11 September 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box. Part 24 – P.W. Botha – Start of the Final Betrayal

By Mike Smith
11th of September 2010

Today it is commonly accepted amongst most conservative thinking whites in South Africa, wondering about where it all went wrong for us, that former president F.W. de Klerk was the bastard who handed our country over to the Marxist terrorist ANC in 1994.

Frederik Wilhelm De Klerk and Nelson Mandela shared the Nobel peace prize back in 1993 for this so called “peaceful” handover.

The man who should actually have been credited for all the betrayal was not De Klerk, it was P.W. Botha. De Klerk only signed on the dotted line. The credit for the entire handover to black Marxist scum can be laid squarely at the feet of non other than P.W. Botha, “Die Groot Krokodil” (The big Crocodile) or Ingwenya ekhulu.
The name was given to him by the Blacks. Ingwenya (crocodile) or Inyoka(snake) are the Zulu words for a reptiles…the most feared, hated and disrespected species amongst Blacks in South Africa. P.W. Botha his rise to power and his betrayal of the whites in South Africa would prove justice to that nickname.

It is difficult to find objective biographies of the man today, because most of his biographers were also personal friends of him such as “P.W. Botha” by Dirk and Johanna de Villiers(1984) written at P.W’s own request.

One book that stands out however is the book called “P.W. Botha, The last Betrayal” by Dr Eschel Rhoodie (1989).

The trouble between Rhoodie an P.W. goes back to the time of the so called “Information scandal” of 1978.

Dr. Eschel Rhoodie never belonged to any political party. He was also not a member of the inner circle of Afrikanerdom, the ultra Secret Society and intellectual think tank called “The Afrikaner Broederbond” and was therefore never trusted by his superiors. He was highly intelligent and a loyal civil servant and became the lead spin doctor, Secretary of Information, at the age of 38.

Rhoodie drew up a team of experts to counter the bad image of South Africa abroad. These people included highly intelligent people like Les de Villiers (author of “South Africa: A skunk amongst nations”) and even his own brother Denys Rhoodie. Both where authors in their own right.

They set about and countered the hostile press inside and out of South Africa. They founded the newspaper ”The Citizen” mainly to counter the hostile English newspaper ”The Rand Daily Mail” and a counter to the crap that was published about South Africa in Europe by publishing a magazine in the Netherlands called “To The Point”.

They also wanted to buy the newspaper in the USA called the “Washington Star” to counter the hostile “Washington Post” at the time.

The idea was precisely NOT to sell Apartheid, because Apartheid was not for export. Rather they would promote those points of view for which there was bi-partisan support, for example the need for foreign investment; better trade and political relations; The dangers of Communism; The right of sportsmen to participate in events overseas; More visitors to come to South Africa, etc.

It was all to tell the truth about South Africa, what a beautiful country it is and inviting everyone to come and have a look for themselves. They never wanted to hide anything.

Every single project was funded from the budget of the Ministry of Defence. P.W. Botha was the minister of defence at the time. This secret scheme had the approval of the Prime Minister, B.J. Vorster, the chief of the Intelligence Services, General Hendrik van den Bergh, the Minister of Information Connie Mulder and Gerald Barrie, the then head of the Department of Information.

The Rand Daily Mail broke the “Scandal” as a misappropriation of state funds to the extent of R75 million. The leak was, Mr. Gerald Barrie.

At the same time every single government around the world were doing far more. In the Netherlands for instance the government was funding three Newspapers on both the left and the right to paint it in a positive light.

Nevertheless, all these guys ganged up against Dr. Rhoodie and made him the scapegoat whilst claiming financial amnesia. Dr Rhoodie was later exonerated by the Appeals court.

But let us look where South Africa was politically at the time.

South Africa had a full Westminster democracy for the whites. South Africa was well on its way to implement full Apartheid as envisioned by Hendrik Verwoerd. The idea was to give blacks full self rule in their own fully independent countries to the extent where racial discrimination would be completely eliminated.

John Vorster, Prime Minister, at the time was still committed to this policy. South Africa had a President at the time called Marais Viljoen who was basically just a figure head and had almost no political power. He was the president of the entire country and ALL its people. The Prime Minister was the actual head of the country.
P.W.saw the information scandal as his great moment to seize power of the entire country.

At the time his political rival in his own party was Dr Connie Mulder. The man to follow in the footsteps of Verwoerd and Vorster. Dr. Connie Mulder is the father of Corné Mulder and Pieter Mulder who is today the leader of the moderate conservative Freedom Front Plus as well as deputy minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Jacob Zuma’s cabinet.

Dr. Connie Mulder could speak perfect German. In fact, he was professor of German and history at the prestigious Afrikaner University called RAU or the Rand Afrikaans University. This is the man that was groomed to take over from John Vorster.

P.W. Botha’s predecessors all had University degrees. Both Vorster and Strijdom were lawyers. Malan studied mathematics and science before he got his masters in Philosophy and his doctorate in Divinity from Utrecht in the Netherlands. Verwoerd had a doctorate in Philosophy and also studied at the Universities of Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig in Germany. Hertzog had a doctorate in Law from the University of Amsterdam. Smuts was a polymath, were at university at the age of sixteen, he studied High Dutch, German, Latin and ancient Greek along with science and law. He graduated from Cambridge University in England.

On the other hand there was P.W. Botha whose highest education was a highschool Matric Certificate. P. W. Botha was a typical rich boy, farmer son. His only credential is that his father led a platoon against the British in the Anglo Boer war and his mother was interned in a British Concentration camp. P.W. was a proper “Boer” from the former Boer Republic, the Orange Free State.

His lack of education would show later in his life and his inability to grasp basic political terminology and policy would be embarrassing to watch on television when he was interviewed or made a speech.

As a young man he once rode his horse through the house of a poor white family on their farm, known as “Bywoners” and let his horse shit throughout the house. The son of that family eventually also made it into parliament as well and P.W. , in front of the entire parliament embarrassed him and recalled the story to great laughter of his friends.

P.W. , A university drop out after his first year, became a paid messenger of the National Party, running errands between the post office and the bank. Verwoerd made him a deputy of Internal Affairs and Vorster made him Minister of Defence despite P.W. Botha ever having donned the uniform of a soldier or having any military background whatsoever. In fact he has never, ever showed any leadership potential throughout his life. He was just an angry, arrogant bully and would remained so his entire life.

When the so called Information scandal broke in 1978 he lied through his teeth even under oath to simultaneously sack Prime Minister B.J. Voster, his political rival Dr. Connie Mulder and make Dr. Eschel Rhoodie the scapegoat of the whole affair. He also handpicked the Erasmus Commission to come up with the right findings that he had no knowledge of 75 million Rand that came off his defense budget.

That is how P.W. Botha became the new Prime Minister of the Republic of South Africa.

He was a political gut fighter, an opportunist and a National Party apparatchik who outlived his competition and like scum floated to the top pushed by the driftwood from below.

Under Vorster South Africa still pursued the policy of Apartheid in South Africa and of Détente with other African Nations. Although South Africa had many critics at the time, it nevertheless was a stable and economically strong country. The Rand was very strong, even stronger than the dollar. South Africa had sanctions against her, but nothing serious or crippling.

The day P.W Botha became the prime minister of South Africa, marked the end of Apartheid and the start of the downward spiral.

P.W. Botha was a useful idiot of the International Socialist Bankers, the CIA and MI6 and easy to manipulate. He had frequent visits from Chester Crocker, Henry Kissinger and international Bankers like David Rockefeller who used a carrot and stick approach to get him to abandon the policy of Apartheid and adopt a policy of “Power Sharing” with blacks.

The idea of “Power Sharing” with blacks did not come from P.W. Botha. It was a liberal idea first proposed by Sir de Villiers Graaff of the liberal opposition United Party. P.W. therefore made himself guilty of political plagiarism and started following, under advice from his overseas masters, the policies of the opposition, not that of his own National Party.

In February 1980 P.W. Botha stood accused in Parliament of having used the apparatus of the National Intelligence Service to intercept the post and tap the phones of politicians, newspaper editors, labour union leaders, students and worst of all Members of Parliament.

In America, President Nixon was fired for the same thing in the “Watergate” scandal, but not P.W. Botha. He was all powerful and above the law.

Nevertheless, P.W. was not content with just being the Prime Minister. Along with the new 1983 constitution came his promotion. In 1984 he combined the powers of Prime Minister and President into an executive presidency with almost unlimited power. P.W. Botha became a dictator, above the law, worse than General De Gaulle of France and slightly less than Franco of Spain.

He turned the Afrikaans media such as “Die Burger” and “Beeld” into his own mouth pieces along with the SA Broadcasting Corporation. He was the man who hired and fired the editors and the bosses of Perskor.

He used government money to place full size advertisements in newspapers to campaign for his NP and his policy.

He even got involved with stupid projects such as staging a Coup d’état in the Seychelles supporting a mercenary called “Mad” Mike Hoare.

P.W. and the path he was on would be a path that would prove disastrous for South Africa and its people including P.W. Botha himself.

P.W. Botha became the president in 1978. Five years later in 1983 he introduced the Tricameral Parliament giving Indians and Coloureds representation in the white run country.

What did it achieve? The world imposed more sanctions on South Africa, the Rand lost more than half of its value virtually overnight. He split the Afrikaners down the middle. He raised political expectations in Blacks that led to the brink of a civil war and several states of emergency being declared. Terrorism increased. P.W. Botha was the creator of his own chaos.

In 1976 the Rand was worth US$ 1.40. In P.W. Botha’s final year in 1989 in was worth 38 cents. In 1976 under Vorster not a single terrorist bomb exploded in South Africa. In P.W.’s last month in power there were 29 known terrorist blasts alone... Basically one a day.

Dr. Andries Treurnicht who had a doctorate in political Philosophy, saw through the liberal nonsense of P.W. Botha and quit the NP in 1982 taking a third of the Afrikaner voters with him to find the Conservative Party.

To understand just how far LEFT the National Party moved under P.W. Botha, one has to note that the Conservative Party in 1987 became the official opposition in the parliament, displacing the Progressive Federal Party (Liberals). At that stage there was hardly any difference between NP and PFP policy. The Star newspaper even predicted that the NP would lose the next election and that the CP would become the new government.

But it was too late. P.W. Botha already scrambled the omelet and there was no way of going back.

In the 1992 referendum Dr. Treurnicht and the CP lost the “No” vote 2 to 1 in favour of power sharing with Blacks.

It is hard to analyze deceit and treachery, because what appears on the surface and is being put to the public and what is happening behind the scenes are two different things.

Maybe if P.W. was a bit more educated he would not be so easy to manipulate as by Pik Botha (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Henry Kissinger.

