06 July 2015

The ANC and the Spanish trains

By Mike Smith

6th of July 2015

No…Don’t call them stupid, because then you are a “racist”.

ANC buys 70 Spanish locomotives that are 299mm too high. Wastes R600 million

So what are they going to do now? Put smaller wheels on? Lower all the rail tracks? Raise all the overhead electric lines? Or simply cut the top off and make a Locomotive Cabriolet?

You can watch these clowns here. I love it how Popo Molefe (former premier of the North West) compares the Diesel/Electric capability to his hybrid Toyota...especially that pause where he waited for the beetle to climb back on the cork ;-)

03 July 2015

The futility of helping blacks in SA - Hospital carried away piece by piece

By Mike Smith

3rd of July 2015

Readers of my blog will know very well that I always profess NEVER to help blacks. My reasons are like this:

1) It is racist

2) They do not appreciate it.

Why is it racist to help blacks? Because when you build a hospital for blacks, you are basically telling them that they are incapable of building one themselves. When you put Western doctors in it, you are telling them that their own Sangomas and their tribal healing ways are inferior.

The same can be said for schools or houses you build for them.

Now let me show you a case study of what happened to such a hospital that white taxpayers built for the coloureds and blacks in Mannenberg, Cape Town.

The G.F. Jooste Hospital

Mannenberg, also known by the locals as “The Chatjies”, is a coloured township on the Cape flats. It is a seriously dangerous and crime invested place where gangs like the “Americans” and the “Hard Livings” shoot and chop each other up regularly.

In this area, in 1996, the white taxpayers built the G.F. Jooste Hospital with over 200 beds and servicing more than 5000 black and coloured patients per month .

In 2010, the hospital received a R2m donation from the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust for the upgrade of its emergency ward.

After the ANC ran the hospital into the ground, it was decided to close it up last year and renovate it at a cost of R785 million .The plan was to reopen it in 2019.

Now, 19 years later, all that remains of the building are smashed windows, wrecked walls and demolished ceilings.

Looters bribe the security guards with beer and dagga and are carrying window frames and doors away whilst security guards (with dogs) simply look on.

One of the vandals told the Cape Argus he chose to steal from the hospital because the security guards were “bad at their jobs and did nothing to stop him”.

“They said that we could break down at the back as long as they could break down at the front of the building. If we give them dagga or beers – then it’s alright. I blame the security, they are supposed to secure the place, right?”

Hospital vandals caught in the act

The vandals told “Die Burger”, Afrikaans newspaper, “The government does not give us work. We are not stealing; we are simply taking what is ours.”

The locals said further that people came with donkey carts and taxis to cart things away.

“It is like a shopping mall. You just go in and take what you want, but only you don’t pay.”

Hospital stripped bare piece by piece

30 June 2015

Former ANC newspaper editor says ANC allowed SA to sink down a pit

Henry Jeffreys
By Mike Smith

1st of July 2015

For those who do not know Henry Jeffreys used to be the first “black” editor of “Die Burger” Afrikaans fish & chips wrapper and former editor of “The New Age”, the ANC’s newspaper funded by the Guptas ”I am in charge, I am”, says New Age editor

He wasn’t in charge very long seeing that he resigned a few months later.

Now he says… ANC allowed SA to sink down a pit

That is correct, but otherwise Jeffreys speaks mostly crap in his article, seeing that he thinks there is a difference between Socialism and Communism. In short Communism is the ideal. Socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat is the reality. That is why Communist countries like the USSR and GDR called themselves the more euphemistically sounding “Socialist”. Nevertheless, I am digressing.

He also mentions that “The ANC can make peace with the fact that they played a big role in establishing a democracy in SA”.

First of all, it was the +/- 70% whites who voted “YES” in two referendums in 1983 and 1992 who got rid of Apartheid. Not Mandela. Not the ANC.

It was the white traitor F.W. de Klerk who freed the terrorist Mandela unconditionally and unbanned the ANC, the PAC and the SACP.

Mandela did not get the Nobel Prize, he SHARED it with De Klerk. Basically Mandela did sweet blue bugger all to deserve his half.

The ANC did not establish a democracy in SA in 1994. For three years from the 27th of April 1994 to the 3rd of February 1997 they ruled together with the NP and the IFP in A government of national unity under an illegal interim constitution that was created by the ANC and the NP during the illegal Codesa negotiations. In a “Democracy” political parties do not create constitutions. The people create the constitution.

A constitution is a list of the rights we the people have and we tell the government, “Here is a list of our rights. Your job is to protect those rights.”

