11 September 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box. Part 24 – P.W. Botha – Start of the Final Betrayal

By Mike Smith
11th of September 2010

Today it is commonly accepted amongst most conservative thinking whites in South Africa, wondering about where it all went wrong for us, that former president F.W. de Klerk was the bastard who handed our country over to the Marxist terrorist ANC in 1994.

Frederik Wilhelm De Klerk and Nelson Mandela shared the Nobel peace prize back in 1993 for this so called “peaceful” handover.

The man who should actually have been credited for all the betrayal was not De Klerk, it was P.W. Botha. De Klerk only signed on the dotted line. The credit for the entire handover to black Marxist scum can be laid squarely at the feet of non other than P.W. Botha, “Die Groot Krokodil” (The big Crocodile) or Ingwenya ekhulu.
The name was given to him by the Blacks. Ingwenya (crocodile) or Inyoka(snake) are the Zulu words for a reptiles…the most feared, hated and disrespected species amongst Blacks in South Africa. P.W. Botha his rise to power and his betrayal of the whites in South Africa would prove justice to that nickname.

It is difficult to find objective biographies of the man today, because most of his biographers were also personal friends of him such as “P.W. Botha” by Dirk and Johanna de Villiers(1984) written at P.W’s own request.

One book that stands out however is the book called “P.W. Botha, The last Betrayal” by Dr Eschel Rhoodie (1989).

The trouble between Rhoodie an P.W. goes back to the time of the so called “Information scandal” of 1978.

Dr. Eschel Rhoodie never belonged to any political party. He was also not a member of the inner circle of Afrikanerdom, the ultra Secret Society and intellectual think tank called “The Afrikaner Broederbond” and was therefore never trusted by his superiors. He was highly intelligent and a loyal civil servant and became the lead spin doctor, Secretary of Information, at the age of 38.

Rhoodie drew up a team of experts to counter the bad image of South Africa abroad. These people included highly intelligent people like Les de Villiers (author of “South Africa: A skunk amongst nations”) and even his own brother Denys Rhoodie. Both where authors in their own right.

They set about and countered the hostile press inside and out of South Africa. They founded the newspaper ”The Citizen” mainly to counter the hostile English newspaper ”The Rand Daily Mail” and a counter to the crap that was published about South Africa in Europe by publishing a magazine in the Netherlands called “To The Point”.

They also wanted to buy the newspaper in the USA called the “Washington Star” to counter the hostile “Washington Post” at the time.

The idea was precisely NOT to sell Apartheid, because Apartheid was not for export. Rather they would promote those points of view for which there was bi-partisan support, for example the need for foreign investment; better trade and political relations; The dangers of Communism; The right of sportsmen to participate in events overseas; More visitors to come to South Africa, etc.

It was all to tell the truth about South Africa, what a beautiful country it is and inviting everyone to come and have a look for themselves. They never wanted to hide anything.

Every single project was funded from the budget of the Ministry of Defence. P.W. Botha was the minister of defence at the time. This secret scheme had the approval of the Prime Minister, B.J. Vorster, the chief of the Intelligence Services, General Hendrik van den Bergh, the Minister of Information Connie Mulder and Gerald Barrie, the then head of the Department of Information.

The Rand Daily Mail broke the “Scandal” as a misappropriation of state funds to the extent of R75 million. The leak was, Mr. Gerald Barrie.

At the same time every single government around the world were doing far more. In the Netherlands for instance the government was funding three Newspapers on both the left and the right to paint it in a positive light.

Nevertheless, all these guys ganged up against Dr. Rhoodie and made him the scapegoat whilst claiming financial amnesia. Dr Rhoodie was later exonerated by the Appeals court.

But let us look where South Africa was politically at the time.

South Africa had a full Westminster democracy for the whites. South Africa was well on its way to implement full Apartheid as envisioned by Hendrik Verwoerd. The idea was to give blacks full self rule in their own fully independent countries to the extent where racial discrimination would be completely eliminated.

John Vorster, Prime Minister, at the time was still committed to this policy. South Africa had a President at the time called Marais Viljoen who was basically just a figure head and had almost no political power. He was the president of the entire country and ALL its people. The Prime Minister was the actual head of the country.
P.W.saw the information scandal as his great moment to seize power of the entire country.

At the time his political rival in his own party was Dr Connie Mulder. The man to follow in the footsteps of Verwoerd and Vorster. Dr. Connie Mulder is the father of Corné Mulder and Pieter Mulder who is today the leader of the moderate conservative Freedom Front Plus as well as deputy minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Jacob Zuma’s cabinet.

