29 June 2016

On the 3rd of August, Vote Cape Party.

By Mike Smith

29th of June 2016

Following Brexit some people are making satirical jokes about the possibility of a Cexit or Cape Exit.

They reckon we should charge the Valies and Freestaters for Visas to visit the Cape, etc.

I just love it. The more people discuss it, laugh about it, cry about it and celebrate a possible independent Cape the better.

However there are some people who take it quite seriously. Like I for instance. But who am I?

Far more important is the fact that important people like R.W. Johnson and Steve Hofmeyr added their voices for a “Wexit”

Wexit, Cexit EsCape…name it what you like, as long as it happens. Tweeted Steve: “If Wexit happens I’m there tomorrow.”

Hofmeyr added: “Brexit did it. Brits leads (sic) the way to self-determination.”

Jack Miller of the Cape Party
Of course, after my 2007 article where I first called for an Independent Cape, the Cape Party was started by (now 31 year old) Jack Miller who is also the leader.

Further, according to Wiki, the constitutional law scholar and Afrikaans moffie with a string of black boyfriends, Prof. Pierre de Vos, however, has said that the Cape Party could not secede without a revolution. As the constitution has created a unitary state, he has said that threatening the unity of the country would be treason.

Well I have heard clap trap like that before. Cyprus for instance was a British Colony from 1914 until 1960. When the Brits annexed it, they ruled the island with an undemocratic constitution and imposed heavy taxes on the Cypriots. However the Cypriots wanted “Enosis”. Union with Greece and actively seeked it from the Greek King Paul, The UN and the UK.

Hard arse Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill refused the Cypriots independence and warned them that any attempt will be regarded as treason and traitors will be shot. He did not calculate or reckon with the formidable Greek resistance General George Grivas who secretly entered Cyprus in November 1954 and began immediately the formation of his guerrilla organization EOKA.

On 1 April 1955 with a declaration that he signed as DIGENIS (meaning “Two Blood”) and a number of bombings against various targets in the four major cities and military installations, he announced the beginning of his campaign for Self Determination and or Union with Greece.

On the 6th of April 1955 Sir Anthony Eden became the new British Prime Minister and said that Cyprus will NEVER be independent.

A year later on the 15th of March he repeated this to the House of Commons and declared that Britain will stand fast of Cyprus. UK to stand fast over Cyprus; Sir Anthony Eden gets confidence vote

During the struggle, the British colonial administration had offered a reward of 10,000 British pounds plus passage to anywhere in the world for information leading to the arrest of Colonel Grivas. They could never catch him. He was a Greek hero. In 1960 Cyprus defeated Britain, became an independent country...and invoked the wrath of the world’s NWO elite.

After the military ousted the traitor Archbishop Makarios in 1974 Turkey retaliated by invading and seizing a third of the island, the historic Mediterranean island remains split in two till this day…As divided as Berlin before the Wall came down, Cyprus is still bristling with troops and espionage bases and remains permanently policed by the United Nations.

The Cyprus Conspiracy: America, Espionage and the Turkish Invasion

If enough people in the Cape want independence it WILL happen. If it takes a revolution then so be it. About time people start fighting for their freedom.

Besides the ANC as a revolutionary organization knows that when the Cape Rebels stand up, there is no way they can stop them. If these guerrillas start targeting isolated police stations, army basis, rail roads and electrical pylons, ANC politicians, ANC offices, statues of Mandela and the other ANC scum, all hell will break lose, but it will lead to independence…Not only that…

Cape Independence will serve as a catalyst for other independent aspiration. The Boers, the Zulu’s, The Indians will all feel that if the Cape could do it then they can do it as well. Bye, Bye ANC.

The DA does NOT support an Independent Cape. In fact most of the people in the DA supported the ANC to come to power. Today they still want to be part of the ANC run South Africa. Stuff the DA.

On the 3rd of August 2016 there will be a thundering Tsunami of support. Return the Cape to Independence: Vote Cape Party

28 June 2016

A proposal for Jacob Zuma he cannot refuse

By Mike Smith

28th of June 2016

So get this, Zuma steals R246 million to build his Nkandla palace and only has to pay back R7,814,155.

This is encouraging large scale corruption and theft.

