30 April 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 6 Other rationales for Apartheid.

By Mike Smith
30th of April 2010

So far I have only scratched the surface and told the reader about the more common practices and customs of Blacks that whites know about and find abominable such as, Lobola (buying wives with cows), the initiation rituals of boys and girls, witchcraft, superstition, muti-murders, raping babies to cure AIDS, etc.

There are so many more rationales for Apartheid that one can actually write a book about them. And indeed someone has written a book about it...several books actually. His name is Credo Mutwa and the name of the book is “My People-The writings of a Zulu witch-doctor”. (1969) ISBN 014003210X

The book is extremely rare and few people know about it. It is not even mentioned on the Wikipedia page of Credo Mutwa. It is a fascinating book, giving you insight into the various traditions of black South Africans of various tribes, their beliefs, their superstitions, their customs and their mindset.

Credo is the most respected Sangoma and Sunusi in the whole of South Africa. He is a traditional healer, a black historian and an authority on traditional customs and beliefs of the black tribes of Africa. If one has to compare him to Christianity, then Credo Mutwa would be the pope of traditional healers.

He mentions several practices that is just too ghastly for the pious whites of South Africa to accept.

One of the things he describes is the Black law of infanticide when twins are born. This practice is still carried on today. Think about it...look around you...how many black twins have you seen in South Africa?

“The law requires that if a woman gives birth to twins, one must be destroyed by having a round pebble pushed down its throat. But in the case of triplets, one must die and two must live”

“My People”, Chapter 10, Pg. 218

So the few “twins” we see amongst blacks were actually triplets of which one was killed.

Blacks also killed their own wounded soldiers

“The wound would fester and sooner or later the patient would die. Even small gaping wounds spelt a write-off of the patient; large mPanga slashes were regarded as fatal at the outset and warriors thus wounded were given a mercy death. Many battle axes were furnished with special ‘dispatchers’ for this purpose.”
“My people” Chapter 11, pg. 234.

I will conclude with a topic that very few people wish to address and prefer to ignore...But if we are going to be honest about blacks and why we had Apartheid, then we need to mention the facts that blacks are untidy and...well they smell funny.

One just has to look at how blacks live. From ancient times until today, it does not matter where in the world one goes, a black area looks like a pig sty. I have seen this in Trinidad and Tobago, in Haiti, in Jamaica in the Bahamas and everywhere I went in Africa. I have seen this from black areas in European cities to ghettos in the USA.

Blacks just cannot keep their environment clean and tidy. Everything is disorderly, chaotic and dirty...Rubbish lying all over the place.

Another phenomenon that one sees in townships of South Africa, is that Blacks do not plant grass, flowers or trees amongst their tin shacks. This is amazingly odd. Firstly, because blacks work as gardeners or bricklayers for whites.

So the ability to build is there, the ability to keep lawn and a garden is there. Why is it that blacks never do in their own areas what they do when they are working for whites?

Maybe their environments are reflections of how they keep their bodies orderly and tidy as well.

This is how blacks are. They are actors. They can even mimic a White accent, white behaviour or intelligence and appear almost the same as whites. Many whites fall for this and indeed believe that blacks are the same as whites...but it is when one gets to know blacks up close and personal that one sees through this veil and behind the mask.

Blacks can bullshit a lot, especially when they work for whites. Then they know they have to put their best foot forward or lose the job. That is when they wash, dress respectably and behave almost white. In the workplace, blacks who are utterly incompetent will fake competence, bullshit their way through every day, steal other’s work...all an act to hide their incompetence and when they are caught out, they just change jobs and repeat the process.

That is when one realises that the so called intelligent words coming out of the mouths or pens of Martin Luther King or Barack Obama are all stolen. All non original thought and written by speech writers or whispered in their ears by advisors.

But something blacks find extremely difficult to hide is their body odour. Blacks smell. Everyone knows this. You go to Poland, you go to Japan and you ask anybody about blacks, you will hear they say, “Blacks smell”.

Maybe there is a biological reason for it, but I am not exactly keen on finding out. All I know is what my nose tells me and that is that Blacks smell really bad and that I cannot live with that.

But let me quote what Credo Mutwa says in his book, “My people”, (1969) chapter ten.

“Xhosa women also prepare mysterious potions to secure their husbands to them, so that they will not be forsaken. This potion is prepared as follows: The woman refrains from taking a bath for several days, and then rubs the body dirt off her skin in little rolls. To this she adds the hair she has shaved off her private parts. Then follows ground Bangalala root which, when mixed with milk, is a violent aphrodisiac. The recipe may also include the powdered dry petals of a sunflower, a little spittle, and a piece of sandlewood. The whole concoction is then heated in a bowl until red hot and thus reduced to ashes. These ashes are then stirred into the milk of a nanny goat which had a deformed kid, until a thick putty is formed. This is then rolled into little balls or pills, which are added one at a time to the husband’s food.”
“My People”, Chapter ten, pg. 213.

It is clear that the religions, cultures, customs and the behaviour of blacks are just too different than that of white, Christian people.

These cultures are worlds apart and totally incompatible with each other.

Whites and blacks will never get along in South Africa. Anybody who believes such a pipe dream as a multicultural “Rainbow Nation”, does not know black culture or white culture. Such a person would only be fooling himself through masturbating his own delusional, liberal, feel-good mindset. No, I am sorry to disappoint such people, but blacks and whites are NOT the same.

The reality of South Africa is so that few options actually exists. Either one of the two, black or white, totally wipes out the other or they separate completely. Not partial separation as under Apartheid...Total separation.

The reasons for Apartheid are still as valid today as they were 100 years or 50 years ago. Whites can never apologise for Apartheid, because whites cannot help for the inferior cultures, customs and behaviour of blacks. Separation and separate development of all the tribes is and was the most humane and fairest solution for all the complex groups of South Africa.

.../ To be continued

28 April 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 5 – Black cognitive ability. Third Rationale for Apartheid.

By Mike Smith
27 April 2010
Long before studies like “The Bell Curve” or “Race and Reason” were published, before IQ tests were invented, we whites of Africa knew the mind of the black man intimately.

Nobody had to prove anything to us. We knew the limitations of the African black and his capacity to break whatever he touches. We knew his strengths and his weaknesses.
From simple, obvious and uncomplicated examples the white man drew his conclusions about black’s cognitive abilities.

The white man noticed that the blacks from South Africa never invented the wheel. Blacks never had any written languages. They had no dug-out canoes, let alone ships. Their dwellings were nothing but single roomed shelters that resembled poor imitations of inverted bird’s nests, made from sticks and grass. They had no woven cloth and were wearing animal skins. They had no maps and no borders. They had a primitive belief system and their tribal laws were held and changed by “elders” at will after drinking their tribal beer/brew.

They were nomadic cattle herders that never permanently settled in one place for too long. They hardly grew crops and if so, it were small patches of subsistence maize introduced by the whites who brought it back from South America, the only place where it grew and existed.

Yes that is right. Maize, which is today the staple food of all Blacks throughout the entire Africa, comes from South America and was introduced to blacks by white European settlers. Blacks today cannot even imagine a life without maize, yet they say that whites never brought anything good to Africa. As I said before, blacks needs to go down on their knees and thank the Lord for sending the white man to their evil continent. Because as far as providing for themselves...they are useless.
Blacks have proven that they cannot farm. They hardly understand the principle of irrigation, let alone ever building any dams. When a slight drought occurs one year all their crops fail and they starve.

Whites in South Africa developed commercial farming into a science and built universities such as Elsenburg at Stellenbosh

...blacks who have worked on white farms for their entire lives, for generations, never learned a thing and every white commercial farm that was handed over to blacks failed, even after vast amounts of money was thrown at them, training was given and the most modern implements bought for them by the government.

This tragedy is documented in a book by Dr. Phillip du Toit called, The Great South African Land Scandal . Dr du Toit has made his book available online, free of charge.
Liberals and cultural relativists will be quick to point out that there are many blacks today who are academics, medical doctors or lawyers.

They will tell us that the environment determines IQ. They somehow believe that a black child raised in a white household, who went to white schools and who had all the opportunities as a white kid would magically become equal or better than a white child.

It is only the simpleminded who believes this. Eskimos live on the same parallel as Northern European Whites, but have never been able to reach the same level of development and ingenuity as Whites from Scandinavia, Russia or Germany. Blacks who live in Tropical conditions have never been able to build the structures of the Incas, the Mayas or even anything resembling the beauty of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Besides, the Australians tried it. They took Aborigine children away from their communities, raised them in wealthy white households, sending them to only the best schools, etc. The results were that these Abbo children reverted to the same behaviour and sometimes worse than that of their traditional communities. Today we refer to them as The stolen generation

So what about those clever blacks you ask?...The ones who are doctors, etc...?
Anybody who has ever taught blacks anything, lectured to them or tried to jerk them into the twentieth century will understand what I am about to say?

I have to tell you a little story here.

When I was at school in South Africa I had a friend. Let us call him “Manie”.
Manie was a hyper intelligent young boy. At the age of eleven when we had the “Rubik Cube” craze, he was solving the puzzle in 50 odd seconds. Later on in high school, Manie produced straight A’s, he could play several musical instruments including the drums, guitar and trumpet. He played Rugby and was also a martial artist of note. Manie became a dentist and is currently practicing in the UK.

While he was a medical student I once asked him how difficult the course was. He said to me that to become a doctor is not difficult. It is a SHIT load of work to study, but it is not difficult as in Engineering or Physics. I asked him why he opted for Dentist. He told me that when he wants to drive a Porche, he wants to go out there and buy him one. He was honest. He did not become a dentist, because he had some calling in life...he did it purely for the money.

