27 November 2015

Update on Malema's Illuminati briefing in the UK

Malema being briefed on his future role by Lord Robin Renwick

By Mike Smith

27th of November 2015

On his grooming and begging tour of the UK, Kiddie Amin told the Oxford students that rich white men made Mandela into a sell-out of blacks and a betrayer of their revolution

In other words, Mandela stopped short of killing all the whites in South Africa. Something he, Malema, is having wet dreams about doing.

However, Julias Malema is being briefed, just as Mandela was briefed before he took office as president, and Malema will have to toe the line in exactly the same way. We won’t compromise in struggle against white supremacy Malema tells Oxford

Malema even mentioned the Oppenheimers who hosted Mandela.

In fact Mandela was a big friend of the Oppenheimers and often spent Christmas at the Oppenheimer “Little Brenthurst” estate in Johannesburg. He and Harry Oppenheimer even shared the same tailor.

How was Communist Mandela changed?

Easy. By Super Capitalists, just like Malema is now.

In January 1990, two weeks before he was released from his long captivity on Robben Island Mandela said: “The nationalization of the mines, banks and monopoly industries is the policy of the ANC, and the change or modifications of our views in this regard is inconceivable."

Mandela was assuring his comrades in the African National Congress that he remained loyal to the socialist economic program enshrined in their mid-1950s Freedom Charter. The ANC would, he promised, give back to the people of South Africa the riches that wealthy whites had stolen from them under British colonial rule and the years of Afrikaner-led apartheid.

Four years later, he would become president of all South Africa and did exactly the opposite of what he promised the blacks. The ANC gave up nationalization and a radical redistribution of wealth. They removed exchange controls, allowing the largest corporations and richest whites to send their money abroad and instead of introducing Soviet styled Socialism, they went for a Scandinavian model.

The result? South Africa now suffers a greater gap between rich and poor, white and black, than under apartheid.

What made Mandela sell out the Blacks?

Prof Sampie Terreblanche explains it in his book Lost in Transformation: South Africa's Search for a New Future Since 1986 (2012)

As he tells it, there was basically a quiet capitalist coup, and its chief organizer was South Africa's leading industrialist and one of the world's richest men, Sir Harry Oppenheimer, the former chairman of the Anglo-American Corporation and De Beers Consolidated Mines and Dr Anton Rupert, the cigarette billionaire and on Forbes’ list of the 500 richest people in the world.

In an interview with Fazila Farouk in 2013 Prof Terreblanche said that the USA played a major role in tandem with Oppenheimer and his Brenthurst Group. The Americans – first under George H.W. Bush and increasingly under Bill Clinton – threatened the ANC "in a rather diplomatic way" and told them "if you are not going to accept our proposals, we can destabilize South Africa." Terreblanche also speculated that the Americans passed money "under the table."

Said Prof. Terreblanche: “In November 1993, South Africa was governed by the Transitional Executive Committee, the TEC. There (were) eight National Party members and eight senior members of the ANC and they had a meeting to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan of US$850mn, that we needed for the transition and IMF - of course everything was arranged - was prepared to give the loan, but they had a document, "Statement on Economic Policy". They said, yes, we will give you the money, if everyone, all 16 sign the document. And if one reads that document, "Statement on Economic Policy", carefully, it is GEAR in embryo form. It is the neoliberal policy. And so, the ANC had no choice.”

Of course Malema has been seen speaking to their old pal Lord Robin Renwick former UK ambassador to SA before 1994, Vice-chairman of JP Morgan and a member of the boards of directors of amongst others, BHP Billiton, Harmony Gold, British Airways, Excelsior Mining, SAB Miller and Gem Diamonds.

Of course Malema is talking the biggest load of crap whilst over there...like “Rhodes started a black genocide in South Africa”...

Say what? Rhodes killed 34,000 white women and children in SA. White population numbers went from 2million at the time of Rhodes’ death to about 5 million today. Black numbers went from 2 million to 50 Million today. Exactly who was genocided here?

And further…In South Africa whites have medical aids for their pets, but not for their workers

Whites have their own medical aids, why can blacks not do the same? Why can the terrorist government they voted for not give them free medical aids? Since when is it the responsibility of whites to look after blacks and uplift them? If they are so damn good why can they not uplift themselves? In fact Malema just admitted the inferiority of Blacks, by their inability to look after themselves. Why does it seem as if blacks always have money for alcohol, but never for medical aid?

Besides, look at the team of whites who look after township animals at The Mdzananda animal clinic in Khayelitsha for FREE as in any other township, because blacks are too “Kak-sleg” and "Piss-poor" to look after their own animals.

However, one thing I do agree on is when Malema said, SA will become a failed state if Zuma is left alone


To me it is clear that the Illuminati Rand Lords and Business People who have always run SA from the UK have given up on their weak creation, the Liberal-Socialist DA. They are backing the Red Horse for regime change now.