If I know that I only have to pay back 3% of a sum I steal and effectively get to keep 97%, I would steal a lot more than Zuma.

This is setting a precedent. More people are going to steal now, because if Number One, Msholozi Showerhead, can get away with it then why not the rest of us?

In fact, I would like to propose a challenge to the illustrious President (yours not mine) of the New (improved) South Africa on behalf of all the tax payers whose money he stole:

R246 million – R7,814 155 = R238,185 845

Now, President Zuma, here is the proposal…If you can pronounce R238,185 845…listen properly…you get to keep the money. All of it. You fail and you pay back every last cent of the R246 million. Deal?

26 June 2016

Brexit, the rise of Nationalism and an Independent Cape

By Mike Smith
26th of June 2016

Three days after the Brexit and you know what? My car still starts in the morning, I still have food in my fridge and Armageddon has not come to Britain or Europe. In fact life goes on pretty much as usual...despite all the intimidation, bollocks, rubbish threats and round the clock propaganda of the left the last few weeks.

They are sulking big time these lefties. They don’t like to get spanners in the works of their NWO plans. Concentration of power is the biggest enemy of liberty. Brexit has set them back at least two decades so they are pulling out all stops now.

In the UK they have now started a petition to have another referendum

See? The lefties are only interested in “Democracy” when THEY can win.

The rest of the leftist clowns in Europe are still peeved and shell-shocked. They want Britain to go as soon as possible. Foreign ministers of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg met in Berlin on Saturday and said in a statement that they wanted Britain to quickly invoke the article in the EU charter allowing it to start negotiations on departure.

However, politicians and media in Germany fear that this could just be the first domino to cause several other nations to pull out of the EU. Germany's contribution to the annual EU budget could greatly increase by some €3 billion (US$3.34 billion) once Britain leaves the group.

Recent polls conducted in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary indicated that up to 40 percent of the population in these states could ‘want out’ of the EU.

Source: More countries want referendums on EU exit

In the Netherlands Geert Wilders of the PVV (Freedom Party) called for a Dutch referendum and Marine Le Pen of Front National in France did the same.

Said Wilders, ““The Dutch would like to be in charge again of their own budget, their national borders and their immigration policy. We should have a referendum about a 'Nexit' [Netherlands exit] as soon as possible,”

Marine Le Pen even adorned her Twitter page with a British flag, calling Brexit a “victory of freedom.”

Denmark's populist anti-immigration Danish People's Party (DF) also declared the need for a “stay-or-leave” referendum.

Jimme Akesson, Leader of the Sweden Democrats, the country’s anti-immigration party that has the support of some 17 percent of the population said, “We demand that Sweden immediately starts to renegotiate the EU deals we have made and that the Swedish people will be able to speak up about a future EU-membership in a referendu.,”

Italy’s right-wing Northern League was even more enthusiastic, with party leader Matteo Salvini tweeting: “Long live the courage of free citizens! Heart, head and pride fighting lies, threats and blackmail. Thank you, UK, now it's our turn.”

That’s as Italy's opposition 5-Star Movement, the country’s second most popular political establishment, swore to push for its own proposal for a referendum on whether to remain in the union.

Brexit also gave rise again to the aspirations of the Texas Nationalist Movement. They want Texas to secede from the USA. Brexit. Why not a Texit?

Indeed. Why not?

So why can the Cape not secede from the corrupt ANC run South Africa? I think that Cape referendum is long overdue.

25 June 2016

Biology lesson from ANC Youth League to young children

By Mike Smith

25th of June 2016

Look at this disgusting behaviour in front of young children. Isn’t this just typical?

This happened at the ANCYL youth month rally in KwaZulu-Natal. And then they ask us why we had Apartheid.

ANCYL’s Gyrating Monkeys

23 June 2016

Brexit: The United Kingdom not so United anymore

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2016

I am so glad to see the British Isles did what the Ice Age did naturally 6,500 years BC; Separate from Europe.

Don’t get me wrong...the Brits are a strange bunch, no doubt about that. I mean they love to eat horse feed, sip tea at three and chase after foxes with horses although mopeds have been invented a long time ago, but this time a bit of sanity prevailed. They Brexited!

I hope the first thing they do now is to close the borders, because that was the only reason for the damn referendum in the first place namely the useless EU’s inability (or refusal) to deal with the Islamist invasion of Europe.

