28 April 2011

Police brutality in South Africa: When the sheep dogs turn on the sheep

By Mike Smith
28th of April 2011

What do you think will happen if a white man simply walks up to a black woman shoots her at point blank range and kills her? Would they call him a racist? Would the media have it as main news as a sign of a racist killing?

Now imagine a white policeman did something like that during the Apartheid years…There would be an outcry all over the world.

Two days ago this exact scenario played off East of Johannesburg. A White Afrikaans woman called Jeanette Odendaal (45) went to the police station at around 20h30 to lay a charge of disturbing the peace where she lived just a few blocks down the drag at Aston Manor.

Upon her arrival a Black self appointed “car guard” (Sipho Baloyi), of which there are millions nowadays in SA jumped at the opportunity to make a quick 50 cents by offering to help her park.

During the parking she accidently bumped her little VW Golf against a parked police vehicle. Sipho went inside and told the cops what happened. A tall Black Sergeant walked outside saw the white woman, drew his weapon and shot her several times at point blank range, in cold blood in front of witnesses. He then dragged her out of her car onto the pavement, probably to claim later that she attacked him.

The witness, Sipho then pleaded with the policeman to call an ambulance. The policeman replied, “What for? She is dying and as good as dead already…”

The officer was arrested later. Police did not allow reporters to view the cars.

Just the other day the ANC police beat, shot and killed an unarmed Black opposition party supporter Andries Tatane in Ficksburg.

The incident was broadcasted on national television and shocked the nation. Tatane was a 33 year old teacher and disillusioned former ANC member who left them and got involved with COPE and other opposition activists…like most former ANC supporters nowadays.

These are not isolated incidents. Two other police brutality cases were before KwaZulu-Natal courts on Tuesday. In Greytown five policemen allegedly strangled a person in custody. In Hammarsdale 15 policemen are accused of beating a suspect to death.

…But the functionally illiterate former kitchen and polish boy, now President Jacob Zuma, who only learned to read and write from his communist warlord and mass murderer buddy of the Natal Midlands Harry Gwala, whilst they were in prison on Robben Island, reckons that these are indeed isolated incidents. Zuma says Police Brutality cases are isolated incidents

Here is onother incident of police brutality with photo against a black night club owner in Cape Town…everything caught on CCTV camera.

A few weeks ago four cops brutally assaulted patrons at the Catz Pajamas Restaurant in Mellville, everything also caught on shocking CCTV footage. The video can be seen below along with the killing of Tatane’s video.

Isolated incidents my arse. This is becoming daily occurences.

What is the story here?

In Psychology there are two famous experiments namely the Milgram experiment
and the Zimbardo experiment that proves that when seemingly ordinary people are put in a position of power and absolved from accountability that they will turn into monsters.

I once wrote an article on how the entire New South Africa is one giant Zimbardo experiment

This is exactly what the ANC has done. They have appointed Bheki Cele, a corrupt Mafioso wannabee Snoop Dog pimp type Black man in charge of the police as the National Police Commissioner. They have put him above the law and he went on and ordered the police to shoot to kill and ask questions later

This is the half literate under trained SA Police Service with R5 automatic rifles and CZ 9mm pistols in their hands.

In his book, “On Killing” Lt. Col. Grossman, a military psychologist relates the function of police to that of Sheep, Wolves and Dogs. He says that ordinary people are for the most part sheep. The criminals are the wolves and the police are the sheep dogs.

The public do not always like the sheep dogs because they look too much like wolves and can behave just as aggressively, but when the actual wolves come for them then they quickly hide behind the sheep dogs.

The sheep dogs have to behave aggressively to keep the wolves at bay and protect the sheep.

One thing that the sheep dogs are NEVER allowed to do is to turn on the sheep and bite or kill a sheep. If a sheep dog attacks a sheep, he should be removed immediately and put out of his misery. This is normally done by the shepherd, the government.

This is what is happening here in South Africa. The ANC police are turning on the public. They are not fighting crime and criminals; they are assaulting and killing the public…innocent citizens...black and white. But in our case the shepherd is not only looking on, he is enticing the sheep dogs, spurring them on to assault and kill the sheep...and ask questions later.

The question is then…”Who will remove the shepherd from power?”

Only the sheep can do that. The sheep will have to revolt, but the sheep are too dumb to do it, so they will need some pigs like Snowball and Napoleon in “Animal Farm”…the book by George Orwell.

The ANC should wake up and learn from recent history. They forget how Idi Amin, Ferdinand Marcos, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, etc. were humiliated and kicked out of their countries…by the very sheep their sheepdogs attacked.

The ANC should decide how they want to end up.

Maybe the ANC leadership should also remember how their great East German Stasi hero Erich Mielke died a lonely man in a Berlin nursing home, some say less that a 100 people attended his funeral…Probably just to go spit on his grave...
SA Police turn on citizens in Mellville, Johannesburg

The killing of Andries Tatane

Here are the links to Jeanette Odendaal’s death.





25 April 2011

The Totalitarian Tiptoeing of the Fabian Socialist Revolution sweeping the UK and the rest of Europe

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2011

On the 9th of November 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and it marked the so-called end of Communism and the Cold War.

In South Africa, we were told, that it also marked the end of our fight against Communism.

Today we know this is nonsense and that the Communist SACP and the Marxist terrorist ANC have firmly imbedded themselves in South Africa pushing their Gramscian model of Communism called “Cultural Hegemony” on the South African public.

In Europe the wall came down and opened the gates for the implementation of Socialism across Europe.

In the UK, immigrants from Poland and other former communist states always had to work 12 months before being eligible for social benefits.

From next week onwards, this will be lifted and these eastern European Communists will be eligible for the dole, immediately…as soon as they set foot in the UK.

It means that it will take them about a week to register and sort out the paperwork before they start drawing 250 quid a week in unemployment benefits. All they have to prove is that they could not find a job in their home country either.

Kamil Lesniak, a 20-year-old barman from the south-west Polish town of Taenobrzeg, said he would be on his way to the UK ‘tomorrow’ if the British benefits system could match his monthly income of £450.
Eva Katona, 22, is considering moving to Britain from the Hungarian capital, Budapest, to work as a nanny or carer.
‘The unemployment benefit in England is higher than a salary here and I have been told I can go on the dole as soon as I get there,’ she said.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1380204/Bar-benefits-lifted-East-European-migrants-able-claim-250-week.html#ixzz1KYy9sLt2

That is nothing. Read how A Family of 12 Ethiopian asylum seekers land in UK - and are handed a £6,000-a-month home paid for by you

The Ethiopian couple and their ten children are receiving a staggering £1,460 a week in housing benefit alone. The jobless couple will also be eligible for other handouts such as unemployment and child benefits, which could potentially add up to an additional £1,300 a week.

All courtesy of the white taxpayers of the UK.

This absurdity is also to be found in Germany. For those who can understand German this will be a shocker

These immigrants receive benefits calculated daily for everything from bus and train fare to internet and cell phone access and money for the cinema. All in the name of making them integrate quicker…which are all fine if the immigrants are Muslim or from Africa…but do not for one moment think that a WHITE African is eligible to the same benefits.

No ways! White Africans from South Africa, Namibia and Rhodesia are in a different class…the Persona Non Grata class…For them there are other norms and standards.

Whites from Africa are “Kaffirhaßer” (haters of blacks)…they need to take their Anti Racist Pills before they are allowed into Europe.

Meanwhile thousands of Germans, British and other Western Europeans are going hungry and cannot find jobs…All in the name of “Tolerance , Multi Racialism and Multi Culturism”.

Problem is that at the next election, the sheeple will all again go and vote for Labour or the Socialists.

The Rainbow Formula, Anti Racist, Liberal Viagra Pill, is here

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2011

I always say that one should never interfere with nature. Every time one does, one comes short, but interfering with nature is one thing, playing God is totally different.

Scientists have now developed a pill to enhance moral behaviour, a treatment for racist thoughts, a therapy to increase your empathy for people in other countries.

The field is in its infancy, but “it’s very far from being science fiction”, said Dr Guy Kahane, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner.
Kahane? Is that perhaps a Jewish surname? What do they have planned for the Palestinians?

Well, when you read this report then you immediately think what can they put in our food and in our drinking water?

No!!! You think. Never. There are laws and watchdogs out there…

The report reads further…

“Kahane does not advocate putting morality drugs in the water supply, but he suggests that if administered widely they might help humanity to tackle global issues.”

That is right people, that is in store for us sheeple. Dr. Guy Kahane is planning to chuck anti racist formula into your drinking water, probably your baby’s milk and mixed in with the Klipdrift and Oudemeester Brandy of Afrikaners…all for a good cause…all to make them more tolerant and less racist.

And if you say anything against it, then you are an Anti Semite and a Racist and need another dose of your pills and formula.
Maybe a big order should be put in for the ANC in South Africa. Maybe they would then stop killing white farmers and singing about it. Maybe the racist black bastards in the ANC would then stop their racist policies of Affirmative Action, BEE, quotas in sport and university entry. One can only hope.

Nah…At the end of the day Mother Nature has her way of sorting out these issues. Normally the fight for the survival of a species is not a pretty site and it is not going to be in the future of South Africa.

Mother Nature has proved that she makes mince meat out of so called clever scientists. Most of the times they make problems worse, not solve them.