Dr. Connie Mulder could speak perfect German. In fact, he was professor of German and history at the prestigious Afrikaner University called RAU or the Rand Afrikaans University. This is the man that was groomed to take over from John Vorster.

P.W. Botha’s predecessors all had University degrees. Both Vorster and Strijdom were lawyers. Malan studied mathematics and science before he got his masters in Philosophy and his doctorate in Divinity from Utrecht in the Netherlands. Verwoerd had a doctorate in Philosophy and also studied at the Universities of Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig in Germany. Hertzog had a doctorate in Law from the University of Amsterdam. Smuts was a polymath, were at university at the age of sixteen, he studied High Dutch, German, Latin and ancient Greek along with science and law. He graduated from Cambridge University in England.

On the other hand there was P.W. Botha whose highest education was a highschool Matric Certificate. P. W. Botha was a typical rich boy, farmer son. His only credential is that his father led a platoon against the British in the Anglo Boer war and his mother was interned in a British Concentration camp. P.W. was a proper “Boer” from the former Boer Republic, the Orange Free State.

His lack of education would show later in his life and his inability to grasp basic political terminology and policy would be embarrassing to watch on television when he was interviewed or made a speech.

As a young man he once rode his horse through the house of a poor white family on their farm, known as “Bywoners” and let his horse shit throughout the house. The son of that family eventually also made it into parliament as well and P.W. , in front of the entire parliament embarrassed him and recalled the story to great laughter of his friends.

P.W. , A university drop out after his first year, became a paid messenger of the National Party, running errands between the post office and the bank. Verwoerd made him a deputy of Internal Affairs and Vorster made him Minister of Defence despite P.W. Botha ever having donned the uniform of a soldier or having any military background whatsoever. In fact he has never, ever showed any leadership potential throughout his life. He was just an angry, arrogant bully and would remained so his entire life.

When the so called Information scandal broke in 1978 he lied through his teeth even under oath to simultaneously sack Prime Minister B.J. Voster, his political rival Dr. Connie Mulder and make Dr. Eschel Rhoodie the scapegoat of the whole affair. He also handpicked the Erasmus Commission to come up with the right findings that he had no knowledge of 75 million Rand that came off his defense budget.

That is how P.W. Botha became the new Prime Minister of the Republic of South Africa.

He was a political gut fighter, an opportunist and a National Party apparatchik who outlived his competition and like scum floated to the top pushed by the driftwood from below.

Under Vorster South Africa still pursued the policy of Apartheid in South Africa and of Détente with other African Nations. Although South Africa had many critics at the time, it nevertheless was a stable and economically strong country. The Rand was very strong, even stronger than the dollar. South Africa had sanctions against her, but nothing serious or crippling.

The day P.W Botha became the prime minister of South Africa, marked the end of Apartheid and the start of the downward spiral.

P.W. Botha was a useful idiot of the International Socialist Bankers, the CIA and MI6 and easy to manipulate. He had frequent visits from Chester Crocker, Henry Kissinger and international Bankers like David Rockefeller who used a carrot and stick approach to get him to abandon the policy of Apartheid and adopt a policy of “Power Sharing” with blacks.

The idea of “Power Sharing” with blacks did not come from P.W. Botha. It was a liberal idea first proposed by Sir de Villiers Graaff of the liberal opposition United Party. P.W. therefore made himself guilty of political plagiarism and started following, under advice from his overseas masters, the policies of the opposition, not that of his own National Party.

In February 1980 P.W. Botha stood accused in Parliament of having used the apparatus of the National Intelligence Service to intercept the post and tap the phones of politicians, newspaper editors, labour union leaders, students and worst of all Members of Parliament.

In America, President Nixon was fired for the same thing in the “Watergate” scandal, but not P.W. Botha. He was all powerful and above the law.

Nevertheless, P.W. was not content with just being the Prime Minister. Along with the new 1983 constitution came his promotion. In 1984 he combined the powers of Prime Minister and President into an executive presidency with almost unlimited power. P.W. Botha became a dictator, above the law, worse than General De Gaulle of France and slightly less than Franco of Spain.

He turned the Afrikaans media such as “Die Burger” and “Beeld” into his own mouth pieces along with the SA Broadcasting Corporation. He was the man who hired and fired the editors and the bosses of Perskor.

He used government money to place full size advertisements in newspapers to campaign for his NP and his policy.

