24 March 2010

Affie Kaap Af - From the Cape

By Mike Smith
19 December 2008

Have you ever wondered about where the word "Gentoo" comes from. I don’t mean the Linux computer package with the quiet little penguin, if that is what you thought.

See... down in old Cape Town, the coloured community calls whores Gentoos. There is also a Penguin species named gentoos, but that is not where the slang word for whores in the Cape comes from.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Gentoo was an Anglo-Indian term, used as early as 1638 to distinguish Hindus in India from Muslims, the English term originating in Portuguese gentio (compare "gentile"); in the twentieth century the term came to be regarded as derogatory.

Shortly, after 1652 when Van Riebeeck and his band of merry Dutchmen landed at the Cape, to plant some crops and re-supply vessels rounding the Cape of Good Hope, they started importing some Malaysians, Indonesians and Indians as servants. Also as slaves and artisans such as (Tailors, woodworkers, builders, etc). These Malaysians and Indonesians were obviously Muslims, hence the large Muslim population in the Cape today.

But why import all these Malays, etc if you have a ready supply of Hottentots (Khoi-Khoi) on your doorstep? Well according to the journals of these Dutchmen...they tried that, with disastrous results. They even experimented with West African slaves in the 17th century. The Dutch quickly learned that the Hottentots would steal just about anything and everything. The Blacks or “Kaffirs” as the Muslims called them (meaning non-believer or gentile in Arabic) were just too stupid and too lazy to work with. So they rather imported labour at great expense from their other colonies in the east. At least they knew these people made excellent servants, and artisans, because of a higher IQ and work ethic.

The Dutch did not just import male Malaysians or Indonesians, but also females to the Cape. Some of these females married some of the Dutch single guys at the Cape...but many became prostitutes to the passing ships who docked in Cape Town. From there the term “Docks Gentoo”, still used to this day to describe these women working the docks in Cape Town.

So you see, it is a myth that the Dutch spawned the coloured community by marrying Hottentots. The coloured community was a result of their great, great, great grandmothers...who were whores, and who fucked sailors from ships passing the Cape. They even adopted the swearing of the sailors...because NOBODY in the world can swear worse than a Cape Coloured. People from Cape Town will know...It normally starts with your mother, works through your entire family, and half an hour later ends with your dog and horse.

So out of this “Mengelmoes” of Hottentots, Malaysians, Indians, West Africans, and passing European sailors, came the Cape Coloured community.

Amazingly enough, they are one of the most racist groups of people you will ever meet. They do not mind Whites so much, but if you want to hear your mother’s history; tell a coloured he is 50% Black. They want nothing to do with Blacks. A coloured will always mention how his great grandfather was a German or a Scotsman, but never will you hear about the African history.

In the coloured community, the women go to great lenghts to have straight hair. Often spending two or three hours a day “swirling” the hair and blow-drying it that the smoke comes out, but they do not want to be seen with “ting-tongs” or “korrelkoppe”, as they call the black’s “peppercorns”.

When a coloured baby is born, the first thing everybody checks is whether the baby has straight hair, and the lighter the skin complexion the better. Somebody with straight hair and a light complexion has a higher social status than others in the coloured community...and if they have green or blue eyes, they are the best. Coloured girls will often buy blue or green contact lenses, because deep down, they want to be White. They look at Whites for their standard of beauty, not Blacks.

So having given you that bit of background on who and what the Cape Coloureds are, I want to introduce you to one of these guys who was “geseën met hare” (blessed with straight hair). His name is Achmat Dangor.

Achmat is currently the CEO of the Mandela Foundation. He also fancies himself to be a bit of a writer. One of his famously KAK books (a novel) is called “Kafka’s Curse”. Typically it is not an original thought. It was based on an Arabic Legend of a gardener who falls in love with a princess and then gets turned into a tree. The book is about an Indian Muslim who pretends to be a Jew and who manages to fool everybody during Apartheid and who manages to marry a...wait for it..a White Woman; that most sort after prize for any Coloured Male.

See Coloured males have only one thing on their brains, Sex with a White Woman. They lie awake at night thinking about the day they are going to passionately have a White Woman. At work and socials, that is all they can talk about.

Just watch a coloured male next time. You will see him tell his little stories and yarns about how he somehow managed to finally get to bed a White Woman. Then watching his brothers’ jaw-dropped faces, he stands back, and drinks in their admiration...When one says, “Naai, man, kannie wil wiessie, ek gloe nie daai nie”...he answers, “Honestly my broe, Soe wallai kassam...ek lieggie vir djou nie”.

Achmat Dangor is no different to his fellow race obsessed coloureds. In fact his entire book can be summed up as one major work of coloured male, multiracial, sexual obsession. The book is so “deurmekaar” that you in the end do not know which racial character is sleeping with whom. Basically his book is a load of junk, but someone, probably a Liberal twat, awarded him a nomination for a prize.

Achmat who is now the CEO of the Mandela Foundation, slammed fellow writer and poet Breyten Breytenbach for criticizing the post Mandela South Africa. Breyten Breytenbach is currently living in the USA, but he was an Anti Apartheid activist and terrorist who took a disliking to the SA government of old for not wanting him and his Vietnamese wife to live together in SA. He was instrumental in getting the ANC into power in SA. Now that they are there, he is disillusioned and calls for young SA’ns to leave the country and he even calls Mandela “an exotic teddy bear to slobber over".

Achmat “tuned” him in typical coloured slang, “Kykhie my broe, moettie da anakant die water sit en jou kop-se-kak praatie, Kô huistoe en kô doen iets. Hoe’s djy dan man? What kind saam met djou?”

No, not quite, the media quoted him as saying, “I would like to challenge Breytenbach, as a fellow writer and fellow South African: Come home and fight the good fight here.”

What exactly Achmat means by asking Breytenbach to come home and fight is unclear. Does he want Breytenbach to plant more bombs?

Now if they want us all to “Fight the Good fight”…what is actually meant by it? Who or what do we have to fight against?...Aahh, I know…WHITE RACISM.

Read the article here:

Come home and fight, Breytenbach told


The Mandela Foundation has called on Afrikaans poet and former dissident Breyten Breytenbach to return to South Africa and help improve life in the country rather than criticise from outside.

The foundation responded to an article by Breytenbach in the US magazine Harper's in which he called on young South Africans to leave the country if they wanted full lives and referred to Nelson Mandela as an "exotic teddy bear to slobber over".

Breytenbach, who was jailed during the apartheid era for his opposition to the system and who then went into exile, has recently been openly critical of the country's current political leadership and its failure to address crime and poverty.
Achmat Dangor, the foundation's chief executive, said the foundation shared Breytenbach's horror at the brutality of the crimes he describes, but not the view that the country was on the way to ruin.

"(Breytenbach) depicts Madiba as descending into frivolity while the country burns. In fact the opposite is true.

"Madiba has used that world stage... to call upon his fellow countrypeople... to act against Aids, poverty and inequality and to resist injustice."

Dangor said it was most important to note that Mandela had also worked to get other South Africans to take responsibility and show leadership. "In conclusion, I would like to challenge Breytenbach, as a fellow writer and fellow South African: Come home and fight the good fight here; do what Mandela has challenged all of us to do - take personal responsibility (and) help lift the burden of leadership from the shoulders of people like him. "

The Nature of the Beast

By Mike Smith
6 December 2008

I suppose there are many things about the African black that I can mention which causes me not to want to associate with him. Superstition, barbaric circumcision rites, promiscuity, arrogance, aggression, violence proneness, Lebola(wife buying) and ignorance are just a few, but I suppose the main reason I will never be able to consider these primitive African Blacks as my equal, is because of their beliefs in witchcraft and Muti-murders.

These barbaric, ritualistic murders to hack off human body parts, preferably when the victim is still alive, to sell it for Muti medicine, is as part of African Black culture as mud huts and herding cattle. There is obviously a market for these despicable Muti-products otherwise these acts would not be happening.
These Witchdoctors, or as they are politically correct known in South Africa as, “traditional healers”, buy these human body parts and sell it to their congregations who condone and support these murders through buying Muti in the first place.

One would think that Liberal Whites would look at this Black practice and be cured of their “feel good” believes towards Blacks, but no, they rather turn a blind eye and pretend that it is not happening. Yet it is happening throughout Africa and has been happening for as long as Blacks have lived there and it will continue to be so forever.

Personally I find it amazing how silent Liberals are whenever this topic is brought up and how they like to pretend that it happens on a small scale, but the well known truth is that Blacks will first buy Muti from their Sangoma, before going to a western doctor. They buy Muti not only as medicine but also as love potions and to assist with casting of spells.

When a Liberal, Black hugging, Whites support Blacks, through giving them food, clothes, etc. they are automatically supporting black culture, which includes Muti-murders and witchcraft. Liberals are therefore directly or indirectly complicent in these abominable acts and murders.

That is why I as a White person cannot support Blacks in any way. Not with a job, not with money, nothing. I find their culture disgusting. There is nothing that Black culture can offer me that would somehow enrich me as a person. Simply put…What is there to like about Blacks?

I wash my hands off them and simply leave them alone. If they are so good, they don’t need my support anyway. I just wish other Whites would see it as I do. I would really like to see what happens to Blacks in Africa the day Whites stop supporting these pathetic beings and leave them to their own devices. What would happen if Mother Nature is allowed to take her course?

Child sacrifice on the rise
04/12/2008 21:11 - (SA)


Kampala - Children are being increasingly decapitated and their bodies cut up in ritual sacrifices, the Ugandan government said on Thursday.

“Child sacrifice has confronted the nation with its ferocity, barbarity as well as frequency,” Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo told reporters.
“It has become a national danger.”

The country has been flooded with reports in recent weeks of murdered children with grisly pictures of corpses, often decapitated and their body parts, mostly genitals, cut off.

