30 November 2011

Make way for the mother of all corruptions: The coming Trillion Rand Nuclear Power station deal

By Mike Smith
30th of November 2011

If you thought the corruption and theft from the government coffers by the ANC so far has been bad, even spectacular in its severity, then you have seen nothing yet.

The utterly corrupt R70 billion arms deal pales in comparison to what is in line for South Africa’s taxpayers.
The ANC regime is already being “lobbied” (read bribed) by Avera and Westinghouse for nuclear reactor deals.

There was a time when we were upset with the NP for putting a nuclear reactor on the doorstep of Cape Town. Wonder what we are going to do now.

At a time when the whole world is turning anti nuclear after major stuff-ups such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, the ultra efficient ANC is buying dangerous toys for the munts to play with.
They do not have enough technical staff to operate their frigates, submarines or Grippen fighter planes…where are they going to get engineers from to operate the nuclear power stations?

These environmental hypocrites hold bullshit conferences at great cost about “climate change” like COP17, yet plan to destroy South Africa forever with nuclear power and waste.

They cannot even sort out the acid water in the mines of the Freestate and Johannesburg, can you imagine what they are going to do with the nuclear waste?

Just look at any institution run by the ANC…their hospitals, their police force, their education system…then think how they will run their nuclear power stations. They cannot even run a small Karoo municipality or a bathtub full of water for that matter. How are they going to run several nuclear power stations?

It is like giving a super sharp samurai sword to a four year old. You just know what is going to be the outcome.

The coming trillion Rand corruption scandal

The adventures of Mike and Philemon

By Mike Smith
30th of November 2011

Mike: OK, Philemon, the Baas needs to show you something that is very important…So you need to pay attention now OK?

Philemon: Yês Baas. Important, Baas.

Mike: See, Philemon we have all these electrical tools, like drills and grinders and electric saws, etc...

Philemon: Yês Baas…

Mike: Now to use them remotely, we need electricity. That we get from this portable generator. You see him?

Philemon: I see him, Baas.

Mike: OK Philemon, now comes the important part…before you start the generator, you have to make sure the machine has oil and petrol…and no petrol leaks!

Philemon: Yês, no leaks Baas.

Mike: And this spike here is the earth. That must go in the ground…

Philemon: Yês, ground Baas.

Mike: The ground is very important Philemon, because if there are petrol leaks and the generator has a cracked casing or weak spot then a spark can lead to the petrol and the generator can burn out…

Philemon: Yês, burn out Baas.

Mike: …And when you come to switch off the generator or fill it up you can be electrically shocked if it is not earthed…worst of all you can burn out if the petrol ignites from a spark. Do you understand, my boy? Baas don’t want you to get hurt, OK?

Philemon: Yês Baas.

Mike: So don’t forget to put the spike in the ground!!

Philemon: I promise Baas. Spike in the ground Baas.

29 November 2011

Grand Theft Farming

By Mike Smith
28th of November 2011

Our liberal Afrikaner friend with the stuttering parents Jan-Jan Joubert is writing that blacks are not getting any more land

Since April 2010 the government stopped transferring land acquired from white farmers to blacks. The ANC criminals are keeping the land for themselves and renting it out to blacks.

Now is that not what we said would happen?

When are blacks going to get it? The ANC bastards are NOT their friends. The ANC is only in it for themselves. It is self enrichment of the first waters. It is riding the gravy train to its fullest.

The ANC basically through legislation forced whites to accept low prices for their farms, or it would get expropriated without compensation. It was bona fide theft. It was all in the name of giving land to landless blacks. What utter nonsense.

It was all about stealing and keeping the white farms for themselves.

Now the ANC’s excuse is that they stopped handing farms to blacks, because 30% of black farmers sell their farms pretty quickly back to the white farmers

What about the other 70% who don’t? Now all blacks are denied land by the ANC because of 30% who do not want the land, they want the money.

But where does the government get the money from to buy this land in the first place? Yes, you have guessed it...from Kippie the taxpayer.

So it is triple theft. They steal our money to steal farms from whites that they are supposed to transfer to landless blacks, but they don’t so they steal the land from blacks too. That is what the ANC is. A bunch of thieves. Scum that will steal their grandmother’s pension money.

But the Grand Theft is still coming. They threaten to nationalise the mines, threaten to nationalise the farms, threaten to nationalise the banks...They are gearing up for the biggest theft this country has ever seen. It’s going to make the weapons scandal look like a picnic in the park.

The success of multi-culturalism

By Mike Smith
29th of Novemeber 2011

I am sure the liberals are so happy  that their La-la-land policies are so succesful. We are all getting along just fine in the  doped up non-racial paradise.

Electrical safety day

By Mike Smith
29th of November 2011

I received a very nice comment today, from a very clever young black lady with a degree in electrical engineering. Unfortunately the poor thing has not found a job yet, so I decided to give her one suited to her qualifications. She offered to buy me a big wooden spoon for Christmas so I could stir better. Her comment follows with my answer below.

Anonymous black Woman said:

Mike Smith I am going to buy you a wooden spoon for Christmas because you are a POT-STIRRER. This website is a witch's cauldron and do you know what it is brewing? I'll tell you, It is brewing a "CIVIL WAR". South Africa is going to plunge into war so bloody and deadly and you are going to be the General. I hope you can explain to God on judgement day why you criticized HIM. All i hear you do is criticize but i never read any solutions. Do you think Whites are the only ones frustrated with the government? Let me tell you what BEE stands for. Brothers(ANC Cronies) Economic Empowerment. I'm 25 year old black woman. I passed my electrical engineering degree Cum Laude but I'm still unemployed. parting shot: I don't hate anyone I have never met based on their skin. I'm smarter than that and I know so are you, so act it! Peace and prosperity to you and your loved ones this festive season.

Mike answers:

Dear Anonymous Black Woman, November 29, 2011 2:14 AM

Sorry to hear that a highly qualified person such as yourself is jobless.

However, I am so glad you came onto this website to offer me a big wooden spoon to stir even better. But seeing that you are such an intelligent young Black woman with a degree in electrical engineering “Cum Laude” I was considering making some modifications to the wooden spoon, but I will need your help with it seeing that I am just a simple Boer and a sheep farmer from the Richtersveld.

I have figured that I could take one of the 75KW wound-rotor, induction motors that I use for one of my water pumps or the fans I use to dry my biltong and sultanas in the shed with and connect that to the wooden spoon and stir ten times better.

But my problem is I do not have a 440V, 3-phase power supply, so I thought I could just tap some power off the railway line at Putsonderwater station like you guys in the squatter camp do, but as you know I will need a step down transformer for that. What size transformer do you suggest I use?

My electric motor has a rotor resistance of about 0.02 ohm/ph and a standstill reactance of about 0,27 ohm/ph.

I have also noticed that the stator to rotor phase turns ratio is 3:1 and the stator windings are connected in delta, but the rotor is star connected.

If the motor is started by means of a resistance starter that has a resistance of 0.25 ohm/ph, can you please tell me how much current the motor will take from the supply...

(a) at starting and
(b) under full load running conditions if the full-load slip is 4%

I don’t want to give you too much work, so you can neglect the no load current and resistance and reactance of the stator windings.

And lastly, my boy Philemon is sometimes a bit negligent and I don’t want him to get shocked so I was wondering what would be the current taken from the supply if the motor was accidentally started with the starting resistance in the “Run” position?