In a democracy, that is the ONLY job the government has. It is not the government’s job to build schools or roads or whatever. Their only job is to protect the rights of the individual. Nothing more. The ANC has failed in that job. Since the ANC came to power in 1994 (together with the NP and the IFP), they have done nothing else but to undermine our constitution and attempt to take away our rights.

They should take their stupid “Info Bill”, and “Expropriation of Property Bill” along with any and all of their illegal bills and shove it up their backsides.

The ANC never wanted a democracy in SA. The people wanted a democracy. The ANC just wanted to plunder the wealth of the country and its people. That is all they have been busy with since 1994.

1994 marks the start of the subjugation of all South Africans under the yoke of a Marxist dictatorship. That is what we have today. The ANC and Jacob Zuma just do what they want.

Therefore they MUST go! We the people have had enough already!

Liberal chorus of clowns who brought the ANC to power says ANC must go

By Mike Smith

30th of June 2015

As the ANC stepped up its totalitarian tiptoeing into a full-on goose step to dictatorship with the Al-Bashir fiasco and the heavily massaged Marikana report, I revel in the misery of the once starry eyed libtards who supported them and wanted to see them in power.

You know times are bad when even the liberals fall over their feet to complain about their beloved ANC…their little beloved, adopted terrorists who are stealing and ruining SA.

The LWB and Afrikaner wannabe poet/writer, Antjie Krog acknowledged the other day that the country is stuffed beyond comprehension.

She said corruption, the judiciary, schools, hospitals, etc are all stuffed, but wait for her plan….I had to suppress an almost uncontrollable fit of laughter…

She is heavily upset that her liberal Kumbaya Utopia that was promised in 1994 never materialized. She proposed a two year period of “radical reconstruction” by whites (Whitey must fix and change the black babies’ nappies). According to her, white learned people, especially Afrikaners, should spend a year after their studies working for no remuneration amongst blacks to rebuild what the blacks have broken down in the last 21 years.

Further, according to her, every white “suburban household should be confronted with what it is like to live in a township. All parks in white neighbourhoods should be filled with squatters and the streets should be filled with vagrant vendors.”

Now you can see why I come down with a bout of the retard flu every time a LWB opens her gob.

Point is, since the dawn of time, women are used to opening their legs to get what they want, not their mouths. It is just the way it is. Prove me wrong. Maybe stupid LWB Krog hasn’t figured out what her mouth was actually made for yet (speech not being it), because every time she attempts to say something it opens the door for a ticker tape parade of raining egalitarian and bullshit.

Here is another liberal useful idiot who has seen the light, who said: “With every week that passes our governing party more closely resembles its Zanu-PF counterpart in Zimbabwe.”

The ANC is transmogrifying into ZANU-PF

We have been saying it for the last eight years and had to endure the petty scorn from these libtards that we were “racists”. Now they can see that the so-called “racists” were right all along.

In response to Antjie Krog’s pathetic jeremiad about South Africa, über liberal Dr. Alex Boraine from the Des and Alex Show (aka as the TRC) said that Black people should save us from this damn government

According to him, they are the only ones who have the voting power to do so. How naïve can you get? Where and under which Marxist dictatorship has a single vote ever counted for anything? Does he really believe SA is a “democracy”? In fact he actually acknowledges that whites have no voting power and live under a tyranny of the majority.

LWB who wants to sound important…Prof. Christi van der Westhuizen from the University of Pretoria also added her mustard to the five cent piece and said that one cannot wait on the government to bring change. It must be done by the citizens.

It is clear she hasn’t chewed it through before it flowed from her mouth.

Of course it has to be done by the citizens. Question is who are these “citizens”? The whites? The blacks? All of us together?

And who is going to lead them? More importantly, what change is it that she wants? Change just for the sake of change? Change back to Apartheid? Change to another corrupt black government? Or does she believe when the ANC has been ousted that the next group of blacks will be more reasonable and less hateful of whites?

Her degrees and professorship means nothing to me. As long as a LWB can pose as an academic, but still drive a week with her parking brake on without knowing it, because she is permanently on her cell phone, she can shut the fuck up for all I care. She’s not important enough for me to notice.

Dr. Fanie du Toit, executive director of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation said that blacks feel that they have stretched out a hand of reconciliation to whites, but that whites are not doing enough to accept it and that they are slapping it away.

In fact the whites of SA after 1994 really tried to work with blacks and build the country, but blacks are the ones who introduced Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sport and university entry, etc. Blacks are the ones who shunned the whites. Not the other way around. Further, thousands of white farmers are not being murdered by other whites. The majority of crime in SA is not perpetrated by fellow whites.