In one case, a prominent and wealthy Kampala property developer was arrested early last week following reports that he ordered the murder of a juvenile whose decapitated body was pictured on the front pages of the city’s tabloids.
Two witchdoctors, a husband and wife who had earlier been arrested for the murder of the 12-year old boy, had told police that the businessman had ordered the death of the child so that he could bury his head under the building he was constructing.
The man was charged with murder, but denied the charges.
According to police records, four children aged between 9-12 years were beheaded in 2007 and had their tongues, private parts and hearts cut out.


Since the beginning of 2008, six children have been murdered in a ritual manner, but only three people are being held on murder charges, including one woman.
“The crime of child sacrifice has three parties all of who are liable for severe punishment: Witchdoctors who are responsible for encouraging the crime, the killers who slaughter victims and the individuals who seek services of the killers,” Nsaba Buturo said.
“The witchdoctors deserve special condemnation,” he added.
The minister said that government is planning tougher legislation by changing the law with special provisions to target the ritual murderers.
“The law is weak. Witch doctors should be punished severely and possibly given life imprisonments,” he said.

How will World War IV be fought?

By Mike Smith
21 November 2008

Einstein once said, ““I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Einstein was a brilliant scientist whose work gave rise to the Atomic bomb that brought an end to World War II.

Although the Atomic bomb was the most devastating piece of military hardware ever invented and caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people, it prevented the deaths of hundreds of thousands more on both sides by abruptly ending WW II. The Japanese said they would fight to the last person standing on the mainland.

In South Africa I suppose the same could be said from the British’s scorched earth policy and concentration camps in which 27000 women and children died. Yes it was tragic and yes nobody can be proud of winning a war in such a way, but did it not bring an end to the war? With hardcore Boers called “Bittereinders” (Never Enders), much more than 27000 whites would have died on both sides over a longer period of time. Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures. War is like that.

The history of warfare is as old as the human race. It has always been part of us and always will.

Some people live on some prime land and enjoy the good life through hard work and good fortune. Their neighbours who are lazy or not as fortunate sees this and it is not long before the less fortunate wants what the more fortunate has. They then threaten to take or attempt to take what the more fortunate has. The more fortunate then says, “If you take our stuff and our land, we will kill you.”

Followed by the other side, “Well we are hungry and are going to die anyway, so we are going to kill YOU.”

The story is as old as humankind itself. Only fools believe that war will ever end. There will always be the hardworking clever ones who are successful being envied and despised by the lazy and dumb. Even if humans stop dueling, God and the Devil will still be playing chess….and the Devil will still be cheating and winning more souls. (Respect to Chris de Burgh)

When it comes to war we have to acknowledge the symbiosis between Scientists/Engineers and soldiers. Let us face it that most of the time soldiers are just cannon fodder or pawns in a political game they do not understand. Having said that, soldiers are also not that dumb, because if they can have some kind of advantage, some leverage they will use it. That is why bows and arrows and armor were invented against those swinging clubs or chucking spears, That is why Muskets and Rifles were invented, That is why artillery were invented….That is why eventually we find ourselves in the time of the Nuclear weapon. The soldiers fight the war and the engineers and scientists provide them with the means to win.

But the person who will ever use that nuclear weapon, the one who ever dare presses that button will lose the battle at that very moment. I will explain.

The theories of war is multiple

I can start at when Cain slain Able. but let us look at some classics, such as Sun Tzu and Von Clausewitz.

All of these classical war theories are dealing with “Nation against Nation”. People like me are always aware of new teqniques, new strategies. War today is not being fought as “Nation against Nation” or “Country against Country” as in the times of Master Sun or Von Clausewitz. Terrorists and asymmetrical warfare is the order of the day. So how do we adjust our classical war theories to modern times?

I am a keen student of both Sun Tzu and Von Clausewitz. The problem is that the battle we have in South Africa for instance is Ideology against Ideology.

War has what is called amplifiers. In other words, every war is built upon the technology and lessons of the previous war. Nothing is forgotten, the next war is just amplified by new technology and ideas.

The First World War was basically a war of Chemists and saw the terrible usage of Chlorine and Mustard gas. The Second World War was a war of Physicists. Engineers and Scientists showed how they could win a war…not that during the first or Second World War they have forgotten about what worked in the past. I mean they still used chemistry and concentration camps, but what won the war were not the millions of innocent soldiers, it were the handful of scientists from the Manhattan Project.

The Third World War was a war of information researchers. The CIA and KGB were fighting an intelligence war against each other. Whoever had the best intelligence and paid their agents the best, even the double agents, were the winners. Sun Tzu Wrote about this in his book the art of War, Chapter 13. Dealing with spies

The West thinks that they have won World War III. Communism is dead they say.

Not so soon, my dear. Never turn your back to your enemy.

Now we have to think further into the future. How will the Fourth World War be fought?

Many nihilists will tell you that it will be a nuclear war. There are still thousands of these things around, however I disagree. Not even a terrorist will be so stupid as to use a nuclear weapon. The moment he presses that button he has lost the war. The world today is just too sensitive and politically correct. The Fourth World War will be fought by another breed of scientists, Social scientists. It is now the turn of philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, criminologists, et al, to battle it out. Capturing the geographical high ground has made space for capturing the moral high ground. Cultural awareness and empathy are nowadays deciding factors in war. No longer is technological advantage the Schwerpunkt of conflict. Sweeping maneuvers has made space for the stacking of moral successes.

The question to ask is whether we are intellectually, culturally, sociologically and psychologically prepared for such a war. The battlefield has shifted from jungles and desserts to the media and cyberspace, the prize to fight for is the minds of people. Arming yourself with rifles is one thing, but are we arming ourselves psychologically? The winners of World War IV will be the ones who possesses the most social and cultural intelligence.

So how do we win such a war?

I have a few ideas, but the most important is the training of our “soldiers” for this kind of war. Our educational institutions are where the soldiers are trained and armed and where we have to shape and form their minds, arm them with the best and sharpest tools.

Perception shaping is another. Let us face is that Whites in South Africa has more enemies than friends in the world. We need to change that perception, of what the world thinks of us. This should be a national effort from each and every White person in SA, driven by our Academics who understand these things. Not only should they change the perception the world has of us, but also that of our enemy.

The setting up of small task forces of expert academics that can take on the ideas of our enemies is also vitally important. Their ideas should be killed in the womb, nipped in the bud by expert thinkers and Philosophers.

There is little doubt in my mind that World War IV is being fought as we speak. It is a War that turned the traditional perceptions of a soldier and warfare on its head. No longer is the best soldier the young, uneducated and physically fit, but rather the older, experienced and mentally more stable educated person. The weapons the soldier is armed with is not geared towards wounding or killing the physical, rather the mental. The soldier no longer wears a uniform and firearm, rather an avatar and a keyboard. No more are armies of hundreds of thousands of physical bodies needed, rather a small unit of intellectuals that can wreak havoc on the minds and perceptions of people. No longer are civilians sitting back and soldiers fighting the war, rather soldiers are sitting back as “Peace Keepers” and civilians are fighting the war in cyberspace.

Warefare as we knew it has changed forever, but the principles that Sun Tsu and Von Clausewitz spoke about has not. How we implement those strategies and adapt it to modern times, will ultimately determine the outcome of World War IV.


By Mike Smith

Cape Town, 20 September 2008

Anyone who has lived in South Africa and who has seen the slide of a once prosperous country with First world standards, a space and a nuclear program into a Third world, crime infested hellhole, under the ANC terrorist regime, must have thought at one stage or another, “Why are they still here? Who needs this corrupt, kleptocracy? Who votes for them and keeps them in charge?”

Why do we need a government in the first place?

We live in societies and we can function very well, interacting with each other without government. Problem comes in when one of us decides to use force and threaten our existence. A government is necessary to protect us against the initiation of force by being more dominant in it. Basically a government is necessary to protect the individual rights of its citizens, by preventing the initiation of force against its citizens either from internally or externally. Those rights are the right to life, liberty, property, free speech and self defence. To uphold these rights, the government should be objective in its use of force and therefore requires laws and a judiciary system. That is why we need a police force and a defence force.

When a government fails in the protection of the individual rights of its citizens, it has become obsolete and we do not need them. When a government not only fails its citizens, but actively undermines their basic individual rights, then they are breeding the ground for a violent revolt. The government cannot be the initiator of force against its citizens and if it is, then it becomes the moral duty of the citizens to oust that government, either by vote or retaliatory force.

The current ANC/ Marxist, terrorist regime has failed the citizens of South Africa. The ANC terrorists have no sense of right and wrong. They are in a tripartite alliance with the South African Communist Party and the Socialist COSATU (Council of South African Trade Unions). The ANC actively strive to introduce Socialism and Communism, that undermines the individual right to property ownership. They want to deny the citizens of South Africa a fundamental human right. If you do not have a property where you can exercise your other right to life and liberty on, and if you subject yourself to the confiscation of all kinds of property, the fruit of your labour, then you subject yourself to the destruction of your life. The ANC’s controversial Expropriation Bill was recently shelved after considerable pressure from mostly White Afrikaner pressure groups such as Solidarity and the Afrikanerbond and those with business interests. ( http://www.mg.co.za/article/2008-09-09-expropriation-bill-shelved-for-fear-of-backlash )

The ANC further denies millions of its citizens the right to life through an atrocious HIV/ AIDS policy. In 2003, the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, told the Washington post that he does not know anybody who has AIDS. click here...

The current President of the ANC, Jacob Zuma appeared in court on allegations of raping an HIV positive woman and who was a family friend. He is soon going to be the next president of South Africa. He said in his defence that he took a shower afterwards to prevent contracting HIV. He was eventually cleared on these charges under even more controversial conditions. click here...