Thank you in advance for your help. I hope you find a job soon.

Best regards

28 November 2011

Mandela and De Klerk's assurances of 1994

By Mike Smith
28th of November 2011

Here is a video showing the assurances we received from De Klerk and Mandela in the1994 television debate.

De Klerk:

“We have negotiated a good balanced constitution, with checks and balances. There won’t be any form of suppression. The courts will be independent. We have a good Bill of Rights in that constitution. There will be power sharing. There will be devolution. There will be federalism. Yes, I am happy with what we achieved and I have confidence in the future.”

Nelson Mandela:

“We will be able to use the country’s resource in a more efficient manner and to prevent the corruption which is so endemic of the National Party government. We are not going to live as Fat Cats... We are NOT going to live as Fat Cats. The days of the gravy trains are gone. Everybody should know that.”

How to sort out your crackpot liberal neighbour

By Mike Smith
28th of November 2011

You always get these looney liberals who want to ban guns and argue with you over owning a gun.

In South Africa we have an entire group of these crackpots. They call themselves Gun Free South Africa

Do you know any members? Do you live next to one?

Below is a sign you need to put on your lawn.

Apartheid in Norway?

By Mike Smith
28th of November 2011

During Apartheid we had the entire world against us, but some countries were worse than others, like the Norwegians for instance. They actively donated money to the Marxist terrorist ANC filth who blew up innocent women and children in South Africa.

In those days we always said it was because the Norwegians did not understand blacks. They had a tiny minority of blacks back then and as you know, when blacks are in the minority they are normally quite reserved and well behaved. It is when blacks are in the majority and in large groups that you start seeing their true colours.

Our solution was to separate ourselves from them. For that we were vilified, demonnized and crucified.

It is ironic to see that today in Norway, where a mad man shot up more than 70 youngsters six months ago, they are introducing Apartheid in schools and Bantu Education.

Tja...I know I have said it before, but I will say it again. The day will still come that other nations will beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid.

Now that their black population has grown so large through idiotic liberal immigration policies, the Norwegians are starting to see the true colours, the low mental capabilities and parasitic nature of their beloved African darlings. All of a sudden Apartheid does not seem so bad anymore. In fact Apartheid is starting to look better and more attractive every day.

See. That is why the world has never prosecuted anybody for the rubbish “Crime of Apartheid”. Nobody has ever been found guilty of this so called “crime”. They wanted to keep a back door open, just in case they need to do the same.

They know that pretty soon they will be the minorities in their own countries and they will find themselves in exactly the same boat as the whites of South Africa. That is when you will see them introduce more and more Apartheid by the day.

Apartheid row at Norwegian school after it segregates ethnic pupils
Source: The Tellegraph

A political row has broken out in Norway after a secondary school segregated students with ethnic backgrounds in classes away from white Norwegians.

By Richard Orange in Malmö
7:33PM GMT 25 Nov 2011

Bjerke Upper Secondary School in Oslo filled one of the three general studies sets solely with pupils with immigrant parents, after many white Norwegians from last year's intake changed schools.

The controversy over the decision has highlighted the unease in Norway over how to integrate the 420,000 "non-Nordic" citizens who immigrated between 1990 and 2009, and who make up 28 per cent of Oslo's population.

"This is the first time I've heard about this, and it is totally unacceptable," Torge Ødegaard, Oslo education commissioner, said on Friday, before pressuring the school to inform parents that the three classes would now be reorganised. The letter to parents read: "Such a division of the students is not in accordance with the requirements of the Education Act. The school regrets this error."

But Robert Wright, a Christian Democrat politician and former head of the city's schools board, struck back, arguing that the authorities had been wrong to block the move. He also said that other Oslo schools should start to segregate classes to prevent a situation of "white flight" developing.

"I think we have to try this to see how it's functioning," he told The Daily Telegraph. "Bjerke School has come up with a radical solution to a real problem, but the politicians have just said 'no'."

He said that the school's decision reflected problems stemming from the high rate of immigration Oslo has seen in recent decades.

The decision only came to the parents' notice earlier this month after Avtar Singh, a Punjabi Norwegian, confronted Gro Flaten, the school's headmistress, on why his son, Gurjot, had no ethnic Norwegian classmates.

"She said straight out that the school had experienced ethnic Norwegian students dropping out if they weren't grouped together in smaller classes," he told Dagsavisen newspaper.

Mrs Flaten told The Daily Telegraph: "We made the decision because many Norwegian students were moving to other schools because they were in classes with such a high percentage of students from other nations. They seemed to be in a minority."

Students at the school have expressed their anger at the segregation. "This is apartheid. They do this because I'm from Africa and my father is from Africa," said Ilias Mohamed, 17, from Somalia, who was part of the immigrant-only class. "But everyone of us is a Norwegian."

Hibba Tudorache, 18, whose parents came to Norway from Romania, said: "The students are really mad about this. It's an insult to those of us who are from other countries. It's discriminatory to put the white Norwegian people before us."

But Helena Skagen, 18, the head girl at the school, said she understood what the school authorities had been trying to do.

"They had the best intentions. They just wanted to keep the Norwegian students at the school. But they now know that what they did was wrong because you can't split the students according to their culture," she said.

Mr Wright added that he believed that the shadow of Anders Breivik, the anti-Islamic extremist who massacred 77 people in Oslo in July, had made discussions of immigration difficult in Norway.

"I think it's a very emotional discussion because of what happened in July, and for that reason politicians don't want to enter the discussion at all, because they are afraid," he said.

27 November 2011

Wena azi khuluma lo Fanagalo?

By Mike Smith
27th of November 2011

Maybe I should not give too much away. Maybe Mike Smith should not reveal too much about his proficiency in various languages.

But hey, who gives a phlying phuq when when one’s own language is under threat?

Do you speak Fanagalo? What the phuq is Fanagalo? What is a language that does not even officially exist, yet dictionaries were written for it?

What is Afrikaans? What is Fanagalo any different to Afrikaans?

Officially, Internationally, Afrikaans is classified as a basterdized, pidgin or Creole language, a language that officially should not exist.

The Dutch, the Flemish and the East Frisians look down upon it. They call Afrikaans “Kitchen Dutch”. It sounds similar to their language...it is almost 90% the same as Flemish or Southern Dutch.

When we were at school In South Africa during the 1970’s and 1980’s we had to read Dutch setwork books, like “De Onruszaaier” and various Flemish short stories and poems.

Our teachers studied one subject at University namely “Afrikaans/Nederlands”.

Today when an Afrikaner travels to the Netherlands or Flanders and he speaks slowly he normally has no problem understanding the locals and they fully understand Afrikaans.

However, they find the language comical, almost childlike.

In South Africa however, the language is a rich and expressive language, with world class poets and hundreds of international doctorates written in it every year.

Afrikaans is an official, scientific and legislative language. Afrikaner Scientists like astronomer Dr. Lou Alberts and medical pioneer Chris Barnard who conducted the first heart transplant were all scientists who studied and conducted their pioneering research in Afrikaans.

Over the years the graduates of Afrikaner universities such as Stellenbosch, Rand Afrikaans University, Pothefstroom and Pretoria were classed amongst the best in the world, if not higher.