He even got involved with stupid projects such as staging a Coup d’état in the Seychelles supporting a mercenary called “Mad” Mike Hoare.

P.W. and the path he was on would be a path that would prove disastrous for South Africa and its people including P.W. Botha himself.

P.W. Botha became the president in 1978. Five years later in 1983 he introduced the Tricameral Parliament giving Indians and Coloureds representation in the white run country.

What did it achieve? The world imposed more sanctions on South Africa, the Rand lost more than half of its value virtually overnight. He split the Afrikaners down the middle. He raised political expectations in Blacks that led to the brink of a civil war and several states of emergency being declared. Terrorism increased. P.W. Botha was the creator of his own chaos.

In 1976 the Rand was worth US$ 1.40. In P.W. Botha’s final year in 1989 in was worth 38 cents. In 1976 under Vorster not a single terrorist bomb exploded in South Africa. In P.W.’s last month in power there were 29 known terrorist blasts alone... Basically one a day.

Dr. Andries Treurnicht who had a doctorate in political Philosophy, saw through the liberal nonsense of P.W. Botha and quit the NP in 1982 taking a third of the Afrikaner voters with him to find the Conservative Party.

To understand just how far LEFT the National Party moved under P.W. Botha, one has to note that the Conservative Party in 1987 became the official opposition in the parliament, displacing the Progressive Federal Party (Liberals). At that stage there was hardly any difference between NP and PFP policy. The Star newspaper even predicted that the NP would lose the next election and that the CP would become the new government.

But it was too late. P.W. Botha already scrambled the omelet and there was no way of going back.

In the 1992 referendum Dr. Treurnicht and the CP lost the “No” vote 2 to 1 in favour of power sharing with Blacks.

It is hard to analyze deceit and treachery, because what appears on the surface and is being put to the public and what is happening behind the scenes are two different things.

Maybe if P.W. was a bit more educated he would not be so easy to manipulate as by Pik Botha (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Henry Kissinger.

P.W. was not the sharpest pencil in the box and he believed that he was all powerful, a megalomaniac who thought he was the main peanut in the pack, the untouchable boss, but the truth is that he was a victim of manipulation and he was too stupid to realize it.

But P.W. was not entirely naive. He knew exactly what he was doing and where he was steering the whites of South Africa.

In public he was staunchly anti-communist. He built up the South African military might to the point where SA became an exporter of weapons. He is credited with approving the establishment of crack special forces units such as “Koevoet” and “32-Buffalo Battalion”. He is also credited for the development of six nuclear weapons with the co-operation of the Israelis.

On the other hand, no right thinking person can believe that it is possible to “share power” with 40 million Blacks when you are only 5 million Whites. P.W. maybe genuinely and naively believed that it was possible to hang on to power under such conditions, but I doubt it.

Maybe he genuinely believed that it was possible for whites and blacks of South Africa to live happily and peacefully together, despite this not having worked anywhere else in the world, who knows? I for one doubt that.

P.W. Botha knew that “Power Sharing” was Newspeak and actually meant “Handing over of Power” to Black Marxist terrorist scum.

He fully knew that he was leading the whites into the black Communist abyss like the Pied Piper of Hamlin led the rats into the water. He knew that Nelson Mandela, a convicted Marxist Terrorist would become the first black president of South Africa and actually relocated him from Robben Island prison to a luxury house complete with swimming pool on the grounds of Victor Verster prison.

All this time he kept on increasing taxes on whites to fund his appeasement of blacks in the homelands who were doubling their numbers every 20 years while whites were doubling their numbers every 100 years. How he could believe it was possible to hang on to white power after “Power Sharing” is beyond normal logic.

All Mr. Botha’s ideas were destined to crash, it was simply a matter of which parachute had the smallest hole.

At his death in 2006 Nelson Mandela said, "While to many Mr Botha will remain a symbol of apartheid, we also remember him for the steps he took to pave the way towards the eventual peacefully negotiated settlement in our country."

Botha was 90 years old when he died...unfortunately his death came 90 years too late.

By the time F.W. de Klerk took over from P.W. Botha the damage was done. P.W. is the one who got rid of the bulk of the Apartheid legislation, not De Klerk. The omelet was thoroughly scrambled already; De Klerk and his henchmen merely put the seasoning on top.

What took the National party 50 years to build up, P.W. Botha destroyed in his first five years of his decade in power.

It was the Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.) who once said;

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

(Attributed. 58 BC, Speech in the Roman Senate)

Unfortunately, South Africa did not survive the foolishness and treachery of P.W. Botha.