Malema is due to address a gathering of Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs), one of Britain’s most authoritative think tanks, tonight. Watch this space.

What "bordering on lying" actually means

By Mike Smith

27th of November 2015

A recent survey showed that Two thirds of South Africans distrust Zuma because, like ANC stalwart, Mathews Phosa, said: “The ANC is bordering on lying to the masses”

...Bordering Mathews? In other words, they aren’t...yet...just bordering on it, right?

To get to power, the ANC promised the blacks, free houses, free electricity, free education, free hospitals, free municipal services, free food, Free cars, free this, free that...Where is it all? They haven’t (and know they cannot ever) deliver on their promises ...But they are just “bordering on lying”.

Now to any normal South African, that statement by Phosa would sound like bullshit, but to the trained ear that can decipher Commie-speak, it is actually the truth. The ANC NEVER lie. The ANC can in fact deliver.

Free houses? Sure there are plenty. Problem is whites are staying in them. Free jobs? Sure there are plenty. Problem is whites occupy them. Free education? Sure there are plenty seats in all the universities, just whites are sitting in them. Free cars? I think you get the picture...

Besides, what have whites done to deserve these nice jobs and houses? Nothing apart from being born white and therefore "privileged". Everything they have was given to them by the Apartheid regime or they achieved it on the backs of black slaves.

So in effect Phosa is right. The ANC is only “bordering on lying”.

The day is fast approaching that the prols will come to the ANC’s doorstep and demand their free shit at which the ANC will say, “We have given you guns, what more do you want?” ...And they won't be lying.

26 November 2015

Pope to visit Africa. Christianity wasted on the mind of the African

By Mike Smith

26th of November 2015

So the Jesuit Pope is on his way to Africa...What the hell for?

The pope’s first visit to Africa. What should be on his agenda?

I know I have said it before, but here are some more examples.

Did you know that El Niño is a gay Spaniard? This is what blacks in South Africa believe.

Black Pastor says gays responsible for drought

I kid you not. Apparently God is punishing hetero sexual white farmers with drought, because of some black gays in some black church somewhere. Go figure...

Queen of style. Grace Mugarbage. God, what was she thinking?
According to wannabee next Zimboonian president, Grace Mugabe, slut wife of Robert who got pregnant from him when they were both still married to other people Women who wear miniskirts are responsible if they get raped

This hypocritical and morally corrupt cow uttered that sexist bullshit whilst wearing a dress and head dress made from woven cloth, which is a colonial western invention along with her spectacles...that same colonialism she and her husband hate. Why was she not wearing traditional attire of skin , beads and grass? Seems like she is totally out of touch with African culture. What an insult to African women everywhere.

Traditional African dress. Inviting rape?
Truth is...African women traditionally go bare-breasted and wear ultra short grass or bead skirts with no panties, but in the old days, were never raped by the males in their tribes. In fact, black women only started to cover themselves up and hide their breasts and thighs since they came into contact with Catholic Missionaries like Robert Mugabe’s parents who were both converted Catholics.

Robert Mugabe, the mommy’s boy, nerd and weakling was
sexually abused by Father Jerome O'Hea and other priests at the Kutama Jesuit Mission College in the Zvimba District northwest of Salisbury which of course explains his hatred of whites, colonialism and gays. All those years of Catholic schooling and he turned out to be a mass murdering despot that cheats every election to stay in power.

Traditional African dress. Inviting rape?
300 years of trying to civilize them and teach them Christianity all to no avail. They never become fully Christian. They keep all their tribal superstitions and heathen practices and at the best practice Christianity in parallel to their African religion. You can still see that fucked up twisted Africanized Christianity to this day.

25 November 2015

Miners shot down: The movie the ANC and their Illuminati handlers don’t want you to see

By Mike Smith

25th of November 2015

On November 23, 2015 'Miners Shot Down' won an Emmy Award for Best Documentary. The SABC and E-TV won’t show it.

You can watch the full 50min version here:

Miners shot down

Back in August 2012 I run several articles explaining exactly what happened at the Illuminati platinum mine of Marikana owned by Lonmin, the company started by Cecil John Rhodes and previously known as LonRho (London Rhodesia Company). It can be read here:

Three Minutes; 18 bodies

Marikana (Rustenburg): The ANC’s Sharpeville

The Battle of Marikana: A preliminary analysis

In that last report I even gave an exact battle plan of how the massacre took place after analysing the footage, satellite pictures and consulting former SADF experts. The MSM version was totally false. They even put the strikers on the other side of the kraal. Some put them inside the kraal.

These low paid workers are nothing but virtual slaves for Lonmin. When they protested and simply demanded that the Lonmin management speak to them, Lonmin pulled their strings in the ANC and Cyril Ramaphosa gave the command to "Shoot to kill".