In engineering, with world class dams, hydro electricity taming the ravages of Africa , bridges across impossible ravines,,,mines the deepest in the world, nuclear power stations, pioneering works in plant pathology, vetinary science, curing rare tropical diseases, pioneering architecture, etc there is no doubt that Afrikaner scientist contributed immensely in the taming of South Africa.

Today, the ANC Marxist terrorist regime has no use for these highly qualified professionals who can make such a difference in Africa.

Instead it prevents these Afrikaners and other whites through university quota systems to make a meaningful contribution to the country.

Afrikaans, that despised language that falls upon the ears of the British as some kind of throat disease has been the conduit of science that tamed Africa.

To Afrikaners it is the most beautiful language, a mixture of the best of Europe named after the continent where it originated.

Afrikaans was a survivalist language created out of necessity for various Europeans and some Malaysians , shoved on a desolate continent together in order to survive a hostile black onslaught.

From it emerged a distinct language and culture.

Today Afrikaans and the Afrikaners serves as an example of the success of multiculturalism,,,when done correctly. When you take the best of Europe and you mix them together you end up with the Afrikaners.

On the other hand you have the blacks of South Africa,,,all of 23 different nations with their own languages and cultures wanting to work on the mines.

So out of necessity they created a mixture of their languages combined with English and Afrikaans technical terms, Today this language is called Fanagalo. It means, “Like that”.

Today you will find almost no reference to it online, let alone what it means. Black South Africans especially Xhosas view the language as an insult. They refuse to speak it and only do so on the mines out of dire necessity.

Two languages created out of necessity around the same time on the same continent . One European based one African based. Afrikaans and Fanagalo.

One developed into an advanced scientific, poetic and legislative language that found its equal in the rest of the world, the other, Fanagalo,,,well it does not even exist. Don’t even mention it to blacks.

It is an insult to blacks. Not as if Zulu or Xhosa or any other Black African language ever evolved beyond tribal language status. But in South Africa these tribal languages are today all “official” languages. I doubt it if they even know what an “official” language means or knows the difference between official and tribal languages. For starters...They never had any concept of an alphabet,

Today they use the Roman alphabet that European missionaries taught them, If Russian missionaries came to Africa and taught them they would be using the Cyrillic alphabet...thank God the Chinese never colonised Africa. Can you imagine the chaos?

How do we kill the "monsters" and "boogeymen" we created?

By Mike Smith
27th of November 2011

During the middle-aged inquisition all and everything against the power of the Roman Catholic Church was branded demons and witches, tortured and burnt at the stake.

The difference between the middle age witch-hunts and the demonization of the conservative rightwing by the leftist liberal media in modern society is somewhere between zero and fuck-all. Everything on the right is evil.

Just like during the inquisition the real Satanic evil bastards are the mudslinging accusers.

Hot on the heels of the current demonization of the right-wing in Germany is the current case of alleged right-wing terrorists caught on a farm in Limpopo province, SA .

What a lame-ass and obviously, utter rubbish report by an ever desperate leftist media in an attempt to smear the conservative right.

Here you have people on a farm training themselves in the midst’s of the worst farm murder spate in the history of the world and two troublemakers that were kicked out return to set the farm alight.

Suddenly everyone is a terrorist and involved in a nest of rightwing snakes and evil rightwing terrorists who wants to blow up churches, but not only that, they are involved in a cult of the occult...whatever that means...

It seems as if, in its desperation to demonise the right, the educated reporter got mixed up between words such as “cult”, “occult”, and “right-wing terrorists” without understanding the meanings of the words...all the same thing, all SATANISTS, demons and witches, in fact everything to the right of the freaky liberal witch conjurors are evil demons, you see?

It is unbelievable to what extents they will go or how low they will sink to demonise the right or anything remotely “nationalistic” seeing that in their highly educated, idiotic, twisted and under-enlightened scholarly minds, there is no difference between nationalism and National Socialism...all the same thing, see?

All rightwing...in a few years you will hear that Stalin, Fidel Castro, Mandela and Satan himself were all right-wingers.

I am not surprised that the pimples on their arses are not branded right-wingers as well! Pathetic I tell you.

As I have highlighted in depth in my Pandora series part 34, sections A,B and C, the entire rightwing all over the world is a viper nest of liberal government agents and provocateurs who is constantly trying to demonise the right and drive the sheeple more and more to the left.

A few days ago, professor emeritus at Law at Unisa, Herculus Booysen, appeared for two right-wingers in his final argument in court in the high profile media created, “Boeremag” case and proved that police and government agents were constantly and throughout involved in recruiting, training and provoking innocent people to set off bombs in an effort to demonize the right. Praag report in Afrikaans . He specifically names an Afrikaner, one J.C. Smit as the agent provocateur involved.

The argument of Prof Booysen affirms all my research and what we have suspected for many years that the entire “Boeremag” rubbish case was a police set-up.

South Africa was their testing ground and the whites in South Africa the guinea pigs of how to demonize the right-wing and drive an entire conservative and nationalist nation towards the left. Look at the Christian white South Africans today. They are almost all voting for the liberal and socialist DA without realising that they are directly supporting their humanistic (Satanic) policies.

The lessons learnt and results achieved in SA are today used in Europe and the rest of the White Caucasian and Anglo-Saxon world to achieve exactly the same results.

Currently the Boeremag case in South Africa is being used as an example in the German case of how government agents are involved in setting up terrorism using innocent people against innocent people to drive the masses in the leftist direction.

In Germany the leftist politicians are calling for the banning of the NPD (the National Party of Germany) because of such operations by secret agents.

The plan and modus operandi is quite clear. Creating and infiltrating the rightwing first provides information of their activities, secondly it serves as a magnet to draw right-wingers in, so one has a nice list of all the members.

Thirdly it gives agent provocateurs the opportunity to create stuff-ups and scandals that casts the rightwing in a bad light. Fourthly it sows suspicion amongst the ranks of the genuine conservatives, driving them apart.

And fifthly if one can take out the leader of the Right Wing, one has the age old trick of “striking the shepherd and the sheep will scatter” as Jesus said in Mathew 26 verse 31, ...

”Then Jesus told them, "This very night you will all fall away on account of me, for it is written: "'I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.'...

Now one starts to understand why the Boer President, Paul Kruger said that he only ever read one book in his life... and that was the Bible.

Everything he needed to know was written in the Bible. The man had a point.
But we know that the spawn of Satan uses the Bible against us.

It has been the same in every instance where real nationalist leaders stood up and genuinely wanted to do something for their people from the Austrian nationalist Jörg Haider to the South African Eugene Terreblanche.

But first let’s look at their plan to “strike the shepherd”.:

First they create an organisation, funds it and install one of their agents as the leader. From the start the entire operation and all its leaders are in the pay of the leftist agents, just like Eugene Terreblanche.

Then the circus-like acts like tarring and feathering liberal professors starts to cast the rightwing in a bad light. All the time the member list of the right-wingers grows and the names passed on to the intelligence agents.

Problem comes in when the created rightwing organisation has served its purpose, the sheeple all voted left, the rightwing or conservatives/nationalists have been neutralised and when there is no need for them anymore as in the case of the AWB in SA.

They wanted to dissolve the AWB in 1991, but they did not reckon with its leader Eugene Terreblanche who in the mean time had a genuine change of heart and wanted to carry on with the AWB.

So they tried to character assassinate him and the liberal, converted to the rightwing, journalist Jani Allen at the same time, by presenting them as sexual deviates to the conservative and religious Afrikaner public. The bastards even tried to kill her by planting a bomb outside her flat in London.