So for blacks to become medical doctors is actually not that difficult.
The black (Zulu) historian and Shaman, Credo Mutwa talks about this in his book, “My People” (1969).

Credo says that blacks never had any written language so they have no written history. Their history is passed down orally from Sangoma to Sangoma. See, the Sangoma is not only the traditional healer, he is also the preserver of the oral history, the tribal laws and the ancient rituals and customs of the blacks.

He explains that blacks have an excellent memory that they drill from childhood through stories, rhymes and songs. To remember detail they use what we would call “memory association”.

For instance, Credo Mutwa says that the blacks have a huge respect for the late president of the ZAR, Paul Kruger. President Kruger had an ability to mimic the sounds of all birds through whistling. Even till this day the township of Mamelodi east of Pretoria, capital city of the ZAR and South Africa is named after Paul Kruger, the whistler. His statue stands on Church Square in Pretoria.

When one teaches blacks, it is not uncommon to find that they score well to very well in tests or exams where they have to repeat what they were taught. In fact it is almost well known amongst educators that blacks are better at this than whites.
But when it comes to applying knowledge...when it comes to using logic, faultfinding and problem solving skills, blacks fall by the wayside. They just cannot do it.

A black can pass all the theory exams to become a pilot, but put him in a simulator and subject him to crisis situations where he has to think rapidly, then one sees the cogs of the black cognitive system start flying all over the place. And I am talking about the one percent...the best of the best,. The other 99% are only good to dig ditches, provided they do not break the pick or spade.

The proof is in the pudding. It is not as if the world is over run by Nobel Laureates for hard sciences like physics or chemistry. How many black astro or nuclear physicists do you know?

Today much is being said about Black education under Apartheid, but the truth is that in 1987 at the height of Apartheid, six million black children were at school, a new record for South Africa at the time. In the previous year 1800 classrooms for secondary education were built by whites, with white money for blacks. About 130 new schools were built. If one considers the schools burnt down by blacks at the same time the education standards of blacks could have been even higher.

At the time black South Africans had the highest literacy rate amongst other blacks on the entire continent. Blacks had eight universities in South Africa producing lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc of world standard. None of those people would say today that their education and degrees are of an inferior standard. Quite the contrary, they are extremely proud of their education they underwent during Apartheid. Telling them that their education was “Sub standard” would be insulting them.

As I have mentioned before, South Africa was a world leader in medical science during Apartheid and established a unique Medical university called MEDUNSA which produced amongst others on average 200 black doctors per year. MEDUNSA also trained nurses and other medical staff.

The most amazing thing is that no matter how well Blacks are educated, they never let go of their superstitious believes in the Tokoloshe, Muti witchcraft and ancestor worship. Blacks who hold high positions today such as ministers in parliament or judges...blacks who are engineers, still consult the witchdoctor on a regular basis. Blacks still run around and attack everyone, including their own with pangas.

No amount of western education will ever be sufficient to change the African black savage into respectable human beings. They are what they are. We have to be honest with ourselves and with blacks and accept them them for who and what they are. We have to realise that our cultures will never be compatible.

Just as the Boers never wanted to rule over the Blacks, the Boers will NEVER accept blacks ruling over them.

The previous National Party government was not stupid. They never took any decisions without thoroughly investigating all options. They studied the Swiss Canton system and the Belgium model with the Flemish and Walonians ...No sytem could be compared to the unique South African situation. Apartheid was not the only option. There were others to consider like the Stalinist option of just exterminating all opposition in their millions. But BJ Voster asked us to accept the reforms, because the other options were just too ghastly to comprehend for the pious Whites of South Africa.

.../ to be continued

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 4 – Black culture and customs. Second Rationale for Apartheid.

By Mike Smith
27 April 2010

I find it rather amusing that the cultural relativists wants to tell us that all cultures are equal and that no culture is better or higher than another, but these same primitive cultures they want to make equal to our White Western culture, rejects the notion of equality outright.

In South Africa we observe this amongst blacks on a daily basis. Again the examples are legion, but let us start with the way the African black treats his women. I said women (plural), because Black men are polygamous. They can marry as many women as they can afford.

When a black man walks down the street, his wife is lucky if he allows her to walk five paces behind him. Most of the time he tells her to go walk on the other side of the street and a few paces behind him. You see this all the time in South Africa, but we who grew up in South Africa just accept it as “it is just the way blacks are”.

Although black women can vote in official government elections, on a tribal level they have no political say and are not allowed to even sit amongst men least raise an opinion.

I said that a black can have as many wives as he can afford. That does not mean that he has to work and look after his wives. Quite the contrary. Traditionally the women do all the work in black culture.

Black men buy their women and pays for them in cows in a system known as “Lobola”.
It starts with five cows and then the two families barter a price. The price is dependent on her social status, whether she is still a virgin or already has a child, what education she has, etc. The daughter of a chief is worth around twenty cows, but normally the price is kept down to between five and ten cows for ordinary women.

Once married the woman is chattel and becomes the possession of the man, to breed and beat as he feels fit. The Xhosas practice what is called, uKetwala (the hunting down of a young girl and raping her to make her his wife)

Missionaries from Europe have tried to convert the Blacks to Christianity ever since the whites first set foot on African soil. These missionaries came across savages who believed in the powers of their dead ancestors, rather than that of a deity. Just about all civilisations had deities of some sort, but it was absent amongst blacks in South Africa. Believing in an almighty God and abstract thoughts such as time infinity takes intelligence that blacks lack.

These missionaries saw the results of intonjane (female initiation) and ukwaluka (boy’s circumcision and initiation into manhood) where some boys were lucky to live after their penises fell off due to gangrene, etc. They saw the licentious behaviour and customs of the blacks, but none of their efforts could ever win the blacks over.

They struck up compromises in the hope to later convert the blacks, but even after their best attempts the best they achieved was that blacks accepted Christianity as an addition to their tribal religions and beliefs, not as a replacement. Blacks continue to practice their traditional beliefs in parallel with Christianity up until this very day.

Read about the fruitless experiences of the missionaries here

The bible says in Mathew 7 verse 6:
“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

In Mathew 13, Jesus said to plant the seeds on fertile soil only, because the rest will only produce thorns and weeds.

But let us explore the weed and thorn infested soil of African customs.

To us whites the initiation rites of blacks are horrific and barbaric practices that are still practiced to this very day. No Xhosa will ever be accepted as a man if he as a last resort to save his life, went to a western hospital during the circumcision period.

The Zulus initiation into manhood is called ukeshwama. A group of boys have to kill a bull with their bare hands. They pull out his tongue, stuff dirt down his throat, squeeze his testicles till it burst and then finally wring his neck by gripping the horns until his neck snaps. They also have to tear meat from the carcass with their bare hands and eat it raw. This is all in the name of “Culture”.

But the most horrific practice amongst blacks in South Africa and Africa in general has to be “Muti-murders”.

One just has to make an internet search or a search on a news site like IOL for “Muti-murders” to be shaken to the core at the brutality of the black man.
Muti means “medicine”. It is made from plants or animal organs, but the most powerful muti is made from human body parts, harvested while the person is still alive.

Everything from sexual organs to hands, lips, ears and other organs are cut from victims of all ages while they are still alive, including young children and babies.
Some will say that these are a few dissident Sangomas (traditional healers) who practice “muti-murders”, but the shear amount of these killings tells us that there are huge markets of believers amongst the black communities which drive these killings.

Blacks further believe in the “Tokoloshe”, a hairy goblin-like creature with a huge penis, who is sent by the Sangoma to attack them if they have done something wrong.
One can literally write volumes on the evil practices and beliefs of black South Africans.

In more modern times new “cultural beliefs” of blacks have emerged that shows their primitive mindset that no amount of education or conversion to Christianity has been able to change.

Blacks believe that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. This has resulted in horrific rapes of babies as young as six months.

Black men rape lesbians, to “correct” them. It is called by the media, “corrective rapes”.

How can any cultural relativist ever be able to convince us that these practices, customs and cultures are the same as ours?

The problem is that people who do not know Africa, or more specific, South Africa, will never believe anything I wrote above, yet it is all true and only a fraction of the truth about the blacks of South Africa. The information is today freely available on the internet and in books.

Cultural relativists should first go and try to preach their “equality” and “relativism” to the blacks of Africa, before they try to convince others of it.
The whites of South Africa learned the hard way from observing the black man in his natural habitat over hundreds of years since they first settled on South African soil in 1652.

Despite all this evil, never, not once, did it cross the minds of the Whites to annihilate and obliterate the entire black populations of South Africa, although they had every reason to do so. The whites were too pious and despite all the evils committed against them during the nine Kaffir wars, at Bloukrans, at Bloodriver, at Makapansgat, etc, still believed in “Peaceful co-existence” with Blacks.

The whites acknowledged the nature of Blacks, with all their evil customs, cultures and superstitious beliefs. The whites did not want to change any of it like the missionaries attempted (and failed) to do. No, they just wanted to separate themselves from such evil as far as possible.

In the end the piousness of whites would mean their downfall. What they should have done was to extinguish this evil.

.../to be continued

26 April 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 3 – The violent nature of Blacks. First rationale for Apartheid.

By Mike Smith
26 April 2010

Many white South Africans feel guilty about Apartheid, they feel as if they actually did something evil or bad, but that is totally wrong.