Brexiting was the only way they could close the borders and have some control over who comes into their country. If they stayed in the EU they would have been swamped by fundamentalist Islamists.

The UK paid £50 million a day to be in the EU and what did the EU do with that money? Built flats and paid it out as grants to terrorists posing as “refugees”. Crazy.

I am actually relieved it’s over. The total self destruct madness and deranged lunacy of the left the last few weeks were staggering. Every time I saw a European leader (I use the term lightly) like Angela Merkel plead with the Brits to stay in the EU I involuntarily started gagging and almost threw up. Not to mention the crocodile tears over the LWB Jo Cox. Thomas Mair should be knighted for ridding this world of a deranged liberal twat whose black dick fantasies would have been the cause of future terrorist attacks and the deaths of British citizens.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if the Scots and the North Irish now hold more referendums to exit the UK and rejoin the EU independently. Soon there will be no more United Kingdom.

As far as I am concerned I hope to see more countries leaving the EU and that toilet seat of Satan in Brussels destroyed.

The toilet seat of Satan in Brussels.

22 June 2016

Who will restore the order in the Rainbow Nation?

By Mike Smith

22nd of June 2016

Last week the brother of Thabo Mbeki, Moeletsi Mbeki exposed South Africa’s hidden civil war

Apart from the SABC refusing to broadcast violent protests, exactly how hidden is it? In 2014 City Press reported that there are on average 32 service delivery protests a day

Amidst the tribal clashes and violence in and around Pretoria ANC ministers have set up a war room

Moeletsi Mbeki is right. SA is at war. A power struggle within the ANC. A war of ANC factions against the ruling ANC class of Zuma

It can only get worse and who knows where that is going to lead to? Experts are saying worse protests will come after the elections

As the country is going tits up, the silence of the liberal idiots in the West, The UN, etc, who wanted the ANC in power is deafening. We told them the ANC cannot govern and they would destroy South Africa. They called us “racists”. What do they have to say now? What do they expect us to do?

It still boggles my mind how the Western World could ever turn against us whites in South Africa and support the Marxist ANC scum.

Surely it could not have just been our gold and other minerals. Do they have control over those minerals today? The ANC have closed most of the mines already and took over the rest under the guise of BEE.

Surely it could not just have been Apartheid. Other countries had the same or much worse human rights abuses. India with their “Cast” system, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries with their gender Apartheid. Australia with their reserves for Abbo’s and the USA and Canada with reserves for Indians, Segregation in the USA, etc, etc.

Besides White South Africans always actively supported the West.

In the First World War, South African whites totaling only 1.25 million, sent 150,000 white soldiers to the aid of the Western Allies in places like Palestine, Egypt, East Africa, Flanders, the Somme, Delville Wood, etc.

21 Years after the peace of Versailles World War II broke out. This time, a white population of no more than 2 million contributed 280,000 soldiers, all volunteers, fighting in East Africa, the Western Desert, Italy (Battle of Casino, Monte Stanco, Valley of the Po) while some 45,000 air force personnel fought in practically every theatre of the war.

On top of that the white farmers of South Africa produced fantastic amounts of food for the Allied nations while the manufacturing industries produced thousands of armoured cars, bombs, explosives, etc.

When the United Nations called upon member states to prevent a Communist military invasion of Korea, South Africa was one of only fourteen countries (out of more than eighty) to heed this appeal.

During the critical time of the Berlin Airlift South African pilots and air force personnel contributed more than their share to save the Germans.

During the 1963 Cuban Crisis, South Africa was the ONLY country in the entire Africa to send a message of unqualified support to President Kennedy. At the same time, the ANC’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Luthuli sent a message of support to Fidel Castro.

For 71 years (1919-1990) South Africa administered Namibia for the UN and fought a 23 year proxy war (1966-1989) on the Angolan border on behalf of the Western World against the Communist empire to uphold that UN Charter.

During the Cold War South Africa successfully defeated the Marxist insurgency of SWAPO/PLAN as well as the conventional Communist forces of the Cubans, the East Germans, the Russians and the MPLA without them ever touching base in Namibia.

