16 April 2015

The only way Blacks can pass school

By Mike Smith

16th of April 2015

The worst deception is self deception and this is the problem with liberals and their pet Noble Savae alike. They live in denial. They ignore reality and lie to everyone including themselves. Their entire lives consist of lying and covering lies by more lying, etc, ad infinitum.

One of those lies is of course the cognitive abilities of different races.

Simply mentioning the fact that there is a cognitive difference between races will send the liberals and their pet niglae into a mouth foaming frenzy of denial and squeals of “Racist, racist, burn him at the stake!”, whilst looking at you in utter disgust and contempt, because you Sir, are the most abhorrent, detestable, ignorant degenerate racist that ever walked this planet.

Why? Simply, because you evaluated all the evidence and dared to utter your informed opinion?

So much for the “tolerance” they so often profess they have and you should have.

Liberals are only tolerant when you agree with them. If you dare to disagree, then you will hear that you are racist, nazi, scumbag not worthy to live, blah, blah.

And forget about trying to convince them with evidence. They refuse to budge. Even after you proved to them 100% without a shadow of a doubt…they will not change their opinion.

So much for that “open-mindedness” they so often profess they have and you should have.

Liberals are only open-minded to ideas that confirm their bullshit believes that they have already formed.

Now there are many books like “The Bell Curve”, “IQ and the wealth of nations”, “Race and reason”, etc, proving that Blacks on average are not as intelligent as other races. There is also the TEDS study  with twins that proves intelligence is generic. Or the book by Nicholas Wade, “A troublesome inheritance” that shows that the latest evidence from the human genome project proves racial egalitarians and cultural relativist are spectacularly wrong. Race is biological, not a social construct.

…but if you bring any of it up, liberals want to go to war with you.

They normally call you a “White supremacist”, but funny enough, I for one, have no problem acknowledging that blacks are better at American football than whites and dominate the NFL. It is a fact. Also in Basket Ball, they are better than whites, the same in sprinting. Why do liberals have a problem acknowledging that Whites are more intelligent than blacks?

In fact, whites are only third on the list of average intelligence. First up are Ashkenazi Jews, then come North East Asians, Whites and then only Negroes. I have no problem accepting that (on average) whites are third.

So much for the “White supremacist” part. I think “White segregationist” would be more accurate.

Nevertheless, when it comes to mathematics and science scores of school children a lot depends on the teaching methods used and the system they have, but here are the facts. Out of 143 countries surveyed South Africa ended up…well, last.

South Africa fails the math and science test, scores lowest in the world!

I have reported on this already. As well as what the blacks in SA do to get by. They cheat.

Massive Matric cheating scandal in South Africa

2800 Matrics and 34 teachers involved in exam cheating

In the USA it is not much different . Black teachers helping black kids cheat at school for at least the last 14 years when scores on statewide aptitude tests improved greatly. These teachers were inflating test scores, altering, fabricating and falsely certifying results of children from struggling schools.

Prison time for some Atlanta school educators in cheating scandal

The words of my teacher at school still rings through my ears. “If you cheat, you are only bullshitting yourself”.

Getting a liberal to admit the truth?

I think you have a bigger chance of falling pregnant through wind pollination from pigs flying over a frozen hell than a liberal ever admitting the truth.

14 April 2015

The single most important thing we need is the death penalty!!…and then we will have world peace

By Mike Smith

15th of April 2015

Lee-Ann Liebenberg first drew the public’s attention when she was selected as a Miss South Africa finalist, going on to be voted FHM magazine’s Sexiest Woman of 2005 and she has continued to be on the list for over 10 consecutive years.

Now as we all know, you do not get to be a Miss SA finalist unless you spew some liberal Kumbaya bollocks about all holding hands and world peace…and of course saying what a saint and god the terrorist Nelson Mandela was calling him “Tata” and sending your thoughts and prayers when he was in hospital

See…Lee-anne Liebenberg was a 6-month old baby when the Church Street Bomb went off in Pretoria on the 20th of May 1983 …a bomb that Mandela said he “personally signed off” and approved and that killed 19 people and severely injuring 217 more.

Yes this is the man Lee-Anne Liebenberg glorified, prayed for and sent her well wishes to.

…And then the chickens come home to roost and reality set in. Nothing like a good dose of reality to let you drop your rose tinted glasses and shock you out of your liberal slumber.