The tactics used were the same COIN tactics as what we used against SWAPO/PLAN in Angola. The police set up a skirmish line or “Kill Zone” then used Nyala vehicles, tear gas and rubber bullets to hoard and funnel the striking miners towards the “Kill Zone” where they were slaughtered in a “Turkey Shoot”. ..Like shooting fish in a barrel.

A massacre of epic proportions to ensure business as usual for the ANC's handlers.

SABC and E-TV won’t show International Emmy Award winning documentary

24 November 2015

End of the ANC. Malema being groomed by the Illuminati to be the new SA president and the New Mugabe

By Mike Smith

24th of November 2015

Julius Malema is on his way to England and when you look who he is going to meet and address there, then it certainly raises a few eyebrows…Royal Institute of International Affairs, Oxford Union, Pan African People’s Movement in Tottenham and attend the African Enterprise Awards at the London Capital Club…all affiliated or connected to Rhodes/Milner’s Round Table Group.

Malema’s UK visit “sends a message”

Just exactly what message would that be?

Malema is being hosted by the “Who’s who” of the Illuminati in London where the corrupt South African ambassador Obed Mlaba, a Zulu and former mayor of Durban, is seen as a Zuma crony. The message to the ANC is simple: Your time is up.

Mlaba is the man who was investigated together with Mike Sutcliffe for gross corruption and the destruction of the once beautiful city of Durban.

Mayor and city boss to be probed

“The auditor-general found that the city had irregularly spent R535-million and the Ngubane audit implicated Sutcliffe and three officials in irregular housing contracts of R3.5-billion over the past 10 years.”

“Mlaba allegedly had shares in a company that nearly landed a R3-billion tender to convert the city's waste to energy.”

For a long time now Malema has been threatening to nationalize the Illuminati’s gold mines, businesses and seize their land. His latest stint was to threaten to occupy all the ABSA banks. ABSA was created by the Afrikaner Broederbond and the Pierneef paintings in its head office belongs to the Afrikanerbond. ABSA is of course the biggest bank in South Africa and belongs to the British Barclays Bank, the Illuminati’s personal bank. Circles within circles, like Russian dolls. We are going to occupy all the ABSA branches: Malema

If I was the ANC I would get very worried about saving my skin.

The message here is that the ANC is so corrupt, greedy and busy stealing the country into bankruptcy that they have not noticed that they have fallen out of favour with their Round Table Illuminati bosses in the UK and the US. The ANC’s love affairs with criminal and terrorist scum like Sudanese dictator Omar al Bashir, Hamas leader Kaled Mashaal and their general reluctance to toe the line doesn’t help much either.

Of course “Kiddi Amin” Malema can easily be taken out like they did with Verwoerd, but why not use him to further your agenda? He is corrupt enough. Something Verwoerd wasn’t.

The worst thing that can happen to the ANC’s Illuminati Round Table, Rand Lords in England is to have the gold supply from SA dry up, because they need gold to create Ormus aka “Monatomic gold” or “The Philosopher’s Stone”…a white powder the Bible refers to as “Manna” that ensures eternal life and boost your intelligence by a thousand percent. That is how you are able to control people.

That is why they have this insane fixation with gold…an otherwise useless metal hardly good enough to make jewelry from.

…and of course they are worried about their other properties and businesses being threatened. Malema will be their new House Slave, controlling the masses and ensuring that steady supply of gold.

But Malema or anybody who wants to become president of SA will have to fulfill another Illuminati goal and that is to commit genocide and mass murder. Something Rhodes, Verwoerd and the ANC, at least to date, has failed to do…at least in sufficient numbers.

Of course three of the ten guides (1;2 and 10) on the Georgia Guidestones deals with population control and keeping the world’s population under half a billion, which means that about 6.8 billion “useless eaters” will have to die.

This is not some bullshit conspiracy theory. Professor Carrol Quigley Wrote it all in his monumental book, Tragedy and Hope: A history of the world in our time

Quigley was Bill Clinton’s mentor and an insider of the Round Table group founded by Rhodes and Milner in South Africa. In fact he had no problem with the agenda of creating a NWO with a one world government. He fully supported it. The only problem he had was that the Round Table tried to hide it from the people.

This is what he wrote in “Tragedy and hope”:

“There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the Radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other group, and frequently does so. I know of the operation of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies... but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

You see? Once you know the Agenda, you cannot be fooled anymore.

That is why Africa was decolonized by the Illuminati Round Table and despots like Bokassa, Amin, Mugabe, Machal, the ANC, etc were brought to power. Nobody kills blacks better and faster than other blacks. That is why Rhodesia, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa today are all run by Communist dictatorships and the mass murdering dictators are heaped with medals, awards and even knighthoods.

