30 March 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box - Part 29 – Secret talks with the Enemy

By Mike Smith
30th of March 2011

Today when one observes online forums and newspaper columns, most white South Africans believe that we were sold out and betrayed by the negotiators F.W. de Klerk, Roelf Meyer, Pik Botha, et al at the Codesa talks.

The truth is rather different. What we as the public saw at the Codesa talks were merely a puppet show. It was an act. What we saw was a deception to make the South African public and the world believe that “meaningful negotiations” were underway.

The breakdown of the talks; the public holding their breaths; the negotiators taking hands and starting the talks again…followed by another breakdown in talks; threats to pull out…the country on the brink of civil war; more gasps from the public, etc, etc…It was all show. A psychological trick.

The real negotiations between the NP government and the ANC took place years before that already. By the time of Codesa, the spoils were already divided.

Let me explain…

Although denouncing Mandela as an arch Marxist committed to violent revolution, P.W. Botha in order to curry favour with blacks in South Africa and to show the world that Mandela was being treated well moved Mandela in 1985 from Robben Island to Polsmoor outside of Cape Town. In those days still a decent prison.

In January 1985 in an address to the House of Assembly, Botha offered to free Mandela on condition that Mandela pledge opposition to acts of violence to further political objectives.

Mandela’s daughter Zinzi read his reply. Mandela said that the government was responsible for the violence. If there was a democracy there would not be any need for violence.

Ironically history today shows that the further South Africa moved away from Apartheid and closer to a multiracial democracy, the more the violence increased and now, 17 years after the introduction of such a democracy, violence, murder, rape, etc is at an all time high in South Africa, far worse than during any period of Apartheid.

In December 1988, Mandela was moved to a four-bedroom house of his own complete with a swimming pool and shaded by fir trees, on a prison farm called Victor Verster, near Paarl, just outside of Cape Town. He could also receive visitors as he pleased and his wife Winnie could sleep over, an offer she declined.

To the public of South Africa, the NP showed defiance and refused to talk to terrorists, but behind the scenes secret talks with the ANC Marxist terrorists were already in full swing.

Prof. Sampie Terreblanche of Stellenbosch University was involved in clandestine meetings with the ANC at the end of the 1980s. In 1985 the members of staff of Stellenbosch founded the "Discussion group '85" of which he became the chairman. They felt that the South-African government was on the wrong track. Sampie Terreblanche ended his membership of the NP in 1987 and became one of their strongest critics. He was a founding member of the DP and its first economic adviser, but is now no longer active in party politics.

Former Deputy Minister for Defence and National Intelligence and, since 1980, Justice Minister, Kobie Coetsee, already started secret talks with Mandela in 1985 under directorship of National Intelligence Services.

He met Mandela in the hospital while Mandela was being treated for prostate surgery.

Over the next four years, a series of tentative meetings took place, laying the groundwork for further contact and future negotiations.

Prof. Willie Esterhuyse, a prominent academic of Stellenbosch University, met Thabo Mbeki in England in 1987 and was told to report back to National Intelligence Services (NIS).

In 1988 more talks followed between Mbeki and around 20 members of the political elite of South Africa.

NIS director Dr. Niel Barnard and his deputy Mike Louw were already having many secret talks with Mandela at the time, Barnard recalled in all, 48 meetings. Barnard also met Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Aziz Pahad in Bern, Switzerland in 1989.

NIS also organized what became known as the Dakar Safari . The Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (Idasa) and a group of fifty-two mainly Afrikaans-speaking intellectuals, sixty-one in total, conferred with the banned ANC in Dakar, Senegal, from 9-12 July. Delegates were drawn from academic, professional, cultural, religious and business fields. The seventeen-person ANC delegation was headed by Thabo Mbeki.

Amongst the delegates from South Africa were Tony Bloom, Dr F. van Zyl Slabbert, Willie Esterhuyse, Dr. Theuns Eloff, Breyten Breytenbach, Andre P. Brink, Ampie Coetsee, Andre du Toit, Jannie Gagiano, Herman Gilliomee, Max du Preez, Rashied Lombard, Jimmy Matthews, Hennie Serfontein, Alistair Sparks, Alex Boraine and Gretha Fox.

Gretha Fox? She was an actress…why did she have to go along?

On the surface the National Party was protesting heavily whilst already in talks of their own with the ANC.

In his book, “Really inside BOSS: a tale of South Africa’s late intelligence service”, P.C. Swanepoel writes on page 49 that since 1986 the Chairman of the Afrikaner Broederbond, Pieter de Lange had been meeting secretly with the ANC and that for two and a half years from November 1987 until May 1990 the Afrikaner Broederbond held twelve such clandestine meetings with the ANC. Amongst these influential Broederbonders were, Prof Sampie Terreblanche, Wimpie de Klerk (former Dutch Reformed Minister, lecturer, newspaper editor of Rapport and The Transvaler and also the liberal brother of president F.W. de Klerk), Prof Willie Esterhuyse and others.

These meetings took place at a luxury mansion that belonged to and were sponsored by Rudolph Agnew, Chairman of the British mining house Consolidated Goldfields.

Wimpie de Klerk described these events in his diary as follows.

“For me personally they meant a great deal; The luxury trips and accommodation; The experience of sitting close to the fire and engaging in political breakthrough work to bring the National Party and the ANC to dialogue; The bonds of friendships that developed between Thabo Mbeki, Aziz Pahad, Jacob Zuma and myself; The access to direct confidential information; The position of intermediary, because from the beginning until now I have conveyed “secret messages” from the ANC to F.W. and even the other way around, but F.W. was and is very cautious…”

In his book “Tomorrow is another country”, the journalist Alister Sparks writes on page 86, that Prof. Willie Esterhuyse after those experiences taught his political science students that, “Negotiations do not always have to be formal; You can use Glenfiddich to solve a problem.”

It was also Niel Barnard’s NIS who smuggled the first bunch of Marxist exiles amongst others, Mbeki and Zuma, back into the country and put them up in a safe house in Pretoria North, without the knowledge of the security police. This was a blatant act of treason and downright criminal.

In the BBC Radio4 program, “The Reunion” Barnard remarks, “all good intelligence agencies should be ahead of their governments.”

He was referring to the South African NIS who repeatedly urged the Nationalist government to find a way to talk to the ANC.

Barnard was also famous for tying Nelson Mandela’s shoe laces before he was due to meet PW Botha for the first time. This incident is also discussed in The Reunion

Later on Prof Willie Esterhuyse would write about his experiences and meetings in English pubs with the Communist enemies of South Africa and how South Africa’s super spies laid the table for handing the country over to the Marxist enemies. Willie Esterhuyse was a NIS spy under the Code name “Gert” .

When Mandela was freed from prison on the 11th of February 1989 he wanted Niel Barnard on his side, but Barnard told him, “Sir, this is YOUR moment, besides how is it going to look if you walk out of prison with a Boer Spy?”…

That is what Barnard called himself…”A Boer Spy”. More like “A Boer Traitor” if you ask me. A Hensopper and a Joiner.

In his book, Volksverraad pg 92 Advocate P.J. Pretorius writes, the following in Afrikaans, freely translated directly underneath,

“Toe dit gedurende September 1992 vir NI duidelik word dat die ANC en die SAKP die onderhandelingsoorlog teen die NP wen, het die NI self in die geheim by gespreksvoewring met die ANC en die SAKP betrokke geraak. Omdat intelligensie ‘n lae prioriteit vir die ANC en die SAKP was moes die NI en sy establishment van nagenoeg 5 000 personeellede die wese van die intelligensiewese aan die opkomende bewind bemark. NI se burokratiese posisie was op die spel. NI se hoofbstuur (waaronder Mike Louw, George Grewar, Mikde Kuhn, Eksteen Theron, SED Hofmeyer en Jakes Jacobs), het vroeg in 1993 die ANC en die SAKP op die Diens se geheime eiland in die Vaaldam onthaal om NI se beeld by die ANC en die SAKP te verbeter. ‘n Plan om die regses te vernietig is aan die ANC/SAKP voorgelê ter wille van burokratiese magsvertoon.”

”By September 1992, when it became obvious to National Intelligence that the ANC and the SACP were winning the negotiation war, National Intelligence secretly got involved with talks of their own with the ANC and the SACP. Because intelligence were a low priority for the ANC/SACP, the NI establishment with about 5000 members had to market themselves to the up and coming regime. NI’s bureaucratic position was at stake. NI’s top management (amongst others Mike Louw, George Grewar, Mike Kuhn, Eksteen Theron, SED Hofmeyer and Jakes Jacobs) hosted and entertained the ANC/SACP in 1993 at the Services’ secret island in the Vaal Dam to improve the image of NI with the ANC/SACP. A plan to destroy the right wing was presented to the ANC/SACP as a show of bureaucratic force.