The pill against racism might make liberals rejoice now, but sooner or later it will evince contraindications that nobody has reckoned with. Let’s see where this leads.

Scientists target drugs that improve behaviour


A pill to enhance moral behaviour, a treatment for racist thoughts, a therapy to increase your empathy for people in other countries — these may sound like the stuff of science fiction but with medicine getting closer to altering our moral state, society should be preparing for the consequences, according to a book that reviews scientific developments in the field.

Drugs such as Prozac that alter a patient’s mental state already have an impact on moral behaviour, but scientists predict that future medical advances may allow much more sophisticated manipulations.

The field is in its infancy, but “it’s very far from being science fiction”, said Dr Guy Kahane, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner.

“Science has ignored the question of moral improvement so far, but it is now becoming a big debate,” he said. “There is already a growing body of research you can describe in these terms. Studies show that certain drugs affect the ways people respond to moral dilemmas by increasing their sense of empathy, group affiliation and by reducing aggression.” Researchers have become very interested in developing biomedical technologies capable of intervening in the biological processes that affect moral behaviour and moral thinking, according to Dr Tom Douglas, a Wellcome Trust research fellow at Oxford University’s Uehiro Centre. “It is a very hot area of scientific study right now.” He is co-author of Enhancing Human Capacities, published today (4APR), which includes a chapter on moral enhancement.

Drugs that affect our moral thinking and behaviour already exist, but we tend not to think of them in that way. [Prozac] lowers aggression and bitterness against environment and so could be said to make people more agreeable. Or Oxytocin, the so-called love hormone ... increases feelings of social bonding and empathy while reducing anxiety,” he said.

“Scientists will develop more of these drugs and create new ways of taking drugs we already know about. We can already, for example, take prescribed doses of Oxytocin as a nasal spray,” he said.

But would pharmacologically-induced altruism, for example, amount to genuine moral behaviour? Guy Kahane, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner, said: “We can change people’s emotional responses but quite whether that improves their moral behaviour is not something science can answer.” He also admitted that it was unlikely people would “rush to take a pill that would make them morally better.

“Becoming more trusting, nicer, less aggressive and less violent can make you more vulnerable to exploitation,” he said. “On the other hand, it could improve your relationships or help your career.” Kahane does not advocate putting morality drugs in the water supply, but he suggests that if administered widely they might help humanity to tackle global issues.

“Relating to the plight of people on other side of the world or of future generations is not in our nature,” he said. “This new body of drugs could make possible feelings of global affiliation and of abstract empathy for future generations.” Ruud ter Meulen, chair in ethics in medicine and director of the centre for ethics in medicine at the University of Bristol, warned that while some drugs can improve moral behaviour, other drugs — and sometimes the same ones — can have the opposite effect.

“While Oxytocin makes you more likely to trust and co-operate with others in your social group, it reduces empathy for those outside the group,” Meulen said.

The use of deep brain stimulation, used to help those with Parkinson’s disease, has had unintended consequences, leading to cases where patients begin stealing from shops and even becoming sexually aggressive, he added.

“Basic moral behaviour is to be helpful to others, feel responsible to others, have a sense of solidarity and sense of justice,” he said. “I’m not sure that drugs can ever achieve this. But there’s no question that they can make us more likeable, more social, less aggressive, more open attitude to other people,” he said.

Meulen also suggested that moral-enhancement drugs might be used in the criminal justice system. “These drugs will be more effective in prevention and cure than prison,” he said.

How the Criminal and psychopathic ANC loves their Criminal and psychopathic friends

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2011

It has to be the biggest travesty of justice that South Africa has ever experienced. It certainly is the most expensive trial to date. Two years ago the cost were running in the region of R20 million and the bill is footed by the taxpayers. I am speaking of the so-called “Boeremag” trial of course.

Reminiscent of the Stalinist show trials of the 1930’s these twenty one rightwingers have been paraded and vilified and the trial milked for every drop of propaganda value…

Eleven men are out on bail, but ten of these accused have been in prison for EIGHT YEARS already. None of them has been found guilty of anything yet. They are simply accused of high treason, murder, attempted murder and an array of charges ranging from unlawful possession of arms and ammunition to manufacturing of explosives.

The prosecution only finished its case last week. The defence is to start its case in May 2011.

How can ten people be kept in prison for eight years without being guilty of anything? Where is the outcry? Where is Amnesty International?

The ANC are so paranoid about these men that the security is extremely tight around the court and when Dr Lets Pretorius once forgot his coffee flask in court, the police blew it up, believing it contained explosives.
The stuff that the Police Academy comedies are made of, I tell you.
The Boeremag Trial

Another travesty of justice is the fate of Clive Derby-Lewis and Janusz Walus who were framed for the killing of Communist leader, Chris Hani.

Derby Lewis (75) is serving life in prison. He has aggressive prostate cancer and has had several operations to remove gangrene from his leg. Yet the ANC keeps him in jail.

I had to laugh when I recently saw a post on IOL where the spokesman of the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa), Castro Ngobese said, “Both Clive Derby-Lewis and Janusz Walus must rot in jail unless they disclose who else was part of the broader heinous conspiracy to assassinate... Hani,”

Numsa called for a judicial commission of inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the assassination.

Ngobese should be careful what he calls for or wishes for. By now it is quite common knowledge amongst journalists worthy of the title that the true killers behind the Hani assassination were none other than ThaboMbeki, his ganster buddy and former Minister of Defence, Joe Modise and National intelligence.

Nevertheless, the ANC keeps a sick old man like Derby-Lewis in prison, but a convicted fraudster, financial advisor of president Zuma and criminal such as Shabir Shaik are left out on medical grounds after serving two years of his 15 years sentence. Shaik is known to regularly violate his parole conditions and the Sunday Tribune journalist Amanda Khoza followed the “deadly sick” Shabir Shaik where he was playing golf in Durban a month ago.

…As if that is not enough, at the same time The ANC is about to release about 400 of the country’s worst criminals without even informing the victims or their families.

Psychopathic serial killers and rapists of the worst order that were on death row during Apartheid and whose sentences were commuted to life imprisonment in 1994 are to be released onto the public in the next few days.

People like Sipho Twala, the Phoenix Strangler, who was convicted in 1999 for the murders of 16 women and 10 rapes and was sentenced to 506 years in prison might walk free…so too might dangerous psychopath Jimmy Maketta who was convicted on 16 counts of murder and 19 counts of rape….and Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode, responsible for at least 18 murders and 11 attempted murders along with serial rapes and assaults, might also be free shortly.

All thanks to the brilliance of the useless ANC trash in government.

24 April 2011

The Bollocks of the Malema, Afriforum and Solidarity WWF Show Trail

By Mike Smith
24th of April 2011

Growing up during the Apartheid years in South Africa meant that white South Africans were acutely aware of all forms of Anti Communist views across the world and speeches by Reagan and Thatcher were prominently displayed on SABC during the 1980’s.

Another prominent figure from those times was the Polish leader of the trade union Solidarity, Lech Walesa. Even in South Africa he was seen as a hero for standing up against communism.

Hardly did Communism fall across the world or it found a new home in South Africa in the early 1990’s and along with it came our own version of Solidarity, the trade union.

Although Solidarity SA claims to be older than 100 years, it was rather an insignificant white trade union up until about 1997. In fact very few people ever knew about them. Then suddenly Flip Buys became the leader of Solidarity and it started to become famous to the point where it is today in the news almost daily along with its agricultural buddies, Afriforum, etc.

Since the ANC took over in 1994 until now, they have implemented extreme anti white legislation that prevents whites from seeking equal employment. Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment along with quotas in sports and university entry has been implemented against white South Africans.
So what does Solidarity say about this lot?

Along comes one of their ANC “Yes-men” Dirk Herman, who did his doctorate thesis on Affirmative Action and writes a little booklet about how to implement AA “Fairly”. Freely distributed amongst Afrikaner Broederbond members of which Herman is obviously a member.

I kid you not. He could as well have named his booklet “ How to let Black Marxists kill you fairly”.

Solidarity reminds one of those classical useless organizations in the pockets of the communist just like Lech Walesa was a Communist informer and agent and his Solidarity union was kept alive by the Communists to prove freedom and toleration to opposition

Vladimir Lenin believed that one should create and control one’s own opposition. This seems to be exactly what the ANC have done with Solidarity, Afriforum, etc…

When you see such opposition to a repressive government lasting for years and even allowed to utter some crap on TV then be assured that they are kept alive only for a purpose, not because the Marxist regime is so tolerant, but because they like to control their opposition.

It was so clear to me that I wrote an article on Global Politician about it during 2007 already called Labor Negotiations with the ANC after they thought that they could negotiate with the Marxist terrorist ANC
In it I name them specifically…Kallie Kriel, Dirk Herman, Flip Buys, etc…All pretending to be negotiating with the ANC.

What nonsense. Why would the ANC even give these idiots a second thought? What threat do they pose? Let them all strike for the next two years and see if it makes any difference to South Africa.

The organizations such as Solidarity and Afriforum has no strength to bargain from. No numbers, no military strength, no money, no political influence and no business influence. They are Afrikaner eunuchs and their negotiations as sterile as their arguments. Why do the ANC even tolerate them?