Ex president De Klerk apologised for Apartheid and so did the Dutch Reform Church Dominee, Swanepoel who also started pulling out his intestines about Apartheid and apologised on behalf of the entire church without any mandate from anyone of the congregation. Ds Swanepoel se derm uitrygery oor Apartheid

So when such “leaders” tell us how wrong we were, then we tend to believe them. But let us look at the truth.

Anyone who knows the history of South Africa will know that nobody suffered more on the soil of South Africa, no one has bled as much as the Afrikaners and their descendants the Boers. The Whites of South Africa and specifically the Afrikaners have nothing to be sorry for. In fact the Blacks owe them a tremendous gratitude and a gigantic apology for the way they treated Whites in the last 350 years.

The Afrikaners have a song that is taught to all Afrikaans kids from the crib and that every Afrikaner today knows. The name of this song is called, “Siembamba”. The lyrics are so heavy that I almost do not want to repeat it here. But it goes like this,

“Siembamba, mama se kindjie,
Siembamba, mama se kindjie
--draai sy nek om, gooi hom in die sloot;
trap op sy kop dan is hy dood.”

For our international readers I will freely translate and then explain.

“Siembamba, mommies little child,
Siembamba, mommies little child,
--Wring his neck, throw him in the ditch,
Step on his head, then he is dead…”

Believe it or not…this is a song Afrikaans people sing to their children while rocking them to sleep!

It records the brutality of the Xhosas who would indiscriminately kill white women and white babies during the nine Kaffir wars. Black men are mostly cowards who are only brave when in packs. They actually seldom engage in head on confrontation with White men. When they attack it is always in groups, while people are asleep. Their preferred targets are the elderly, women and children.

A common myth amongst foreigners and South Africans alike is that they think that before the White man came to Africa, Blacks lived in peace and harmony with nature and with each other.

This harmony with nature is not entirely wrong. It is the perception of “In harmony with nature” that is misunderstood.

People want to believe that nature is pure and good and that the lion lies with the lamb, but reality is far removed from that. When one sees how hyenas tear a live animal apart, how a praying mantis bites the head off her mate after copulation how the Streptococcus bacteria can destroy human flesh, one is left with a feeling that nature can be very cruel.

Nature amongst African blacks have always been very cruel. Blacks who supposedly lived in tune with nature were regularly eaten by lions, crocodiles, bitten by snakes, stung by scorpions and their numbers controlled by insects like the mosquito (Malaria) or the Tsetse fly(sleeping sickness). Yellow fever and Cholera were other forms of nature to control the numbers of Blacks...

But it has to be said that before the white people came to Africa, the most effective way Blacks controlled their own populations were with genocidal tribal wars...and cannibalism.

Let me point out some of the psyche of the Blacks in order to try and understand his petty jealousy and envy.

Amongst the Black communities it is not allowed for individuals to show ingenuity or individualistic prosperity. The moment one Black person starts to rise a little above the others, he will be the first one to be hammered down by the community like a nail in a wooden floor. Those who do prosper are ostracised by their black tribes and it will be said of them that they are not real blacks that they are whites with a black skin...

That mentality still persists to this day, but this petty envy is accompanied with an inbred, inextinguishable, brutality that the whites of Africa came face to face with and learned about the hard way.

Ever since the white man set foot on South African soil, he has been shocked and horrified at the brutality of the blacks. No matter how much the whites wanted to believe in the “equality of man”, they were sadly confronted only with the brutality and reality of Stone Age savages.

Blacks of central Africa sold other blacks they have conquered into slavery to Arabs, other black tribes and also to whites. The moment one tribe had a bit more than the others, they would be prone to a nocturnal raid by neighbouring tribes who would kill all the men, rape the women and children, steal the cattle and incorporate the women and children into their own tribes.

Tribes who were not strong enough would flee the area. In sub Saharan Africa it meant that nobody wanted to flee north, because they knew it was a desert where they could not survive. So the only way was to flee south. The weakest of the weakest tribes were right in the front, followed by a slightly stronger tribe, followed by ever increasing stronger tribes further north, driving the weaker ones south.

Roundabout the same time that whites first settled in South Africa, black tribes first entered South Africa. They were contemporary settlers of the area now known as South Africa. In some areas whites were the first and in others, blacks were the first.

Blacks moving South and Whites moving north looking for better grazing for their cattle eventually met at the Fish and the Kei rivers around 1770...About 120 years after the Whites first (permanently) settled at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 . To put it into perspective, it was about the same time as New York was founded in the USA.

Who were these Blacks they met at the Fish River? They were the Xhosa. The Xhosa were fleeing from the Zulus who murdered them en masse. Even until today the word or name “Xhosa” in Zulu is synonymous with the word “coward”.

The animosity between the Xhosas and the Zulus goes back hundreds of years. Mandela and Mbeki, the two previous presidents were both Xhosas, but the current president, Jacob Zuma is a Zulu. Zulus and Xhosas hate each other more than they hate whites and that says a lot.

But why do the other Blacks of South Africa hate the Zulus? It goes back to “King” Shaka. Note I put “King” in inverted commas. Blacks can never be kings of any kind...before one can be a King, one should first be a MAN.

Shaka was a sadistic psychopath who committed genocide on a larger scale than Rwanda has ever seen. The Zulus wiped out entire tribes, entire cultures in what is today known as the Mfecane or Dfecane (Annihilation). Shaka’s terror was so great that Mzilikazi, the chief of the Matabeles fled BACK NORTH...direction where Zimbabwe is today.

Amongst all this chaos arrived the White man in the region of the Xhosas. They fought nine “Wars” against the Xhosa between 1811 and 1879. The Frontier Wars, Kaffir wars or Xhosa wars

Everytime the wars were about Xhosas stealing cattle and other livestock, burning down homesteads, killing not only white farmer families in the most horrific torturing ways, but also the coloureds who worked for the whites.

It was at the time of the sixth Kaffir war that Piet Retief decided to trek with the other Voortrekkers.

Piet Retief and his party thought they could negotiate and buy land from the Zulus, but they were massacred on a hill at the kraal of the Zulu King, Dingaan when they respected the wishes of Dingaan to leave their weapons outside.

Every man and boy, around 100 in total, were clubbed to death. Retief was the last to be killed, so as to witness the death of his comrades.

Dingaan then ordered all Voortrekker laagers to be attacked along the Bushman’s River. An orgy of violence started. Families were camped at Bloukrans, Dorinkop, Moordspruit, etc. Cowardly blacks would attack them during the middle of the night, killing everyone in the most horrific ways. Women were brutally gang raped and pregnant women were cut open, their babies killed in front of them while they still lived. Small children and babies were picked up by their feet and their heads smashed against the sides of the wagons.

Among the Voortrekkers , 41 men, 56 women and 185 children were killed. In addition another 250 or 252 Khoikhoi and Basuto that accompanied the Voortrekkers were killed. A girl called Johanna van der Merwe (12 years old at the time) sustained 21 assegai wounds, but managed to survive.

The Voortrekkers built the town Weenen (meaning wailing) at the site.

The Bloukrans Massacre
Throughout the following decades up until the present day the whites of South have experienced this petty envy and brutality at the hands of blacks. Examples are legion. Boers retaliated at Makapansgat where blacks savagely murdered whites in the most horrific ways. Hermanus Potgeter was tied down to a rock bed and skinned alive like an animal while still conscious, he died while the blacks ripped his organs out.

More lately we saw the brutal black on black murders with the necklace method . We saw blacks storming into white churches with AK 47’s and hand grenades, opening fire on the unarmed congregation such as at the St James Church massacre. We have seen everything from brutal Muti murders to the evil torture preceding the brutal killings of White farmers and their family members in Rhodesia, Namibia and also in South Africa, most of the time nothing stolen. More than 3000 White farmers and family members murdered to date since the ANC took over in 1994.

It is necessary to reiterate that this violent nature of blacks are not directed at whites only, so the black behaviour apologetics who claim that this behaviour is retribution for wrongs committed by whites against blacks, have no leg to stand on, because most often than not this black violent nature is directed at their own kind as we have seen with Shaka’s defecane, Muti murders and necklacing.

No, this brutality, this murderous, stealing and other asocial behaviour of Blacks could never and can never be reconciled with the behaviour of the deeply religious and pious Boers of South Africa.

This violent behaviour of blacks was one of the rationales for Apartheid. The other was cultural differences. More on that in the next edition. For now it is important to realise that whites in South Africa never wanted to rule blacks. Whites wanted to separate from blacks and stay as far away from blacks as possible.

.../ to be continued

24 April 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 2 - What “diversity” means in South Africa.

By Mike Smith
23rd of April 2010

Nobody can understand Apartheid unless they understand the diversity of the people of South Africa.

Let us start with the whites.

In South Africa there are several groups of whites. The two main groups are the Afrikaans speaking and the English speaking ones.

The Afrikaners are the descendants from mainly Dutch, Flemish, French, German and some other Western European backgrounds. The Afrikaners have a unique culture, their own language and they are mostly protestant.

The English speaking whites of South Africa are from mostly British background. They are made up of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish descendants...as well as a large contingent of ex Rhodesians. These English speaking Whites of South Africa can today not be referred to as British anymore. Very few hold British passports. They developed a unique accent and culture in South Africa and are fully South African today. Their forefathers came to South Africa long before there were any Whites in Australia or New Zealand.

South Africa also has other large white communities such as the Portuguese (300,000), the Greek (+/- 100,000) and the Jewish communities (70,000). They all have their own religions and cultures. The Portuguese are mostly Catholic, the Greeks are orthodox Christians and the Jews are mostly orthodox Jewish.

