27 May 2016

Where does the inequality between white areas and townships come from?

Beautiful Hout Bay destroyed by the Noble Savage

By Mike Smith
27th of May 2016

There are few things that I detest, loathe and abhor more than lying feel good liberal idiots. I don’t know exactly what it is about them that gives me such a pain in the butt and make me cringe, but maybe it is not just their lies, but the fact that they believe their own bullshit and love to masochistically flagellate themselves about slavery, colonialism and Apartheid and therefore expect all other whites to do the same and when you refuse you are an insensitive beast and a “racist”.

I come across them every so often and a few weeks ago I was watching a three part German documentary about South Africa from Van Riebeeck until today with some German people.

It just again showed me that one should never assume that other people know history or show logic and common sense, because, take it from me, they don’t.

When it came to the subject of Apartheid, on which I consider myself a learned scholar, the penny dropped. These people were all idiots.

The documentary created the impression that Whites came to South Africa and found blacks living in perfectly well built cities with perfectly developed infrastructure and right from the start, with the arrival of Van Riebeeck, tricked blacks out of all their cattle and possessions.

In fact Harry the Strandloper and his compatriots rolled out the red carpet for Van Riebeeck and his Dutchmen all the way from the Duncan dock up the middle of Adderley Street past the statues they made of him and his wife Maria de la Quellerie to the Company Gardens where they had tea feeding squirrels under an oak tree next to the observatory and the National Museum . Then they proceeded to Greenpoint stadium and watched a soccer match between the Khoi-Khoi and the San before they went to watch an Elton John concert at the Bellville Velodrome before retiring for the night at a hotel on the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

About two years later the white Dutchmen chased the poor Strandlopers out of their cities, stole all their houses, stole their livestock, their wealth, their wives, the clothes on their backs, their Nike shoes, their Rolex watches, their…everything…even stole their dignity. Bad, bad Dutchmen.

Without anything left and so poor that they only had loin cloths of animal skins to cover their private parts, these poor Strandlopers were forced out to the outskirts of their former cities where they set up corrugated tin shacks and were forced to work as slaves for the evil white man…And it has been like that ever since. That is how townships were created in South Africa.

Don’t laugh, because I was watching the faces of these shocked Germans during the documentary and they were lapping it all up, shaking their heads in disbelief at how cruel these evil white South Africans could be.

Problem is, like with this stupid documentary, every now and again an idiot liberal or black comes along, creates more bullshit and feeds it to his fellow idiots and is normally fawned over by the one eyed liberal media and its lapdogs on talk radio and other news platforms.

Takes this set of drone photos, taken by one Johnny Miller, apparently showing “Real Inequality” in Cape Town.

These photos show real inequality in Cape Town

Now this Johnny Miller comes on a forum (News24) where there are no comments allowed and says, “I hope that this conversation, similar to the Rhodes Must Fall conversation of last year, contributes to an opening of dialogue and reflexivity on the part of the privileged. “

Where then Johnny? Where should we debate when the comment section on your article is closed? Oh yes…and in your unbiased view… The “privileged” is of course the whites, right?

Continues our “Johnny”…” I’m just saying, “Here it is”, totally unbiased. This is the situation. The photo was taken by a robotic machine 300 meters in the sky. How can that be anything but objective?”

That must be a rhetorical question then, right?

But our Johnny is shocked…very shocked…says he, “This is what shocks me, actually shocks me. That people can actually defend this behaviour as somehow natural, or that it is a choice on the part of the poorer communities (actual comments, multiple times, on the Facebook posts). Of course it’s not a choice. And of course it’s not natural. It is shocking and impossible to defend as a status quo.”

OK…I tell you what John-boy…I like your pictures. Really I do. Three of them caught my eye, namely The Strand, Houtbay and Fishhoek. I am not going to defend the “inequality” or the pictures. I am just going to tell you the truth of what they show and I can assure you it is NOT your bullshit “inequality”.

