31 December 2011

Happy New Year

By Mike Smith
31st of December 2011

So, it is that time again to say farewell to the old year and welcome in the new year.

To all the libtards, Marxists and corrupt ANC scum out there...There might have been times in 2011 that I disturbed you, irritated you, got up your noses or even troubled you...today I just want you to know that I plan to continue doing so in 2012. Nevertheless, I hope you finally get a life in the New Year.

To all my loyal supporters and readers...

Thanks for all your support over the last year and I hope we will have a great time in 2012, as always. Don’t worry if you stuffed up or made a few mistakes in 2011. We get another chance in 2012 to do it right.

Have a happy New Year ’s Eve and I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, blissful, and mind-blowing 2012!

Just so that we know who we are and where we come from, I will play out with some music. First up is Ronnie from Botswana wishing you a happy New Year.

Then follows the traditional Radetzky March by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Charles Dickens’ 1853 article. The Noble Savage

By Mike Smith
31st of December 2011

Below is the classic short story/article that Charles Dickens, the English novelist who wrote Oliver Twist, wrote in his weekly magazine called “Household Words” back in 1853 when the American artist George Catlin, famous for his portraits of American Indians, toured Britain to present his Noble Savages to the British. At the same time there was also an exhibition of Zulu’s from South Africa in London. Dickens just had enough of all this foolishness at that stage.

Note how Dickens refers to the Bushmen and the “Zulu Kaffirs” of South Africa.

The Noble Savage
By Charles Dickens (1853)
Source: The Noble Savage

TO come to the point at once, I beg to say that I have not the least belief in the Noble Savage. I consider him a prodigious nuisance, and an enormous superstition. His calling rum fire- water, and me a pale face, wholly fail to reconcile me to him. I don't care what he calls me. I call him a savage, and I call a savage a something highly desirable to be civilised off the face of the earth. I think a mere gent (which I take to be the lowest form of civilisation) better than a howling, whistling, clucking, stamping, jumping, tearing savage. It is all one to me, whether he sticks a fish-bone through his visage, or bits of trees through the lobes of his ears, or bird's feathers in his head; whether he flattens his hair between two boards, or spreads his nose over the breadth of his face, or drags his lower lip down by great weights, or blackens his teeth, or knocks them out, or paints one cheek red and the other blue, or tattoos himself, or oils himself, or rubs his body with fat, or crimps it with knives. Yielding to whichsoever of these agreeable eccentricities, he is a savage - cruel, false, thievish, murderous; addicted more or less to grease, entrails, and beastly customs; a wild animal with the questionable gift of boasting; a conceited, tiresome, bloodthirsty, monotonous humbug.

Yet it is extraordinary to observe how some people will talk about him, as they talk about the good old times; how they will regret his disappearance, in the course of this world's development, from such and such lands where his absence is a blessed relief and an indispensable preparation for the sowing of the very first seeds of any influence that can exalt humanity; how, even with the evidence of himself before them, they will either be determined to believe, or will suffer themselves to be persuaded into believing, that he is something which their five senses tell them he is not.

There was Mr. Catlin, some few years ago, with his Ojibbeway Indians. Mr. Catlin was an energetic, earnest man, who had lived among more tribes of Indians than I need reckon up here, and who had written a picturesque and glowing book about them. With his party of Indians squatting and spitting on the table before him, or dancing their miserable jigs after their own dreary manner, he called, in all good faith, upon his civilised audience to take notice of their symmetry and grace, their perfect limbs, and the exquisite expression of their pantomime; and his civilised audience, in all good faith, complied and admired. Whereas, as mere animals, they were wretched creatures, very low in the scale and very poorly formed; and as men and women possessing any power of truthful dramatic expression by means of action, they were no better than the chorus at an Italian Opera in England - and would have been worse if such a thing were possible.

Mine are no new views of the noble savage. The greatest writers on natural history found him out long ago. BUFFON knew what he was, and showed why he is the sulky tyrant that he is to his women, and how it happens (Heaven be praised!) that his race is spare in numbers. For evidence of the quality of his moral nature, pass himself for a moment and refer to his 'faithful dog.' Has he ever improved a dog, or attached a dog, since his nobility first ran wild in woods, and was brought down (at a very long shot) by POPE? Or does the animal that is the friend of man, always degenerate in his low society?

It is not the miserable nature of the noble savage that is the new thing; it is the whimpering over him with maudlin admiration, and the affecting to regret him, and the drawing of any comparison of advantage between the blemishes of civilisation and the tenor of his swinish life. There may have been a change now and then in those diseased absurdities, but there is none in him.

Think of the Bushmen. Think of the two men and the two women who have been exhibited about England for some years. Are the majority of persons - who remember the horrid little leader of that party in his festering bundle of hides, with his filth and his antipathy to water, and his straddled legs, and his odious eyes shaded by his brutal hand, and his cry of 'Qu-u-u-u-aaa!' (Bosjesman for something desperately insulting I have no doubt) - conscious of an affectionate yearning towards that noble savage, or is it idiosyncratic in me to abhor, detest, abominate, and abjure him? I have no reserve on this subject, and will frankly state that, setting aside that stage of the entertainment when he counterfeited the death of some creature he had shot, by laying his head on his hand and shaking his left leg - at which time I think it would have been justifiable homicide to slay him - I have never seen that group sleeping, smoking, and expectorating round their brazier, but I have sincerely desired that something might happen to the charcoal smouldering therein, which would cause the immediate suffocation of the whole of the noble strangers.

There is at present a party of Zulu Kaffirs exhibiting at the St. George's Gallery, Hyde Park Corner, London. These noble savages are represented in a most agreeable manner; they are seen in an elegant theatre, fitted with appropriate scenery of great beauty, and they are described in a very sensible and unpretending lecture, delivered with a modesty which is quite a pattern to all similar exponents. Though extremely ugly, they are much better shaped than such of their predecessors as I have referred to; and they are rather picturesque to the eye, though far from odoriferous to the nose. What a visitor left to his own interpretings and imaginings might suppose these noblemen to be about, when they give vent to that pantomimic expression which is quite settled to be the natural gift of the noble savage, I cannot possibly conceive; for it is so much too luminous for my personal civilisation that it conveys no idea to my mind beyond a general stamping, ramping, and raving, remarkable (as everything in savage life is) for its dire uniformity. But let us - with the interpreter's assistance, of which I for one stand so much in need - see what the noble savage does in Zulu Kaffirland.

The noble savage sets a king to reign over him, to whom he submits his life and limbs without a murmur or question, and whose whole life is passed chin deep in a lake of blood; but who, after killing incessantly, is in his turn killed by his relations and friends, the moment a grey hair appears on his head. All the noble savage's wars with his fellow-savages (and he takes no pleasure in anything else) are wars of extermination - which is the best thing I know of him, and the most comfortable to my mind when I look at him. He has no moral feelings of any kind, sort, or description; and his 'mission' may be summed up as simply diabolical.

The ceremonies with which he faintly diversifies his life are, of course, of a kindred nature. If he wants a wife he appears before the kennel of the gentleman whom he has selected for his father-in- law, attended by a party of male friends of a very strong flavour, who screech and whistle and stamp an offer of so many cows for the young lady's hand. The chosen father-in-law - also supported by a high-flavoured party of male friends - screeches, whistles, and yells (being seated on the ground, he can't stamp) that there never was such a daughter in the market as his daughter, and that he must have six more cows. The son-in-law and his select circle of backers screech, whistle, stamp, and yell in reply, that they will give three more cows. The father-in-law (an old deluder, overpaid at the beginning) accepts four, and rises to bind the bargain. The whole party, the young lady included, then falling into epileptic convulsions, and screeching, whistling, stamping, and yelling together - and nobody taking any notice of the young lady (whose charms are not to be thought of without a shudder) - the noble savage is considered married, and his friends make demoniacal leaps at him by way of congratulation.