Further, South Africa has a Chinese population who arrived around 1870 to work in the gold mines until Chinese immigration was stopped by an exclusion act in 1904. The South African Chinese community is about 300,000 strong.

The Cape coloureds are also diverse and complex from a wide variety of backgrounds. Today there are the two main groups, Christians and Muslims. There is about 4 million coloureds in total.

It is commonly understood by most foreigners and also amongst many South Africans, that the coloureds are a mixture of Black and White ancestors. This is false. The coloureds as a group existed long before the Whites saw any Blacks for the first time around 1770 in the Eastern Cape about 1000km from Cape Town. This was 120 years after the Dutch settled at the Cape (1652).

The indigenous people of the Cape were the Khoi Khoi(Hottentots). They were almost 90% annihilated by a smallpox epidemic at the Cape (1703).

The Dutch also imported artisans such as bricklayers, carpenters, etc from Malaysia and Indonesia. These were the Muslims or Cape Malay people. The KhoiKhoi and the Cape Malay also intermarried and interbred. A small percentage of Whites also married coloureds, but it was actually very rare. A large amount of the passing sailors frequented coloured prostitutes. Today the Cape Coloured features vary from dark brown to almost White or yellow and their hair vary from peppercorn curly to straight black. Some have KhoiKhoi features and some Arabic or Malaysian. Today the Muslim and Christian coloureds have distinct and different cultures. Some speak a dialect of Afrikaans and some English.

In Natal we find most of South Africa’s Indian population. They total about one million and are descendants of indentured labourers (for the sugar cane plantations) and traders from India and Sri Lanka. They speak mostly English, but many still speak Tamil, Hindi or Urdu. Their religion is mostly Hindu but many are Muslim.
So far I have not even started with the blacks yet.

Most foreigners believe that South Africa has one group of Blacks that speak one language and have one culture. Nothing could be further from the truth.

South Africa’s Black population is not homogenous. There are several different tribes who all speak different languages and who have distinct and hugely different cultures.

There are main tribes such as the Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Venda, Ndebele, Sotho, Swazi and the Shangaan/Tsonga people. But it does not stop there, because these main tribes consist of smaller tribes. For instance the Xhosas are made up of Mpondo, Fingo, Thembu, Bhaca, Nhlangwini and Xesibe tribes. The Sothos are made up of North Sotho (Bapedi) and South Sotho (Basotho) tribes. The Tswanas are only a part of the main tribe known as the West Sotho. Other tribes that make up the West Sotho are the Kwena, Kgatla, Tlhaping, Tlharo, Rolong and Ngwato.

The Venda tribe is made up of mainly the Mphephu and the Lemba, but in total the Vavenda can be bordered off into 27 clearly distinguishable tribes.

The Zulus are made up of about 200 smaller tribes

The Swazis are made up from the Nkosi, Shongwe, Khumalo and Hhlatyawako tribes. The Northern Sothos are made up from the Pedi, Koni, Phalaborwa, Lobedu and Kutswe tribes....

And so I can go on...All in all South Africa has nine official Black languages, with 23 sub categories and innumerable dialects.

Yes, these different tribes of South Africa all have different languages, cultures and belief systems. The Vendas for instance have a special affinity to crocodiles. The Zulus consider themselves as a warrior tribe and they do not circumcise their boys when they are initiated into manhood, they have to kill a bull with their bare hands. The Xhosas on the other hand do circumcise their boys and therefore Xhosas consider Zulus as mere boys regardless of their age.

When a Xhosa and a Zulu work together and they have words, the Xhosa will first and always accuse a Zulu of being a boy, thus not a man.

Another remarkable piece of information that very few people know about is that the Lemba people who form part of the Venda tribe are JEWISH.

No. They did not convert to Judaism after meeting some Jewish immigrants to South Africa. President Kruger found them already with their Jewish belief system going back more than two thousand years. They migrated from the Kenya or Ethiopian regions. South Africa’s black Jews

I hope that the reader can see that South Africa is a palette of people, cultures and religions, but also note that I started with the white people who were leading in the atomic age into Africa and I ended with Blacks who are for all intents and purposes still nomadic Negro tribes stuck in the stone-age.

With this background, is it really so unimaginable and difficult to understand that the way of “Separate development” (Apartheid) was the best and fairest solution for the problems of South Africa?

.../ To be continued

23 April 2010

Time to open Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 1

By Mike Smith
22nd of April 2010

When we were children. We could never understand what the church minister meant when he said that all sins are sins and all sins are equally bad. It did not make sense to us, because telling a lie is not as bad as murdering someone...or is it?

Personally I believe that lying is far more dangerous than murder. Lying can kill entire civilisations.

You see...Lying is an art. There are many facets to it, but basically successful lying works like this:

You start with a massive lie. Some idiots will believe it, some will be mildly sceptic and a few intelligent ones will dismiss it as hogwash. Then you tone the lie down a bit, and those mildly sceptic ones becomes believers and the few intelligent ones who thought they knew the truth start doubting themselves and think, “OK, some of it might be true, but it is mostly bullshit”.

And so it carries on...you tone the lie down a little bit more until everyone accepts it as the truth.

See, people do not believe lies, because they have to, but , because they want to...But there are lies and then there are statistics...and then there is the truth. And that is what I profess to.

And so the lie of Apartheid and everything about it was started as a massive lie until Apartheid was accepted as a crime against humanity on the 30th of November 1973.
The Crime of Apartheid

Was it a Crime? A Crime against humanity?...or was it the fairest system ever created for multicultural societies?

These are the questions I want to explore in a series of articles.
“Why”, you ask?

This so called “Crime of Apartheid” is a daemon released from Pandora’s Box. It has far reaching consequences that were previously not considered. It has consequences and it is making people nervous...everyone from international corporations, international church organisations to sovereign nations are currently biting their nails...

What is the motivation to open Pandora’s Box? Does common sense not tell you to rather keep it shut? Do you really want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?
When it comes to “The Crime of Apartheid”, the only motivation is GREED.
So who are these greedy people brave enough to open Pandora’s Apartheid Box? They are called

The Khulumani support group
Khulumani means “To speak out” in the Zulu Language.

So let us speak out. Let us not hold back anymore. Let us not pay 20,000 blacks R30,000 “restitution for suffering under Apartheid” like the ANC did after the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission”).

To understand it better I have to take you back a while to when us whites willingly handed power over to the Blacks in 1994...

We thought we had an honest deal. The deal was actually simple. We wanted the international community to lift all economic and sport sanctions against us so we could play Rugby and take part in the Olympics. In exchange we asked the ANC to stop planting bombs in shopping centres and landmines on farm roads, we told the international community that we were willing to bury the hatchet with the ANC, provided they do the same.

We wanted to bury Apartheid and build a fantastic country all working together to make the country even stronger than what it was. We thought it was achievable, because we always got on well with our Black domestics in our homes or our black colleagues at work.

We knew nothing about the communist agitations happening in the townships. Most of us, were political dunces at the time. Our political beliefs were very liberal after we left (brainwashing) school and entered the realm of Liberal activist student politics.

The reality was that when we buried the hatchet, the ANC continued the struggle. They have not at the time, neither now achieved their ultimate goal, which is a total communist South Africa...and therefore will continue the struggle until there is not a single white person left in South Africa.

How did I realise that the ANC was continuing the struggle?

I saw it with the TRC, I saw it with the introduction of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. I saw that the ANC was not willing to let it all go. They were not interested in burying the hatchet. The ANC was not interested in “A better life for all”.

The ANC was only interested in making as much money for themselves and screw the rest of all South Africans, Black or White.

The ANC equals Greed. Nothing will ever be enough. You cannot bargain or deal with them, because they will take everything you put on the table and demand more. It is futile to deal with these Marxist terrorists. Dealing with them will mean you will lose everything you have and they will not give up a single thing they have. You will keep on giving until you have nothing more to give, at which point you become expendable. That is when they will kill you. We as ordinary whites in South Africa are fast approaching that stage.

Along came the TRC who paid blacks in South Africa R30.000 each for their bullshit stories about how Apartheid oppressed them. The oppression and benefits will be dealt with in another article, but as far as I am concerned, when someone offers me R30,000 then I can also suck a brilliant story of oppression out of my thumb.
Make the sum people. R30,000 paid out to about 20 thousand black??? R600,million...is that enough?

So to take stock. We thought it was enough to hand over our country that we built with our money and our expertise. We thought it was enough to give them a first world country with a nuclear and space program. We identified every single black who supposedly suffered under Apartheid, we believed all their lies all 20,000 who came forward, we paid them restitution of R30,000 each...

But let me tell you, it was not enough, It will never be enough with these Marxist terrorist scum. No, they want blood. They want us to pay in blood...to the very last drop...more on that later.

They have started a court case in the USA against international companies who benefited from Apartheid. They name Land Rover (Leyland) and Mercedes who supplied vehicles to patrol the townships, they mention Oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell who ironically donated their headquarters in SA to the ANC that is now called Luthuli House. They name Barclays Bank who withdrew from SA and at the same time changed their name to First National Bank and continued to fund the ANC.
These same ANC scum now turns against their international masters and demands restitution...

But what about countries that supported the previous National Party?
We immediately think of Taiwan and Israel? Surely if you can claim restitution from international corporations who supported Apartheid then you can also claim restitution from countries who supported the Apartheid government at the time.
See, what I mean about opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box? The ANC should have left sleeping dogs lying, but no, greed has no brakes...

So let us see where this journey takes us. Let us see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
At the end of this series you will see that we never had any friends, nobody had any friends. Nobody is friends currently and nobody will ever be friends with anybody. Everybody lies about everyone else.

