30 January 2012

White Afrikaans farmer killed in North West

By Mike Smith
30th of January 2012

The farmer was found with his hands tied behind his back. Shot in the head. Of what danger can a 77 year old man with his hands tied behind his back be to these murderers? Why kill him in such a cowardly fashion?

Look how the police say, “The motive for the murder was unknown” which normaly means nothing was stolen...as so often in these farm murders.

But we are told the noble lie that it is just ordinary crime...

North West farmer shot in the face
2012-01-30 21:59

Johannesburg - A 77-year-old farmer has been shot dead at his home in Stella, near Vryburg, North West police said on Monday.

Hendrik Cilliers was found half naked about 5m from his house on Sunday evening, said Brigadier Thulane Ngubane.

He had a bullet wound in his head, and his hands and feet were bound with shoelaces, said Ngubane.

A neighbour called the police when he saw Cilliers' car on the main road and his phone went unanswered.
The motive for his murder was unknown and police were searching for his killers.

Beyond useless

By Mike Smith
30th of January 2012

Just as you think the ANC cannot possibly get any more useless, then they surprise you. They are forever plumbing the new depths of uselessness.

Take their mother of all parties in Bloemfontein recently...As we know it was one giant free for all, with booze and drugs galore. They also ordered 8700 boxes of condoms.

Now it turned out that the government “Choice” condoms complete with SABS stamp of approval were porous and used to burst at the party.

Can you imagine how many HIV infections happened at that party? And nine months from now a whole bunch of HIV positive babies will be born.

They couldn’t even organise a few boxes of decent condoms instead of the useless government condoms they produce.

Is there anything that the ANC can actually get right? I mean ANYTHING? Everything they touch turns to shit. As a government the ANC is about as useful as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse.

ANC centenary condoms withdrawn
January 29 2012 at 03:04pm


The Free State health department is recalling over a million condoms delivered for the ANC's centenary celebrations, over concerns they may be sub-standard, City Press reported on Sunday.

Although they still had to be tested in a laboratory, the department decided to withdraw them, provincial health department spokesman Jabu Mbalula was quoted as saying.

According to a Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) member the department ordered 8700 boxes of condoms.

“People would claim that the condoms burst. When we investigated the complaints it turned out the condoms are porous,” Sello Mokhalipi, who works for the TAC and Free State HIV/Aids, told the paper.

The boxes of Choice government condoms, which bore the SA Bureau of Standards stamp, were delivered to guesthouses, hotels, bars, and restaurants ahead of the ANC's centenary celebrations held from January 06 to 08.

According to Mbalula they were ordered from the national health department. - Sapa

29 January 2012

Interesting developments in the Eugene Terreblanche trial

By Mike Smith
30th of January 2012

It appears as if the police (once again) did not follow procedures and removed evidence from the crime scene.

This is how criminals get off scot-free. Police bungle cases to keep statistics low. Statistics that the government has put a moratorium on, because if the truth about crime in SA comes out then there will be riots in the streets.

According to the Rapport Newspaper a while ago they reported that Thousands of criminals are never caught in SA

Most of the criminals 2,1 million cases in the year 2009/2010 are still walking around freely. Only about half of the cases (1,04 million) have seen dockets opened. Of those a quarter has been revoked and only about a third of the cases has been completed. Of those that were completed 88,6% led to convictions.

So in effect you are talking about only 10% of criminals actually going to jail. 90% of all criminals in SA are still roaming around freely.

No wonder that crime is a viable career option for black youths in SA. You only have a 10% chance of going to prison.

Nevertheless, year after year the ANC reckons that the crime is coming down in SA.

Eugene Terre'Blanche trial to resume
2012-01-29 22:40

Johannesburg - The trial of two farm workers accused of killing rightwing leader Eugene Terre'Blanche continues in the High Court sitting in Ventersdorp on Monday.

"Cross examination of [Captain Jan Louw] who visited the scene will continue and thereafter other witnesses will be called to lead further evidence," national prosecuting authority (NPA) spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said on Sunday.

"We are still happy with the way proceedings are going so far."

The NPA was still confident of securing a conviction, he said.

Chris Mahlangu and a minor are accused of beating and hacking the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader to death in his farmhouse in the North West on Easter Saturday, April 2010. He was 69.

Both have pleaded not guilty to murder, housebreaking, and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Mahlangu claims he acted in self defence. The teenager has denied involvement in the crime.

Mahlangu made a last-minute application during his previous appearance on October 20 last year to be transferred to a police station in Pretoria so his family could visit him. Judge John Horn said he had no authority for such a transfer, and that Mahlangu should ask the police.

Evidence removed?

The court heard in October that no pathologist had been called to the crime scene, and that evidence could possibly have been removed from the body.

Not contacting a pathologist was a breach of regulation and "highly unusual", pathologist Ruweida Moorad told the court.

The mortuary manager was also not contacted.

Moorad said fluid resembling semen seen in photos of Terre'Blanche's body may have been wiped off.
Defence attorney Norman Arendse suspected the semen may have been deliberately removed.

Moorad said the body had been refrigerated and her autopsy was carried out on April 6.

She said there were no acute injuries to Terre'Blanche's rectum, and only a "linear abrasion" on his scrotum. There had been speculation, fuelled by Terre'Blanche's being found with his pants down, that a sexual assault had taken place.

Terre'Blanche was most likely lying down when he sustained a chop wound to the head, which lacerated his brain, she said.


"It is my opinion that the injury to the head was the first injury, followed by the face, and then the chest and thighs," said Moorad.

"Such an injury would have rendered the deceased unconscious at the time."

Terre'Blanche sustained multiple fractures to, among others, his skull, ribs, and lower jaw. There were bruises and lacerations on several parts of his body, including his tongue and liver. All the injuries were on the front of his body.

Moorad found no "typical defence" injuries indicating Terre'Blanche attempted to fight off his attackers.
She agreed that Terre'Blanche's wounds were consistent with those inflicted with a panga.

Totalitarian tiptoeing. Do we have to wear masks to football games now?

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

During the 1980’s in Apartheid South Africa we had to do prescribe set work at school and two books I remember quite well, namely Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell.

At the time the teacher asked us which current countries we think would fit that situation of being constantly monitored like Winston Smith in Oceania or the Animal Farm situation.

At the time during the eighties there were plenty examples, like the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Yasser Arafat the Palestinian terrorist, Colonel Khadafy of Libya, Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania, Tito in Yugoslavia, Honicker in Eastern Germany and Bressznev in the USSR.

What I failed to see was that the teachers were trying to point out to us our own Apartheid state as an oppressive regime. I actually only realised what they were trying to do many years later.

Nevertheless, back in those days we were discussing where “Oceania” actually was. Was it our own countries or some far away communist country. Or was it perhaps George Orwell’s own country the UK or Great Britain? “No way” we said. The UK would never be anything like those oppressive communist regimes of the time.

But today 60 years after Orwell wrote Animal Farm and 1984 we see a different Britain...a Britain where your every move is monitored and checked. It is like the Stasi of East Germany.