You see mate. I am old enough to know how these places looked like before the ANC came to power. As a young man, I surfed at Noordhoek Beach and Strand’s Milkbay, I fished and scuba dove off Hout Bay and Kommetjie before you were born.

Back then in the bad old Apartheid era, 1980’s up until 1994 Lwandle/Nomzamo in The Strand were almost nonexistent. There were a few hostels and that was it. There lived maybe 500-1000 migrant workers if that. Now today, there live about 60,000.

Read about Nomzamo and its history here

Where did they all come from, Johnny??

During the 1980’s Masiphumelele between Fish Hoek and Kommetjie did not even exist. Towards the start of the 1990’s there were about 400-500 people living in Masiphumelele and the name did not even exist. Today it is estimated that about 16,000 to 38,000 people live there.

Read the history of Masiphumelele here

Where did they all come from, Johnny??

The same with Imizamo Yethu/ Mandela Park in Houtbay. Oh how I have fond memories of the beautiful Hout Bay without all those shacks we see today. At the start of the 1990’s there was NOTHING there. I even dreamed of one day buying a house and living in Hout Bay. Today I drive through there as quickly as possible, because if you stand still at a red traffic light for too long your tyres will be gone. Nevertheless today there live about 34,000 blacks there on 18 hectares…the size of 36 soccer fields.

Read about Imizamo Yethu here

Where did they all come from, Johnny??

Allow me to enlighten you, Sparky.

Prior to the 1994 elections, the ANC bussed in thousands upon thousands of blacks from the Ciskei and Transkei to Cape Town and dumped them in these places with no regard to their health and safety.

Kindly tell me where should all the toilets sewage systems water, roads and other infrastructure come from overnight? Fall out of the damn sky?

Up until 2009 the ANC ruled the Western Cape. They never built anything for these people. To the ANC all that mattered was winning the elections so that they could come to power and steal the country into bankruptcy. They don’t care how many people die of TB, HIV, Typhus, etc…The name of the game the ANC is playing is “Power forever”.

Now today they want to point fingers to the DA who is trying to repair the damage the ANC has done.

So tell me Johnny-boy: Who is responsible for the creation of these townships next to white areas? Who created this inequality you see in your pictures? Nobody but your beloved ANC scum.

However I am very interested in finding out what your solution to achieve “equality” between these two groups is.

Here are some real pictures of Bygone Cape Town Notice how clean the streets were.

Hotbay today
Gordons Bay 1950
Strand Lwandle/Nomzamo today

SABC censors violent protests from news.

By Mike Smith
27th of May 2016

There comes a time in every revolution that the dictatorship censors the news. Censors the truth.

South Africa is no exception. That time has now arrived for us.

The SABC will no longer broadcast footage displaying violent protests

SABC: Decision on protest broadcasts is not self censorship

Footage of blacks burning schools down, blacks burning trains down, blacks burning other blacks down…will not be broadcasted by the SABC anymore.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago says although some people will view this move as self-censorship, the public broadcaster believes it has made the right decision.

“You can call it whatever you want to call it, we’re clear why we made the decision. It has got nothing to do with self-censorship. People will have their own interpretations of what they want to interpret it to be.”

Funny how they will still broadcast all the footage of white vigilante farmers, white “racism”, and blacks burning statues of white colonial leaders down.

Oh well. T’was bound to happen. News24, IOL. Daily Maverick...all shut their comment sections down already. This is just another chapter in the attempts of the ANC to hide the truth of their utter misrule and corruption…and of course the simian behavoiur of their supporters.

The ANC so desperately wants the world to believe their bullshit propaganda. They want the liberal idiots of the world to believe that they are still in control, that they are doing a great job, that they “have a good story to tell” and that we are all holding hands and singing Kumbaya together in this wonderful “Rainbow Nation” of God Mandela even if it is burning down all around us and the economy is on the brink of junk status.

The more things change the more they stay the same. 40 years ago they were burning schools down during Apartheid and had no problem with it being broadcasted on SABC. Now after 22 years of misrule, theft and corruption they are still burning schools down…just now they don’t want the world to see.