The biggest lie is the one that everyone believes about Apartheid.
These scavenges are all in it for the money and the power.

It is a dog eat dog world out there my friends, and we as White South Africans chose to be the EPOL biscuits.

.../to be continued.

18 April 2010

Communist Tactics on so called “Rightwing Extremists”

By Mike Smith
18th April 2010

So another so called “Rightwing extremist” group have been raided by the police, namely the Suidlanders.

South African Cheka swoops on self created “Rightwing Extremists”

Funny how the normally useless incompetent bastards in blue who could not find a needle in a haystack, let alone the murderers of farmers suddenly evincece such amazing competence in tracing down so called “Rightwing Extremists”

Who are the Suidlanders really?

I must admit I do not know much about them. I know they brought out a dvd about a possible Uhuru style mass slaughter of whites. Many Whites in SA who have seen the dvd asked me about them. Personally I did not see the dvd yet. But apparently when Mandela dies the Blacks are going to come slaughtering us whites en masse.

This is an obscure group of so called Rightwingers preparing themselves for this onslaught.

Pardon my scepticism and paranoia, but I know enough of communist tactics to take this kind of shit with a pinch of salt.

In fact if I was a Communist, I would probably have done it exactly the same way. Lenin believed in creating your own opposition and controlling it.

The Cheka (Communist secret police) founder, Felix Dzerzhinsky did similar things and the tactics were perfected by the East German Stassi of Erich Mielke and Walter Ulbricht.

How does it work?

Basically after a Communist revolution, the commies are the most extremely paranoid people you can imagine. The last think they want is an underground counter revolution. So what the do is create a semi-underground movement of opposition as a “honey-trap” for the flies who want to counter them.

Felix, “The red terror” even went so far as blowing up state institutions such as police stations to give his organisation credibility. Every new member who joined was obviously watched. People in exile who thought the counter Communist revolution had begun returned and were arrested en masse and summarily executed.

So when I hear of a so called “Extremist Rightwing movement” being swamped by police and the members arrested I always think of Felix the Red Terror.

Think about it. Here is a Right-wing extremist leader arrested with a massive arms cache and immediately released on bail, while a normal blogger like Uhuru Guru armed with a computer and some discs had to spend a night in jail and his entire family tormented...hey?

If I was a Communist I would also invent such a group of “Right-wing extremists”. It serves many purposes. It draws in more and more so called pissed-off rightwingers and when the real opposition mounts I would clamp down on my own opposition I created, arrest the leaders (who are my buddies) release them on bail, to show my tolerance for opposition, and at the same time catch all the bastards who were thinking about plotting me for real.

It serves another purpose, it makes people think twice about joining opposition groups.

People forget that all the communist leaders of SA were educated in the East German DDR at places like the Wilhelm Pieck Jugendhochschule or Russia and they are disciples of Erich Mielke who always referred to himself as a proud and unapologetic Dzerzhinkiest.

So my advice to you is to educate yourself and to expose communist lies with the truth. THE TRUTH is our weapon against the communists. Be careful of joining so called, “Extreme Rightwing groups”. If you do then go into it with calm and intelligence not with emotion and patriotism.

16 April 2010

The Avocado tree at Cato Manor

By Mike Smith
17th April 2010

About a month ago on the 21st of March, the autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, the Communist in South Africa celebrated their 50th anniversary of their Satanic Passover namely the “massacre” at Sharpeville. Few people today know what really happened that day, how the Communist offered 69 Blacks to Satan and what preceded the events.

Sharpeville 1960 is held up today as the single biggest “massacre” of blacks by whites during the years of Apartheid. The truth about Sharpeville is actually quite well known for anybody who wants to do the research.

Basically about 15,000 Blacks armed with guns, pipes and machetes (pangas) marched on a police station manned by about 300 policemen to “Peacefully” demonstrate against the law of having to carry a passport when visiting or working in South Africa. The march was organised by the Pan African Congress Communist Robert Sobukwe, who in typical cowardly communist fashion used women and children to do his dirty work while he was sitting in a pub in an adjacent town during the events.
About fifty policemen, mostly rookies, one of which were in the service for only a month, went outside to meet the crowd. The police officers were given strict orders not to shoot, but nervousness set in and one policeman dropped his weapon and a shot went off. All hell broke loose and the police started firing.

69 Blacks died. The official reports states that many were shot in the back. But the journalism have to be brought into question because the bodies photographed had EXIT wounds on their backs where the most blood is shown.

Shot in the front, small entry, person runs away and collapses on his stomach, bloody exit wound on his back is photographed by BBC journalists and claim that he was shot in the back... you get the picture.

If the police really wanted to commit a “massacre”, they would have shot wildly into the crowd, emptied their magazines and thousands of Blacks would have been killed. The fact that only 69 were killed was a testimony to the discipline and restraint exercised by the policemen.

The Sunday night and the Monday morning preceding the “Massacre” the police drove the Blacks back with batons and tear gas, but they still kept coming, at about 13h35 on the Sunday they broke through the gates and their aim was to kill every policeman inside the police station.

But what gave the Blacks this courage and confidence to march on a police station and kill everyone inside was an horrific incident that took place about two months before that at Cato Manor.

It was a Saturday, 25th of January 1960...

A large amount of blacks came to have a family reunion and were getting pissed out of their brackets at a local “Shebeen”, an illegal drinking spot in Cato Manor, Durban.

Standard police practice was to set off a 12 man patrol in certain areas and then pick them up with their captives later on.

On the watch of a Sergeant Winterboer, he set off a 12 man patrol and arranged to pick them up at later at the premises of a firm called “Benoni Nr 1”.
The leader of the patrol was a constable Joubert. The police arrested a man and suddenly was surrounded by a mob of drunken Blacks who demanded the release of the prisoner. Under the circumstances it would probably have been the best thing to do, but Constable Joubert, who has been a policeman for only 18 months, underestimated the danger.

The black women started cheering on their drunken males with their traditional high pitched tongue noises.

Constable Joubert’s answer was, “Only over my dead body will I let this prisoner go”.
At this point a Black policeman stepped on the foot of a Black woman who started crying and screaming hysterically. Within a few minutes the police patrol was surrounded by a mob of drunken Blacks armed with Knobkerries and Machetes coming from every surrounding shack and shouting, “Kill the Boers!, Kill the Boers!”. Under a hail of rocks the policemen tried to make their way back to the premises of “Benoni Nr1” where they hoped sergeant Winterboer would be waiting for them, but the Blacks barricaded their retreat.

At this time Sergeant Winterboer arrived at the scene, but instead of using his rifle, paniced and ran back to the police station to call on reinforcement.
While he was gone, the stone throwing increased on the police patrol and Constable Joubert made his way to a nearby Avocado tree, attempting to climb it and escape the machete wielding mob.

Joubert was pulled down and the mob of machete wielding Blacks hacked him to pieces. Two White policemen called Kriel and Rademan and a Black policeman called Dludla also tried to escape the mob. Kriel fought with his bare fists and ran almost a kilometre before he was also hacked to pieces. Rademan heard the cries of his comrade and returned to help and was also hacked to pieces. The Black policeman Dludla tried to Help Rademan and he also was hacked to pieces.

The body of another White policeman Gert Rheeder was later retrieved from under a heap of rocks and loaded onto a police truck. When it arrived back at the police station, Police Major, Jerry van der Merwe officially saluted the slain Policeman, at which point an Indian policeman saw the finger of the “corpse” move, his head and his body was reduced to such a bloody mess that his own parents could not even recognise him.

Rheeder, survived, but remained for the rest of his life a useless psychological wreck.

“So what about the Avocado tree that Joubert tried to climb?” you ask...
Well, about a month later...Nine Blacks bought a case of beer at the local Shebeen and parked off under the exact same tree and started drinking, when out of nowhere a lightning bolt hit the tree an killed all nine blacks underneath...

Coincidence?...An act of God?....you be the judge.

Source: “Verrat an Südafrika”, Klaus D Vaque Copyright 1988, Varama Publishers, ISBN 0-620-12978-6, pg 172-175.

14 April 2010

The traitors from within - What the Mass Media do to White leaders who stand up for their principles and their people.

By Mike Smith
11 April 2010

As usual, the Main Stream Media made themselves embarrassingly laughable. This time around the fish and chips wrapping called Rapport, the biggest Afrikaans Sunday newspaper climbed into the character of Terreblanche.

The editor of Rapport is one Liza Albrecht who claims to be a dedicated and saved Christian, yet she allows her Township Toilet Paper, sensationalist, mud-slinging, “Skinder Koerant” to sink to unbelievable new lows by publishing nothing but textbook disinformation and propaganda about the AWB leader on her front page.

No I am not shocked. I actually expected this and was waiting for it.

The pattern is always the same. From the Austrian Nationalist leader Jörg Haider’s assassination to Eugene Terreblanches assassination…everytime it is the same pattern that we see.

Let me tell you what the pattern is…
It goes like this.

A good and hounarable Nationalist leader stands up to lead his people… But Nationalism is the arch enemy of Communism who wants to introduce a one world Communist state. So Mr Nationalist is first approached by the Communist agents to try and corrupt him. They offer him money and riches beyond his wildest dreams…When Mr Nationalist refuses, the attack against him starts in the form of disinformation and mudslinging in the media to discredit him and character assassinate him. He will be made out to some sort of sexual deviate. Either gay or a child molester or a prostitute frequenter. Further he will be made out to be an alcoholic, a wife beater or as treating his workers badly.

