17 July 2015

Race and diseases

By Mike Smith
17th of July 2015

In the past I have reported on the physical differences between races a few times. For instance that the heart drug BiDil only works for Blacks, but does nothing to whites.

Sickel Cell disease is only found in blacks and those with mixed black genes but of course the PC brigade says it is a resistance to malaria…Bollocks. Russia and Europe also has malaria and none of the whites ever developed the disease. It can only be passed on through genes.

Now the latest is that a study says Alzheimers affects black and white brains differently

Watch how the PC brigade is going to do an egg dance around this one again.

Zimboonia – “Ons Roep die Baas” – wants white farmers to return

By Mike Smith

17th of July 2015

Last year Zimboonia dictator Robert Mugabe, vowed that ”Whites will never be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe ever again”

Now it seems he has made a 180° about turn…

'Crisis' hit Zimbabwe wants white farmers back – report

I wonder how many of the 4000 evicted white farmers and their families will actually return? Maybe a few liberals.

South Africa soon to be a "Rogue State"

By Mike Smith

17th of July 2015

According to the Institute for Security Studies South Africa could soon be regarded as a rogue state by the way the ANC regime handled the Omar Al-Bashir fiasco.

I am surprised it took so long for that recognition, considering the ethnic cleansing of whites in SA, xenophobia and Al Qaeda training camps.

Nevertheless, South African authorities failed to detain al-Bashir despite an International Criminal Court warrant of arrest against him.

Howard Varney, a senior consultant at the International Centre for Transitional Justice said, “Sadly, I don’t believe South Africa enjoys the standing and respect it used to have when it comes to the question of our law in international affairs in particular the international criminal justice.”

It seems like the world’s honeymoon with the ANC regime is over. The cracks are showing and the world is starting to see the ANC for what it really is, a Marxist terrorist organization. Time to put all those ANC goons back on the CIA’s terror list where Mandela once was too.

What exactly is a Rogue State?

Wikipedia says: “Rogue state is a controversial term applied by some international theorists to states they consider threatening to the world's peace. This means meeting certain criteria, such as being ruled by authoritarian regimes that severely restrict human rights, sponsor terrorism, and seek to proliferate weapons of mass destruction.”

“Rogue states can also be differentiated from 'pariah states' such as Burma (Myanmar) and Zimbabwe who allegedly abuse the human rights of their populations while not being considered a tangible threat beyond their own borders, although the terms have been used interchangeably.”

A pariah state, defined in its simplest terms, is an outcast state.

So we see that the New (improved) South Africa will not just be an outcast, but a genuine threat to world peace…sponsors of terrorism and seeking or building weapons of mass destruction.

Basically SA will return to the status it had under Apartheid namely “A skunk amongst nations”.

Businesses in South Africa have allegedly been used as fronts to help forward the Iranian revolution, and there are jihad training camps at Zakariyya Park in Lenasia, and at a farm in Port Elizabeth and in KwaZulu-Natal.

Spy cables reveal Jihad training camps in South Africa

The police’s Crimes Against the State specialised unit as well as the State Security Agency are aware of the military training camps.

The camps are in three locations in South Africa: the former apartheid police base at Vlakplaas, a secluded farm in the Klein Karoo and another location in the Eastern Cape.

The police’s investigation into the camps was called Operation Kanu.

British and US intelligence agencies have apparently pressured the South African government to act on any possible Muslim terrorist threats but so far little action has been taken.

Al Qaeda training camps in South Africa

See, the Western World made a historical mistake when they backed the ANC against Apartheid.

Sure, SA under P.W. Botha was for all intents and purposes a military dictatorship operating under a state of emergency. The world wanted “democracy” in SA and the ANC promised them that. The world made the mistake of trusting Marxist terrorists.

When you study revolutions,  then you see that it is a common mistake to just get rid of a dictator. You MUST install a true and lasting democracy with the proper separation of powers and minority rights otherwise you will just sit with another dictatorship in the near future and it will probably be worse than the one before.

This is exactly what happened in South Africa. Despite all the promises of democracy from the ANC, you now sit with effectively a one party state, a tyranny of the majority, a virtual dictatorship under the ANC’s Jacob Zuma and this time it is far worse than under Apartheid. These guys support international terrorists.

I cannot help, but to feel some Schadenfreude. We conservatives told the world that the ANC won’t be able to run SA and that they cannot be trusted, but the world knew better. The ANC continued its love affair with dictators and terrorists, like Castro, Gadaffi and Yasser Arafat. They continued their relationship with Communist China, Cuba, Russia, Iran and the Palestinian terrorists. By your friends you shall be known.