They are serving the NWO agenda. In the bigger scheme of things, these few white colonists like us in SA are nothing. Just collateral damage. In fact whites still keep blacks alive by giving them jobs, food, clothes and healing them in hospitals. It is a disaster for the Illuminati.

When the whites go the agenda will go into overdrive and accelerate. How the whites go…willingly, forcefully or by death does not matter. All that matters is the Agenda…And this is what Malema is being groomed for.

As for the poor ANC? They are gone. It is what happens when you get too greedy, too big for your shoes and do not have a cooking clue as to who you climbed into bed with and who pulls your strings.

22 November 2015

Geography lesson for Australian retards

By Mike Smith
22nd of November 2015

Proof of why Australia needs immigrants from South Africa. It is to boost their indigenous brain capacity...and ours. Australian newspaper mistakes South Africa for Mali


This is what years and years of smoking Kangaroo shit does to your brain. Australian man claims he is Jesus Christ reincarnated and his slut girlfriend thinks she is the repentant prostitute, Mary Magdalene.

Hey Zuma, you can resign now. Jesus has arrived…not on a cloud, but Down Under.

21 November 2015

Feel good story of the weekend

By Mike Smith

21st of November 2015

There aren’t many feel good stories coming out of South Africa nowadays, but here is one:

Joburg man shoots intruder dead

Four blacks with balaclavas entered his yard and he double-tapped the one bastard in the head. Cowards then drove away in a stolen Audi and dropped their wounded accomplice at the hospital and dumped the blood soaked car and a stolen 9mm. Police said the passenger side of the car was riddled with bullet holes and blood covered the backseat

All I can say is, “Well done mate. Great shooting.”

Also notice how they mention two other incidents where people shot back, one incident was with a police couple attacked in their home and the wife shooting the bastard in the legs and genitals. The other was a woman who slept with her gun under her pillow and shot both attackers dead when they entered her bedroom. One dead in her bedroom the other managed to drag his stinking carcass onto the patio before he also croaked.

Excellent! Love it. It is the only language these bastards understand.

However these are all defensive measures. What I would like to see is people patrolling their neighbourhoods and chasing these scumbags out BEFORE they break in, rob, rape and murder.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of reading articles like these:

Freestate farmer shot dead another wounded in separate attacks by blacks

Wife and sons watch in horror as gang of seven blacks kills farmer

Farmer, brother shot point blank by black gang

Bethlehem farmer robbed, hit over the head

What I would like to see are more of these kinds of articles:

Farm attacker shot and killed

The man, allegedly armed with a gardening implement, was felled by a single gunshot wound to the face.

Excellent! See? The world is a better place.

Here is another one:

Farmer’s wife hid in closet. Shot dead attacker. Husband suffered minor stab wounds

You want to survive home invasions or farm attacks? Shoot Back! Carry a gun on you all the time, but remember your best weapon against these attackers is your will to live.

No wonder then that the ANC dictatorship wants to make weapons laws stricter

20 November 2015

How the world is starting to see the Real, New (improved) South Africa

Tim Knight with Nelson Mandela at Madiba’s 83rd birthday celebration, Johannesburg, July 18, 2001
By Mike Smith

20th of November 2015

I remember a time not so long ago when you used to go onto news websites like IOL and News24 and the comments showed the people’s rose-tinted, Kumbaya, Rainbow bullshit views of South Africa.

Then a few bloggers like yours truly came along and posted the truth about the hell-hole the New (improved) South Africa has become. At first we were bitterly attacked by the libtards, then the attacks progressively subsided and disappeared. Slowly people’s eyes were opened. A short while ago these news sites found, to their horror, that there were no more libtards left on their comment forums and decided to close the forums down. A major victory for us in the resistANCe of course.

But it is not only in SA itself that people’s eyes are opening. Former Überlibtards like the Canadian and European journalists are also seeing the ANC for it is now: A corrupt, kleptocratic Dictatorship not much different to the rest of Africa.

Below is an article from the award-winning Canadian journalist Tim Knight on how the world sees the New (improved) South Africa and its criminally corrupt leader, Jacob Zuma.

How the world sees us. South Africa’s slide from Madiba to Zuma. Oh Boy

Of course he is right. I just wonder where he was eight years ago when we wrote the same...and when overseas libtards like Tim Knight can see the truth, why can’t our own libtards like Tim du Plessis, Adriaan Basson and Max du Preez?

19 November 2015

Kimberley runs out of water

By Mike Smith

19th of November 2015

It is official now. For the first time in its history, the city of Kimberley has literally run out of water.

Kimberley has no water

“In one of the biggest disasters to hit Kimberley, the city has literally run out of water and by Wednesday afternoon there was no water left in the dams at the Newton Reservoir.”

The hospitals and the firebrigade are on their reserve tanks. Hotels have no water.

O well I guess they can just buy some water machines and they will have unlimited water forever .