Well I agree with all these liberals at least on ONE thing. The ANC must go. All I know is they haven't got a cooking clue of how to get the ANC to go, because their minds are written with shit on shit.

I wonder if I should show them how? Nah...let them get slaughtered first. Let them beg for help...on their knees they should beg. It is all part of JUSTICE. The world would be a far better place without them.

No, seriously. The ANC's time is up. They should just go now. Go back to Tanzania.  South Africa is still for the most part full of decent people. The ANC is scum. They don't belong in SA.

The ANC came into SA from exile, murdered, necklaced, raped and stole from us for the last 23 years. They have failed SA miserably. They have proved beyond any doubt that they cannot and will NEVER be able to run South Africa. They have failed even their own supporters. The ANC is the worst government this country has ever seen. Their time is up. They must just go now. We have had enough of them. They must fade away. We are sick and tired of their rotting criminal carcasses. The stench of their corruption has become unbearable.

ANC fears coup

Yes you useless bastards…You will face the wrath of “People’s Power” soon. Your prayers have been answered. Jesus is coming. Better be prepared. Your days are numbered.

28 June 2015

Amazing criminal skills in Africa

By Mike Smith

29th of June 2015

Can you walk with a flat-screen TV between your legs?

This black woman can. Check out the amazing thieving skills of Africans.

TV gone in 30 seconds. How did she do that?

Problem is that in Africa such skill is admired by fellow blacks. They do not see it as a crime and there is nothing wrong with what she did. The more you can steal and get away with the bigger the admiration…as long as a black steals from whites it is OK. Just don’t let him dare steal from a fellow black. Then he will be beaten to within an inch of his life.

It never ceases to amaze me how blacks will expend so much energy and train for hours, even years, how to acquire criminal skills, but will rarely try to get skills to do an honest day’s work. Even the intelligent ones who made it through university often use all their knowledge and intelligence in a criminal way. Look at Mugabe for instance. He has five degrees. Look at the ANC cronies. Instead of using their education to uplift their fellow blacks, they use it to enrich themselves.

It all depends on what yard stick you judge this behaviour on. What is "criminal" to us is natural behaviour to blacks. Is it "theft" when a hyena steals from a lion? No it is natural behaviour. It is survival. Likewise, is it then "murder" when the lion kills the hyena? No it is natural behaviour. It is survival. This is Africa where daily life is an endless struggle between parasites and hosts.

Stealing from whites is not a crime

27 June 2015

One for the liberals, racial egalitarians and cultural relativists to explain

By Mike Smith

28th of June 2015

You just cannot make this shit up.

Girl’s gruesome murder shock

Killer blames demons for vicious attack

“The Durban High Court last week heard a chilling account of how a 14-year-old girl (Snethemba Dlamini) was brutally murdered (by five women, all relatives of the girl) by pulling out her intestines through her vagina in a ritual believed to cleanse her of demons.”

I would love to hear the critics of Apartheid tell me what their solution to such brutality would have been.

We had Apartheid for a reason. Mainly to protect ourselves from creatures like these.

So this is an open invite to all the liberals, missionaries, dominees, philanthropists, racial egalitarians and cultural relativists to come and explain this behavior to me.

The liberal’s standard defences are always that “It is not all of them” or “They are not educated”…

So here:

Black woman kills her boyfriend’s 2 year old nephew, says she was possessed by demons

Serial rapist and killer Godfrey Ndivhuwo Ntsieni a final year B.Sc student, claims he was possessed by demons

“His counsel also supported his claim that he could've been "sleep-walking" at the time the alleged crimes were committed as Ntsieni was sure that someone could've "initiated" him into a dark cult that made some of his behaviour "out of my control".

Ntsieni blamed a man named "Rendani from Tshakhuma" for giving him a R100 banknote that may have a curse responsible for his uncontrollable behaviour.

26 June 2015

Everything was better under Apartheid

By Mike Smith

26th of June 2015

It was with amusement that I noticed the first ever UN Mandela Prizes being awarded a few days ago.

Tell you the truth, if somebody awarded me such a prize I would have refused it. I live by the motto: “Never associate yourself with failure.”

What is Mandela’s legacy? A rainbow nation failure run into the ground by his criminally corrupt terrorist buddies of the ANC. The party he dedicated his life to.

That is one of the reasons why it is so difficult for me to understand how anybody in his right mind can still support and vote for the utterly corrupt, incompetent and useless ANC. The simple association with such failure is embarrassing, to say the least. Personally I want NOTHING to do with them.