The ANC minister of health, Manto Tsabalala-Msimang, turned the country into the laughing stock of the world with her “salad stand” and home grown approach to treating HIV/AIDS at the Toronto AIDS conference in 2006. (http://www.mg.co.za/article/2006-08-21-manto-defends-aids-policies )

The ANC government did launch a public ARV programme in 2003, just before the 2004 elections and is now providing the drugs to about 175,000 people, but activists say the drugs only reach a fraction of the people who need them and the ANC remains reluctant to provide ARV’s to the millions of HIV/AIDS sufferers in South Africa.

The ANC further undermine the right to life by actively working against the farming community and ultimately the people whom the farming community service. Apart from legalised theft of white owned farms called “expropriation to redress past indifferences”, the ANC dismantled the Comando System, a private, mostly Afrikaner militia, that has existed since the 1770s, and was the only defence at the farmers’ disposal. Farmers are not just robbed and killed, but tortured for hours using the most horrific methods. This has resulted in a genocide against White farmers.

Less than a third of South Africa’s commercial farmers are left over and this has resulted in food prices sky-rocketing and more and more people starving in South Africa; a country once known as a bread basket of Africa, and who exported some of the best products to world markets.

ANC supporters still chant the phrases Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer and One Settler, One Bullet
(http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2050188.stm ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Settler,_One_Bullet ) despite it having been outlawed and declared as hate speech.

The ANC as a government is supposed to protect its law-abiding citizens against criminals. It is their duty and responsibility, but instead they regularly free thousands of prisoners en masse as Mandela did on his 80th birthday, calling it a present to the people of South Africa.

Policies like these have propelled South Africa to the position of second most dangerous country in the world. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/159175/top_5_most_dangerous_countries_in_the.html?page=2&cat=16

Through various egalitarian policies such as Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, the ANC promotes hatred towards those who have achieved their goals in the pursuit of happiness. Instead of promoting pride in achievements and hard work they have Social grants and an Outcomes based education system that promotes meritocracy. Thus everybody is becoming more and more equal, equally poor, equally dumb and equally starving. Egalitarianism http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/egalitarianism/#3.2 leads to death where true equality lies.

The ANC loves to vilify the farmers in South Africa. The Afrikaans word for “farmer” is “Boer”. They like to portray our commercial farmers and “boers” as slave owners who exploit blacks. Yet the ANC is the biggest slave masters of Black people there is. Because of their socialistic ideas, they are creating a culture of dependency on the blacks. The ANC represents the kind, gentle slave master. The ANC thinks their slaves love them as The ANC takes care of them. What the ANC slaves will never have is freedom! At least everybody who lives on a white owned commercial farm is employed and never goes hungry. The ANC wants minimum wages for Blacks, instead of creating the opportunity for blacks to achieve MAXIMUM wages. The White commercial farmers take care of their workers. They give them adequate housing, better than the ANC RDP (Reconstruction and Development Plan) house that fall apart shortly after they are built. When blacks get sick, the farmer drives them to the nearest hospital and pays for all the costs. Farmers even build and run “Plaasskole” or farm schools as on our own family farm. The White commercial farmer is a microcosm of how South Africa should be governed. They do not tax their subjects and do not exploit them. The relationship between blacks and White commercial farmers is like two traders. It is a win-win situation. It is only the ANC who tries to destroy this relationship through lies.

No. The ANC is not a government, they just manage misery. The ANC views Blacks as their pets. They treat Blacks worse than a White will treat his dog. The ANC gives blacks substandard houses, health care and an outcomes based education system that reminds one of doggy training.

The ANC pretends to be a democracy and they think that by being and proclaiming it, the have the moral high ground. The truth is that a democracy is actually one of the worst forms of government. When the minority White government ruled South Africa they feared the majority black population. This was good and necessary. They could not be too oppressive, because then the majority Blacks would rebel. No dictatorship can ever stand against the full will of the people. It is clear from history that the Apartheid government tried to appease the majority blacks. They built them schools, universities, hospitals and even gave them their own homelands, where they could go and govern themselves.

Under democracy, the ones who suffer the most are the minorities. They have NO say in government and never will. Their vote counts for nothing and they are mostly ignored by government. So it is with Whites in South Africa. They make up less than ten percent of the population, but they are not simply ignored by the ANC. They are actively being made the villains and scapegoats for every single failure of the ANC. Whites in South Africa are not only being undermined, Whites are being persecuted by the ANC “democratic” tyrants.

There is this false belief amongst people that a democratic government is GOOD, JUST, and PROPER and all others are BAD. There is a perception being created that there is only ONE CHOICE…DEMOCRACY. This is very far from the truth. One cannot tie ten cripples together and think they will win a race against a 100 meter sprinter. What constitutes a proper government is the preservation of rights, not the method by which that preservation is brought about.

The ANC is a failure. They have failed as a terrorist organisation and even admitted it. They could never establish what they set out to do in the townships of South Africa. The ANC is a Marxist terrorist regime. This comes from their own website...

The ANC likes to portray themselves as the ones who brought “Freedom from Apartheid”.

That is an absolute lie. By 1989 the ANC was a defeated and virtually powerless terrorist organisation who would have ended up in the dustbin of history after the collapse of their sponsors, the Soviet Union. There was no need to revive them, talk to them or negotiate with them. The National Party at that stage removed most of the Apartheid legislation and was they, the White National Party who freed blacks from Apartheid.

Yes Thabo Mbeki was the worst President that South Africa ever had, but we need to think further than that. The ANC is the worst government that any country could ever have wished upon themselves. The ANC’s hands have always been dripping with blood and always will. They have not only failed themselves and the people of the South Africa, but they have failed as human beings.

What is deemed news?

By Mike Smith

Cape Town, 1 September 2008

Earlier I posted I skid about Donald Duck calling Daffy Duck a Racist. That is how comical I find these liberal reporters of news nowadays. Here is a report on how three whites racially abused a black woman at last weekend’s Rugby match between South Africa and Australia. Oh, make no mistake…it is front page news in South Africa. Why? Because it is a rarity.

Never mind the fact that hundreds of Whites on a daily basis are assaulted, raped and killed on their farms and in their homes. No that is not even news. News is only when something happens rarely…and it does not even require proof. A few allegations are enough to whip out the racist stick and beat whites back into submission.

Never mind the fact that we wanted a “Bok-Afrigter” and got a “Bok-wagter”. Look how other half-Zot, Oregan Hoskins, can offer R10,000 reward to any witnesses to the alleged incident, without even finding out the other side of the story. Maybe the She-boon was pissed and racially abused the Whites first and they retaliated, maybe it was all hearsay, but hey…stuff the facts. Whites are immediately guilty. Hung, drawn and quartered by liberal reporting in South African media.

The worst part for me in this piece of reporting (I won’t call it journalism) is how they encourage Whites who were witnesses to this so-called “racist” incident to come to the fore. This section sums up how they want Whites to betray other Whites and the methods they are willing to adopt:

“As a result of this incident the Golden Lions were investigating placing anti-racism stickers on stadium seats.

"The sticker will contain information about an SMS number supporters can use to immediately identify racist incidents.”

WTF. I mean this is how they use us against ourselves, by branding some of us as “Troublemakers”.

Read my piece on the Modern Day Zimbardo experiment click here

'Racists' assault black Springbok fan

A R10 000 reward has been offered to anyone who can identify the perpetrators of a "racist attack" that occurred at the Springboks Tri-Nations match, the SA Rugby Union (SARU) said on Monday.

The attack happened on Saturday at the Tri-Nations Test between the Springboks and Australia at Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg.

In a statement the union said together with the Golden Lions Rugby Union, they were pursuing all avenues to identify three white men who racially abused and assaulted a black female Springbok fan at half-time in the corridors of the stadium.

"There were 54 000 people in the stadium enjoying a thrilling Springbok victory but it takes the racist actions of a tiny handful to sour the occasion," Oregan Hoskins, president of SARU said.

"This was a despicable action by three men whom every Springbok on the field that day would have roundly condemned."

"But what's as alarming is that other supporters passed by without intervening."

He added that SARU was committed to rooting out this behaviour and would come down hard on the perpetrators.

"I don't want them in rugby - they should stay away from our game," said Hoskins.

The Golden Lions and SARU contacted the victim to offer their apologies and express their sympathy as well as attempt to identify the individuals responsible.

Hoskins said they had friends and acquaintances who saw what happened "and we urge them to contact our offices so that we can take action".

"If they need any encouragement there is a R10 000 reward on offer.

"We will also be contacting all 14 of our provinces to underline that we have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour - anyone found guilty of such actions will be banned from our stadia," he said.

As a result of this incident the Golden Lions were investigating placing anti-racism stickers on stadium seats.

"The sticker will contain information about an SMS number supporters can use to immediately identify racist incidents.

"I shall be writing to the victim to offer my apologies. This kind of attitude has no place anywhere and certainly not in SA rugby." - Sapa

All it takes are a few good men… and an idea

By Mike Smith
Cape Town, 5 August 2008

I have often wondered why Whites in South Africa, and in particular, Afrikaners, do not have independence yet. I mean, the right to self-determination for minorities is provided for in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. According to their guidelines, Afrikaners and/or Boers can definitely be classified as indigenous to South Africa and therefore has the right to self-determination. Click here.

Furthermore, in our constitution in Chapter 14, Regulation 235. It states:
The right of the South African people as a whole to self-determination, as manifested in this Constitution, does not preclude, within the framework of this right, recognition of the notion of the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation. “
Why has Whites not exercised this right yet?

Many say it is, because Whites simply are not united on this issue and I tend to agree, but what does “united” mean? If 70% of Whites want self-determination, would that be enough to have a country of our own? What are the criteria necessary for self-determination? Must 100% of Whites agree on it; 51%, two thirds, or what?

Now the constitution states that self-determination can be granted to a,

“…community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.”

So let us analyze that:

We must share a common cultural and language heritage (not race). Whites in South Africa do not share a common cultural and language heritage. White Afrikaans and English speakers might be very similar, but according to the constitution, they will have to apply for self-determination on their own cultural and language grounds. Not to mention the Whites from Portuguese, Italian, Greek, German or French backgrounds.