This is blatant political suppression of the news. I must admit, I love it. You can almost smell the desperation and fear of the ANC. This move by them is ridiculous. Protestors can take pictures and film footage with cell phones and upload it to the internet and blogs like these within seconds. The ANC will still discover that you cannot suppress the truth and the more you try the more ridiculous you look.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights under sections 16 and 32 guarantees our freedoms of expression, press, media and access to information. It is the job of the ANC government to defend our freedoms in that constitution, but that is not what they are doing. They are undermining our freedoms. The useless ANC wants to pick and choose what freedoms we can have and what not, which freedoms they will defend and which ones not. You cannot do that. You either defend all freedoms or you are against all. There is no middle way.

If there is no free press, then why buy newspapers? It is just going to be full of lies? Same with television. Why watch SABC news if it is censored? Why listen to bullshit and lies? You know for a fact your government is deceiving you. What more info do you need?

When Slobodan Milošević tried this shit in Serbia, the people came out into the streets and stood on the balconies of their flats and banged pots and pans for the entire duration of the news. They made sure nobody listened to the news and made sure the regime knew it.

Like Johannes Kerkorrel said: “Sit dit af! Sit dit af!”…. Just switch the damn thing off. Back then it was P.W. Botha...now we have Jacob Zuma ten times worse.

25 May 2016

Questions arround the farm attack in Parys

By Mike Smith
25th of May 2016

You will probably remember the report I made in January about farmer Loedie van der Westhizen (73) who was attacked on his farm Biesiesbult by two blacks who were then taken out by a large group of farmers after he pressed the panic button.

Farmer attacked in Parys. Two savages taken out by 40 farmers

Well now the same media is reporting that the attack on Loedie van der Westhuizen was no attack at all and he hit himself with a broomstick when he tried to chase the two “workers” away and that they were innocent.
Parys attack: It is shock upon shock

Say what?? Sorry but a few things are not gelling here…

In the original report they said the two savages pressed a gun against his head, demanding money after hearing there was a large amount of money in the safe on the farm. Loedie wrestled with the one, but was pistol whipped against the temple and blood streamed from the wound.

Now they say these two were workers who did not work for Loedie, but for his son Gert (Boeta) vd Westhuizen who owed them wages.

Further, Loedie is a widower who lives alone on the farm. He said he didn’t know them at all. What were these two doing on his farm when they did not work for him and it was not him owing them money? Why did they not go and try get the money from Boeta, the man they worked for?

Further, if they were peaceful, why did Loedie try to chase them off with a broomstick? Look at the old man’s injuries. How does a person hit himself like that trying to chase off two innocent blacks? You have to be a total clumsy moron in order to do that?

Further...Henk van der Graaf, the assistant CEO of the Transvaal Agricultural Union said there is a very simple process to follow when a worker does not get his salary. There is no reason or excuse for them to attack farmers when they don’t get paid. Wage dispute leads to farm attack

On top of it, farmers from the area say their livestock get stolen, hacked to pieces while still alive, their properties damaged and dozens of farm attacks have occurred in the area, four of which were fatal with the victims tortured to death. The police are doing nothing. People are constantly stressed and living in fear. There is a severe drought in the area and people’s emotions are running high.

Be that as it may and all things considered, the one-eyed leftist media will now milk this incident for every bit of racial propaganda they can, whilst totally ignoring the white farmers being attacked, tortured and brutally murdered in these terrorist attacks on their farms, because that is what it is. That is the truth behind all these farm attacks in South Africa.

F.W. de Klerk unbanned these terrorist organizations and allowed 4000 of them to return to South Africa. All they are doing is continuing their Marxist terrorist guerrilla war they were waging in  Namibia and Rhodesia.

Their rural terrorist techniques are classical tactics used by the likes of Mao, Võ Nguyên Giáp and Ché Guevara. Anybody with the most elementary knowledge of Guerrilla warfare and Counter Insurgency techniques will be able to spot it. Why can’t the Police?