At this stage we have to revisit the legal definition of treason.

“The betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies”

See…it is one thing to fly First Class all over the world making luxury trips to have secret negotiations with the enemy at taxpayer’s expense…it could even be in order to conspire the dividing of the spoils after the Great Betrayal whilst sipping single malts with the enemy around the fire; an enemy who was planting bombs and killing South African citizens…

But it is quite another thing to conscript and send 18 year old boys to go fight a war against Marxist terrorists on the Angolan Border whilst you are abetting and smuggling these same Marxist enemies into South Africa and putting them up in safe houses…at taxpayer’s expense.

While these traitors were conspiring to hand over our country to Marxist terrorist scum, young boys were dying on the Angolan border. When these young conscripts were curled up in their sleeping bags in the bush of Angola, unshaved and stinking from not having bathed for days, these traitors were sipping Whiskey with the enemy around a cozy fireplace inside an English Mansion.

In March 1993, 32 Battalion, a crack Special Forces unit and the most decorated, was disbanded and its members left out on their own devices.

Commandant Willem Ratte asked his wife to sew a small black bag together. He then collected 30 old one Rand coins (for their high silver content) from the former soldiers. Commandant Ratte handed the thirty pieces of silver to the battalion's spokesperson, Louis Bothma, with the request that they be given to President F.W. De Klerk. Willie Snyman was a member of parliament at the time. In this capacity, he handed De Klerk his wages of treason on behalf of the soldiers as a symbol of his Judas treachery to the former soldiers who fought Marxism in the Namibian/Angolan Border. De Klerk, according to reports, was very hurt by this gesture.

I have to say, that when the Director of National Intelligence ties the shoelaces of a convicted Marxist Terrorist and mass murder before secret meetings, then you know…You have been properly screwed over.

But what has happened to Dr. Lukas Daniel (Niel) Barnard since the great betrayal?

Well he seems to have invested his thirty pieces of silver quite well in ACG World: Life at the Top (with a whole lot of Nigerians) if one considers who the trustees are.

Also read John Carlin interviews Niel Barnard

27 March 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 28. De Klerk 1989 – 1990

By Mike Smith
27th of March 2011

F.W.de Klerk

In an interview with Murray La Vita of Beeld the Afrikaans daily, De Klerk acknowledged that he knows white South Africans viewed him as a traitor today. He also said that it did not bother him at all.

But was he a traitor or a victim of circumstance? We need to look at this serious accusation of treachery in an objective manner. In the old South Africa as well as during the Anglo Boer War, the punishment for treason was the death penalty, as it still is amongst many nations of the world.

At the same time of P.W. Botha’s reign during the 1980’s, F.W. De Klerk was Minister of Education. The school set work books suddenly started to change. Kids had to study all sorts of pro-black anti-white books such as “To kill a Mockingbird” and “Fiela se Kind” (Fiela’s Child). Dutch works such as “De Onrustzaaier” to invoke sympathy with Communist agitators were shoved down the children’s throats.

On the television, programmes such as the Cosby Show, Webster, later the fresh Prince of Bell-Aire, etc were shown that portrayed blacks as educated and the same as whites.

It was clear that a machine was in operation. A propaganda machine that was suppose to prepare our minds for the final takeover by Marxist Communist forces. F.W. de Klerk as the minister of Education was one of the major gears in this machine.

De Klerk at the time of the Rubicon Speech in 1985 was a staunch Conservative in the National Party. He was actually seen as a “major conservative stumbling block” by journalists such as Allister Sparks of the Rand Daily Mail who exposed the so called Mulder-gate or Information Scandal.

Nevertheless, as we have seen, De Klerk was the man who held P.W. Botha back on the banks of the Rubicon.

How conservative was F.W. de Klerk really? He was on the one hand in favour of segregated Universities, but on the other hand supported equal financial support to all schools. Was he a hypocrite, a “Tweegat-jakkels”, (a fox with two burrows)? This trait of F.W. de Klerk would evince throughout his life. The ultimate question needs to be asked. What made F.W. de Klerk change his ideology from one of the most conservatives in the NP government to that of one of the most liberal?

We know that in the early 1990’s he paid a serious of visits to Russia. Even visited the mausoleum of Lenin. Did F.W. de Klerk undergo Communist re-education?

How could such a conservative man be the one who ultimately gave the country away to black Marxist terrorist scum?

Within four years after the Rubicon Speech on exactly the same day, 15th of August 1989 De Klerk became the new president of South Africa, through a Palace revolution inside the NP which was a de facto coup d'état orchestrated by him and Pik Botha and the other conspirators of the Ou Sterrewag meeting in 1985.

The time was right for a new man to implement the decisions taken at that clandestine, cloak and dagger meeting. P.W. Botha groomed Finance Minister Barend Du Plessis as his successor, but the NP caucus chose F.W. de Klerk…”The man with the smile”…

That is how the newspapers and the rest of the media dubbed him. Whenever you saw F.W. de Klerk in a photograph or on television he always had a smile or a glitter in his eye. He radiated optimism. In fact he had the face of the perfect traitor. He was the perfect Pide Piper.

By the time F.W. came to power, people were tired of the face of his predecessor P.W. Botha.

P.W. Botha’s always serious and cynic face for the past ten years had become the subject of comical songs such as “Sit dit af” (Switch it off) by gay musician Johannes Kerkorrel who were referring to P.W. Botha’s constant talking head on SABC television.

Also Pieter Dirk-Uys a gay comedian started an entire satirical age against the National Party and P.W. Botha in particular, mocking him licking his lips and wagging his finger.

When De Klerk entered the stage, there was no more mocking…only praise and hope.

De Klerk, who is a chain smoker, never smoked in public or on the television. His perfect smile was regularly checked and cleaned for the cameras. His suit jackets swapped in order for him not to stink of smoke before important meetings. Everything about him was a false front. De Klerk became the new smiling puppet of his masters the major Anglo American business people involved in SA, and their spy agencies such as the CIA and MI6. He was their man that would deliver the riches of the treasure chest of the world into their laps.

Nevertheless, De Klerk was chosen to finally “Cross the Rubicon”.

Almost immediately after coming to power he started implementing the policies drawn up after the clandestine meeting at the old Sterrewag.

In September 1989 he allowed a demonstration of 35,000 dissident blacks, agitated by Communist forces, known as “The Big March” in full contravention of the State of Emergency.

On the 15th of October 1989 Walter Sisulu and seven other Marxist terrorists (sorry, political prisoners) were released. With De Klerk’s permission, they were welcomed back into Soweto at a huge ANC rally…the first in 25 years.

In the days after the fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th of November 1989 that marked the end of the Cold War and the assumed end of the Communist threat to South Africa, De Klerk, on 16th November 1989 declared all beaches open and scrapped the Separate Amenities Act a cornerstone of Apartheid.

On 24 November 1989 he scrapped the Group Areas Act another cornerstone of Apartheid, in four “free settlement areas” that allowed blacks to live in white areas.

On the 13th of December, De Klerk entertained Nelson Mandela, a convicted Marxist terrorist, prisoner and mass murderer to a full banquet at Tuynhuis, his official residence in Cape Town…our equivalent of the White House…at full taxpayer expense.

One would think that all these gestures would have had a positive effect on the violence in South Africa at the time. Wrong! Quite the contrary.

As early as September 1989 the reports started streaming in via Roger Thurow of the Wall Street Journal, “Eleven dead in Mitchell’s Plain, four dead in Lavender Hill, and two dead in Khayelitsha. In all, church groups said 25 people died (police confirmed 12 deaths) and more than 100 were injured in the black townships around Cape Town…

Nevertheless the opening of parliament in the 2nd of February 1990 was drawing nearer. About 500 journalists from all over the world were congregating in Cape Town to hear F.W. de Klerk’s speech at the opening of parliament…would it be another disappointing Rubicon speech?

At this stage we need to halt and think what I said in Part 26 about the role of government, what the constitution is and what F.W. de Klerk did.

Remember that the constitution is a set of laws to control the government, not the people. The constitution is a set of laws spelling out what the Government can do…everything else is forbidden. The constitution states the basic individual rights of its citizens such as the right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The sole purpose of government is to protect those rights.

When the South African public voted the National party into power (again) in 1987, they expected the social contract between the citizens and the government to be upheld and the government had no right to act outside of their mandate to rule as stated in the constitution.

So far we have seen that the National Party held a secret meeting at the Old Sterrewag a Military Intelligence conference place, on the 2nd of August 1985 and completely outside of their mandate conspired to hand the country over to Black Marxist Terrorists. This in itself is enough to try the entire previous NP government for conspiracy to commit treason.

The scrapping of the Separate Amenities Act as well as the Group Areas Act allowed dangerous Blacks and Coloured criminals into White communities . It endangered every single basic right that we allowed the government to exercise.