Yesterday a Liverpool supporter at a game between Man United and Liverpool apparently made an obscene gesture to a black Man United player Patrice Evra in the heat of the game.

Today the police have assigned “specialist hate crimes officers” to try and identify the man. Asking anybody to come forward and identify the man.

Am I in the wrong film here? Is this Britain 2012 or Oceania 1984?

What is the next step? Should we now pitch up at football matches with masks?

Should we just stay away altogether? Rediculous the current state of government policing. They should be out there protecting us against terrorists and things not monitor who are throwing zap signs at football matches

On a side note, I wish I could be a fly inside the car of liberal DA leader Helen Zille when she drives to work in the mornings. I would love to hear what she utters when a black taxi cuts her off on the road. I bet you she is very prim and proper and says, “Oh you naughty black man”.

Police investigate racist gestures at Liverpool Cup tie

Reuters | 29 January, 2012 11:49


Liverpool are working closely with Merseyside police in an attempt to identify a man who appeared to have made racist gestures during their FA Cup fourth round victory over Manchester United at Anfield on Saturday.

Police have released a picture of a man, which was circulated on social networking sites during Liverpool’s 2-1 victory, who seemed to be making ‘monkey’ gestures.

The match was the first between the teams since Liverpool’s Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was banned for eight matches by the FA for racially abusing United’s France fullback Patrice Evra in a Premier League match at Anfield in October.

Liverpool issued a statement which read: “Following today’s game we were made aware of an image being circulated on social media relating to an incident at this afternoon’s FA Cup tie.

“We are now working closely with Merseyside Police to establish the facts of what occurred and identify the individual involved. We would urge any of our supporters with any information to contact either the club or the police.”

The police have assigned specialist detectives to the case.

“We can confirm that specialist officers are reviewing match footage, as a result of a picture posted on Twitter,” Match Commander, Chief Superintendent Jon Ward, said in a statement.

“This matter is now under investigation by specialist hate crime detectives and we are working with Liverpool Football Club to identify the man in question.”

Police said 17 people were ejected from the ground during the game and two were arrested for “low level incidents” but they praised the majority of supporters for their behaviour.

The ANC Militia Cadet Update. Maybe they are training to be like the SA Navy Band?

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

You know...there was a time when we had really good soldiers and our armed forced were top of the world.

The SA Navy band used to stand out as probably, arguably, the best we had in SA at the time. Their schedule used to be booked out months, almost years ahead of time.

They used to appear in front of international audiences so good were they.

Today they still appear in front of international audiences, like they did in Bremen, Germany in 2004 when we bought the MEKO class frigates and the 209 class submarines. But this time they are appearing as the joke of the show.

Blacks never even had dugout canoes in SA, let alone a navy. What the hell they want to do in the navy is beyond my comprehension.

Now that you have seen the Norwegian Royal Guards in action

Compare them to the “Modern” (Joke) the SA Navy band has become...

Students told to act and think like Mandela

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

Below is a report by my favourite Sunday Times journalist Prega Govender. One of the few people exposing the truth about the hellhole South Africa has become, but obviously doing it in a subtle way.

Since her October 2006 article about Blacks at school ditching their own mother language for “easier” Afrikaans she has had my attention. Made me wonder what the 1976 riots were all about. Apparently they did not want to be schooled in Afrikaans. Today the article has also disappeared down the Orwellian memory hole, but fortunately I have saved a copy and will post it for posterity sometime.

Nevertheless, she reports below about the brainwashing of students going on at the bush college that is now called the Nelson Mandela University (Formerly called the University of Port Elizabeth)

The students will be encouraged to act and think like Nelson Mandela.

So just what does that mean? Thinking and acting like Mandela?

Nelson Mandela is a Marxist terrorist piece of shit who wrote a booklet called "How to be a good Communist."

He was himself originally incarcerated, not for his political views, but for involvement in 23 different acts of sabotage and conspiring to overthrow the government. He and his fellow conspirators of the ANC and the South African Communist Party were caught by the police while in the possession of 48,000 Soviet-made anti-personnel mines and 210,000 hand-grenades that they intended to use against innocent white and black people in SA.

You can read the truth about Mandela and the script of his booklet here: Mandela. How to be a good Communist

Me thinks that UPE has gone down. Definitely not what it used to be.

Students taught to think, act like Mandela
PREGA GOVENDER | 29 January, 2012 00:06

About 5000 first-year students at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth are about to undergo a life-changing experience, thanks to the institution's namesake.

In a first for a South African university, NMMU students will attend a day-long workshop as part of their orientation next month. They will be encouraged to act and think like the world statesman.

The initiative is a partnership between the university and Life College, the organisation founded by television personality Pat Pillai. The aim is to develop the students' "critical thinking as well as their self-reflection and self-leadership skills".

Titled Nelson Mandela: The Champion Within, the workshop will impart the values of ubuntu, respect for the natural environment and diversity. Students will watch video footage of Madiba's early life, his involvement in the underground movement, his imprisonment on Robben Island, his release and his tenure as president.

Discussions will be based on a workbook developed by the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, Mandela Rhodes Foundation and Life College.

NMMU vice-chancellor Professor Derrick Swartz said: "Our belief is that we will succeed in making our country and world a better place only if each one of us live the changes we want to see in the world."

What DASO did not tell you and did not show you

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

Yes, as we know you can never trust or believe a liberal. They are all the same pathetic bunch of liars and scum. Liberals are the worst racists ever, because normal racists hate other races, but liberals hate their own race.

Last week the liberal DA Student Organisation (DASO) created a stir in the SA media with their racist provocation of South Africans with a poster featuring two supposedly semi nude South Africans in an intimate interracial hug.

Funny, that very few South Africans, black or white liked the picture. Blacks felt that the “white male dominant on top” was just another way of saying whites are better than blacks, blah, blah, racist bullshit.
Most people took it for a pathetic joke and spoofs started flying almost emediately. I created some of my own and ran two articles on it

The DA and their racist provocation
Some suggestions for DASO

The only ones who were chuffed with the poster was the DASO themselves. Everyone else thought it was stupid, lame and pathetic.

Nevertheless, almost immediately the lies started flying, because people wanted to know who the couple was. DASO reckoned the picture was shot in Swaziland and that the couple is a happily married South African couple, etc.

Well it now turned out that it was all bollocks!

The DA purchased the picture at a “photo stock” company online called “Shutterstock” for $19 or about R148. The couple is not even South African but American.

Saucy DA poster sourced in Cyberspace

Aimee Franklin a white woman and one of the five member strong DA National management team created the poster.

The DASO people also denied that the picture was sexual after the African Christian Democratic Party objected and said it could lead to promiscuity in a country already riddled with AIDS.