P.W. was not the sharpest pencil in the box and he believed that he was all powerful, a megalomaniac who thought he was the main peanut in the pack, the untouchable boss, but the truth is that he was a victim of manipulation and he was too stupid to realize it.

But P.W. was not entirely naive. He knew exactly what he was doing and where he was steering the whites of South Africa.

In public he was staunchly anti-communist. He built up the South African military might to the point where SA became an exporter of weapons. He is credited with approving the establishment of crack special forces units such as “Koevoet” and “32-Buffalo Battalion”. He is also credited for the development of six nuclear weapons with the co-operation of the Israelis.

On the other hand, no right thinking person can believe that it is possible to “share power” with 40 million Blacks when you are only 5 million Whites. P.W. maybe genuinely and naively believed that it was possible to hang on to power under such conditions, but I doubt it.

Maybe he genuinely believed that it was possible for whites and blacks of South Africa to live happily and peacefully together, despite this not having worked anywhere else in the world, who knows? I for one doubt that.

P.W. Botha knew that “Power Sharing” was Newspeak and actually meant “Handing over of Power” to Black Marxist terrorist scum.

He fully knew that he was leading the whites into the black Communist abyss like the Pied Piper of Hamlin led the rats into the water. He knew that Nelson Mandela, a convicted Marxist Terrorist would become the first black president of South Africa and actually relocated him from Robben Island prison to a luxury house complete with swimming pool on the grounds of Victor Verster prison.

All this time he kept on increasing taxes on whites to fund his appeasement of blacks in the homelands who were doubling their numbers every 20 years while whites were doubling their numbers every 100 years. How he could believe it was possible to hang on to white power after “Power Sharing” is beyond normal logic.

All Mr. Botha’s ideas were destined to crash, it was simply a matter of which parachute had the smallest hole.

At his death in 2006 Nelson Mandela said, "While to many Mr Botha will remain a symbol of apartheid, we also remember him for the steps he took to pave the way towards the eventual peacefully negotiated settlement in our country."

Botha was 90 years old when he died...unfortunately his death came 90 years too late.

By the time F.W. de Klerk took over from P.W. Botha the damage was done. P.W. is the one who got rid of the bulk of the Apartheid legislation, not De Klerk. The omelet was thoroughly scrambled already; De Klerk and his henchmen merely put the seasoning on top.

What took the National party 50 years to build up, P.W. Botha destroyed in his first five years of his decade in power.

It was the Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.) who once said;

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

(Attributed. 58 BC, Speech in the Roman Senate)

Unfortunately, South Africa did not survive the foolishness and treachery of P.W. Botha.

17 August 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box, Part Twenty Three. Behind the Paper Curtain ...And Beyond.

By Mike Smith

17 August 2010

The Apartheid years are basically contemporary to the “Cold War” years. After WWII, Stalin drew an “Iron Curtain” between the Communist and the Western worlds. In China, Korea and Vietnam they spoke about a “Bamboo curtain”. Germany was divided into two countries in an experiment to see which system works the best amongst intelligent whites. The Berlin Wall was raised around the same time as another curtain was drawn in the world…As Dr. Eschel Rhoodie called it in his book, a curtain of “truth” or a media, “Paper Curtain” was drawn on South Africa. Unlike the Communist who drew their own curtains to hide the truth and their lies, the Paper curtain was drawn on South Africa by the local and International media to hide the truth and spread the lies about South Africa..

The effect of this propaganda about South Africa can still be seen today. In the 2010 Soccer World Cup people found it difficult to believe that beautiful cities like Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, etc can even exist in Africa. When you tell them, show them pictures of the houses in which white South Africans live then they refuse to believe it. When they see white South Africans living better than European Whites, our National roads in better condition than European Autobahns it totally upsets their mental model of what they created in their brains about South Africa.

If you tell them that South Africa was a nuclear power with a space program during Apartheid, they think you are lying. The highest development they imagine for SA is one storey dwellings, game reserves, some mines and a few farms.

Another image people from the rest of the world have about South Africa is that it is full of white racists that severely suppress blacks and keep them as virtual slaves.

How did the world reach this false and negative picture of South Africa? We have the media to thank for that.

In her book, “People’s War”, Dr. Anthea Jeffery explains the “Twenty-to-Two” rule that Jill Wentzel spoke of in her book, “The Liberal Slideaway” on pages 114-116.

Journalist who wanted to write about Left-wing violence such as the horrific necklacing murders and Marxist terrorist bombs blowing up innocent people of all races had to first write twenty sentences explaining the “Evils” of Apartheid and why the violence was necessary before they wrote two sentences on the Marxist violence. It was like saying grace before a meal. This Twenty-to-Two rule fostered a self-censorship in the media but was also used by organisations such as the UDF and the Black Sash Movement to which Helen Zille, current leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, belonged. For every two sentences of left-wing violence there would be twenty sentences on Police beatings.

But the lies of the media went further than that. Les de Villiers documented it in his book “South Africa, A skunk amongst Nations”. He writes on page 149…

“Black children scrambling for coins dropped in a garbage can by enterprising journalists became examples of deprivation. Black mineworkers secured to rocky slopes down a gold mine to prevent them from slipping were paraded in glossy magazines overseas as slave workers chained to their jobs.”

Blacks sleeping on the lawn in a park were filmed by international TV crews and presented to their audiences as “dead blacks” with whites walking past nonchalantly.

De Villiers further states, “The press does not have to lie to damage a country’s reputation-or an individual’s. Truth can be quite honestly perverted by concentrating on the negative to the almost complete exclusion of the positive.”

It is called “Selective Negativity” or “Advocacy Journalism”.

During the time of the Sharpeville shooting incident, these international journalists stomped around South Africa with great excitement. They created nonsense such as that dum-dum-bullets were used by the police.

Norman Phillips of the “Torronto Daily Star” was instructed in no uncertain terms, by his headquarters in Canada, via cable to his Johannesburg Hotel: “Give us the blood and guts”.

He did not disappoint. He was so eager to please his bosses that he ventured into a firsthand “battle scene” account of a bloody riot in Cape Town while himself was living in the relative ease of his medium class Durban Hotel room – 700 miles away. Problem is that some of the events he reported on never took place. Phillips was detained in jail under special emergency orders until the next flight left for Canada.

A few months later he released a “war diary” called, “The tragedy of Apartheid” and was recognised as an authority on Apartheid South Africa.

The journalist game during Apartheid was simple and straightforward, “Praise the protesters and abuse the authorities. Every black protester was inculpable and every policeman a headbreaker.

After General Smuts’ United Party was beaten at the polls in 1948 by the almost exclusively Afrikaans speaking National Party it presented the English press in South Africa and the world with a new stick and another dog to beat. The Nazi-invective was drawn.

Shortly after the May 1948 election, the London Daily express set the tone and their reporter cabled London, “South Africa is in the grip of Nazi tyranny”. Malan and his supporters were pictured as arch enemies of both Jew and Anglo Saxon at home and abroad.

The rhetoric to link the Apartheid government to the “Hitlerian Totalitarianism” continued unabated despite South Africa at the time being one of only eight countries in Africa allowing an opposition to function freely, the other 35 countries were under dictatorial rule.

The biblical or Teutonic sounding names of Afrikaner leaders were emphasized and their English names ignored. Prime Minister John Vorster was always referred to in this manner in the Afrikaner press, but the English press stuck to his second name, Balthazar. There was no end to pulling the Nazi-invective on the Afrikaners.

Truth is that 60% of the South African troops who fought courageously and died valiantly on the side of the English-speaking world against the forces of Nazi Germany were Afrikaners. D.F. Malan’s government was actually one of the very first to recognise the new state of Israel. He was the first head of state to visit the newborn country.

Since 1967 – and especially during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 substantial financial support flowed from South Africa to Israel. The seven million dollars contributed by Jews and many Afrikaners and the willingness of the South African government to allow the transfer of such capital, in view of balance of payment problems, was a tribute to the warm-heartedness of South African whites for Israel.

Yet the Nazi image persisted. The New Zealand “Listener” and “Christchurch Press” expressed fear for their “English speaking brethren in South Africa.

When J.G Strijdom succeeded Malan, the overseas pundits said that English speaking South Africans would lose their language rights and would be treated as second class citizens. None of it ever happened. They called Strijdom “Openly Anti-British…a fierce demagogic and capable speaker, who is at his best or worst in his favourite language, Afrikaans – a rudimentary language not well adapted to the finer nuances of meaning”…

Such was the hate speech against the Afrikaners, yet these hypocrites claimed that the benevolent and pious Afrikaners were the worst evil that ever walked the earth since the Nazis. That they built concentration camps and gas chambers for blacks.

In “The Paper Curtain”, Dr Eschel Rhoodie recalls on page 194 an argument he had with a Professor at Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut) and whose belief in concentration camps for the Blacks in South Africa was unshakable. Dr. Rhoodie says…

“Finally I suggested that he should visit South Africa and if he could bring back one photograph of such a camp I would personally pay his expenses. The next day he announced to the student newspaper that the Government of South Africa had invited him to an “all expenses paid tour” of South Africa.”

Today no one can point out even one concentration camp for blacks, no gas-chambers and no mass graves from the Apartheid era…It simply never existed.

When the Nazi invective did not work the media tried to paint white South Africans as “Slave Masters”.

The British journalist Adam Raphael of “The Guardian” started investigating British business interest and wages paid to Blacks in South Africa. His inspiration was a book called “The South African Connection” written by the Communist Ruth First, wife of arch Communist Joe Slovo and editor of the “Anti-Apartheid News”.

Wages of Black mine workers were described as “Near starvation level”, despite mountains of free, calorie-rich food heaped on the worker’s plates three times a day. The Guardian published eight editorials under headings such as “Scandal of African Labour” and “Time to audit or shame and serfdom in South Africa”.

Other journals in Britain picked up on this theme. In the second week of March 1973, 30 articles about black wages in South Africa appeared in the Fleet Street press alone, the following week it climbed to 66 articles and by the end of March 1973 it soared to 77 articles. During April 188 articles on Black wages in South Africa were published.

The British Parliament took over from Raphael and the Rogers commission started probing Black wages in South Africa.

They were tackling the dust on the furniture in South Africa whilst ignoring the grime on the floors elsewhere where Britain had business interests. On South African sugar plantations, Black South Africans were earning five times the wages paid to tea leaf pickers in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). In Hong Kong, a British crown colony, more than thirty thousand child labourers were slaving away when it was suppose to be illegal. Chinese workers doing the same work as Europeans were paid 1/70th to 1/100th of the European wages…by British companies.