When he is still standing and survives this character assassination onslaught, the plans will be made to physically eliminate him. Kill him. The death is normally highly ritualised, because the perpetrators want everyone to know who did it, why they did it and at the same time send out a warning to other potential wannebe leaders or followers.

The death is made to look like an accident or a result of normal crime, but there is always some deviate behaviour involved on the part of the victim. He was either drunk, coming from a gay party or he refused to pay a black male prostitute for service rendered and was killed for it…

Normally no hard evidence is available, but that does not stop a newspaper like Rapport to publish a front page article based on nothing. They will liberally use words like “The POSSIBILITY exist (that the death had sexual connotations), shocking ALLEGATIONS, POSSIBLE motives, SUSPICIONS of child molestation…etc.
Anecdotal, unsubstantiated drivel from his subordinates will be introduced as rubbish evidence to further discredit the man…normally he will be made out to have been a tyrant and bully.

Read the article here and see for yourself the nauseating puss-filled, anal secretions of the Rapport Newspaper if you can even stomach it.

Bullshit sold as news by RAPPORT Newspaper

I cannot believe people actually still buy this piece of bush bog-roll that is not even fit to wipe the ass of Foolias Malema with.

They do not care if anything they write is true or not. That is not how propaganda works. Even later if the evidence proves them all wrong, they have thrown enough mud and some of it stuck. That is all Rapport did…threw enough mud and hoped some will stick.

But all potential Nationalist leaders should take note of this. This is the pattern that will be used against you if you dare to stand up for your people and your beliefs. Be prepared to be character assassinated, even killed and once buried they will dig you up again and kill your character a second time because the first time you did not die hard enough…as Dr Khalid Mohammad said about Whites in South Africa… Dr. Khalid Muhammad on killing White South Africans.

You see, people at Rapport think they can publish crap and fool the people, but the only ones they fool are themselves. Liza Albrecht, the editor, is just a pawn. She is the one that will be the fall guy when Rapport doesn’t make a profit anymore. When we all (en masse) decide to boycott Rapport, Liza will be the first one to be kicked out on her arse by her masters and she does not even get it.

Who are her masters you ask?

Well Rapport is owned by Media24. Media 24 is owned by Naspers. Naspers also owns Mweb, DSTV and Mxit…amongst many others. So if you want to see who the leaders are…here…

Media24 board of directors

Naspers board of directors

Note the overwhelming presence of Afrikaner names and faces. These are the traitors of our people who own almost every newspaper in South Africa and spew shit about Afrikaners on a daily basis, yet parade themselves to be fighting for the Afrikaner cause…Yes like Ruda Landman is actively trying to destroy the Afrikaans language as the medium of education at Stellenbosch University, the last Afrikaans University in South Africa…And her partner and fellow director is Prof Russel Bothma…also the Rector of Stellenbosch.

Let us always remember the wise words of Cicero…

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

Cicero Marcus Tullius
106-43 BC

What it means to be radical

By Mike Smith
10 April 2010

When we think about radicalism, most of us conjure up images of demonstrating crowds throwing stones and bottles at the police. We think of clenched fists, out of control anger, base-ball bats, tear gas and rubber bullets…we equate radicalism to chaos…

The truth is that radicalism is not chaos. Radicalism is the answer to chaos.
Let us not pussyfoot about. The ANC have destroyed South Africa. A once beautiful first world country, a nuclear power with a space program has been reduced to another African basket case where crime, corruption and misrule can be seen on a daily basis, just like the rest of Africa.

It is time for radical intervention

South Africa is the equivalent of an out of control train crashing through buildings and smashing people left right and centre to a pulp.

The patient, hit by the train, is lying on the ground and two paramedics are there. The one is the DA (Left) administering Paracetamols and the other is the Freedom Front Plus (Right) slapping the patient through the face a few times. Both methods are useless and the patient will die.

What the patient needs are not two paramedics with boxes of Band-Aids and Paracetamols. The patient needs a surgeon that can perform precise surgical intervention!

And that is what it means to be radical. Radical does not mean a bull in a China shop. Radical does not mean kicking the patient and beating his chest with fists hoping to revive him…No Radicalism means precision surgical intervention.
If we want our country back, that is what we need to do. We need intelligent people who can surgically intervene, cut out the cancer in our midst and lead the patient not only to a full recovery, but to an improved state of being.

After the brutal death of Eugene Terre’Blanche at the hands of machete wielding Blacks who hacked him to pieces, it shocks me to read forums and comments on the internet where people say, “We have to make plans. We must not be hasty now. We must think this through before we act….et cetera.“

Imagine if a trauma doctor says, “Wait, let us think this through properly, let us not be hasty…” when he is confronted with a casualty at the brink of death. No he needs to act. He needs to shout orders. “You do this, you bring that…it is not the time to have a conference or a debate on what to do. people need to ACT.

Come to think of it…Should these plans not have been made already? Should the contingencies not have been in place already? Should the training and education not have been done already? It is not as if the signs and warnings were not there…people just ignored it and pretended that there was no trauma. Our enemies must be laughing at us. What have we been doing for the last few years?

Then suddenly we are confronted with a bleeding, dying patient at our hands…
People, now is not the time to think. Now is not the time to discuss and ponder what to do. Now is not the time for training and contingency plans. These things should have been done yesterday. Now is the time to ACT. Now is the time for precision, clinical surgical intervention by highly qualified surgeons…or the patient will die…
That is what is meant by radicalism. We do not need Rambos…we need McGyvers…

To be or not to be

By Mike Smith
12 March 2010

The moment you put the revolver against your head, the moment before you pull the trigger you are confronted with the question from Shakespeare in Hamlet…To be, or not to be...

It is a conscious decision. You hold the answer to it. The decision is solely yours.
When attacked by those who want to take your life, The life of your wife and the lives of your children... again you are confronted with that age old question, “To be or not to be...”

In our daily lives at work, in the confrontations of life in general, we are constantly faced with the decision, “To be, or not to be”...Every time it is a conscious decision.

On 17 March 1992 the whites in South Africa were faced with this question too. Nobody put the gun against their heads. Nobody decided for them. The Whites of South Africa voted in a referendum to hand power over to the Marxist Blacks and thereby chose “Not to be”.

Since then, more than 3100 white farmers have been killed by black gangs ordained by the Marxist ANC scum fuelled on by the words of their leaders such as Peter Mokaba, “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer”.

Thousands more Whites were killed in their homes in white areas, More than a million Whites have emigrated since 1994, i.e. 25% of all white South Africans.

The ones who emigrated were also faced with this question, “To be, or not to be”. They chose “To be”...and moved on to greener pastures.

The ones who are left behind in South Africa are faced with this question on a daily basis. They wanted“To be”, but their enemies won’t allow them “To be”.

Today the whites in South Africa have to decide whether it is “nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them” as Shakespeare mentions. In other words, they can choose, “to be” or not to be.

Or they can choose to sleep, to turn a blind eye to what is happening in South Africa. They can choose , “To die, to sleep no more – and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks.”....

It is only a decision, my friends...

Nobody can take that decision for you. It is a conscious decision you have to take yourselves. It is a conscious decision every white South African will have to take in his heart, “To be or not to be”.

The question is knocking at the heart of every white South African today. Will their choice be, “To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream.”???

“For who would bear the whips and scorns of time, Th’ oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely, The pangs of despised love, the law's delay, The insolence of office, and the spurns... That patient merit of th’ unworthy takes...”
The unworthy ? If one chooses “”Not to be” I would like to call them the “unworthy”. If the Whites of South Africa chooses “Not to be” then they are unworthy to take ownership of a country their forefathers fought for and died for.
History is full of civilisations, Great civilisations who have somewhere along the line been confronted with the question, “To be, or not to be” and they have chosen “Not to be”. The Egyptians, the Greeks, The Romans, have all disappeared. Their cultures, their languages, their religions are all gone today. The Vikings, the Germanic tribes, The Incas, the Mayas have all chosen at some stage, “Not to be” and so their religions, and cultures have disappeared.

But is there a culture, a people a religion that we can learn from? Certainly there is. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche says it best.

“The Jews are the most remarkable nation of world history because, faced with the question of being or not being, they preferred ... being at any price...”
Love them or hate them, but you will respect them. The Jews have chosen “To Be”. The Greeks and the Roman civilisations with all their gods are gone today, but the Jews are still with us. Civilisations who have lasted hundreds, even of thousands of years have disappeared, but the Jews prevail, because they have chosen “To be”....at any price.

Now I can quote reams of clichés about nice guys finishing last. I will never claim that Jews are innocent. Who is? Christianity has wiped out entire civilisations in South America. Islam, the Mongols, etc have probably been worse. The Jews are no exception. They have their fair share of evils documented in the Bible, destroying their enemies letting no building standing and killing every man, woman, child and animal.

But that is what it means, “To be, at any price”.

So what if the Jews control the banking, the major media, or whether they see the gentiles as Goyim? Human cattle? The Jews have taken a stance. They want “To be””. They want to be here tomorrow and they want to be her in a thousand years. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes means exactly that. Controlling both normal Hollywood as well as the pornography of Ron Jeremy and Heidi Fleisch.. It does not matter if one is Liberal or Conservative. It does not matter if one is a legitimate businessman such as Sol Kerzner or Raymond Ackerman or whether one is a gangster such as Mayer Lansky.It does not matter if one is an actress such as Sarah Jesica Parker or an award winning director such as Steven Spielberg. In the back of the mind of every Jew, they have taken the decision “to be”.