When the noble savage finds himself a little unwell, and mentions the circumstance to his friends, it is immediately perceived that he is under the influence of witchcraft. A learned personage, called an Imyanger or Witch Doctor, is immediately sent for to Nooker the Umtargartie, or smell out the witch. The male inhabitants of the kraal being seated on the ground, the learned doctor, got up like a grizzly bear, appears, and administers a dance of a most terrific nature, during the exhibition of which remedy he incessantly gnashes his teeth, and howls:- 'I am the original physician to Nooker the Umtargartie. Yow yow yow! No connexion with any other establishment. Till till till! All other Umtargarties are feigned Umtargarties, Boroo Boroo! but I perceive here a genuine and real Umtargartie, Hoosh Hoosh Hoosh! in whose blood I, the original Imyanger and Nookerer, Blizzerum Boo! will wash these bear's claws of mine. O yow yow yow!' All this time the learned physician is looking out among the attentive faces for some unfortunate man who owes him a cow, or who has given him any small offence, or against whom, without offence, he has conceived a spite. Him he never fails to Nooker as the Umtargartie, and he is instantly killed. In the absence of such an individual, the usual practice is to Nooker the quietest and most gentlemanly person in company. But the nookering is invariably followed on the spot by the butchering.

Some of the noble savages in whom Mr. Catlin was so strongly interested, and the diminution of whose numbers, by rum and smallpox, greatly affected him, had a custom not unlike this, though much more appalling and disgusting in its odious details.

The women being at work in the fields, hoeing the Indian corn, and the noble savage being asleep in the shade, the chief has sometimes the condescension to come forth, and lighten the labour by looking at it. On these occasions, he seats himself in his own savage chair, and is attended by his shield-bearer: who holds over his head a shield of cowhide - in shape like an immense mussel shell - fearfully and wonderfully, after the manner of a theatrical supernumerary. But lest the great man should forget his greatness in the contemplation of the humble works of agriculture, there suddenly rushes in a poet, retained for the purpose, called a Praiser.

This literary gentleman wears a leopard's head over his own, and a dress of tigers' tails; he has the appearance of having come express on his hind legs from the Zoological Gardens; and he incontinently strikes up the chief's praises, plunging and tearing all the while. There is a frantic wickedness in this brute's manner of worrying the air, and gnashing out, 'O what a delightful chief he is! O what a delicious quantity of blood he sheds! O how majestically he laps it up! O how charmingly cruel he is! O how he tears the flesh of his enemies and crunches the bones! O how like the tiger and the leopard and the wolf and the bear he is! O, row row row row, how fond I am of him!' which might tempt the Society of Friends to charge at a hand-gallop into the Swartz-Kop location and exterminate the whole kraal.

When war is afoot among the noble savages - which is always - the chief holds a council to ascertain whether it is the opinion of his brothers and friends in general that the enemy shall be exterminated. On this occasion, after the performance of an Umsebeuza, or war song, - which is exactly like all the other songs, - the chief makes a speech to his brothers and friends, arranged in single file. No particular order is observed during the delivery of this address, but every gentleman who finds himself excited by the subject, instead of crying 'Hear, hear!' as is the custom with us, darts from the rank and tramples out the life, or crushes the skull, or mashes the face, or scoops out the eyes, or breaks the limbs, or performs a whirlwind of atrocities on the body, of an imaginary enemy. Several gentlemen becoming thus excited at once, and pounding away without the least regard to the orator, that illustrious person is rather in the position of an orator in an Irish House of Commons. But, several of these scenes of savage life bear a strong generic resemblance to an Irish election, and I think would be extremely well received and understood at Cork.

In all these ceremonies the noble savage holds forth to the utmost possible extent about himself; from which (to turn him to some civilised account) we may learn, I think, that as egotism is one of the most offensive and contemptible littlenesses a civilised man can exhibit, so it is really incompatible with the interchange of ideas; inasmuch as if we all talked about ourselves we should soon have no listeners, and must be all yelling and screeching at once on our own separate accounts: making society hideous. It is my opinion that if we retained in us anything of the noble savage, we could not get rid of it too soon. But the fact is clearly otherwise. Upon the wife and dowry question, substituting coin for cows, we have assuredly nothing of the Zulu Kaffir left.

The endurance of despotism is one great distinguishing mark of a savage always. The improving world has quite got the better of that too. In like manner, Paris is a civilised city, and the Theatre Francais a highly civilised theatre; and we shall never hear, and never have heard in these later days (of course) of the Praiser THERE. No, no, civilised poets have better work to do. As to Nookering Umtargarties, there are no pretended Umtargarties in Europe, and no European powers to Nooker them; that would be mere spydom, subordination, small malice, superstition, and false pretence. And as to private Umtargarties, are we not in the year eighteen hundred and fifty-three, with spirits rapping at our doors?

To conclude as I began. My position is, that if we have anything to learn from the Noble Savage, it is what to avoid. His virtues are a fable; his happiness is a delusion; his nobility, nonsense.

We have no greater justification for being cruel to the miserable object, than for being cruel to a WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE or an ISAAC NEWTON; but he passes away before an immeasurably better and higher power than ever ran wild in any earthly woods, and the world will be all the better when his place knows him no more.

Charles Dickens's short story: The Noble Savage

30 December 2011

Eugene de Kock up for parole

By Mike Smith
30th of December 2011

Two weeks ago it turned out that Eugene de Kock might get parole.

De Kock is serving two life sentences and 212 years in prison for operating a police hit squad known as C1, later C10 from the Vlakplaas farm during the Apartheid years.

He claims to have only followed orders that he received from (along with funding) the State Security Council which was made up from intelligence personnel and the top NP politicians including Law and Order minister Adriaan Vlok,  Genl Johan vd Merwe (De Kock’s boss) and former President F.W. de Klerk himself.

The reason why De Klerk is not also in prison is because the coward, instead of being a man and taking the rap, told the TRC that to “eliminate” or “liquidate” did not mean to kill. It meant remove from society or the country by any other means except to kill.

He said De Kock must have misunderstood what “eliminate” meant...and acted out of his own convictions.
So understandably, Eugene de Kock is a bit sour with Adriaan Vlok and F.W. de Klerk and he has been wanting to sing like a canary for many years.

Almost three years ago in April 2009 De Kock had a secret three hour meeting with President Jacob Zuma. No-one knows what was discussed, but I am sure they were not swapping tips on shopping bargains or car repair.

At the time of the secret meeting at the high security prison in Pretoria, the Sunday Independent reported that De Kock had offered to provide Zuma with inside information about others involved with government death squads, whom he complained had so far got off "scot-free".

De Kock indicated that he would be prepared to testify before any new investigation into atrocities committed under apartheid, even offering to help locate unmarked graves in which victims were buried.

De Kock told the Rapport newspaper at the time that he looked forward to working after coming to grips with a changed society.

It seems like he is sucking up to government, because he said, "I was one of the few policemen, perhaps the only one, who wasn't a racist."