Well, online at Shutterstock there are more pics of the couple. You tell me if it is not sexual. The picture has a heading that says:

“Loving affectionate nude heterosexual couple in sensual kiss and hug. Mid adult Caucasian men in late 30s and young black African-American woman in 20s “ Image ID: 63766003

Picture One
Picture Two
Picture Three

DA Poster Shocks Christian Party
Cosatu Slams DA poster for “White Supremacy”

In my opinion the DA has shot themselves in the left foot with this poster. With their lies about they have shot themselves in the other foot.

What the training of the Militia Cadets in Ficksburg is all about

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

Two day ago I reported on the training of black Militia Cadets at a dam near Ficksburg. These are children as young as 9 years old receiving military training for some or other reason. Lots of questions have come up about their exact role and why they even exists.

But I think we have narrowed it down. They are in fact trying to be like these guys from the Norwegian Royal Gaurd.

Video of Australian Prime Minister rescued from Aborigine mob

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

Below is the video of how bodyguards and policemen had to protect the Australian Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard from an angry mob of Australian Aborigines who didn’t like what she said that the Aborigines should take their “Tent Camp” on the lawn of the parliament building should “move on”.

For 40 years the Abos have tried to get a homeland where they could rule themselves.

In the video you can see how the LWB’s are in the frontline of the demonstrations, just like the Black Sash of Helen Zille. Also check towards the end how the police get stuck into the Abo protestors and manhandles them, especially how that one policemen hits the protestor with the red band on his head.

These Australians used to criticize our police during Apartheid for brutality. I wonder what the Aussie police would do if they are ever faced with a Sharpville situation or the 1976 riots. Probably shit themselves.

Tja...in 1971 the Australians protested so much against the Springbok Rugby tour that a state of emergency had to be declared in Queensland, because we actually gave our blacks their own homelands. Something the Australians do not want to do for their blacks.

Thousands of hate filled Australians swore at us South Africans, threw us with bottles and stones. Over 700 Australians were arrested in the riots and rage against South Africa.

These protests against us evolved into full scale sanctions and boycotts to direct financial support for the ANC terrorists. That is right. Just a few years ago, Australians gave loads of money to the ANC to blow up white women and children in SA...all the way up to the 1990’s. Anti Apartheid groups in Australia were for instance, The Campaign against Racial Exploitation (CARE), Friends of Africa (FOA), The Southern Africa Defence and Aid Fund (SADAF), The Western Australian Campaign against Racial Exploitation (WACARE), The Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA), Hazel Jones, etc, etc…

Now, today the Australians got what they wanted. The Springboks are permanently playing with a handicap of quota players. The ANC Marxist terrorists are in charge of South Africa, singing “Kill the Boers; Kill the Farmers”…

Where are the thousands of Australian demonstrators today? Why are they not protesting against farm murders and the silent genocide of whites in South Africa? Where are the Australian protests against white people being raped, tortured and killed in South Africa? Where is the financial support for the whites of South Africa?

They won’t even take the whites in as refugees. They must just “vrek” in South Africa, starve away in impoverished white shanty towns.

The reason why they cannot open their borders to white South Africans only even if they want to, is because it would be racist. They would have to open their borders to ALL South Africans, which mean the Black ones they so loved during Apartheid would stream to Australia. And the hypocritical Aussies don’t want that now, do they?

So they have one of the strictest emigration systems to keep blacks out basically without turning into a racial issue. Only the clever and the rich are allowed in.

But apparently they are our “friends”. Apparently they “like” South Africans. I do not believe it. This is not what friends do.

Other countries were not much different in their hatred of white South Africans. In New Zealand they flour-bombed the Springbok Rugby players and held demonstrations so bad that our boys had to train in horse stables in a freezing winter. But that is another story. They will get their turn, just like I will still expose the hypocrisy of every nation that was against us white South Africans and aided the ANC terrorists.

28 January 2012

Ronnie the terrorist is geting married again

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

I see that old communist scumbag and ANC terrorist/secret agent Ronnie Kasrils is getting married again. He is 72 and his new wife 59. I mean what is the purpose? She should rather have married a 27 year old instead of a 72 year old.


What is even more astounding is that he is (supposed to be) full blood “Jewish” (his mother was a Cohen) and his new wife, Amina Frense, a journalist and film producer from Cape Town is a Muslim.

It has to be said that Ronnie Kasrils is much disliked, hated in fact, by the South African Jewish Community and also by Israel in general. He is well known for his hatred of the state of Israel and his pro-Palestinian stance.

He is a member of an anti Israeli think-tank in Beirut, Lebanon, as well as a jurist on the Russell Tribunal on Palestine that will meet in New York, in the US in October.

In an article in the Mail and Guardian in 2006 titled "David and Goliath: “Who is Who in the Middle East" he called the Israelis Nazis for their invasion of Southern Beirut after Israel came under severe attack of rockets.

The SA Jewish community lodged a case of hate speech against him at the SA Human Rights Commission. It was overturned on the basis that they said he did not deny the holocaust and did not call for the destruction of the State of Israel.

It has to be remembered that Kasrils as a card carrying Communist is not Jewish. He is an atheist at best.

In fact he is what is called a Sabbatean. A satanic sect of the Jews also called the Frankists or Dönmeh. The Sabateans are named after Sabbatai Ẓevi (1626-1676) a Jewish Rabbi with a huge following who overnight changed his religion to Islam, taking a third of his followers with him.

That is why you see Ronnie Kasrils marying a Muslim without blinking an eye.

Sabbateans parasites have been heavily opposed by Jews throughout the ages. Sabbateans are not Jews. They pretend to be Jews some times, but infiltrate Jewish, Christian and even Muslim communities like parasites, but when discovered are normally ostracized very quickly.

Make no mistake, due to their mafia activities; Sabbateans are very rich and powerful. International banks and corporations belong to them. The biggest mistake anybody can make is to believe that they are Jewish. They certainly are not.

The Satanic Cult that Rules the world
What every Jew(and non-Jew) should know

Famous Philosophers on Race – Part Two – Plato and the myth of the metals

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2012

One of my favourite books on philosophy is Plato’s greatest work, The Republic. Plato is considered to be the grand daddy of modern philosophy and hailed by liberals the world over. You can download it for free in PDF here Plato’s Republic .

Problem is that the liberals will never tell you what Plato’s stance was on race and race mixing. Like leaders of evil sects who only pick the sections out of the Bible that suits their evil agenda liberals only pick out from the philosophers’ classics what serves their diabolical agenda.

For those who do not know, in “The Republic” Plato wrote in a way as if some famous philosophers were having discourses between them and their students.

Plato also believed in “The Noble Lie”...that sometimes to maintain social harmony the elite in charge have to deceive the public with lies. Something our politicians still do to this very day.

In Plato’s perfect Republic there was no place for race mixing. The problem was how to convince the public about it. How do you get them to not practice miscegenation?

Plato realised that the broader public are stupid, so in order to convince them of something you have to be subtle and speak in a language they can understand. If you just run in and tell them that miscegenation is wrong, they will ask you "What is miscegenation?"

So between the discourse off Socrates an Glaucon in book three, Plato came up with a solution in what is now known as the “Myth of the Metals”.

I suppose he could have just said that oil and water do not mix.