Lee-Anne Liebenberg is struggling to stay patriotic after being held at gun point

She and her husband were on their way home from the Hyde Park shopping mall, followed by three Mandela Supporters and ANC voters and then held up at gun point in their posh Sandton Driveway with a pistol against the head of her one year old daughter’s birthday. She exploded on social media and even mentioned her frustration with load shedding.

Aah yes…The New South Africa is so much better for our children. Thank you Mr. Mandela for giving us this wonderful Rainbow nation, thank you for the wonderful dreams for our children…and thank you for World Peace.

Xenofobia sweeps through Durban – What happened to Simunye and Ubuntu?

By Mike Smith

14th of April 2015

For years now the liberals have told us that South Africa is now a Multi-Culti Utopia. A rainbow nation of peace and prosperity.

All of us who dared to speak the truth were branded as “racists”.

No matter how much crime, corruption, misrule, racist and xenophobic attacks occurred, the Liberals would say, “Yes, but…South Africa is now so much better than during Apartheid.”

Now in the last week or so we have seen horrific scenes of violence commited by our blacks against foreign blacks in Durban. It is so bad that the police’s riot squad had to be deployed as well as all the fire brigades in Durban. It is the first time since 1949 that the government is considering sending in the army to quell the looting, raping and murder carried out by our peace loving, ubuntu Noble Savages.

Of course in 1949 the blacks were also against the “foreigners” who were Indians and Prime Minister Smuts had to send in the army to stop the murders.

These racist looters are also shooting at journalists.

Xeno attacks – no need for the army

Shots fired in Durban CBD. Army denies being deployed

Crowd erects burning barricade in Durban CBD

Police standoff with 2000 savages in Durban CBD

So where are the liberals now? Where is the outcry now that their beloved little Savages are showing their true colours?

For years they preached the policy of “open borders”…”We are all Africa”…”We are all one”…”Simunye”…”Ubuntu” and what other bollocks. Foreign Blacks streamed over our borders. South Africa is today the only country in Africa with an immigration problem. It is the only country that blacks stream towards, all the other countries they flee away from.

This will now probably spark  Tit-for-tat attacks against South Africans in Nigeria, Somalia, Congo, etc.

See? Everything liberals touch turn to shit. This xenophobia is a direct result of their failed policies.

Nevertheless, I am not really worried about these foreign blacks in SA at all. Nobody invited them here anyway. Most of them are drug lords, pimps and other criminals on the run from the police in their own countries. Their “businesses” do not pay tax or VAT, so I can understand that the local munts want to get rid of them.

My only concern is when this is going to spill over into the White and Indian neighbourhoods. As I said all along…All they need to do is to change the definition of who is a “foreigner” and the country will degenerate into chaos and anarchy.

Mark my words...They will still pray for Apartheid to come back.

It’s all about the race – Helen Zille

By Mike Smith

14th of April 2015

According to the Afrikaans media, Helen Zille resigned from the DA over race

Apparently the DA has a new repositioning plan that they want to announce next month. Race and transformation played a big role in her decision. She feared that if she stayed on that it would sink their plan and the leadership core of the DA would be too white and damage the credibility of the party.

Now get this…Here is the dilemma…

These hypocritical libtards always preach about how race does not exist, that is a social construct, blah, blah and we are all equal…so why does it then matter to them if a black or white person leads the party?

Because it does matter to the voters. They know that blacks won’t vote for them if the leadership is too white. So what does that tell you? Exactly! Blacks are the biggest racists in the country.

It shows that libtards are liars, knowing the truth, but preaching something else.

It also shows they are not worried about the whites they are going to lose (their biggest support base). These whites is a minority. They are only interested in the black votes.

Further, they have now admitted that they are simply pushing a few token blacks in front as DA leaders to fool the blacks into voting for them. They think the blacks are stupid, which means they are racist whites.

But let a few whites defend their statues against uncivilized blacks, then the DA is quick to call them “racists”.

The best is however that the DA thinks it ever had “credibility” especially with the blacks. They are complete fools. Blacks hate liberals. They don’t trust them.

Like I said yesterday, Helen Zille’s resignation from the DA was a BIG mistake. They will not get a single extra black vote, but they will lose all their white and coloured voters now. It was the official death knell of the Party. Makes you wonder…What were they thinking?

13 April 2015

Former Rightwinger turned EFF member released for defacing Queen Victoria’s statue


By Mike Smith

14th of 2015

Meet Paul Walsh (24), White Nigger extraordinaire and the EFF’s regional science, technology and education officer, the man who defaced the statue of Queen Victoria outside the library in Port Elizabeth with green paint.