If one thinks back to the legal definition of treason, then not only were they betraying the citizens of South Africa, but actively supporting its well known enemies.

The release of legally convicted and highly dangerous terrorists such as Walter Sisulu and other Marxist terrorists without them having to denounce violence was a crime against the people of South Africa…Black and white…for the subsequent violence, terrorism and downright murder that followed across South Africa were directly orchestrated by them. It was a direct cause of F.W. De Klerk’s premature ejaculation to keep the Anti-Apartheid whores of the world happy.

I do not know how to emphasize this enough. We should never forget what a Constitution is and the limits it sets on government.

Within days of coming to power and within a few months thereafter, F.W. De Klerk and the NP were not only criminally acting against the constitution and outside of their mandate to rule, but also deliberately caused treason against ALL South Africans.

The government was constitutionally bound to protect ALL its citizens against the initiation of Force. The NP government was supposed to protect the safety of all its citizens.

History speaks for itself. The NP and De Klerk as State President. Failed magnanimously in their basic tasks as a government within the first few days of him coming to power.

1989 was not even out when we should have had them all on the stand for treason or conspiring to commit treason.

Considering that SA had the death penalty in place for treason in those days, I would say that F.W. de Klerk should consider himself lucky that he is still alive today. History shows the public killing their leaders for far less than what he had done

Anyway..If you think that was bad…wait for the next edition where more evidence of treason will be revealed.

Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box - Part 27 - The Internationalists setting the stage for the Utimate $ell-out

By Mike Smith 27 March 2011

Following the P.W. Botha’s disastrous Rubicon Speech, the USA passed the Comprehensive Anti Apartheid Act or (CAAA). (passed by the Senate 78 to 21, the House by 313 to 83)

It was the last straw. The isolation of and sanctions against South Africa were the worst that any country in the world had endured up until that time. It was total it was complete. No more Mr. Nice Guy…no more carrot, only stick.

President Ronald Reagan tried to veto the CAAA, but congress would have nothing of it. This override marked the first time in the twentieth century that a president had a foreign policy veto overridden.

There would be amongst other things a ban on all loans to South Africa, even to black owned charities and companies. A ban on all exports to South Africa including fuel, crude oil, weapons, technology such as computers and services to the police and army. A ban on all imports from SA such as steel coal, arms, farm products uranium, textiles. There was a permanent ban on the import of Kruger Rands. South African Airways planes could not land anywhere in the USA anymore…And to drive the message home…Congress approved a $40 million “Assistance to those harmed by Apartheid” donation…Which meant more money from the the West to aid the Marxist terrorist ANC, SACP and PAC.

The act also required that a report from the president be made every twelve months. If “Substantial progress” was not made…more sanctions would follow. Including the seizing of deposit accounts of South African citizens abroad.

These sanctions could only be lifted under five conditions.

1. The release of Nelson Mandela and all so called “Political Prisoners”…read Marxist terrorists, Communist agitators, bomb planters, saboteurs and mass murderers who caused atrocities against the all the citizens of South Africa including blacks, coloureds, whites and everyone inbetween.

2. The repeal of the State of Emergency and the release of all persons detained under it.

3. The unbanning of “Democratic political parties” and the permission of free political process.

4. The repeal of the Group Areas Act and the Population Reggistration Act.

5. Agreement “To enter into good faith negotiations with truly representative members of the black majority without preconditions”.

Not only did the NP government experience pressure from the entire world instituting severe sanctions, sports and cultural boycotts against it, it also experienced pressure from big business inside South Africa.

Shortly after the Rubicon speech, in September 1985, Gavin Relly of Anglo American led a delegation to Lusaka to have talks with the ANC greatly enhancing the status and international standing of the banned terrorist organization…classed by the CIA at the time as one of the ten most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world.

Mike Rosholt of the gigantic Barlows group in October 1985 went chest to chest with P.W. Botha. P.W. previously told business leaders that they “should stick to business and leave politics to the politicians”.

Rosholt made it clear to P.W. Botha that in South Africa there was no longer any clear distinction between political and socio-economic issues. They were inextricably linked.

In 1987 Chris Ball of Barclays bank financially assisted the ANC by placing an advertisement in several English newspapers on the organization`s 75th birthday. They also made loans to the ANC. P.W. Botha ordered an inquiry and charged Chris Ball. Justice Munnik of the Cape Supreme Court found that, despite his denials to the contrary, Chris Ball was fully informed beforehand what these loans would be for. Ball resigned and emigrated to the UK. So did Tony Bloom of the Premier Group and Gordon Waddell, CEO of Anglo-Vaal and former son in law of Harry Oppenheimer, owner of Anglo American who was also the greatest shareholder in Barclays Bank.

Harry Oppenheimer maintained that he had no prior knowledge of or granted approval for the Gordon Relly trip to Lusaka.

It has to be added that before 1994 Anglo American controlled about 80% of all the stock on the Johannesburg stock Exchange. Today, 17 years later, they still control about 80% of all the stock on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

In 1987 Dr Van Zyl Slabbert of the Progressive Federal Party led a delegation of 60 academics and influential whites to talks with the banned ANC in Senegal. This was in total defiance of the NP government.

Inside South Africa society was threatened by another monster, the Introduction of the Maoist “People’s War” and Operation Vula the ANC/SACP. Operation Vula (Vula means open-up in Xhosa) was commanded by Mac Maharaj an Indian Communist. It was the decision of the ANC to shift their focus from 20% Civilian targets to 80% civilian targets.

The result was chaos and brutal mass murder of black citizens accused of disloyalty by the ANC Marxist terrorists. The now famous necklace method was used daily to kill so called informers and terrorize the black population into supporting the ANC. A state of emergency was declared to restore law and order.

Outside of South Africa, on the Angolan Border with Namibia the combined Communist forces of Cuba, The MPLA, East German and Russian military advisers were launching major offensives against UNITA a South African ally, but were thoroughly defeated at the Lomba River or what was later dubbed the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale.

All over the world mass Rock music concerts calling for the freeing of Mandela and the ending of Apartheid.

To make things worse for the National Party, the Right was on the rise. In 1982 another threat arose caused by P.W. Botha himself. The Conservative Party of Dr. Andries Treurnicht was created after the Conservatives in the National Party split off. They were strongly opposed to P.W. Botha’s policies of “Power Sharing” with blacks. They started gaining so much popularity that they became the official opposition on 6th of May 1987 displacing the liberal PFP by gaining 27% of the support. The liberal PFP could only muster 14% of the vote. The NP since they came to power was always on the right of the opposition…

For the first time since 1948 the National Party found themselves, left of the opposition. The NP had 52,3% of the vote.

Nevertheless the NP thought that this gave them a mandate to continue the process of handing power over to the Blacks, because 52,3% and 14% from the PFP as well as the 2% of the New Republican Party basically ensured a two thirds majority on the LEFT of the political spectrum. Their assumption was wrong…criminal in fact.

Nevertheless, not only did South Africa face massive escalations of Communist agitated terrorism and violence threatening civil war from inside the country, but also an amassing of Communist conventional forces and onslaught from outside, but the worst was that Western Capitalist from outside South Africa as well as from inside were financing the Marxist terrorists.

Never in the known history of the white race has the ENTIRE WORLD ganged up against such a tiny nation of five million whites, mostly Christians, such as they did towards the end of twentieth century at the Southern tip of Africa.

In September 1989, when F.W. de Klerk took over from his predecessor P.W. Botha, South Africa was on the ropes. The South African currency had fallen to 36 US cents, compared to $1.40 a decade ago. Unemployment lines were growing daily. Prices in stores were soaring. The inflation rate stood at 16%. At the centre of South Africa’s problems at the time stood a national debt of $20.5 billion Rand.

In October 1989 the American Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Herman Jay Cohen warned De Klerk that the new Bush administration would institute punitive measures of its own unless South Africa took legislative action before June 1990 to abolish Apartheid.

In 1992 during the Angolan elections, Cohen would declare the elections free and fair despite all other observers disputing this and the evidence of major electoral fraud to the contrary evincing. Shortly after this Cohen resigned and went to work for the Angolan government as a foreign agent and later also worked for the mass murderer Robert Mugabe as a foreign agent.

Nevertheless, after F.W. de Klerk came to power, he was basically given six months to end Apartheid or South Africa would, economically and therefore militarily, be destroyed.

The severity of sanctions against South Africa is contained in three books, namely “In Sight of surrender” by Les de Villiers, “South Africa: The sanctions report”, by The Commonwealth Secretariat and “Race for Sanctions”, by Francis Njubi Nesbitt.

There can be no doubt that these sanctions crippled South Africa. It was hurting to the bone. Later on, De Klerk would consistently deny the impact of sanctions on South Africa, but the truth is rather different. There is however a very good reason for De Klerk’s denial at the time…It will be revealed later.