So were these farmers wrong in the way they dealt with this incident? Bear in mind they did not kill the two blacks. They assaulted them. The two died later after they were taken away. Who said they were not killed by the police to serve an agenda?

Personally, when I think of all the farm attacks and how old people are tortured to death and little children like 3yo Willemientjie Potgieter (who got picked up by her red hair and shot in the back of her head) are killed, then I find it difficult to muster sympathy for any trespasser on any farm.

The purpose of terrorism, Lenin wrote, is to terrorize.

The terrorist succeeds when his or her target population succumbs to fear and is dominated by it.
However farmers should be careful that they do not play into the hands of the terrorists with massive assaults like these. The terrorists love such attacks so they can use it to play the media and justify their campaign of more terror and recruit more members.

You don’t attack two field mice with a panzer brigade. A cat operating in the dark is a better option. To stop terrorism...you have to terrorize the terrorists. The cat has to be more brutal than the mice.

24 May 2016

What is really behind the Hate Speech Bill?

By Mike Smith
24th of May 2016

You know…we live in a funny country where the most useless Black President ever sings “Kill the Boers, Kill the whites” and “Bring me my machine gun” at almost every event he presents his useless, stinking carcass at, but when whites take offence to it, it is not classed at “hate speech”, because in the ANC culture it is just a “harmless Struggle song”.

Every time he sings that song he calls whites “Scared cowards” and “raping dogs”, but when the white Judge Mabel Jansen said that blacks have a rape culture she was hung, drawn and quartered by the ANC.

English translation of Aw Dubul'ibhunu

Penny Sparrow called blacks who made a mess on the beach, monkeys and was crucified, stoned and burned at the stake, yet the ANC’s Velaphi Khumalo called for whites to be hacked and killed like Jews and everything is swept under the carpet. The same with Kabelo Mahlobogwane who openly called for the mass murder of all whites

It doesn’t take much to notice that there is a definite racial double standard when it comes to what is considered “hate speech” and what is not in South Africa, because as thousands of whites are being killed in their homes by blacks, the politicians and the one-eyed leftist media practically ignore it, but let a white person just call a Black person a “Kaffir” then all hell breaks loose.

These hypocritical bastards now want to pass a law criminalizing “hate speech”, the so-called “Hate Crimes Bill”. Law to criminalize hate speech almost ready

So no more apology and/or fine…Jail time for using insulting words. It cannot get more absurd? Yes it does, because the ANC thinks we are little children who cannot handle name-calling. I really find it insultingly patronising that these useless stinking excuses for politicians think that I am not grown up enough to handle these words and they need to babysit me with their bullshit laws.

Incidentally the word “Kaffir” comes from a province in western Ethiopia, “Kaffa”, and is also the root of where we get “Coffee” from. Arabs used to call people from “Kaffa” “Kaffirs”, which became synonymous with “unbelievers”. The word came to South Africa via Muslim indentured workers in the Cape and Natal.

However the word is not universally offensive.

The African Buffalo also known as the Cape Buffalo is officially known under the genus “Syncerus caffer”. In German it is known as Der Kaffernbüffel and there is nothing offensive about it. Incidentally the flash of the most decorated SADF fighting unit, 32 Battalion was a “Syncerus caffer” and ironically proudly worn by the (mostly) black soldiers of that unit.

Besides, if calling someone a “dumb kaffir cunt” is an unacceptable insult, do they have a list of acceptable insults? And if so, does that not go directly against the point of an insult?

You see? And that is the problem. Just because a word might be offensive to you doesn’t mean it is offensive to someone else.

To us the word “Bimbo” means a stupid (usually blonde) woman. In Germany the word “Bimbo” is what they call our “kaffirs”. To them a “Tussi” is what we would call a “Bimbo”.

In fact in Germany a person might be terribly insulted if you use the informal “you” (du) instead of the formal “You” (Sie). A coloured in South Africa is something different to a colored in the USA just like what we call a bum, the Americans call a “fanny” (a simple word even children use) and for us a “fanny” is a vagina and a bum can also be a homeless person.