Wages for unskilled black labour in South Africa were five times higher than that in former British colonies such as Kenya, Uganda or Ghana and on par with wages paid in Liberia. The Rogers Commission further found that Britain was paying Jamaicans, Indians and other coloureds in its Merchant Navy wages well below the Plimsoll line set for Whites at a time that the South African Merchant Navy of Safmarine was paying British officers three times more than what South Africans were earning on the same ships for doing the same job.

These hypocrites from Britain and the USA issued guidebooks on what Blacks in South Africa should be paid. They came to a figure of $140 per month. Someone took the trouble to go to the Washington`s Census Bureau to determine how many Americans were earning wages below that level. Back came the answer: Twenty-four million – mostly Black!

When South Africa executed two Blacks for killing a court witness it was front page news all over the world. When 69 rioting and dangerously armed blacks were killed while attacking the police station at Sharpeville it sent the international media into frenzy. When 11 out of control armed and looting blacks were killed at a mine in Carletonville the international media called it a “Mini Sharpeville” and went almost crazy….

When 70,000 blacks were killed in Cameroon in 1964 the reports hardly made the papers. When a 100,000 blacks per year lost their lives in strife in the Sudan it made some inside pages. At the time of Sharpeville the death toll in Burundi, Uganda and Nigeria topped a million, but it hardly managed to stir the press pundits of the world.

In Uganda Idi Amin expelled 40,000 Asians…something that never happened in South Africa, but apparently the Liberal International press finds Black racists less offensive than white racists.

In the early 1960’s Fred Friendly of CBS TV set out to produce a special on South Africa. He promised the SA authorities that it would be an unbiased and objective review of current affairs. The end result was titled “Sabotage in South Africa”. It might as well have been called “Sabotage of South Africa”.

Strings of Anti South African movies were made by the British. Their names speak for themselves, “The Colour line; Whiter than Thou; The Dumping Grounds; South Africa loves Jesus; Last grave at Dimbaza and The good ladies of Johannesburg”.

Along came two British producers, John Morgan (Thames TV) and Hugh Burnett (BBC-TV) who made a film each titling the two productions, “The Afrikaner”. Morgan subtitled his celluloid treatise, “Where Sport and politics go hand-in-hand”.

It was mainly a program on sport in South Africa filmed during the 1968 British Rugby tour of South Africa. John Morgan portrayed the Afrikaner sportsman as a dour brute bent on avenging the Anglo-Boer War by bashing his British opponents into bloody submission. By mentioning that the Springbok Captain, Dawie de Villiers, also happened to be a religious minister (Dominee), the Afrikaner was further vilified as a political and physical brute and religious fanatic all rolled into one.

After seeing the film, Mary Morgan of the Daily Mirror wrote about the Afrikaners…

“Those Dutch farmers in far off South Africa had faith in “God and the referee” to ensure victory. God works best in bodies, made harder and fitter, it seems; and these dour church-going “dogged Dutch” were sold with the will to win, and a sense of mission that to win is their task.”

Burnett’s “Afrikaner” portrayed “The white tribe that rules South Africa” as isolationist Bible-pounders on the defence. He carefully selected “Official spokesmen” like Gert Yssel to proselytize on the evils of the mini-skirt…obscure men who were ridiculed by their own people.

In other movies, isolated outbreaks of diseases such as marasmas, palarga, kwashiorkor, and malnutrition were blown up to portray it as the norm in South Africa. Some movies like “End of Dialogue” were given amateur looks and presented as made by black “freedom fighters” such as the PAC, but were in fact made by White Liberals.

The Swedes Per Sanden and Rudi Spee came up with a shock treatise on “The Massacre of Caprivi” in South West Africa (Namibia). Relying on the tales of one black man and parading a series of unidentified human skulls, the Swedes proclaimed with horror that no fewer than 105 defenceless blacks were massacred by South African troops in 1968. Reacting to strong challenge from South Africa, the producers first reduced the “death toll” to sixty-three, and then decided that “perhaps there may have been two massacres instead of one. How can anyone take these foreign journalists seriously?

In Haiti political opponents of President Duvalier were simply lined up against a wall and shot without a trial. In Algeria opponents of erstwhile President Ben Bella, including some men who helped him to power were tried in secret military courts, without the right of counsel and without the right to appeal. In the USSR execution of political prisoners was common place. People founding to be practising capitalism were simply shot. In Indonesia offenders were heard in secret by President Sukarno’s judges and sentenced in secret. The sentences were also carried out in secret. In several Middle Eastern countries such as Yemen, opponents of the government in power are shot out of hand or beheaded in public. In Morocco in early 1965, fourteen Nationalists were tried and executed in secret by a military court.

In South Africa on the other hand, a person accused of sabotage or treason like Nelson Mandela, could obtain legal counsel from anywhere in the world, was tried in public with the press and judges of foreign countries invited to sit in on the proceedings. The accused were tried by a Supreme Court Justice, who is not the nominee of a political party, and have the right of Appeal. He was not tried for “Opposing the Government” (there are millions of people and several newspapers opposing the Government every day), but for Specific Crimes like blowing up Post Offices or Power Stations, smuggling arms from aboard, or assisting an armed attempt to overthrow the government, etc…

The examples are legion, but for now it will suffice.

Maybe many of these media people were actually trying to be truly objective, but their objectiveness and political centre lies somewhere between left and far left. The Right for them is an unknown land. Personally I think it was a matter of vultures descending on a carcass. Most of these journalists knew exactly what they were doing and how they were knifing the whites of South Africa in the back.

People will ask what the South African government did as counter measures to this anti-South African propaganda. Did they not defend themselves?

They certainly did, but it was a super-jet that was shot down before it could take off. As usual the betrayal came from within. The man who sunk the project was none other than future Prime Minister, State President and dictator, P.W. Botha.

For those who have followed this series, you will agree that there is no doubt that South Africa was under a full scale onslaught from all over the world. The United Nations, The British Commonwealth, The World Council of Churches, the electronic and printed media, were all trying to bury the Whites of South Africa so that International Financiers could get their grimy paws on our mineral riches.

The responsibility for South Africa’s image fell on the Department of Information. The Minister of Information at the time was Dr. Connie Mulder, father of Freedom Front Plus leader and ANC collaborator, Dr Pieter Mulder.

The time was the 1970’s. The Prime Minister of South Africa was John Vorster. Minister of Defence was P.W.Botha.

Dr. Eschel Rhoodie was the Secretary of the Department of Information. A brilliant and highly intelligent man, Dr. Rhoodie established a task team with major players like his own brother Deneys Rhoodie and personal friend Les de Villiers. They would be the spin doctors that would polish South Africa’s image with truth and objectivity…countering the lies and subjectivity of the international media, the UN, etc.

About 70 Million Rand (about the same in dollars at the time) were made available from the defence budget to fund secret projects such as establishing the magazine “To the Point” in Europe and the newspaper “The Citizen” in South Africa and buying the Washington Star newspaper in the USA to counter the lies coming from the David Rockefeller newspaper, The Washington Post.

This is nothing new. Every single government does this. The Netherlands government for instance sponsors several Newspapers on both the right and the left to paint them in a rosy picture. The English South African Newspaper, The Rand Daily Mail, belonging to Anglo American/De Beers, who felt under threat from The Citizen “Exposed” the so called “Information Scandal” as misappropriating funds for clandestine operations.

P.W. Botha saw his opportunity to seize power. He could swat two flies with one blow, namely his own party rival Dr. Mulder, Leader of the NP in Transvaal as well as the then Prime Minister John Vorster. Both resigned along with Dr. Rhoodie and P.W. became the new Prime Minister. Pik Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs and personal friend of Henry Kissinger took over the Department of Information.

Dr Rhoodie fled to Ecuador, then to the UK and eventually was arrested in France. He was witch hunted and made the scapegoat for projects that P.W. Botha knew fully about and secretly funded in the best interest of South Africa. By 1979 Rhoodie was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 12 years in prison. The sentence was later reversed and Rhoodie was absolved from all blame by the Bloemfontein Appeals Court and set free. He then left for the USA and worked in advertising until his death in 1993.

P.W. Botha would become the man that would steer South Africa into the abyss. A virtual dictator, he is the one who took South Africa from the original National Party policy of Dr Verwoerd’s “Separate and Equal Development” to “Power Sharing” with Blacks….But more on that in the next edition.

If only the likes of Dr. Rhoodie and Les de Villiers were allowed to run their projects, South Africa today would have had a much different image in the world but it is water under the bridge and cowboys don’t cry.

We have come to learn that when one door closes on the white man another one opens. For us it came in the form of Dr. William Bradford Shockley, who invented the transistor and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1956.

Dr David Duke mentions the Shockley phenomenon in his book, “My Awakening”.

Shockley was not only a highly intelligent scientist, he was also well aware of racial issues and racial intelligence. Shockley knew that the White race was and is under threat and if we do not do something, the White race will cease to exist.

As Dr. David Duke says…Dr. Shockley’s invention of the transistor enabled us to have Personal Computers, lap tops and the internet today. Dr. Shockley handed us an electronic Excalibur to smite the world of lies out there. Today the internet is in our hands and we can actively participate to counter the lies of our beautiful country, South Africa.

Let us not be unrealistic or delude ourselves. Apartheid had its faults like all political systems in the world. There is no paradise on earth, but in Africa the Republic of South Africa under White rule was the closest thing to it…

Main Sources:

The Paper Curtain – Dr. Eschel Rhoodie

South Africa; A Skunk Amongst Nations – Les De Villiers

People’s War – Dr. Anthea Jeffrey

P.W. Botha; The last Betrayal – Dr Eschel Rhoodie

Verrat an Südafrika – Klaus D. Vaqué

My Awakening – Dr. David Duke

18 July 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 22: Holy Terror: How the Church Crucified South Africa

By Mike Smith
18 July 2010

One of the sorest points for us Whites in South Africa to accept and a really bitter pill to swallow is the role that the church played in our demise.

We can accept everything, we can accept the role of the UN, organizations such as the CFR, etc…but one thing we refuse to accept is that our church brethren ganged up against us and stabbed us in the back. It is just not something Christians do to other Christians. But the record of history stands. Some of the biggest role players in the demise of South Africa and its handing over to a Communist terrorist regime were the churches of the world.

It all had a reason. See…A people that is robbed of its spiritual values and from whom the moral principles and rules of conduct is taken away, becomes a ball in the hands of ideologists and powers that can hit it in any direction it wants.

Today, when we think back to the times during Apartheid, one remembers a lot of prayer and a lot of religion in our lives. Sundays shops were closed. Sundays we went to church and Sunday school. Church was always full and we had to fight for seats. Monday morning at school, hall-assembly was opened with prayer. We had Bible class at school. In fact our education system was called CNE (Christian National Education).