Simple, to create the illusion of tolerance to the opposition. REAL opposition will be quickly assassinated, banned, banished, character assassinated, arrested on trump up charges, etc. and a show trial lasting eight years will be created.

So along came the ANC youth Leader Julias Malema and called for the killing of white people through the ANC terrorist song, “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer!” and the farmers were obviously livid.

So they turn to their leaders in Afriforum and Solidarity who charges Malema for hate speech against white farmers.

Malema calls some ANC witnesses who claims that the unambiguous words of “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer” could mean “Kill the system of white oppression.”

So the White Solidarity and Afriforum wants to, you guessed it, negotiate with the ANC and settle out of court. They reckon that the ANC should carry on singing “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” as long as they…wait for it…Sing the song only at private functions…


That is what has been happening all along. The ANC has been been singing it at all along at their private functions. So what was the whole trial about? Again Afriforum , the TAU and Solidarity are wasting their membership money on crap.

If this is the quality of negotiators amongst the so called Afrikaner leadership then I do not have much hope for the Afrikaners. They should kick the useless ANC bought and treacherous asses of Kallie Kriel, Dirk Herman and Flip Buys into touch elect a proper leadership and see if they can carry on from there.

I can assure you that NONE of the efforts of Kriel and Buys will make even a dent in the number of white farmers being killed. In fact the ANC will see this as a victory and a free-for-all to step up their murderous campaign against the white farmers.

Then more useless negotiations will follow, until somebody wakes up one day and switches the light on and says “Hey, what is happening here?”

Sometimes one does not know if one should pity these idiots or simply let them be. Let Darwin sort out their asses.

My advice to them is the following rules of thumb that I live by…

1. There is no negotiating with Marxist terrorist scum
2. The only way to get freedom from Communist oppression is through the barrel of a gun.
3. Freedom can only be achieved when the very last piece of Communist trash has been publicly executed.

Watch this space and see how a Fuckwit like Malema with a GG mark in Woodwork Standard Grade beats a Doctorate such as Dr. Dirk Herman. What a bunch of clowns...

The Asterixfication of the explicit English language

By Mike Smith

24th of April 2011

Do you know why I am against censorship? …because when you take away the right to say FUCK, you also take away the right to say, FUCK THE ANC GOVERNMENT!

Now there are some blogs and some people who believe that one should have tact. That one should not lower oneself to the levels of the ANC Marxist terrorist scum that one should still attempt to convey a civilized message against an uncivilized enemy.

Problem is that Censorship and Political Correctness has almost become the same thing. Words such as “Kaffir”, “Nigger”, “Honkey”, “Coolie”, “Charra”, “Mlungu” (white froth or scum from the sea) and “Hotnot” have become socially unacceptable terms and Newspapers, magazines and online forums have banned such words in order to maintain a level of respectability and hold the moral high ground.

Does it help or compound the problem…not that it is a problem at all?

See, people are quite ingenious. Like the Hydra in Greek mythology, when you chop off one head, another two grow in its place. Banning such words just gives rise to ten others.

The word “Negro” is replaced by “Kneegrow”, the word “Kaffir” is replaced by “K@ffir”, “K4”, “Simian Bi-ped”, “Marmite Monster” or a string of other words. Swear words are also changed such as “Fuck the ANC” being replaced by “PHUQ the ANC”

In the past swear words in letters to the media used to be dumped immediately, yet nowadays it is allowed if you use the asterix symbol (*).

Instead of saying the real words, it is now left to the imagination of the reader who concludes whatever he wants. For example, nowadays one can leave a comment on the online forum of the Sowetan in the line of, “ F*ck Malema. He is a C*nt and a real K4 D**S. All he does is talk K@k. Etc and everyone will understand the correct meaning.

It is just a matter of time before the Asterix will claim its rightful place in the English dictionary.

But the use of such symbols could lead to real confusion…let me use another example…

Winnie Mandela gets knocked over by a 4x4 and goes to a useless K4 hospital where one of her favorite Cuban doctors is on watch at the trauma section. First thing he does is feeling her “Four letter word”.

What “Four letter word” you ask? Well here is a clue… it starts with a “P” and ends with an “S”…OK…you still give up?

Here is another clue…the second letter is an “O”….So far we thus have that the Cuban Doctor felt her “PO*S”…

Well you all have such filthy minds, because I was thinking of the Afrikaans word, “Pols” (Pulse). Start thinking outside of the (black) box you perverts.

Nevertheless, this kind of “Asterix Censorship” is fully phuqing up the English language, especially when a K4 gets hold of it. Point in case is ANC Youth League spokesman Floyd Shivambu…

IOL reporter Carien du Plessis was the brunt of his Asterixes (or is that Asterixae?)…This LWB felt so offended by his Asterixae that she went and charged him for “Hate speech” in the Equality Court”.

Shivambu is accused of hate speech for allegedly calling du Plessis “stupid” and a “white bi***” in text messages. Apparently being called “Stupid” did not bother her…it was the asterixae…

He further says “bi***” is not part of his vocabulary.

Not surprisingly. Spelling beyond two letters in an English word is not exactly the forte of undereducated ANC idiots such as Shivambu. I mean…English is a sophisticated language…not every bush K4’s thing.

In typical K@ffir fashion, ShivamPo*s denies everything. He never sent anything. He can’t remember. He just have to claim he was drunk at the time, someone took his phone and someone else sent all the messages from his cell phone.

He reckons, “I know I did not send the text message using those references because some of the words she alleges were sent from my phone are not part of my vocabulary, in particular the word 'bi***'.”

I did not know “Bi***” was a word in anyway. Ja, swaer…the Tokoloshe sent those messages.

Meanwhile, Afrikaner Girl with an Apartheid guilt complex, Carien du Plessis referred all queries to her (black) lawyer Okyerebea Ampofo-Anti (Nigerian?), who said her client declined to comment on the matter.

It appears as if all media institutions nowadays have black lawyers. Having a black lawyer apparently proves that you were legitimately criticizing the ANC and that you are not a “Racist K4 hater” such as Carien du Plessis…who is simply a “LWB”.

This Politically Correct absurdity is actually not bad. It creates jobs, because now we need more useless lawyers, linguists and other A**h*les to write up a list and definition of all the Asterix infested words in the English dictionary and crap such as LOL and ROTFLMAO.

Makes one almost want to say STFU, GTFO and GFY,

‘I didn’t call journo a bi***’
April 21 2011 at 08:41pm


ANC Youth League spokesman Floyd Shivambu can't remember sending insulting cellphone text messages to Independent Newspapers journalist Carien Du Plessis, according to an affidavit his lawyers filed with the Equality Court.

“I do not have records, nor recollection of me saying that to her under whatever circumstances either through text message or verbal pronouncements,” Shivambu said in the affidavit filled on April 13.

Shivambu is accused of hate speech for allegedly calling du Plessis “stupid” and a “white bi***” in text messages.

He further says “bi***” is not part of his vocabulary.

“I know I did not send the text message using those references because some of the words she alleges were sent from my phone are not part of my vocabulary, in particular the word 'bi***'.”

In the affidavit Shivambu describes his relationship with Du Plessis by saying he knew her through his work as ANCYL spokesman.

He said he discovered animosity between the two of them when Du Plessis “started not talking to me about anything, including work related issues”.

The complaint dates back to May 18, 2010.

Du Plessis alleged that in an SMS exchange between herself and Shivambu, he wrote: “You must learn to respect people. I don't comment on YCL (Young Communist League) issues and please stop being stupid.”

He also allegedly wrote: “I wouldn't want to earn respect from white bi***es... so dream on.” The ANCYL later launched a public, personal attack on Du Plessis.

In an email sent to the youth league's and African National Congress's media lists, Du Plessis was described as a liar with “tendencies”, without mention of what “tendencies” meant.

ANCYL spokeswoman Magdalene Moonsamy emailed the statement about Du Plessis to media houses.

“The ANCYL is aware that such allegations are lies and false and confirmed that at no stage has Cde Floyd Shivambu sent her such text messages. Those who know Carien Du Plessis will be aware of her tendencies and that the allegations that she apportions to Cde Floyd are indeed false and will soon be exposed,” she wrote.

The ANCYL said the case against Shivambu was “once again agitation through the media to spread lies against the leadership of the ANCYL”.

Moonsamy, at the end of the statement about Du Plessis, adds:

“We are aware that the case is sub judice and that facts will be presented to the Equality Court and hence, the ANCYL will not entertain the issue further until it (is) before the Equality Court.”

Du Plessis referred all queries to her lawyer Okyerebea Ampofo-Anti, who said her client declined to comment on the matter.

“My client prefers not to comment on the content of the media statement issued by the ANCYL or the appropriateness of issuing such a statement.

“She stands by her complaint and looks forward to having the merits of the case decided in the appropriate forum, which is the Equality Court.”

Du Plessis wants an order declaring that the labels allegedly applied to her by Shivambu constitute hate speech, an order requiring him to issue an unconditional written apology, payment of R100 000 damages and the costs of the suit. - Sapa

19 April 2011

Jesus would Vote ANC

By Mike Smith
19th of April 2011

It seems that the ANC is pulling all stops in the run up to next month’s election. The latest is Visvin Reddy an ANC councilor in Natal who said that Jesus would vote for the ANC. http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/kwazulu-natal/jesus-would-vote-for-anc-1.1058926

HAHAHA. Personally I wonder what Jesus would say about all the stealing and corruption going on in the ANC…not to mention the raping and sex scandals of Mbulelo Goniwe, Jacob Zuma and Sicelo Shiceka, to name but a few.