Next time we get a chance to install a democracy we should make it a proper one…Only this time we should ensure that WE are the majority! Then we shall have lasting peace.

16 July 2015

SA heading for a recession. Why liberal optimists make me sick.

"The man who is a pessimist before 48 knows too much; if he is an optimist after it he knows too little."
- Mark Twain.

By Mike Smith

16th of July 2015

According to liberal economist and chief strategist at Investment Solutions, Chris Hart, South Africa is heading towards a “full blown” recession in the next year. He is optimistic.

The reason, he says, is “government has placed too much emphasis on alleviating poverty, instead of on trimming unemployment. “

So let me translate that Lib-Speak into understandable English:

“The useless and corrupt ANC stole the white taxpayer’s money, kept 90% for themselves and dished out 10% to their voters and haven't created a single job.”

That is the long and short of it. I cringe every time these “economists” explain how the ANC should create jobs..."to alleviate the challenges the country faces, such as health care, a need for education, and trimming crime.”…. blah, blah, blah.

They are NOT interested in any of that. 21 years in power and the ANC has not created a single job yet. Unemployment has soared. They fired a lot of competent whites and appointed their incompetent cronies and families in their places. That is how they “create” jobs.

The only things they can “create” is chaos, crime, corruption, degeneration and filth. Communists by nature are not “creators”; They are “destroyers”.

But Chris Hart is right on some things. It is true that the official unemployment rate is 26.4%, and that for those aged between 24 - 35 the unemployment rate is 48%.

It is also true that the unofficial rate of unemployment - which includes discouraged job seekers - is around 37%.

To this, Hart says: “We need a massive explosion of the economy to resolve this problem.”

Good luck with that!

When are these liberal idiots going to get it? The ANC is a Marxist terrorist organisation. They are not interested in creating jobs even if they could, which we know they can’t, because they are beyond useless. They are not interested in a strong economy or alleviating poverty. They are not interested in creating good health care or trimming crime.

They NEED the poor to keep them in power. It is how Communism works.

They need to tell the 90% black proletariat that the 10% white bourgeoisie has been stealing from them so that they can come to power and stay in power forever. If everyone is successful, rich and equal then there is no one to blame, and no need for the Communists. So they will lose power. The ANC needs to keep people stupid, because an educated person will never swallow their Communist bullshit. Stupid people are unemployable, poor and hungry. Exactly what the Communists want.

And when you do have rich, successful and equal societies like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. then you have to CREATE an “us and them” proletariat and bourgeoisie…hence the need for Feminism. You need to tell women that “men”…their own ”white men”…are oppressing them. Exploiting them as sex objects, raping them, breeding machines. That these men earn more money than them. Get all the top jobs, etc…Tell them that their “White men” are drunks, bad in bed, that they are better off with black men, etc. Hate your white men. So you break the backbone of White Western Society, the “White Male”, because the most dangerous thing to a Communist is a thinking “white male”. That is why they go out of their way to destroy white male institutions and strongholds world wide.

Crime, poor education and poor health care are deliberate tools of the Communists. First thing Communists do when they get to power is to destroy education and kill of the academics and intelligentsia. These are their biggest enemies. In the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia people wearing glasses were killed, because it indicated that they could read. In South Africa, they simply chase the intelligentsia out of the country with crime, poor education standards, BEE, Affirmative Action and poor health care. It is all part of the agenda.

The ones who are left behind in SA are oppressed under a communist yoke with threats of losing their jobs or their lives. Crime keeps them as virtual prisoners in their own homes. They are oppressed with endless layers of guilt for being white and therefore responsible for colonialism, Apartheid, “institutionalized racism”, etc. These oppressed whites are then being told that they are “Privileged” white racists. The message is clear: “Shut up and don’t complain. If you get killed, just go quietly, because you deserve it.”

All the time the Communist regime maintains power.

That is why I laugh when I hear chronic optimists like Chris Hart talk about “solving the challenges of South Africa”. What utter optimistic, liberal bollocks. It is called “Optimism bias”. It is a mental disorder. It is a belief that nothing bad will happen to you; only to other people. It is a belief that people are all reasonable and good and that you can simply talk sense to them and they will magically listen to your expert advice. It is a belief that everything will just magically get better if only they do A or B.

I’ve got news for you, mate. Not under Communism. Just when you think it cannot possibly get worse, it will. South Africa is not on its way to a “Full blown” recession…It is on its way to a “Full blown” Zimbabwe!

Communists are not normal reasonable people. They are psychopathic and narcissist scumbags. Their minds work differently. They are not interested in what you have to say. All that matters is their agenda. White males like you are in the way.