Our parents were involved with church charities, even deacons or elders in the church. These were the people who took us as children to the beach, who bought us ice cream…these were not evil people. These were God-fearing, loving and caring people…

How is it possible that the world could hate such pious people, call them evil monsters and wanted to destroy them? But it is true, that is what happened. We the good Christian people of South Africa were made out to be the skunks of the world by none other than world church organizations.

Saying that the whites of South Africa were traditionally religious is an understatement, and almost a lie in the eyes of people who want to believe that the Whites and especially the Boers of South Africa were “Evil Monsters”.

But let us hear what someone from neutral ground has to say about the pious Boers of South Africa.

The veteran and liberal German journalist and author Peter Scholl-Latour has been throughout Africa and also South Africa during the dark days of Communist takeover of many countries and he wrote a book called “Afrikanische Totenklage” which would loosely translate to “The African Death Song” , subtitled as “Der Ausverkauf des Schwarzen Kontinents” or “The sell-out of the Black Continent”.

On page 372 he has an Interview with a Jewish businessman of South Africa called Arthur Goldstein in 1985…

Goldstein says the following about the Boers…I freely translate…

“These Boers create a double sided feeling within me. The relationship between Pretoria and Jerusalem is closer than both sides would admit. For us it is a pragmatic cooperation against the radical third world states.
But how can we forget that the older generation of the National Party openly sympathized with Hitler and his racial madness during the Second World War? The Prime Minister, John Vorster was a member of the “Ossewabrandwag” a neo-Nazi organization and was during the war interned by the British.On the other side, we discovered here, at the Southern tip of Africa a horribly distorted mirror image of our own religious history. O, these Afrikaners are more true to the Bible than we Jews. They know their old Testament. On TV there is a Bible quiz. On this show, normal every day citizens are tested on their knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. The Quiz-master would ask them about a verse from one of the books of our prophets and almost instantly the answer will come with staggering precision. Do you know that these Boers see themselves as the new “Chosen People of God”? When they trekked away from British domination they saw themselves as the trek of Moses who lead his people to the promised land, and the Blacks they encountered were to them like the Amalekites or the Philistines. During the 1930’s these Boers were impoverished bare feet livestock farmers or railway workers, but after the Second World War they reached their social ascension. Step by step they reached key positions in the Capitalist world and actually pushed the arrogant British against the wall. Believe me, this white tribe of Africa is not in the mood to ever give up or capitulate.”

End of quote.---

So how did it happen that such strong willed and religious people eventually DID capitulate to Satanic Communist forces that they already defeated?

Such a victory could only be achieved through infiltration and treachery at the very heart and soul of the pious Boers…In the centre of all their policies stood their belief in the Almighty God, their Calvinistic values and beliefs such as “good conquers evil”.

World Council of Churches - Satanic Communism

Funny how the same names always re-appear. David Rockefeller not only donated the ground that the UN building stands on in New York, he also built the headquarters of the WCC in Geneva. In 1958 he also donated $2 million to build a training centre for theologians in Geneva. He also donated money for the starting of a fund to further Christian Rock music…

This is the same Rockefeller who built an abortion centre in New York where more than 10,000 abortions take place every year. The same Rockefeller who financed the Sex-Guru Bhagwan, who financed the Club of Rome, etc.

Most people think that Communism is Atheistic; that it simply rejects all religions, but that is not true. Communism is Satanic. Karl Marx was a practicing Satanist detailed in the book “Marx and Satan” by Richard Wurmbrand.

Communists, at least the top Communists are not atheists at all; they believe in God, they just hate him.

Since Mordechai Marx Levy, also known as Karl Marx wrote his three volumes of “Das Kapital” and his “Communist Manifesto”, commissioned and supported by the House of Rothschild and the mysterious “League of Just Men”, the Christian belief system has come under attack from the forces of evil.

The disciples of Marx such as Lenin set out to wipe all religions and especially the Christian religion from the face of the earth, because all these religions stood in the way of a Satanic World Revolution that would put EVIL in charge.

By 1941 there were only 4000 churches left in the USSR from an original 46,000. In the first 30 years after the Bolshevik Revolution, 48 million people were liquidated, the equivalent of a Rwanda every 9 months. Amongst them were 48,000 priests or religious ministers.

Despite the efforts of Stalin and Khrushchev the numbers of believers actually increased in the underground churches. So the Communists decided to change their tactics.

Instead of attacking the church from outside, they started infiltrating the churches with students who were all KGB agents. These theologians knew more about Marx and revolution than they knew about Jesus and prayer.

And so the prosecution of people who baptized their children, their priests etc started, but the Communist would always keep a few churches as show windows for visiting clerics such as Billy Graham who would then go back to the USA and tell of “Religious freedom” in the USSR under Communism.

In the West the Communists used a different tactic. They started using sympathetic liberals and useful idiots to do their work. Georgi Dimitrov, the Bulgarian Communist leader said that such liberals were worth more than “500 poor devils who do not understand much more than allowing themselves to be beaten up and clubbed by the police”.

He also said:

“Specifically, we should use ambitious politicians who needs support; Men who acknowledge that we Communist can smooth their way and give them publicity. Such men would sell their souls to the Devil and we are in the business of buying souls.”

It would not only be politicians who sold their souls to the Devil, but also many Church men.

The Communists knew only too well that the loosing of faith does not come out of the congregation or from the bottom up; No, it comes from the top down from the clergy themselves.

Through the use of these liberal theologians and their “God is dead” theology, every message in the Bible was turned into a revolutionary slogan and the Bible itself became a revolutionary handbook.

At the forefront of this heretical movement was the World Council of Churches (WCC) which is so aptly described by Les de Villiers in his book “SA; Skunk amongst Nations” as “A Churchy version of the United Nations”.

For the WCC it is not about the unity of World Christians, but the unity of all religions, sects and cults, a Socialist brotherhood of man that will open the door for full blown totalitarian Communism. The final goal of the WCC is a One World Government, with one united “Church” for atheist, Budhist, Taoist, Muslim, Jew, Voodoo, etc… The WCC are well known to frequently hold prayer gatherings with Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, etc.

The strategy to let the churches run empty is twofold. On the one side we see in the media how the church is made laughable in the eyes of the world through one scandal after another so that the church loses its credibility in the eyes of the religious Christian. On the other hand there is an active drive to use the Church apparatus and its money to support the goals of Communism.

The attack on the whites of Southern Africa actually started in 1961 when the Russian Orthodox Church was accepted as a member of the WCC. It was the same year that Kennedy called an end to the “Cold War” and proposed a peaceful co-existenz with the USSR. It meant that we had to accept Communist dictatorships as democratic systems equal to that of the west.

This band of KGB agents went to work from the inside of the WCC and after about ten years it would become clear to even the dumbest person that the Orthodox Church was not interested in furthering Christian Ideals, but rather furthering the communist hegemony of the USSR.

In the 1970’s they managed to pass their controversial “Programme to Combat Racism” in the WCC, dressed up and camouflaged to appear somewhat Christian through all the smoke and mirrors of humanistic, theological feel-good bullshit.

Racism would come to mean a one-way street. Only whites were “Racists”. I have until this day never heard of a single cent being spent by the WCC to fight racism against whites…No, the “Programme to Combat Racism” was nothing but a Church funded “WAR ON WHITES”.

Nevertheless, the programme under direction from the Dutch sociologist Sjollema, would be a major success for terrorist groups all over the world, especially for the ones in Southern Africa, who instantly received a moral and theological boost from the main “Christian” organization of the world.

It opened the door for churches and church front organizations to start donating millions of dollars to Marxist terrorist organizations in the name of “Anti-racism” and “Liberation from White Oppression”. Christians from Western nations paid millions over to terrorists believing their money was going for “Humanitarian Aid” in Africa.

Again the double standards we have come to known so far evinced at every meeting of the WCC. Everyone was vehemently opposed to Apartheid, but as soon as the persecution and atrocities against Christians behind the Iron Curtain were mentioned, everyone kept quiet and looked the other way. In 1968 while the free world expressed spontaneous revulsion at the brutal Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, the WCC remained silent until Soviet goals were achieved.

In the USA these member churches of the WCC would help to drive America out of South Vietnam, letting the entire Vietnam fall into the hands of the Communists scum.

The WCC was so moved by “those who suffer” in Vietnam that it sent sixteen tons of expensive medical supplies and equipment to the Communist Vietcong insurgents…at the same time the WCC assisted and abetted draft-dodgers and deserters from the American Armed Forces in Canada and Sweden.

The Swedish government who were already donating a $100,000 a year to the Marxist cause, suddenly increased their contribution to $3million per year. The Lutheran World Foundations did not waste time either. They donated 65,000 German Marks to FRELIMO, the Communist regime in Mozambique who killed about 2 million people in their civil war with pro West, pro Capitalist, RENAMO.

But the biggest contributor to the Marxist Terrorist cause came from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (EKD). To understand why, one has to understand the German psyche and guilt complex since WWII. The Stuttgart Declaration of guilt made by Martin Niemöller who wrote the famous poem, First they came is the one who is the father of the guilt complex of the Germans. With his declaration, he made all of Germany alone responsible for WWII and all the atrocities…the Allied forces and especially the Russians were ten times worse than the German people, but I suppose it is all about money and enslaving people as milk cows for communism at the end of the day. If you want to be buried in money, just stand in the middle of a German city and accuse them of being “racists” and you will soon see how they will shower you with money with tears of guilt in their eyes.

It might come as a revelation to South Africans that in Germany, people who write on their job applications that they are Christians are taxed for it. One pays about €30 a month to be a Christian. The government actually encourages people to admit that they are atheists when they are not.

This tax called “Kirchensteuer” is deducted by the government and people think it goes for the upkeep of Germany’s beautiful churches, but Norbert Homuth wrote in “Diagnosen” (Oct 1984, pg 42) that 65% of the money paid to the WCC went directly to Marxist Terrorist organizations in South Africa.

The “Patriotic Front” in Rhodesia, in 1978 got US$ 85,000. This Patriotic Front was at the same time supported from Cuba and the USSR. Shortly before this payment the Patriotic Front killed 207 White and 1712 black civilians.

Over the years, millions more from the WCC went to nineteen terrorist organizations, most directly opposed to South Africa such as SWAPO, FRELIMO or the MPLA. In 1978 these terrorist with money from the WCC killed 35 foreign missionaries and their children in Rhodesia.

Previously people would donate money to the church to aid missionaries, to build churches and to help the poor, but now old women in America and Western Europe would starve their canaries for a week to donate money to assist Marxist terrorist organizations who murdered, raped and bombed innocent civilians regardless of colour or creed.

The WCC naively said that the terrorist organizations gave them their word that the donations would not be used for arms. Of course the terrorists would give their word. After the money was donated the WCC had no control over the funds. You cannot put a leg of lamb in a lion’s cage and hope he holds it for a week before he starts nibbling it.