Next up is the question of where this self-determined country should be, the so called, “territorial entity in the Republic”. Some Whites have picked Orania already; some say the old Boer Republics of the Free State and the ZAR (Transvaal). Personally I believe the Cape Province south of the Orange River and West of the Fish River is politically obtainable, historically and morally justifiable, and militarily defendable. It is also economically strategic, being by the sea, but unless Whites agree on this area or ANY area, no self-determination will be obtained.

So does the last part, “or in any other way, determined by national legislation”, give us an idea of how to get round this issue of race? Well, I suppose it could, but it will have to be nationally legislated. In other words, approved by a majority Black Parliament. Good luck with that.

As far as regulation two about the “Supremacy of the Constitution” is concerned it states: “…law or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid”.

So in other words, one part of the constitution cannot be used to contradict another part. We need to be able to satisfy all the criteria of non-racialism, non-sexism, etc before we can even think along the lines of self-determination for Whites.

Should we then rather give up and leave South Africa? Well, that would obviously be the best option if you are White and unhappy to live in a crime infested, corrupt, Communist hellhole.

Is regulation 235 of the constitution only written in there as an unobtainable, unrealistic dream for Whites? What will it take to obtain self-determination? Can we ever make it reality?

The problem that we have in South Africa is that none of the major political parties, intelligentsia or cultural organisations supports a White homeland. There are more than fifty so called Afrikaner organisations, and some of them like the Afrikanerbond and Solidarity, are made up of heavyweight intelligentsia, yet none of these organisations claims to speak for, or on behalf of the Afrikaners and none of them support a homeland for the Afrikaners. They all believe that Afrikaners should find their niche in the New South Africa. The truth is that Afrikaners and other Whites are finding their niches in Australia, England and Europe simply, because the ANC/Communist regime creates policies of legislated discrimination against them and does nothing about horrific, violent crime against Whites that would in any normal society be seen as genocide.

I would suggest they start by assembling a task team made up of top White intelligentsia from many fields, who are SERIOUS about a White homeland, a few like-minded good men. Their ranks should include, but not be limited to, Lawyers, Historians, Journalists, Economists, Business people, Military Defence experts, Politicians, Linguists, Religious leaders, Scientists, Public Relations officials, etc. About 20 experts in total would be enough. They should elect their most charismatic leader and then aggressively pursue their goal of self-determination for Whites.

Next up would be an official, independent survey amongst Whites to see how many really want self-determination. Determine why they want it or why not. Based on this, a case can be built that would be legally, morally and historically justified. A new constitution and declaration of independence will have to be drawn up. A lot of work lies ahead.

In the meantime the training of a defence force should also commence in case of reprisal or intimidation attacks so often used by Marxist terrorists against White farmers and residents. They will eventually form the basis of the new Military and Police forces of the new Homeland.

Once the people start seeing a definitive drive from the top to pursue this goal, they will support it. People need to be clearly shown what they stand to gain by seeking self-determination and what they stand to lose by living under Communist oppression for much longer. People should have one common goal; a united and free country for the Whites of Africa, a Heimat for the destitute and persecuted from Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.

The time has come for Whites in South Africa to shake of the shackles of the past and start working towards a new dispensation that will ensure our continued survival on an otherwise hostile continent. It is up to us and us alone, because the world has turned their backs on us.

Most of the time I endure the scoffing and the mocking, but I firmly believe that Whites in South Africa can obtain self-determination. It starts with a dream, an idea shared by a few good men. It starts with you and me. Every time I close my eyes, I see a Free Republic for the Whites of Africa. In my heart are songs and poems of freedom. I believe that we can build a new country, a beacon of light at the tip of the continent that will forever shine as a testimony to who we are and what our ancestors brought to Africa. We might be down now, but we can be magnificent again. I believe nothing is impossible. If enough people believe it, we will be free and we will prosper as never before!

Ghosts of a Communist past visiting South Africa.

By Mike Smith

Cape Town, 23 July 2008

About 20 km north of Berlin, capital of Germany, between the picturesque towns of Wandlitz, Prenden, Klosterfelde, Lanke and Uetzdorf lays a place very few Germans know or care about, let alone those outside of Germany. It is called, “Haus am Bogensee”. Today the buildings are dilapidated, the gardens overgrown and there is hardly a soul in sight.

This was the former house and “Liebesnest” (love nest) of the Nazi propagandist, Josef Goebbels, where he entertained and seduced many women, promising them roles in films, and where he earned the title “Der Bock von Babelsberg” (the Babelsberg stud).

Of more significance in recent times, is the Wilhelm Pieck College (Hochschule) that was built on the same estate by the Socialist Unity Party (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands - SED) in the Communist East German country called the German Democratic Republic (GDR or DDR).

They built this as a communist, political indoctrination establishment for their youth called the Free German Youth (Freie Deutsche Jugend, FDJ). It was a Communist “Kaderschmiede” where one could obtain a useless Diploma (Diplom-Politologe) after three years of Marxist-Leninist brainwashing, but once one had obtained the diploma, one was ensured of only the top government jobs.

Close by in the “Waldsiedlung" in Wandlitz, lived the GDR Politbüro.

Today these buildings are all empty and in ruin, yet the German taxpayers have to fork out EUR 250,000 a year for the upkeep and maintenance of buildings that are used once or twice a year. Police-reinforcements use it as an overnight stay when they are sent to Berlin for big events such as the visit by Senator Barack Obama.

A little bit further north in the town of Schewrin, was the “Kinderheime” (children’s homes) for the more than 400 children of the SWAPO terrorists who fought against the South African Defense Force in Namibia and Angola. The tale of these GDR-children is a tragic story in itself. In 1990 these children were sent back to their mud huts in Namibia after being raised in relative luxury by the East German Communists. They could not understand their parents and today many are confused about their identities, torn between two worlds, two cultures and two languages. A film was made about these children called Omulaule.

Today, the previous South African government is blamed for the separation of these children. The truth is that the SADF, built excellent schools, hospitals and children’s homes for black children in Namibia that still stands today. They did not separate the children from their parents, culture or language. Only Communists separate children from their parents and culture. I spoke to two of these GDR-children in 1993 and it is my hope that some of them would one day come forward and tell of their horrific mental and physical abuse at the hands of their Communist “caretakers” in the GDR. Children as young as ten were taught to shoot and schooled in military tactics to provide the next generation of Marxist terrorists. One can only think of what else happened in these children’s homes. It certainly was not only their minds that were tampered with.

The reason for this story is to be found in an article here

The Marxist-Leninist regime of South Africa is planning to now build their own version of the Wilhelm Pieck Hochschule (named after the GDR president). They want it up and running by January 2009.

There is very little difference between the GDR’s totalitarian regime of the SED and the South African totalitarian regime of the Tri-partite alliance, consisting of the ANC, the SA Communist Party, the Congress of SA Trade Unions (COSATU), but also the SA National Civic Organisation (SANCO). Many of the current ANC cadres were trained at that exact college in East Germany.

The SED was also formed out of a coalition of the Communist party, Socialists and German workers associations. One of the first things they did was to change the constitution that paved the way to a dictatorship, but they called “Democratic”. Also note how the called their youth league “Free” youths of Germany.

Such is the Totalitarian Tiptoeing of the Marxist-Leninists regime; ever getting closer to a full-blown dictatorship in South Africa.

When one speaks to people in South Africa, they refuse to acknowledge the truth about our country. They say that communism is dead or that it exists only in name. Even when confronted with hard evidence, most South Africans cannot and do not want to see that we are on a slippery slide to a Zimbabwe style dictatorship.

One can only deduce that most South Africans suffer from delusional psychosis, a condition that affects the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality. People with this condition holds false beliefs and are so convinced of their delusion that the most logical argument cannot make them change their mind. Fortunately it is treatable and people can fully recover…usually when they return to a normal environment.

How can we return to a “normal environment” other than by emigrating from South Africa to a relatively normal country?

We need to either remove the cancer causing the delusion or we need to create a “normal country” of our own. Normal, sane people can never coexist with insane people in an asylum. Before long, everyone will be insane. Are we already so delusional that we cannot see this? I hope not. I hope that the few sane people left in South Africa will start working in earnest towards a country of their own before they get caught up in a communist dictatorship that will bring untold suffering and hardship for all.

Before one can be a King, one should first be a Man

By Mike Smith

Cape Town, 17 June 2008

I was moved by some articles written by fellow bloggers today. All excellent pieces that I wanted to comment on, but I thought it better to write an article in response. The first article was by Dark Raven who correctly pointed out the use of rape as a psychological weapon by the communist ANC regime against the whites of South Africa, asking why our men do not defend our communities. The second was by Doodler who pointed out that the lack of patriotism amongst ourselves will be the death of our nation and nobody will sympathise with us.

These articles moved me because it is so true. Us men sit by and read about these atrocities against our people, but we do nothing. As long as it is not personal, we sympathise for a moment and then the sun comes up and it is another day. People who do not live in South Africa or who were not raised here find it difficult to understand.

The usual simplistic solution is for whites to “Stand together”. “Unite and fight back”.

As an officer I know that this view is not going to happen. Not in the short term anyway. Why, you may ask. Fact is people are not going to stand together or unite behind a common cause, miraculously. People follow a LEADER.

The song “De la Rey” by Bok van Blerk and Sean Else, pointed this out. Our people are hungry for a leader. Even English speaking South Africans were singing this song loudly at get-togethers. The hearts of the people are in the right place. Everyone knows that “Something needs to be done”.

It is not as if whites in South Africa are turning a blind eye to the murders, rapes and tortures of our people. They simply need direction. Our people are confused, lost, influenced by mainstream media, the church and pseudo leaders. Our people want to do the right thing, but what is “The Right Thing”? What should we do?

Maybe we are asking this question to everyone except the right Being. We look for answers in all the wrong places, when we should be asking our God that stood by us at the Battle of Bloodriver. The One we entered into a covenant with and to whom we built a temple in Pretoria, OUR capital.