For now, it is important for us to consider the circumstances of the time, because this was the reality of the situation faced by President F.W. de Klerk and the other NP “Talking Heads” on SABC television such as Barend du Plessis, Pik Botha and Chris Heunis at the time.

It cannot be emphasized any more…by the time de Klerk came to power South Africa was on the ropes, being pummeled and pounded by about 150 other nations across the world. Friends were scarce…We were on our own. The message was clear, “Give the country over to blacks UNCONDITIONALLY or face complete ruin.”

25 March 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 26: The role of Government, and what Treason actually means

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2011

Part of this series is not only to uncover the true facts about the Apartheid era, but also the rationale behind the thinking, the feelings and the mindsets of the people during this troubled period in our history.

One aspect that foreigners and the youth who have not lived through Apartheid, find difficult to comprehend is in the question they ask; “How could you just give the country away to black Marxist terrorists on a silver platter?”

Truth is that the whites of South Africa did not give the country away. We were betrayed, not defeated. We were betrayed by our leaders: Sold out, double crossed...

If we want to accuse the likes of F.W. de Klerk, Pik Botha and Roelf Meyer of being traitors than we need to know exactly what their roles were, what exactly treason is and then look at exactly what they did. We then need to evaluate and look at ourselves and determine if we are justified in branding them, “traitors”.

So let us first see what exactly the role of government is.


Most people if asked, “Why do we need government?”, will tell you that we need them to take our tax money and build roads, dams, houses for the poor, etc…This is however not true.

Law has been part of man since his primitive days. If you take two men and put them on an island, they will immediately start making rules and therefore laws.
The reason for making laws is to prevent them from using force against each other and in so doing ensure the survival of both.

It can therefore be seen that man survives by reason, by using his mind.

Further, man has certain individual rights. The right to life, the right to liberty and the right to pursue happiness. Of these, the right to life is the primary and most fundamental right.

If these rights are taken away or suppressed it means that man can no longer use his reason to survive and eventually everyone will die.

In a group of people you will always have some that are physically stronger or intellectually better than others. When one person discovers that he can get what he wants by taking it from others, he says that he can survive without reason. Such a person will be initiating force. The initiation of force is always immoral as opposed to the retaliation of force which is not only moral, but necessary for continued survival of the individual.

If someone initiates force against you, you have a right to defend yourself or to use retaliatory force in order to survive or continue your liberty and your pursuit of happiness.

But what if you are smaller than the other person, a woman or a child, or elderly…maybe the other person has a weapon and you do not. It means that you will die or your fundamental rights will be taken away from you.

For that reason we need a government. The ONLY job of a government is to protect the individual rights of its citizens. The only way in which they can do it is to have the monopoly on the usage of force.

The initiation of force can either come from outside the country or from inside. Therefore we need a police service to protect the citizens from those inside the country who wants to initiate force and an army to protect the citizens from the initiation of force from outside.

The usage of force needs to be objective and therefore we need a law system that is fair and objective to create a society in which the citizen’s individual rights are guaranteed.

It is not the job of the government to tax the citizens and spend their money on grand projects. Taxation itself is a form of extortion and therefore the initiation of force. Government can be funded in other ways such as charging fees for services rendered, administering state assets like a trust fund, donations, etc. There is not a single government department that cannot run self sufficiently.


Most people think that the government draws up a constitution to protect the rights of the citizens. Not so.

History has shown that although man instituted government to protect the rights of citizens, more often than not, those exact governments become the greatest threats to those rights.

A constitution is a set of laws that specifically apply TO THE GOVERNMENT not to the citizens.

A proper constitution limits the power of government, by telling it specifically which actions it is allowed to take and excluding all others.

The government has NO power to do anything that is not specifically designated by the people to it. Government is therefore not above the law. A proper constitution has at the core of every enumerated power granted to government, the protection of individual rights.

But a piece of paper is not enough to stop a government from acting tyrannically or steal from its citizens. That is why I use the word, PROPER constitution. The East German GDR was also found on democratic principles and even had a liberal constitution.

For that reason there needs to be a separation of powers and certain checks and balances in place.

If one group in government becomes too powerful they can become a danger to the citizens. By separating the powers into legislative, executive and judicial branches, a further limit is placed on the power of government.

Checks and balances further limit the power of government, by splitting the powers up into many hands. If one branch of government abuses its power or undermines the individual rights of the citizens, then its members can be removed by the other branches. This is called impeachment.

If all of this fails, then the right of the citizens to defend themselves or as it is called in the USA, “the right to bear arms” against a tyrannical government comes into play. The last check on government is an armed populace. Ultimately, the only thing that can prevent the use of force is the threat or use of greater force. To this end, the people are the ultimate check on government.

Only an armed population has the ability to overthrow a tyrannical government. Governments are well aware of this. That is why in all dictatorships the ownership of guns are outlawed to the ordinary citizens.

In a proper democracy, various political parties with different policies compete to run the government. The one who wins gets a mandate from the public to run the government and to a certain degree implement their policies, provided that they do not undermine the individual rights of the citizens. For that reason there are the opposition parties to keep them in check and regular elections. If they act out of control, they can be voted out.

However, voting has some disadvantage as well. A government can hide behind a claim of being legitimately elected and can introduce small doses of policy that the public might not agree with and the public will accept it because they have a high pain threshold. With the ability to vote, people will be far less likely to resort to violence to end government abuse. In the end they say, “Well, we will just vote them out at the next election”.

Justice delayed is often justice lost and some things simply cannot wait a few years until the next election.

Treason: About M.I.C.E. & M.E.N.

The Leagal definition of treason is

The betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

Most of the role-players at the time of capitulating to Marxist terrorist scum, such as F.W. de Klerk, Pik Botha, Roelf Meyer, et al, are aware that the whites of South Africa today view them as traitors. This can be seen from the sniping comments on online news articles about them. It is hard to find any white person in South Africa nowadays who do not see them as such.

In an interview with Murray La Vita of Beeld the Afrikaans daily, De Klerk acknowledged that he knew white South Africans viewed him as a traitor today. He also said that it did not bother him at all.

He has no regrets and no bad conscious about what he and his group of Sterrewag conspirators did. What is the psychology of such people.

What causes treason? A man does not just wake up one day and decide to betray his country and his people. There are several motivators why he does it. When one studies the psychology of patriotism and treason one comes up with reasons why people betray their countries and nations and why others stay loyal.

The Acronym M.E.N. stands for Morals, Empathy and Nation. These are the attributes found in patriots. They have a strong sense of morals, they are empathetic to the plight of others especially their own ethnic group and they tend to have a strong sense of belonging…of Nationalism.

The acronym M.I.C.E stands for money, ideology, coercion, and ego.

In the past, it was believed that the biggest reasons for treason were Money and Ideology. Coercion, the act of blackmailing or threatening through death or violence played a minor role. Lately it has been found that the Ego is the greatest contributing factor for treason.

Of the personality disorders found in spies and traitors, the two most common are antisocial personality disorder and narcissism. The traitor has a massive sense of self and allegiance solely to himself. He feels nothing for others. Experts say disproportionate numbers of pathological narcissists are at work in the most influential reaches of society such as medicine, finance and politics

Such people are born traitors. There is not much one can do to change them. That is why treason carries the death penalty in many states around the world.

In Dante’s “Devine Comedy” he and the poet Virgil travels into Hell in the first part called “Inferno”. Dante passes through the gates of Hell, which bears an inscription, the famous phrase "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate", or "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Before entering Hell completely, Dante and his guide see the Uncommitted, souls of people who in life did nothing, neither for good nor evil.

On their way through the nine circles of Hell, they pass many bad people, but the innermost circle, the last one before hell proper… is reserved for traitors. In Hell proper Satan the ultimate traitor against God is bound.

And that is what will be the fate of those who betrayed us. They will one day stand in front of their Maker and will have to explain themselves.

Now that we understand what a government is suppose to do…what the social contract between the government and the public is…and what TREASON is, we can start to think back to the time of the National party in the P.W. Botha to De Klerk era. We can now start to think if what they did were unconstitutional and ultimately TREASON.

Does their acts fullfill the definition of treason above?

Below is a full page advert in a Newspaper from the time of P.W. Botha, (one of many) paid for by using taxpayer’s money. It spells out the policy of P.W. Botha and the NP of the time. The date is 2 February 1986. Six months after his Rubicon speech in which he promised the people that he “Was not prepared to lead White South Africans and other minority groups on a road of abdication and suicide.”

24 March 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 25: Stumbling on the Banks of the Rubicon

By Mike Smith
22 March 2011

Can one pinpoint a date when Apartheid actually ended?

Many people today think that Apartheid ended on the 2nd of February 1990 when De Klerk made his speech to unban the ANC, the SACP and to release Nelson Mandela, but this was just the conclusion to some decisions that were taken much earlier.