But the wheel is turning and things are changing. Marikana, Nkandla, the Guptas, Al-Bashir, etc are showing the public, even the blacks, who and what the ANC really are; the worst government this country has ever had.

When you are white and you want to emigrate from SA due to crime or racial discrimination in the form of BEE and Affirmative Action, they tell you that YOU are a “racist” who do not want to live under black government. Truth is that most of the people who have left SA already are well educated, informed people and mostly liberal in their thinking. They could not be bothered by what colour of skin the politicians have and they would not have left if the ANC was not so corrupt and actually governed properly.

It is the same with the Rugby supporters. Most will tell you that they couldn’t care less who is in the team as long as they score tries and win.

I have always maintained that people who want to emigrate should do so. Your time is valuable. You only have one life. Make the most of it. There is no reason why you should live under a Communist dictatorship one day longer, let alone for the rest of your precious life. In fact you owe it to yourself and your family to get the best life possible and pursue your happiness. Why stay in SA, work like a slave, earn peanuts and get nothing back for the taxes you pay? Nobody should or need to feel guilty about it either.

South African beauty Lee-Anne Liebenberg finds it difficult to stay patriotic after being held at gunpoint in her driveway

Indian school principal and wife survived an attack by seven armed robbers who repeatedly stabbed and assaulted their son while their grandchildren watched

A few days ago six white families at a house in Linden attending a BBQ were held up at gunpoint. The host was a Dutch citizen who lived in SA for the last 20 years of ANC rule. He tried everything to help SA and the crime problem including being part of the community police forum, protest against e-toll and other activist activities.

Amongst the 35 guests were 18 children. The robbers pointed a gun at them lying on the ground. The host was armed and drew his gun from the holster and when the robber saw him and threatened him, he handed the gun over to the robber. Now they want to emigrate to the Netherlands.

Six families robbed at gunpoint in Johannesburg

Sorry, but if you are armed to protect yourself your wife and your children, but chooses to hand your gun over to the bastards instead of fighting back, then you are right and should rather emigrate.

Linden father describes terrifying experience during robbery

However, there is this perception that only whites want to leave the corrupt and mismanaged New (improved) South Africa, but this is not true. Like in any other Communist dictatorship, Cuba, GDR, Albania, etc…people of all colours and religions flee in their thousands from the Socialist paradise.

I am black and I want to leave

Things have gotten so bad now that EVERYONE wants to leave. Currently there are three types of South Africans: Those who have left already, those who are leaving and those who want to leave. It is the only thing people talk about in SA at the moment.

Nevertheless, blacks becoming more and more disillusioned with the ANC is nothing new…

2002 article in the Guardian: Nostalgia grows for Apartheid system

Apartheid’s “Bantu Education” was Better than Now, Says Leading South African Black Academic

Like I always say. They will still beg for Apartheid to come back. Since the ANC came to power, nothing has improved in South Africa. Not the job prospects, not the electricity supply and certainly not the race relations.

Helen Suzman: Democracy? It was better under Apartheid

Things were better in the bad old days of Apartheid

24 June 2015

ANC tells judges to back off

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2015

You have got to ask yourself how arrogant this Communist fucktard Blade Nzimande can still become.

ANC tells judges to back off

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande this week said “sections of the judiciary tend to somehow overreach into areas that one would expect even in a constitutional state to tread very, very carefully”.

Nzimande is not the only one. Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces and ANC veteran Thandi Modise and ANC chief whip Stone Sizani recently expressed similar sentiments…

Speaking during the parliamentary budget recently, Sizani warned that continued scrutiny of parliamentary process by the judiciary could lead to a “constitutional crisis”.

Translated from Commie speak it means, “If you judges don’t back off, we will suspend the constitution and run a dictatorship.”

Zak Yacoob, a former Constitutional Court justice, told City Press that “government has been willingly complying with the letter of the law, but not quite with the spirit.”

“What they have done in recent times, instead of embracing that duty, they have relied on every conceivable technical objection to evade responsibility. It is this attitude government allows its lawyers to take which has cast some serious doubt on government’s commitment to delivering services for its people.”

It is exactly what I have been saying on here for the last eight years. Since the ANC came to power, they made it their chief job to find ways to undermine and bypass the constitution.

Yacoob said: “I have examined the Constitution again and I have found no provision that says the minister of higher education has the power to determine when the line has been crossed. The minister must remember this is a power that belongs to a court and only the court.”

Problem is that Blade Nzimande is not only the ANC’s minister of higher education; he is also the chairman of the SA Communist Party. The brains behind the ANC. That is why he can be so arrogant.

Mike's patented South African stain remover

By Mike Smith
24th of June 2015