So exactly what kind of work is it that De Kock plans to do when he gets out? What kind of work is a mastermind assassin looking for? Who will hire such a person with such an impressive CV?

I am sure that the ANC has enough money to hire a man with the talents that De Kock possesses and that they could put him and his talents to very good use, but I think they will have to wait until De Kock has settled a few personal scores first.

I think if I was Adriaan Vlok or F.W. de Klerk, I would be very nervous right now.

Eugene de Kock up for parole
The secret meeting between Zuma and De Kock

MK turned 50

By Mike Smith
30th of December 2011

A few days ago, on the 17th of December the ANC’s “private army” called Umkhonto weSizwe (“spear of the nation”- MK for short) celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Orlando soccer stadium.

MK was formed on the Day of the Vow, 16th of Dec 1961 and Nelson Mandela was its leader.

When I used the term “private army” above, I used it in loose terms, because MK was always and will always be a Marxist terrorist organization who planted bombs in shopping centres, bars, landmines on farm roads, bombs in vehicles, etc and blew up innocent people.

According to police statistics presented at the TRC, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission findings, between 1976 and 1986, these terrorist scum killed 130 people with their bombings. 30 of them were members of the security forces. 100 were innocent civilians. Of that 100, 40 were white and 60 were black.

It proves that the ANC and their cowardly MK trash had no problem killing the innocent black people they were supposedly “liberating”. Not only that, they tortured, raped and killed their own members at training camps such as Quatro in Angola.

The ANC and MK was officially classified by the CIA, the US government, and several others as a terrorist organisation and Nelson Mandela was officially classified as a terrorist and had to get a special visa every time he wanted to enter the USA all the way up to 2008.

Mandela on US terrorist list
Mandela off the US terrorist list in July 2008
The terrorist legacy of Nelson Mandela, the ANC and MK

What I find amazing is that this MK organisation still exists! They were supposedly disbanded in 1994 and supposedly integrated with the armed forces in South Africa.

Further, under South African law it is illegal to have private armies and no political party is supposed to have one. The ANC has several.

First there is MK, then there is their own secret service independent of the government and newly they have a youth corps called NARYSEC

MK should be illegal, yet are allowed to freely celebrate their 50th year of their miserable existence. Not only that, the opposition DA party wished the scum well...Go figure.

The DA wished MK well in its celebrations
Second source

29 December 2011

Anthropological case study: The useless Communist dictatorship of North Korea’s opera vs the sophisticated Western opera

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

You know...opera is not everyman’s thing. It is a refined and maybe an acquired taste. And as we know taste differs.

For me, visiting an opera is a reminder of my heritage and my culture. The opera and the ballet are to me the most refined expressions of my European heritage and a reminder of where I come from and what my people have contributed to this world.

Sadly, nowadays, I hardly ever visit the opera anymore, unlike in my teens and early twenties when I used to watch La Traviata, Otello and Aida at the Nico Malan in Cape Town.

Sometimes I miss the plays such as King Lear, My Fair Lady, Hamlett and Macbeth that my school forced us to go and watch. At the time we hated it, but today we yearn for it.

But for anybody who has ever sat through a two and a half hour opera, it will be quite familiar that one has at least a pause midway through to at least go to the loo.

But have you ever sat through a North Korean Opera?

Neither have I, but my friends told me about the time in 1984 when the illustrious Kim il-Sung, President and dictator of North Korea, visited the former East German GDR under the Erich Honicker communist regime.

As a gift to the East German people they performed an opera that the attendees had to wrestle through...six hours long. When I say six hours then I mean it was not the end of the opera yet, it was when my friends left. The final act lasted another hour.

Seven hours of the most repetitive, boring ching-ting-ding-dong music and crap costumes that anyone can ever imagine. The same thing over and over and over...It must have been torture to any European.

I mean, to speak Chinese or Korean is easy. Just take a silver tray stacked with a complete silver tea set and chuck it down a flight of stairs...

The sound that it makes....ching-chong-ding-dong---is the Korean language...Just repeat it with a hell of a lot of hand gestures and you will find your way around quite easily in Korea.

Nevertheless...On top of it the Koreans were quite insulted that they had to provide a midway break for the European audience. Normally they perform it all in one go.

Someone who actually attended the opera called, “The little flower girl” about the victories of the “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung over the Japanese during the 1930’s actually posted the entire programme of “The little flower girl” online... it can be founded Here

Truth is of course that the Japanese kicked Korean butt and ruled them from 1905 to 1945, but only properly. Kim il-Sung plagiarised his name from other great Koreans and as a boy sold bubble gum to Japanese soldiers attending Korean brothels to survive. So much for being the “Great Leader”. Pretty much the same garden boy variety that currently rules South Africa. Common Lumpen-proletariat and scum.

So below is...if you can stomach it and imagine seven hours of it, an example of The Korean opera, compared to one of our finest...The drinking song from La Traviata...appropriate to this time of the year of course. For the more sophisticated, the lyrics are below if you want to sing it under the shower like I do in the mornings after a heavy night of drinking ;-)

Giuseppe Verdi - La Traviata

Libiamo, libiamo ne'lieti calici
che la belleza infiora.
E la fuggevol ora s'inebrii
a voluttà.
Libiamo ne'dolci fremiti
che suscita l'amore,
poichè quell'ochio al core
Omnipotente va.
Libiamo, amore fra i calici
più caldi baci avrà.
Ah, libiamo;
amor fra i calici
Più caldi baci avrà

Tra voi tra voi saprò dividere
il tempo mio giocondo;
Tutto è follia nel mondo
Ciò che non è piacer.
Godiam, fugace e rapido
e'il gaudio dell’amore,
e'un fior che nasce e muore,
ne più si può goder.
Godiam c'invita un fervido
accento lusighier.
Godiam, la tazza e il cantico
la notte abbella e il riso;
in questo paradise
ne sopra il nuovo dì.
La vita è nel tripudio

Quando non s'ami ancora.

Nol dite a chi l'ignora,

e' il mio destin così ...

Godiamo, la tazza e il cantico
la notte abbella e il riso;
in questo paradiso ne sopra il nuovo dì.

The farcical COP17 and the other side of Durban

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

At one stage the once beautiful city of Durban in South Africa was called “The last British outpost” on the African continent.

I always smiled when I heard Durbanites refer to their city in that way, because it has been self evident for many years that Durban is going to the dogs under the ANC and more specifically under Mayor Michael Sutcliffe probably and argumentatively a contestant for the “Most-useless-application-of-a-white-skin” contest...ever.

Nevertheless, this past month we have seen Durban play host to COP17 or the United Nations Conference of Parties to Climate Change meeting 17.

As was expected it was a spectacular failure, mostly due to blogs like this one of mine who tell the truth about political and contemporary matters and this junk that is now called “climate change”.

A while ago they called it “Global Warming” until some scientists proved that in fact the earth was cooling down in the last ten years, so they changed it to “Climate Change”.

It is just a communist ploy to get liberal westerners to put pressure on their governments to put a handbrake on their own technological developments whilst at the same time make some money out of the gullible liberal West.

Truth is that Western Countries especially Europe, is the least pollutant of all and a trip through Germany or Denmark will prove how whites religiously separate their garbage at great personal cost whilst scumbag countries such as China, Vietnam, North Korea, etc pollute the atmosphere and the environment to their heart’s content.

It has been proven through their own falsifications of data that pro-global warming, climate change scientists have been conspiring for a number of years to present bullshit data to the public in order to hamstring technological developments of the West.