Apartheid officially ended on the 2nd of August 1985 in an old observatory in Pretoria.

Our story left off the last time with P.W. Botha who started the great betrayal of the whites of South Africa.

We will pick up the story again in 1985, when P.W. Botha was about to deliver his disastrous “Rubicon Speech” on the 15th of August of that year.

The speech is today fully attributed to P.W. Botha, but in fact he never wrote the original speech himself. The story of South Africa’s Rubicon is a fascinating one.

In September of 1984 violence erupted in the black townships after the ANC and Marxist agitators introduced their “People’s War” and stepped it up.

In July 1985 a state of emergency was declared as a short term measure, but it became clear to the NP that more long term solutions needed to be found for black inclusion in politics in South Africa.

This obviously excited the investors and creditors of South Africa.

It is said that a banker lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining… and then wants it back when it starts to rain.

This is exactly what happened in March 1985 when Chase Manhattan Bank led a string of other banks to the South African Reserve Bank and demanded their money back…immediately.

Economic pressures and threats of disinvestment were the order of the day. One company after the other, from Kodak, to Mobil and Barclays bank started to withdraw from South Africa.

In the days running up to the Rubicon Speech, Foreign Minister Pik Botha was assigned to go state South Africa’s future course in Europe and former UN ambassador Carl von Hirschberg was assigned to do the same in the Far East. Neil van Heerden a senior Foreign Affairs official was assigned to prepare African leaders for the speech.

Von Hirschberg had to wait several days for a flight to Taiwan and Japan. During this time he decided to write a ten page draught speech for President P.W. Botha.

But why did Von Hirschberg have this sudden urge to write a speech for the president?

A few days prior to him writing the speech, on the 2nd of August, a secret, clandestine meeting of the National Party, took place in Pretoria in a building called the Ou Sterrewag (Old Observatory), which served as a conference facility for Military Intelligence.

What the crux of that meeting was is still shrouded in mystery and probably only known to the attendees at the time. According to an interview with Chris Heunis, conducted by his son twenty years after the event, the main decision was to include blacks in the cabinet.

According to F.W. De Klerk who was one of the attendees of the meeting at the observatory, the meeting took certain decisions to enable Chris Heunis to embark on a new initiative in negotiations with blacks.

De Klerk describes the Sterrewag decisions as the end of the whole ideology of grand apartheid and as an initiative that had the potential of persuading the world that real change was underway. Noted in an article by historian Herman Gilomee on Politics web 20th of August 2008

In the same article Gillomee stated that Carl von Hirschberg, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Foreign Affairs, recounted:

"When I met Pik in his office after the Sterrewag meeting, he was bursting with enthusiasm. He could hardly contain himself. It was his account of the policy changes agreed to at the meeting that I used in the draft I prepared as an input for PW Botha's Durban speech. It is my clear impression that PW had agreed to these changes, so I was not particularly concerned that he might reject them."

These National Party conspirators, including the President himself, unanimously and without the knowledge of the public that voted them into power, decided to end Apartheid and hand the country over to Marxist terrorist Blacks.

They wanted to make this public in a speech by the president at the congress of the National Party (NP) of Natal on the 15th of August 1985 in Durban. The emissaries such as Pik Botha and Von Hirschberg had to go out and prepare the world for this speech.

The Rubicon Speech was intended to in part diffuse the township violence that showed no signs of abating and also to preclude the adoption of tough sanctions by the USA and other industrial nations against South Africa. In the end it had the opposite effect.

Whilst in Europe, Pik Botha basically promised the world that Apartheid has come to an end and that it will all be made known in a speech by President P.W. Botha. Foreign minister Pik Botha was just relaying the decisions that were taken at the secret meeting held at the Ou Sterrewag, but he was not sure if the president would eventually include it all in his speech.

Nevertheless, according to Werner Scholtz, a South African diplomat who attended the briefings in Europe, "Pik Botha spoke with great enthusiasm and several times said: Gentleman, we are crossing the Rubicon".

What happened next is described by Les de Villiers in his book “In sight of surrender” page 88.

“On Friday morning 9 August 1985, when he arrived back in South Africa, Pik Botha was met by Von Hirschberg, and his deputy minister Louis Nel. Together they proceeded to the VIP lounge at Jan Smuts Airport and reviewed the speech draft. Botha made a few changes. Over coffee that morning the foreign minister inserted the following line of his own: “I believe that we are today crossing the Rubicon. There can be no turning back”. This, he felt would dramatize what was bound to be a momentous and dramatic break with the past and the beginning of a new era of race relations.”

Enters F.W. de Klerk.

At the time he was the NP leader in Transvaal and also the minister of Education and development. In 1985 de Klerk was seen by the political scientist Robert Shrirre as the “main conservative obstacle in the cabinet”.

That is right. The man we today view as a liberal traitor in the NP was once one of the most conservative.

The full role of De Klerk in the Rubicon speech has never been established but it is rumoured that he played a major role in diluting and watering it down. As I have said, he was one of the attendees at the Sterrewag on 2nd of August 1985, but did not like the new direction that was decided upon.

Allister Sparks wrote an article in the Washington Post of 19 August 1989 in which he says, “ De Klerk is said to have pressed Botha into drafting his so-called Rubicon speech in 1985, a defiant warning that he would not change the white minority’s hold on the country.”

It is not sure why president P.W. Botha decided to change his mind. Some say he was angered by the speculation of the press making expectations after the Sterrewag meeting, some say he was upset with Pik Botha’s over-enthusiasm and “over-promissing” to European and American emissaries.

On the late afternoon of Saturday the 10th of August, P.W. Botha told Chris Heunis that he was not prepared to make a “Prog-speech”…referring to the liberal opposition Progressive Federal Party.

On the 14th of August, a day before the Rubicon speech, President P.W. Botha summoned some cabinet members to a meeting. De Klerk would state later:

"That morning PW Botha demanded to know who was involved in providing inputs for the speech. He picked up all the inputs and threw them on the table."

He then said:

"I will not make that speech. I shall make my own speech."

He then read them a speech that was compiled by Daan Prinsloo who was an official in his office. It had some of the elements and recommendations made by ministers Pik Botha, Chris Heunis and Barend du Plessis. The introductory comment warned about raising expectations too high.

The cabinet was gob smacked, stunned into disbelief.

Chris Heunis later told his son in an interview, "We sat there like a bunch of little children, listening to him reading his speech to us. No one protested, in fact everyone nodded in agreement."

On the 15th of August in front of a capacity crowd in Durban, screened live to a world audience of more than two hundred million, P.W. Botha delivered his final speech and said that he “was not prepared to lead White South Africans and other minority groups on a road of abdication and suicide.”

He further said,” Destroy White South Africa and our influence, and this country will drift into factional strife, chaos and poverty.”

"Don't push us too far", he warned at one point with a wagging finger, confirming the stereotype of the ugly, staunch and irredeemable Afrikaner.

P.W. Botha had poor communication skills. After the Rubicon speech, the press dubbed his ramblings the Rubik’s Cube because it puzzled the world.

Instead of crossing the Rubicon, P.W. Botha got cold feet, made an about turn and headed straight back for the Laager.

Later on, both Pik Botha and Carl von Hirschberg said, that of the original draft speech only one line remained, that of the reference to “crossing the Rubicon”.

The speech was completely rewritten by Daan Prinsloo and P.W. Botha.

On 17th September 1992 Pik Botha released the original draft to “The Star” and claimed that “he wrote it”…an obvious lie. Von Hirschberg wrote the original draft. Pik only added one line.

Nevertheless he said that if P.W. Botha delivered the speech in its original form, Nelson Mandela would have been released five years earlier.

The world wanted reforms. They wanted blacks in power. P.W. did not deliver. The world felt tricked by Pik Botha who promised them Apartheid was about to be ended and P.W. Botha who refused to cross the Rubicon.

Within weeks after this disastrous speech about 430 International Banks came knocking at the door of Gerhard de Kock, at the time governor of the SA Reserve Bank…all wanted their loans back immediately…threatening to seize South African assets abroad.

The South African situation was dire. It was only the Swiss Banker Dr.Fritz Leutwiler who saved South Africa from total bankruptcy back then.

The results of the Rubicon speech was an $11 million dollar outflow from South Africa in the years 1985-1988.
Les de Villiers write on page 96 of “In sight of surrender”…

“In a matter of only five years since 1985, South Africa lost 25 billion rand that would otherwise have been available for housing, education, hospitals and other social programs.”

Dr. Chris Stals, the later governor of the Reserve bank concluded; “ The post-Rubicon events of 1985 had a devastating effect on the South African economy and contributed largely to unemployment and unrest.”

The Rubicon Speech was one of the greatest watershed moments in South African Politics. Instead of diffusing the violence, the sanctions and the disinvestment campaign, it stepped it up a few notches.