After that they created a trap to lure Terreblanche into a racist attack so they could imprison him, but he did not fall for the whole set-up and was not even present, in fact he discovered the victim whilst patrolling the streets of Ventersdorp and took him to hospital. Terreblanche maintained his innocence but was framed as a violent criminal.

Twelve years later the truth came out that Terreblanche never assaulted any of the so called victims. It was an entirely fabricated case.

Terre'Blanche pointed out that his defense attorney suddenly resigned as member of the ultra-conservative white Conservative Party's Volksraad and joined the ANC shortly after the conclusion of the court case. How Terreblanche was framed

Nevertheless, whilst in prison and Terreblanche, now a reborn Christian, agreed and took up farming, but the plight of his people worked on his conscience and he again got involved with rightwing politics, calling for a Volkstaat for the Afrikaners/Boers. This was his mistake.

On the 3rd of April 2010 he was violently beaten and hacked to death in his sleep on his farm Villana by two blacks, one under aged.

A wage dispute was used as the first excuse and when that did not work the next...the by now recognizable “sexual deviate” excuse was used.

The right-wing leader was again presented to the conservative Christian Afrikaner public to have been an alcoholic and sexual deviate, a homosexual paedophile that wanted to rape and sodomize a black youth.

Classic!. In the resultant case it was all proven as nonsense, but the smearing stands.

It was the same for Jörg Haider. A beloved squeaky clean nationalist by his own people, the Austrians.

When they could not control him, bribe him, character assassinate him, they decided to assassinate him for real. On the 11th of October 2008 he died in a highly suspicious car crash.

The character assassination was rife. They do not even let the dead rest...no his entire legacy needed to be assassinated. He needed to be wiped clean off the slate of politics...off the memories of the sheeple who even dared think in the direction of nationaliosm.

According to leftist smear meadfia (media mafia), Jörg Haider, a highly educated married man with two daughters who seldom consumed alcohol, allegedly left a drunken gay party and wiped himself out in his ultra modern Volkswagen Passat without leaving any skid marks .

In several German media reports his wife, Claudia said that her husband was never gay My husband was never homosexual ...She would know. She was the single most closest person to him and would know all his fetishes and fantasies and she publicly stated that her husband was a normal heterosexual guy. She even said that they use to laugh together whenever the leftist media tried to portray Jörg Haider as gay.

He was top fit, a sportsman, a mountaineer and a disciplined man who took care of his own body, his family and his nation. It did not stop the leftist scum media to portray him as some kind of deviate. Even after his death the vilification did not stop.

The same with Eugene Terreblanche. Today he is just an example of so called rigtwing racist perversion, racist sexual deviaism and racist suppression. All rubbish.

In reality, after starting out as a government agent, Terreblanche genuinely underwent a change of heart and was in the end totally committed to his people. For that he was assassinated. He did not stick to the agreement to be let out of prison early and never ever get involved with politics again.

But like I said, the plans of the one world socialist do not always work out. They forget that people still have brains and can think for themselves. In the case of Austria, after the assassination of Jörg Haider, the entire nation voted for the RIGHT.

Suddenly the leftist powers to be were shocked and had to re-evaluate their tactics.

Currently there is a so called “Euro Crisis”..

What they want is the people to cry out for the rescue of the Euro currency and cry out for a one world currency...

Like I said their plans do not always work out, because people in Europe are starting to reminisce about the times before the Euro. People want their Deutsch Marks and French Franks back.

The spirit of nationalism is taking hold all over Europe, from Flanders to Austria and Hungary. The attempts to stall this tsunami of European nationalism is a last ditch attempt by these pathetic liberalist to push their crackpot egalitarian ideologies.

The problem (solution) is that these government agents create these fake ultra rightist (leftist) operations, but after a while they themselves are shocked to find that their entire operation and plans have backfired on them.

In the beginning they allocated a small budget towards their subversion of the right, but after a while they found that they created a monster...a Tsunami that they could no longer control. When they tried to pull the plug as in the case of the AWB, they realised that they made a major Fuck-up.

Suddenly they created a monster they thought they could fund and control, but now the monster has grown so big that funding it would prove bad business,

This is the predicament the controllers of the AWB and likewise the NPD in Germany find themselves in. How do we kill the monster we created?
The Americans have the same issues with Al Qaeda.

In the New (Improved) South Africa discrimination is OK if it is against the White and Afrikaans people

By Mike Smith
27th of November 2011

The Sunday Times today has an article called Too white to study medicine

It is about an 18 year old Afrikaans girl who made a mistake on her university application to study medicine at the Afrikaans University of Stellenbosch (US) stating that she is coloured when in fact she is white.

When the university verified her race, her application was dismissed on racial grounds, because the university only has 550 places and blacks, coloureds and Indians get preference, even though Afrikaans is not their mother tongue.

What an outrage! 20 years after Apartheid and racial discrimination is rife and unashamedly allowed to continue at liberal institutions such as Stellenbosch University.

It is however nothing new. Stellenbosch University as well as UCT have for years had these policies of discrimination against whites.

Stellenbosch is an Afrikaans university founded by, and funded by Afrikaners for Afrikaners. The Afrikaners did not steal any university from blacks or coloureds or Indians or anyone for that matter, they built their own tertiary institutions with their own money. In fact the benevolent Afrikaners also built universities for Blacks, Coloureds and Indians with Afrikaner money, yet today Afrikaners are being disenfranchised and not allowed to study in their own mother tongue and at their own universities.

This is what their fears were in 1994 the year this 18 year old girl was born. She had nothing to do with Apartheid, knows nothing about it, yet she is being punished for it.

This is the equality that the liberal wankers shoved down our throats. This is the Eqaulity of Mandela and De Klerk...

This is the assurances we were given by De Klerk that there would be “checks and balances” and we would be allowed to maintain our own schools and universities...

Where are those assurances and “checks and balances” today?

It is in a constitution and a Bill of Rights together with a very important little undefined English word namely “unfairly”.

Section 9 for instance states that “The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.”

See, it does not say that racial discrimination is prohibited. It does not even say that discrimination is bad or evil. It only says that the state may not “unfairly” discriminate.

Define “unfairly”…

Who determines what is fair discrimination and unfair discrimination? What criteria are they using or is the definition of fair discrimination changed as it suits them? Today it is the Afrikaners tomorrow it is the Jews.

It is like having fair and unfair RAPE. What utter nonsense!

In fact, the truth is that discrimination in South Africa is fully OK when it is done against WHITES. Just don’t attempt to do it against anybody else, but hey, discriminate all you want against whites. Discriminate against them to your heart’s content.

See the double standards I am talking about? Where is the “Everyone is equal before the law” clause now?
Section 29 and 30 that deals with education and language only applies when you are not white and Afrikaans, because if so then you are free game to be discriminated against by all and sundry. Stuff the Afrikaans language, stuff their learning institutions, kill the educated Boer bourgeoisie. Drive them out of the country! Genocide the Afrikaner people…all while the world looks the other way.

Bunch of liberal twats and equality hypocrites! God, they make me sick.

26 November 2011

The ANC vs Liberal media bitch fight

By Mike Smith
26 Novemeber 2011

Things seem to be hotting up in the ANC leftist Liberal media bitch fight.

First they were lovers and in bed with each other...in fact couldn't get enough of each other, but somewhere along the line the relationship soured.