So here is some good “optimistic” advice Chris Hart. The only “Challenge” you need to “Solve” is getting rid of the ANC. Everything else will come right afterwards. Start working on that. The rest is just futile and a waste of time.

14 July 2015

Can't run a navy, but wants to change names of buildings

By Mike Smith

14th of July 2015

Former MK terrorist Rear Admiral Bubele “Bravo” Mhlana has unanimously decided to change the name of the historic Naval home he resides in from Belmont House to Chris Hani House, named after the assassinated head of the South African Communist Party.

Battle brewing after historical navy home is renamed without permission

The building was vandalized and the name “Belmont House” was sanded off from the sandstone pillars without permission and by Sunday, the home was already sporting the new name “Chris Hani House” in yellow copper letters.

It is obviously way too colonial for our Noble Savage Admiral.

The house is part of the historical mile in Simon's Town, which puts it not only within the provincial heritage and conservation area, but it is also an international heritage building due to its historical link with Britain. The house was named after the Battle of Belmont. This battle in November 1899 between British and Boer forces at Graspan in the Western Cape, was won by the British thanks to a contingent of naval forces and canons.

The home was completed in 1901, and there has never been any attempt previously to have its name changed.

One has to wonder at the arrogance of these “monkeys in silk” who pretend to be “soldiers” and in fact were never more than common criminals. Terrorists in fact. Chris Hani was a Xhosa and the head of MK, a terrorist organization with no Naval wing whatsoever. Rear Admiral Bubele “Bravo” Mhlana is also a Xhosa and former MK terrorist.

Can someone please explain to me what significant seafaring contributions the great seafaring nation of the Xhosas has made in the history of mankind?

By the time Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape of Good Hope with his three ships, the Xhosas haven’t even had dug-out canoes yet. In fact they still don’t have any.

They have stuffed up the once proud SA Navy. The four brand new Meko class frigates have almost no crew and are laid up most of the time rusting away with a skeleton crew on board.

Not sure if any of the 209 class Subs are in operation again after Commander Handsome Thamsanqa Matsane crashed the SAS Queen Modjadji against the bottom of the ocean and the SAS Manthatisi crashed into the Simons Town quay, damaged her steering and a power cable was incorrectly plugged into her shore power-supply system blowing the entire electronics on board. SAS Charlotte Maxeke’s refit was cancelled last year due to a lack of money.

What in God’s name are they doing on ships let alone being in charge of a Navy?

13 July 2015

Cracks in the Communist Troika. Will the SACP go it alone?

By Mike Smith

14th of July 2015

This past week we saw 789 Communist militants attend the 3rd “Special National Congress” of the SA (Champagne) Communist Party (SACP) at the University of Johannesburg campus in Soweto.

“Special National Congress”…Is that similar to the “Special Olympics”?

I could have sworn it was if you listened to its retarded leader, Comrade Blade Nzimande, delivering speeches against “Monopoly Capital”, Trade Unionists (who also see him as idiotic) and the already leftist biased media not being leftist enough…amongst others.

At the end of the five day Marxist pig fest, he actually admitted that the decision of a “Media Tribunal” was an SACP one, not a Troika one. He doesn’t want the ANC or Cosatu to take credit for this baby monster he spawned by fucking his own sick brain and is so proud of.

These Champagne Communists also had no problem rocking up at the conference with Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz’s, BMWs and Jeep Grand Cherokees to symbolise the struggle against “Monopoly Capital” and show “The Poor” they pretend to represent a great fat Communist middle finger.

What really drives Communism in South Africa

Comrade Blade also doesn’t like competition and showed how scared he was that an upstart pig might elbow him out of his position at the feeding trough when he raged against the EFF saying that the Young Communist League (YCL) should take on the Economic Freedom Fighters to make sure the party ''dies''

''They must engage them ideologically, they must engage them politically, they must engage them on the ground in terms of ensuring that the EFF dies...

''Alright, we don't mean physical death, we mean organisational death,'' he said, when asked to expand on his comments.

Yeah right you Communist asshole, Anyone who challenges you are differs from you should be killed.

Nzimande admitted that the EFF came from ''our structures'', referring to EFF president Julius Malema presiding over the ANC Youth League before he was kicked out of the party.

But, he added, ''we always have factory faults, like any production process''.

Often it is not what Communists SAY that you should listen to, but what they OMIT.

Trevor Manual took them on and asked who they represent, what legitimacy they have and whether they at least have “an understanding of Marxist-Leninism”?

I quote:

The history of the SACP is intertwined with the struggles of mine workers. The 1922 and 1946 mine workers’ strikes have been profoundly significant in the history of the SACP.