He was caught on CCTV, handed himself over to the police admitting that it was him (but the act not sanctioned by the party) and was then released by the police “Due to a lack of evidence”…Go figure. Question to ask is thus, “Is the statue defacing campaign state sanctioned?”

He handed himself over after fleeing from the police when they came knocking on the door of his girlfriend in Mowbray Street, Newton Park. He lives in Millpark.

Paul “WeSizwe” Walsh deleted his Wikipedia info, but the Herald Newspaper managed to report on it before the amendments. You can view the details here:

Victoria statue suspect released

Meet Paul Walsh

Apparently he is a “South African musician, actor and sound engineer”, born on the 22 of February 1991, who moved to the UK at the age of 12 due to his stepfather’s work.

Interestingly, apparently...in 2010, he was appointed UK representative of the “Geloftevolk Republikeine” an extreme rightwing party formed in 2010 by Andre Visagie the former General Secretary of the AWB.

How this Wigger ended up in the EFF is a mystery. The plot sickens.

Actually I would love to hear the take on this white trash clown from the "Geloftevolk Republikeine" themselves.

Helen Zille’s resignation a Godsend for the ANC

By Mike Smith

13th of April 2015

Helen Zille said The time was right to step down

Well, there will be a lot of readers on here who will celebrate it along with me. I detest these liberal scumbags.

However, the DA ‘s voting base and Helen Zille’s biggest supporters were always the Whites in the Cape and the Cape Coloureds. Who will replace her? All indications are that it will be Mmusi Maimane, the black man with the white wife.

I am not so sure if resignation was a good decision. Politics in South Africa has always been about race. Whites vote for whites and blacks vote for blacks.

Helen Zille could never really attract the black voters in the Cape. In fact they frequently accused her of being “racist”. Problem is that they detest Coconuts like Mmusi Maimane even more.

The DA thinks that having a token Black with a white wife as leader they are going to attract the votes from both sides. I do not agree. The DA will see its arse. The whites will not vote for them in the next election. They will probably flock to the Cape Party or FF+. The blacks won’t vote for the DA either. They see it as a party of white capital and Mmusi Maimane as a puppet of the Anglo America Randlords…which of course he is.

That means that with Helen Zille’s resignation, she has committed collective Political Harakiri for her party. At the next election the ANC will take the Cape.

One guy will be ecstatic about her resignation…Jacob Zuma.

Rand Daily Mail reporter Justice Malala said that President Zuma will heave a massive sigh of relief after Zille stepped down seeing that she constantly exposed his corruption and mismanagement.

Goodbye DA. You will fade away just like the NP did.

The message is clear. Anyone not black is persona non grata in South Africa

By Mike Smith

13th of April 2015

So after Marthinus Wessel Pretorius’ statue was desecrated in Pretoria, these ignorant bastards went and did the same to the bust of famed Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa who lived with his parents in South Africa from 1895 to 1905, in Durban and went to school there.

And further… a group of ANC members went and desecrated Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Johannesburg as well saying he was “a racist man”.

Of course they are right. Gandhi was an extreme and virulent racist who had very little time for, as he called them, “Kaffirs”, and he actively promoted segregation in South Africa. That is why I admire him so much.

Gandhi; Behind the mask of divinity

The myth of Mahatma Gandhi

However the desecrations of the Pessoa and the Gandhi statues shows me that they now consider anyone not black as persona non grata in South Africa. Everyone not black is a settler or colonialist. It doesn’t matter if you are Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian or Jewish. You are not black, therefore racist and have to be driven out of the country.

What also emerged is the fact that the desecration of the Queen Victoria statue in Port Elizabeth was done by a lone 24 yo white male.

Queen Victoria statue vandal arrested

Watch lone vandal defaces PE statue of Queen Victoria

I wonder what this guy’s motive was. Was he trying to cause shit between whites and blacks or is he on the side of the EFF? I hope they charge him for the clean-up or let him do it himself…then sjambok his ass.

Of course there were some white liberal idiots who joined in the “Rhodes must fall” campaign too. What they probably do not realize is that nothing made the university any better. In fact it marked the start of the downhill course for the once prestigious University of Cape Town.