South Africa showed the world how to defeat the ANC Marxist terrorists by hunting them down everywhere in the world and terrorizing terrorists into submission. What makes these feats more remarkable is that South Africa did all of this with economic sanctions and arms embargoes from the UN and the entire Western World against her.

Boer General Jan Smuts sat on the British war councils of both World Wars, was the father of the League of Nations, wrote the preamble to the UN Charter and was the only person to sign the charters of both the League of Nations and the UN.

There can be no doubt that South Africa (and Rhodesia) showed a willingness and an ability to play their parts against Communism and in the defence of the Free World.

It is a sign of the morality of the West that whilst South Africa sustained many casualties, killed, missing in action, wounded, etc in defence of the Charter of the United Nations…most of those countries who did not heed the UN’s call to defend Korea against Communism used that same Charter to make South Africa out as the “Skunk amongst Nations” and bring her to her knees, because of a dislike of her domestic policies.

When we had order in this country they sold us out. Betrayed us…put the Communists in charge of Rhodesia, Namibia and eventually the last domino, South Africa. Now that South Africa is going up in flames, where are they? Where are the USA, the UK and the UN who wanted this scum in charge? Is this what they wanted all along, chaos and anarchy, so they could come in under the cover of “restoring order”? How else do you explain their fucked up logic and abominable decisions to throw us to the wolves?

21 June 2016

Pretoria Burning

By Mike Smith
21th of June 2016

Pretoria is burning. Apparently the blacks are upset that the useless ANC has nominated Thoko Didiza (a Zulu woman) as executive mayoral candidate for Pretoria instead of current mayor Kgosientso "Sputla" Ramokgopa (a Pedi).

Thoko Didiza held the post of Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs from 17 June 1999 to 22 May 2006 and Minister of Public Works from 22 May 2006 to 25 September 2008 when Mbeki resigned she handed her resignation in as well, but later crawled back to Zuma.

However, Ramokgopa has been very critical of Zuma and called on him to resign and therefore is being kicked to the curb by the Msholozi gang.

It was in her post as minister of Agriculture that Didiza went on Afrikaans Radio station RSG with a message to the white farmers just before Christmas and tearfully pleaded in her rubbish propaganda advert that the white farmers should please not evict their black workers so close before Christmas, yadda, yadda, bullshit!

I still cringe whenever I think of that advert.

The Blacks of Pretoria are saying: They can’t bring a Zulu to govern over Tswanas, Tsongas, Vendas and Pedis and They will vote DA if Sputla is replaced by Ramokgopa

On Monday night 20th of June at least 19 buses were set alight and City of Tshwane (Pretoria) workers had to be withdrawn from several townships for their safety. The N1 near Hammanskraal and the Darspoort tunnel in Pretoria West have been blocked by protestors.

Residents have chased away journalists, saying they don't want media in the area.

Foreign nationals’ shops have been looted and plundered whilst the police are standing by doing nothing

Of course the SABC has censored any footage of the events and refuses to read newspaper headlines about it. Last I checked…the DA couldn’t stop smiling.

Detroit University drops Mathematics for "Diversity Training"

By Mike Smith

21th of June 2016

Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan has 27,578 students of which 15,004 (55%) are white and 4,881 (18%) are black.

Asians, Hawaiians, Hispanics and American Indians make up the rest.

The University has a general fund budget of $602 million and 32% of that ($190 million) is paid by the Detroit Tax payers.

The Whites and the Asians (7%) are doing quite fine, but because the minority students are struggling with mathematics the university has decided that you don’t actually need mathematics. At least not so much of it, so it decided to drop mathematics for that wonderful feel good subject that is far more important namely “Diversity Training”.

Wayne State University in Detroit drops mathematics as general education requirement: Replaces it with Diversity Training

See...there is a reason why people at university should study mathematics. When you are a professional out there in the real world you will need mathematics in EVERYTHING. You need to be able to interpret quantitative representations of information such as graphs, tables and statistics. Without mathematics you won’t be able to understand or carry out 90% of your job. At least not as efficiently as someone who had mathematics.

But you see that is not important. What is important for you as an Affirmative Action employed black manager is to understand that you just need to be nice to Whites and Asians who indeed have studied mathematics so that THEY can do your job.

Problem is that when we all just study the easy subject of “Diversity” and nobody bothers to do the difficult mathematics anymore, then who is going to do the job at the end of the day? Like the Afrikaans poet C.J. Langenhoven used to say, “Ek meneer en jy meneer, wie gaan dan die wa smeer?”