Or what about the torture, raping and killing in their training camps such as “Quotro” or all the innocent people they blew up in their so called “Struggle”?

I wonder what makes them so confident that Jesus is on their side.

Could it be that Julias Malema and Jesus both share the same hobby, namely woodwork? They seem to think so…


“We shall build this organisation. Even God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed.

"It is even blessed in Heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back. We should not allow anyone to govern our city (Cape Town) when we are ruling the country,"

Jacob Zuma, Khayalitsha, May 2008


“Jesus was persecuted. He was called names and betrayed. It’s the same kind of suffering Zuma has had to bear recently, but he’s still standing strong. He’s not giving up,”

Free State Premier Ace Magashule in 2008 during President Zuma’s trial for corruption and rape.


“When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven. When you don’t vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork who cooks people,”

President Jacob Zuma, February 2011, MThatha


“If Jesus were here on election day he would vote ANC.”

Visvin Reddy, ANC councillor and eThekwini infrastructure committee chairman 19th April 2011


“Jesus Christ had an organisation of 12 people... among those 12 there was a criminal who sat with Jesus every day,”

“Even when Jesus berated him (Judas), he denied that it was him who was a criminal. “

“In the Garden of Eden, there were two people. God himself did an inspection every morning. One day, He could not find them. They were hiding, because they had committed a crime,”

“If you will find criminals amongst two people, then you will find criminals in an organisation with 193,000 members,”

National Police Commisioner Bheki Celi likening Police Corruption to Jesus. Pretoria April 2011

How to Cure Blattodephobia

By Mike Smith
19th of April 2011

There are some people with strange phobias, such as people who are scared of peanut butter sticking to the roof of their mouths. They suffer from Arachibutyrophobia.

Then there is Triskaidekaphobia or the fear of the number 13.

A classic one is obviously Phagophobia: fear of swallowing… most women actually suffer from it…but let’s leave it there…

I came across this online definition of the word “phobia”:

A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous

Note that it is an irrational fear of something that is not actually dangerous.

Take Blattodephobia for instance. The fear of cockroaches.

A cockroach is not dangerous like a scorpion, spider or a snake, yet there are some people who have an irrational fear of roaches…for whatever reason.

Psychologists reckon that the best thing to do in order to overcome a phobia is to face it head on. So how is that going to help you if you have Blattodephobia?

Well, first you can read up on cockroaches and you will see that they are basically heinously ugly, filthy, disgusting, disease carrying, cowardly scavengers…that leave an offensive odour.

This ugliness and filthiness of roaches are actually protective and survival mechanisms. It makes people stay as far away from them as possible.

In order to overcome this phobia you have to take baby steps. First you need to trap a roach. Then start by getting yourself to look at the filthy thing for longer than five seconds, then ten seconds, eventually working your way up to the point where you can actually smash it to a pulp with a hammer.

Then you can start having some fun. Trap another roach. Pin him to a board. Then burn his appendages off with a magnifying glass. Or pull his wings and legs off…but always finish with a violent smashing with the hammer.

Don’t worry…nobody will think you are a psycho, because everyone actually hates cockroaches.

Nevertheless, after a while you will note that this irrational fear or phobia that you had for roaches seems to disappear. In fact you come to realize that you never had a fear or phobia of them at all.
What you thought was a fear or phobia was actually repulsiveness…You were simply repulsed by their ugliness and filthiness. You just naturally wanted to seperate yourself as far from them as possible.

This is normally the stage where you start scheming of ways of ridding your environment of them. Either you move away or you fumigate the bastards in their thousands.

If you study cockroaches you discover the most amazing things. Did you know that cockroaches actually do have natural and biological enemies or predators? The most effective of these are the Wasps.

Wasps sting the roach more than once and in a specific way. The first sting is directed at nerve ganglia in the cockroach's thorax (the area between the head and the abdomen); temporarily paralyzing the victim for 2–5 minutes, which is more than enough time for the wasp to deliver a second sting. The second sting is directed into a region of the cockroach's brain that controls the escape reflex, among other things.

The wasp then slowly tortures the roach to death even laying eggs on the live roach so that the wasp babies can feed off it taking the roach apart piece by piece while he is still alive.

Now there are other types of WASP’s as well… Here is a different meaning of the word WASP…or does it perhaps mean White Afrikaans Soldiers and Patriots?

See, Mother Nature has all the answers. All you have to do is look deep enough.

Do you suffer from Malemaphobia?

April 19 2011 at 04:16pm
By Yadhana Jadoo

“Malemaphobia” has hit many Afrikaner organisations, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe told the Equality Court on Tuesday, where ANC Youth League president Julius Malema faces hate speech charges.

Mantashe said he coined the term “Malemaphobia”, after an outreach program for Afrikaners was established by the ANC.

Through interaction with Afrikaners when visiting farms, Mantashe said he noted that most of them had an “irritation by Malema”.

Afrikaner interest group AfriForum has taken Malema to court, contending that his singing of struggle song “awudubhule ibhunu”, or “shoot the boer” constitutes hate speech.

Under cross-examination by counsel for AfriForum, Martin Brassey, Mantashe said the song in question needed to be protected as it was part of heritage, and future generations would be angry if it was not protected.

“Its about protecting a history and heritage,” he said, adding that the song did not belong to Malema, but to the liberation movement.

Brassey said “Malemaphobia” may be seen to be caused because Malema was a controversial figure, who embodied a particular set of ideas.

He added that Afrikaners also had a keen sense of what it was to be oppressed and AfriForum had no desire to burn songs or trample on history.

“Whites become frightened because they are the minority,” he said, citing examples of placards held by supporters outside court which read: “F the Boers, I hate them with a passion”.

Mantashe said he refused to believe, as suggested by Brassey, that people were so ignorant of the struggle as to not know what was happening around them.

The intention of the song was to inspire and mobilise people, Mantashe said.

Mantashe added that liberation songs had no copyright, and because of this any other liberation movement (such as the PAC) could sing it too.

Both the ANC and Malema are respondents in the case.

Mantashe is among high ranking ANC members giving testimony in the case.

Poet and ANC veteran Wally Serote and Science and Technology deputy minister Derek Hanekom previously testified.

Minister in the Presidency, Collins Chabane, and Malema will also take the stand.
ANC stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has been at Malema's side since the start of the case. She will not testify, but on Monday told supporters outside that the court was “illiterate”.

Serote previously told the court the victims of apartheid had sought noble ways of healing the country.

He said if Malema were to get out of hand, the “elders” of the ANC would sit him down and talk to him, but Malema had a right to act like a youth, because he was a youth.

Serote agreed with the view, expressed in court by Hanekom last week, that a “national dialogue” on the matter was needed.

Serote also believed the song was not linked to any farm killings.
Meanwhile, the court was told on Tuesday that a big screen erected outside the court Ä allowing supporters to watch the trial Ä may stop opposing counsel from coming to proceedings.

Counsel for farmers' organisation TAU-SA, Roelof du Plessis, said he may not come to court on Wednesday because of the big screen.

He did not want to highlight for the record why he would not come to court. However, media reports indicate that Du Plessis and his family had been threatened since the start of the case. -


15 April 2011

To Leave or to Fight: Freedom and the pursuit of happiness

By Mike Smith
15th of April 2011

We all want to be happy and we all want the freedom to pursue this happiness. These are the most basic and fundamental rights of all citizens all over the world and it is contained in the constitutions of most countries.

But what is it that makes us truly happy? Is it money? Is it a great partner or a happy family?

For every person this happiness is something else, but having the freedom to pursue that happiness is of utmost importance.

True happiness lies in freedom.

A few years ago I first started thinking about this concept of true happiness…ultimate happiness. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that ultimate happiness lies in ultimate freedom.

When is one truly free? Maybe when one has no debt, then one is free. But then there is always this nonsense that one cannot get away from, such as telephone costs, electricity, water, etc…And one needs to work for money so that one can buy food. One is somehow always a slave to the system. One is never really free to pursue one’s happiness.

Then the logical conclusion is that ultimate freedom lies in self sufficiency. When you can generate your own electricity, pump and clean your own water, grow your own vegetables, have a few chickens, pigs and sheep…etc... Be totally self-sufficient to the point that you do not have to rely on anybody else for your survival; you will be ultimately free and happy.

Problem is that this freedom is constantly undermined by the government who wants you to pay tax on any income earned or even pay tax on the property you own.
So what is the next step in this pursuit of freedom? To own no property and pay no tax.

But how does one do that? Is there such a way? Maybe when a man is young and single he can earn a great tax free salary working on ships. He will always have a home, but will have no fixed address and he will never go hungry. He will have tons of money to spend on himself and no shortage of the world’s women.

This might make one man happy but might not be what another man wants; because he might think that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Maybe his happiness lies in having a wife, children and a nice house after all. He will have to compromise on the tax, giving up some of his freedoms and weigh it up against the benefits of being married.

If one looks at the divorce rate and the fact that one third of all first marriages fail, then one has to wonder why? Surely cheating and violence cannot be the only reason. Why then do so many marriages or relationships fail?