I think it came when the ANC told its bitch, the liberal biased media to sit down and shut the fuck up about its stealing.

Then the media staged petitions and demonstrations to counter it, but the ANC just would not have any of it and juts bent the media futher over the barrel by forcing their bill through parliament.

So the media countered with revelations of another scandal about theft and corruption implicating a senior ANC member and for years the darling of the leftist media, Mac Maharaj.

But Maharaj would not have any of it, got out his S&M bondage gear, muzzled the screams of the media and bitch slapped them into submission all whilst bending them even further still over the barrel.

So the media countered with more revelations...etc, etc..

Tomorrow is Sunday and the skinderkoerante are going to be full of it.

Be prepared, this sleaze fight is going to get dirtier than a scratch-and-hair-pull-fight between two docks gentoos...As far as I am concerned...they deserve each other.

Democratic vs Communist Eqaulity and why people leave South Africa

By Mike Smith
26th of November 2011

A report in Beeld states from a recent poll done by Statistics South Africa (SSA) that, because of crime, 70% of South African children are prohibited by their parents to play outside or go to school unsupervised.
Beeld Report

It was not always like this. For us who grew up during Apartheid, and who went to school during the 1970’s and 1980`s life was great. We use to play cricket in the street until late at night. We used to play touch Rugby on the beach under spotlights and walk to the game shops and malls at night without ever being scared. Primary school children used to kiss mommy good-bye at the front door and walk to school and back…the way it should be.

Not anymore. I do not know anybody in SA who lets their small children walk to school anymore, let alone play outside at night. People live in self-made prisons, behind high walls and fences. Houses all have burglar bars, safety gates, and alarm systems around them and everyone has either been a victim of violent crime themselves or knows somebody who has been.

Gone are the days where children’s voices and laughter could be heard outside on the lawns till late at night and children could go to the play park and ride swings and see-saws or simply take the dog for a walk.
That South Africa is gone now. All that left is the New (Improved) South Africa run by the corrupt and terrorist ANC scum.

This crime and the resultant, loss of freedom and a respectable environment in which to raise children has been one of the biggest reasons why people have left South Africa.

The other big reasons for emigrating from SA is the reverse discrimination of Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas for university entry and sport, etc.

Today if you ask émigrés why they left, then you will hear different answers, but after a while you start to realize that very few of these people actually left South Africa, because they wanted to. Their emigration was rather a type of self exile that a genuine emigration.

According to the world, South Africa is not officially at war and the ANC is not officially waging war on the white minority of the country, but for those who have fled South Africa, the feeling is different. It is a feeling of being refugees nonetheless…of refugees fleeing violent crime and racial persecution in the country of their birth.

In the Communist manifesto, Marx and Engels included the provision that the property of émigrés should be confiscated and used to finance the revolution and since then, from the Bolshevik to every communist revolution the communists have stolen the money of the emigrants.

Even during the French revolution, many of the more conservative aristocracy emigrated to neighbouring countries from where they often planned counter revolutions.

There are many inside South Africa and outside who superficially condemn these émigrés as cowards for “running away”, but I have met many of them and I could not once get a feeling of cowardice from any of them…rather something different.

Most of these men were all military trained, educated and armed while in South Africa. There is no doubt that they would have had no problem to defend their families when the situation called for it, but most men also know that they are not omnipotent and cannot be 24 hrs awake and at five different places at the same time. In the end they left, because they owed themselves and their families a better quality of life.

But there is something else that made them leave. There was in South Africa also that sense of unfairness or double standards. Everyone was not equal before the law. Even during Apartheid, blacks had a lot more freedom to do what they pleased than whites.

There was always one set of rules for whites and one for blacks.

If whites wanted to build a house or an extension onto their houses, they had to submit building plans, get it approved by the building inspector and during the building of the house it would be periodically inspected and if found in contradiction of the approved plans, the building had to be razed to the ground and rebuilt.

Not so for blacks. They could build whatever they wanted and as much as they wanted with no building plans. The gigantic townships are testimony to this two rule system.

Shacks are built haphazardly and so close to each other that no fire truck, ambulance or police vehicle can enter there in an emergency, yet blacks are allowed to carry on with this illegal building practices while whites get nailed if they try anything like that.

If a white person wants to open a bar or restaurant then such a person would need to comply with strict regulations. Health inspections, fire brigade inspections, liquor license needs to be obtained at great cost, a certain amount of toilets and emergency exits needs to be there…

Not so for blacks. Blacks can open as many shebeens as they want in the townships, no liquor license necessary, no health inspections, nothing. Toilets are around the back…against the wall or the fence with it.

Which brings me to business. If a white person has a business then it needs to be registered and tax needs to be paid, but not so for blacks. Thousands of taxi owners, shebeen owners or spaza shop owners are running businesses without ever paying a cent of tax except for VAT.

One just needs to take a drive through the townships to see these thousands of illegal businesses such as hairdressers, back-yard mechanics, mobile shops, shebeens, etc…yet they are all allowed to operate without interference. On top of it they all claim to be unemployed and claim benefits. If whites had to do that they would be nailed.

Then there is the matter of electricity, refuse removal, water and sewage services, etc that whites have to pay through their necks while blacks gets these services for free in established townships and riot in the newer areas where these services are not yet established.

The ANC ensured that huge black townships fall under white municipality districts so that they could govern through sheer numbers, steal the white ratepayer’s money and subsidize the black townships.

Black children do not pay school fees, whether they attend their own schools in the townships or the white schools in the white suburbs. White parents end up sponsoring the black children in the white schools and there is basically nothing that they can do about it.

There are many more examples of this unfairness and those who have lived in South Africa will know what I mean. It is this unfairness and double standards that people eventually cannot live with and decide to emigrate. White people pay and pay and they almost never get anything in return for their taxes, not even safety.

Liberals and apologists for the ANC or blacks in general will use cases such as education per capita expenditure during Apartheid in South as an example to illustrate that blacks were disadvantaged during Apartheid. Wild claims are usually made normally without any proof such as that during Apartheid the government spent R100 on a white child and R10 to R15 on a black child. This is then called inhumane and reprehensible… But you can read the truth about education under Apartheid here

South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%...despite this...56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

Fact is that whites never stole any money from blacks to build white schools or educate white children. They used the money of whites to build schools for blacks and educate blacks.

This, to me, was wrong. It was theft of a white successful and hardworking minority to subsidize an unproductive and lazy black majority. Fair would have been to use black money to educate black children.

Today whites still sponsor the black children, their schools and their food, but the ANC tenderpreneurs are stealing the children’s food scheme money

When you want to make society equal you have to make one set of rules for everybody and enforce it across the board. You cannot create equality in society by creating more inequality laws or policies such as Affirmative Action and BEE or enforce the law only on one group in society and the rest can do what they like.

Equality in democracy and equality under Socialism is not the same thing. Equality does not mean we should all have the same, it means we are all treated equally in front of the law.

Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions; it only guarantees equality of opportunity. Equality in a democracy means the freedom to live and express creative differences. Under Communism, equality leads to conformity and despotism.

It is this sense of fairness and equality before the law that whites hoped for after 1994, yet were disappointed when they found that not only did this equality never arrive, the scales have been tipped into the favour of the blacks.

