly the African nations all scattered like cockroaches when the kitchen light was switched on and Dear Thabo found himself standing alone in the playground licking his lonesome AU ice-cream cone with UN flavoring.

It turned out that African Nations were only interested in the AU if South Africa paid all their membership fees and dues…which Thabo obviously did simply to keep his virtually still born child alive.

To date, the AU union has done nothing and has produced nothing for Africa and in fact is just a bottomless pit into which white South African taxpayer's money disappears.

So it only fits if such a useless organization is headed by an equally useless Chairperson, doesn’t it?

And for that they could not find a finer person than Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma. It seems that the only real successes she ever tasted was under that dreadful evil Apartheid Bantu Education system under which she obtained a B.Sc to become a biology teacher that allowed her to complete her doctoral studies in the UK.

Nelson Mandela made this glorified sangoma his Minister of Health.

It turned out that Dlamini-Zuma and Vice president Thabo Mbeki were backing a bunch of snake-oil selling con artists called Olga an Sigi Visser, who was selling a useless AIDS drug called "Virodene" which main ingredient Dimethylformamide is an industrial solvent and used in paint strippers and to stabilize Acetylene gas in its cylinders for transport, to name but a few of its applications. They actually administered this chemical illegally to 11 patients.

Olga Visser, a medical technician at Pretoria Hospital, fraudulently claimed that she was a professor of “New Technologies” at the Moderna University in Lisbon Portugal, but officials at the university insisted that there was no such person on their records.

In their 1993 divorce case and custody battle of their four children the Vissers who stayed together after their divorce (until 2001), accused each other of alcohol abuse, sexually inappropriate behavior, and Sigi Visser also accused his former wife of shagging her bodyguard (paid by the ANC) and of mental instability, and referred to a car accident in which she sustained brain damage.

Obviously the whole sick operation was backed and bankrolled by the ANC and their cronies…who else? Sigi Visser tried to convince parliament to pump unlimited resources into Virodene research which he and his wife would then siphon off Source1: Who's bankrolling Virodene? Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg) - 28 June 2002
Source 2: South Africa’s Brave New World – R.W. Johnson, Pg 182-186

The Vissers at one stage had the FULL backing of their president Nelson Mandela, his deputy Thabo Mbeki and their Health Minister Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Dlamini-Zuma wasted R14.3 million on a useless Anti-Aids play called "Sarafina II" writen by controversial Mbongeni Ngema, a fellow Zulu and close friend who was found guilty of hate speech with his anti-Indian song “Ama-Ndiya”.

Watchdog says anti-Indian song is hate speech

At the same time she was more involved in anti-smoking legislation and bitter attacks on tobacco companies. She was also berating the medical schools at former white universities to increase their black intake.

She further cut the budgets of top hospitals like Groote Schuur and Tygerberg saying that they had a pre-occupation with “diseases of the rich” (Heart Transplantation) and that the money should rather be spent on primary health care for blacks.

She also launched into an attack on what she called “Big Pharma” for exploiting the poor blacks.
Naturally, following severe budget cuts, standard at hospitals dropped significantly and so did the standards at the country’s top medical schools that were internationally highly respected under Apartheid. Doctors emigrated in droves and the media called them “Zuma-Refugees”.

To Dlamini-Zuma it was no problem. She simply imported sub standard Cuban doctors (most who were later forcibly deported) and forced South African medical doctors to work for a pittance at government hospitals for two years in remote rural areas or dangerous townships after they already studied seven years to become a doctor. This just increased the emigration of our top medical practitioners. The nurses followed suit.

It can be safely said that this woman, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, with the assistance of the ANC, ruined South Africa’s once proud health care system.

For that Thabo Mbeki, when he became president, promoted her to Minister of Foreign Affairs, which opened a whole new chapter for us.

In her former position as Minister of Health, officials found her impossible to work with. This continued in the Foreign Affairs department and within months her staff was utterly demoralized. The black and white staff commented that it actually brought them together, because they suffered the same constant humiliation under Dlamini-Zuma.