Again it is the undermining of that basic right, namely one’s freedom.

When two people are in a relationship and there is constant spying or undermining of privacy such as reading emails or cell phones, or there is a restriction on movement or freedom of speech, or there are constant threats, blackmail or the eliciting of guilt feelings, you can be sure that the relationship will not last.

This is what eventually drives people in a relationship away from each other. Sure cheating or violence is also reasons, but most of the time it is the undermining of a person’s freedom and privacy that split up couples.

This is the reason why someone in a seemingly happy relationship and a nice house even with children simply takes his jacket and keys one day, close the door behind him and walk away.

This is why someone just decides one day to sell everything he owns pack his two suitcases and sail his ship into the sunset, no matter how beautiful his country is.

When it comes to people leaving countries then the undermining of freedom is why most people wanted to leave the Socialist East Germany, Cuba and every other Communist run country and why these countries had to cage their citizens in and restrict their movements.

Marxists always claim to fight or “struggle” for freedom, but as soon as they come to power they create all sorts of laws to take those freedoms away from the people.

It is not so much the fear of being tortured or killed by the authorities; it is the fact that people have no more privacy, no more freedom of movement or freedom of speech, no more freedom of any kind.

No sane person can live under such conditions for very long without them being mentally affected by it. People flee from such conditions to maintain their sanity.

One just has to take a look at citizens from the former East Germany, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, etc to see how the Communist undermining of freedom has killed the souls of the people.

Every human being needs a certain amount of freedom and free space in which he can live. When somebody interferes in that space or forces their way into someone else’s privacy, then the situation becomes unbearable. Whether it is a friendship, a relationship or a country it is the same thing.

That is the main reason why a million people have left South Africa in the last fifteen years and why another million will leave in the next few years. The restrictions on study, work and business through Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and racial quotas for universities, sport, social benefits, etc are all ways of government interference in the freedom of the people and the freedom to pursue their happiness.

Combine this with the restrictions on speech through politically correct madness, threats of death and violence, physical attacks such as rape, torture and murder, constant spying and watching, eliciting guilt feelings and other forms of psycho-terror, and you have the perfect recipe to drive people away.

For most, walking away is the easiest and least confrontational way of attaining freedom. For those who cannot simply leave, there is no other way, but to fight for their freedom.

We should remember that when the descendants of the European settlers known as the Voortrekkers (Boers) trekked from the Cape Colony, it was not to find soil for their ploughs or mineral wealth…it was to secure freedom for their souls. Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.

This urge to be free is in every human being and is why the Boers went to war with the British (twice) in the last hundred years or so.

Freedom cannot be suppressed or restricted. It is not negotiable. People will either walk away to be free or go to war, but free they WILL be.

The more a government tries to suppress the freedom of its citizens, the stronger the urge becomes to be free and one day the lid on the pot is lifted just enough for the pot to boil over, such as it happened in former Yugoslavia.

In a relationship it is the same. The more one partner attempts to undermine or restrict the freedom of the other, the more resistance he/she experience and the further away he/she drives his/her partner.

Whether it is a country or a relationship, people stay when they feel that their freedom and privacy is respected. Without the respect for freedom, there can be no trust, no love and certainly no loyalty.

At some point the “Fuck-You Factor” sets in. Love turns to hate and loyalty turns to rebellion.

We have recently seen this phenomenon in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

The problem in South Africa is that most people want security, they do not want liberty…well not enough yet. Benjamin Franklin said, “Someone that can give up freedom to obtain a little temporary safety deserves neither freedom nor safety.”

We will have to wait and see how long it takes for the people of South Africa to shed the fake freedom of the Marxist ANC and start striving for real freedom.

14 April 2011

Boer Traitors

By Mike Smith
14 April 2011

Yesterday the newspapers were full of Julias Malema appearing in court for singing songs about killing whites, killing Boers. Malema was guarded by some black goons in black suits and red ties armed with automatic rifles.

A few thoughts went through my mind…were those rifles licensed? Who was the security company? Etc...

The cardinal question came when I saw that there was a white fellow amongst the comical goons, obviously the boss goon. Who was he?

Here you have a black wannabee politician stirring up racial hatred on a regular basis and encouraging genocide against whites and the white owner of a security company protects him??

I immediately thought of Machiavelli’s quote about never trusting mercenaries in “The Prince”. They have no morals and no loyalty apart from their loyalty to money.
Nevertheless, when I first saw this white guy, I thought to myself…”I wonder if he is an Afrikaner”…

Well, I need not wonder anymore, because the Afrikaans newspaper “Beeld” has identified him as Adriaan Snyman of Tactical Security Services. So he is indeed an Afrikaner. Source Beeld
Apparently he reckons “It is just a job”.

So is being a whore, but there are some things that you just do not lower yourself to…such as being an ANC politician, a whore or a race traitor.

Just a few days ago I reported in my Pandora series about the Maritz rebellion of 1914 and how the Boer Whore Generals Louis Botha and Jan Smuts fought on the side of the British and had 20,000 former Boers in their ranks whereas Maritz and De la Rey, etc could only muster about 3000 Boers on their side. Shocking to think that twelve years after the bitter Anglo Boer War where 27,000 Boer women and children died in the horrible British concentration camps, more Boers were fighting on the side of the British than on the side of the Boers.

This is a blot on the history of the Boers/Afrikaners. Something they wish to ignore. But Albert Blake wrote a book on the subject, called “Boereverraaier: Teregstellings tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog” (Boer Traitors: Executions during the Anglo Boer war). It deals with the Boers’ execution of traitors during the Second Anglo Boer War…and believe me there were many. Maybe if they executed more traitors they could have won the war.

More and more we see white Afrikaans people ratting out their own.

When Arch Communist leader Chris Hani was assassinated by Apartheid informer Joe Modise, Thabo Mbeki and the NIA and using Clive Derby Lewis and Janus Wallus as fall guys, a white Afrikaans woman called the police and gave descriptions of the car, etc.

Hey? Thabo siyabuza ubani owabulala uChris Hani !!!! Come pal, the truth will set you free. Tell us Thabo…Tell us who really killed Chris Hani.

When two Boeremag members escaped it was an Afrikaans woman who ratted them out and ensured they were put back into prison.

Sun Tzu in “The Art of War” chapter 13 says that spies should be treated exceptionally well. Even double agents should be treated well. It is better to get some information than nothing and besides, even double agents can be fed disinformation to advance your cause…But traitors…Traitors should be executed on the spot. For them the writer Dante reserved the deepest levels of hell in his Inferno.

It reminded me of something I reported on a few years ago. My neighbor across the road in South Africa was an Afrikaans police captain. So was his Afrikaans wife although they worked at different police stations in neighbouring towns.

One night we had a Braai (BBQ). I asked him how he as a white man felt about being in the police on the side of the ANC Marxist terrorist regime that is hell bent on undermining whites in South Africa.

We discussed how the armed forces (Police, Army, Prison services, etc) always serve the government of the day, because the government of the day is the representatives of the population.

He added that it was just a job…

It sounds all well, but in South Africa you have a majority Black population who call the shots and a white minority of 9% who is buckling under the racist oppression of BEE, Affirmative Action, sport quotas, university quotas and on top of that my neighbor himself as well as his wife were suffering under this AA policy in the police.

One thinks that one can talk sense to such people or that they would understand, but not him. It eventually came down to the decisive question. I asked him…if ever a war breaks out between whites and blacks in South Africa on whose side will he be?

His face went stark, he put down the tongs and he looked me straight into the eyes when he pinned his colors to the mast, “Mike, if I found out that any white man is planning a war against the ANC government, I will have no problem killing him.”

Our eyes were locked when I smiled and took a sip of my beer and he of his. In that moment I knew where I stood with him and he knew where he stood with me. When the war comes, and I have no doubt that it will, he should not expect mercy.

I salute those police and military officers who refused to serve a Marxist terrorist regime…men of integrity, men like Willem Ratte who could not be bought…whose morals were not an a weekend special unlike our political leaders such as F.W.de Klerk.

The truth surfaces about the ANC and Media Psy-ops against White South Africans

By Mike Smith
14th April 2011

Yesterday I placed an article about a report in the black newspaper the Sowetan.
FOUR young black men have allegedly been raped by their white bosses and forced at gunpoint to drink urine from the toilet bowls in their workplace and suck their private parts

Within minutes after the article appeared online, the comments section was flooded with over 500 comments from mostly blacks lamenting about how they have always hated whites and how these disgusting whites should be killed and how Malema is a thousand percent right about killing white farmers and Boers…on and on and on it went. The comments are at the moment standing at 1046.

It must be a new record on bile-filled hatred of blacks against whites and this in a national newspaper.

I said that it would probably turn out to be an anti white smear campaign and turn out to be nonsense. It is probably an election ploy to stir racial hatred in the run up to the May elections so that blacks would vote for the ANC and not for the whites and coloureds who run the DA. It is all Bollocks!

Several reasons…for instance, how can White racists rape blacks and let them suck their private parts? Wouldn’t they rather try to stay as far away from blacks as possible?

Normally Newspapers NEVER name the races of perpetrators and victims when blacks rape, assault or kill whites. One is lucky if their names are mentioned and can derive the races that way.