Australia is the only place I know of that you can call a friend a cunt as in "G'day, cunt" or call an enemy mate as in, "listen, mate. I don't wanna punch ya teeth through the back of ya head but you're pissing me off".

Only a dick would use the word cunt as a derogatory slang in Australia. In Australia if you want to insult someone you call him a “Canadian”. Takes a lot of balls if you ask me, because an Australian politician says use of the word 'Canadian' as derogatory term will no longer be tolerated

Then…Why is it that in the UK calling someone from Britain a “Brit” is seen as acceptable, but calling someone from Pakistan a “Paki” is not? What about Jap? Or Yank?

Do you know that the word “Ikey” is a derogatory term for a Jew and synonymous with words like “Yid” or “Kike”?

In South Africa the word “Ikey” is someone who studies at the University of Cape Town and the university has many Jewish students who are not offended by it at all.

In the USA a “fag” is a slur for a homosexual person. In the UK a “fag” is a cigarette. In the UK “faggots” are bundles of twigs used for a fire or British meatballs commonly made of pork offal.

A “Wog” in the UK is a black person, but in Australia it is somebody from Southern Europe like Italy, Greece or Spain.

The Danish word "perker" refers to Middle Eastern people like Arabs, Turkish, Persians, Pakistanis, etc. To us it has no meaning…just like the words “Hairy Backs”, “Rockspiders”, “Soutpiel” and “Japie” have no meaning to them.

Then there are all those words that are officially part of the Afrikaans language like “Hotnotsvye”, “Hotnotsvis” and “Kafferwaatlemoen” that will now have to be deleted from the dictionaries.

In the English language you won’t be able to call anybody Mick or Paddy anymore, because the Irish may be offended. Jock…then you offend the Scots, Taffy the Welsh, Dick the English and so on…And forget about “bogtrotter” and “bawbag”. Oh, and no more “Coolie creepers”, “Chinaman” or “Chinese cut” in cricket and no more “whitewash” or “shady deal”. Don’t call a spade a spade and be careful when you say “hip-hip-hooray”, because it actually means “Let’s go kill the Jews”.

Don’t believe me? Look it up.

So let the PC brigade and the ANC ban words, we will just invent new ones. “Spear chuckers”, “Papvreters”, etc. They want to ban those words too? We just invent more. Never a shortage of creative namecalling. Eventually they will have to ban the entire language and you can only do that if you ban the entire people who speak the language. Now isn’t that maybe the real motive behind the “Hate Speech Bill”?

21 May 2016

“Black Excellence” – University of Fort Hare turns 100

By Mike Smith
21st of May 2016

A hundred years ago the Scottish missionary James Stewart founded the Fort Hare University in Alice in the Eastern Cape for blacks...two years before the University of Stellenbosch was founded in 1918.

From the start it was aimed to educate and uplift blacks. Many prominent black leaders studied there including five heads of state, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda, and Seretse Khama, first president of Botswana. Other famous alumni are Josua Nkomo, Desmond Tutu, Mongosuthu Buthelezi, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and Oliver Tambo.

In short it can be seen that the University of Fort Hare has always been a nest of Marxist black vipers, but what it proves is that it is a myth that whites barred blacks from learning institutions or prescribed what they should learn.

Nevertheless, the university on Friday 20th of May held its centenary celebrations and Mugabe and the illiterate idiot Zuma gave some speeches.

Fort Hare celebrates centenary despite protests

Said the Great Mugabe… “Fort Hare has for the past 100 years been the center of anti-colonial and anti-apartheid regimes. I was politically born and formed my African identity at this iconic institution.”

Added Zuma: “The University was an example of “Black Excellence”.

Then after a session of reciprocating ego masturbation and pats on the back, these old terrorists started singing so called “Struggle Songs” like “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer”, “Bring me my Machine gun”, “Go well uMkhonto we Siswe as you kill the whites”...etc.

Unfortunately nobody watched the food...