Anyway, in the PDF link above it is on page 271.

You had good reason, he said, to be ashamed of the lie which you were going to tell.

True, I replied, but there is more coming; I have only told you half.

Citizens, we shall say to them in our tale, you are brothers, yet God has framed you differently. Some of you have the power of command, and in the composition of these he has mingled gold, wherefore also they have the greatest honour; others he has made of silver, to be auxiliaries; others again who are to be husbandmen and craftsmen he has composed of brass and iron; and the species will generally be preserved in the children.

But as all are of the same original stock, a golden parent will sometimes have a silver son, or a silver parent a golden son.

And God proclaims as a first principle to the rulers, and above all else, that there is nothing which they should so anxiously guard, or of which they are to be such good guardians, as of the purity of the race.

They should observe what elements mingle in their offspring; for if the son of a golden or silver parent has an admixture of brass and iron, then nature orders a transposition of ranks, and the eye of the ruler must not be pitiful towards the child because he has to descend in the scale and become a husbandman or artisan, just as there may be sons of artisans who having an admixture of gold or silver in them are raised to honour, and become guardians or auxiliaries.

For an oracle says that when a man of brass or iron guards the State, it will be destroyed.

Such is the tale; is there any possibility of making our citizens believe in it?

Not in the present generation, he replied; there is no way of accomplishing this; but their sons may be made to believe in the tale, and their sons’ sons, and posterity after them.

Plato, The Republic, Book Three.

Mandela moving house

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2011

The other day the ANC had their 100 celebration mother of all parties in Bloemfontein and we were told that Nelson Mandela was too sick to attend.

But now his spokesperson Mac Maharaj says that Mandela is in good health and will return to his house in Houghton, Johannesburg, because renovations will be made to his house in Qunu in the Eastern Cape.


Too sick to go to Bloemfontein, but healthy enough to go to Johannesburg?
BTW. Have you ever seen Mandela’s houses in Houghton and Qunu? Check the pics below. Not bad for a former terrorist hey?

Apparent political hitmen caught

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2012

In the Apartheid time the government had hit squads like the CCB and C10(Vlakplaas). Maybe they have not been disbanded and are still operating under different names.

The Sowetan reported about two men caught recently, one a policeman, the other a SANDF soldier they are believed to have been hired to assassinate politicians.

Along with normal weapons and attire they were also in possession of torture equipment and pangas (machetes).

Now what is the torture equipment and pangas for? Is it to make the killings look like “ordinary crime”?
Hang on a minute. In most farm murders the people are tortured for hours and often hacked to death with pangas like in the case of the Potgieter family. Eugene Terreblanche was also hacked to death with pangas.

One of his killers was a 15 year old boy. The killers called the police directly after the killing, and another red car with more occupants was seen on the farm which raised many questions and suspicions that Terreblanche’s death was a political hit and not a dispute over salaries.

We have further seen that the ANC is giving military training to youths as young as 9 years old in Ficksburg in the Freestate in what is called the Militia Cadet program. In Saldanha they are also giving military training to NARYSEC (National Rural Youth Service Corps) who are urged to emulate the young revolutionaries of the 1976 generation .

These NARYSEC youths are modelled on Mugabe’s National Youth Service corps or “Green Bombers” who drove white farmers off their land The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade .

Experience in Africa showed that in just about every conflict, the oppressive regimes and militias have made use of child soldiers. I will not be surprised if the ANC is also making use of child soldiers and assassins. It is perfect really. They can’t be imprisoned under SA law.

Who knows what is really going on under the fog of war in South Africa?

Crime and war is so intertwined that it is hard to distinguish which is which. Political murders and a war on the whites are being made to look like ordinary crime. Crime has become part of war and war part of crime.
Politicians are criminals and criminals are politicians. Police and soldiers have become terrorists and criminals; Criminals and terrorists have become police and soldiers. Where does crime stop and war begins?

'Political hitmen' held
26-Jan-2012 | Frank Maponya |


DRAMA unfolded during the arrest of two men believed to have been hired to assassinate politicians.

The men were arrested in Polokwane yesterday and immediately displayed to the public. They were found in possession of an assortment of weapons, including guns and ammunition and pangas.

They also had police reflector jackets, handcuffs, torture machines and SANDF attire.

Police said three suspicious-looking men in a silver BMW sedan had initially followed a car driven by Capricorn district municipality executive mayor Lawrence Mapoulo on Tuesday night in Polokwane. Mapoulo alerted the police, who followed the car but it sped off.

The same car allegedly went to the house of ANC Youth League provincial secretary, Jacob Lebogo, in Flora Park, a suburb in Polokwane, where the occupants insisted on being allowed to enter under the pretence that they wanted to search for Nigerians staying there.

A security officer guarding Lebogo's house allegedly refused them permission and the men drove away.
Police spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said the men were at all times clad in police uniforms and pretended to be officers. He said they traced the car in which the men were travelling but could not find it on Tuesday night.

"We caught up with the car in the city centre (yesterday) and stopped it. One of the occupants fled and we managed to arrest two of them," Mulaudzi said.

The arrested suspects were found to be law-enforcement officers.

"One of them is a constable attached to the OR Tambo International Airport, while the other is a member of the SANDF based in Centurion," he said.

The search for the third man was still on.

"We are investigating further to check if we cannot link the men with several other crimes in the province," Mulaudzi said.

Meanwhile, the arrests have instilled fear in politicians.

ANCYL provincial chairperson Frans Moswane said they felt unsafe but were happy with the arrests.
"And we cannot divorce the arrests from the political situation in the province."

27 January 2012

Famous Philosophers on Race – Part One - Immanuel Kant

By Mike Smith
27nd of January 2012

Often the liberals quote (misquote) famous philosophers that they have heard about or stumbled upon at university. So I have decided to take a look at that and show a few things that these famous philosophers and darlings of the liberals have said about race.

So first up is that great “enlightened” German philosopher from the 18th century’s age of “enlightenment” who also lectured on “enlightened” Anthropology for 25 years, Immanuel Kant.

1. From his early work Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and the Sublime (1764)

The Negroes of Africa have by nature no feeling that rises above the trifling. Mr. Hume challenges anyone to cite a single example in which a Negro has shown talents, and asserts that among the hundreds of thousands of blacks who are transported elsewhere from their countries, although many of them have even been set free, still not a single one was ever found who presented anything great in art or science or any other praiseworthy quality, even though among the whites some continually rise aloft from the lowest rabble, and through superior gifts earn respect in the world. So fundamental is the difference between these two races of man, and it appears to be as great in regard to mental capacities as in colour. The religion of fetishes so widespread among them is perhaps a sort of idolatry that sinks as deeply into the trifling as appears to be possible to human nature. A bird’s feather, a cow’s horn, a conch shell, or any other common object, as soon as it becomes consecrated by a few words, is an object of veneration and of invocation in swearing oaths. The blacks are very vain but in the Negro’s way, and so talkative that they must be driven apart from each other with thrashings.