Today it is difficult to understand what went through the mind of P.W. Botha at the time.

He was the one who started the ball rolling towards black inclusion in politics called “Power sharing” and the ending of Apartheid. He created the Tricameral Parliament and included Coloureds and Indians in the government of South Africa. He scrapped several Apartheid laws such as the mixed-marriages and immorality acts, and later the Group Areas Act as well as the influx-control measures.

Delivering the original Rubicon speech and handing over the country to blacks would have been a natural progression of his policies. It was a fait accompli…Alea iacta est! Why did he decide on a 180 degree turn?
It could be that he realized that he would lose his power to a black president and wanted to cling to power. Maybe he was afraid of a Communist invasion and violent pogrom.

Robin Renwick, British ambassador to South Africa, maintains that the security chiefs had persuaded the president to enforce the status quo with strict security measures.

Businessman, Anton Rupert speculated that a critical intervention was a threat by De Klerk, Transvaal NP leader at the time, to withdraw his party from the NP’s parliamentary caucus. Today it is incomprehensible to think that it was the conservative De Klerk who held P.W. Botha back on the banks of the Rubicon. One can only speculate.

All it did was to delay the inevitable by four years, at a cost that almost destroyed South Africa.

On exactly the same day (15th of August) four years later in 1989, F.W. de Klerk became the new State President after P.W. Botha was forced to resign by his co-conspirators of the Ou Sterrewag.

Almost immediately after coming to power F.W. de Klerk started stepping on the dagger that P.W. Botha originally inserted into the backs of the white South Africans…

F.W. de Klerk finally started implementing the treacherous decisions taken at the Old Observatory on that fateful day of the 2nd of August 1985…but more about that in the next edition.

Main Sources:
• “In Sight of surrender” by Les de Villiers, 1995
• http://www.politicsweb.co.za/politicsweb/view/politicsweb/en/page71619?oid=100899&sn=Detail
• http://newhistory.co.za/great-expectations-pres-pw-botha%E2%80%99s-rubicon-speech-of-1985/

22 March 2011

More of those crazy things blacks do and why we had Apartheid

By Mike Smith
22nd of March 2011

One thing that never stops to amaze me is the fact that no matter how educated blacks are they never give up their superstitious beliefs in evil spirits, the Tokoloshe or the power of Muti, a traditional medicine made from herbs and human body parts such as lips, ears, genitals, etc cut from victims who are still alive at the time.

Recently another spate of these crazy beliefs has come to visit us.

Two Limpopo women were stoned to death because the blacks believed they were evil witches

When they were dead, they (sic) bodies were dragged back into their house and the house was set alight, destroying everything.

Hey? This is happening in the 21st century in a country that is supposed to have the most liberal constitution in the world, run by a political party that prides itself on their vainglorious “Freedom Charter”.

The “Evil spirits” seems to target the schools where black girls go to…
Durban Girls’ Secondary School in Dartnell Crescent, Greyville, was closed again today because of further disruptions

“…some pupils were reportedly seen running wildly across it soon after 10am. Some were rolling on the pavement. “

“spokeswoman, Mbali Thusi, said religious leaders from different denominations would also be asked to pray at the school. “The department would then consult with parents on a way forward,” she said.

Police spokesman Captain Khephu Ndlovu said that when he arrived at the school, pupils were screaming and crying inside and outside the school. “


A few days later at a different school in Durban the same thing happens with these black girls

He (Pastor Mthobisi Ngcobo, of Liberty Assemblies Family church in Mountview, Verulam) said “The pupils had been screaming, rolling around and trying to fight. Blood was coming out of their mouths because they were in danger of swallowing their tongues.” [a medical impossibility].

“When I was doing counselling with one of the girls, she said when she wants to come through the (school) gate she sees this short man [The Tokoloshe] coming to grab her and bite her on the neck [the effect of too many Vampire movies aimed at kids lately?] and she sees a snake about to attack her [movies like Anaconda and Snakes on a plane perhaps?]. That’s why they are screaming and sometimes they see some kind of terrible animal attacking them. They scream and then the other girl screams because it goes to the other girl. They are scared if they speak of it that it is going to be worse.”


Please, tell me what you think of all this.

It is called “Mass Hysteria” and blacks are very prone to it. It is a concept that is well understood by the Communist agitators and why they have so much success with the black masses in Africa.

Now take a step back and observe this behavior from a rational mindset. Would you not also say that these people are mentally insane? Would you not rather want them in mental institutions instead of schools that your children are attending?

Maybe you would even start to think that you and your family should separate yourselves as far as possible from these creatures…

Above is only one or two incidents of an almost daily occurence in SA. Imagine seeing that same kind of behavior along with the rapes and murders of whites by blacks over the last 350 years and you might start to understand why we had Apartheid.

Those crazy things blacks do and why we had Apartheid

By Mike Smith
22nd of March 2011

In my Pandora series I highlighted many reasons why we had Apartheid and why it was necessary. I for one will never apologize for Apartheid. It was the best and fairest system ever created for multicultural societies. Sure it was not perfect, but which political system is?

I just regret that Apartheid was not carried through to its natural conclusion. For one, it should have been stricter in separating us from these blacks. Not only us, but also our animals, because nobody and nothing is safe from these rapacious “beasts of the field” as they are called in the Bible.

The article below refers to the natural tendencies of blacks. One cannot change that. Anybody who has lived in Africa for half his life would know that one cannot change blacks and their behavior. The only morally correct and reasonable thing to do is to divorce yourself from them…and keep your livestock separate as well…

I do not have a problem with the content of the article itself, just that they tell a half truth and do not refer to the race of our bestiality friend. The picture accompanying it is of the horse named “Sugar”…the victim…not of the perpetrator and sexual predator Rodell Vereen.

This is so common nowadays that the newspapers do not publish any reference to race. They are hiding the truth from the public. The hide the fact that the criminals are mostly black and the victims mostly white…or animals.

Here is a picture of Rodell Vereen…

Not much different to his cousin in Africa Robert Kaweesa.

Horse molester released from jail
March 22 2011 at 09:17am

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -

A man who twice pleaded guilty to having sex with a horse has been released from prison after 16 months and ordered to stay away from the stable where the animal lives.

Probation officials said on Monday that Rodell Vereen, 51, was let out of prison on March 1.
Vereen must complete two years of probation or he will have to finish the five-year sentence he received in November 2009 after pleading guilty to buggery and trespassing. The Sun-News of Myrtle Beach first reported Vereen's release.

Vereen was arrested after the owner of the horse staked out her stable and caught Vereen sneaking inside. She held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The owner said she spent several nights in the barn after catching Vereen having sex with the animal on surveillance tapes. She feared he had returned because her horse was acting strange and getting infections again. She also noticed dirt and hay piled up near the horse's stall in Longs, about 30km northeast of Myrtle Beach.

Vereen was caught having sex with the same horse in late 2007 and was on probation from that incident when he was arrested a second time, authorities said.

The owner of the horse didn't immediately return a message from The Associated Press on Monday, but her husband said she knew Vereen was out of prison and she was scared he would come back to their stables.

A phone number for Vereen couldn't be found. Before he pleaded guilty, he told Myrtle Beach television station WMBF-TV he was sorry if he hurt the horse or anyone else. He said he wasn't taking his medicine for schizophrenia when he went to the stables and promised to keep taking his medicine when he got out of prison.

Vereen also must continue to register as a sex offender. - Sapa-AP

21 March 2011

ANC's Affirmative Action Nuclear Foresight

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2011

OK, I just want the guys at ESKOM to know that there are many scientists and engineers who have read and seen the pictures of the runaway turbine in Mpumalanga the last week.

These ANC idiots can't even run a bath, let alone a power staion and forget about a country...They couldn't even run a small municipality like Beuafort West in the Karoo for heaven's sake.

The truth is slowly surfacing Three Billion Rands of damage and at least 18 months out of production…what is the bet that the guy who forgot to close the main stop valve is still employed.

Now normally an over speed test will be carried out in the presence of the Classification Authority (insurers) surveyor and the plant Chief Engineer who would have all his key men on the critical positions in case something goes wrong. Along with that, there are ISO Standards of Safety. There are quality management procedures, safety management procedures, Risk Assessments, Permits To Work to be filled out before such major tasks are undertaken.

What was the cause of this disaster?

I once did a course in accident investigation at a UK university and the experience of all such industrial disasters are that it is never one guy who forgets to close a valve or one guy who forgot to put a pump on standby…

With all these disasters from the Piper Alpha oil platform that burned down to the KLM Pan-Am aeroplanes that collided on the runway in Tenerife, one finds that it is a whole series of events that could have been prevented that caused the eventual disaster.

Risk assessments and Permits to work are carried out as mere paper exercises. Checklists ticked off without proper attention to the importance of the events on it…But the most important thing is that things are sloppy from the top down. It starts with management at the very top.