As Zuma, VIPs sing struggle songs, Fort Hare students swipe their food

On the menu was grilled kingklip‚ lamb curry served with sambals‚ roast chicken‚ samp‚ beans‚ basmati rice‚ bean curry and other delicious treats.

“I am stressed‚” said a Fort Hare staff member who didn’t want to be named. “I don't know what these people are going to eat.

The students also destroyed a services provider's property worth R6-million. “I have lost so much money on this thing‚” the person said. Public order police had to stop angry students from entering the university’s main hall. Shouting “Fuck off Zuma, fuck off Mugabe”… Singing "Asinamali" (we don't have money) and holding placards reading "Centenary my ass".

Voetsek Mugabe, Voetsek Zuma – Fort Hare students try to force way into main hall

Yes…what a demonstration of “Black Excellence”.

So what has this prestigious University of Fort Hare actually accomplished over the past 100 years except producing a string of Marxist terrorists and psychopathic dictators who took their countries to hell and ruin?

Considering that...the question to ask is, “Should Fort Hare have been built at all?”

20 May 2016

On Guerrilla Warfare

By Mike Smith
21st of May 2016

Following is an excerpt from a French perspective on the experience of Napoleon’s forces against Spanish “Guerrillas” during the seven years “Peninsular War” (1807-1814).

Guerrilla warfare differs to conventional warfare in that the guerrilla does not attempt to acquire and occupy large territories of land as quickly as possible, but rather to destroy the manpower of the occupying enemy over a drawn out period of time.

It is largely a twofold psychological war aimed at increasing popular support amongst the locals on the one side and destruction of the enemy’s morale and will to fight on the other. The aim is to harass and feed off the enemy like mosquitoes on a host. The host slaps around, but he cannot see what he is slapping at. There is nothing there to slap, but an irritating whirr in the ear . Eventually he realises  that the only solution is to stop fighting and leave on his own accord for staying would mean the commitment of too many resources and funds. It is simply not worth it anymore.

Robert Taber, says in “War of the Flea; The classic study of guerrilla warfare”, page 20:

“Analogically, the guerrilla fights the war of the flea, and his military enemy suffers the dog's disadvantages. Too much to defend, too small, ubiquitous, and agile an enemy to come to grips with. If the war continues long enough--this is the theory--the dog succumbs to exhaustion and anemia without ever having found anything on which to close its jaws or to rake with its claws.”

The question is, after reading the excerpt below, “Is this the kind of war we should wage...or is this kind of war being waged upon us at the moment?" - - You be the judge.

..................Start of Excerpt:

Such was the system Spain used against us.

One hundred and fifty to two hundred guerrilla bands scattered all over Spain had sworn to kill thirty or forty Frenchmen a month each: that made six to eight thousand men a month for all guerrilla bands together.

The order was never to attack soldiers travelling as a body, unless the guerrillas outnumbered them. But they fired on all stragglers, attacked small escorts, and sought to lay hands on the enemy’s funds, couriers and especially convoys.

As all the inhabitants acted as spies for their fellow citizens, the guerrillas knew when the convoys would leave and how strong their escorts would be, and the bands would make sure they were twice the size.

They knew the country very well, and they would attack furiously in the most favourable spot. Success often crowned the undertaking; but they always killed a lot of men, and the goal was achieved.

As there are twelve months in the year, we were losing about eighty thousand men a year, without any pitched battles. The war in Spain lasted seven years, so over five hundred thousand men were killed…but that includes only those killed by the guerrillas. Add the battles of Salamanca, Talavera and Vitoria and several others that our troops lost; the sieges,…the fruitless attack on Cadiz; add too the invasion and evacuationof Portugal, the fevers and various illnesses that the temperature caused our soldiers to suffer, and you will see that we could add a further three hundred thousand men to that number during those seven years…

…From what has been said, it will be apparent that the prime aim of this sort of war is to bring about the destruction of the enemy almost without him noticing it, and as a drop of water dripping on a stone will eventually dig a hole in the stone, patience and perseverance are needed, always following the same system.

In the long run, the enemy will suffer more from this than he would from losing pitched battles.