2. In his book Physical Georgrapy that was compiled by his students from his notes and lectures.

In the hot countries the human being matures in all aspects earlier, but does not, however, reach the perfection of those in the temperate zones. Humanity is at its greatest perfection in the race of the whites. The yellow Indians do have a meager talent. The Negroes are far below them and at the lowest point are a part of the American peoples.

3. Excerpt from ‘Of National Characteristics’ (1764)

In the lands of the black, what better can one expect than what is found prevailing, namely the feminine sex in the deepest slavery? A despairing man is always a strict master over anyone weaker, just as with us that man is always a tyrant in the kitchen who outside his own house hardly dares to look anyone in the face. Of course, Father Labat reports that a Negro carpenter, whom he reproached for haughty treatment toward his wives, answered: “You whites are indeed fools, for first you make great concessions to your wives, and afterward you complain when they drive you mad.” And it might be that there were something in this which perhaps deserved to be considered; but in short, this fellow was quite black from head to foot, a clear proof that what he said was stupid.

Is the ANC preparing the black youth for war?

By Mike Smith
27th of January 2012

Back in the days of Apartheid we had school cadets in high school. Once a week we would don our military brown uniforms and our berets and go to school in military uniforms. The period was called “Youth Preparedness” or “Jeugweerbaarheid” in Afrikaans.

We started at about 13 years of age and it lasted until we left matric at the age of 18. We even had cadet bands.

During school holidays we could voluntarily go on two week camps somewhere in the bush and learn infantry tactics such as reading a compass, route marches, laying ambushes, setting up of temporary bases (TB’s) in the bush, etc. Basically everything you learn during basics in the army. Some camps were survival camps. Some camps were for Junior Leaders (JL’s). Some camps were for marksmen. etc.

We learned to shoot mortars (training ones only), how to set up claymore mines, how to shoot pyrotechnics, throw smoke grenades and thunder flashes. How to throw teargas grenades. How to pitch a military tent. It was great fun for young adventurous boys.

By the time we went to army we could already drill, shoot R1 or R4 rifles, and basically do everything that was required of us. We understood military rank structures and discipline.

Come to think of it, we never actually thought anything of it. It was normal in those days. It was just everyday life during Apartheid. But I can understand how people today can view it as training child soldiers.

Nevertheless, I read the other day that the ANC is considering bringing school cadets back, but this time obviously including black students. Apparently they reckoned that it would bring discipline back into the schools. I had a look, but I could not find the article again.

Nevertheless, they already have such a cadet program in place since 2010. This is in addition to their youth militia that we already know about called the NARYSEC Green Bombers

These other militia cadets are real military cadets who wear either the old SADF browns or the new SANDF army uniforms. And they are armed with R4 and R5 rifles. The training took place near the town of Ficksburg in the Freestate at the Meulspruit Dam holiday resort, a pristine setting along the border with Lesotho.

In typical communist fashion they call themselves, “The Militia Youth Cadet Corps” and the program, the “Cadet Pioneer Program” which strongly reminds one of the Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union. In Communist Eastern Germany they also had the Young Pioneers and the Ernst Thälmann Pioneers whose slogan was: "Für Frieden und Sozialismus seid bereit – Immer bereit" ("For peace and socialism be ready - always ready"). They were part of the Free German Youth (FDJ). These were supposedly similar to the Boy Scouts.

But if you look at the Militia cadets of South Africa with Automatic rifles such as R5’s and Bren machine gun’s as well as portable lightweight M4 60mm Mortars (that can be carried loaded on patrol), then you have to ask if they are similar to Boy Scouts? More importantly, what is the purpose of these youth militias that the ANC is training such as NARYSEC and the Militia Cadets? Or shall we rather not ask?

They say on their website: “The program for the Cadet Pioneers (ages 9-14) will follow many of the principles outlined by the Boy Scouts and Girl guides with a definite military flavour for adventure and discipline.”

You be the judge if these are Boy Scouts. As far as I know, the Geneva Convention says that soldiers should not be younger than 15 years. If they are training child soldiers then it is against international law.

I had a long look at the pictures on their website. I can see some whites in civilian clothes and a white officer that appears to be a doctor or medic from the colour of his beret, but apart from that I could not see any white boys in this cadet program.

I think it has become high time that we as former soldiers and officers start training our boys as well. We should start a trust similar to these militia cadets have and fund it to prepare our youth as well. See what the ANC says then.

26 January 2012

Australian Labour Prime Minister fights off a horde of her beloved Noble Savages

By Mike Smith
26th of January 2012

As Karma would have it for the liberals, every now and again the chickens come home to roost.

At first it caused a cognitive dissonance in me. It is a white person after all and when it is a woman, then one feels empathy or what I call “The St George’s syndrome”...a feeling of protecting the “damsel in distress” and slaying the dragon.

But over the years I have grown hard against these race traitor, feminist, LWB’s. Nowadays when the noble savages come for them I just feel Schadenfreude. I have no sympathy or empathy for any liberal when their beloved pets and semi domesticated animals turn on them.

In the history of Apartheid South Africa, Australia was one of our biggest critics. But that is not why I dislike them.

I dislike them for their hypocrisy at telling us to sort out our racial problems at the time when they were ten times worse. They all but exterminated their Aborigines and the few that are left over are kept in an alcoholic state on reserves far away from the white suburbs.

They kidnapped Aborigine children from their parents and in a gigantic liberal experiment raised them in white households to prove their crackpot theories that a Noble Savage can be turned into a Noble White person, by changing his environment. A spectacular failure that the Australian Prime Minister apologised for a few years ago.

Or maybe I dislike Australians for when after the Boers sent them shiploads of food when they were starving during the 1800’s, they returned the favour by fighting the Boers in the Second Anglo Boer War and on top of it...today they believe they singlehandedly won the war for the British Empire against the Boers.

Till this day these cowards have never apologised for murdering Boer Women and children and burning down their farms.

Let it be known that there is not much love lost between me and Australians. I have been to their country and met their arrogant low class citizens who think that Altona in Hamburg, Germany is named after their suburb of Altona, in Melbourne. This is the arrogance of Australians in general.

There are exceptions, but they are very few and very far between.

You can read about my trip to Australia Uncle Cracker goes Down Under

So pardon me for enjoying a moment of Schadenfreude when I read today that Queen LWB of Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, desperately clung to her bodyguard as she was dragged to safety through a crowd of angry Aborigine protesters in Canberra today. Shame she even lost a shoe. Check the tear in my eye.

What was the Abo’s so upset about? For 40 years now they have been camping and squatting on the lawn of the Parliament building to get a small homeland where they can be independent and rule themselves. Julia Gillard basically told them to “Fuck-off” in a nice way. Told them it is high time they move on.

Typical big mouth Australian until the hordes knocked on the window of the restaurant she was in
40 years ago in South Africa our blacks all had their independent homelands where they could rule themselves; complete with mega support from us white taxpayers.

The world called that “A crime against Humanity”, they brought sanctions against us and ostracized us from the world...Made us “A skunk amongst nations” as Les de Villiers calls it in his book.