She kept desk officers in the dark, disregarded her briefs and insisted on arranging and re-arranging her own flights (at once stage 27 times in one week). After disregarding her briefs, she would complain that she was not properly briefed on certain issues; she would telephone officials at ridiculous hours of the night with bizarre requests, micro managed her department that all postings and promotions come through her, causing long delays and vacancies in foreign postings, etc.

Even senior cadres like Jackie Selebi and Sipho Pityana did not last long under her. Everyone who could flee her department did so.

Results were obviously disastrous.

By 2001 three full ambassadors and nine junior officials were under investigation for “unbecoming behavior”, ranging from financial fraud to sexual harassment and insubordination, while the country’s high commissioner to Ghana was found guilty of “persistent drunkenness”.

The ambassador to Indonesia, Norman Mashabane was found guilty of sexual harassment of 22 different women. His “punishment” was a top job as advisor in the Limpopo premier, Sello Moloto’s, office at a salary of R500,000 a year back in 2003. He later conveniently for the ANC, died in a car accident colliding with a truck. Source

The former ambassador to Brazil, Mbulelo Rakwena, despite two damning reports finding him guilty of malversation of funds and large scale expenses fraud was promoted to head of the Latin American desk in Pretoria.
(Source 1: SA’s Brave New World, pg 321-322)
Source 2: 'Fraudster' diplomat gets top job

Nevertheless, In 2001 Dlamini-Zuma visited that Communist Utopia in the Caribbean, Cuba.
She was in awe and praise of this one party dictatorship with its well known human rights abuse record saying, “You will be surprised how democratic it is”.

When journalists read her a recent report by Human Rights Watch detailing the lack of a free press and a multi-party system along with a long list of human-rights abuses in Cuba, her response was, “Who is Human Rights Watch?”

When the journalists answered that HRW campaigned against Apartheid, she said: “They were not our sponsors.” (SA Brave New World, pg 342-343).

Just like she did with the Health Ministry under her watch, she turned the Foreign Affairs Ministry into joke almost overnight.

Based on her track record, I would like to speculate that Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma’s appointment to the AU Chair will have exactly the same results. History will be our witness. Watch this space.

Who is really behind Somali Piracy?

By Mike Smith
15th of July 2012

I have been meaning to say a few things about the case of Bruno Pelizzari and Debbie Calitz that were captured by Somali pirates in 2010 and recently released.

‘I was raped by Somali captors’

According to reports the couple was kept handcuffed all of the time, hardly fed, Debbie was kept naked all of the time and raped by the Somali pirates.

The part that shocked me was this:

“Calitz said she bore no grudges: “They were young enough to be my children, I can’t hate them. They don’t know any different.”

Now it is difficult to understand the liberal mind, especially when Stockholm Syndrome sets in under severe conditions and I am not going to even try to explain or understand what went through Debbie Calitz’s mind at the time, why she has the attitude she has today or whatever…I am not a psychologist. I will just say that I think she needs professional help urgently and I will leave it up to the psychologists to explain it. I am sure they will have a field day with this case.

The question that is going through everyone’s mind is “What were they doing in well known Pirate waters in the first place?”

In 2010, 208 vessels were attacked and 44 hijacked.

Somali piracy started around 2005. So it is not as if people, especially yachties such as the couple above, were not informed. Everyone knew about how dangerous the Somali waters were at the time.

You have to be nuts to sail in there, unless you were a liberal looking for adventure and kicks.

Nevertheless, nobody knows why the couple was released, if a ransom was paid or what, but apparently the Somali and Italian governments were involved, probably because Bruno Pelizzari is an Italian citizen.

Which brings us to an interesting question. Who sits behind the piracy in Somalia?

Ten years ago Somalia had virtually NO piracy. The known piracy areas at the time were the South East Asia areas of the Mallaca straits, Indonesian Islands and the Philippine Islands. Most of the pirates were former seafarers who turned to piracy. They knew ships. They knew how to get around on a ship, where the captain’s cabin was, where the ship’s safe was and that the Captain kept loads of cash in there by international law, just in case the shipping company went bankrupt and the seamen lost their last month’s salary.

Then suddenly piracy shifted from there to Somalia almost overnight. Suddenly the Somalis went from nothing to highly organized and technically advanced piracy operations.