No, getting the job done is not important at all. Holding hands and singing Kumbaya together is far more important. Just look at the state of Detroit. Stupified graduates everywhere wandering through the ruins of a once beautiful city. Volksverdummung on an epic scale. And this for a University whose Football team is known as “The Warriors”? Sounds more like a bunch of liberal pussies to me.

17 June 2016

How to achieve an Independent Cape

By Mike Smith
17th of June 2016

The idea of an independent Western Cape is not new. Nine years ago on the old SASucks blog I first proposed it in an article called, What future is there for Whites and other minorities in South Africa?

It created a shit storm. People considered the idea revolutionary and seditionary. I took a lot of flak for that article, even from my own friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers. Most saw only one alternative to the New SA and that is emigration. My alternative for those who did not want to leave or could not leave was to establish an independent Cape.

Shortly after my 2007 article, Jack Miller started the Cape Party which I endorsed in 2009 and still do today. They received 2,552 votes and currently have more than 1000 members.

My proposal was that the northern border should be the Orange River and the Eastern Border should be the Kei River. The Cape Party prefers the Fish River. As far as I am concerned the Independent Cape as proposed by me and those from the Cape Party is morally, historically and physically defensible. Historically blacks have no claim to this area.

In 2010 I asked the question of how this independence will be achieved with an article called: South Africa - Civil war or Peaceful split? in which I proposed a peaceful solution such as Norway/Sweden, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, etc.

Over the years support grew for the idea of an Independent Cape Republic. But that is how revolution works. The small seeds of revolution are sown and years might pass until one day when the conditions are just right and the rain comes the freedom fighters pop up everywhere like mushrooms.

Last year I wrote an article called The yearning for an independent Cape Republic is not only alive and well; It's growing stronger as the Coloured Politician Peter Marais and businessman Hein Marx openly discussed the idea on Radio Tygerberg where they said that a federal Cape is “an achievable prospect”.

So it was of little surprise when I read two days ago that the political commentator, journalist and Cape resident, R.W. Johnson, also added his support of such an idea to the chorus of people crying out for an independent Cape in an article titled: An independent Western Cape?

The article is a bit long, but worth reading, because Johnson discusses in detail the possibility of the Cape breaking away and getting more autonomy.

He acknowledges that people in the Cape are nowadays openly discussing independence. He also acknowledges that the Cape is much better run and maintained than the rest of South Africa that is run by the ANC. The Cape municipalities consistently get clean audits everywhere and the ANC is insanely jealous and simultaneously embarrassed by it, because it shows them up for the corrupt and thieving scum they are.

Of course the ANC accuses the people of the Cape to be “racist” and not African enough. That it is a white and coloured “Boerestaat”, etc, etc.

Nevertheless in the opinion of Johnson, the major watershed will occur when the people of the Cape stop paying taxes to the ANC and rather to an internal fund or trust.

For understandable reasons, Johnson stays well clear of the possibility of a war of independence, which I find will ultimately be unavoidable. He only talks about an own police force, not an own military.

However, the elephant in the room cannot be ignored. The ANC will not let the Cape go without a fight. They will use their supporters in places like Grabouw and Khayalitsha to wreak havoc, burn property down and fling poo at statues, universities and airports…as they have done in the past. Ultimately they will use their police, army, MK veterans, Narysec, and other goons like the Hawks to prevent such a breakaway. If we want Cape Independence, then we are going to have to FIGHT for it.

I am of the opinion that ultimately a three tier strategy of Political, Urban and Rural Guerilla warfare will bring independence to the Cape.

The political campaign I have discussed already and extensively with my articles on peaceful resistance. For more detail read these articles:

By Mike Smith: How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

Mike Smith: Our vision of tomorrow - The Goose Egg Principle

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Mao’s cat and an independent Cape

As can be seen, I am an advocate of a peaceful solution for independence of the Cape, not because I am a pacifist, but simply because it achieves the best results quicker with the least amount of loss of life.

However, knowing the ANC and their terrorist tactics and habits, I am fully aware that they will answer such a campaign with violence. The reality is that they will send in the army and the police, because…dumb fucks that they are, it will be the only solution they will be able to see.