Sure crime is a huge factor in emigration from South Africa, but it is my belief that this unfairness, inequality before the law and double standards for different races under the Marxist ANC regime is what drives whites out of the country. The perception is certainly that things were a lot fairer under Apartheid.

Too many chiefs and not enough idiots

By Mike Smith
26th of November 2011

I see the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld reports that the South African Army has 122 generals and only 50 second lieutenants (the entry level for officers).

According to General Vusi Masondo, chief of the Army, they battle to recruit suitably qualified youngsters to join the army.

Masondo is a former MK terrorist, just like his daddy Andrew Msondo who was in prison on Robben Island and later trained in Moscow as a brigade commander and who tortured, raped and killed suspected dissident ANC members at the Morris Seabelo Rehabilitation Centre in Angola, also known as camp Quatro.

Apparently they also have one major general, 26 colonels and 60 lieutenant colonels that they consider as superfluous, but cannot give them retirement packages, because the army budget is too small to cover it.
As usual when there are reports about the uselessness of the ANC government and their organs such as the army and police, the Beeld manipulates opinion by closing the comment section.

Well, this leaves one to think and ask…If there are that many generals and almost no middle management of officers then who are the soldiers?

Not too hard to guess when one looks at the rest of Africa. No brave black man will be fighting in the frontline when he can hide behind child and woman soldiers.

Beeld report: Army has 122 generals and 50 one pippers

19 November 2011

Land grabs, mine grabs and genocide: The future of South Africa

By Mike Smith
19th of November 2011

The ANC’s Stalinist plan to steal white owned commercial farms in South Africa is going full steam ahead.

Following the release of the so-called Green Paper on Land Reform, Louis Meintjies of the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) is apparently worried that the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform has said that if the constitution of South Africa stands in the way of land reform then the constitution should be changed. Typical ANC...if they cannot get their way inside the law then they simply break the law or change the law.

TAU worried over changing constitution to grab white owned land

The Minister said: "Constitutions are tools that are created to help society move in particular directions. When society gets stuck as it moves forward we must have the courage to review the Constitution and, if needs be, amend it accordingly.

"So if the honourable members are suggesting that there are aspects of the green paper which border on unconstitutional we will ask cabinet to change the Constitution if we need to in order to achieve the objectives we want to achieve as a country." Source

It is clear the useless and incompetent Minister has no idea what a constitution actually is. It is our mandate that we give them to govern us by. They are only allowed to do what the constitutions say, that means protecting our rights to own property and pursue our happiness. Nothing more. The constitution is not there for them to chop and change as they please. We do that, not them. They should stick to what they are paid to do and govern properly and protect our freedoms instead of stealing our tax money and try to undermine our rights around every corner.

According to the law, the government needs a two thirds majority before they can change the constitution. I can tell you that they will use every dirty trick in the book to get that 2/3 majority, even if it means hiding or falsifying ballot papers in the elections.

What irks me tremendously is the opposition DA party that cannot see through what is really cooking. Instead of opposing this ridiculous land reform in every possible way , they just want the land reform to take place within the constitution and a proper audit done beforehand.

When are they going to get it? Land reform is illegal…Totally illegal if there is no “Willing buyer; Willing seller”.

Nevertheless, in a seemingly conflicting statement in the Afrikaans news Minister Gugile Nkwinti assured the farmers that government won’t grab land and I bet you thousands of farmers will believe this and sleep well tonight. Like I always say, a good rule of thumb with the lying ANC is to believe 180 degrees the opposite of what they say.

In the Afrikaans report he also said something that we have to take very seriously. He said that foreign ownership of land MUST be limited.

So here we have two things now coming from the ANC minister. They WILL change the constitution to grab the land and they MUST reduce foreign landownership in South Africa.

So what stops them from declaring all white farmers as foreigners?

I can already see the limp-wristed DA saying “Oh they cannot do that, it will be unconstitutional”.

Fact is, the ANC has time and again proved to us that they feel NOTHING for the constitution. It is to them just a piece of paper the same as their famous “Freedom Charter”. They cannot even hold themselves to their own rules, which guarantee certain freedoms and equality to all South Africans.

Besides there is a long communist history of denying people their citizenship, stealing their farms and shipping them off to Gulags somewhere.

Stalin did it in Russia with the Volga Germans who were driven to Kazakhstan and the Crimean Tatars who were driven to Siberia and Uzbekistan in Stalin’s Great Purge. He did the same with the Meskhetian Turks in South Georgia. Their houses were confiscated their farms chopped up into little pieces and given to so called “landless peasants”.

These policies turned the most fertile region, once called “the breadbasket of Europe” into a wasteland with 11 million people (7 million in the Ukraine alone) starving to death in the Holodomor. And those figures are conservative.

In Czechoslovakia in 1945 the communists grabbed the land of Sudeten Germans and Hungarians. In Hungary after the Second World War the communists grabbed the land of the Danube Schwaben...

Land grabs and mine grabs are what communists do. It is them; it is what they are. They are thieves and parasites.

Everywhere the communists have done this the most obstinate farmers have been persecuted and imprisoned.

In Czechoslovakia the maximum size of farms were 50 ha, in Yugoslavia it was first 25 ha and later 10 ha.
Everywhere from China, Vietnam, North Korea to Cuba, etc. where Communists came to power they introduced these land reform policies and everywhere it led to poverty and starvation.

In Africa we have some perfect examples of this mentality directly north of us in Zimbabwe. A failed state and a starving population due to the Stalinist land reform policies of its leader. A while ago that other terrorist scumbag, President Sam Nujoma of Namibia wanted to declare the Namibian Germans illegal aliens in that country.

Now it is the turn of the whites in South Africa who will soon have their citizenship constitutionally denied by a Stalinist Ukaz (decree) issued by the Marxist ANC scum in power in South Africa and who will have their land seized.

But that is not enough... Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe again reassured us that nationalisation of the mines and mine grabs is not ANC policy. Like I said, just believe 180% the opposite of what they say and you will know what official ANC policy is.

This followed the assurances of the other ANC lapdog Bobby Godsell of Anglo Gold Ashanti who, a few days ago, also assured us there will be no mine grabs

His reasons are that the ANC cannot buy the mines, because they do not have the “trillions required doing so” and to do it without compensation would require them to change the Bill of Rights, for which they need 75% majority in the SA parliament. So there is no way...

Well, that will all change very quickly when white South Africans are declared illegal aliens in their own country. They are already second class citizens. It is only a small step to take their voting rights and citizenship away. And when they can do it to the whites, they can do it to the Natal Indians and the Cape Malays as well. And there they have their 75% majority.

Nevertheless, their reassurances obviously were not strong enough for the Oppenheimers who recently sold their stake in De Beers to Anglo.

Their excuse was family trouble and a bleak future for the diamond industry. Why the Oppenheimers sold De Beers

I am not convinced. I think the Oppenheimers know what is coming in the future of South Africa and they know when it is time to get out.

The land grabs and the mine grabs will just be the prologue to a much darker future in stall for South Africa, namely that of an attempted all out genocide on the whites.