It does not matter whether it is the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster or the Challenger Space Shuttle blowing up…in all these disasters one finds a constant theme…Things are sloppy from the top down.

In this case the people who should be taking the blame are the top monkeys of Eskom, but at the moment they are all performing an egg dance around the main stream media who are too stupid to know what is going on in a real engineering plant.

You ask any engineer out there what were the reasons for this accident, he will tell you, cutting of budgets, cutting training, Liaises Faire management, the usual etc .

I would give my left testicle to interview the idiot in charge of that overspeed test at Duvha. What he did was criminal. Negligence of the greatest order. How he passed his Government ticket or “Certificate of Competency” is beyond me. Probably a “Scratch & Win” ticket…you hit the jackpot; they make you the boss…

Now if you let a bunch of killer squirrels loose on a nuclear plant can you realistically expect anything less than the results of the bushy-tailed engineers who were running the overspeed tests at the Duvha Power Plant? Koeberg’s time is around the corner, it is not an accident waiting to happen, it is going to be a planned event.

I will tell you why…The ANC have been watching the incidents in Japan for a while now and they have seen the Billions of dollars of aid rolling in and they will think nothing of it to cause such a disaster (willingly or through gross incompetence) in Cape Town.

They will destroy the Mother City, the most beautiful city in the world, purely for financial gain. They feel nothing for the millions of people who will be without a home…as long as their Swiss and Bahaman bank accounts are stocked with white taxpayer money they could care less for anybody else in SA, no matter if they are black or white.

South Africa operates two nuclear power reactors (built by the French, but based on a Westinghouse design) at Koeberg near Cape Town. Our President Jacob Zuma who is a functionally illiterate, Communist Apparatchik is planning several more.

Now I am not one of those people who are per sé against Nuclear Power. If you have high safety standards and extremely well trained engineers it is normally not a problem. Actually one of the cleanest forms of energy.

The problem is the ANC who undermines the safety standards and the education system of the country in the name of Affirmative Action and BEE. They cannot even find any technical staff to man their submarines or corvettes in Simons Town…How in God’s name are they going to find competent engineers to man their nuclear power stations?

Scary times ahead indeed. Especially when the president has no intention to scrap the AA and BEE laws and Intends to rule until Jesus comes

Well I hope he has television where he lives, because Jesus just came for his big terrorist buddy, Col. Ghadaffi

ANC Youth's "Farm Rangers" coming to rape and kill white farmers soon

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2011

If there is one thing that I learned from the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) then it is that you can get away with anything…literally ANYTHING, from rape to mass murder if you claim your reasons were “political”…


I think they mean that when blacks bombed, killed or raped whites, because of their inherent racist and inferiority complexes towards whites they call it “political reasons”.

What it means is that a group of blacks can go and rape a white woman or hack a white man to death with machetes while he is asleep in his bed and all they have to do is claim he or she was a “Racist” and basically get off scot-free. The term “Racism” carries the death penalty nowadays… It is worse than raping, torturing and killing innocent white people.

“Racism” has become the new “Devil” the scapegoat for your inherent evil nature, because all you have to do is claim that “The Devil” (substitute your favourite –ism, in this case “racism”) made me do it.

I am so glad that they have problems trying to include “Apartheid” amongst all those “Evil –isms”, because Apartheid is a “–heid” not an “-ism” as in the German word, “Schönheit” (beauty). So unlike Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Feminism, Islamism, etc.

Nevertheless, rape has always been and will always be a political weapon in the hands of the Communists. When the Russians entered Berlin at the end of World War II, Stalin gave his troops a command “To wash the saw-dust from the wombs of the German women”…

The result was one of the century’s greatest crimes, the rape of
Two million white women by the Red Army mostly non-White troops from the Far East and Central Asian Republics of the Soviet Union
. All women between the age s of 8 and 80 were violently raped.

In the Congo Doctors cannot bear to listen to the stories their patients tell them anymore...
“Many have been so sadistically attacked from inside out, butchered with bayonets and assaulted with chunks of wood, that their reproductive and digestive systems are beyond repair.”

When it comes to rape, South Africa is the World Champion
In South Africa it is fun for the black boys. They call it “Jackrolling”

In the Communist dictatorship/disastership of Zimbabwe they are obviously experts in political rape. Mugabe’s youth militias have been raping women for years without the world actually caring a damn about them.

Here is a quote from the article…

"There were hundreds of us. We were fed horse meat and rotten food. They woke us up at 3am and we had to run 20 kilometres. Then we had to do 200 press ups and other exercises. If anyone failed to do so, they were beaten. We had to chant slogans and sing Zanu-PF songs. "

"They taught us the history of our country, starting from colonial slavery, and they told us we should hate whites. We slept in large rooms, the men and women together. We were raped by the boys. I can't even count how many times by how many different men. If we complained to the camp commander, we were beaten and they would call us sell-outs to the MDC [the opposition Movement for Democratic Change]."

Sithulisiwe says she felt sorry for the young girls, of just 12 and 13, picked out by the camp commander and taken to a nearby hotel to be raped.”

End of quote….

Yes, that sums up Communism in Africa.

Nevertheless, a year ago Julias Malema of the ANC Youth League went to Zimbabwe to go and learn these “Tricks of the Communist Trade”.

He came back and praised Bob Mugabe and said SA would copy Zimbabwe’s style of land seizures

The ANC has a plan to steal white owned farms that have been in the possession of these people for more than 300 years and hand it over to useless blacks who cannot farm. The disastrous results are recorded in the book, The Great South African Land Scandal

The plan is called, “Our new programme of recapitalisation and development or The new rural recapitalisation and development plan” by the ANC.

Legalised theft of white owned farms by black Marxist terrorists.

…The deputy minister of land reform and rural development, Thulas Nxesi, said on Saturday: “Regarding safety on farms, Nxesi said the department was in the process of introducing “a new cadre of youth” called Farm Rangers.”

Farm Rangers?

You mean the military training to ANC youths that the DA objected to a year ago?

There can be no doubt that the Marxist brothers in Zanu-PF and the ANC have learned some valuable lessons from each other. Zimbabwe style invasions of white owned farms by militarily trained black youths is the next big step in the African Maoist “Great leap forward” by black South African Communist youths…They could not be bothered if the results mean that they will all starve to death. They simply cannot see it coming. They are hypnotized by their Communist indoctrinated hatred of whites and the light of the Mandelatopia, Rainbow Nation bullshit like moths around a flame and although the moth will get away with flying around the flame 99 times, the hundredth time he flies into the flame…and so it will be with the ANC. Their day will come...

18 March 2011

Weather reseach station? Rather give me a Maximum security prison on Marion Island

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2011

The South African Government has just wasted another 200 Million Rand on a useless weather base on Marion Island.

Marion Island and the Prince Edward Islands south of Cape Town belongs to South Africa. With 200 million Rand they could have built a maximum security prison on each one and shipped all the Farm murderers, Muti murderers and rapists of white women and children over there.

Marion Island is huge. Look at those mountains. Imagine all those criminals chipping big rocks into little rocks and building their own prison. Then later the rock can be exported to South Africa to pay for the food and upkeep of the bastards.

The taxpayer should never be footing the bill for the upkeep of prisoners and even their medical bills when victims of crime have to pay their own medical bills.

SA ready to open Marion Island base
15 March 2011

Scientists are counting the days until the official opening of a R200 million state-of-the-art research base at Marion Island in the remote Southern Ocean this week.

Dozens of people turned out at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town last Thursday to wave farewell to the SA Agulhas as it left on a more than 2000 kilometre high seas adventure through one of the most treacherous stretches of ocean in the world.

And, it was not just the experts and backup crew who boarded for the five-day trip through the Roaring Forties to the remote research base.

Public Works deputy minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu and several journalists from around the country also took to the high seas for a once in a lifetime trip to an area that is normally off limits to the public.

Speaking before leaving on the voyage, an “excited” Bogopane-Zulu joked: “I
have never been on the sea. You know blacks and water.”

Although proud of the work done by her department getting the base built
under extremely challenging conditions, the visually impaired deputy minister however said she was apprehensive of taking to the high seas.

“If I had the choice, I would not go but I (would also) like to share what we have built, it fills me with pride and excitement.”

According to Adriaan Dreyer, the departmental co-ordinating officer and
project leader of the new base build, planning for the project started in late 2001 and construction began in August 2003.

“Some of the buildings are from 1960. The old base was becoming unsafe and was uneconomical to keep going.”

He said the base had developed from the early 1950s with more buildings added through the years.

The new buildings consist of 80 beds and a further 12 “emergency beds” in steel frame buildings on top of stilts that have been driven through the marsh “mire” down to volcanic rock.

A prime example of what happens when you interfere with nature

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2011

One should never interfere with nature. It is every time that one tries to help and interfere with nature that it bites you.