The Communists build their entire campaign on fear and hatred. They hate us and want to make us hate them back and fear them. The counter to their strategy is LOVE.

By that I do not mean that we must “love our enemy”, because I can never love Satan. Communists are Satan’s’ spawn and I can never love them. What I mean with love is that we must start loving our own.

We should start with loving our God that saved us at Bloodriver. We should love our families; willing to die for our wives and children. Then we should start loving our neighbours as we love ourselves.

What has the spawn of Satan done? They have alienated us from our God to the point where we are to scared to go to church. The St. James Church massacre is proof of this. Look at how high our walls are. We live in fear in our houses for years and we do not even know who our neighbours are.

People, that is not how I grew up in South Africa. We use to braai with our neighbours; our kids played together, even sleep over. Our neighbours were like family. We have lost all of that. It was an eye opener to me when I recently travelled to Germany to see people have gates in their fences between them and their neighbours. People exchange flowers for eggs. Neighbours yarn swap and have beers together after work. We use to do that as well. It brought tears to my eyes.

So let us not loose focus. Let us not play into the hands of our enemies. Satan wants us to hate, but what we should be doing is love. Love our God, our families and our neighbours. Let us love our country and our culture. Let us love our language, our history and our music. Let us be proud of who we are and teach our children the same way. Love is a much greater emotion than hate. Even in war, love always wins.

There is no arguing that we are leaderless today. Our leaders have forsaken us. The problem with leadership amongst our people is that they pop up here and there. Our enemies, the Communist spawn of Satan are well adapted to this. Their Modus Operandi is like this: The moment a leader steps up, they character assassinate him. When that does not work, they will try to buy him. If that still does not work, he is assassinated physically, usually by a mob or poison. Against these tactics we will never have a De La Rey.

A De La Rey does not fall out of the sky and one day he is miraculously there. De La Reys are made. So what should we do? How do we get to unite our people and produce a De La Rey?

Every man is a leader in his own right. Every man is a De La Rey. Take charge of your property and the well being of your family. Get fit, train and condition them in vicious unarmed combat. You do not have to be a Martial Arts expert. Common sense is your best weapon. Just breed in their minds the possibility of an attack and how they need to defend themselves to the point of self sacrifice for their loved ones. Train as close to reality as possible.

Further, take part in sports like SCUBA diving, sky diving, abseiling, and martial arts. Take part in driving courses, hunting and paintball. All these skills are useful when the time comes.

Out of every community will come a leader and these leaders will compete to produce even a better leader and so one and so forth until the day comes that we have our De la Rey. When he falls away we have plenty more to take his place, but the fact is that it starts from the ground up. It starts in your own home. Everyone have to be a De la Rey in his own right. Develop a mindset of resistance; a will to fight back.

Guys, we are the last white men of Africa. There is none after us. History will one day tell our story. How would you like to be remembered? As a bunch of spineless cowards who allowed your wives and children to be raped, tortured and murdered?

We now have the opportunity to be remembered as great men of our kind and to make our ancestors proud. We do not have to take these rapes and murders any longer. We do not have to cower in front of Satans children a single day longer. Do we love our own enough to kill to protect them? If so…then let the games begin. There is no greater love…

South Africa – A modern day “Zimbardo Experiment”

By Mike Smith
Cape Town – 6 April 2008

In 1971, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo of the Stanford University, conducted his infamous and controversial “Prison Experiment”. Most scholars of Psychology agree that to replicate this experiment today will be impossible, because of human rights. The world will simply not allow this to happen.

Yet we see this experiment being replicated on a grandiose scale and the world sits and watches, doing nothing. The Zimbardo experiment is being carried out in South Africa as you are reading this.

The experiment
The entire experiment can be seen on Dr. Zimbardo’s website http://www.prisonexp.org/

Here are the main points:

Dr Zimbardo used volunteers; students he paid $15 a day. Dr. Zimbardo was looking for some answers to his questions. What happens when good people are put in positions of authority in an evil place? Would evil triumph or would humanity prevail?

Twenty four normal, healthy, intelligent, white students were selected and split up into “Prisoners” and “Guards”. The basement of the university was used as cells. The experiment was suppose to last 14 days, but was cancelled after six days, because of what it did to the students. The “Guards” became extremely sadistic and the “Prisoners” severely depressed and showing signs of extreme stress.

Over the next few days you saw “Guards” and “Prisoners” really getting into their roles; prisoners rebelling, Guards suppressing them, etc. if you read the report it is quite shocking.

Less than 36 hours into the experiment one student began suffering from acute emotional disturbance, disorganized thinking, uncontrollable crying, and rage, telling other prisoners, "You can't leave. You can't quit."

The guards made the prisoners suffer, forcing them to do menial, repetitive work such as cleaning out toilet bowls with their bare hands. The guards had prisoners do push-ups, jumping jacks, whatever the guards could think up, and they increased the length of the counts to several hours each.

One prisoner (#819) broke out in tears and couldn’t handle it anymore. Zimbardo told him to go wait in another room. One of the guards lined up the other prisoners and had them chant aloud: "Prisoner #819 is a bad prisoner. Because of what Prisoner #819 did, my cell is a mess, Mr. Correctional Officer." They shouted this statement in unison a dozen times.

Zimbardo realised that #819 could hear the chanting and raced back to the room. This is how he accounts it:

“I suggested we leave, but he refused. Through his tears, he said he could not leave because the others had labeled him a bad prisoner. Even though he was feeling sick, he wanted to go back and prove he was not a bad prisoner. At that point I said, "Listen, you are not #819. You are [his name], and my name is Dr. Zimbardo. I am a psychologist, not a prison superintendent, and this is not a real prison. This is just an experiment, and those are students, not prisoners, just like you. Let's go."

He stopped crying suddenly, looked up at me like a small child awakened from a nightmare, and replied, "Okay, let's go."

Another prisoner called #416 went on a hunger strike. When he wouldn’t eat after several attempts from the guards, they put him in solitary confinement for three hours and still he refused to eat.

At this point #416 should have been a hero to the other prisoners. But instead, the others saw him as a troublemaker. The head guard then exploited this feeling by giving prisoners a choice. They could have #416 come out of solitary if they were willing to give up their blanket, or they could leave #416 in solitary all night.
Most elected to keep their blanket and let their fellow prisoner suffer in solitary all night.

The Parallels to the New South Africa
There is little doubt in my mind that since 1994, Afrikaners in the “New South Africa” find themselves in the roles of the prisoners and that the black ANC supporters find themselves in the roles of the guards.

We see on a daily basis that blacks are becoming increasingly more sadistic. Blacks are attacking whites on farms and in their homes, often for no financial gain. They torture whites for hours without stealing anything. This corresponds perfectly with Dr Zimbardo’s experiment where the guards worked overtime for no additional pay, just for the joy of punishing the prisoners. Blacks in South Africa think it is their duty to punish whites and thoroughly enjoy it, just like Zimbardo’s guards.
Whites in South Africa, and in particular Afrikaners, accept their roles as “Prisoners”. They are being made to feel so by the ANC, who tells them on a daily basis that they are “Bad Prisoners” just like #819. They feel they deserve the punishment and when told that they are not prisoners and that they can leave, they refuse to. They want to stay and prove that they are NOT “Bad Prisoners”.

Further, Afrikaners and whites treat their rebels like prisoner #416. Instead of calling them “Heroes”, they call them “Troublemakers”. This “Bystander Apathy” is sickening in the “New, Improved, South Africa”. Afrikaners will stand and watch their women and children being raped and slaughtered, tortured with boiling water for hours, but won’t lift a finger to help. They are like deer that are stunned by the lights of an oncoming truck.

But there is hope. There is a light shining at the end of the tunnel. In one of my previous posts, I called on the ANC to step it up a gear. I want them to oppress the Afrikaners more. Why? It is founded in a letter that Dr. Zimbardo received from a REAL prisoner of an Ohio penitentiary after being in solitary confinement for 37 months!

He writes:

"I was recently released from solitary confinement after being held therein for thirty-seven months. The silence system was imposed upon me and if I even whispered to the man in the next cell resulted in being beaten by guards, sprayed with chemical mace, black jacked, stomped, and thrown into a strip cell naked to sleep on a concrete floor without bedding, covering, wash basin, or even a toilet....I know that thieves must be punished, and I don't justify stealing even though I am a thief myself. But now I don't think I will be a thief when I am released. No, I am not rehabilitated either. It is just that I no longer think of becoming wealthy or stealing. I now only think of killing -- killing those who have beaten me and treated me as if I were a dog. I hope and pray for the sake of my own soul and future life of freedom that I am able to overcome the bitterness and hatred which eats daily at my soul. But I know to overcome it will not be easy."

So yes Mr. Zuma. Take cognizance of this fact. The Afrikaners are waiting for that day that they will be free just like you, a one time prisoner, waited. The resentment amongst the Afrikaner youths are growing, because they are realizing that they are NOT prisoners and are being punished for things that happened before they were even born. You think you know Afrikaners because you engage in dialogue with them…I talk to them when you are not around. I hear what is REALLY going on in their minds. They tell me things that they will never repeat around a table with you. Let me tell you Mr. Zuma…The Afrikaners are starting to sing, “Bring me my machine gun!”
In fact, most of them can’t wait to start shooting and slitting throats. Most of them can think of nothing else, nowadays. They live for that day that they will be given a chance to avenge their mothers and sisters who were brutally raped and murdered.

So my advice to you and the ANC, Mr. Zuma, is to keep up the oppression of Afrikaners. I know them intimately. They are a nice, peace loving, and God-fearing people, until it becomes time not to be nice.