I bet you they will beat Bafana-Bafana

Meet soccer grannies!
November 19 2011 at 04:35pm
By Noni Mokati

Last June Emily Moeti, 72, swallowed pills in a bid to boost her ailing body and reduce her high blood pressure.
Now 17 months later the granny, who’s dubbed “Jabu Pule” by her peers, is as fit as a fiddle thanks to her new passion - soccer.
She is one of 32 players at Tsogang Basadi Football Club in Tembisa, east of Joburg.
Tsogang Basadi (rise up women) was established in July last year by football enthusiast and local coach Kenneth Sithagu.
The team consists of women over the age of 40, with the eldest player being 75.
“I was inspired to form Tsogang Basadi FC after seeing elderly women from Tzaneen playing soccer,” Sithagu said during a training session this week.
His main goal is to preach the gospel of health and wellness.
“When I met these women some of them were suffering from diabetes while others complained of arthritis, back pains and pains associated with their knee operations.
“I knew exercise was the best medicine for them. They have now become extremely agile and tenacious in their methods of playing,” he said.
The grannies are so impressive with their dribbling skills and tackles that they attract spectators, young and old, every morning during training sessions at the dusty Makhulong sports grounds.
You’ll hear Sithagu shouting “This side, Scooter; that way Jomo. Attack, Gogo!” from the sidelines between 6.30am and 8am, followed by laughter and clapping hands.  
Moeti said she was ecstatic at no longer having to spend hours on end in hospital.
“I no longer sleep the entire day. I don’t worry about my blood pressure any more. I’m much more flexible. I walk long distances. I enjoy being alive. I now live for my children and grandchildren,” she said.  
Fellow soccer player Elizabeth Mankga,75, said she too, joined the soccer team as a way of improving her health.
“My grandchild convinced me to come here. Although I don’t compete during friendly matches because of my knees, it an absolute pleasure to stand on the sidelines and cheer my teammates on,” said Mankga.
Pupil Amanda Mkhubeni said she was amazed by the grannies’ dedication. “I’m going to ask my grandmother to join them next year.”
The women used their pension money to buy their first soccer jerseys but hope to find a sponsor to get them new tracksuits for winter.  
“Without exercise we wouldn’t be where we are today,” Mankga said. “We encourage all elderly women to join running groups or take up some form of exercise. It does wonders for one’s body, mind and soul,” Mankga said.
The team trains five days a week and rests on weekends. So far they have won eight games - but they are are short of soccer boots, soccer balls and proper kit.
The team is preparing for a 16 Days of Activism soccer match soon and needs support from sponsors.
l Anyone who wishes to help the Tsogang Basadi FC can contact Kenneth on 078 656 8583. - Saturday Star

Kaffirmative Action: Reserving the top jobs for the mentally insane

By Mike Smith
19 November 2011

To achieve an honest Matric certificate in the ultra dumbed-down education system (for retards with an average IQ below 70%) of the New (improved) South Africa is not a major effort.

Most of the black matriculants do not rock up for class or their teachers are on strike for half a year and they still seem to pass.

Even if you are so stupid that you truly fail, Umalusi will adjust your marks upwards if you are black (down when you are white of course).

As I have said before, The Matric exams and results is a farce

So in this climate, if you STILL fail Matric, then you must be a true moron. If you fail Matric TWICE then you have to be exceptionally moronic.

Then if you are so stupid that you do not even know that you can go and buy yourself one for R2000 then I am speechless...

Where can one employ such a numbwit? It is barely mentally fit to pick up the rubbish around the main building of a mental asylum. I won’t even allow such an idiot to push the wheelbarrow in my garden...
But not in the New South Africa. Such people get the top jobs.

One example is the new Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Hlaudi Motsoeneng. This halfwit failed Matric twice and is an office shit stirrer who constantly gets into physical brawls with colleagues . His only “qualification” is that he is a “friend” of functionally illiterate president Jacob Zuma...and the fact that his skin is black, of course. Or is it maybe a matter of “Not who you know, but who you blow” that lands you the top jobs?

Just another case of Kaffirmative Action in how to succeed in the corporate world of the New South Africa without even trying. Who needs a Matric certificate anyway if you were blessed with a black skin?

18 November 2011

M&G censored

By Mike Smith
18th of November 2011

Today the Mail and Guardian found out what the ANC thinks of the constitution of South Africa…Nothing.

They wipe their backsides with the constitution. They feel nothing for freedom of speech or the public's interest. As long as they can steal taxpayer’s money and nobody complains all is OK.

Ultra scumbag and Marxist terrorist Mac Maharaj censored them.

Big Mac was the commander and master brain of the dreadful “Operation Vula” during the 1980’s when the ANC shifted the focus of their terrorist bombing from 20% to 80% civilian targets.

He is directly responsible for the coldblooded murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children of all races. He thought nothing of it to plant bombs in shopping centres, fast food restaurants, bars, golf clubs and even hospitals.

And what for? All so he and his scumbag terrorist jailbird buddies in the ANC could steal the taxpayers blind in among many others, the now infamous arms deal of 1999.

Maharaj (former minister of transport) was one of the main brains involved in this arms deal along with Joe Modise (former minister of defence), President Jacob Zuma, his financial planner and convicted fraudster, Shabir Shaik, and some others.

After the arms deal corruption inquiry died down around 2003, Mac Maharaj kept a low profile and became the president’s spokesperson.

The Mail and Guardian found out that Maharaj lied under oath to the Scorpions (SA version of the FBI, now known as the Hawks) and to prove this they had to quote certain transcripts.

Maharaj claimed that they obtained the info illegally, got a court order and threatened the M&G editor with 15 years in prison.

The questions thus far is:
1) If he did nothing illegal and the bribe money he received was innocent, why did he lie under oath?
2) If he did nothing illegal, what is he trying to hide by gagging the newspaper?

Read the report here

The ANC is currently attempting to push the “protection of information bill” through parliament that will see the likes of Nic Dawes (M&G editor) jailed for 25 years if they reveal any of the corruption scandals of the thieving ANC bastards.

Outside of Dawes’ office hangs a picture of one of their newspapers from 1986 at the height of the ANC terrorist onslaught against the people of South Africa, their “People’s War” and Operation Vula, when the Apartheid Government declared a state of emergency and censored the M&G.

Compare it to the picture of the Mail and Guardian censorship today by the ANC Marxist terrorist regime.

The empty SA parliament

By Mike Smith
18th of November 2011

The ANC has got to be the most useless government that ever took charge of a country.

Yesterday, in parliament, only ONE out of 34 ministers was present. He was the Finance Minister Prevan Gordhan, an Indian South African.

Where were the other 33 ministers? Only they would know…probably riding the Gravy Train.

Only TWO of all the deputy Ministers were present.

One has mixed feelings about this. On the one hand one feels that these useless bastards should work and do something for the money we pay them, but on the other hand I must admit that I am actually relieved that they are not in parliament, because when they do not touch anything they cannot stuff it up.

It is in fact when the ANC decides to do something or take decisions that heaven should help us, because that is when the wheels come off and everything turns to shit.

It is when an ANC member starts a sentence with, “I think…we should…blah,blah…”, that I cringe and start praying, “God please do not let this person “think”, because they can’t.”

They are totally and utterly useless. Even a used tampon is more useful than the ANC.

Maybe we should just rent an island like Mauritius, fill it up with booze and food and send them all there, while we carry on running our country in a proper manner…almost like the white companies do with their shadow BEE staff for window dressing. Give them fancy sounding titles, offices with internet porn connections and let them “work” flexi hours-which means they don’t have to come in at all, all while business carry on as usual. They’re happy; we’re happy. What’s the problem?