Now that the Australian Abo’s are asking, begging and pleading their white government to be treated like our South African blacks during Apartheid 40 years ago, the Liberal white Australians are denying them their independence.

These Liberal whites in Australia do not want to face reality. They cannot see that the Abo’s do not want to be like them. They want to be Abos, with Abo language and Abo culture...But the dimwitted Aussie liberals, still believing their junk theories are basically telling the Abo’s: “Become whites or shut up”.

They want the Abos to “integrate”. Like putting human clothes on a pet, they want the Abo’s to become “superior” white westerners.

Can you see how blurred it is starting to get? Who are the real racists here? Who are the real Racial Supremacists and who are the real Egalitarians in this film, or am I watching a horror where the liberals are the lead actors?

The Nationalists in SA wanted each Black tribe to be fully independent in their own countries. The Liberals of Australia deny their blacks that right. You tell me who was right and who was wrong.
You know...People always think that Apartheid was introduced in SA by a bunch of mindless racists and dumb hillbillies.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

People like Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, Dr. D.F. Malan, Adv. J.G. Strijdom, etc were highly educated and well travelled people who would appoint commissions made up of academics and experts from universities and experts from South Africa and the world, who would study situations for years, their findings published in scientific and academic journals for scrutiny and criticism before decisions were made.

The findings and studies of these commissions still exist today and are open to anybody who wants to do the research.

Like I always say...Apartheid was the best and fairest solution for a multi-cultural, multi-national situation that South Africa had at the time or today. The failure of the La-la-land Rainbow Nation and Multi Cultural hell hole South Africa has become today is just another proof in a long list of failed Multi Culti experiments from Youguslavia, Checkoslovakia, Rwanda, the USSR, etc to Belgium today.

Today, in France, Italy, Holland, UK and Denmark...in fact everywhere those different cultures are forced together; you end up with chaos and violence between different people.

When are these liberals going to get it? Multiculturalism is a failure that has never and will never work. It’s a joke really.

The time will still come where the rest of the world will come knocking on our door and beg us to show them our findings and results. The time will still come where they will be begging us to show them how we introduced Apartheid.

Cosatu exposing ANC corruption. Huh?

By Mike Smith
26th of January 2012

“In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however,the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.” – Mark Twain

For more than five years I have been blogging, exposing the utter corruptions, theft, mismanagement and genocide perpetrated by the ANC Marxist scum since they semi took over in 1994 and fully took over in1999. The period of 1994-1999 was actually a coalition Government of National Unity.

Nevertheless, other bloggers have been doing so for far longer than I. At least for five years longer.

Now along came COSATU, and opened another blog wanting to expose corrupt politicians Time to isolate and shame corrupt officials and the Corruption watch website

Nevertheless, look how the article tries to imply that criticizing the ANC for corruption is a new thing, the “brainchild of Cosatu” and how the website “will gather and publicise information about official corruption and hand evidence to authorities”…as if it hasn’t been done for the last ten years…

But hang on; Cosatu is in a tripartite alliance with the ANC and the SA Communist Party. So how do we make sense of this? They are creating their own opposition and critics and are trying to steal the moral high ground.

They are all criminal and corrupt scum. Including Cosatu who regularly damages state and private property in their marches and demonstrations. It is like the pot calling the kettle black…It is like the pisspot telling the shitpot it stinks.

Looking at what they are aiming to achieve, then I could give them a few tips and save them a lot of time. All they have to do is publish a list of all the ANC members in National, Provincial and Local government…Finished! Job done! Beer time!

Crack-pot Liberals, the poor children and the Hollyweird agenda

By Mike Smith
26th of January 2012

A few weeks ago I mentioned Why liberal parents should be locked up .

The post dealt with the genderless primary school in Sweden where children are not referring to each other as “he” and “she”, but simply as “friend”.

Almost like the genderless expression of “comrade” in Communism.

But I suppose the youth is still too young to teach them hardcore communist terms. You have to start young with brainwashing. Children should be younger than three when you start. And you must take baby steps. Use moderate and subtle terminology such as “friend”, etc…

Nevertheless, in that article I mentioned the Canadian couple who also raised their child as “genderless”. They have now for the first time in five years revealed the child’s gender.

Crazy Canadian liberals reveal sex of genderless child

You cannot help but feel sorry for that poor confused child. He will be a mental case when he grows up.

But as you know, it won’t stop there, because the public are sheep who follow everything their celebrities do and wear. That is for instance why the cult of Scientology uses celebrities like Tom Cruise, Lisa-Marie Pressley and John Travolta to get more followers.

The Church of Scientology has special recruitments programs to get celebrities to endorse Scientology in exchange for millions of dollars reward. The ordinary poor souls who fall for this junk are abused and actually have to hand over all their wealth to the “church”. Read more about the shocking truth about Scientology here and The advanced brainwashing and thought control techniques of Scientology and here …The battle for your mind or simply download the founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Brainwashing Manual in PDF form

Nevertheless, it is fairly common knowledge today that Hollywood has been infiltrated and subverted by Communists since the 1930/1940’s already and was under FBI investigation. The FBI Blacklist of Hollywood Communists

Many books have been written on the subject as well, such as Hollywood Party: How Communism Seduced the American Film Industry in the 1930s and 1940s and Make-believe Media: The Politics of entertainment

What has further been exposed is how Hollywood tries to brainwash children with movies such as The Muppets where the villain is an oil baron, Tex Richman for instance. How Fox News exposed the Muppet Movie’s Communist agenda or here The UK Guardian: The Muppet’s Communist plot

There are many such anti Capitalism, Anti Oil agendas, like in “Cars2” or “There will be blood” .

In fact, actors know that it is extremely hard to find work nowadays unless you are pushing some leftist, liberal, anti-white, feminist, environmentalist agenda and filmmakers know that they won’t find funding for their movies unless they toe the liberal line and rewrite the scripts according to the guidelines and agendas of the banks lending them the money.

That is why we as ordinary right-thinking people find it extremely hard to stomach Hollywood movies anymore. Anybody with half a brain can see through these liberal and communist agendas.

But then you get actors and actresses who have sold their souls to the dark side, like LWB extraordinaire, Angelina Jolie for instance with her liberal, multi-culti brood.

She is the latest one to raise her children “genderless”. Her daughter has been given a crew cut and dressed like a boy, while the boy looks more like a girl. Angelina Jolie also now raising “genderless children”

It won’t be long before her sheeporters will follow and also raise their kids, genderless.

To get ahead today you have to be anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, Anti-family, etc…

You have to be instead, pro-black, pro-gay, pro-communist, pro New-Age beliefs, etc.

Teenagers are taught blood drinking and satanic rituals in vampire movies, and movies about witches and magi.

They are encouraged to be promiscuous stuff-ups in television series’ such as Beverley Hills 90210 and Dawson’s Creek otherwise they will turn into “Desperate Housewives” and “40 year old virgins”.

Just Boycott these bastards!