See, Afrikaners never started any of the wars on this continent, but if you want to LOSE a war…then the Afrikaner is your man! Start a war with Afrikaners and you will see what I am talking about. Don’t think numerical superiority will help you either. Afrikaners don’t back down in the face of numbers. Ask the Zulus and the British. Ask the Cubans and the Russians. Afrikaners are true warriors. They pray for peace every day…with a rifle in their hands. They don’t want to fight, but if forced to, they will not back down and they won’t hold back. Every day you oppress them more, they just become tougher and more resentful. It will just make it so much easier for them to avenge their dead at the end of the day.

You better start listening Mr. Zuma, and listen closely. Not to your so called Afrikaner buddies like Dr. Wingard around dinner, but keep your ear to the ground.
Zimbardo’s experiment proved that if you awaken the evil in normal, peace loving human beings, you are opening Pandora’s Box. Do you really want to go that way Mr. Zuma? Keep singing “Awuleth’ Umshini Wami”! De La Rey is saddling up his horse and he is coming! May God be with you, for I won’t be able to help you that day.
Listen to the REAL Afrikaners and give them a country of their own before it is too late.

Diocletian's "Problem-Reaction-Solution" in South Africa

By Mike Smith

Cape Town, 1 February 2008

Diocletian was a repressive Roman emperor who came to power in 284 AD who believed that order could only be maintained if there were strict control on the personal freedoms of the population. He further introduced extreme taxation despite the fact that he, by 301, had defeated the Germans and the Sassanids and there were no more reason for his tyrannical rule.

The Emperor needed a new enemy to regain the support of his pseudo-slaves. He hated Christians, because the Christians publicly condemned his ritual sacrifices. So he gradually started persecuting them. Diocletian's vice-emperor, Galerius, didn't have a hard time in persuading him that if a Palace were just to burn down, Diocletian could really accelerate his crusade against the Christians. Just by coincidence, twice within sixteen days toward the end of February, Diocletian's palace in Nicomedia burned. The Christians were immediately blamed.

And so genocide started. A monumental crackdown occurred as Diocletian issued four edicts against the Christians. Christian assemblies were forbidden. Bibles were confiscated and burned, and churches were destroyed. Christians were torn limb from limb in the arena, the animals goaded on by a mindless population who had accepted at face value the guilt of the Christians.

Some people call this the “Problem-Reaction-Solution” method. It works like this:

A government wants to achieve something, but they know if they just go for it, they will run into trouble with the population. So they first create a “Problem” which is followed by a major outcry from the public that “Something must be done” (the Reaction), which in turn is followed by the “Sollution”, provided by the government.

This tactic has been used for hundreds of years. And many conspiracy theorists have written about it. Even today we see it. Let us look at an example. For instance:

If a government wants to control all the oil and opium trade from the Middle East, they simply apply Diocletian’s method. Invading sovereign countries are illegal, but if you can somehow blame those countries for housing terrorist organizations (that you created and supported) and blame them for terrorist acts in your own country (without concrete proof), then the public will support your tyranny. You provide the solution. Invasion of sovereign countries follows and the sheep supports you 100%.

Today we can look at unarming civilians for instance. The government cannot disarm civilians en-masse. Questions will be asked and people will hide their weapons. But if some unforeseen, emotionally charged deaths should occur, such as a school shooting by a “Lone-nutter” or a kid shooting up a squatter camp with Daddy’s rifle, then there will be an outcry from the public that “Something must be done”. Promptly you supply the solution; a ban on all weapons.

In South Africa there are and were many examples of Diocletian’s “Problem-Reaction –Solution” tactics. The British wanted their hands on the mineral wealth of the two Boer Republics, so they blamed the Boers for everything they could in order to justify a genocide against this tiny nation of farmers.

Another example: say for instance the biggest fear of a Black Government is a White Right-wing backlash. What do they need to do? Plant a few bombs in Black areas; blame it on a Right-wing organization (that you created) and you can keep the All Alleged Accused in prison for four years without a trial (as with the Boeremag). Better still…the public will support you.

If you want to impose a Communist government onto the people, you need to destroy the capitalist economy, but openly doing so is going to cause a massive outcry from the public. So in order to destroy the economy, you have to break the back of it, namely electricity. Create an “Electricity Crisis” (problem), The public cries, “Something must be done” (the Reaction), blame businesses for consuming too much electricity and tell them to scale down (the solution). Down the drain Economy goes.

Crime is another example. Crime has so many facets that it should be in a section on its own, but let’s examine some issues.

Firstly. You cannot imprison or hang people without a trail. So you create a crime problem. The public screams, “Something must be done!”, and you provide the solution; imprisonment without trial and the death penalty.

Secondly, if you want to get rid of your opposition (the Whites), you cannot just drive them into the sea. There will be an outcry and they might fight back. You cannot justify a war against them, so what to do? Blame the Whites for the most terrible word in human history, “Racism” and wage war on them without a declaration of war. With no declaration of war against them, the whites are not allowed to fight back as soldiers. Killing of 3000 White farmers and thousands more Whites in their homes by blacks are now called, “ Ordinary crime” by the president. Vigilantism is against the law and the Whites have to rely on the police to stop the “Crime”, but the government employs the Police. So the killing continues with nobody lifting a finger to stop it. Whites refuse to believe that a war is being waged against them.

More Whites have died in the years under ANC rule than in British concentration camps. More Whites have died since the ANC took over than in all the years they have planted bombs as a terrorist organization, including the soldiers on the Namibia/Angola border.

The first few years after the 1994 election, the ANC and NP ruled together in a coalition. So the ANC has actually only been in power for ten years. Ten years it took them to redudce a prosperous first world country to the rubbish it is now. Compared to the almost 30 years it took other African countries to go through the same, it looks as if the ANC is going for a record.

Anybody can see that under ANC/Communist rule, the crime will not get better. Electricity, roads and other infrastructure are only sliding backwards into the abyss. Housing and jobs for the poor masses will never be created. Only the totally naïve and stupid believes the promises and lies of the ANC.

We therefore need to look at the ANC very carefully and see if we can predict future situations modeled on Diocletian’s principle. What are the ANC’s future “Problem –Reaction-Solutions”?

To answer that question we should look at what the ultimate aims of the ANC/Communists are. They want to rule forever. They want to get rid of all and any opposition that might ever prevent them from ruling forever.

There are roughly four million whites living in nice houses in South Africa. There are 40 Million blacks that demand houses from the government on a daily basis. Blacks live ten people in a house, no problem. Why should the government spend money on building houses for blacks when there are millions of houses standing already? There is only one problem…whites live in these houses. All they have to do is:

Create …

A Problem – Urbanize Blacks en masse to create a housing shortage. (Done already)

There will be…

A Reaction – An outcry from Blacks that demand houses….(Done already)


A Solution – Blame the whites for something horrible (e.g. the death of a beloved black leader) to trigger genocide against them and either kill them all or drive them out of the country.

All black problems will be solved when the last White is out of Africa. Black Power, FOREVER!

In order for whites to survive, they will have to become aware of the tactics and methods of the enemy. Is it not time that whites start adopting these Diocletian methods themselves? How can Whites use Diocletian’s “Problem-Reaction-Solution” to their own advantage? What does blacks consider as “problems” and can we create some for them to the point where there is an outcry “that something must be done”? Can we then supply them with the “Solution” in order to achieve our own goals?

Yes we certainly can, but in order to do so, we need to define what our goals are. What is it that we want to achieve? Many people are still divided on this issue. Some say we should push for an independent homeland for ourselves in the Cape, some say the entire South Africa is ours already. Some want the old Boer Republics reinstated. Some wants to rule alongside blacks in a type of Federation. Some whites simply want to leave.

It is clear to me that most whites in South Africa already have a common goal, they just don’t know it yet. All the people above, from the Boer Republicans to the emigrants, have the same goal, Freedom from oppression!

The problem is that whites can never be free unless they rule over themselves. Whites can never be free from oppression unless they live in their own country. Whites can never be free unless they are free to speak and sing their own languages in their own churches and schools. Whites should be able to pay taxes to themselves and look after their own in their own hospitals. Whites should be able to employ and be employed by their own, free from Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. Whites should be able to build their own cities and towns and name them after their own leaders. Whites should be able to erect their own monuments for their own heroes and not be forced to worship idols of terrorism.

How can we ever achieve all these things unless we have our own country? Every time I close my eyes I see one thing in front of me and one thing only; a beautiful country, a place where we can be ourselves and be truly free! This should be our common goal. Our tactics will follow our strategy and our strategy will determine our tactics. The end will justify the means.

„None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.“
-Johan Wolfgang von Goethe-

Can Big Business and Media bring ANC and ESKOM in check?

By Mike Smith
Cape Town, 28 January 2008

The mining industry in South Africa came to a grinding halt this past week due to the South African Power supplier, Eskom, unable to deliver electricity to the mines. This has a major knock-on effect, because thousands of other smaller companies supply or deal with the mines and are dependent on the mines for their very survival.

Now I see the newspapers report that the CEO of Anglo American Corporation, Cynthia Carroll is on her way to South Africa to meet with Government Ministers and Eskom Representatives.

Anglo American is the second largest mining group in the world next to Rio Tinto. Anglo moved from South Africa to London in 1999 after it merged with the Luxembourg company, Minorco. They changed their entire corporate structure, which was imposed on them by the previous South African Government to prevent them from raping the country too much. Anglo’s move was received with consternation in South Africa, where it was seen as a political snub to President Nelson Mandela's government and it was slammed by the big unions. Anglo American was instrumental in bringing the ANC to power in South Africa. Their previous leaders like Ogilvie Thompson (a former Rhodes Scholar) and Gavin W. H. Relly, frequently spoke out against the previous government and Relly led a business delegation in 1985 to go and speak to the then banned ANC terrorist organization. The combined assets of Anglo American and Minorco is estimated as $ 15 Billion; money that was earned off the backs of cheap Black Labour. Such is the hypocrisy of this company. Speaking out against Apartheid while at the same time enriching themselves with virtual black slave labour. Ironically Anglo has been slapped with a lawsuit to pay reparations to victims for “upholding” Apartheid. They are basically sued for everything they have ($20 Billion).