Science behind Climate Change falsified

How any informed person in this day and age can still take this nonsense of COP17 and “Climate Change” seriously is beyond comprehension.

I am glad that COP17 has failed and that people are waking up to this pseudo science junk.
A “Green Fund” of $100 billion will be spent annually to assist apparent poor countries to adapt to climate change impacts.

Am I the only one, or do you also smell the bullshit? It is just an extortionist method of playing on guilt feelings to get the Western taxpayers such as you and I to donate more money to the useless unproductive communist scum who are the biggest polluters in the first place.

Meanwhile back at the ranch in Durban the once prestigious Emergency Medical Rescue Services building, built by the Apartheid Government to save mostly black lives is crawling with rats, snakes and stray cats and homeless people are having public sex orgies in it.

Emergency medical building in Durban going to the dogs

“The appalling state of the Emergency Medical Rescue Services in Durban has led to the building becoming a home for cats, snakes and all sorts of vermin.”

“An on-site inspection by sister newspaper Isolezwe ngoMgqibelo revealed the roof is ready to come tumbling down, the walls are rotten with paint peeling and the windows are broken in the filthy building just off Warwick Avenue that houses government ambulances and staff for greater Durban.”

What a cheek Mrs. Obama!

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

You know...nobody is perfect and we all probably wish we were in the same shape as we were when we were 19 years old.

But then comes along idiotic hypocrites like the American First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Now I don’t know if you have noticed that she has some well toned biceps, but apparently she does.

Personally I am not much of a bicep man myself. Not actually that way inclined if you know what I mean. In fact I do not know any warm blooded male or have ever come across one who is a “bicep-man”.

What I am trying to say is that 99% of warm blooded men similar to myself, that I have come across cannot keep their eyes off woman’s bottoms. I admit that there might be a fringe group of biceps-men who admire women’s biceps...I however is not one of them.

I suppose...allegedly, apparently...women also stare at our asses.

Something I do not fully comprehend yet, but let’s move along swiftly...
Michelle Obama is, well, let us just say well endowed in that region. No problem with that if President Obama finds that somehow attractive. After all, as I always say...one man’s kink’s is another man’s kicks.

But Mrs. Obama goes around the country and lectures to little kids about good nutrition and obesity, but then enters her jet plane and scoffs a barrel of KFC and two hamburgers, before the plane touches down at the next gullible town, which would swallow all her bullshit, (no pun intended). The evidence is there. Just look at her.

I mean if you are going to sell a concept of health and nutrition to little impressionable minds then you first have to look the part. Unfortunately, The US first lady does not in all honesty, look the part...despite what they say about her biceps.

Personally I think she should hit the treadmill, but only in a big way, before she starts lecturing to others, especially young children about health and nutrition.

What a cheek!


It tops the list of things you should never say to any woman - let alone the First Lady of America. So a US congressman has understandably landed himself in trouble after making some rather ungentlemanly remarks about the size of Michelle Obama’s bottom.

Jim Sensenbrenner went so far as to suggest President Barack Obama’s wife was setting a bad example to children because her rear was too big.

The portly Republican, himself a well-known fan of unhealthy snack foods, suggested Mrs Obama was being hypocritical with her ‘Let’s move’ campaign to tackle childhood obesity.

He was overheard making the comments in a mobile phone conversation while waiting at Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport.

Speaking very loudly, the 68-year-old said he had been attending a church auction three weeks ago when a woman came up to him and praised Mrs Obama.
He apparently went on that after listening to the woman he told her: “She lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.”

Mrs Obama has long been an advocate of healthy living and is admired for her toned biceps, which she maintains with lengthy daily workouts.

Friends have said the 47-year-old undertakes a gruelling mixture of cross-training, strength and cardio exercises usually involving weights, the treadmill or a bike.

After his comments were reported, a spokesman for Mr Sensenbrenner said the congressman would be contacting Mrs Obama to apologise.

She said: “Mr Sensenbrenner was referring to the First Lady’s healthy food initiative.”

“He doesn’t think the government should be telling Americans what to eat. While he may not agree with all of her initiatives, he plans to contact the First Lady’s office to apologise for his comments.” Mrs Obama has not commented on the remarks. - Daily Mail

South Africa: Car of the year 2011

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

OK, I know this is not much to do about politics, but I just had to comment on this one.

The car of the year award was presented the other day and it is the Range Rover Evoque...phonetically, in Afrikaans that would almost be a swear word (O Fôque).

BTW, ever wondered why “phonetic” is spelled with a “ph” instead of with an “F”?

Nevertheless, when I saw this vehicle I immediately knew that I have seen this image somewhere before. It was a déjà vu moment. Then it struck me...Westley Snipes in Blade....a black vampire...talking about tautology...
Car of the year Range Rover Evoque

Just notice the resembelence...the protruding nose and lips far in front of the wind shield, the flaring nostrils...for some or other reason I just cannot see myself driving arround in one of these.

Amichand Rajbansi died today

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

You know...if there is something I detest then it is hypocritical, useless politicians singing the praises of their enemies or fellow useless politicians after their deaths.

Look at the death of Amichand Rajbansi today.

All I remember of the wannabee Ghandi is the time that the AWB broke through the glass at the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park during the Codesa negotiations and one AWB member walked up to Rajbansi and slapped him so hard that his toupee was sitting skew on his head.

Why can the Politicians not be honest and say what we all know.

Rajbansi was political prostitute who first accepted the National Party offer to serve in the Tricameral cabinet and later joined into an alliance with the Marxist terrorist scum called the ANC.

No, Dr. Mongosuthu Buthelezi has to sing his praises and state that A political giant is gone

It is apparently quite common knowledge that Buthelezi was banging Rajbansi’s wife, Asha Devi, who later joined the IFP of Buthelezi. But let us not go on hearsay.

Nevertheless, Rajbansi and Asha later divorced under weird circumstances.

All the ills in their marriage and problems were blamed on a ghost or several ghosts in their house.
You just cannot make this shit up Rajbansi orders a new exorcist

Rajbansi was convinced his wife was possessed by evil spirits and took her to temples to be cleansed and ordered exorcists to his house several times, but wifey Asha Devi was rather possessed with jungle fever if you ask me.

And this is what Buthelezi today calls “A political giant”? What utter bollocks! Rajbansi was a fake and an insignificant, insecure political midget of a man who used to wear a toupee to cover his bald spot and couldn’t hang on to his wife. Why not just be honest about it? Cut the bullshit.

Besides, after Jan Smuts almost singlehandedly wrote the UN charter and the UN had its first general assembly in 1946, India was one of South Africa’s greatest critics, because of the racial policies of South Africa.

Yet these Indians forgot all about their own cast system where people born of a darker colour would be in the low class and people of a lighter colour in the upper class. In this system you are born that way and can never escape.

The Indians attacked the very Jan Smuts to the point where he offered to repatriate the entire South African Indian community back to India or Sri Lanka at state cost...he even offered them start up capital in their mother country. They sent a delegation there that returned and told the South African Indians to stay where they were, because conditions in their home countries were ten times worse than in South Africa!

Truth is that under Apartheid the Indian community of South Africa became rich and powerful and today numbers more than a million people. Under Apartheid the living standards of Indians in South Africa were about on par with white South Africans and in many cases, surpassed that of whites. Till this day Indians in South Africa are some of the richest people...all because of...not in spite of...Apartheid.