Who was training and funding them?

There is no way that anybody will convince me that a bunch of Somalis who cannot even grow food to support themselves or run a Spaza shop in a South African township can come with their supped-up dugout canoes and organize sophisticated piracy operations complete with Swiss bank accounts, and nobody can catch them or sort them out.

Now if you read the liberal MSM they blame it all on…you guessed it…Whitey.

The official story goes something like this…The Somali government failed and the navy collapsed in 2005. So the Europeans saw an opportunity to dump their nuclear waste in Somali waters. They contracted the Italian Mafia who runs the nuclear disposal operations in Europe and these Mafiosi dumped the nuclear containers in Somali waters. This depleted the fish stocks and poisoned the sea.

So the poor Somali fishermen had no other alternative but to turn to piracy in order to survive…This is also the story the pirates spin to the shipping companies when they ask for a ransom to release the vessel and the crew, saying the money will go to cleaning up the waste…

Yeah right. I know the self flagellating liberals would love that story, but if you believe that bollocks then you are a fool.

You can read a textbook anti European propaganda piece over here at the Al-Jazeera site

All speculation, allegations and not a shred of evidence produced. They cannot name a single company or a single firm who dumped toxic waste in Somalian waters, let alone make a case against any; they rather refer to it in loose terms such as “European Firms”.

Let me tell you who is behind the piracy in Somalia on the hand of an example.

About 15 years ago when crime started skyrocketing in South Africa my house had no wall around it, no burglar bars and no security gate. I had a dog and the only security I needed I carried in a holster on me.

Then one evening around 18h00 a nice blond lady knocked on my door and told me that she was from one of the big American private security companies operating in South Africa and asked me if she could have a moment of my time. I invited her in and let her speak for about 15 minutes.

She was offering me armed response; sensors in my house that would relay exactly how many people were in the house, in which rooms, etc…

Somewhere there would be a central office, filled with New South Africans who would then know exactly if I was home or not, in which room I was. If I was awake or sleeping, etc…My concern obviously was…What stopped them from selling that info to their criminal buddies?

I asked her a question. What was the worst thing that could happen to her company? I gave her the answer after receiving a blank stare.

The biggest disaster that could hit her company was if there was no crime in South Africa, because then she and her company would be obsolete.

In my opinion it was in the best interest of such security companies to have crime and the more the better. Crime pays, see? So if you want to know who sits behind the crime in SA…just follow the money. Private security companies in South Africa employ four times more people than the entire police force.

Nevertheless, a few days after I rejected her offer and told her that I believe in taking charge of my own personal security, I had an attempted break in at my front door, but the bastards fled when I switched on the light. A few days later they broke in at the neighbour’s garage and I pulled off two shots on the fleeing bastards. We formed a vigilant neighbourhood watch and after that we had no more crime and it cost us nothing.

Somali piracy, just like crime in South Africa is a mafia like protection racket run by private security companies and insurance companies who profit from it. As simple as that.

Who are the Winners?

“Analysis shows that the biggest winners in the piracy game are not pirates per se, although pirates do reap considerable profits from their activities. Clearly, the costs of insurance and security deterrent equipment substantially exceed pirate ransoms…What is clear though is that international security companies remain the largest indirect winners, as a result of the need for private security and on board deterrent equipment, alongside global insurance companies, which reap considerable profits from charging higher war-risk premiums.”

The economics behind Somalia’s Piracy

Anybody who puts their own personal security in the hands of private security companies should remember what Machiavelli wrote about mercenaries in Chapter XII of “The Prince”.

“Mercenaries and auxiliaries are useless and dangerous; and if one holds his state based on these arms, he will stand neither firm nor safe; for they are disunited, ambitious and without discipline, unfaithful, valiant before friends, cowardly before enemies; they have neither the fear of God nor fidelity to men, and destruction is deferred only so long as the attack is; for in peace one is robbed by them, and in war by the enemy. The fact is, they have no other attraction or reason for keeping the field than a trifle of stipend, which is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you. They are ready enough to be your soldiers whilst you do not make war, but if war comes they take themselves off or run from the foe.”