But hang on…We don’t have to rent an island. We own a few already. Prince Edward, Marion island, etc. How about we build a massive maximum security prison on Marion and send the corrupt, thieving scum there to turn big volcanic rocks into little ones? Then we can use those little rocks to build decent housing for the poor people who have been victims of Affirmative Action and other racist ANC policies.

Beeld reports, 33 Ministers absent from parliament

17 November 2011

The absurd mentality of uselessness in the New (improved) South Africa

By Mike Smith
17th of November 2011

I don’t know if it is just me, but every time I hear the name “Bafana-Bafana”, the word “useless” drifts past my brain.

But just as you thought that useless could not get any worse, expect the boys to surprise us all as they plumb new depths of uselessness.

As my readers know, I could not really give two flying cents for that stupid round-ball game that blacks play, but what irks me is that these useless bastards gets paid a flippen fortune (more than the rugby players) to do a job as professional sportsmen representing the country and all its people, that includes us, the whites, whether they like it or not. People overseas do not say, Bafana is useless or those blacks in SA are useless...no they say, the entire country is useless.
How Bafana could lose to impoverished insignificant little Zimbabwe (2-1) blows the mind

What were they doing?...Where they on the piss or taking the piss?
Speaking of being on the piss.

Last weekend we saw Solly Tyibilika, former Rugby Springbok shot dead at a shebeen in Gugulethu. Solly Tyibilika was a millionaire sports start that could afford to drink in the best of bars anywhere in South Africa or the world for that matter, but where do you find him? In a backyard shebeen in a black township. What was he doing there? I suppose you can take them out of the township, but you cannot take the township out of them. That is why they will never come right.

Now I see the Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula wants to scrap racial quotas in sport although after 18 years the playing field is not level yet (no pun intended).
How do you get this? They complain that the national soccer team and other national teams keeps on losing, but they keep pushing the most useless players out on the field, simply because they are black.

It is this same kind of mentality that keeps moaning about the lack of “service delivery” (free shit like water, electricity, KFC, etc), the bad conditions of the hospitals and the holes in the roads…but next election they go and vote for the ANC again. However, as soon as they need a job or food they go and knock on the evil white man’s door.

The white man is good enough to give them jobs, money, clothes and food, but the white man is not good enough to rule the country.
Just dare to mention this absurd mentality and uselessness and you are called “Ressist”.

The fanatical leftis media at it again

By Mike Smith
17th of November 2011

A few months ago mad man Anders Breivik went on a shooting rampage in Norway and the world was obviously repulsed, but at the time I could not help to notice how the leftist politicians and media almost rejoiced at this incident, because it gave them ammunition to slag off the right.

It was the same thing when Jared Loughner shot congresswoman Giffords. The media painted him originally as Rightwing extremist until it later surfaced that he was actually a liberal fanatic who saw the congresswoman as a traitor to the leftist cause. Suddenly the case disappeared from the media and one never heard about it again.

The latest in one of these incidents is what is currently happening in Germany. Two men and a woman, Beate Zschäpe, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, dubbed “The Pink Panther gang” has been connected to a 14 year spate of bank robberies and killings of eight Turkish and one Greek fast food (Döner) joints owners. The media also created a fictitious name for them called “The National Socialist Underground” or NSU.

How the connection was made was that the woman, upon finding out that her two male compatriots were dead, blew her own house up and set it alight. Under the black charred rubble, the police found four DVD’s in white envelopes in perfect condition as well as a USB memory stick in perfect condition upon which the gang made neo-nazi cartoons utilization the image of “the Pink Panther” to visit the sites where the “Döner- murders” took place.

I wonder where the trio bought their magnificent disks and memory stick, because it seems to be bomb and fire proof. Almost as believable as the passport of the one hi-jacker found in mint condition under the rubble of the World Trade Centre after 911.

The police seemed to have had it all wrong, because they thought that the 8 Turks murdered over 14 years was connected to the Turkish mafia who often uses the Döner joints for money laundering purposes same way as the Italian mafia uses Pizza parlors in New York for money laundering.

Nevertheless, the “trio of suspected neo-Nazi terrorists” apparently also had a hit list of what could be the names of targeted politician including some conservative ones. Officials investigating the Zwickau cell, have uncovered what could be a list of targets created by the suspected terrorists.

Take note how everything is just “alleged” this and “suspected” that…which means they have no proof.

This did not stop the media to break out into a manic frenzy of panic-makery proclaiming that Germany is “sinking into a brown swamp”, obviously referring to the nazi brown-shirts before and during WWII.

To anybody with half a brain, it is obviously nonsense, blown out of proportion by a fanatical biased and leftist media and just another opportunity to vilify conservatives and everything right of centre. You can smell bullshit a mile away.

Every news bulletin on German TV or radio is currently dominated by some reporter’s voice who interchanges “Nazis”, “far-right” and “right-wing extremists” with each other.

One would think that any educated journalist worthy of the title “journalist” would know by now that National Socialism is an authoritarian Leftist ideology not right and definitely not “Far-right”.

Where they get this nonsense from that National Socialism is right-wing boggles the mind when it is today fairly common knowledge that Stalin was the one who stuck the rightwing label on them.

The official name of the Nazi party was National Socialist Workers Party of Germany”…What part of “Socialist Workers Party” is it that they do not understand?

Even Josef Goebels made it quite clear why the Nazis were socialists and how they hated the “bourgeoisie capitalists” saying “Socialism is the doctrine of liberation for the working class”.

Nevertheless, I know why the fanatical left loves to draw the Nazi invective on the right. It drives people more towards the left and their one world socialist agenda. And as the little sheep hop, skip and jump further to the left, they demand their freedoms to be taken away…they demand to be protected against these “vile right-wing beasts” who grill and eat babies for breakfast.

We have seen it all before in South Africa. The rightwing infiltrated by the intelligence services…Useful idiots roped in to plant bombs…only later to be caught and put on trial for eight years…complete with media created fictitious name of “Boeremag”…all to vilify the rightwing and kill any Boer aspirations of self determination…and with every bomb blast by the “rightwing” the public moved further to the left, so much that they gave their country away to black Marxist terrorists.
Old tricks…seen it all before.

Now the leftist politicians are calling for a clampdown on the rightwing and a central register of “Rightwing extremists”, but you never hear them call for a register for “Left-wing extremists”, because in their vocabulary only right-wingers can be “extremists” despite all evidence showing that the left has killed more than 100 million people in the last century. As Vladimir Lenin said, “There are no enemies to the left”…implying enemies are all those on the right.

What they fail to do is to define what “Rightwing extremism” is or state the criteria against which one is judged as “Rightwing extreme”.

Ahhh, now we start to see what the truth is. Anybody considered an opponent or a critic of the left, is judged as “rightwing extremist”…In other words it is simply a way of shutting up the opposition.

Amazing how the left is then the first to tell us how unbiased and tolerant they are of other beliefs and cultures and how they are free thinkers and promote freedom of speech. Truth is that they are only interested in freedom of speech as long as you agree with them.

When you point out their hypocritical actions against their idiotic believes then you quickly realize how “tolerant” liberals can be. That is when you come face to face with the REAL fanatics when liberals call for you to be gagged, killed and burned at the stake.

Eight Turks murdered over 14 years is almost insignificant if you compare the thousands of whites murdered by blacks in SA every year.

When will the leftist biased media ever show the truth about the genocide of whites by black leftists extremists in South Africa? Probably when pigs fly over a frozen hell.

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