Persecuted for more than 4000 years, the Jews are still here
In the bigger scope of things, what is the Whites of Africa? What is 350 years in South Africa? The whites who came to Africa, built a country complete with infrastructure, dams, airports, roads, harbours, schools, universities, etc The whites who came to South Africa, built a civilisation to be here for a thousand years.

Twenty years ago they decided to give it all away. Twenty years ago the whites decided “Not to be”. Well I am afraid that when a people decide to “Not be” then they did not deserve such a beautiful country in the first place.

But Arthur Schopenhauer gives us hope, for he says, “There is something in us, however, which tells us that this is not so, that this is not the end of things, that death is not an absolute annihilation.”

Yes, there is hope. We just have to take a conscious decision, “To be, at any price”.

Kroes hare wil geblow wees

By Mike Smith
November 10th, 2009

One of my exes was a hairdresser so I know a bit about what they get up to. In the old South Africa the trade, “Hairdresser” was one trade. You studied at college, did your practical at a salon and after about four years you do your Trade Test and become a hairdresser.

In the New South Africa, they split it up…they now make a distinction at colleges between hairdressers who do White people’s hair (straight hair) and what they call “Ethnic hair” (Kroes hare; Peppercorns). Yes people, you can actually do a hairdressing course in blow-drying peppercorns, straight.

Can you imagine? I am surprised that on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) they did not include a Unit Standard on fore-arm body-building, because by God the poor women who have to put up with this crap must have forearm muscles equivalent to Swarzenegger.

The foregoing process of chemical treatment to first relax the hair in order to even do something with it forces my respect, because my first year knowledge of Lewis structures and valence electrons pales in comparison to the magic the women have to perform in order to straighten “Kroes hare”. Somebody once pointed out to me that Blacks do not have a crown in their hair. True. Have you had a look lately?

In the black townships of South Africa, the Nigerians and Somalians are the experts in “Kroes hare”. Our blacks are too stupid to do their own hair. The Nigerians and or Somalians normally have a Ship’s Container that they have converted into a “hairdressing salon”. Electricity is normally free and stolen from the nearest lamppost and obviously paid for by the White neighbourhood on the other side of the railway track or highway.

If I have to explain the full extent of Black and Coulered South African’s obsession with hair I will probably have to start with Adam and Eve. So to spare the reader a drawn out explanation, a short summary will suffice.

Coloureds in Cape Town are descendants of Malaysians, Indonesians, indigenous Koi and plenty sexually deprived European sailors who passed the Cape of Good Hope for the last 350 years. One thing you should NEVER mention to a Cape Coloured is that he has Black ancestry…unless you want to hear the history of your mother, your horse and your dog in descriptive detail. In more modern times the Asiatic sailors gave rise to what we commonly refer to in the Cape as the “Kaapse Geelbek”…those coloureds with a yellowish tint and slanted eyes.

The word “Geelbek” (yellow mouth of an animal) is the Afrikaans word for a type of fish the coloureds love to catch (scientific name is Atractoscion). In English it is referred to as the “Cape Salmon”. The association with yellow comes from the yellow fringe on its gills. The coloureds, the sailors, the fish, the yellow, the “gentoos” in Seapoint…you form the picture. Nevertheless, I am digressing.

In the coloured community of Cape Town they are obsessed with “Hair”. Seeing that the vast majority of Cape Coloureds are decedents of these Asiatic people and whites along with the Khoi/San “Kroes hare” genes it is only natural to witness today Coloureds with straight hair and those “Not blessed”.

When a child is born amongst the coloured community the first thing they look at is the Hair. (Het die kind hare) meaning does the child have straight hair. If not, they pity him and immediately starts to gossip about who the real father is. When the child has “Ting Tongs” (Kroes hare) the community immediately shoves him down to the “Makwaki” level. Makwaiki is a word the Cape Coloureds use for people of SAN/Hottentot and Grikwa decent who now lives in the Northern Cape also called Namaqwaland.

Point is that children born in Cape Town with a light complexion and straight hair has a higher social standing than those born with a dark complexion and peppercorns. In my experience of more than forty years in Cape Town, I have witnessed that the most racially aware people are the Cape Coloureds. They are also divided because of their religion into Christians and Muslims and amongst the Muslims they are even more divided into those with Malaysian/Indonesian heritage and those from Palestine, Lebanon, etc.

When it comes to hair, those with beautiful flowing straight black hair are looked upon as the “blessed”. Those with wild afros such as prof. Jakes Gerwel and Alan Boesak are looked down upon by other coloureds, because they do not have hair and actually have typical “Makwaki” features. They are “bushmen” amongst their own people and regardless of their education will always be looked down upon as those who do not have hair.

Alan Boesak is a midget of stature and when I once shook hands with him, it gave me the impression of shaking the hand of a six year old girl….with Kroes hare. His clammy hand with undersized pork banger fingers sized him up in my eyes. How a White Woman could ever marry him goes beyond my logic. Elna is not at all unattractive, and she is quite well educated…why she ever settled on a “Makwaki” such as Alan Boesak is a question on everyone’s lips.

At least she has HAIR. Blonde to boot. I bet you she and the kids are the admiration in the coloured family and the scorned in her white family.

I further bet you that Elna Boesak does not go to the local Somalian container variety to get her hair done, no Somerset West has some of the best Hairdressers in the country…mostly of German or Italian decent. She camps out at Somerset Mall where she as a non-entity enjoys the attention she craves.

Poor thing…Trying to blow dry the hair of her bastard kids before school every morning must be a mission. She so desperately wants her half cast kids to fit in at normal schools, but everyone rejects them. They are neither coloured, nor White. I sincerely feel for this mother. The rude awakening has not yet dawned on her. She is faced daily with the results of her miscegenation, yet still believes what she did was the right thing. This is the lie of Multiculturalism.

There is a joke about Albert Einstein who once met a beautiful woman. She said to him that she wanted his children. A combination of his intelligence and her beauty would produce the perfect children. His answer to her was, “Ma’m has it ever crossed your mind that the children could have my beauty and your intelligence?”

I want to add…Has it ever crossed the minds of coloureds that the child could have “Makwaki” hair? Blowdrying that hair for the rest of your life is hard work. Blacks all over want to have White hair. It is a status symbol. The people who did Michael Jacksons hair can testify to it today. Straight blonde hair and blue eyes is paramount amongst Cape Coloureds. They are obsessed with it. Kroes hare is looked down upon.

Daai hare wil gerek en getrek wees, jong. Djy moet mooi dink voor djy daai kind van die Chassies trou. Daai kinners van Mannerberg is uitgedraai soos nat katte. Djulle is nog lank nie vol nie, but ons ouens gaan djulle nog vol maak van die waarheid…Ons gaan djulle nog wysmaak van die ANC terroriste…Djy kry my broer? Djulle dink ons is dom-gekom, but ons wiet alles.Djulle dink ons is ‘n klomp Nwata Whiteys wat niks wietie. Vang ‘n wakkerskrik. Ons is orals en ons wiet van alles. Ons praat onse taal en ook djulle dialek. Ons bang die Bilahl in die Masiet, ons neem abdas saam met djulle…ons wiet van die Tablighies wat boom roek agter die Masiet voor hulle Magrib maak. Fok djulle moet sieker dink ons is onooslike Whiteys. Hahaha. Nou het ek djulle, of wat?


de•fi•ance (noun)

1. The act or an example of defying; bold resistance to an opposing force or authority.

By Mike Smith
November 7th, 2009

In everyone’s life there comes a time when you have to say, “Up to here and no further” and most of us have gone through this experience before. When one is constantly bullied at school, one can only endure so much before one snaps. There comes a time when the inevitable confrontation can no longer be postponed. There come a time when no amount of appeasing or nice talk works anymore. There comes a time to take a stand and there comes a time to take off the gloves. That time has come.

For us in South Africa taking a stand is nothing new. Since our forefathers first set foot on this damned continent of savages we have been fighting for our existence, our right to life and our pursuit of happiness. Our history is rich with white men and women who took a stand and said, “Up to here and no further”. Andries Pretorius said it and took on the mighty Zulu empire leaving the praying up to Sarel Cillier at the Battle of Blood River.

At the Battle of Islandwana and again at Rorke’s Drift the English said the same, “Whether we win or lose, whether we live or die,…up to here and no further.”
The Boers said the same when it came to the two Anglo/Boer wars, although they were outgunned and outnumbered, they did not run away, they took a stand, come what may.
When it comes to confrontation and war, many people will tell you that if you do not intend to win the war or feel you cannot, it is better not to fight…better to run away and fight another day.

I beg to differ. Sometimes your survival does not depend on winning or losing, but rather in what a good fight you put up. Many people think that there are only two sides to fighting, “Fight” and “Flight”. This is not true. There are other sides as well such as “posturing”, when an animal makes himself look bigger and more dangerous than he is, it might ensure his survival, or “submission”, when an animal plays dead or curls up in a bundle in front of his rival.

To me, submission and flight is out of the question, because I am a human being, not an animal…I have to psychologically live with myself for the rest of my life and I will never be able to live with myself when I “Adriaan Vlokked” the feet of my enemies. For that I have too much pride and self respect.

The bully does not want you to stand up to him. He likes the psychological power game, not so much the physical one. When one stand up to the bully even when one is physically his inferior, one is psychologically his superior and that is what he hates. Even if one loses physically against the bully, the psychological war has been won. That is why the bully will leave people alone who stands up to him and go look for victims somewhere else.