Well, now it is reported in IOL in an article called They made us drink our own urine

that the four “workers, black Xhosa-speaking men” were assaulted, raped and called “kaffirs”.

Further they report that TWO COLOURED MEN were arrested NOT WHITES!

“Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed to the Cape Argus that two men from Kuils River, aged 31 and 35, had been arrested yesterday afternoon after being questioned by police and pointed out in an identity parade by the complainants. Van Wyk told the Cape Argus today that the witnesses had originally told police that their attackers were white, but police had later established they were coloured.”

Further, the black workers told the Cape Argus, that the alleged perpetrators were drunk…

“They said they had been told they could work night shifts, starting at 7.30pm and finishing at 5am.

But on their first night at work, last Tuesday, they alleged that their bosses – who were “nice” at the start of the shift – had started drinking after 9pm.” This is when the alleged assaults happened.

I am totally disgusted in the Sowetan Newspaper and the reporter Anna Majavu who is a known blacklisted reporter well known for her one sided and biased reporting.

Who is Anna Weekes Majavu?

She is so far left and biased that the leftist liberal DA has delisted her as a reporter a year ago in February 2011 Communist reporter Anna Majavu banned by liberal DA party in South Africa

Her real name is Anna Weekes a white woman with a Jewish father, born 1973. She added the black surname of Majavu since she got married in Palestine seven years ago to Mandisi Majavu a black communist from SA trying to obtain his doctorate in Auckland New Zealand. She was in Palestine to donate a kidney to a Palestinian toddler called Lina Taamallah.
A short while later at the airport, Anna was interrogated for a second time, for a few hours before being allowed to leave. The security people told her she would never be allowed into Israel again. Since then she has not been allowed back in to visit the girl she donated the kidney to.

Anna Majavu kicked out of Israel

It is further well known that the ANC has for years paid reporters to write either negative and discrediting stories or favourable stories As in the case of the Mpumalanga Premier and The Western Cape Premier

There is by me no doubt that this is cheap racist tricks andpoliticking in the run-up to the May 2011 election. The ANC is sour that the DA is ruling the Cape and doing a far better job than them. They are bitter that the blacks see this and that the ANC is losing their black support in the Western Cape.

This is a means of sweeping up racial tensions and fears in the hope that blacks will fall for this crap and stop voting for “Whites” and “Coloureds”.

You will probably find that after the election all charges will be dropped against the alleged perpetrators.

This collaboration of the media with the ANC is scandalous to say the least and downright dangerous. Whites are already being targeted for rape and murder by blacks especially on the farms…we certainly do not need cheap, third-rate reporting to fan the flames of black on white genocide.

The ANC and the Sowetan has just lost all respect and credibility.

13 April 2011

In the run-up to the May elections, It is open season on White South Africans.

By Mike Smith
13th of April 2011

Earlier today I wrote about the ANC and the Media Psyops to make whites the skunks of South Africa again by reporting on the most vile and disgusting things some white bosses allegedly did to four black casual workers. I pointed out that this was just one of many such incidents.

It appears now that in the run-up to the May elections, the Media and the ANC have declared open season on white South Africans.

I spotted a report on Dr. Dan Roodt’s website www.praag.co.za

It is about the white Community Police Forum (CPF) members of Centurion who are being arrested in a witch hunt and against whom death threats have been made. I will not translate the entire article and only tell the gist of what it is about. You can read it yourself at this Link.

For years now the area of Valhalla, Centurion, South of Pretoria has suffered under crime and they have had a great shortage of policemen as well as reservists or CPF members. The useless ANC mayor Gwen Ramokgopa, who has nothing better to do than trying to change the name of Pretoria, as well as the equally useless ANC police themselves have for years now urged whites to stop complaining about the crime and get more involved by becoming CPF members…I suppose as long as they do not arrest the Mayor’s daughter who was caught with drugs at a private school and then bit a policeman…Nevertheless, the whites who wanted to live in a relatively civil area obliged.

Last Sunday four jobless, black thugs dragged their heavily injured buddy into the call centre of the police station. They alleged that he was assaulted by local members of the CPF.

The person on watch called an ambulance, but because the hoodlums were aggressive and threatening, CPF members on patrol were also called on the radio.

An eager white CPF member, Mr. Johan van der Schyff was first on the scene, but as he arrived the scum fingered him as the perpetrator who has hit their buddy. They also took a picture of him and his car with a cell phone.

The injured ruffian was taken to a hospital where he later died. His injuries included a splintered leg, broken fingers and a deep cut. Medical personnel pointed out that his injuries were that of a typical hit-and-run accident.

Acting on the allegations of the four thugs and with no prima facie evidence, the police went to the house of Van der Schyff and arrested him. He was denied bail.
The police also phoned twelve CPF members and told them to come to the station and make statements. They were also told that they would probably be arrested if they do so. On legal advice they decided not to do so.

The investigating black officer, Warrant Officer Warren Mgong then started phoning individual members and told them that their refusal comes down to being complicit in the alleged “assault” and that they will be arrested due to association...all of this before the cause of death has been determined.

In my opinion this incident serves mainly two purposes. First of all Whites are again being vilified as violently oppressing, assaulting and killing blacks, with no evidence as usual. Their reason is that the DA is getting very strong in Pretoria at the moment and might even take it in the upcoming elections in May.

The ANC’s idea of campaigning is playing the race card and stirring up racial tensions and emotions...hey it has worked for the last 50 years, why stop now?
Secondly, these white CPF members were obviously too efficient in fighting crime in their area and the black criminals complained to their corrupt police buddies to call off the white dogs (UmLunghus).

The result is a witch hunt and intimidation against a dozen brave men who only tried to keep their area safe from violent black criminals such as rapist, murderers, robbers, etc. The message is clear...back off so the criminals can reap the harvest on the white citizens or risk being arrested if you get in their way.

ANC and Media Psy-ops against whites

By Mike Smith
13th of April 2011

In 2007 an interesting case hit the newspapers. A 22 year old coloured woman, Annelise Davids, from the Rawsonville area in the Cape, alleged that four white farmers gang raped her and assaulted her 15 year old boyfriend Anthony Ntonzeni so badly that he was in a coma and brain damaged for life.

Every man, his NGO and his ANC lapdog were onto this case.

It was investigated by police special branches and orders came from the highest prosecuting authority in the ANC regime. Even The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) got involved.

The ANC just loves such incidents so they can stir racial tensions that were not there to start off with…especially when it happens in the Cape where they are not in control.

Tony Ehrenreich, the coloured COSATU trade union leader even declared war on white farmers

Among the things Ehrenreich said were: "We are here to declare war - we are opposed to violence, but if that is what it takes to push bad farmers in the right direction, we must smash them (moer hulle) in the right direction.

"If farmers continue like mad dogs, to violate the rights of our farmworkers, then we will have to hit or beat them to stop. They will s*** if they don't stop."
The farmers and their families were put through hell…virtually destroyed and totally character assassinated and received death threats.

From the start the story smelled of bullshit. Everyone in SA knows that white farmers treat their farm workers very well. What this woman described was just utter nonsense.

Then later it turned out that the woman was lying all along…even lying under oath in court. When caught out during cross examination she admitted to have made up the whole story and said she was forced to lie by “the Devil of Drink”, her boyfriend’s family and the ANC supported NGO “Women on Farms” … which is incidentaly funded by the Ford Foundation amongst other anti-Apartheid organisations.

It was reported that the boyfriend actually had permanent brain damage after falling off a vehicle.

In fact a black police inspector (one of her relatives), named Matthew Ntshanga, was charged with interfering in the judicial process in this case: he was accused of allegedly torturing Davids' girl-friend, Beverley van Rooyen with an electric cattle prong -- forcing her to sign a false witness statement that she'd seen the alleged gang rape.

The two female farm workers were never charged at all -- and have never apologised to the four white farming families, either. The black policeman was never charged and kept his job. Tony Ehrenreich was found not guilty of hate speech by the SAHRC…apparently it was OK to call white farmers mad dogs, declare war on them and urging black people to beat them up and smash them…

Can you imagine what would happen if a white person called black people “mad dogs”, declared war on blacks and called on other whites to smash and beat blacks?
These are the double standards for different race groups in South Africa.

Nevertheless the damage was done. The propaganda machine threw enough mud to make some stick and white farmers continued to be vilified, assaulted, tortured and murdered.

You can read about this bizarre case of ANC and Media Psy-ops against white farmers Here and here and over here

At the last link you will see that this was not an isolated incident. It is just one of many trying to vilify white farmers and stir hatred against them.

The latest of these attempts comes again from the Cape. Just a month before the local elections. The black newspaper, The Sowetan reports FOUR young black men have allegedly been raped by their white bosses and forced at gunpoint to drink urine from the toilet bowls in their workplace and suck their private parts

After they were allegedly raped, the bosses named the four "Zuma", "Blade", "Vavi" and "Malema" and demanded to know why black people had murdered AWB leader Eugéne Terre'Blanche.

Who dreams up such perverse, unsubstantiated drivel and nonsense? I won’t be surprised if these four guys were paid to come up with this story.

None of these allegations have been proved. For all we know it could be and probably is nothing but fabricated hogwash, but read the comments on the Sowetan forum and see how blacks are emotionally high-jacked by such crap and how they call whites “Pigs” and say that they have always hated whites…that “maybe Malema was right”…some even saying “Malema is 1000% right”.