The WCC, forever pontificating about “Love, Justice and Peace” was never interested in uplifting the living standards of blacks in Africa. It is clear from their support of terrorists who wanted to blow up the Cabora Bassa Dam in Mozambique and the Kunene project between Angola and South West Africa…Initiatives of the South African Whites to provide hydro electricity and food production to the entire Southern African region. Sjollema expressed himself to London businessmen saying that the uplifting of black living standards and paying them higher wages was “not helping the situation”…

The strategy is to keep the poor (blacks) in deprivation and misery so as to get them so far as to revolt against their government.

The Kairos document.

The Kairos document is a diabolical, Liberation Theology, Marxist Critical Theory, propaganda, claptrap, document written in 1985, but no-one really knows by whom. Some say that Rev Frank Chikane was one of the authors. It was issued by the ICT or Institute for Contextual Theology, undersigned by some 150 clerics and theologians from just about every church in SA and translated into just about every European, African and Asian Language. Kairos means “The time has come” in Greek…and so the time has come for Apartheid.

In it, Communism is obscured with no real definition and even glorified, while the White government and their God is vilified as “the God of teargas, rubber bullets, shamboks, prison cells and death sentences”…”The Devil disguised as God”… It called for the overthrow of State Theology, only the state is violent; the people just show desperate attempts to defend themselves. The violence of “the people” (Black Communists in the Townships) were likened to that of a woman defending herself against rape.

Basically everything that is against Communism is “evil” and everything that is pro- Communism is “good”…A pseudo religious document that called for Church support of terrorism from Communists against real Christians.

So much for “turning the other cheek” and “loving thy enemies”, hey?

No, “Turning the other cheek” and “loving thy enemy” is only for real Christians suffering genocide and oppression under a Marxist terrorist regime. Then violence against such a tyrannical Communist regime is discouraged. You can read this Kairos document that was undersigned by amongst others, the Catholic Bishop below.

The Kairos Document

Many other churches supported the necklacing and burning to death of black opponents to Communism and the bombing of civilians, black and white, by Marxist terrorist organizations such as the ANC, PAC, Cosas, etc…

In the Citizen of 29 June 1987, a black woman and former ANC terrorist turned Christian, Salamina Borephe, shocked the USA with her acknowledgement of how she took part in this orgy of violence in the townships.

She mentions how the Anglican Church priests told them that “Communists were heroes from central Africa such as Mugabe, Nkomo and Samora Machel. She tells of how these priests taught them to hate the white South Africans and in particular the Afrikaans speaking “Boers”.

She would further mention how they would gather in the Catholic Church on Sunday the 2nd of September and Monday morning around 5h30 they were already up to throw stones at buses and cars.

Many of these Church Men would eventually sell their souls to the Devil and Mammon and oppose the National Christian government of South Africa.

The SA Catholic Church General Secretary, Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa was arrested for the illegal possession of weapons and ammunition on 16 May 1986.

The great Socialist Saint and propaganda idiot Archdiocese Dennis Hurley was a supporter of the “End Conscription Campaign” and who accused one of our crack anti-insurgent units “Koevoet” of human rights abuses on the Angola border, when at the same time the landmines and atrocities of SWAPO’s PLAN forces on civilian farm roads were overlooked? Despite severe objections from the Catholics of South Africa, the Bishop’s conference in 1984 received around US$ 400,000 from overseas congregations to support Marxist terrorist organizations in SA. The next year the figure tripled to over a million USD.

Another one of these mini United Nations organizations is the South African Council of Churches (SACC) who was in an alliance with the ANC during Apartheid and whose membership included and still includes most of the English Churches as well as the Afrikaans Dutch Reform Church (NG Kerk).

Former leaders included Arch Communist Frank Chikane (one of the alleged authors of the Kairos document and whose feet were washed by ex minister of Safety and Security Adrian Vlok). Also Desmond Tutu and Beyers Naude, both notorious Marxist collaborators and church men who have lost their faith and sold their souls to the Devil, were leaders of the SACC.

The three Afrikaans protestant Churches withdrew from the WCC in 1960 after their Cottesloe Consultation at Johannesburg where Aparteid was investigated in loco and found “guilty as charge”, but most of the English churches remained including the Methodists, Presbyterians, Anglicans and Congregationalists.

The most shocking evidence of the Church involvement with Marxist terrorist organizations in Southern Africa came out on 15 February 1984 in the form of a two year investigation known as “The Eloff Report”.

It revealed the extent to which the SACC and al it’s churches were involved with Marxist terrorists, hell-bent on making South Africa ungovernable with civil unrest in direct contrast to what The Bible says in Romans 13.

Anglican Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and holder of a Nobel Peace Prize, who was the General Secretary of the SACC at the time admitted that he was waging a massive psychological war against South Africa. Together with their member churches the SACC also waged a war overseas to get governments and organizations to exercise political, economical and diplomatic pressure against the National Party government.

Relentlessly the diabolical SACC (SA Communist Church) campaign was waged against the true Christians of South Africa. These satanic churches were in solidarity with everything from militant “Black-power” organizations, Marxist terrorist organisations to radical black trade unions. Tutu called the leader of the ANC, Arch Communist Oliver Tambo, “A sincere person of Christian conviction in his strive for peace, justice and democracy in South Africa”.

What he failed to explain is what “peace, justice and democracy” means to the Communist. For a Communist peace can only come when the entire world is enslaved under Communism, justice means the summarily execution of all opponents to Communism and Democracy means a One Party Communist State.

Bishop Tutu further failed to mention that Oliver Tambo as the head of the ANC was directly responsible for the Pretoria, Church Street bombing in 1983, where 19 people were killed (many were black women and children) and more than 200 injured.

Tutu called Communist Terrorist Nelson Mandela his boss and “Future State President of South Africa”. This “Red-Bishop” is a self confessed Socialist and someone who “hates Capitalism”, according to the Sunday Times of 29 December 1985, he said…

"There is no alternative to taking up arms. There is no room for peaceful struggle in South Africa." (Washington Times, cit. UCANEWS 10/85)…

…but at the same time claimed to be a pacifist…

How this Satanist could ever be the Archbishop of Cape Town is beyond logic. He even denied the divinity of Christ by saying, "Some people thought there was something odd about Jesus' birth… It may be that Jesus was an illegitimate son." (Cape Times, 24.10.80).

This liar and “Pillar of Peace” who presided over the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” said… "Thank God I am black. White people will have a lot to answer for at the last judgment." (Argus, 19.3.84)

You can read more of ArchTutu’s wisdom over here…The Arch Bishop and The Bible

The Eloff Report further mentions the “Asingeni Fund” that was advertised to collect and donate money to victims of the 1976 riots and to pay their legal costs. This fund was used for explosives, civil unrest, destruction of private property, robbery, stone throwing, etc…

People like Tutu and Boesak supported the very terrorists who burst into the St. James Church and tried to kill everyone inside with AK47’s and hand grenades. In May 1982 the PAC, who were later responsible for the St. James Church massacre, thanked the WCC and its different organizations for financial and moral support over the past years and expressed their hope that it would continue.

Tutu’s partner in crime at the TRC was Dr Alex Borraine, a former man of the cloth who went to work for Anglo American/De Beers. At the TRC he would be one of the jesters in the “Des and Alex show”. At one stage he even tried his former boss and paymaster Nikki Oppenheimer for alleged collaboration with the Apartheid government. Oppenheimer told him with a smile exactly where to get off…quoting from the Bible, he said to Borraine, “Let he without sin cast the first stone…”

The NG Kerk or Dutch Reform Church also had many of these Anti-Apartheid “men of (their) god”. Beyers Naudé, Nico Smith, Johan Heyns were all secular humanist church men and traitors to their people who played significant roles in the Communist onslaught against White South Africa.

In 1990, Ds. Willie Jonker would pull a Martin Niemöller and take all of the “Blame” and “Sins” of Apartheid on the Afrikaner and his church. A declaration was issued called The Rustenburg Declaration , which proclaimed to all the world that the South African Churches had repented of and confessed to ”heresy”, ”disobedience to God”, ”denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”, ”misuse of the Bible”, ”slowness to denounce apartheid” and ”spiritualising the Gospel.”

Professor Willie Jonker of Stellenbosch, though not entitled, confessed the Apartheid guilt of the whole Dutch Reformed Church and the Afrikaans people as a whole.
Willie Jonker pulling out his intestines about Apartheid

Other organizations that supported these terrorists were the UN Trust Fund and the International University Exchange Fund (IUEF, CIA front organization). With this money the WCC also supported other Marxist Terrorist organizations in the Philippines, South Korea and Indonesia.

The onslaught against South Africa was not limited to the greed over its strategic minerals and sea route around the Cape of Good Hope, but it was also a Satanic, end-time attack on one of the last, strong bastions of Christianity that stood in the way of the Marxist “New World Order” and its Pseudo World Church.

Main Sources:

“Verrat an Südafrika” - Klaus Vaque
“Afrikanische Totenklage” – Peter Scholl-Latour
“People’s War” – Dr. Andrea Jeffrey
“SA; A Skunk amongst Nations” – Les De Villiers
“In Sight of Surrender” – Les de Villiers
“The Paper Curtain” – Eschel Rhoodie
“The Third Africa” – Eschel Rhoodie

04 July 2010

Perpetuating the lies about Apartheid

By Mike Smith
4 July 2010

Much has been said about the so called superiority of the Ashkenazi Jew’s intelligence over that of other races. Their successes of obtaining the Nobel Prizes speak for itself. But every now and again one comes across a person like Benjamin Pogrund, who seriously makes one doubt that claim.

Pogrund is no stranger to South Africa. He was one of those who use to spread lies about SA and anti-Apartheid propaganda when he was a journalist at the Rand Daily Mail. He is a struggle hero and big mates with the ANC Marxist scum including Mandela himself.

Vehemently against Apartheid and pro-Marxist terrorist Black liberation, Pogrund (His surname means “Arse Ground” in German) could not handle his beloved Black rule in South Africa and in 1997 he left for Israel, from where he learned that no matter where one goes on this planet, hypocrisy catches up with you.

Since around 2000, the allegations that Israel is an emerging “Apartheid State” have been surfacing. Pogrund has written several articles in the past, explaining and defending that Israel is not an Apartheid state.

I do not have a problem with him defending his country against bullshit allegations, as long as he does not aim that bullshit in the direction of my country and my people, because then I will, as he, have the right to defend my country against bullshit allegations.

Pogrund is nowadays a visiting academic to the University of Cape Town, which means he flies in every now and again and takes a few side swipes at the Whites of South Africa.

In his latest swipe at us, Pogrund addressed about 60 people at UCT's Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research on Monday.