Therefore to restrict and exhaust their resources, the other two campaigns of Urban and Rural Guerilla warfare will have to be fought.

In the beginning the idea is not to hold any ground. There just won’t be enough guerillas and they will be too poorly armed to take on the army and police in direct battle. The idea is to hit and run, harass, irritate so that the regime will be forced to spread its forces thinly chasing ghosts…making them vulnerable to isolation and attack. Eventually they will be demoralized and forced to restrict themselves to their police stations and bases, taking the heat off the political campaign.

For me the watershed will come when the Cape forces spring all the bridges across the Orange and Kei Rivers simultaneously. Not that it will stop the regime’s forces from crossing over, because it won’t. Modern military engineers can quickly build makeshift bridges and infantry can be dropped in by parachute or helicopter. The springing of the bridges will be a symbolical act…A cutting of the umbilical cord to the rest of Africa so to say.

Only one bridge should not be sprung, the N2 over the Great Kei River. The illegal immigrants who were bussed in by the ANC in the last 25 years will need to be shown where the backdoor is so they can return the same way they came in.

The biggest problem is not the technicalities of the campaigns, but rather convincing the people of the Cape that independence is not just a pipe dream, but a real prospect. A real possibility.

We must be prepared. Our biggest resistance will not be coming from the oppressive regime, but from our own naysayers and pessimists.

People have a natural tendency to believe that, because they cannot think so far, others cannot either. They simply don’t believe in themselves and when it is not possible for them, it won’t be possible for anyone else either.

That is what the regime wants you to believe. They want you to believe it is all hopeless and there is nothing you can do about it.

These people need to be taken by the hand, spoon-fed and shown clearly in small doses that they are not helpless little lambs, but have the potential to be vicious wolves.

They forget there are people who already know the names of every single bridge across the Orange and Kei Rivers, what they are made of and how far the nearest towns are. There are people who know all the mountain passes off by hand, know exactly how wide they are and how to congest them. I for one, counted them all. Did you know that some bridges actually have police stations next to them? You don’t have to believe me. Check it out on Google Maps. You have loads of intelligence there. Satellite pics, street view, pictures, etc.

Further…If you don’t know where the construction companies and mines keep their explosives you can make your own. With a simple still and nitrator made from everyday material like a fish tank air pump you can make any kind of explosive, blasting cap, igniter, primer, you name it….from stuff you already have in your kitchen, garage and garden shed.

Once you know what it is you want to achieve it is easy to make it happen.

Apart from explosives such as ordinary gunpowder, gelatin dynamite, ammonium nitrate, picric acid, ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN), RDX (C4), etc, primers such as Ammonium tri-iodide, Mercury Fulminate, Potassium Chlorate, Nitro cellulose (gun cotton), can all be made at home from simple things like battery acid, aspirins, hexamine camping firelighters, fertilizer, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.

You can make tear gas such acrolein from Jays fluid and glycerin. Or Chloracetone from Jays fluid, bleach and nail polish remover. The French used it in World War One.

You can make poisons such as chloral hydrate (Knock-out drops), hydrogen cyanide (Prussic Acid), the heart poison, concentrated Nicotine (extracted from chewing tobacco. A few drops are lethal) to Alkaloids extracted from Oleander or Water hemlock.

Imagine a few buckets of “knock-out drops” in the water supply.

Incendiaries like Napalm…no problem. 36 parts petrol, 25 parts Lux or Palmolve soap flakes (detergent won’t work) and a bottle of Vodka or Meths. Potent stuff.

To burn through steel beams and trusses you need Thermite. You can get it from gouging rods.

Thermite is nothing more than three parts Ferrous Oxide (FeO, ordinary iron rust) and two parts powdered Aluminum. It burns at a temperature of over 1000°C and will melt or weaken any steel beam so that it collapses. You need an igniter and booster though to get it going, but a simple kid’s magnesium sparkler will do. Thermite is used to weld train tracks together. You can use it to cut train tracks, cut train axles, cut tracks of military tanks, throw it in the barrels of artillery pieces…the uses are endless.

You can make a simple Thermal lance to slice up any bridge, steel or concrete in a matter of a few hours. Once the one end comes down, the whole thing will come down.