List of defaced statues

Rhodes – UCT main Campus

Louis Botha – Parliament

King George V - KZN campus

Queen Victoria – Port Elizabeth

Paul Kruger – Pretoria

Boer Memorial – Uitenhage

Boer War Horse memorial – Port Elizabeth

Andrew Murray – Wellington

Ficksburg - General J.I.J. Fick

Marthinus Wessel Pretorius – Protoria Town Hall

Fernando Pessoa – Durban

Mahatma Ghandi – Johannesburg

Timeline of how SA statues were targeted

11 April 2015

Andrew Murray statue and Ficksburg Grave Monument defaced – How much more provocation before the war starts?

By Mike Smith

11 April 2015

I see that the statue of Dr. Andrew Murray, the great South African/Scottish missionary and writer, in front of the N.G. Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) in Wellington, has also been defaced with red paint.

Andrew Murray statue defaced

There is probably no South African that has done more for blacks and coloureds than this man. After his studies in Scotland and the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands he worked tirelessly amongst the farmworkers of the Wamakersvallei (Wagon maker’s valley) on the wine farms of Wellington.

He also served as church minister at the Groote Kerk in Cape Town and there is also a statue of him there.

It was mostly because of him that the Church College at Stellenbosch University was established. He also founded the Huguenot Teacher’s college in Wellington and the Missionary institute where thousands of teachers, missionaries and social workers have been trained who worked amongst black communities trying to uplift them to this day. Even the Children’s Home in Wellington is named after him.

Yesterday whilst the President was opening a Satanic monument to the Communist God of South Africa, Chris Hani his followers went and defaced the statue of a man of God with red paint.

See? I have said many times that religion and education are wasted on these savages. Sir Theophilus Shepstone (who could speak several black languages) said that you should leave the blacks alone. Don’t feed them, don’t clothe them. Give them no work. Do not attempt to educate them or try to convert them to Christianity. Have NOTHING to do with them.

The N.G. Kerk first supported Apartheid, but later played a major role in dismantling it. It was also the first church that officially apologized for Apartheid. That was wrong. It was an admission of guilt for something that was never wrong. All it achieved was giving blacks a stick to beat whites with for all eternity. Now this very church is under attack by these savages. Wonder how they feel now.

Hey Broeders? What now?

The Afrikaans Taalmonument (Afrikaans language monument) is just next door in Paarl where the first Afrikaans newspaper, Die Patriot, was published in 1876. At the Taalmonument you can see the words, “Dit is ons erns” or roughly translated “This is our seriousneous”.

We will see how serious and patriotic the Afrikaners really are when they attack that monument. It is going to happen soon.

Two days ago the Rhodes statue at UCT fell . That was not enough for these savages. When the statue was loaded on the truck they climbed on top of it, spat on it, threw more paint over it and beat it with sticks and poles.

Rhodes statue spat on beaten with sticks

That was still not enough. Now they want half of the lecturers to be black and the curriculum changed.

UCT protestors want more change

UCT protestors deliver their demands

When are these liberals going to learn? You cannot give in to these Savages and Communists. All you do is create expectations for more.

This is exactly what P.W. Botha came to realize after 1983 when he created the three chamber parliament and scrapped some Apartheid laws. Violence increased not decreased. A state of emergency had to be declared. All it did was create expectations for more concessions. Where did it all lead? We lost the country.

The same now at UCT. Instead of expelling the bastard who flung shit at the statue, the liberals gave in to the demands. Now they want more statues to be destroyed. They want more black lecturers. They want the curriculum changed. Once they get that, they want more…and what they ultimately want is all the whites gone from SA. No matter how you look at it, it can only and will only, lead to WAR. Another liberal fuck-up.

You see I use the word “fuck-up” instead of “mistake”, because the difference is that a mistake you can still recover from, but a fuck-up can never be reversed. It's one of those.

It is simply how the Communists opperate and therefore you can never negotiate with them. NEVER.

The mere fact that you are willing to talk or negotiate, is to them a sign of weakness. If you were really strong you would smash them. At first they want half of what you’ve got. Then when they have that, they want half of what you have left over. And so it goes on until they have everything and you have nothing. Then you become expendable.

Nevertheless…In the mean time…The Obelisk on the grave of General J.I.J. Fick, the founder of Ficksburg in the Eastern Freestate has also been defaced with red paint. The general and his wife are buried there…

The provocation is not going to end there...Watch this space.

09 April 2015

Winged Words

By Mike Smith
9th of April 2015

“It is that statue that continues to inspire whites to think that they are a superior race, and it is through ­collapsing of these types of symbols that the white minority will begin to appreciate that there’s nothing superior about them.”

Julias Malema - Leader of the EFF

The fall of Rhodes statue is only the first step

I rest my case