One thing that I agree with him on is when he is quoted as saying “The current definition of apartheid was "useless".

"As it stands, (the definition) could fit everything,"

That is true. The so called “Crime of Apartheid” is contained in the UN’s “International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of The Crime of Apartheid”.

It reads as follows:

International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid,
Article II

For the purpose of the present Convention, the term 'the crime of apartheid', which shall include similar policies and practices of racial segregation and discrimination as practiced in Southern Africa, shall apply to the following inhumane acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them:

a. Denial to a member or members of a racial group or groups of the right to life and liberty of person
i. By murder of members of a racial group or groups;
ii. By the infliction upon the members of a racial group or groups of serious bodily or mental harm, by the infringement of their freedom or dignity, or by subjecting them to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;
iii. By arbitrary arrest and illegal imprisonment of the members of a racial group or groups;

b. Deliberate imposition on a racial group or groups of living conditions calculated to cause its or their physical destruction in whole or in part;

c. Any legislative measures and other measures calculated to prevent a racial group or groups from participation in the political, social, economic and cultural life of the country and the deliberate creation of conditions preventing the full development of such a group or groups, in particular by denying to members of a racial group or groups basic human rights and freedoms, including the right to work, the right to form recognised trade unions, the right to education, the right to leave and to return to their country, the right to a nationality, the right to freedom of movement and residence, the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association;

d. Any measures including legislative measures, designed to divide the population along racial lines by the creation of separate reserves and ghettos for the members of a racial group or groups, the prohibition of mixed marriages among members of various racial groups, the expropriation of landed property belonging to a racial group or groups or to members thereof;

e. Exploitation of the labour of the members of a racial group or groups, in particular by submitting them to forced labour;

f. Persecution of organizations and persons, by depriving them of fundamental rights and freedoms, because they oppose apartheid.

On every single point listed in this so called “Crime of Apartheid”, I can accuse the Soviet Union of and certainly every single Black African state where Communist regimes took over.

The forced labour in the gulags, the denial to life of murdering millions of people of various ethnic or religious backgrounds, severely restricting free movement of citizens, arbitrary arrest and illegal imprisonment, kidnappings and human trade...it is all there and as far as my knowledge stretches, it is exactly what every single Communist regime implemented thus far.

It has to be noted, as I have pointed out in the previous edition, That South Africa was indeed taken to the International Court in the Hague on charges of “Human Rights abuses” back in 1962. The ones who brought these charges were Ethiopia and Liberia.
The court found SA “NOT GUILTY”...

Since then and up until this day, nobody has ever been prosecuted less found guilty on “The Crime of Apartheid”.

Nevertheless, Pogrund carries on and says: “But real apartheid is institutionalised in every aspect of life."

See, this is where I start getting a bit confused, because Pogrund admits that the definition of Apartheid is bullshit and can mean anything, but then neglects to give a proper definition of “Real Apartheid”.

Pogrund says there were, “three fundamental differences between apartheid South Africa and modern-day Israel.”

1. religion,
2. violence,
3. and reliance on minority labour

Our “visiting fellow of UCT” explains further that, “For apartheid South Africa, religion was more a means of justification than a motivating factor”

Sorry, but I fail to see how that differs from the justifications claimed by Israel or the Pallestinians for that matter. Both claims that they have a God given right to the territory.

Nevertheless, it is at this stage where Pogrund starts to speak out of his arse…He says,…

And in South Africa, the types of violence were very different.

"There were never drive-by shootings or suicide bombs,"

Say what? There has been drive-by shootings between rival taxi gangs and in KwaZulu-Natal between the ANC (Xhosas) and the IFP (Zulus) on a regular basis. As for “suicide bombers”, maybe not as they know it in Israel, but a good few terrorists have blown themselves up through stupidity in South Africa.

But the lies (with a straight face) of Pogrund does not stop there. He continues by saying, …

"The oppressed people of South Africa attacked property, not white civilians."

I assume with “Oppressed people” he means “The Blacks”. This is nothing but slander, because he fails to provide any proof of this so called “oppression” that SA was exonerated from in The Hague in 1962.

Secondly its seems as if Pogrund is blissfull of the St. James massacre where blacks stormed into a white church and started killing people with AK47’s and handgrenades. He is also unaware of the Church Street bomb in Pretoria or the Magoos Bar bomb, the landmines on the farm roads, the bomb on the Johannesburg Station, etc.

Pogrund should be ashamed of himself for this blatant lie. I wonder how he will feel if I say, “Palestinian terrorists only attack buildings”.

The terror acts of the ANC from 1976 until 1987 are as follows:

• 12 Landmine explosions on farm roads, 30 others neutralised by the security forces.
• 113 Handgrenade attacks, a further 1273 found by the security forces
• 115 Limpid mines exploded, a further 409 neutralised by the security forces
• 7 Dynamite bombs explosion, 87 others defused and a further 85 neutralised in ANC depots.
• From April 1984 – April 1985, 60 ANC terror acts happened
• From April 1985 – April 1986, 193 ANC terror acts happened
• From 1976 until 1987, 43 Blacks and 35 Whites were murdered by ANC terror attacks alone.

Pogrund further says that South Africa relied heavily on Black labour for economic stability…

Well I wish Pogrund could then explain to us why we created the “Homelands” and actually assisted Blacks to return to their Homelands by creating factories and other job centers for Blacks in order for them to rule themselves. We did not need Blacks for our economy. In fact they were a hamstring strain on our economy, along with many social ills that we could do without.

Pogrund says that in SA Blacks were disenfranchised from voting and that in Israel everyone has the vote.

What laughable nonsense. Blacks could vote for their own governments in their own countries which had their own police forces and armies, trained by South Africa, free of charge. Indians and Coloureds were represented in parliament through a Tri-Cameral system.

This self opinionated, Pogrund, then carries on…

“In Israel, there was a perceived need for security, and competition for land and water and over religion. In South Africa, apartheid was fuelled by a belief in white superiority.”

If South African Whites believed in White superiority they would not have given Blacks their own countries to rule, they would simply have wiped them off the face of the earth.

Why bother building schools and hospitals for Blacks? Why bother building eight Black universities for Blacks? Why bother uplifting the living standard, their education level and their life-expectancy to the highest on the continent?

Pogrund finishes with...

"Occupation is ugly,"

"It brutalises the occupied as well as the occupiers. It resembles apartheid - both rely on subjugation and control - but call it something else."

Pogrund was also critical of the media for exaggerating conditions.

"To report the truth is sensational enough," he said.

So although the situation in Israel is no different and sometimes a lot worse than Apartheid South Africa, Pogrund wants it called “Something Else”.

What exactly that “Something else” is, he neglects to mention.

He then has the cheek, as an ex Anti-Apartheid journalist who heavily exaggerated the South African situation including his “breakthrough” report on Sharpeville, to attack the media for exaggerating the Israeli/Palestinian situation.

God, will this hypocrisy never end?

You can read Pogrund’s verbal flatulence here.


25 June 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 21- The Assassination of Dr. Verwoerd

By Mike Smith
24 June 2010

In the previous section we saw how Dr. Verwoerd took South Africa to heights as never seen before and probably will never see again. South Africa was economically, militarily and politically at its peak under the nationalist government of Dr. Verwoerd.

Dr. Verwoerd was no ordinary man. In his book “At last we have got our country back” G.H. Calpin wrote of Dr. Verwoerd.

“He was the kind of man who might instinctively have invited the dislike of some for the sheer mathematical brilliance of his intellect…He had the mind of a computer”.

There is never a shortage of inferior minds jealous of a brilliant thinker. One such an envious inferior mind was Piet Cillie, editor of “Die Burger”, Afrikaans newspaper owned by NASPERS who owns several other newspapers as well. The English press being in full control of the Oppenheimers of Anglo American/De Beers.

In 1960-1961, this intellectual midget tried his hand at Dr. Verwoerd, but came horribly short. Cillie never forgave Verwoerd his excellence and success in running South Africa.

Verwoerd was a man of outstanding character. When the whole world was ganging up against Ian Smith’s Rhodesia after declaring UDI, Verwoerd refused to institute economic sanctions against the Rhodesian government, declaring his full support for Rhodesia.

Another victory of Verwoerd was the one over the UN on South West Africa, Namibia at the International court in The Hague.

What happened was basically that South Africa in 1914 (as a British colony) annexed South West Africa (German colony). After the First World War, Germany was bankrupt and Britain did not want a vast desert to administer, so the League of Nations gave South Africa a mandate in 1920 to administer the territory of South West Africa, which it did very well. Under SA rule, SWA reached development on par with SA and Rhodesia.

The mandate allowed SA to apply its laws in SWA as an integral part of South Africa. It further stipulated:” The mandatory shall promote to the utmost the material well being and the social progress of the inhabitants”

It further required, “freedom of conscience, and religion, prohibiting the slave trade, trafficking in arms and liquor, and preventing the establishment of foreign fortifications and military basis on the territory."

The plan against SA was to bring charges of human rights abuses in South West Africa against the South Africans. That would give the UN the right to invade South West Africa as well as SA.

Ethiopia and Liberia, on behalf of the African block laid the charges in 1962 at the International Court of Justice. Their evidence was the usual bullshit (no evidence) uttered at the UN General Assembly and that of so called “petitioners” – self-styled political exiles from SWA. Charges were amongst others, “Exterminating the native inhabitants and militarizing the territory”.

These bastards soon realized that making unsubstantiated allegations at the UN general Assembly is totally different to delivering proof in a court of law.

SA delivered a written presentation of 3000 pages, called 15 expert witnesses out of 38 presented. The evidence showed amongst others, fifty countries which , by law and official practice, differentiate between groups, classes or races – forty of them members of the UN at the time, including Ethiopia and Liberia themselves.

South Africa refused to accept the written allegations by the “petitioners” and wanted to get them in court and cross examine them, but at no stage was Ernst Gross, the American lawyer on behalf of the African states interested in calling any “petitioners”. South Africa even offered to pay all their expenses, just for a chance to cross examine them, but to no avail.

Nevertheless, the court ruled in favour of SA and dismissed the nonsense of the African bloc. Despite their defeat, the UN voted in 1966 (114-2) that SA ‘s mandate in SWA have ended.

Verwoerd would not be forgiven for this victory over the UN. He thwarted the invasion plan drawn up by the Carnegie Endowment for International peace and wiped his backside with their blueprint called “Apartheid and United Nations Collective Measures”.

Verwoerd also practically annihilated the British and American sponsored opposition parties (United Party and Progressive Party) in the March 1966 general elections.