This comes the day after Julias Malema appeared in court for hate speech singing about Killing Boers, Killing Farmers at ANC rallies.

It is perfect to play on racial emotions and stir up tensions prior to the elections where the ANC will probably lose again against the DA.

Watch this space…It will probably turn out to be another Rawsonville case after the elections. By then the propaganda damage would have been done.

11 April 2011

Who is behind Malema's "Nationalisation of the mines" rhetoric?

by Mike Smith
12th of April 2011

I see in the news is Justice Minister Jeff Radebe defending the arms sales of the ANC Marxist regime to the rest of the world’s Marxist terrorist regimes such as Libya and Syria.

Let us not forget who Jeff Radebe is. He is a member of the South African Communist Party. His wife is Bridgette Radebe, the country’s richest and most powerful woman who owns Mmakau Mining and was put in charge of the state owned Alexkor when it “Privatised”...BEE style..that means state assets that was robbed by ANC, BEE moguls.

She is also the sister of Patrice Motsepe, reportedly the richest man in South Africa, who owns African Rainbow Minerals. The mother of Bridgette and Patrice is Magaret Keneilwe, a Tswana Princess, so they do not come from a “Previously Disadvantaged” background, rather a super rich elite background. Bridgette is also the sister in law of another BEE mogul Cyril Ramaphosa. Her and Patrice’s other sister, Tsepiso Ramaphosa is the wife of Cyril Ramaphosa.

These super rich Black Miners and arch communists are all supporting Nationalization of the mines. They are the ones behind Julias Malema and his Nationalisation rhetoric.

“Power to the people”, they profess whilst concentrating more and more power to an ever smaller and super rich elite of BEE thieves. Robbing and raping the mineral wealth of South Africa.

If they have such high socialist ideals why do they not sell all their assets and give their wealth to the poor blacks?

But that is not what super Communists do. They always want you to share your wealth with them, never the other way around. They want half of what YOU have and once they have that they want half of what you have left and so on until they have everything and you have nothing. At which point you become expendable and of no use to them.

Never forget that in the lexicon of the Communist, “The people” means the Communist elite and the Communist inner circle. Follow the money and you will see who is that inner circle. Today none of the minerals of the two former Boer Republics are in the hands of the decendants of the Boers.


08 April 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 30 – The NP pulls off the biggest Confidence Trick in the history of South Africa

By Mike Smith

8th of April 2011

When F.W. de Klerk mounted the rostrum to open parliament for the 41st time on Friday the 2nd of February 1990, nobody except his cabinet and National Intelligence knew what was about to be announced…and obviously General Tienie Groenewald of Military Intelligence Com.Ops. who wrote the speech for him.

De Klerk unbanned several terrorist organizations, announced the freeing of Nelson Mandela and expressed a desire to renegotiate the future of South Africa with all concerned.

The Conservative Party showed their disgust with the speech by walking out of parliament.

After his speech South Africa would never be the same again and would continue on a downward spiral for all its citizens.

The press later dubbed it “Red Friday” and “The Red Speech”, because of all the Marxist terrorists that were unleashed on South Africa.

Later on De Klerk would cite the demise of Stalinist Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe as his main reasons for allowing him the opportunity to unban these organizations. He felt that without the support base from these former Communist countries, the “liberation movements” posed less of a threat.

Truth is that the economical and ideological support that these Marxist terrorist organizations were receiving came mostly from the West. From Churches, from charities, from singers, actors and other celebrities, from Scandinavian donors, etc…

De Klerk knew this. He was a member of the State Security Council (SSC) and had full access to all intelligence reports.

Nevertheless, De Klerk announced in his speech, “The season of violence is over. The time for reconstruction and reconciliation has arrived.”

We all know that hindsight is twenty-twenty, but of all the forms of wisdom, hindsight is probably the least merciful, the most unforgiving.

Truth is that De Klerk’s speech on the 2nd of February 1990 did not end the season of violence, it started it. Between his speech in 1990 and 1994 South Africa experienced the most violent period in her history.

On the 11th of February 1990, arch Communist Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela walked hand-in-hand with his wife Winnie out of Victor Verster prison near Paarl. He was whisked away to Cape Town’s City Hall from where he would make his first public address in 27 years…a rather unforgiving and resentful speech in front of 80,000 people.

He called for the intensification of the struggle on all fronts, saying, “Now is the time to intensify the struggle on all fronts” and he called for. “redoubling” of efforts in the armed struggle. He further called for the continuation of sanctions against South Africa and the isolation of the Pretoria regime. He called for more rolling mass action saying, “It is only through disciplined mass action that our victory can be assured.”

Hardly reconciliatory and peaceful. Rather, it sounded like Mandela was on the war path.
Mandela’s complete speech

After his speech he spent his first night out of prison at the mansion of Champagne Socialist, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, in Bishops Court.

In the next two months mass action intensified in Tokoza (80,000), Daveyton, (60,000), Alexandra (50,000) etc. By the end of April 1990, 25 policemen were killed, their homes demolished with front-end loaders….the SAIRR monitored more than 400 assaults on councilors and policemen from January to July 1990.

The institute’s CEO John Kane-Berman later wrote in his book, “Political Violence in South Africa”, pg 58 that more than half of these incidents were never reported in any of the six English newspapers in Johannesburg. Almost no photographs either, “yet Right-wing violence and intimidation were regularly featured, prominently displayed, and reported on by teams of investigative journalists, accompanied by photographers”.

Unrest in the Black homelands of Bophuthatswana, Venda and Ciskei escalated with murder and bomb blasts…the season of violence was only starting.

What were the whites feeling at the time?

At this stage whites were mostly unaffected by the violence. It was still mostly in the black townships and the homelands. Whites still had hope. They thought the violence would soon dissipate. After all Nelson Mandela was free, Apartheid laws were for the most part scrapped and South Africa was on the road to black rule…Why the violence?

Further, De Klerk and Mandela promised that the season of violence was over and the whites naively swallowed it all.

In Natal, virtual civil war erupted between the ANC (who bought youths over to their side with R50 notes) and the IFP. Still the whites hoped it would all be over soon.

Where were De Klerk and Mandela at this stage?

They were dogging each other’s footsteps in Europe and the USA, De Klerk asking for sanctions to be lifted and Mandela asking for sanctions to remain until he was in power.

South West Africa becomes Namibia

During the same time President De Klerk and Foreign Minister Pik Botha were involved in giving more South African territory away, namely South West Africa and the South African harbor Walvis Bay.

A brief history of the South West issue is here necessary. The vast land between the Kunene River in the North and the Orange River in the South is for the most part a desert. It was of no use to the British during the nineteenth century and all they were interested in were the Penguin islands and the deep water port of Walvis Bay which they annexed in 1878. The rest of the land became a German colony since 1884. The Caprivi Strip became part of SWA in 1890.

During the Second Anglo-Boer War, the Germans supported the Boers, but when the Boers surrendered in 1902 they had to pledge legion to the Crown of England…which they reluctantly did. Thousands of Boers refused to do so and rather emigrated to Argentina.

In 1910 South Africa became a Union made up of the Two Boer Republics of The Orange Free State and The Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek as well as the two British Colonies of The Cape and Natal.

At this stage Walvis Bay became part of South Africa.

In 1914 the First World War broke out in Europe and it presented a nice opportunity for the British to test the loyalty of the Boers. Prime Minister Louis Botha was asked to annex SWA on behalf of the British Crown, basically going to war with their former friends the Germans. It further has to be remembered that a great deal of Boers to this day are themselves from German decent. At the time of 1914 many could still speak German.

This sparked a rebellion by General Manie Maritz and some others who saw an opportunity to restore the old Boer Republics. They managed to get a total of about 3000 men together. Generals Jan Smuts and Louis Botha along with 32,000 troops of which about 20,000 were former Boers themselves quelled the rebellion and by 1915 South West Africa came under South African control. Please note how the majority of the Boers were now fighting on the side of the British…not on the side of Maritz and De La Rey.

At the end of the First World War, Germany was bankrupt and could not run the colony again. Britain did not want it, because it was a useless desert, so the League of Nations put it under a mandated rule by South Africa.

According to this mandate South Africa had to introduce its laws and protect the citizens, by amongst other things keeping out hostile foreign forces.

The League of Nations seized to exist when the United Nations was created, but the UN was not the automatic successor of the League of Nations.

When the UN wanted SWA under their control South Africa objected, because at that stage the South Africans have built up SWA complete with harbours, dams, roads, airports, and other infrastructure. SWA was for all intents and purposes a fifth province of South Africa, although it was never officially incorporated.

The International Court of Justice in 1966 further ruled in South Africa’s favour and said that South Africa was not obliged to hand over SWA to the UN and should continue its supervisory role.

Despite this ruling by the ICJ in 1966, the UN unilaterally ended South Africa’s mandate in SWA.

In 1971, acting on a request for advisory opinion from the United Nations Security Council, the ICJ ruled that the continued presence of South Africa in Namibia was illegal and that South Africa was under an obligation to withdraw from Namibia immediately. It also ruled that all member states of the United Nations were under an obligation to recognize the invalidity of any act performed by South Africa on behalf of Namibia.