You can use these explosives to make anything from handgrenades to claymore mines and anti-personal or anti-vehicle mines. A claymore mine is made by strapping explosives and shrapnel to a plough shear, setting it off with a battery or cell phone signal.

No problem. Piece of piss for anybody with a matric knowledge of chemistry and a basic knowledge of mechanics. You can teach anybody on a long weekend how to make it all.

You see, the point is not to produce and use explosives. The point is that people need to know they are not helpless against an oppressive, totalitarian regime. Further and more importantly is that the regime also needs to realize that people are not little lambs that can be kicked around and stepped on. Once people realize their full potential there won’t be any oppressive regimes left on earth.

The regime does not want you to know what you are capable of. I, on the other hand, see it as my duty to show you the way.

We the people of the Cape and of South Africa in general do not need to put up with the oppressive scum of the ANC. We can get rid of them whenever we decide to do so…and ACT on it. They need to fear us, not the other way around.

For the ANC a peaceful split is the only option when the people of the Cape demand it. Anything else will be futile. They don’t have the resources to fight a protracted guerilla war. Their army and police are too weak. I expect more from their MK vets and Narysec “green bombers” than from their useless police and army. Knowing how greedy they are, they will rather steal the money, cut and run than to waste it on a war they cannot win anyway.

The last thing they want to do is step on us enough to force us underground, because once we get those home labs cooking nothing is going to stop us. Once we wake up and stand up and demand our independence, they should rather not get in our way, because once we gain the initiative and decide to cross our own Rubicon, the Orange River, we will chase their sorry asses all the way back to the equator. The piece we will take then is what Dr. Verwoerd proposed and Eschel Rhoodie called "The Third Africa"...a sort of European Union of Southern Africa.

Verwoerd was a nice man who had a vision of cooperation through "good-neigbourlyness". I don't like neighbours. If you want it you TAKE it.

16 June 2016

Libtard wakeup calls

Helen Zille sulking after blacks chased her away

By Mike Smith

16th of June 2016

Don’t you just love it when Libtards get a wakeup call along with their just deserts?

Poor Helen Zille was sworn at and chased away like a dog by her beloved Noble Savages in Pretoria.

Blacks tell Helen Zille to Fuck-Off: ”Voetsek you white Bitch”

Athol Trollip tried to help fight a fire in a township and Blacks nailed him for “interfering with the duties of the firemen” and wanted him to apologize.

Trollip slated for alleged fire stunt

I won’t apologise for helping to save lives and homes – Athol Trollip

Athol Trollip - Never missing a photo opportunity
They will never get it. No matter how much they do for blacks, the blacks will never trust them and forever despise them.

I couldn’t understand it either until three Xhosa university students explained it to me about 20 years ago. I asked them back then what they thought of Eugene Terreblanche (the now deceased rightwing AWB leader).

I expected them to tell me how they hated him. To my surprise they said to me they actually don’t mind him. With him they always know where they stand. He says straight that he doesn’t like them and wants to be separate from them. He doesn’t try to “uplift” them. They respect that.

What they couldn’t handle were the liberals. The likes of Helen Zille, Tony Leon, and Athol Trollip...All of which can even speak fluent Xhosa. Doesn’t matter. Blacks hate them.

I said, but these were people who dedicated their entire lives to uplift blacks. What is wrong with that?

They said they don’t trust liberals. White liberals are hypocrites who pretend to be on their side, but live in mansions and employ blacks at below minimum wage. White liberals are patronising and condescending.

They cannot just accept blacks the way they are. They always want to “uplift” blacks. Blacks hate that. Why do liberals want to “uplift” blacks? It means they don’t see blacks as their equals already, yet they constantly talk about “How equal we all are”.

See? It doesn’t make sense. Not even to a black person. If liberals truly see blacks as their equals then why do they constantly want blacks to improve themselves and become more like them?

When they build schools for blacks and want to educate them they are actually telling these blacks they are dumb and incapable of building their own schools and educating themselves. They want blacks to study to become more like them. Blacks resent that.

When they build houses or hospitals for blacks, they are actually telling blacks that they are too stupid to look after themselves. Again...Blacks resent that. They cannot stand these white liberals constantly interfering in their lives, wanting to help them and telling them what they should do and how they should be, etc.
Blacks just want to be left alone.