Truth is further that one only needs to take a stand once and one will be left alone.
The Boers were outnumbered sixteen to one in the Second Anglo/Boer War. They had very little foreign help and were heavily outgunned, yet they took a stand, knowing full well it was a war they could never win. At the end of the day the British had more bloody noses, and black eyes than the Boers and after the war, every single prime minister of the Union of South Africa was a Boer General and after 1948 until 1994, every Prime minister and President of South Africa was an Afrikaner. Makes one think who actually won the Anglo Boer war and who lost, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day it does not matter whether you win or lose so much, it is how good a fight you put up. Next time the bully will think twice before he takes you on.
Our country is going to the dogs. It is time for us to take a stand. It is up to here and no further. We will no longer be tortured and murdered. Our wives will no longer be raped. From now on we will fight back and we will fight back with everything we got and whatever it takes. It is simply a conscious decision we have to make. We were born in South Africa. We are South African citizens. Our forefathers built this country. They built every single road, dam, airport and railway track. South Africa is OUR country and we will take a stand for her and our right to live on her soil.

Tony Ehrenreich of Cosatu, who is an alliance partner of the ANC and the South African Communist Party declared open war on us Whites in September 2006 when he uttered these words, “Ons is vandag hier om oorlog te verklaar. Ons is gekant teen geweld, maar as dit is wat dit verg om slegte boere in n rigting te dwing, moet ons hulle in ‚n rigting moer. As Boere aanhou om soos mal honde ons plaaswerkers se regte te skend, dan moet ons hulle slaan om op te hou, hoewel dit die laaste uitweg is. Hulle gaan kak as hulle nie ophou nie.”

Translated (loosely from the SAHRC report) it reads,

“We are here today to declare war…we are opposed to violence, but if that is what it takes to push bad farmers in the right direction, we must smash them in the right direction. (“Moer” is not found in the dictionary, but in proverbial Afrikaans this means to inflict serious harm or violence). If farmers continue, like mad dogs, to violate the rights of our farm workers, then we have to hit/beat them up to stop, however, this is the last alternative/resort. They will shit if they don’t stop”.

The ANC and Cosatu falsely accused four White farmers in Worcester, Rawsonville area of raping a coloured woman when she later admitted that she lied and that she was never raped. The ANC and their National Civics Organisation pushed her to tell these lies to fan racial hatred towards Whites.

The ANC declaration of war against Whites

For the last three years since this declaration of war, we as White South Africans have ignored it…pretended that it was just words, when all along the hatred and violence against our people as well as the government cover-up through heavily massaged and masturbated statistics has increased exponentially. Truth is that this declaration of war was real. They meant every word of it.

No people, it cannot continue like this. It is not only a battle for our country and our very survival, it is a battle for our dignity and our soul.

For me the rape of Martie Olivier by two Black policemen last week has been enough. It clearly identified the state as the enemy of the citizens. It affirmed their declaration of war from 2006. Both of these policemen are still on their posts and not even suspended. In fact the police do not even have suspects yet. The government has one job, and that is to protect its citizens. When the government cannot do that job and in fact turns on its citizens such as in the case of Martie Olivier, then I am afraid we do not need them any more. They must go.

The ANC has failed the citizens of South Africa. We must do everything in our power to get rid of this Marxist terrorist scum who parades as a legitimate government in South Africa. I do not care what it takes…ANC delenda est!

A call for White unity in South Africa

By Mike Smith
October 25th, 2009

God am I sick and tired of this Soutpiel/Dutchie shit. In my life I have learned that the English speaking South Africans basically have two gripes…”I was bullied by Dutchman(Afrikaners) at school”…or…”My Dutchman officers in the army gave me a hard time”….

Oh and by the way their excuse for not being able to speak Afrikaans after learning it at school for twelve years is always, “They laughed at me when I tried to speak Afrikaans, so I just thought…stuff them”

So the “Engelsman” is always playing the victim. Shame the Afrikaners always gave them a hard time, ever since the Boer war. The English speaking South Africans have some other gripes and belly aches as well such as the “Verkrampte” Afrikaner churches and politicians were traitors and backstabbers and sold out all whites in South Africa. It is today easy to blame the politicians of the NP who were almost all Afrikaners for the situation of South Africa today, but who were the actual voters and how did they vote in the 1992 referendum?

Maybe it is time we look at these issues in an honest, objective and open-minded manner.

Growing up during Apartheid in South Africa, my experience was that the English people were always the liberal ones. The English neighbour next door always voted for the PFP (Progressive Federal Party) who was incidently led by Dr Fredirik van Zyl Slabbert, a liberal Afrikaner academic. The Afrikaners almost exclusively voted for the National Party and a few for the Conservative Party of Dr. Treurnicht. I never met an Afrikaner who EVER voted for the PFP who were once the official opposition after the CP took over that job in 1987. Even Wikipedia says that the PFP drew support mostly from the liberal English speaking Whites in South Africa.
If South African Whites are 50% Afrikaners and 50% English then some interesting facts emerge.

The official results were, 68,73% for the yes vote to give the country over to Blacks and 31.27% voted “No”. In Cape Town and Durban where English is in the majority and Afrikaners are much more liberal, 85% voted yes. In the Transvaal only about 52-57% of all the whites voted Yes and one needs to note that Afrikaners in this area are the majority.

It appears that almost all the English people voted yes and about one third of Afrikaners voted Yes. Two thirds of Afrikaners voted NO in the 1992 referendum. Ultimately the blame of the referendum results does not lie with the politicians who called the referendum, but with the whites who voted YES.

The referendum results aside, let us move on the language issue. It is quite common knowledge in South Africa that Afrikaners can speak English far better than English people can speak Afrikaans. Both groups of Whites are taught from about the age of six to speak both languages. For the next twelve years at school they study both languages. Why is it that at the end of that twelve years Afrikaners are better at English than English South Africans are at Afrikaans? Simple. Most international music is in English. The best movies and television programs are in English. The perception is therefore that Afrikaans helps one nowhere so what is the need to learn it? The world is English and with English you will get a lot further than with Afrikaans. So English speaking whites treat Afrikaans as a necessary evil they have to endure throughout their school carreers and never really see any need to learn it, because in in South Africa everyone can speak English to a reasonable degree.

When one poses the question to English speaking South Africans why they are unable to speak the language after learning it at school for twelve years, one is met with the usual urban legend and myth that, “The Afrikaners laughed at me when I tried to speak Afrikaans so I gave them the middle finger and told them to stuff their language.”

This is simply not true and English speaking South Africans are not being honest with themselves or others why they could not be bothered to learn Afrikaans.
Further, I have been to Holland and Belgium and I am able to speak Afrikaans to them and they understand me 100%. I can also understand them 100%. I have also been to Aruba and Curacao where a simple greeting in Afrikaans allows one to go through customs unhindered, because they think you are Dutch, whereas the English speakers with their passports have to stand in line for hours and get searched. I experienced similar things in Surinam and Indonesia….And then I am constantly told that, “Afrikaans helps you nowhere in the world. It is simply a myth and an urban legend that holds no substance. Funny that the very first word in the Oxford Dictionary is an Afrikaans word, “Aardvark”…even more funny is that the second word, “Aardwolf” is also Afrikaans.

Then comes the church…The big bad NG Kerk is to blame for everything, when everybody forgets the Anglican Church, The Church of England, with their Black Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the overwhelmingly English speaking Roman Catholic Church’s involvement in liberation theology and their support of the Marxist terrorist ANC who are currently ruling South Africa.

The other urban legend that keeps on dividing Afrikaners and English South Africans is the one that Afrikaners gave English South Africans a hard time at school or in the army.

I once had a friend, let us call him Willie…When I first met Willie he told me how he had a business that folded and how he lost R200,000. Problem was that every time me and Willie got together for a Braai, he told me the story again, but every time the amount that he lost, doubled. Eventually Willie was telling me the same story for the umpteenth time, but by then he had lost R8 million. He was obviously bullshitting and believing his own bullshit.

If I had a Rand for every English speaking South African who ever told me how they were bullied by Afrikaners at school or in the army, I would probably have R8 million rand today. These lies and urban legends are floating out there as we are reading this, but if English speaking people in South Africa are truly honest with themselves then they will realise that these urban legends and lies that they have told to others for many years are simply not true and all bullshit.

I further actually feel very sorry for English speaking South Africans, because all the Black tribes like the Zulu’s, Xhosas, Tsawanas, etc have their own cultures. The Afrikaners have their own rich culture with their Boeremusiek, Volkspele, poems and jokes. The Afrikaners have a guy called, Jan van der Merwe whom they make jokes about, just like the Irish have Paddy or the Germans have Eullenspiegel. The Afrikaners have their own cuisine with their “Boerewors” and “Potjiekos”…But what culture does English speaking South Africans actually have? Everything they have are borrowed from other cultures. They tell South African jokes calling Jan van der Merwe, “Old Van”. No original culture ever emerged from the English on African soil.
No, it is easier to blame others and play the victim through spreading urban legends and lies.

It has come time for us Whites in South Africa to push all this bullshit aside that is dividing us and that keeps playing into the hands of our enemies. The Anglo Boer war is more than a hundred years ago and history. None of us who are alive today ever fought each other in that war. None of us were in an English concentration camp and none of us were one of the gaurds.

If we were to take stock of our current situation we will see that we have a common enemy and we are all equally deep in the shit and that our only way out is if we stand together. The time has come to bury the Lee Enfields and Mausers. We are a new generation of WHITE South Africans who are facing extinction in a country we love and call home and where we all share two common thing. BIRTHRIGHT and RACE ! That is enough for me.