Cynthia Carroll, is known in South Africa as the “Queen (BEE)Keeper” for meeting all Anglo’s Black Economic Empowerment goals, but it is in Alaska where she really made a name for herself. There she is known as “Cyanide Cynthia” the World’s Biggest Scrooge.

She is reported by Forbes magazine to be the seventh most powerful woman in the world. What she and her buddies from Northern Dynasty want to do is to build the world’s biggest dam in Alaska so she can mine stacks of gold to gild her mirrors and toilet seats with. The area where she wants to do it is prime Sockeye Salmon habitat. These Salmon needs to swim upstream to lay their eggs. With the dam in the way the Salmon will never reach their spawning grounds. Bears, Fish Eagles and Native Humans who rely on the Salmon will obviously be affected, but the cyanide used to extract the gold from the rock will destroy the Salmon population completely. Anglo-American and Northern Dynasty plan to spend $100 million this year on consultants, environmental impact statements, and bribing the locals (or, as they put it, "getting the social license").

Does she give a flying hoot? Does Anglo American Corporation worry about sensitive eco systems? No. All they care about is selling their gold and platinum to Rappers to hang around their necks as “Bling”.

Anglo American (De Beers) and Consolidated Goldfields were started by Cecil John Rhodes and his South African Company and it is now controlled by the Oppenheimer family; one of the world’s ten richest families. An offshoot of the SA Company was LonRho or the London Rhodesian Company, who have been raping the African continent for almost a century. Rhodes was also the one who instigated the Anglo Boer war against the two Boer Republics. A war that saw genocide and the deaths of tens of thousands of this tiny white nation and also the introduction of concentration camps of Lord Kitchener, where twenty-seven-thousand Boer women and children died; all for the greed of gold and diamonds.

Before the transfer of power to the ANC terrorist regime in 1994, the Oppenheimers controlled about 80% of all the stock on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Today, after the blacks got their “Freedom” they still control almost 80% of all the stock on the JSE.

It is common knowledge amongst South African journalists worthy of the name, that Mandela never took any decisions without consulting the Oppenheimers. The Oppenheimers also control the media in South Africa through various front companies such as the Argus Group which was sold to Tony O’Reilly’s Independent Group of Ireland (1994) and Caxton/CTP.

In 1993 Mandela spent Christmas at the Nassau Holiday home of Tony O’Reilly in the Bahamas. Tony O’Reilly also owns major shares in British News Paper Publishing (43%), Australian Provincial Newspapers (55%), in New Zealand (44%) of Wilson and Horton, and (25%) of Irish Press Newspapers. I am not even considering his interests in Radio and television, the point I like to make is that Tony O’Reilly is also a big buddy of Robert Mugabe. In 1992 he entertained Mugabe at his mansion in County Kildare. He considers the current South Africa a “Modern Day miracle”.

You will note that I refer to him as Tony O’Reilly and not “Sir” Anthony O’Reilly, because Irish citizens aren’t supposed to have titles.

But Anglo American was not the only big corporation who supported the ANC terrorists. Let us not forget that the Dutch oil giant, Shell, donated an entire tower block in the centre of Johannesburg to the ANC. Shell, BP and Anglo America refused to testify before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1997 to explain their links with the Apartheid government.

However. In countries suffering from civil war such as Colombia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Anglo American continues to profit from the conflict and associated human rights abuses which condemn local communities to insecurity and terror. In the Philippines and South Africa, local communities threatened with Anglo American mines have faced severe repression in their fight to stay on their land. In Ghana and Mali, local communities see little of the huge profits being made by AngloGold Ashanti but suffer from fear and intimidation and from the damaging impact of its mines on their environment, health and livelihoods.

In September 2006, Colombian mining leader Alejandro Uribe was assassinated. Uribe had been leading the community’s peaceful opposition to AngloGold Ashanti’s mining in the region and was seeking an investigation into the killing of another mining union leader the month before.

I am however very interested to know what is going to be discussed between Cynthia Carroll and the ANC/Eskom delegation. I wish I was a fly on the wall.

Remember these are companies who have MONEY and who hire private armies such as MPRI and Blackwater to “Guard their interests”. These private armies are not scared of any government’s troops. They simply offer them employment for a hundred times what they earn in their own countries and redeploy them in Iraq or Afghanistan.

This could get VERY interesting. As Anglo-American/De Beers’s profits are being affected, expect their liberal do-gooder stance to fly out the window faster than you could say “Mercenary”. Maybe now you understand why the South African ANC Government has introduced draconian Anti-Mercenary laws.

Interesting times indeed. Maybe these Multi Billion Dollar Corporations will realize that when they supported the ANC terrorists, they betted on the wrong horse. Maybe the previous government wasn’t so bad after all. It will be interesting to see how they scramble around trying to do damage control after their darling ANC buddies stuffed up their profits and business interests in South Africa.

They know exactly where they can go and find sympathy…somewhere in the dictionary…between “Shit” and “Syphilis”.

Appeasement - The long term strategy for Afrikaners by their own leaders

By Mike Smith

Cape Town, 26 January 2008

In Rapport Newspaper of 20 January 2008, Flip Buys from Solidarity announced their ten point plan to solve all South Africa’s problems.
I read it with boredom. There is nothing new in there. Linking with other organisations; Linking with the Afrikaner Diaspora, talking to the government about crime…Same-old, same-old.

It is however point number ten that caught my attention. Flip Buys ends with a statement that sums up the entire Afrikanerbond, Solidarity, Afrikaner Intelligentsia strategy for the Afrikaners in the long term.

Afrikaners please take note. This is the strategy that is planned for you in the long run by all those clever economists, union leaders, business people, Dominees, Bankers and academics. These are the bosses that you work for and who is determining the future of your people.

Flip Buys says, “While we are fighting for our own people, we should not ignore the terrible poverty of other (read black) communities and to also help there where we can”.
He finishes with a quote from Dr. Anton Rupert, “Nobody can sleep safely when his neighbour is hungry.”

Now that quote has some serious Socialistic overtones, but what bothers me is that it is clear that Flip Buys is spinning the same propaganda as is coming from the ANC. He makes the assumption that Afrikaners are rich, Blacks are poor and if Afrikaners wants to live safely and happily they (2 million) must appease the black masses (40 million).

He says that Afrikaners should not ignore the terrible poverty of other communities, but he totally ignores the more than one million poor Afrikaners in South Africa; almost half of his own people. I am not sure how he plans on “fighting for our own people” and helping “other communities” at the same time.

This strategy of appeasement is totally flawed and can never work. It is in direct contrast to the original ideas of the Afrikaner Broederbond that was founded in 1918 to uplift and strengthen the Afrikaner.

Let us look logically at this strategy of appeasement. It works like this. The blacks want what the whites have, but they don’t want to study for it or work for it. They have this entitlement culture where they simply “Demand” and we must give. They use their aggression and numbers to intimidate whites into giving. We must share everything we have, but never what they have. Blacks want half of what we got, and then half of what we got left, until we have nothing more to give. What then? What is going to happen when we have nothing left to give and appease the blacks with? We will become expendable and of no use to the blacks. The cow has been milked dry, let’s slaughter it!

I will tell you what has been happening. Whites have gone into debt with banks in order to appease blacks. Today in South Africa if your bank balance shows ZERO, you are considered rich, because whites pay the maid and the gardener from their overdraft. In their minds they feel responsible for these blacks and their families, but forget about their own families.

This strategy of giving to blacks and appeasement leads only to one destination; the inevitable poverty of whites and their subsequent annihilation. You simply cannot keep on giving.

Flip Buys and his Afrikaners should get their priorities in order. Since when is it the responsibility of Afrikaners or whites in general to uplift Blacks? Whites should start looking after their own and only their own. Do business only with your own race and give charity only to your own. Forget about appeasing blacks. If they come to attack and steal from you, kill the bastards. Let the message go out, that there will be no more giving to blacks and any attacks will be met with maximum force.

Let the blacks look after themselves. They can go and ask Cyril Ramaphosa and Tokyo Sexwale for charity. If they are so good let us see how they uplift themselves. In South Africa they have everything on their side. Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action, Sport quotas…what more do they want? I think it is time that Blacks show us now what they are capable of, because all blacks are doing is proving racists right!

23 March 2010

Can someone please give Jacob Zuma his machine gun?

Mike Smith
26 Dec 2007

Jacob Zuma sings about “Bring me my machine gun”. What does he want to do with the machine gun?

What does one normally do with a machine gun…Kill blacks? Kill whites? Why does he want his machine gun? Is an AK-47 a traditional weapon? Is he trying to intimidate his opposition? Is it a warning onto whites in South Africa? Last time I checked, intimidation was against the law. Why is no-one charging him?
“Bring me my Machine Gun”, is a call to arms; against whom is not clear, but it is definitely inciting violence, maybe even genocide. I hope the international community is taking heed of this. When the president of the ANC is asking someone to bring him his machine gun, what exactly does he mean?
I want to call his bluff and say, “Bring him his machine gun”. Give it to him! Don’t stop there…give him a few! Give him some traditional spears as well. Let’s see what he wants to do with them. Let’s see where it takes him and his followers. They have obviously learned nothing from history.

Bring it on JZ. I am sick of your KAK song, lets get down to business!