When you try to help blacks by building schools for them, treat them in modern hospitals or feed them and clothe them, they accuse you of racism because you want to rub your culture off on them.

So the best thing to do is to have absolutely nothing to do with them. No charity, no help, no food, no money, nothing…Simply let them be. Let them take care of themselves. Let them educate themselves and do what they love to do. Let them practice their culture in peace. Don’t rule them. Don’t patronize them. Simply have nothing to do with them…

I know nature is cruel sometimes, but no matter how hard it is, you have got to leave nature alone.

Child rescue backfires
February 20 2011 at 02:19pm

When a Noordhoek woman helped rescue a toddler from a boiling hot car, she thought she’d done a good deed and helped avoid a tragedy - but the police told her she shouldn’t have moved the child, and the parents threatened to lay a charge of kidnapping against her.

Mother-of-three Julie Smulian said she was “still in shock” at the way things turned out.

She said she and her daughter Kelly, 11, had gone to Longbeach Mall in Noordhoek around 4.40pm on Wednesday and parked in the outdoor parking lot. When they got out of their car they heard a faint crying and realised there was a toddler of about 18 months old in the car next to theirs. The little girl was alone, and the car’s two windows were rolled down only enough to fit your fingers through them.
“She was sweating and crying, and she looked weak,” said Smulian. “Our natural reaction was to get her out of there.”

They had called a security guard, who edged his fingers through the gap and pushed down the window.

In the meantime, both the security control room and Smulian had contacted the Fish Hoek police. Meranwhile the security guard unlocked the door, took the girl out and handed her to Smulian, who took her to the security control room for water.

“We gave her a big mug of water. She drank the whole thing so fast,” said Kelly.
Smulian said the girl’s parents arrived at the control room about 15 minutes after them.

She said she’d had no direct contact with them.

“They didn’t look very worried, as if nothing had happened.”

She said she’d expected the police – who’d arrived an hour after they’d been called – to thank her and the security personnel, or at least to take a statement. Instead, the police told them that they shouldn’t have opened the car themselves, but should have waited for police to arrive.

“They advised me not to lay charges because the parents had said that if I did, they would lay charges of breaking and entering, and kidnapping,” she said.
“In other words, they were just allowed to get away with it.”

The mall’s manager, Lamesa Modak, said the security guards had acted in the best interests of the child.

“Using information available to them at the time, security measured the situation at hand and acted in the assessed immediate best interests of the child. This would always be the first criterion for response in any similar situation.”

Fish Hoek police spokesman Warrant Officer Peter Middleton said no charges or complaints had yet been filed.

He said the police were neutral when it came to such incidents – whether or not someone was charged with negligence in such a case was reliant on a complainant making a statement.

It was common, he said, for transgressors to lay “counter charges”.

“In situations like this, the wellbeing of that child is what is most important. You can’t say, ‘Well, maybe they’ll be back in a few minutes’,” Middleton said.

Joan van Niekerk, Childline SA’s national co-ordinator, said the police should have actively supported the rescuers, and that charges should have been laid.

“The parents should be charged by the police for their negligence. And let them try to lay charges – there would be such a public outcry,” she said.

She said that for anyone finding themselves in a similar situation, their priority should be to rescue the child, doing as little damage to the car as possible. - Sunday Argus

Guess who is turning 75 today?

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2011

Let us think, ponder and always remember what happens when you are betrayed by your leaders and your country is given away to Marxist terrorist scum...

You can send F.W. de Klerk your birthday wishes at this link.


Make sure to copy your wishes over here, I know he is a big van of us ;-)

17 March 2011

The ANC is a mass murdering AIDS denialist party

By Mike Smith
17th of March 2011

There is no doubt that AIDS is the biggest killer of Blacks in South Africa’s entire history. Approximately 500,000 blacks die every year of AIDS.

These deaths could have been prevented or drastically reduced if the ANC introduced the National Aids Plan after coming to power in 1994, but they did not.

Between Thabo Mbeki, Nkosasana Dlamini-Zuma and Manto Tsabalala-Msimang they share the mass murder and deaths of millions of black South Africans through their AIDS denialist policies. They should be tried for mass-murder if you ask me.

Thabo Mbeki refused to even meet a black boy and AIDS sufferer Nkosi Johnson. Dlamini-Zuma chose to attack the tobacco industry and make stupid anti smoking laws.

Apart from that she also spent her time berating medical schools at former white universities for not allowing in enough blacks. She increased internship for doctors by two years and made service in rural areas obligatory for young trainee doctors.

When the white doctors emigrated in droves she imported Cuban doctors. The AIDS pandemic doubled in two years from 7.6% in 1994 to 14.2% in 1996 whilst the ANC government did nothing.

They wasted R14,3 million on a stupid play called Sarrafina II that would help AIDS education and Dlamini-Zuma then lied twice about where the money came from, first she said it was from a mystery donor and then that it came from the EU. When her chief civil servant Dr Olive Shisana did not want to take the blame for the debacle, she was sacked by Dlamini Zuma.

Mbeki and Dlamini-Zuma then promoted “Virodene”, a quack cure for AIDS that actually consists of a toxic industrial solvent. When this was pointed out to Mbeki by the opposition DP he accused them of racism and conspiracy theories. He even wrote an article called “The War on Virodene”.

The drug AZT that cuts mother to child transmissions by 50% and nullify rape victims chances of getting AIDS if taken within 48 hrs of the rape was denied to the people by Dlamini-Zuma. This was admitted by Thabo Mbeki in 1999 when he said that his own late night internet searches said that AZT was toxic.

She said it was too expensive. When the manufacturer Glaxo welcome cut the price by 70% she said that AZT was toxic and those wanting to introduce it to blacks just wants to poison them. All of this in a country that has the highest rape statistics in the world and where 5000 HIV+ babies gets born every month. That is 60,000 black children dying every year simply because of ANC denialist policies.

Later in 2000, Mbeki subscribed to AIDS denialists Peter Duesberg and David Rasnick and even invited them to South Africa…To Mbeki, AIDS simply does not exists. It is a fable. He even wrote it in a letter to Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Kofi Anan. Bill Clinton thought the letter was written by a mad hoaxter.

Mbeki held an AIDS conference in 2000 with about 5000 scientists and Nobel prize winners, who issued the Durban declaration four days before the conference explaining the relationship of HIV and AIDS. Mbeki and Tsabalala Msimang ignored it. They said extreme poverty causes AIDS.

The ANC then wasted millions on snake-oil cures for AIDS such as oxihumate-K (made out of burnt coal) and Hypo-plus (extracts of African patato and Mopani worms).

Various other ANC members like Essop Pahad, Kader Asmal also denied that HIV cause AIDS. In 1999 the AIDS budget was under spent by 40% and in 2000 by 30%.

When the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria tried to give $72 million to Kwazulu-Natal Dr Sibongile Manana, provincial health minister of Mpumalanga blocked it. In 2003 Tsabalala Msimang appointed AIDS denialist Dr Roberto Giraldo as her adviser.

Prof Richard Feacham of the Global Fund donated $165 million to AIDS in SA, but the ANC channeled off enormous sums for five star banquets, gala events and receptions.

When a businessman from Cape Town refused to sit next to Tsabalala-Msimang on a plane, she twice shouted at him to “Fuck Off”. In 2003 She and her department made the astonishing declaration that olive oil and garlic boosts the immune system and cures AIDS. Further tests revealed the African potato, lemons, beetroot, etc are superior African substitutes for ARV’s.

Tests at Stellenbosch University proved that extract from African potato (hypoxis) actually makes people severely ill. People following her advice had severe bone marrow suppression.

Before the 2004 elections the ANC finally made ARV freely available, but Tsabalala-Msimang still went to an International Aids conference with her Garlic, lemon and beetroot stall…whilst millions of blacks in SA died of AIDS.

Main source for this article: South Africa’s brave new world by R.W. Johnson

Mthatha runs out of burial space
16 March 2011
Sino Majangaza

Mthatha is fast running out of burial space, forcing King Sabata Dalindyebo (KSD) municipality to promote cremation or burial in villages outside the city as an alternative.
Mayor Siyakholwa Mlamli said the campaign was because the town’s main cemetery in Mbuqe Park – had run out of space.
“The issue of cremation is quite a sensitive one, but at the end of the day, we have to face the reality that our cemetery is full and we are using it beyond its capacity,” he said.
“The issue of cremation is quite a sensitive one, but at the end of the day, we have to face the reality that our cemetery is full and we are using it beyond its capacity,” he said.
“The situation needs urgent attention, we cannot use that cemetery beyond June.”
The municipality has called on residents to either bury their loved ones in rural areas instead – or consider cremation.
Mlamli said the problem with insufficient burial space in Mthatha dated as far back as 2008 when he took office.