There was only one option left, Verwoerd had to go…

Nine days before the Death of Verwoerd, “The Sunday Tribune” (Durban) published a front page article written by Aida Parker, headlined, “Verwoerd must go plan: Cape Nats back Anton Rupert”…and…”The knives are out in the National Party…”

Anton Rupert was the billionaire of Rembrandt and Rothmans tobacco. He was also a CFR member. During WW2 he was anti-British, but after the war he dropped his Afrikaner Nationalist friends and became an exponent of a “Pax Americana”, hosting Bobby Kennedy during his 1961 visit to SA and fully identified himself with the British-American interest and objectives for South Africa.

Piet Cillie, editor of “Die Burger” was spearheading the plan to replace Dr. Verwoerd with Anton Rupert. When Jaap Marais wrote a letter to Cillie asking him about the report in “The Sunday Tribune” and what the options was to get rid of Verwoerd seeing that a vote of no confidence was out of the question, Cillie refused to answer and threatened Marais with lawyers. Marais was researching it for his book “Die Era van Verwoerd”. He never heard from Cillie or his lawyers after that.

The Eleni

At the time of his death, a Greek ship called, “Eleni” was in Cape Town for almost a month, undergoing repairs. Tsafendas, the assassin, frequently visited the vessel and tried to buy a weapon from the crew.

Three days before the assassination, people on the ship asked people on the quay whether they knew that Dr. Verwoerd was dead.

It also came out in the enquiry afterwards that Tsafendas visited the vessel almost daily and bought a pistol and a tried to buy a knife.

Another interesting point is that “The Evening Standard” of London carried the following report: “Young man on Dieppe-Newhaven ferry asked if there was any news of the Verwoerd assassination – last Friday (ie 2 September)…”

Verwoerd was assassinated on the 6th of September.

The report stated that a liberal politician, Allan Thomas was reading his paper when a young man approached him and asked him if there was any news on the assassination of Verwoerd…For days before the assassination.

It appears that even in the UK there was advanced warning of the coming assassination.

“The Lone Nutter assassins”

Over the years we have seen many assassinations such as that of Abraham Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon…attempts on Reagan and the Pope…and in every instance the killers were so-called “Lone nutters”.

Such is the general belief in the case of Dr. Verwoerd as well. The truth is rather different to what most people today believe.

As early as 1937 Demetrio Tsafendas was identified as a Communist and the SA authorities refused him a permanent residency visa. He later admitted that he joined the Communist Party in 1939.

He was born in Mozambique. His father was a Greek sailor and his mother was a mixed race Mozambiquen.

In 1941 age 23, he joined the Merchant Navy and started sailing all around the world. In 1946 he was taken up in the North Grafton hospital in the USA where they noted he joined the Communist Party at the age of twenty and was faking mental illness because he was scared to go back to the ship due to leaks on the vessel.

In 1947 he was again refused permanent residence in SA due to being a Communist and in 1959 his name was placed on the Black List of the Department of Home Affairs.

In 1959 whilst in Britain he was noticed in the company of radical leftists. Tsafendas himself later mentioned that when they were private, some of these leftists raised the possibility of having the Prime Minister of South Africa shot. Less than a year later in April 1960 came the first attempt on Dr. Verwoerd’s life.

The first attempt on Verwoerd’s life

A deluded farmer called David Beresford Pratt, who also went to Britain and who have been involved in political activities of the Liberal Party, shot Dr. Verwoerd at close range.

Pratt was a brilliant student at King Edward VII Boys’ High School in Johannesburg. He then studied at Cambridge University and obtained a BA (Hons) and qualified as a chartered accountant. He went back to SA to help his father farm. He had two children from his first wife and then later married a Dutch woman he met in SA.

Pratt showed very strange and neurotic behavior. He lived in a 35 room mansion filled with treasures and antiques. At times he would go missing and stay with the homeless in Johannesburg returning to shut himself inside his mansion for months. He was also reported to be charming.

On the morning of 9 April 1960,he took his 22 Pistol to the Rand Easter Show. Apparently after hearing Hendrik Verwoerd’s lack of concern for public life, he went up to Verwoerd and shot him twice in the head.

Another source (“Transition” issue 75/76) says he was motivated after seeing a group of about 100 black prisoners being bundled into a van. Miraculously Verwoerd survived the attack.

After having been examined, Pratt was reported to have been a sufferer of epilepsy for 40 years and from a mental disorder. On 26 September 1960 the Judge President sent Pratt to jail and awaits his fate. He was later transferred to Orange Hospital, Bloemfontein.

On his 52 birthday on 1 October 1961, Pratt hanged himself with a coiled-up bed sheet in his room. It became apparent that he had suffered an epilepsy relapse a few nights before he decided to hang himself.

It seems as if there was never a shortage of “Lone Nutter Assassins” who wanted to kill Dr. Verwoerd.

The second attack on Verwoerd

In November 1963, Tsafendas entered South Africa illegally, and in February 1964 he again applied for permanent residence. In his application he stated that he suffered from no mental illness and a medical certificate to this effect was attached.

The immigration board granted him permanent residence.

Tsafendas had various jobs. In March 1965 he was medically examined by the South African Railway and Harbours Services and they also found nothing wrong with him.

In August 1965 Tsafendas, classified as white under Apartheid, applied to be reclassified as “Coloured”. It was then that a decision was taken to deport him. The Minister of Home Affairs signed a deportation order, but it was not enforced by the time of the assassination.

On 20th of July 1966 Tsafendas was appointed as a messenger in the House of Assembly, but only started working on 1st of August 1966. A month later on 6th of September 1966 he assassinated Dr. Verwoerd in the House of Assembly.

In one month Tsafendas seems to have gained enough insight about parliamentary procedures to know exactly when the most relaxed time would be for the attack namely just before the proceeding of the day’s events, when MP’s were strolling towards their benches and sitting casually chatting with one another.

Tsafendas, in typically cowardly fashion approached Dr. Verwoerd from behind and stabbed him four times…three of the wounds were of fatal nature.

A medical doctor in the House who attended to Verwoerd afterwards said “The assassin must have received training in the art of wielding a knife”.

An Afrikaans Sunday paper also reported from the medical evidence that it was evident that the assassin must have had thorough training.

John Vorster appointed as successor to Verwoerd

The first thing Vorster did was to appoint his own commission of enquiry consisting of a total of …ONE MAN, who found that there was “no ground for the rumour that the wounds had been inflicted by an expert”.

On the 7th of September, one day after the assassination, “The Star” (Johannesburg) had a headline: “No sign of assassination plot. This was the work of a lone killer, says Vorster”.

It has to be remembered that Vorster was Minister of Justice, and therefore of Security, making him responsible for the security of Verwoerd...

More remarkable was that Vorster started systematically undoing the foundation of all that Verwoerd built up. This would later be carried on by P.W. Botha and F.W. De Klerk who would eventually hand over the country to Marxist Terrorist rule.

Nevertheless, the press reported that the Security Police had a file on Tsafendas. When the head of the Security Police was phoned on the day of the assassination, he had a file with him in a short time. Amazingly Vorster promptly issued a statement that “the report that the Security Police had a file on Tsafendas was devoid of all truth”.

This was a blatant cover-up. It later surfaced that the Security Police had no less than FOUR files on Tsafendas. Two were destroyed without authority and a third was completely missing.

In the previous edition I mentioned that Dr Verwoerd launched an inquiry into “Die Georganiseerde Geldmag” (The organized money power) known as “The Hoek Report” by Prof Hoek of Pretoria University.

This report was finished after Verwoerd’s death and Vorster refused to publish it.

Parts of it leaked out in 1969. It found that Anglo American Corporation was the largest private group in the economy, large enough to frustrate government policies. Anglo paid disproportionately low taxes, resulting in loss of government revenue of millions. Hoek pointed out that as an important supplier of key minerals to the SA defense industry, Anglo should be brought under much stricter government control. He suggested that its operational boundaries in South Africa be limited, and restrictions placed on its foreign-based companies such as Charter Consolidated in London.

This is all documented in the fascinating book called “South Africa Inc.” by Pallister, Stewart and Lepper, 1987, page 100. On the same page it states that “Oppenheimer, in fact, was able to develop cordial relations with Vorster”.

So who benefitted from the assassination of Verwoerd?

Obviously John Vorster who was appointed the new Prime Minister and who would carry out the wishes and policies of Harry Oppenheimer.

The Hoek report was shelved and for the Anglo American Corporation it was business as usual. The restrictions Verwoerd was going to impose on their operations magically disappeared.

The Cillie and Rupert, “Verwoerd must go” plan succeeded.

After the death of Verwoerd, Anton Rupert said, “The fact that Dr. Verwoerd was no longer Prime Minister, was the best thing that could have happened for South Africa”.

The fourth and most important beneficiaries were the British-American powers behind the ANC, who were out to break the Afrikaner’s political power and get South Africa in line with the other Communist controlled Southern African States of Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Tsafenda’s Communist leanings were just a useful shield behind which others such as Britain and the USA operated.

The policies Vorster introduced on behalf of the Oppenheimers

Vorster and his Foreign Affairs minister, Hilgaard Muller (Rhodes Scholar) introduced a strategy called “Détente” which focused on appeasing the Black Communist enemies of South Africa. From 1974-1976 Vorster betrayed the white Portuguese in Mozambique and Angola, allowing the Communists to take over. He betrayed the whites in Rhodesia, introducing economic sanctions against Rhodesia and pressuring Ian Smith to accept Black Communist rule. He also betrayed the whites of South West Africa, by accepting the so-called Western Powers’ Formula (Resolution 435 of the UN Security Council), which laid the foundation for the Communist take-over of South West Africa.

Vorster was a “Useful Idiot” whose appeasement strategies fed the crocodiles in the hope that South Africa got eaten last. And indeed, what a feast it was when we got eaten as well. In fact, I think the feast is not finished...yet.

Nevertheless, the last bastion against Communism in Southern Africa fell to the Marxist terrorist gang of the ANC/SACP/ Cosatu alliance in a bloodless coup, facilitated by F.W. De Klerk…28 years after the assassination of Dr. Verwoerd.

Behind this operation was the British design of using the franchise of the blacks to continue by other means the Boer War against the Afrikaners, preferring Communist rule over South Africa to Afrikaner political power and influence in the sub-continent.

Main Sources:

South Africa Inc, Pallister, Stewart, Lepper, 1987
Verrat an Südafrika, Vaque, 1987
Assassination and the tragedy of South Africa, Jaap Marais
South Africa, A skunk amongst nations, Les De Villiers, 1975
People’s War, Andrea Jeffrey, 2009
Tragedy and Hope, Quigley, 1966

21 June 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid box – Part 20- Dr. Verwoerd, Nationalist Visionary, “The most hated man in South Africa” and the success of Nationalism

By Mike Smith
21 June 2010

Most people today cringe when one mentions the name of Dr. Verwoerd. Even ardent right-wingers are careful to be associated with Dr. Verwoerd, normally denouncing this great visionary before the cock crows a third time. People in general believe that Dr. Verwoerd was “The Architect of Apartheid”.