Yet there is this deafening silence from the party of workers about the events at Marikana. Sure, Nzimande drew attention to the lives of the 10 workers killed in the week before August 16. Impressively, he mentioned some of them by name. But he hasn’t whispered a word about the 34 mine workers mowed down on August 16 2012 and the impact of the attack on the struggle of the working class. There is no statement, even about the Marikana Commission report.

End of quote.

Trevor Manuel: Is the SACP staying true to its origins?

Manuel carried on:

This week there was a significant judgment in the Western Cape High Court in favour of the most exploited farm workers who have illegal deductions from their wages.

This judgment was not applauded by the SACP, perhaps because it was a court decision (aren’t all judges “class enemies”?) of the Western Cape High Court (enemy territory). The fact that the beneficiaries are likely to be the poor who cede too much to the mashonisa is ignored. …Whatever happened to the saying: “Workers of the world unite”?

Basically, Manuel said that the SACP’s role in the ANC/Cosatu/ SACP Troika was to provide leadership, but is unable to and therefore the ANC would be better off without them.

However the SACP claimed: “We represent some 230,000 SACP members - marking a significant increase of 70,000 members in just two years.”

A few years ago they only had about 50,000 members, then it jumpbed to 150,000 and now 230,000. Either the SACP is lying and pulling a fast one, or they are genuinely actively recruiting members.

What is their plan?

Despite Cosatu pledging its support for the SACP at the Communist Special Olympics, this week the retards of the Cosatu Trade Unions are holding their own “Special Olympics” in Midrand without NUMSA and one of nine trade unions loyal to Zwelenzima Vavi, their former axed leader basically kicked out by the SACP, that will not attend.

Delegates arrive at Cosatu Special Olympics

But why do we call them retards??

Well here is the proof. “The Cosatu congress started around two hours later than scheduled. Members of the SA Transport and Allied Workers Union also joined the proceedings late, after they were delayed due to transport problems.”

Bickering stalls Cosatu Special Olympics

The congress also starts in the absence of journalists who were shown the door. They are so scared that the media will cover the chimpout…And show the world the truth about them.

Meanwhile in the far north… The ANC, which once scooped over 80 percent of the votes in Limpopo, has not only lost 60 percent of membership but confidence among members is at its lowest as officials are at each other’s throats.

ANC determined to quell the infighting

So now you have it…Infighting in the ANC and loss of membership, several Cosatu unions splitting away, The SACP wanting to kill the radical leftist EFF and the SACP increasing its membership.

What does it all mean…In the next election the SACP is going to go it ALONE.

The SACP only used Cosatu and the ANC to build themselves up strong enough to take over South Africa on their own and usher in their Communist Utopia. It has been the plan all along. Shortly the EFF will be kicked to the curb too. Communist do not like competition.

However Trevor Manuel got it wrong. It is the other way around. The SACP does not need Cosatu and the ANC. The poor ANC and Cosatu have become obsolete. The Troika is obsolete. There is only space for one pig at the trough and that is the SACP.

The ANC and Cosatu will soon find out that they were just "used like condoms" (to paraphrase Malema) by the SACP and will now be discarded. If they try to stand in the way of the Communists they will get slaughtered.

Are you offended by this flag?

“I am not an enemy of the Negro. We want him here among us; he is the only laboring class we have.” - General Nathan Bedford Forrest

By Mike Smith

13th of July 2015

I see that it is not just in South Africa that our former national symbols and our statues are maligned and scorned by the angelic can-do-no-wrong Noble Savages.

Here in SA the old SA flag (The Orange, White and Blue), The Boer “Vierkleur” (Quadcolour) or national anthem “Die Stem” (The call of South Africa and the statues of our heroes have been desecrated for the last 21 years and if you are proud of it you are called a “racist” and a “Nazi”.

Now it is the turn of the Americans…Yes those same Americans who supported the terrorist ANC scum who are now dragging former first world South Africa back into the pre-colonial primitive age.

Washington Post: Is it time for the Confederate flag to be as taboo as the Nazi swastika?

Six companies, Walmart, e-Bay, Sears, Target, Etsy and Amazon has banned the Confederate flag already and The State of California has banned the flag which just sparked a counter reaction.

Confederate flags fly high for Florida rally

In Memphis Tennessee the city council unanimously voted for the digging up of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and the removal of the statue under which they are buried. Forrest was also the leader of the first Ku Klux Klan and the man who gave Forrest Gump his name.

But as we have seen in South Africa it does not stop with one flag or one statue. The moment you give in to one thing, they want more of your heritage destroyed until they have destroyed everything.