No end to Umshini Wami.23/12/2007 10:02 - (SA)
Polokwane - Some call it brainless, others inappropriate in the post-apartheid era but Jacob Zuma, the new leader of the ANC, is in no mood to stop singing his "machine gun" signature tune.
"If you erase the songs, you erase the record of history," said Zuma of the anthem which has become a familiar accompaniment to his rollercoaster ride from courthouse to the presidency of South Africa's ruling party.
Sung in Zulu, the song Umshini Wami translates as "Bring Me My Machine gun" with a chorus that is endlessly repeated.
It was first popularised by members of the ANC's armed wing during the armed struggle against the erstwhile whites-only apartheid regime in which Zuma played a leading role as chief of intelligence.
But 13 years on from the ANC's triumph in the first multi-racial elections, it is not only the white minority who feel the song should be confined to the archives rather than still used as a rallying call.
'Who are you fighting?'
"The song has military character used during the struggle against apartheid and it's no longer relevent today," Andrew Mlangeni, a former ANC combatant, said.
"It basically says: 'Give me my weapon, I am going to fight apartheid'. Who are you fighting? Your own people? The fight is over and that song must no longer be sung," added Mlangeni who, like Zuma, served time on the notorious Robben Island penal colony for his part in the anti-apartheid campaign.
In an attempt to forge a new sense of unity in the post-apartheid era, South Africa adopted a hybrid national anthem which includes verses in five different languages - Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Sesotho and English.
But while the national anthem was dutifully sung by delegates at last week's ANC conference, the atmosphere was electrified when Zuma supporters began singing Umshini Wami.

Critics of the song not only feel uneasy about the lyrics but also that Zulus, South Africa's largest ethnic group, have embraced it as their unofficial anthem in a country where tribalism is frowned upon.
Defence Minister Mosiuoa 'Terror' Lekota, who has also criticised Zuma supporters for wearing T-shirts with the words "100 percent Zulu Boy", sparked fury in some quarters for calling those who sang the song "brainless".
However his cabinet colleague Pallo Jordan said it was wrong to see the song as being necessarily divisive.
"In any revolution one of the mobilising tools is culture and music .... Why should we abandon it?" Jordan, the minister for arts and culture, said.
Song about solidarity
The row over Umshini Wami echoes a similar controversy over the success last year of called De La Rey about a long-dead general from the Boer War which was latched on to by Afrikaaners to express their identity.
Zuma, who has been going out of his way recently to build bridges with the Arikaaner community, said both songs celebrated the different communities' heritage.
"You've heard me defend De La Rey. That was one of the greatest generals South Africa has ever produced. Afrikaners, if they did not sing about De La Rey, who else would they sing about?" Zuma said in a recent interview.
As well as being sung at the conference, it was also chanted by supporters during a 2006 trial when Zuma was ultimately cleared of rape and at other court appearances in connection with a corruption inquiry.

Zola Skweyiya, a former member of the ANC's armed wing Umkhonto we Sizwe cadre and who now also sits in Mbeki's cabinet, said the song was first designed to forge solidarity among fighters in their camps in exile in the 1960s, and it is "still about solidarity".
"The song is about solidarity, togetherness for a common goal. It is part and parcel of our history and we can't wipe it out," he said.
"Just like in church, everyone had his favourite song. The ANC is a broad church."

Who will be our Gladiator?

by Mike Smith,

Cape Town, 25 Dec 2007

The opening scene of the movie Gladiator is one where the Romans square off against the Germanians in a forest.

The disciplined Roman army with their Ballistas, Onagers and Catapults amongst Cavalry, Archers, etc. were listening to the pep talk of their commander, General Maximus, when he concluded, “On my command, unleash hell!”

In the movie, the Germanians were decimated by a barrage of arrows,cavalry and fire bombs….

I was sitting there watching this movie in 2000, wondering to myself…How long would the mighty Zulu empire have lasted against these Romans of 2000 years ago?
The best Africa ever produced was the Zulu king Shaka. The Zulus would not have lasted 10 minutes against the Romans of 2000 years ago.

No one wants to see whites in South Africa stick together more than me, but I know that it is impossible at the moment. Whites have no common goal (such as a white homeland).
The Afrikaners have been betrayed by their leaders in 1994…yes that is true…and it has not stopped. Afrikaners are still being lied to and betrayed by their so called ‘Leaders” and “Intelligentsia”.

Afrikaners need to first rebel against their self-appointed leaders in the Afrikanerbond and Solidarity, before anything will happen. This strategy of appeasement needs to be nipped in the bud. It hasn’t worked and it will never work. EVER.

There are currently 57 Afrikaner organizations out there.
Trying to unite them is a waste of time. Not a single one of them or their leaders are strong enough to take charge of the plight of the Afrikaners. How can you tie together 57 cripples and believe they will win a 100 meter sprint better than one strong, fit, sprinter?
It must never be forgotten that nothing really great in this world has ever been achieved through coalitions, but that such achievements have always been due to the triumph of the individual.

No, friends. The Afrikaners need one man. One leader. One Warrior, who can stand up and say, “Follow me”.

Expecting the Afrikanerbond, FAK, ATKV, Solidariteit, Boerevryheid, etc, to ever stand together is a waste of time.

The average age of “active” Afrikanerbond members are 58. They number about 3000. Another 3000 are honoury members and their age is 70+. Most of these impotent, old-timers are on their second prostrate operation already. Do you really want one of these limped out wannabee’s to lead you? Alexander the Great was only 33 when he conquered the whole known world.

The freedom of Afrikaners will never be achieved through the desire for compromise. It will only come through the iron will of someone who has seen through the lies and deceit of all these impotent Afrikaner groups- all 57 of them.

Come on Afrikaners where are your real leaders?

Some people think that all Christians are softies, turning the other cheek, praying when they should be fighting….
I admit. There are people like that who are turning the other cheek…the Boer is not one of them.

Slaps? Bruises?...Bruise a Boer…Slap him …, I dare you…He will break your arm. You break his arm…He will take your life.

…Come on, Fuck with a Boer…

Negotiations with the ANC

By Mike Smith
Cape Town, 23 December 2007

I refer to an article that appeared here:

These guys are really making me tired. Here you have the boys from Solidarity, Flip Buys, Dirk Herman, Kallie Kriel, etc thinking they can bargain with the ANC. These are the guys from the mainly white unions.

To bargain successfully or even negotiate, you have to have some kind of leverage. You must have either money, numbers of people or superior weaponry.

Why would Jacob Zuma and the ANC even listen to Solidarity??

Solidarity has nothing; Not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. No money, no masses of people and certainly no weapons.

How can you bargain for a higher salary when you are unemployed? What are you going to fall back on when the deal falls through? Who stands to lose the most from the deal falling through?

Can you see my point? You never bargain from a point of a real need. Sun Tzu says you first win the war and then you go to battle.

The mistake these Afrikaner “Academics and Intelligentsia” makes is that they do not believe the Communist Tripartite Alliance (ANC, SACP, Cosatu) are their enemies. They honestly believe these people are reasonable human beings who will listen to their Afrikaner concerns. Dirk Herman wrote a little booklet on how to implement Affirmative action “Fairly”, called the “Good Practice guide to Affirmative Action” ( not sure about the exact title, My copy is…somewhere…) . What a crock. Even he admitted later that it was a failure and the ANC wiped their arsses with it.

Why should the ANC listen to Solidarity? It is not their people who suffer under Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. It is not their language and schools coming under attack. The ANC have nothing to negotiate for. They have everything already! So why should they even bother wasting time to come to the negotiating table? Solidarity will just be wasting their time.

I know how Solidarity will negotiate with the ANC. They want to propose a deal that will be beneficial to both sides; a win-win negotiation. They want to come with their western, capitalistic approach and show the ANC that both can walk away being winners. They are going to come up with the usual “Goals, Trade-offs, Alternatives, etc” nonsense of negotiating, that one gets taught on a two day course.

The truth is that the ANC is not interested. Just the fact that these Afrikaners want to bargain or negotiate is a sign of weakness to the ANC. If the Afrikaners had any balls they would first fight and then negotiate. All the ANC policies are aimed at total destruction of Whites in South Africa; their main focus is the Afrikaner; more particular …”The Afrikaner Intelligentsia”.

I cannot believe these so called Afrikaner leaders have not figured this elementary principle of warfare out. Karl von Clausewitz writes about it extensively in his books.

“Trace the ultimate substance of enemy strength to the fewest possible sources; compress the attack on these sources to the fewest possible actions; and subordinate minor actions as much as possible.” – On War, KvC.

In simple terms, “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”.

I am sure the Communists are au fait with Von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. It is amazing that these so called Afrikaner leaders are such idiots.

Yes, Flip, Dirk and Kallie…start realizing that the YOU are the fly in the ointment to the ANC. They are coming after you and all your “Intelligentsia” buddies in the Afrikanerbond. They won’t stop until the last one of you is out of this country. You are the biggest threat to them, which is why they want you gone.
Over the last 15 years, the ANC have bribed, conned and lied the Afrikaners out of their leadership. What we sit wit now are the dregs that are left over.

Either this Afrikaner Intelligentsia is amazingly stupid or they are just pretending to put up a fight against the ANC. Are they already in the pockets of the opposition? Maybe they should come out and tell us what the hell is really going on? Are they being paid to put up a WWF-wrestling show for us? Dare I say, a mock fight? I would really like to know.

If these Afrikaner leaders are really interested in negotiating, they should first study their opponents and their opponent’s tactics carefully. Then, after they have formulated a strategy of their own, get some leverage. Then, and only then…you go to the negotiating table. Your opponent should be the one wanting to negotiate…not you. In fact, your opponent should be begging for negotiations, not you.

What these “Afrikaner Intelligentsia” of Solidarity, Afri-forum and the Afrikanerbond do not realize or do not want to acknowledge is that their enemies are bent on their total annihilation while they (the Arikaners) merely want to survive. These Afrikaners want to pretend that there are no wolves attacking the sheep. The flock will never be able to graze freely and in peace, unless the Afrikaners have some Sheepdogs protecting the perimeter against the wolves.

Unless they change their strategy and tactics drastically, the ANC will be forever walking over them. Maybe the first thing they have to do is acknowledge how deep they are in the brown smelly stuff. Work from there. Work themselves into a better position, later into a dominant position, only then can they go for a choke or a submission.

In the mean time I can see the ANC scoffing and laughing at these amateurs; me too.

Real Afrikaners do not negotiate with terrorists!