Amichand Rajbansi never contributed anything to the wellbeing of his people in South Africa, the Apartheid system allowed for Indians or anybody for that matter to become rich and powerful.

Amichand Rajbansi was never blocked or prohibited from travelling abroad, unlike his Indian brothers in India, who cannot visit South Africa, unless an Indian in South Africa can pay a deposit and vouch for his return.

If Apartheid was so bad and if he and his fellow Indians wanted to...they could have returned to India at state cost and with start up capital.

Today, white South Africans dream of such a proposition. They wish somebody would offer them a ticket back to Europe and start up capital to boot. Even Australia would do...but that might be pushing it a bit. I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

Nevertheless, let the man rest in peace. He had enough shit in his life. I just find the hypocricy of his enemies and so called “friends” who today sing his praises after his death reprehensible. If they were really his friends, they should have done while he was still alive.

This week’s Darwin Awards

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

Like I always say, never interfere with Mother Nature. She has her way of sorting out the chaff from the wheat.

Now if only more idiots would come upon stupid ideas like this, we could be making headway in this country. What is the bet they were members of the ANC Youth League?

Boys killed while sleeping in road

Two teenage boys were killed when a car drove over them on the Vereeniging road near Potchefstroom on Thursday, North West police said.

“The two were allegedly hit by a speeding motor vehicle while sleeping on the road about 20km outside Potchefstroom,” Lt-Col Lesego Metsi said.

The two, aged 16 and 17, and two other friends decided to sleep on the road in the hope that motorists would offer them a lift.

They were hitch-hiking from Potchefstroom to Boipatong in the Vaal area. A black or charcoal VW Jetta with unknown registration plates, travelling towards Vereeniging, drove over them, killing two instantly, around 3am.

The other two were unhurt. The driver apparently only stopped to pick up his licence plate before fleeing the scene.

The names of deceased were being withheld until their families had been informed. - Sapa

Jacob Zuma hates Christians

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

"Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." Matthew 7:6

Despite all the lies, deception and rubbish told by the ANC and their Marxist scum buddies, they hate Christianity. They try to cover this up and try to prevent others from finding out about it, but every now and again they let their mask slip and then one sees the real satanic scum behind the mask.

Just before Christmas, President Jacob Zuma had a go at and dealt out a few snotklappe (side swipes) at the Christians, mostly the whites who have brought Christianity to Africa.

According to the illustrious Prez Zuma who took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, there were no old age homes, orphanages or mental institutions amongst the blacks back in the “good old days” of black rule. White Christians introduced it into South Africa.

It has to be remembered that Zuma is not very bright. He is a functionally illiterate man with about four years of schooling and is infamous for his wayward quotes, such as that in his youth they would punch the lights out of gay men, women who wears skirts instead of trousers are asking to be raped, despite traditional Zulu girls wearing short grass skirts and bare breast without their men raping them, etc...

Zuma is also famous for his view that a shower after unprotected sex will prevent one from contracting AIDS, that a vote for the ANC is a ticket to heaven and a vote against the ANC will lead you to hell and damnation, that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes, etc, etc...

As you can see, the man is a total moron. Not fit to run a bath, let alone a major economic power on the African continent, such as South Africa.

To an extent I actually agree with Zuma...

White missionaries should never have taught blacks about Christianity. They should never have taught blacks to read and write. These were Western concepts that Blacks never had and were happy to be without as president Zuma confirmed. It is wrong to force any form of Western culture onto Black culture.

It was wrong to teach blacks about Western values and systems like democracy, the rule of law and built hospitals and schools for them. The president says that the benevolent white Christians who did this are to blame for all the ills of Africa and should never have saved the lives of millions of blacks, through the eradication of Malaria, yellow fever, Polio, Cholera and other tropical diseases that used to keep the numbers of blacks in check.

The man is right. The whites who are responsible for this were the causes of the demographic imbalance of 4 million whites to 45 million blacks today. Black numbers increasing 20 times over the last 100 years where white numbers only doubled once.

Instead of having spent billions upon billions over the last 60 years or so on black education and health, whites could have used that money to secure their own children’s futures, put the money in overseas trusts that could have looked after poor and old Afrikaners for instance or create scholarship trusts for whites South Africans to study overseas.

No, the benevolent or should I say altruistic, Christian whites of South Africa chose to commit political, economic and military Hari-kiri by supporting the black population all the time watching the demographic imbalance grows out of control. Anybody with half a brain could see where it would lead to...but hey, the Bible says you must love your enemies and love your neighbours.

Bit of a bummer when the enemies and the neighbours do not believe or practice the same thing, and in fact believe in your total eradication off the face of the planet.

That is why altruism is wrong. Preservation of your own life is foremost in principal. If you cannot protect or preserve your own life, you cannot help others, not even that of your wife or children. Altruism leads to self destruction, destruction of your offspring and destruction of your people as a whole.

Nevertheless, at the height of the mighty Zulu empire... during the reign of the gay and mommy’s boy with an Oedipus complex, King Shaka, he killed an estimated two million blacks in mass murders known as the Defecane.

The men of smaller tribes, were killed off, the women raped and taken away as sexual slaves and the young boys forced into military service. The elderly and mentally or physically handicapped were considered useless and simply killed off.

What a wonderful system our el-Prezidenté reckons. Far more superior to our system of old age homes, mental asylums, orphanages, etc... I wish that these practices could still be ongoing today. The President is right...the country needs more Shaka’s and Mugabe’s, not more hospitals and orphanages for blacks.

I would like to have a meeting with President Zuma so that we can discuss a way forward of undoing all the influence of Western Christianity and returning to the old tribal ways of the blacks. There is nothing I want more, than for blacks to rule themselves in the black way, with black laws, not Roman Dutch law...and leave us white the hell alone.

I promise we will return the favour and have absolutely nothing to do with blacks ever again. We will never spend another cent of our money on them or lay as much as one brick on top of another to build them any schools or hospitals.

My wish for the New Year is that our illustrious president would show us the way forward in order to accomplish this goal. Let us undo everything the white Christians have given Blacks. Let blacks now pay all the money back or hand over all the property such as schools, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, houses, airports, railroads, harbours, etc that the white Christians have built over the last 350 years in South Africa.

Come mister Zuma...put your money where your mouth is. Let’s get the show on the road!

Zuma slamming Christians

Kim Jong Il dead and buried: Long lives Kim Jong-Un, “The Great Successor”

By Mike Smith
29th of December 2011

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and are gearing up to say good bye to 2011 and hello to 2012 with a bang. As you can see I am back at my post, and we have some catch up to do.

So let’s kick off with the death of that Communist piece of trash Kim Jong-Il who died 17th of December 2011 and who was buried yesterday.

One thing that I must say about communists is that they have a tenacity to stick around and outlive us all. Have you ever noticed how old these scumbags always get? Mandela is 93, Mugabe is almost 88, Fidel Castro is 85.

Either the Devil looks well after his children or the bastards just do not want to die, because they know what waits for them after death. May they all rot in hell.

Nevertheless, 2011 also saw the relatively early deaths of two oppressive communist dictators and scumbags, namely Muamar-al Gaddafi and Kim Jong Il, both 69 at the time of their deaths.

Today, North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but with the third largest army and hard at work to create nuclear warheads (they have had two nuclear tests already) so that they can extort aid money from the Western World.

It works like this...If you are an insignificant dictatorship like Gaddafi or Mubarak then you can get easily deposed of, by a western supported revolution, but when you have a nuclear weapon, the west will invite you for tea and biscuits with the queen of England and President Obama and throw endless amounts of money at you. No wonder Iran is also moving in that direction.