Now, after the Confederate flag has been banned, they are going after the Yankee “Stars and Stripes”…by shitting on it.

The “Shit on the US flag” challenge

Now you can see who and what they really hate. They hate our White Western Civilization and therefore they go after the symbols.

There is actually no reason why these “Oppressed” blacks should still stay in the “racist” White US of A.

They have a beautiful country created about 200 years ago especially for them in West Africa namely Liberia. Liberia means “Land of the Liberated”. It has a constitution based on the American one and it is on the continent their ancestors came from. It never suffered under white Colonialism. Why do they not all pack up and simply go there?....And while they are at it…Drag that stupid Kenyan goat herder they voted for along with them? …as well as all the nigger-loving liberals.

Come to think of it. I am actually NOT with my white brethren in the South on this one. I am terribly offended by this flag! I say ROMOVE THIS FLAG!!...just do it slowwwly...

11 July 2015

Daughter sold for 15 sheep

By Mike Smith

12th of July 2015

14 year old daughter sold into marriage with an older man for 15 sheep.

Daughter sold for 15 sheep, Parents on bail

What struck me about this report was that none of the participants…not the girl, neither the “husband”, nor the parents from either side actually thought there was anything wrong with it. It was just a normal Lobola transaction.

The 36yo mother of the girl “said she had not expected her daughter to want to get married but said it was common for girls her age to do so.”

Also read: Ukutwala, the practice of abducting young girls and forcing them into marriage

This amoral customary practice has been going on for thousands of years. When the people involved do not think there is anything wrong with it then who does the state think it is to interfere and call it an immoral crime?

So what do you do when such a culture proves over and over to be incompatible with your own white western culture? Do you try to change them to be like you? No…that would be “racist”, because you then tell them that their customs are wrong, uncivilized and that your white western culture is superior to theirs.

The most moral thing to do would be to leave them as they are and simply separate from them. Give them their own place where they can rule themselves and practice their customs without interference from anyone. The Americans and Australians did the same and called it “Reserves”. We called it “Homelands”.

They called it “Segregation”. We called it “Apartheid”. It was the fairest, best and most moral solution for all the people of South Africa. However the White Western World told us it was wrong. We should have a “Multi-culti democracy”.

So now we have one…Only it looks more and more like a totalitarian dictatorship and a one party state. A tyranny of the majority.

The New (improved) South Africa, the rape and murder capital of the world, is now so much better for all we are told. We are free from that immoral system of Apartheid.

Personally I couldn’t care a damn what these Noble Savages practice and do to themselves. I was just concerned about the 15 sheep. What an insult for the poor sheep to be swapped for a useless Noble Savage. Sheep have feelings too you know.

Noble spear-chuckers protest over removal of illegal electricity connections

By Mike Smith

11th of July 2015

You have got to wonder what these things have for brains.

First they vote (almost to a man) for the useless, lying ANC who destroyed the country’s electricity supply and doubled electricity tariffs.

So why did they vote for the ANC? Because the ANC promised them free houses and free electricity and when the electricity didn’t come, they simply decided to steal it, but it is not stealing, because they were promised it and are therefore entitled to it.

Then the same useless, lying ANC arrived to disconnect the free electricity they promised, but did not deliver and the spear-chuckers started a protest against the removal of their “free, entitled” electricity.

The dangers of amateurish electrical installations they do not grasp.

And while they were at it also decided to demonstrate against the useless, lying ANC who did not give them the free houses.

I bet you that next election they will vote (almost to a man) for the same ANC again.

Noble spear-chuckers protest over removal of illegal electricity connections

Meanwhile in Whitey neighbourhood, Whitey has to pay huge costs for an electrician with a wireman’s license to install electricity in his house. Whitey has to get building inspectors out to inspect and approve it, but Mr. Spear-chucker can build what he wants, where he wants, when he wants. Despite it being illegal, the state turns a blind eye. Only Whitey gets targeted. What happened to all being equal under the law? It is this double standard that I hate. There is one set of laws for whites and another set for blacks.

10 July 2015

Happy Birthday Sugar Man

By Mike Smith

10th of July 2015

OK, I know it shows…so I am huge fan of the legend. Grew up with his music. What a great time it was back in the 70's and 80's in SA. Was the best time of my life. He is coming to SA again early next year. I suggest you book early. The concerts will be sold out again.

It is his birthday today. Rodriguez turns 73 and still rocking.

Rodriguez returns to South Africa due to popular demand

Down the streets I walked with you
Seeing others doing things we do
Now these thoughts are haunting me
Of how complete I used to be
And in these times that we're apart
I'll hear this song that breaks my heart