“On partisans and irregular forces” - J.F.A. Le Miére de Corvey, (1823)

Boer guerrillas. Deeply religious, the Boers used to go to war in
their best Sunday church clothes.
Look at those faces. No hint of retreat nor surrender.

Never forget this day 1983

By Mike Smith
20th of May 2016

If you wonder why I hate the ANC so much, then this is it. Cowardly Marxist terrorist scum killing innocent people.

Pretoria Church Street bombing 20th of May 2016

Mbeki. Zuma and Maharaj must be charged with murder for church street bombings says former police general

He described the bombing as "nothing but an act of terrorism".

“All of them were, in terms of our law and the principles of common law, guilty of murder." Said General Johan van der Merwe.

Van der Merwe said the decision not to prosecute the three was in stark contrast with Provision 9 of the Constitution, which provides for equality before the law.

Picture by fellow Blogger: TIA MYSOA

The why we had Apartheid cronicles: Stokvel and No-Panty parties

By Mike Smith
20th of May 2016

For those who do not know what a Stokvel is, allow me to explain.

Blacks don’t trust white banks, so they created their own saving system called a stokvel. A group of say 20 or 50 people will get together and decide on an amount to be paid into a pool on a monthly or weekly basis. Then every month on a rotational basis one person gets the lump sum and he/she can then use it the way they want. Some buy a new fridge, some buy a new car, etc…It is estimated that today every second black person belongs to a Stokvel.

It wasn’t long before some enterprising blacks discovered that they could double their money overnight by using the lump sum to organize a party and sell liquor illegally. To attract patrons they organize Mavuso and “No panty” parties. Also called “Stokvel Parties”.

Mavuso is the black cultural practice of giving a woman some money or something to eat after a good night’s romp in bed. This is not seen as prostitution, but men who refuse to give anything can quickly find themselves charged with rape. Problem is that there is no fixed amount that should be given, so the girls will demand more and the guys would feel ripped off.

However at the Stokvel party, usually at the end of the night, the organizer will announce a going rate for the night…R300, R200, it always differs. So everyone knows and everyone agrees on what the girl should be paid in the morning. They like it, because now there are no arguments.

Although it is acknowledged that some women are just there for the money, it is very important to note that this is NOT considered prostitution. The organizer is not a pimp selling the girls to patrons. He makes his money from selling booze to everyone. This is just normal boy-meets-girl-at-party fun. The payment afterwards is part of the culture.

Now if you want to know what your maid and garden boy get up to when they are amongst their own people in the township watch this Shocking video of Mavuso

Or read here:

Sex stokvels gaining popularity

Mavuso, no-panties events shame dignity of liquor trade

Sex stokvels must fall

Those ones getting upset are the ones losing money.

What I find ironic is how they always have money for booze and Mavuso payments, but then cry they are poor.

The hell of South African state hospitals where you get raped and murdered

By Mike Smith
20th of May 2016

If you have to go to a South African state hospital and you just get raped, consider yourself lucky, because most people end up dead…murdered by the staff.

You know things are bad when the Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi says that his own nurses in public health-care facilities are “Devils in white” and patients deserve better.

Health Minister says nurses are “devils in white”

What you have here is a vicious circle. As the minister says, “The nurses are uncaring” resulting in patients attacking the nurses, but the more the nurses get attacked the more uncaring, vicious and murderous they become.

You have Patients raping patients , Patients raping nurses

nurses drug and rape patients who are suffering depression, terminally ill with cancer, mentally ill or pregnant. Male nurse rapes pregnant patient in Eastern Cape hospital

You have, Doctors getting gang raped at hospitals and Doctors doing the raping

It is just a damn mess what is going on at our hospitals, But don’t worry…the liberal twats will tell you there is no rape culture amongst blacks.

But the most shocking is the patients who go in for minor treatments as in the report above and end up dead a few hours later. When the doctor left all hell broke loose

Hospital murders: the hidden genocide of whites in South Africa which goes unpunished

Hospital murders: the hidden genocide with more victims than farm murders