This is plain nonsense as I have proved in this series. Most of the Apartheid laws were already in place when the National Party came to power in 1948. These laws were drawn up under British rule when South Africa was still a colony and during the time of Jan Smuts who was a liberal puppet of the Crown.

There is a technique in historical research to cross reference information about certain people. It works like this…

Most great historical figures are praised by their own people and loathed by their enemies. So in order to find out the true nature of an historical figure it is sometimes necessary to look at what the enemies of such people have to say. That is exactly what we will be doing in this post, but let us first have a look at Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd

Dr Verwoerd was born to Dutch parents in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and moved to South Africa when he was two years old in 1903, shortly after the Anglo Boer War. The family moved to Rhodesia shortly after they arrived in South Africa. Most of his childhood he spent in Bulawayo in Rhodesia.

In 1917 the family settled in Brandfort in the Orange Free State. Verwoerd studied at the prestigious Afrikaans University of Stellenbosch and as a brilliant student he obtained his BA and his MA degrees cum laude. He eventually obtained his Ph.D. in Philosophy that included Psychology.

Verwoerd then won two bursaries and decided to take the one that would offer him the opportunity to study in Germany. In 1925 he arrived in Germany and studied at three German universities namely Leipzig, Hamburg and Berlin.

He got married in Germany to Betsie Schoemann, toured Europe and then moved over to the USA where he did some more research. Upon his return to SA…at the tender age of 26…Verwoerd became professor in Sociology at Stellenbosch, his alma mater.
In 1937 he became editor of “Die Transvaler” (The Transvaler, an Afrikaans daily paper). In 1950 he became Minister of Native affairs in the National Party government of Dr. D.F. Malan.

It is important to note that all these Nationalist Afrikaner leaders of the time were no idiots. Dr Malan had a Doctorate in Divinity (Theology) from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands as well as a Masters degree in Philosophy. Yet most people refer to them today as “Dumb Dutchmen”…

Verwoerd was thus a man who was highly educated, well travelled and could speak several languages including Afrikaans, Dutch, German, English as well as the black languages of Zulu and Shona. He was also a natural leader whose talents were recognized at student level already.

Verwoerd was elected Prime Minister on 2 September 1958, promising to uphold with honour the democratic institutions of the country .. and .. justice between white and non-white.

Verwoerd,reformulated the Apartheid policy calling it "separate development,"
He wanted to guide Africans to self-determination once they were considered to be ready.

On the 3d of February 1960 British Prime Minister, Mr Harold Macmillan, delivered his famous "winds of change-speech" before the joint session of the Union Parliament.

On the 5th of October 1960 a referendum regarding a Republic for SA was held. The Yes vote won with a majority of 74,580 votes - 90,73% votes were cast.

Verwoerd led the nation to become a republic. On 15 May 1961 in London, at the meeting of the Commonwealth, Verwoerd announced that South Africa withdrew its membership. South Africa became a republic on 31 May 1961.

Verwoerd’s biggest critics were the English speaking press in South Africa, but let us look at what the “Rand Daily Mail” (a sworn enemy of Verwoerd) on 30th of July 1966 wrote about this great man.

“At the age of 65 Dr. Verwoerd has reached the peak of a remarkable career. No other South African Prime Minister has ever been in such a powerful position in the country. He is at the head of a massive majority after a resounding victory at the polls. The nation is suffering from a surfeit of prosperity and he can command almost unlimited funds for all that he needs at present in the way of military defence. He can claim that South Africa is a shining example of peace in a troubled continent, if only, because overwhelming domestic power can always command peace. Finally, as if that were not enough, he can face the session (of parliament) with the knowledge that, short of an unthinkable show of force by people whom South Africans are rapidly being taught to regard as their enemies, he can snap his fingers at the United Nations. Thanks to the recent judgement of the Hague Court (on the South West Africa issue) he can afford to condescend to the world body, graciously remaining a member as long as it suits him. Indeed, the Prime Minister has never had it so good.”

In his booklet, “Assassination and the tragedy of South Africa”, Jaap Marais, deceased leader of the HNP speaks of the success of Apartheid and why Dr. Verwoerd was killed.

Jaap Marais was another of these so called educated “Dumb Dutchmen”. He was a politician, an attorney a devoted ornithologists as well as the man who translated William Shakespeare’s “Julius Ceaser” into Afrikaans.

Marais states that under Verwoerd and his policy of “Separate development (“Apartheid”), the living standards of Blacks were rising at 5,4% per year against that of the whites at 3,9% per year. In 1965 the economic growth of South Africa was the second highest in the world at 7,9%. The rate of inflation was a mere 2% per annum and the prime interest rate only 3% per annum. Domestic savings were so great that South Africa needed no foreign loans for normal economic expansion.

A few months before Dr. Verwoerd was assassinated, the editor of the British periodical, “Statist”, Paul Bareau, wrote...

“At the rate at which South Africa is now expanding the term „miracle” is likely to be appropriate to its development over the next few years”.

In other words, South Africa was an emerging economic and military threat to the Anglo American establishment.

Nevertheless... All of this, South Africa under Nationalism, achieved despite of worldwide arms embargoes, economic sanctions and the entire world supporting the enemies of South Africa.

It has to be remembered that after the Anglo Boer War where the British destroyed all the economic power of the Boers by a “Scorched Earth Policy” of burning their farms to the ground, killing their livestock and interning their women and children in horrific concentration camps where 27,000 white women and children died...there was no “Bailout” or “Marshal Plan” to rebuild South Africa. The Boers rebuilt South Africa and created their own wealth singlehandedly with absolutely no foreign support.

“Time magazine”, eleven days before Dr. Verwoerd’s assassination, wrote,

“South Africa is in the midst of a massive boom. Attracted by cheap labour, a gold backed currency and high profits, investors from all over the world have ploughed money into the country, and the new industries that they have started have sent production, consumption – and the demand for labour – soaring. Such are the proportions of prosperity...”

Quotes like these are numerous and a testimony to the success of Dr. Verwoerd’s policy of “Separate development”. These quotes come from sources that were normally extremely hostile to Dr. Verwoerd and South Africa.

We will deal with sanctions in a later edition, but for now I just have to explain that the object was to bring South Africa economically to its knees, to impoverish the people (all the people and especially the blacks) so that they would start a revolution against their government. It totally backfired, because South Africa just became more and more self sufficient.

Nobody ever took the personal philosophy of the Boers into concideration. In South Africa we have a common saying, “ A Boer makes a plan”...

It is a saying, a philosophy that we grow up with, that was forged over hundreds of years on the African continent. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how tough life gets for us, we can always make a plan.

When the world imposed oil embargoes against us to bring us to our knees, we simply invented a method of making fuel from coal, known as SASOL. When the world cut of weapons, we simply started ARMSCOR and in no time we were not only self sufficient...we were exporting top of the range weapons to the very countries who imposed those sanctions against us.

Such is the will of the whites of South Africa to survive. The more the world tried to isolate us the more selfsufficient we became. Our scientists, medical doctors and engineers were some of the best in the world and leading at the forefront of technology. Our observatory at Sutherland was fully booked out by international astronomers years in advance.

Karl Marx predicted that the more Capitalism grows the poorer the common man will become and the more he will be and feel exploited. Nationalism in South Africa proved Marx wrong. The more industries were created, the more jobs were available and the living standard of blacks in South Africa was the highest on the continent of Africa.

Not only that, Nationalism ensured the survival of all the nations of South Africa....It ensured the survival of their languages and their cultures.

It was obviously a massive blow to the Anglo America establishment who wanted to destroy South Africa and get their hands on the riches of the country. The spite and envy came out in the word of Lord Deedes who said that “The Afrikaans speakers made two big mistakes. One was to leave the Commonwealth - and the other was to survive.”

So they did not reckon with the tenacity of the Afrikaners and their will to survive...not only to survive, but to prosper!

But even Lord Deedes admitted, “White South Africa grew to become the economic giant of the continent, the other members of the Commonwealth virtually sank into poverty.”

The British Foreign Office and the US State Department were disappointed to say the least. South Africa turned out to be a major success under Nationalism and every other country in Africa opposing the system of Apartheid was sinking into poverty.
What was happening at the time was that Dr. Verwoerd was winning the Cold War all by himself. He was showing the world how successful Nationalism is and he was showing up the failure that Socialism/Communism is.

Verwoerd also initiated an investigation into power monopolies known today as the “Hoek” report (1965). Verwoerd delegated the job to Professor Piet Hoek and asked him to investigate the stranglehold that economic monopolies such as Anglo American (the Oppenheimers, mining), Rembrandt (Anton Rupert, liquor and cigarettes) , Trust Bank (Jan Marais), Sanlam (A.D. Wasenaar, insurance), etc were holding.

In addition, Verwoerd destroyed the Marxist terrorist onslaught against South Africa by nipping arch Communists (including Mandela) in the bud by arresting them in Rivonia and destroying all their cells in South Africa. By 1965 the ANC and the SA Communist Party was defeated.

In her book, “People’s War”, Dr Andrea Jeffrey on page 7 quotes Oliver Tambo the leader of the ANC saying in 1964, “it appears as if the guns of MK (uMkhonto we Sizwe, Spear of the Nation, armed wing of the ANC) have been silenced for all time.”

There is no doubt that Dr. H. F. Verwoerd was a remarkable man. The best Nationalist leader and politician who ever lived and the best Prime Minister South Africa ever had.

Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd loved South Africa with all his heart. He loved all the nations and all the cultures of South Africa. He wanted to protect and secure the future of all the rich cultures that make up the country of South Africa. “Seperate Development” was his vehicle,

He was a true patriot who turned South Africa into a first world country and the envy of the world. He laid the foundation that turned South Africa into the only nuclear power on the continent. He was “The man of Granite” who stood up against the entire world who wanted to destroy South Africa and the last vestiges of White success on the continent of Africa. He wanted to protect the culture and survival of his own people as much as he wanted to protect the culture and the survival of all the black tribes of South Africa.

Today he is despised as a “Racist” when he should be praised as a visionary.

Whilst Premier of Free State, Terror Lekota removed the statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, which had been mounted in front of the building that housed the provincial administration.

Lekota apparently found the mere sight of Verwoerd, to which he was subjected every time he showed up for work, quite offensive.

Today that statue stands in an honorary position in the Afrikaner enclave known as “Orania”

But Dr Verwoerd does not need any statue of himself. By the time he died he built his own monument which is there for all to see: The Republic of South Africa…