The West does not care much for how many hundreds of thousands of Koreans are tortured, raped and murdered in the North Korean Gulags.

Communism has been proved to be a ridiculous economic/political system that leads to self destruction and total implosion very quickly, but during the times of Lenin and Stalin, the West supported these repressive regimes and kept them alive, just like they are keeping Mugabe and North Korea alive. Whether the innocent people are eating rat shit to stay alive, does not matter much. As long as the countries are stable and western interests are not in danger, it is just business as usual.

Anyway, today North Korea is a prime example as to what a load of ridiculous junk communism is.
Take the Grand daddy, Kim Il-sung, “The Great Leader” for instance...

The North Korean people are being told that he created the entire world and singlehandedly defeated the Japanese in 1945.

His son, Kim Jong-il succeeded him in 1994 and was called, “The supreme leader”. He is probably the most remarkable Kim of all...

The North Korean people are told that his birth in a log cabin was foretold by a swallow and at the time of his birth a double rainbow and a special star appeared in the sky above the mountains and that spring broke out spontaneously.

Just before North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died, the skies glowed red above sacred Mount Paektu and the impenetrable sheet of ice at the heart of the mystical volcano cracked with a deafening roar. The weather was freakishly cold and the seas were stormy. His death caused the waves to rise up to three metres.

Known in official media as the “Lodestar of the 21st Century”, Kim Jong-il had a photographic memory, his political writings and philosophy were reported and broadcast every day and he wrote scores of books telling “all the truths of the world”. He also wrote six operas in two years and hit 11 holes in one in the first round of golf he played.

In the West, the image of Kim Jong-il is of a gourmand with flying phobia who travelled everywhere in a specially fitted Japanese-built train with 21 carriages, lobster tanks and two armoured Mercedes cars. Inside the train, he would chow down on sushi and quaff vintage Bordeaux wine, which he took to drinking after doctors made him give up Hennessy cognac. Meanwhile, the citizens of his country were starving outside during the regular famines that blighted his reign.

Read more here
And here

New kid on the block is Kim Jong-un (27), “The great successor”... Who is reported to be a big drinker, just like his daddy and “born from heaven”. He will just skip a few years in age and celebrate his 30th birthday next year and nobody will argue with him seeing that he is also supreme commander of the North Korean army...and therefore the man holding the keys to the country’s nuclear arsenal. Let’s just hope someone confiscates his keys before he goes on a binge drinking session, before he comes upon some stupid ideas.

24 December 2011

A dream for Christmas

By Mike Smith

I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
"May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be WHITE"

Merry Christmas to you all!!

16 December 2011

Uncle Cracker is taking a break

By Mike Smith
16th of December 2011

Dear Readers and followers of my blog

Today marks my fith year since I unselfishly started blogging about the disaster of what my beloved country, South Africa has become under the hands of Marxist Communist Terrorists scum. Namely the ANC.

Today I am proud to have been a member of the original South Africa Sucks blog.

We were shut down about nine times, (The Uhuru Guru can correct me on this, because I have lost count).
Nevertheless, every time we were in dire straits, our girl, Dark Raven, operating in the background, pulled us together, and drove us to carry on. She was the cement between the bricks that held us together. She is the one who gave me my moniker, “Uncle Cracker”.

Today the success of South Africa Sucks and my own blog is mostly due to her. She is one hell of an intelligent woman and my friends the Uhuru Guru and Knorrig as well as I all acknowledge this.

Through many months when my fellow bloggers took leaves of absence, I was always the one who took up the torch and kept the light of truth about South Africa burning.

Shortly before South Africa Sucks was shut down the last time, we were on 8,000 hits per day. My own humble blog is currently pulling 2,000 hits per day.

It shows me that people want an alternative view on political developments in South Africa, because they are tired of the Main Stream Media lies and they are being denied a voice on the MSM forums.

My blog gives them that air they so desperately need when they want to voice their concerns about the present state of South Africa.

I am honoured and humbled today that people would ever take my thoughts seriously. I mean I am just a simple man searching for the truth. And as much as I have taught my readers, they have taught me.

But as you know, the human brain can only take so much truth or bullshit and then it needs a beer.
And so it has happened with me.

Even the strongest ox gets tired after some time-

So I have decided to take a break for a few weeks. I am going to read a few books and just relax for the next few weeks. I will pop in every now and again to moderate your comments, but I will not be posting articles until the New Year.

I will be back at my post in 2012. Have a nice Christmas and all of the best to you and your families in the New Year.

To all my German friends and supporters...Ich wünche Ihnen von gansem Herzen frohe Weinachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Wir treffen uns bald wieder. Mach‘s gut und Tschüs.
Cracker Out.

Special Announcement! To All South Africans in Australia

By Mike Smith
16th of December 2011
To all South Africans who currently reside in the Brisbane area of Australia, I would like to announce a special “Day of the Vow” church service on Sunday the 18th of December.
Time: 10h00
Place: 3 Nathan Road, Runcorn, Brisbane
Please be there.
BBQ facilities, toilets, etc will all be arranged.

Anthropological case study: The Xylophone

By Mike Smith
17th of December 2011

The xylophone is quite well known to most of us. I am sure that most children owned a toy one at some stage.

The xylophone is a percussion instrument and originated in China about 4000 years ago and found its way to South East Asian places like Malaysia and Java.

About 500 AD some of these South East Asians settled on the east coast of Africa and brought their xylophones with. Today when one travels through Africa one will find this instrument played on almost every street corner and in every market place.

In my travels I have seen this in Mozambique, Angola, Kenya and the entire West Africa where the Balafon also known as the Gyil is the national instrument of most tribes.

Not a single one of South Africa’s 23 black tribes has ever developed this instrument. In recent years it has also found its way onto our streets where we often see blacks play it in traditional attire to the amusement of tourists.

Having said that, one has to remember that not a single European ever invented the xylophone either. They had other sophisticated instruments such as the violin, the clarinet, etc, but it was only during the late 19th century around 1870 that the xylophone found its way into European orchestras.

So both Africans and Europeans cannot claim the invention of this instrument. Both adopted it and the Africans have had this instrument for at least 1500 years longer than the Europeans.

It is what they have made out of it that we should consider in our case study. As usual the Europeans took up the ball that was rolled to them and ran with it...the Africans...well you be the judge...

First up is the West African Gyil played by two West Africans siblings, Youryiri and James Ichitey. After you have listened to that rubbish and managed to have stomached that cacophony then listen to the sophistication of the Europeans with basically the same instruments. They are called the Blue Light Orchestra from Germany and the name of the tune is Ice Dancer.

Makes you proud to be a European doesn’t it?

15 December 2011

The Day of the Vow. 16th of December. A most holy day in South Africa

By Mike Smith
16th of December 2011

Today, whilst the rest of the world carry on with their Christmas shopping and in Europe people are gearing for the third advent on coming Sunday, whites in South Africa will celebrate this day and honour it like a Sunday, true to our traditions and the sacrifices by our forefathers.

It is the day where we remember the Battle of Blood River on 16 December 1838. It was a day where a handful, about 400 white farmers, armed with front loading muskets, were surrounded by about 10,000 Zulu warriors who came to do one thing...Annihilate white existence on the continent of Africa.

The day before the Battle of Blood River, scouts reported that a massive Zulu force was gathering and were on their way to wipe out all the whites in the Trek of Andries Pretorius, the new leader of the Voortrekkers (Frontier pioneers).