24 January 2012

Some suggestions for the DA Student Organisation

By Mike Smith
24th of January 2012

Well we thought we could help the DA youth league with some future sensationalist racist posters...

The DA and their racist provocation

By Mike Smith
24th of January 2012

I could not help but notice that the liberal’s perfect example of current and future Societies have gone for a ball of brown smelly stuff...I mean Heidi Klum and and that ugly British crooner Seal is getting divorced after a seven year marriage. They have three chocolate kids together.

Apparently they split up, because he partied too much and too hard. Typical.

Seal partied too hard

The liberals must have been crying their hearts out; especially the ones in the media. For years they have been thrusting the filthy pictures of Heidi and Seal down the gagging public’s throats, and as if the spilt was not enough, just for old time sake they ran another series of the worst gag eliciting photographs that graced our magazines over the last seven years, just to once more and for old time’s sake burn those images into our minds and especially that of the young impressionable minds... Watch it only if you can stomach it

I wonder what is going to happen to Heidi and her skank ass now. I have got news for her. “Once you go black, the white man doesn’t want you back. “

I am sure some desperate clown will take her and her brood.

But nevertheless, do not fear because all is not lost for the liberals. The DA’s youth league has just stirred up the public with another provocative gag eliciting picture in the form of an advertisement poster of a naked white male model in a passionate embrace with a naked black female model and the words “In OUR future, you wouldn’t look twice”.

DA Youth turn up heat with poster

People all interpreted it differently...

Theuns Botha of the Christian Democratic Party said it promoted sexual immorality and promiscuity
Botha said the poster was "distasteful to the extreme" and an insult to the many young people, black and white, who uphold high moral values.

Look how he beats about the bush and performs a little egg dance so that he does not appear racists with his words…

"In a country with high levels of Aids and an overdose of crime, especially the high incidence of farm murders this year, this poster sends the opposite message to the country than needed."

Clearly denying the emperor and empress are naked and their skin colours are different and shocking to the eys of blacks and whites.

DA Youth leader Makashule Gana said that they just want to send a message out that people should embrace themselves.

In my opinion the tagline says clearly what is meant. “"In OUR future you wouldn't look twice"

With the capitalization of the world OUR, it implies that in somebody else’s or everybody else’s future, people like you and I WILL look twice.

In other words, currently we ARE (pardon the capitals) still looking twice, which means we are all “Racists”.

If we believe in the DA then they will redeem us of our sins of racism and cure us, for in their La-la-land future we will all embrace, commit miscegenation kill the white race (and the black one) and sing Kumbaya…Yip it is pretty clear what they envision for us all.

These cloaked Marxist and racist scum hate the white race and hate the blacks equally and want to destroy them, to them there is only one standard and that is “Brown”, mulato a mixed race of slaves.

I have an idea. If the DA and other crackpot liberals think mulatos are so wonderful, why do they not all emigrate to Brazil? If God wanted us all to be brown why did he not make us so from the start? Did He make a mistake that the liberals should now correct? I know they think so, because from their holier-than-thou attitude it is clear that the DA sees themselves as better than God.

It seems as if the DA and these liberals do not understand equality. They do not white and black to be “Equals” or have equal opportunities, they want both blacks and whites gone.

In their sick minds “Equality” can only be achieved in one way and that is through one giant worldwide satanic orgy of sexual race mixing, miscegenation and a free for all.

I know some simple minded white women will think the DA is advertising that black women should steel their men or that simpleminded black males will think the DA is advertising that white men should steal their women.

I hope the DA can see how this might backfire on them and advance racist attacks on whites.

Be that as it may, all things considered, rational people know that the DA youth and their liberal buddies are living in a delusional La-la-land rainbow nation utopia that only exists in their warped minds.

In reality South Africa is riddled with and packed chock and block with prejudiced black racist and bigots from the Limpopo river to the Cape Agulhas lighthouse…all of which the DA could have thousands of campaigns, advertisements and debates about…for instance…

Blacks who racially attack whites, torture, rape and murder them on a daily basis. Blacks who sing songs like “Kill the boer: Kill the Farmer”, blacks who chant slogans like “One settler: one bullet”,

Blacks who write on facebook how they would like to exterminate white South Africans, including the DA’s leader Helen Zille. Kill the fucking whites now

Blacks at university saying "We will kill the whites, all of them; Afrikaans and English”

Blacks who jealously and Xenophobically attack, torture and kill other blacks from the rest of Africa. Xenophobic attacks in SA

Or what about the Sexist blacks who attack women for wearing miniskirts or black who rape lesbians to “correct” them

Black leaders who introduced and maintain racist black policies such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sports and university entry and insist that racial classification is recorded on all official government forms.

Or shall we mention the bigot and hypocrite Black President Jacob Zuma who on Heritage day 2009 said "Same-sex marriage is a disgrace to the nation and to God. When I was growing up, an ungqingili [a homosexual] would not have stood in front of me. I would knock him out."

(The Times [South Africa], April 18, 2009) …And then has the audacity to patronize the Zulu King who said gays are rotten

All of this is obviously unconstitutional seeing that you are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, heritage or whatever.

But no we know that the DA won’t debate any of that because in their despicable, narrow, white-hating minds, only whites are ever “racists”.

21 January 2012

Here we go...Another billion Rand Weapons Scandal. Zuma wants a new bathtub toy. South Africa’s New weapons Scandal in the making.

By Mike Smith
21th of January 2011

Now look at her! Is she not a beautiful and sopisticated lady? She belongs to the French Mistral class helicopter carriers.

Nevertheless, let me stop my drooling....

Speak about the weapons scandal of the early 1990s and everywhere you can hear a pin drop so silent are the bastards in the ANC. Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma...they were all in on it.

The master mind behind it was not as everyone thinks, Chippy Shaik, he was small fry. It was the double agent and Apartheid spy Joe Modise, now deceased, but the former Minister of Defence.

But to get his position at the feeding trough he first had to wipe his competition off the map, namely Chris Hani, the leader of the SA Communist Party and at the time chief of staff of uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) the armed terrorist wing of the ANC.

Hani was about to be made Minister of Defence and score all the kickbacks on weapons deals. “Bra Joe” (Joe Modise) could not have that, so along with his buddies like Neil Barnard in the SA Secret Service (NIS) or National Intelligence Services they had Hani assassinated, framing Conservative MP Clive Derby-Lewis and using another double agent Janusz Wallus as the killer.

With Hani out of the way, Joe Modise a founding member of MK and a former chief of staff himself was made Minister of Defence.

When he became the Minister of Defence he made his wife Jackie Sidebe the first female general in the New SA Defence Force and got his daughter Thereza Magazi on the board of Conlog (later renamed Logtek), one of the companies for counter trade agreements and the company responsible for securing the prepaid electricity meters for Eskom...these meters are in almost every house in SA today. He also appointed his brother in law, Lambert Moloi on the board of the parastatal arms manufacturer Denel (Armscor).