Since 1966 until 1989 (for 23 years) two generations of mainly White but also Coloured, Indian and Black men would fight on the Namibian Angola border to keep out the Marxist terrorist insurgents and keep the citizens of Namibia, of all races, free from Communist oppression and genocide that was rife in the rest of Africa, basically everywhere where the Communists took over.

On the 21st of March 1990, the 30th anniversary of the Sharpeville incident, De Klerk handed over the keys of Namibia to South Africa’s former enemies, the Marxist terrorist SWAPO. For 14 years prior to that, Foreign Minister Pik Botha along with his friends, Chester Crocker, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State, were planning this treacherous event whilst sending South African men to die on the border.

For almost a century South African taxpayer money went into Namibia to build up infrastructure on par with South Africa. Hospitals, schools, universities, roads…everything was built with the money of South Africans.

Pik Botha and F.W. De Klerk gave it all away with no mandate from the South African voters. In 1994 even the official South African territory of Walvis Bay was given away with no referendum, no mandate and no compensation whatsoever.

This was an act of high treason. De Klerk had no right to give away property that did not belong to him and in fact belonged to South Africans.

Nevertheless, at the handing over of Namibia on the 21st of March, De Klerk again echoed his words from the 2nd of February. He called himself an “Advocate of peace” and the “Season of violence was over”. It proved to be a trifle too optimistic.

Irreversible change

As De Klerk and Mandela traveled the world for the rest of 1990, one would constantly hear De Klerk making reference to “Irreversible Change”.

For instance, on the 24th of September 1990 De Klerk addressed the Washington National Press Club, expressing his satisfaction over President Bush accepting the “Irreversibility” of change in South Africa.

During a ceremony at the Rose Garden that same morning he used the word “irreversible” five times and it bounced off his lips another few times in the question and answer session that followed.

The “irreversibility” of change was a precondition of the lifting of sanctions, but it also signaled at that stage that for the whites of South Africa, the time was over. The omelette was scrambled. There was no turning back.

In October 1990 despite major violence, the State of Emergency had been lifted totally and Foreign Minister Pik Botha informed the President of the UN General Assembly that more “than 100 discriminatory laws and regulations have been repealed and only three Apartheid Laws still remained”.

Two of these, The Group Areas Act and the Lands Act, Botha promised would be repealed at the opening of Parliament in early 1991. The Third one, The Population Registration Act could only be adopted if the new constitution was accepted.

This is where it gets interesting

The Population Registration Act was the cornerstone of not only Apartheid, but as well as the Tri-cameral Constitution of 1983. Scrapping it would not only bring down Apartheid, but the Government itself and would leave a void. It was a constitutional impossibility to scrap the Population Registration Act.

The entire Tri-cameral constitution was based on the fact that there were different houses of parliament (House of Assembly-Whites, House of Representatives-Coloureds, and House of Delegates- Indians).

If the NP government scrapped this Act, it would mean there would not be anymore Whites, Coloureds and Indians as per definition. Everyone would be equal in front of the law.

It would mean that the NP would have to dissolve the entire government, call an election and that the people of South Africa would have to create a new constitution.

There was no way around this and the NP knew it. If the NP wanted to remain in power it could not repeal the Population Registration Act. If they did repeal the act, they would be committing political suicide and lose all power.

F.W. de Klerk himself was a lawyer and he knew this only too well. There was only one way to pull this off. They had to play the biggest confidence-trick on the whites voters of South Africa.

How to con Whites out of power 101

The government was fully advised by MI and NIS on how to do this.

General Tienie Groenewald was the protégé of Eschel Rhoodie and the chief expert on propaganda as well as psychological warfare. He knew the South African public intimately. He would play a major role in what happened next.

By early 1991 Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok released figures on violence in South Africa. A total of 17,088 incidents of unrest in 1990 set a new record. (The Star, Johannesburg, 11th of February 1991).

The Civil War between the IFP and the ANC spread from Natal to the townships around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The death toll in the first four months of 1990 stood at 1400; about the same as for the entire year before. By the end of 1990 there had been 3700 deaths in political violence. This was 163% increase over the 1400 deaths in 1989. Since the war between the IFP and the ANC started in the late 1980’s the death toll now topped the 7000 mark. There was surely no “end to the season of violence” as De Klerk promised.

On the 1st of February 1991 De Klerk again opened parliament with a speech. As everyone expected, he announced the repealing of the Group areas Acts and the Land Acts.

He sprung a surprise when he announced that also the Population Registration Act of 1950 would be repealed, despite earlier indications that such a step would be constitutionally impossible.

Les De Villiers write in his book “In sight of Surrender”, page 179…

“On the part of the Government”, De Klerk explained, “the view was held that the Population Registration Act would have to be repealed eventually, but that this could not be done immediately because the Act was technically necessary for the maintenance of the present constitutional dispensation. Therefore it would be possible to repeal the Act only once a new constitution had been implemented.”

Further investigation, he announced, showed that it was, in fact, possible to repeal this Act, provided that it was accompanied by the adoption of “temporary Transitional Measures” toward the acceptance of a new constitution”.

De Klerk was lying through his teeth. It could not be done. He did not fool the opposition Conservative Party. De Klerk's speech was interrupted by jeers and cries of "traitor" from white opposition Conservative Party members. Some were forcefully ejected, which prompted a walkout by the remainder of the 41 party members.

After this speech, more violence and rolling mass action by tens of thousands of blacks took place. The townships were in chaos. Necklace murders were the order of the day…

De Klerk waited until the Currie Cup Rugby season was in full swing. The White public, for whom Rugby is a second religion, would be totally fixated on the biggest sporting event on the calendar. At that stage the Rugby World Cup was only a few months away and South Africa would once again not be able to partake due to sports boycotts.

The human mind does not like chaos. It is repulsed by horrible acts of violence such as necklace murders. It wants order and calm. On the television, radio and newspapers the public was bombarded with scenes of horrible violence, chaos and mass action across the country as well as, at the same time, the beautiful game of Rugby. People wanted an end to this chaos they just wanted to watch Rugby, but instead it was getting worse by the day.

The Intelligence operatives knew exactly what they were doing. They relied on another factor; The political blindness, naivety and ignorance of the greater white electorate.

Probably 99% of them had never read the Constitution or the Population Registration Act let alone understand it. They simply trusted the NP to take care of them…they just wanted to watch the Rugby, have a beer and forget about the violence ripping across the country.

At a special ceremony on Thursday the 27th of June 1991at his office in the Union Buildings, in Pretoria, President F.W. De Klerk signed off on the last three remaining Apartheid Laws in full view of the world press and television cameras.

According to De Klerk, the scrapping of the Group Areas Act, the Land Act and the Population Registration Act meant that the book on Apartheid was closed.

What De Klerk forgot to add was that when he did that, he also closed the book on himself and his government.

From that day onwards, the NP had no constitutional right to govern anymore, they had no mandate anymore. There was no interim transitional measures in place, nothing.

On the 27th of June 1991, the National Party Government became an unconstitutional and illegal government.

That makes everything they have done afterwards also illegal, including the 1992 referendum and the negotiations on behalf of the whites of South Africa. The entire 1994 election was illegal and the ANC government today is therefore illegal.

One would ask today, “But why did the lawyers not do anything? Surely they knew what was going on.”

Yes. They knew full well what was going on. ONE man…one such a lawyer raised his voice.

His name was Jaap Marais, the leader of the HNP (Herstigde Nasionale Party or the Reconstituted National Party), a small rightwing faction that broke from the NP in 1969.

Jaap Marais said that the NP was an illegal government and had no right or mandate to govern. He was 100% right. Marais called for a boycott of all elections since then. Taking part in any election after 27 June 1991 would give legitimacy to such an election and therefore legitimacy to the ANC Marxist regime.

Problem was that the HNP catered exclusively for the Afrikaners and almost all their literature and speeches were in Afrikaans. The HNP even refused to translate their name into English, rejecting bilingualism. They were seen as a fringe, extremist, and somewhat Calvinistic religious fanatic, right-wing group, mostly because of disinformation by the liberal media and the NP government.

Even so, Marais prided himself on his command of the English language and would gently correct English-speaking interviewers on their grammar and syntax. He was a devotee of poetry, particular the works of John Keats and T S Eliot, and had translated Shakespeare's Julius Caeser into Afrikaans. He was also a connoisseur of fine wines - and an acclaimed breeder of budgerigars, winning many international awards for this hobby, some of them from Britain. Source Tellegraph

To his dying day he continued to recall the good old ways of apartheid and to predict the eventual inevitable collapse of a foolhardy experiment with multiracial democracy. He never forgave the British for the Anglo Boer War in which both his parents were interned.

Pity… Maybe if the HNP took a more reconciliatory and unifying stance and catered for all the whites in SA instead of just the Afrikaners and adopted bilingualism, they would probably have been taken more seriously at the time and would have mustered more support.

I am not sure if there were any other lawyers at the time that also realised that the whites of South Africa were being conned out of their country, but if there were, they were few and far between and certainly not mentioned in the media.

At the end of the day, the Intelligence operatives won. The NP remained in power and the Whites of South Africa carried on watching Rugby while the townships were burning…The whites had confidence in the NP and believed they knew what they were doing. They firmly believed that the NP was acting in the best interest of South Africa and its people.