Their spiritual leader, Sarel Cilliers, grouped the whites together and brought them to prayer on their knees.

Before the Almighty God of the Boers, they swore an oath and took a vow, that if God would spare them that day, that they would forever celebrate the 16th of December as a Sabbath. That they would teach their children to honour that day and that they would erect a Temple in his honour.

At the end of the day of 16th of December 1838, 3000 Zulu warriors layed dead. The Nocome river turned red from the blood of the Zulu warriors, and miraculously, not a single Boer died.

Till this day the white descendants of these brave men and women celebrate the 16th of December as a most holy day.

Since the ANC came to power they have hi-jacked this holy day and called it the day of reconciliation, but if one observes the current South Africa, then nothing can be further from that. South Africa today is even more racially divided now than it ever was during Apartheid.

In 1999 I underwent a personal three week pilgrimage to all the great battle sites of the Boers and the British.

I cannot describe to you the feeling I felt when I stood in the middle of the bronze Voortrekker laager between Vryheid and Dundee, reading the original inscription of the vow on a bronze plaque. I remember even then how they also now erected a museum for the Zulu warriors who died that day and how the little Zulu boys (pikaniens) tried to sell me clay oxen made from the clay of Blood River. I still have that clay ox I bought for R5,00.

Today I am amazed that blacks will steal copper from electricity lines and railway lines, but they never ever dare touch those solid bronze ox wagons of the Boers that stand on holy ground next to the Ncome river between Vryheid and Dundee. There is a black squatter camp right next to the site of the bronze wagons.

Every time I am in Pretoria, I make a point of visiting the Voortrekker Monument. It is normally the last thing I do before I leave the city.

To me the Voortrekker monument is a sacred temple. Only once I took my family there. After that, every time I go there it is to me a personal issue. I go there alone; I say my prayers and pay my respects. I normally spend about two hours on the site.

As long as I live I will honour those brave men and women who stood firm on the 16th of December 1838.
Till this day we do not claim a victory over the Zulus, we are only grateful to God that he spared us that day.

Today I will retake that vow  as I have done every year since I was a little boy...

For the sake of international readers I will put the English first and then the Afrikaans.


Here we stand before the holy God of heaven and earth, to make a vow to Him that, if He will protect us and give our enemy into our hand, we shall keep this day and date every year as a day of thanksgiving like a sabbath, and that we shall erect a house to His honour wherever it should please Him, and that we also will tell our children that they should share in that with us in memory for future generations. For the honour of His name will be glorified by giving Him the fame and honour for the victory.


Hier staan ons voor die Heilige God van hemel en aarde om ʼn gelofte aan Hom te doen, dat, as Hy ons sal beskerm en ons vyand in ons hand sal gee, ons die dag en datum elke jaar as ʼn dankdag soos ʼn Sabbat sal deurbring; en dat ons ʼn huis tot Sy eer sal oprig waar dit Hom behaag, en dat ons ook aan ons kinders sal sê dat hulle met ons daarin moet deel tot nagedagtenis ook vir die opkomende geslagte. Want die eer van Sy naam sal verheerlik word deur die roem en die eer van oorwinning aan Hom te gee.

King Mswati the 3rd of Swaziland tried to rape a bull. Can you now understand why we had Apartheid?

By Mike Smith
15th of December 2011

Do you know what “Incwala” is? Not?

Allow me to explain.

In my Pandora Series I have highlighted several rationales for why White South Africans introduced Apartheid.

Whites in South Africa have witnessed some very strange behaviour amongst blacks. Many of their cultural rituals we simply find totally unacceptable and irreconcilable with our culture, like the boy to man Ukweshwama ritual of the Zulus that takes place every year around this time.

The Ukweshwama ritual

A bull is killed in front of the “King”, with the bare hands by a group of teenage boys. His tongue is pulled out and he is suffocated to death by stuffing grass and dirt down his throat. His testicles are squeezed until they burst and they even try to tie his penis in a knot. When he is dead raw meat is ripped from the carcass by bare hands and eaten raw.

Every year the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) tries to prevent it through campaigns, but the Zulus insist it is their culture. They say we broil lobsters alive so we are just as evil.
Then there is the uKhetwala ritual of the Xhosas, in which a teenage girl of 13 is hunted down by a much older man and raped to make her his wife.

Almost all black tribes practice Labola, the buying of a wife by a negotiated amount of cows. Negotiations happen between the families.

Blacks say they have to be compensated for the loss of a daughter that would have taken care of them in their old age. They have no pension or welfare schemes like we do and no old age homes, hospitals or psychiatric institutions. So if the children do not take care of them, they are pretty stuffed in their old age. Funny that they do not ask Labola for the loss of a son.

It actually reflects badly on them, because it is an acknowledgement of how useless the traditional black men are. The women do all the work. So losing a daughter is actually far worse than losing a useless son. So no compensation needed for losing a son.

The discussions can go on for weeks about these rituals, but the most alarming thing is that they invent new ones as modern times encroach on them.

They have always believed in the menace of the leprechaun-like Tokoloshe and that is why they put their beds on bricks so as to stop him. It has not dawned on them yet that the concept of sleeping on beds was brought to Africa by Europeans. In ancient times (about fifty years ago) blacks still slept in grass huts and on the floor. So they can eliminate their fears by simply returning to their traditional way of living.

Another modern day custom is their belief that raping babies will cure them of AIDS. Or as President Jacob Zuma (a Zulu) believes that showering after sex will prevent AIDS. Showers with running water...another one of those evil things whites invented and brought to Africa.

Nevertheless, when one reads the books by the African equivalent of the Pope, Credo Mutwa, then one gets a unique insight into the traditional believes of South African blacks. For those whites and blacks who are interested, read the books, “My people” and “Indaba, my people” by mentioned author. Then you will understand how the minds of South African blacks work.

South Africa is a treasure trove for anthropologists, racial egalitarians and cultural relativists.
But I am digressing. I wanted to tell you about the secret cultural practice amongst the Swazis called Incwala. Very few whites who have lived in South Africa all their years knows about this ritual. Yet it is 100% true.

I quote:

“Among its highlights is a symbolic demonstration by the king of his power and dominance in a process involving his penetration of a black bull, beaten into semi-conscious immobility to ensure its compliant acceptance of the royal touch. The royal semen is then collected by a courtier and stored, for subsequent inclusion in food to be served at Sibaya – traditional councils – and other national forums.”

“But last year’s selected bull, according to a recent account from a whistle-blowing Incwala initiate, objected strongly, and threw off Africa’s last absolute monarch.”

End of quote.

It has to be remembered that the white Afrikaner Nationalist government who created the homelands of Transkei, Ciskei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and Kwa Zulu as a policy of “Apartheid” (segregation), were only following in the footsteps of the British who created the Bantustans of Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana. Originally Botswana was part of South Africa, known as Bechuanaland.

Today Swaziland is a corrupt failed state. Bankrupt and AIDS ridden where 50% of the populace is under 16 years old and the life expectancy has dropped to 31 years. The only thing that keeps Swaziland alive are massive loans by the South African ANC government like the 350 million Rand loan in August 2011...obviously coming out of the pockets of white South African taxpayers. Easy comes; easy goes.

You can read the full report of how King Mswati III tried to rape a bull (not a cow) at this link
King Mswati tried to have sex with a bull

Who are we to judge? It is all relative isn’t it?