Modise, although a gangster and criminal was relatively honest. He once told Tony Leon of the DA “If you want to see generosity, look at the Nats (National Party)...We gave them half a dozen seats in cabinet and they gave us the country.” ( SA. A brave new world pg.46)

During the 1950’s Modise was a member of the township gang called the Spoilers in Alexandria near Pretoria who were fighting another gang called the Msomis. He was physically very strong. A boxer and a football player who could look after himself. He later became a truck driver.

The Spoilers were a cut above the rest of the Township gangs. They dressed smartly, befriended musicians and celebrities and were out to make money like the mafia.

Despite receiving terrorist training in Czechoslovakia and the USSR he never became a communist and was distrusted by Joe Slovo and Chris Hani as an” informer for the Boers”...which indeed he was. All his enemies ended up being wisked away by the Apartheid Security Police.

As an exile in Lusaka Zambia he was living a rich man’s life in the affluent suburb of Avondale . Running a stolen car racket and a bank robbery racket in South Africa.

At one stage Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda called him in and asked him not to flaunt his wealth, because the cars he was driving could not even be afforded by the Zambian ministers in parliament.

In 1981 he was arrested in Botswana smuggling weapons and diamonds. In 1985 he was selling an ANC/SWAPO weapons cache near Saurimo in Angola to UNITA . At the time UNITA was an ally of the Apartheid government and a sworn enemy of the ANC. At one stage in Lusaka he shared a house with a cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs dealer known as Mr. Stevens.

It is quite common knowledge amongst people in the know and journalists worthy of the name in South Africa that Joe Modise and his henchman Tom Nkobi were Apartheid informers and double agents and at the same time being mafia like criminals.

After F.W. de Klerk opened the floodgates and these criminals were allowed back in SA, along with Nigerian drug lords, we saw gang wars in 1996 with hand grenades chucked over garden walls, etc.

But it was when Modise befriended Solomon Majura, the ZANU-PF terrorist who became one of the biggest landowners of Zimbabwe after stealing white owned farmland that Modise saw drug dealing, car hi-jacking and bank robberies as small fry...the real money was to be made in government contracts.

Involving his friend at Denel, Fana Hlongwane, his political contacts such as Thabo Mbeki that he supported to succeed Nelson Mandela and that old Apartheid sanction buster Tony Georgiades, former husband of Elita now the wife of former president and traitor F.W. De Klerk he secured the deals with British Aerospace and Thomson CSF of France to buy new trainer jets for the SA air Force. Tony Georgiades was the middle man. See how the puzzle now all comes together?

Everyone from the top down, De Klerk, Mbeki, Modise, etc were all sharing the spoils of South Africa.

German Daimler Aerospace admitted that they delivered 30 luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles to top ANC members one of which was chief wip Tony Yengeni who at one stage chaired the Parliamentary Defence Committee and who would later be convicted of fraud and sent to prison, carried on the shoulders of his ANC mates such as Ibrahim Rasool into Polsmoor prison.

Things almost fell apart for Modise in 1997 when five former Security branch policemen applied for amnesty with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for their involvement in more than 40 murders of Anti Apartheid terrorists. They wanted to reveal the names of former Apartheid informants and double agents now in top government positions. Mbeki shut them up calling it gossip mongering and the TRC refused to make the names known.

None of this is a state secret. It is common knowledge nowadays. It was all reported in the mainstream media and condensed in journalist R.W. Johnson’s book, “South Africa, a brave new world”. 2009.

The Citizen newspaper is reporting that the entire arms deal scam is about to repeat itself and will cost even more than the first one. Arms Deal Scandal Number Two

And as can be expected, the same old criminals and fraudsters are involved. I quote from the article:

“Jacob Zuma wants an aircraft carrier, and it will be partly up to convicted fraudster Tony Yengeni to decide who will get the contract to supply a warship potentially costing even more than the four frigates bought as part of the controversial 1999 R60 billion arms deal.”

It is a little unclear what kind of Air craft Carrier they want to buy. It appears to be a helicopter carrier of the French Mistral class.

Advocate Paul Hoffman SC, director of the Southern Africa Institute for Accountability said: “The usefulness of the project is … questionable. If Yengeni remains on the review committee, it could cogently be argued that the success of the project will depend on the size of the bribes.”

The current Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu was shocked when she heard about the report in the Citizen Sisulu denies warship reports

One thing we have learned over the years is that the ANC are a bunch of liars and the moment their criminal dealings are discovered they deny all knowledge.

So let us see where this is going to develop into.

At the moment we know that the SA Navy has lost almost 80% of their technical staff since the ANC took over and implemented their racist Affirmative Action policies.

These highly qualified technicians and engineers have simply moved on and emigrated to greener pastures where their skills are appreciated such as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc...

In Simonstown, the four brand new state of the art German MEKO class frigates are almost all laid-up and rusting away , rotating a skeleton crew to every now and again take them out into False Bay for a spin or to scatter the ashes of a former Admiral.

When they are alongside and plugged into shore power only the air-conditioning system and the kitchen is switched on so the crew can feed on three meals a day under the African heat, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Of the highly sophisticated 209 class German submarines one is permanently laid up in a shed undergoing a three year repair to its electrical system. Considering that it takes only about six months to build such a machine from scratch and train its crew, it shows the immense stuff up that must have happened due to the ANC’s stupid Affirmative Action policies.

The other two submarines are still kept alive by a handful of extremely brilliant submariners like Commander Gary Kretschmer ( a legend in South Africa) who “sank” the entire NATO fleet in a combined naval exercise in 2007 and obviously made the chests of the ANC swell. Champagne corks were flying at the officers club in Simons Town at the time. Ace South African Submarine commander outwits entire NATO fleet

Yes...that is what we were back then.

But nowadays they rent the submarines out for wedding ceremonies.

Harcore Sub becomes a love boat


So my question is...

If they cannot even find technical staff to man the current subs or frigates (they call them corvettes, I doubt if the even know the difference) then where are they going to find the crew for the new Helicopter carriers??

This vessel is just going to be another brand new rust collector.

Four senior police chiefs in court for falsifying crime statistics

By Mike Smith
21th of January 2011

Last year in September the useless ANC released their bullshit crime statistics and claimed that violent crime came down for the third year in a row.

Apparently murder was down by 6.5% and sexual offences by 3.1%. Assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm dropped by 4.5%, while robbery with aggravating circumstances was down by 12%.

Anybody with half a brain knew that this laughable junk was nonsense. Yet, some idiots believed it and the DA actually congratulated the ANC regime on their efforts.

In the past I have explained how the police bungle cases, how forensic laboratories are overloaded and how the police “lose” dockets or deliberately falsify crime statistics. Then there is a moratorium on crime statistics implemented by the ANC to hide the true extent of crime in SA.

Links to how the crooked and corrupt ANC reduces crime
How the useless police bungle cases and criminals are set free

Here is another report on how the police falsify statistics Four senior police bosses in court for falsifying crime statistics

The investigation found murder cases had been reduced to inquests and that housebreakings had been described as trespassing.