On a side note, I always laugh when these blacks in Africa calls themselves “King’s” or “Emperors”. There are about 23 different tribes in South Africa and everyone has a “King”.

This comes from an inherent inferiority complex every time they encounter whites. It is so self evident in Blacks like Michael Jackson who wanted to be white and recently the South African singer Mshzoza who bleached her skin to look more white.

You see it when there are more generals in the army than soldiers. Like in South Africa today.

Just like Idi Amin sported his self awarded coke-doppies on his chest for bravery against British Imperialism and declaring himself the last uncrowned king of Scotland, whilst awarding himself the Victorian Cross and a doctorate in law from the Makerere University.

We, who have served time on the Angolan border are humbled into submission with a simple Pro Patria medal today. Compared to the mighty Victorian Cross a Pro Patria is nothing really is it? We were the skunks of the world... a Pro Patria should be an embarrassment in the new South Africa, shouldn’t it?

Everytime I see these beasts proclaim themselves, “Kings” of their tribes.... the words of the heavy metal band Manowar in their song “Warriroirs of the World” drifts past my mind....

“…with dreams to be a King, first- one should be a man,”

Those sailors Down Under...Uncle Cracker exonerated

By Mike Smith
15th of December 2011

About two years ago I wrote an article about my trip to Australia, Uncle Cracker goes Down Under

The post dealt mainly with the stinking hypocrisy of Australians who had the audacity to install sanctions against us during Apartheid years, but whose own racial track record is far worse than Apartheid ever was.
Nevertheless, in that article I touched on the subject how Australians are not like us.

We whites in South Africa always think that, because Australians are also white, speak English, like Rugby and cricket, loves to barbeque, etc...that they cannot be much different to us...right? I mean even the weather is almost the same...

How wrong I was. In my opinion, there is about 20% of Australians that are like us, the rest, the other 80%, behaves exactly like our coloureds or even blacks.

You do not have to believe me. Take a trip down there and then you come back and tell me what you think.

You have to remember that Australia was a penal colony, so the modern day Australians are descendants of criminals, convicts and prostitutes, whereas South African whites are descendants of the best Europe had to offer, farmers, tradesmen, businessmen, academics, etc.

In fact there was an attempt to create a penal colony at the Cape in 1849 and Cape Townians boycotted these British attempts to land criminals in Cape Town.

There were mass demonstrations to turn ships with criminals away from our shores like the one on the 4th of July 1849. One of the rare occasions that white South Africans actually stood together and demonstrated en masse against British Colonial decisions.

This is quite well documented in a few books such as the one by Saul Dubow “A Commonwealth of Knowledge”, pages 62-63.

Even liberal whites at the Cape opposed these policies and there was, I quote, “...a collective determination to represent the Cape as a respectable colony of settlement, untainted by convicts who threatened to undermine the moral fibre and worth of the country.”

What is even more interesting is that blacks and coloureds joined in these demonstrations against the criminal white elements from Britain that they wanted to land at the Cape.

So the ships passed the Cape of Good Hope and landed their convicts in Australia.

To me it is actually fascinating to see that today, after all these years, those genes, still lurk around in the Australians.

Along came a model Australian Naval officer Lieutenant Commander John Alan Jones (58) and showed us exactly who and what Australians are. I rest my case.

I am however not sure if this girl was bragging or complaining...Oh well, I suppose one man’s Kinks, is another man’s Kicks...

Naval officer guilty of spanking junior female sailor

“He told her he had smacked her for her own good and to teach her obedience.”

A court-martial panel has found Lieutenant Commander John Alan Jones guilty of seven acts of indecency, including four occasions when he spanked the female sailor who served on the same ship.

The other incidents related to Jones telling the sailor to take off her pants and then pulling down her underwear, making her lift up her top, and touching her bottom.

These happened in his cabin on the ship and at a private residence in Western Australia.

But the plot sickens....
Spanked sailor tells court she was offered $1m to carry rich man's child

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14 December 2011

Let there be no doubt as to what the ANC wants...All whites gone from South Africa.

By Mike Smith
14th of December 2011

Now let me show you who and what the ANC really is.

A few days ago the ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe travelled to Zimbabwe to address Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF at their yearly national conference where he pledged his undying love and support to the most brutal dictatorship of Robert Mugabe.

He publicly pledged the ANC’s support and endorsement of Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe’s next election in 2012.
He said it is payback for the support Zanu-PF gave the ANC “when we needed it most”.

It is no secret that ZANU-PF housed, trained and supplied the ANC terrorists with weapons to kill innocent South Africans of all colours during their terrorist campaign in South Africa that they call today “Their struggle”.

“He derided “imperialist forces” that want to rule Zimbabwe and took issue with the way Libya was dealt with by the United Nations (UN) and Nato.”

ANC loves and endorses Marxist terrorist scum of Zanu-PF

Then three days ago the Afrikaans version of News24 ran an article in which Zanu-PF decided at the same national conference where Mantashe pledged his undying support for ZANU-PF, to take over the rest of all the white owned farms in Zimbabwe...all 198 of them.

Zanu-PF wants to take over more white owned farms

Currently 220 farmers are being prosecuted in Zimbabwe, because they refuse to vacate their farms.
The Zulu party, the IFP has yesterday slated the ANC’s endorsement of Zanu-PF ANC backing of Zanu-PF slated


This should tell us all what the ANC has installed for the white farmers of South Africa in the near future. These disciples of arch Marxist and Black Nazi, Frantz Fanon will not rest until every single white person has been driven from the African continent. It is all there in “Wretched of the earth”...the Fanon Bible of white “decolonisation”.

The whites will say, “Are these blacks stupid? Can they not see that it will lead to mass starvation of blacks?”
Those whites do not know the black psyche when it comes to driving out whites from Africa. They should read ”Les Damnés de la Terre”...it will do them good.

Blacks do not care if they all starve to death when all the whites are gone. The problem is that they do not want white farms to farm on or because they are supposedly landless. They want the whites gone, because the whites, simply through their presence, hold up a mirror to blacks.

As Fanon says, they want to replace the white farmers, and sleep in their beds, preferably with their wives.

Maybe you should revisit my articles

Holding up the mirror to Blacks for 350 years
Holding up a mirror to Nature

There should be no doubt in the minds of white South Africans about what the ANC has installed for them. They want every white person wiped out of South Africa. To the last man, woman and baby.

And on top of that...they run guns.

By Mike Smith
14th of December 2011

Apart from being rapists, drug dealers, assassins, etc...the bastards are also gun runners and suppliers of choice to criminals.

Now look at this. In the last ten months, almost 2000 official fire arms including shotguns and automatic rifles have been lost by or stolen from the police in Kwazulu Natal Province alone.

Now imagine how many have been “lost” or “stolen” in the rest of the eight provinces...

The media is basically speculating that the weapons were lost due to gross incompetence. We all know that these weapons were neither lost nor stolen, they were sold by the police to criminals.

If a member of the public has his firearm stolen he is branded as careless and incompetent and will never be allowed to own a firearm again. Members of the public have to be certified competent in handling a fire arm and own a special safe for it...not so the police. When they lose a fire arm they just fill in a form and get another one.

That is why we see time after time R5-rifles and police issue CZ 75 9mm pistols used in bank robberies, cash in transit heists, etc.

This is what you see in a criminal state. Law and order has broken down and the barrier between who are police and who are criminals have faded or disappeared all together. As usual, the public are the victims.

Guns worth over R5 million lost or stolen